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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 6, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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investigation when we are joined by the d.c. ems fire chief kennetheler by. and more developments in the death of osama bin laden. we're learning about a new attack thwarted and learning more about the raid by the team of navy seals that killed the former al-qaeda leader. complete coverage just ahead. and plus a shocking announcement to come out of college park. the university of maryland's men basketball coach gary williams retiring. he's expected to make the announcement during a public news conference today. why gary might think the time is right to step down now. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. well there is the view from tower cam this morning. off to a good start today. a little bit on the chilly side but we'll get through that. it is friday morning, may 6th, 2011. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy friday to you.
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>> and it's a good one so far as well. let's check in with tony perkins and find out what we can expect today. >> i think it will be pretty decent. there will be more clouds and a chance of rain showers later on but a pretty good day. we'll start by showing you the current conditions at reagan national. now here is the deal. we're off to a cold start, cold to cool. some of you are in the 30s this morning. at reagan national it is 47 degrees. and most of the region is in the 40s. relative humidity 80%. the breeze is out of the southwest at 5 mile-per-hour. here is a look at the satellite radar. even this is not bad looking. there are a few more clouds than yesterday morning but i think we'll see a good amount of sunshine today as we get later in the day we'll see more clouds move in. you can see them out to the west. they are associated with a frontal boundary that will makes it way in. however, i don't know how much of the front will hang together. it will bring with it the chance of rain showers i think late in the day. talking about in the evening
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hours. but i think some of you will remain dry even through that period. so you're day planner for today, morning sunshine, more clouds in the afternoon. mild and not as breezy as yesterday. high around 72 degrees which is where we should be. 30-40% chance of a shower late today during the evening hours and into the nighttime hours. that's a look at the weather. more coming up in a little bit. allison, back to you. traffic alert for drivers in maryland. your commute through germantown may be slow this morning while police investigate what is unfortunately a deadly crash involving a dump truck and a car. this happened around 1:00 this morning at the intersection of middlebrook road and route 118. police say the driver of the car 18-year-old yvette candia were killed. the truck driver was not hurt. police say the lights at the intersection were on flash mode when the trash happened. the intersection is expected to
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be closed for a few more hours. let's get the latest on the morning commute elsewhere from julie wright. julie, good morning. >> good morning to you allison. and it just so happens we have sky fox over the accident in germantown. so we'll take the live picture as long middle brook road where this accident occurred and traveling from great seneca highway from wisteria in the direction of 118 toward the dfw warehouse, it occurred across the street from the bank of america. that is behind the fox 5 logo where the accident occurred. and this is a portion of middlebrook road that is blocked off. there is also a portion of 118 that is shut down as you travel between crystal rock and century boulevard. so again how do you get around great seneca highway working well as got-between between germantown and gaithersburg. and i-95, no change, heavy, slow and steady from woodbridge to the occuquan. right into the sunshine on 66
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as expected on the slow side in manassas, fair oaks to 123 and nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. to our top story. suspicious letters containing a white powder sent to more than two dozen d.c. public schools. >> while the substance was harmless, authorities want to know who sent the letters. sherry ly outside one of the schools with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. the fbi is calling this a serious criminal matter. letters with a suspicious white powder were sent to 29 schools throughout the district, including lafayette elementary school. it caused alarm across the city and there could be more. the fbi sent the letters to quantico for testing. law enforcement sources said the white powder is corn starch and the letters were mailed from somewhere in texas.
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school administrators discovered the letters yesterday morning. as a precaution, some schools were evacuated or went on lockdown. mail was stopped and checked for more letters. police continue caution. sources say all of the letters referenced al-qaeda but did not make any specific threats. >> just because we have no substances so far, the concern would be that that would change and that the -- that our protocol would be lax because of the fact that we haven't had something serious yet. we don't assume that. we're going to take every one of them seriously. >> i think that's a dastardly act. this alarms people unnecessarily and something that shouldn't have been done. >> reporter: the fbi said the suspicious letters are linked to similar ones sent across the country that also turned out to be harmless. the fbi said all of the letters appear to come from the same
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sender. and a former fbi profiler told fox 5 it is likely this person is trying to create widespread fear and get attention. that's the latest here in northwest. steve, back to you. >> sherry, thank you very much. and joining us with the latest on the investigation, d.c. fire chef kenneth eler by. scary moments for schools. and first of all, how do you handle this when you get the calls. >> as the response increases, our office of communication alerts us that we have more than one incident and we start to respond in a fluid manner. >> is that what happened yesterday? or everything at the same time? >> they came in one after another. the mayor was briefed and along with cathy lanier. they alerted our federal partners and we responded accordingly. >> what is that response like when you don't know what will
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happen, especially here in d.c., of course, when we all know of the anthrax situation from years ago. it is an unknown. >> it is always an unknown. we have a very capable hazardous materials response team and they do the preliminary field testing and once they are alerted they alert other partners. >> do we know why these schools receive certain letters? >> no, we don't. this is an fbi-led investigation and we would have to rely on them. >> and is that the same as to where the letters are coming from? >> yes. we have to respect the fact they are the lead on this. >> and still as a nation's responder here in d.c., when you get the call and have to go there, what is the biggest concern now that we know the letters that came yesterday are harmless? >> as far as we know they are
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harmless. our concern is why this happened in the first place. i like to ensure the people in the nation's capital are safe. we have a capable and seasons team and our federal partners are here to support us. >> any reason to believe there may be por on the way if they didn't come to all of the schools? >> we don't know what is in the mail. but, no, we don't have any reason to believe there is any more. we'll have to wait and see. >> so what happens now? is your role in this finished it will you turn everything over to the fbi or continue to work with them? >> we'll continue to work with them. as i said, they're the lead agency. our work is never done. it is 24/7, 365 days a year. we'll have to see what happens next. >> you did your role correctly and got them out of there and so far so good when it comes to this. >> that's right, so far so good. >> chief, we appreciate your time. good to hear some good news coming out of this but scary moments for people yesterday dealing with the unknown. >> thank you. >> we appreciate that.
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here is what we are covering now when it comes to this. if you would like to find out more including the list of the schools affected yesterday and the map of the locations op our website at all of that information is there. also you can watch the fbi's entire news conference about the suspicious letters and those links are on our home page this morning. we are learning a lot more details about the raid that killed bin laden on sunday. the code name of the navy seals mission was operation neptune spear and only one of the couriers was armed. he was killed on the first floor. the downed modified blackhawk helicopter with the stealth technology is now in the hands of the pakistanis. osama bin laden was confused, shared and shoved his wife toward the navy seals. one bullet in the chest and the orange in the head. he was not armed. he was said to be reaching for
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guns within reach. an ak-47 and a russian-made 9 millie meter semi-automatic pistol. today president obama heading to kentucky to meet the seal team and also headquarters of the pilots who flew the helicopters on sunday. >> when we say we'll never forget, we mean what we say. >> yesterday the president met with new york city firefighters from engine company number 54, the company that lost 15 members on 9/11. the president laid a wreath at ground zero where the twin towers once stood and met relatives of the 9/11 victims. 10 minutes after 7:00 now and it is the end of an era in college park. >> gary williams, the head coach of the university of maryland men's basketball team for the last 22 years retiring now. coming up after the break we'll find out why he decided the
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time is right now. and as we take you to break, a live look at the weather outside. and also traffic from tony and julie is coming up next. 
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the race for the white house under way. some of the nominees faced off last night in a fox news channel debate. we have more on how it went from doug luzader in greenville, south carolina. >> reporter: the first big debate of the season here in south carolina and the would-be candidates didn't beat up on each other. they saved their ammunition for the president. it wasn't a crowded stage here. five possible candidates, many of whom are little known to most americans, all of them
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hoping to defeat an incumbent president and right out of the gate the president's decision to go after osama bin ladetip m moment. but that moment is not the sum total of america's foreign policy. >> this strategic decision was made already by president bush to go after him. >> one right decision does not a great president make. >> reporter: and former godfather ceo herman cain was the only person who did not raise his hand when asked whether the president was wrong for refusing to release a photo of bin laden's body. but much of the white house criticism here focused on the economy. >> i believe we're on the verge of a financial collapse unless we balance the federal budget and i don't see that happening with obama. >> reporter: but there are challenges for the g.o.p. field. name recognition for one. five of the better known candidates chose not to attend the debate and that's a risk given the role that south carolina plays in the
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nominating process. but it is a diverse field, including two strong libertarians. the former new mexico governor gary johnson and texas governor ron paul. >> i bet nobody would put to him, i need the government to take care of me. i don't want to use heroin so i need these laws. >> i never thought heroin would get applause here in south carolina. >> reporter: it's hard to declare a winner in a bee late like this but a fox news focus group felt that herman cain came out ahead. in green vehicle, south carolina, doug luzader, fox news. 7:16 now and let's check in with tony perkins for a look at our forecast. you're our pick for weather 2012 by the way. >> because earlier i had to toss to you and i had to remind any self-of that. >> yes, you are our pick. >> thank you very much. let's take a look at -- let me show you the one headline for today that we have. there could be some showers
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later. i don't think there is the greatest chance of showers, but there could be some scattered showers. >> the bigness of the letters makes it feels like that. >> i agree with letters. it should be little letters. >> we'll change that. 48 degrees is your current temperature. a cool start to the day yet again. boston is warmer than us. how can that be? 50 degrees there. dallas, texas, 62. lincoln, nebraska, 35. you can believe it's may- something and there are still temperatures in the 30s out there. even this morning, manassas 39 degrees. all right. san diego is at 60 degrees. so that's nice. and tampa, 72. here is a look at the satellite radar. a couple of clouds out there but not a bad start to the day. it is cool, sky conditions are good. we'll see more clouds build in later. now you may ask, really, well where will the clouds come from, uncle tony? out to the west. a cold front will bring some rain showers, not everyone will get them but a few of you might later on today.
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i'm going to say in the evening is what i'm thinking. so your five-day forecast looks like this: high today about 72 degrees. more clouds later, maybe a little rain here and there during the evening and into the nighttime. pardon me. tomorrow, great day. 73 degrees, very nice. sunday more clouds for mother's day. maybe some showers. monday and tuesday, temperatures in the low 70s. so not bad for those days either. there is the latest on the weather. >> nowadays i look at international falls to see how cold it can be. because whatever of time of year we're in. >> usually the coldest place in the country. >> what are they now? >> 32. >> was that on my map? >> yes. >> he's so good he doesn't even know what is on his map. he doesn't even know it. >> somebody else that is good, gary williams. 22 years and he is announcing he is retiring. winning more basketball games than any other coach in school
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history. and in case you forgot, maryland also won a national championship in 2002. dave feldman with more now on why coach decided now is the time to step down? >> reporter: and joining us maryland basket analyst chris knocky. i know gary is 66, but why not? and are you surpris? >> i think everybody is surprised. and in situations like this, it is never one thing. it is a number of factors. you mentioned the age. he's accomplished an awful lot. i think he grew tired of various parts of the job. and ultimately i think you know when it's time. and this is a guy who probably as much as anyone who coached division 1 basketball earned the right to call his own shots. very few basketball coaches get to do that and he exercised his
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prerogative. >> a national title in 2002 and everyone talks about how when we took over the program back in 1989 was dead. but that is not an exaggeration. >> it is amazing. he resurrected the program, he was the face of the program and the athletic department and the face of the university in the wake of len bias issues in the 80s and i don't think you can underestimate. he's part of a million dollar fundraising. they've raised $240 million to raise that goal. and he bled maryland red for a long time. >> and never wanted to play the game and would say that. was criticized because of the recruiting, but really seemed to avoid the seedy side of college basketball as much as he can. >> his career has been such a
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frame that he began coaching when it was dominated on the recruiting end with high school coaches and then it morphed into a completely different world with advent of aau basketball and things like that. and i don't think he ever warmed to that. i think that was always a factor. and i think that to a degree recruiting wained as a result which makes the results even more remarkable than they are. >> thank you, chris. >> you got it, feldy. >> and talking about gary williams. and we'll have the latest on the retirement later today. a press conference scheduled for 1:00 today in college park and we'll carry that live on fox 5, that's how big coach williams is here in the d.c. area. >> we look forward to that. coming up on fox 5 morning news, the caps season ended in disappointment after another early exit from the playoffs. dave ross will break down what the team needs to do to win it all. >> you might want to give him extra time to get that in.
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and we're headed back in time. the virginia renaissance fair returns this weekend. holly is in the midst of it all. the jav lynn -- >> old timey. >> we'll ask holly because she's the expert. a
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h bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby?
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marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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a grand jury has indicted the suspect in the lulu lemon case. she is being held without pond. if she's found guilty, norwood faced up to life in prison without parole. so far no trial date has been set. officials in maryland have suspended the medical license of a doctor known for his controversial treatment of
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autism. state officials say that dr. mark greer was putting children at risk for treating them with a drug that decreasing hormone production. his attorney said the case is a dispute over therapy, not a doctor who posed a threat to patients. now this doctor is still licensed in ten other states, including the state of virginia. it is now 7:25 on this friday morning and after bin laden was found and killed in pakistan, there has been a lot of questions about how much officials in that country knew about bin laden's whereabouts. we'll take a closer look at the possible fallout coming up. as we head to break now, let's take a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie next. and just a reminder. if you have something you want fox 5 to investigate, send an e- mail to fox 5 tips at
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or call us at 202-895-3140. and now that we have your attention, stay tuned. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is 7:29. now nice looking day out there.
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it is a little chilly. it is 48 but it's friday so whatever. >> acsentu ate the positive. we have sunshine and the temperature is going to be fine. it is a cold start to the day but we can handle that. >> there you go. >> we're tough. got to say something here, we are losing one of our producers. guy who produces this hour of the show has been with us for about two and a half years, great guy, bob mccall is leaving us to go to the associated press. i mention him even though most of our viewers would never know the producers because most of them aren't on tv. but bob mccall was on tv. >> several times. >> doing a wonderful little dance. what was the reason for this? >> saint patrick's day. >> he was celebrating. this is bob mccall. great producer. >> and he's not just responsible for this show, but the great music that you hear and the bumps that get you up and going, that's bob.
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>> he's set the pace for what we do on facebook and twitter. so we wish you good luck, bob. he's on to the associated press. >> and he's wearing a phillies jersey. and we'll miss that, but thanks bob. let's turn our attention to the weather. and mother's day. are you ready for it? >> i'm a mother. and i have a mother. and a mother who has a mother. we're ready and we're going to spend the day together. >> great. here is what you can expect for your mother's day. isn't that card nice? tucker made that. >> all of the mom's say that the hand-made gifts are preferred. tucker, well done. >> are you going to send that to your mom, tucker? mother's day there will be clouds and showers. so not the prettiest day but you know what will make it
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pretty? your mom. 70 degrees for the high on mother's day. now let's look at temperatures around the region. it's a cool start to the day. 48 degrees in the district. 50 in manapplis -- 50 degrees in annapolis. a lot of bright sunshine. not bad at all. out to the west, the clouds will work in here later on today so enjoy the early sunshine. i think more clouds will build in later. here is a weak frontal boundary bringing rain showers but i don't think everyone will get rain and i don't think it will be particularly heavy. there could be a thunderstorm but right now i think just some rain showers this evening. forecast for today looks like this: partly sunny skies, slight chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, 72 degrees for your high. then for tonight the showers and thunderstorms here and
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there through the region, partly cloudy skies, overnight low not quite as cold, 51 degrees, winds shift to out of the north and west. five-day forecast, tomorrow great day. saturday very nice and 73 degrees. sunday we mentioned some clouds and a few showers. i think particularly in the early part of the day. high of 70. monday and tuesday look to be wonderful. at what is happening with the weather. now an update on traffic and for that we go to julie wright. >> i asked my momma, i said what do you want for mother's day and i could hear my dad in the background in the background going peace and quiet. >> so he leaving for the day? >> i think they're glad i'm not able to come home for the day. >> i got you. i think that's what it is. on the roads this morning, you're going to find lanes open on 66. eastbound you still find delays 50 to 123 and nutley street to the beltway. the inner loop slowing braddock to 66. 395 on the brakes at the 14th street bridge. no incidents to report on the 95. it is still below speed across
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the occuquan. outer loop below speed, college park toward the exit for 270. in germantown, the on going investigation of the fatal crash continues to block 118 between crystal rock and century boulevardch and you'll find a portion of middle brook road shut down between wisteria and crystal rock. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. u.s. relations with pakistan remain tense amid suspicions that official there's may have known more about osama bin laden's whereabouts than they may admit. and they are pushing for u.s. forces to get out of their country. joining us now for a look at the strange relationship and what each side has at stake is saddanna doomay expert on economy of pakistan with the american institute. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> and had a happens now with the united states and pakistan with that relationship? how do we move forward, do we
7:35 am
move forward? >> a very tense time and i think right now the ball is very firmly in pakistan's court. and they have two very simple choices. do they take the embarrassment of bin laden's essentially been found in the pakistani equivalent of west point, do they take that as a sign they need to deepen cooperation with the u.s. or do they take it as a sign that they need to distance themselves from the u.s.? and therefore the signals coming out right now from islamabad are very interesting and frankly quite troubling. if it is just rhetoric where there is sympathy for bin laden and saying they don't want to deepen the corporation then the u.s. can live with that as long as they continue to cooperate behind the scenes. but if they want to cut back on military cooperation, it will be very, very difficult in that part of the region because we have troops in afghanistan as you know. >> so the perception would be
7:36 am
that, no, we're not necessarily an upfrontaly or not -- an upfront ally or are you saying we don't want osama bin laden hiding in our nation. why wouldn't they take a stand like that? >> it's difficult for them. if you look at the polling numbers in afghanistan, al- qaeda is as popular as in the u.s. think of it as a frenemy. and so there are establishments that do cooperate with us and we need them. but there are other elements that has very deep sympathies for the terrorist groups and very many people on the street -- i mean there was a cleric who led special prayers for osama bin laden in a major pakistani city. so it's a very complicated situation over there. >> news from pakistan's army saying that u.s. personnel in
7:37 am
the country will be reduced to the minimal essential -- i think that was the exact words -- level. what does that mean? what is being said here? >> there are things even before this attack. and what they want to do is scale back the number of american troops who are there training the pakistanis to fight terrorists in their northern areas in waziristan. it remains to be seen if they follow through on this. if they do, a relationship which is already soured, many people just can't believe that osama bin laden was hiding in plain sight in pakistan in this highly fortified military area for you'res, a relationship that has gone south will be strained even more if the pakistanis follow up on this. >> final word, who loses more if this alliance is severed, u.s. or pakistan? >> the short-term u.s., in the
7:38 am
long-term pakistan, much, much more. >> a south asian scholar with the american enterprise institute. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. and we're talking about gas prices already above $4 a gallon in the district on average and we might see another spike this summer. could it set off another recession? we'll take a closer look at that in the 8:00 hour. but now we're looking at whatp caps need to do now that the season is over. they are waiting for another season to start and another shot at the stanley cup. dave ross joins us to break down the exit with a special guest and what the team needs to do to win it all coming up after the break. ohre.c
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well the caps season ended with disappointment as they are swept in the second round. >> making the history we don't want to make. dave ross joins us with more on where the caps go from here. >> the music on the break there was by the -- the waiting is the hardest part by tom petty and the heart breakers. we have to wait another year to get a stanley cup in
7:42 am
washington, d.c. what went wrong. and we'll get some answers from sky kirsten from 106.7 the fan. you were down there for the games in tampa and it was not easy to watch. and so let me ask you, what in the wild world of sports happened down there? >> they never got off to a good start. they gave up the first goal in every game. tampa bay 7-0 scoring first. power-play continued to struggle. a lot of throwing in the puck in. they couldn't beat that one- three-one defense. they weren't really going after it. ovechkin tried taking it on his own and it didn't work. backstrom didn't show up. nine games and he had two assists, no goals. he hasn't scored a goal since march 22nd, 17 games. and semin he was our favorite semin that we all know and love. >> he disappears in the spotlight each and every year. and i guess the million dollar question that everybody wants to know is bruce boudreau and
7:43 am
his job status. is it fair for caps fans to -- hearing a lot of venom out there, we have to get rid of the coach. is that fair criticism today? >> well mike green said yesterday bruce boudreau is their rock. it wasn't their coach. they make it easy for us to play and do a great job prepping us, but its all on us. but at what point is his message not getting across and it's to the point where the guys, he might make it easy on them, but they are not listening to what he says. they need somebody in here who, a, they listen to, b, will scare them into playing well, and is a disciplinarian. and someone that won't put up with this stuff that goes on off and on the ice. there is a lot of stuff that doesn't get reported. >> and ted leon sis said that
7:44 am
the caps players got outplayed by the tampa bay big three and it seemed to be, if you read between the lines, he's taking a shot at players and not necessarily the coaching staff. do you think bruce is coming back based on what you see here? >> george mcphee yesterday said he expects bruce boudreau to be back. i think unless there is a shake- up in management, that bruce will be back. sources tell me that he has about three years left on his deal. a good amount of money that goes with that. so unless they want to pay it off and bring in a new coach, it looks like he'll be back. but again, when does this -- how many times can you lose in the 2nd round. he's 17-20 in the playoffs. he has a phenomenal regular season record and they still can't get past the second round. >> and got to wrap it up. three players you don't expect to see back next year with the capitals. >> i don't think bright look, scott hanon and parla move, it
7:45 am
doesn't look like he'll be back either. >> and you'll be back next year covering the caps. thank you very much this year. i thought we would be talking longer into the post season, sadly, boys, it is all over. steve, allison and tony, did not expect this to wrap up this quickly. >> i think for next year, no playoff beard. i know its tradition, but it wasn't worked. so shake it up a little bit. >> ovechkin was asked about that and he said -- don't want to talk about beard, let's talk about hockey. >> but it didn't work. >> it didn't work. >> i agree. no shaving next year. and aerodynamically, it's better. hair creates a drag. >> which is a funny bit on some sort of a sketch show. write that one down. >> we need a couple of scientists. >> a couple of scientives. let's take a look. speaking of science, let's talk temperature trends. >> okay. >> you're going to like. it it's a good trend. let me show you. it's where we should be for the
7:46 am
next several days. in the low 70s. our average high for today, 72. our projected high for today, 72. tomorrow 73. sunday a little down but 70. that's not bad. and then monday and tuesday back into the low 70s. so not bad at all for the next few days. now, here is a look at the future cast. this is a model run on what we expect to see later on today. look at this, now this one is a little bit different than what we saw earlier. this brings rain to western portions of the viewing area, a little bit earlier, 6:00. so we're not saying exactly right at 6:00 it's going to start raining, but in the evening, as i've been saying, some rainfall moves through and some could be heavy. and then out of here quickly. tomorrow at noon, fine. sunshine and pleasant day on tap. five-day forecast, high today about 72. evening showers are a possibility, maybe a thunderstorm. tomorrow a nice and dry day, 73. could be some late tomorrow. sunday rain early and rest of the daio kay.
7:47 am
monday and tuesday are fine as we head into next week. there is the weather. more coming up? just a little bit. >> look at that. nice. >> i have no obligations tomorrow. i'm going to enjoy my day. >> don't you love that. >> i have several. >> i'll enjoy it for you. >> thank you. >> okay. let's check in with julie. her obligation is to get out in the sun. >> that's right. tomorrow is my 10-mile run. are you going to join me. >> it will be a nice day. >> where are you going? every weekend. >> are you addicted to running? >> i kind of am. but i am training for a half marathon and i'm four weeks out. >> if you can make it 10, you can make it 13. >> well one would hope. >> i think. >> good for you. >> my goal is to be on all fours when i finish. >> not on all fours. here all lanes are open continuing around toward georgia avenue. southbound 95 congested out of beltsville to the beltway.
7:48 am
pennsylvania avenue approaching dower house road we had the accident now out of the roadway. 95 improving out of woodbridge. traffic still congested from newington to springfield. 395 beltway to seminary road and crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. this weekend you can travel back into time for some fun. >> let's check in with holly morris who is doing just that this morning. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and you guys caught me at just the right time because i'm standing here in reverence because her grace is coming in as we speak. queen elizabeth i happens to be at lake anna winery where we are live and where they are set and ready for the virginia renaissance fair. it's for the next five weekends. they are celebrating the 10th anniversary and would love for you to be a part of it. how you can be a part of the fun and merriment. god save the queen. live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. rexct e 
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always a big event here in the washington area. the 10th year now for the virginia renaissance fair which kicks off tomorrow. >> holly morris has traveled not just to spotsylvania, virginia, but back in time to find out more about the five- weekend festival. holly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morrow, me lord and lady. i'm learning the jaron. i think that's how the day starts. but we've traveled back in time and back to lake anna winery and this promises to be one of the best yet since it is their
7:53 am
10th anniversary. cornelia woodward is here. >> good morrow, my lady. >> and what is steve? >> he is our good lord. >> reporter: tell me about your 10th anniversary and happy anniversary. >> thank you very much. they said it couldn't be done and we've done it. we're very excited. this year the fair is bigger and better than ever. we've managed to do a huge focus on our educational mission. we're opening with scout weekend, with boy scouts, girl scouts, a lot of badge activities and it's open to everyone. wonderful family activities filled with hands-on things to do, music and we have great new food vendor this is year. a lot of artistans, i think it will be a great day. >> reporter: and you are really transported back in time when you come into the village. and for the people that take part in this, there is a real passion? >> you know, holly, every person here is a volunteer from me on down. they come with -- they work all year long to make this transformation. so you can come back in time
7:54 am
and really see what it was like in england. before this was jamestown, there was elizabeth. >> you're right. >> reporter: and we'll check in with the characters, i want to have the etic. and we'll start with lady lincoln? >> she's been in court for years. and she's holding court this day. and of course lord buck hurst is very full of himself so i'm sure he'll tell you what is happening. >> reporter: let's go there. good morrow, lady lincoln. how are you today? >> i am well. >> reporter: i am well. you look beautiful. and look at this wonderful hound. >> this is brazil. he's one of our hounds that we rescued. >> reporter: and now he lives the good life in the court? >> he does. he's one of the queen's hounds. >> reporter: and barren buckers, how are you today? looking quite handsome. >> thank you. i do my best. >> reporter: and what is on tap
7:55 am
for you today? >> we have to go through privy council and make sure that we can get all of the queen's affairs in order to make sure that the country runs appropriately. >> reporter: and what are the queen's affairs is it -- the queen's affairs, the ones we can talk about. >> we heard the spanish armada is coming and we're preparing for them. >> reporter: so i'm going to go up and talk to the queen. she looks intimidating. give me any tips. >> smile and tell her she's beautiful. >> reporter: what if i don't? >> she will. >> reporter: may i approach. >> yes. >> reporter: you look fine today. are these some of the fine crown jewels you're wearing. >> we wear them sparingly while
7:56 am
on progress for we would not want them stolen or discarded. >> reporter: and what is your day today? the day in the life of the queen? >> well we have many scheduled events. we have the joust. we'll see that. we will greet our people. that have been here for sometime preparing for our progress. a feast and perhaps a bit of dancing on the menu this day. >> reporter: ip bet you can cut a rug. >> we try. >> reporter: i'm impressed that she knew what i meant. queen, thank you. i don't know exactly what my bow should be. >> well done, madam. >> reporter: thank you. is our website. here is what should be op your plans. one of the next five weekends, because it is saturday and sunday for the next five weekends here. the virginia renaissance fair in the 10th year, only $9 for adults and children 5 and under are free. in the next hour we'll learn maybe a little long bow, learn
7:57 am
some archery and see what else can we find ourselves involved in. and until then, back to you, my lord and lady. >> thank you, holly. no way i'm calling him my lord. thanks, holly. 
7:58 am
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suspicious letters containing a white powdery substance sent to more than two dozen d.c. schools. and a possible plan to attack rail systems in the united states. ahead this hour a homeland security expert joins us to weigh in on today's top stories. and it is a special which means a lot are hitting the road and this year it will cost you more to visit mom for mother's day. but the latest on gas and oil prices. could there soon be some light at the end of the tunnel? announcement out of college park, gary williams announcing he's retiring. dave ross joins us to talk more about the future of maryland basketball. good morning, welcome to fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy friday morning to all of you. it looks like a good weekend shaping up today.
8:01 am
>> not a bad weekend. today will be a decent day. maybe some rain showers late today. tomorrow very nice and saturday the better of the two days. mother's day not bad but some showers i think particularly in the morning. let's start with hd radar. nothing going on this morningp i want to show you the frontal system well out to west across ohio, indiana and kentucky and it's not particularly impressive. it will move through here, you'll feel the winds schiff. it will bring clouds and could trigger showers. a slight chance of a thunderstorm or two as well. this will be late today during the late afternoon, evening hours into tonight. and then that's about it. temperatures across the region look like this -- a cool but pretty start. 48 degrees in the district. 43 in baltimore and at dulles airport. winchester, virginia, is at 48. ocean city, maryland, is at 58 degrees. forecast for today, plenty of sunshine early and clouds build in late. chance of a shower or two during the evening. and temperatures where they should be, upper 60s and low
8:02 am
70s. we're looking for a high of 72 in town. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. new this morning a germantown intersection is closed while police investigate a deadly crash involving a dump truck and a car. this was at intersection of middlebrook road and route 118. police say the driver of the car is an 18-year-old. he was killed. both passengers are now in stable condition and the truck driver was not hurt. police say the lights at the intersection were on flash mode when the crash happened. now let's get to julie and look at traffic. >> in germantown, the activity, if you are traveling along 118, shut down between crystal rock and west earia. and you can go no further than the bp gas station and they'll make you turn around that location. and there is a portion of middle brook road that is closed between christle rock and century boulevard since the
8:03 am
accident occurred there near the bank of america. that ongoing investigation has the roadway closed still at this time. traveling in the outer loop, below speed at colesville headed for georgia after new with the lanes open. 66 below speed at 50, 123 to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our two top stories involving a possible plot to attack u.s. rail systems sh the details coming to light as investigators examine evidence recovered from osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. plus suspicious letters containing a white powdery substance sent to 29 schools in washington, d.c., all of them making some reference to al- qaeda. we begin with latest. federal and local investigators are trying to figure out who sent the letter. sherry ly is outside of lafayette elementary with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve. kids coming to school today and parents are relieved to know that the white powder in those letters was harmless.
8:04 am
one of them sent here to lafayette elementary school. but as the calls began rolling in yesterday, it put this city on edge for hours. some schools put on lockdown, some schools evacuated, not knowing what was inside. the fbi is now trying to figure out who sent those letters. they appear to come from the same sender. law enforcement sources say they were sent from texas and all of them contained a reference to al-qaeda but did not make any specific threats. tests showed the powder was harmless and sources say it turned out to be corn starch. school administrators discovered the letters yesterday morning. they were sent to 29 schools and there could be more. mail was stopped at schools and postal facilities checked for any orange letters. the fbi called this a serious criminal matter and warned there is always concern the situation could escalate. the letters have been linked to similar ones sent across the country which by the way turned
8:05 am
out to be harmless. the letters have been sent to quantico to be tested. no one was hurt. but one student was brought out on a stretcher, two other teachers or staff members came out with oxygen masks. they were checked and no one was taken to the hospital. no one has been hurt. that is the latest here in northwest. back to you. >> sherry ly, thank you very much. allison, back to you. more now on the possible plot to attack u.s. rails. when the navy seals raided osama bin laden's hideout they found info for rail lines in new york, chicago and information for here in d.c. but officials stress there were no actual plans in the works. now the feds yesterday sent out a warning to police departments around the country to stay alert. so what does all of this mean in the fight against terror? joining us now on set is
8:06 am
homeland security expert dan canoeski. good to see you again. just your overall reaction to this -- let's start with the letters going to the schools after the death of osama bin laden? >> i think we see a reaction to the media attention that bin laden's death has received over the past few days. realize that anybody could have sent these letters. you or i could be sitting at home and say we're upset with the government and put al- qaeda's name on it and all of a sudden we are concerned there is a terrorist attack. we should not worry that there will be a terrorist attack due to that. local responders responded quickly. school officials knew what to do, not open the letters and call 911. and now the investigation is underway through joint terrorism task force led by the fbi and local officials just to make sure there is, in fact, no
8:07 am
terrorism connection here. >> what they have said about the letters, sent from the same person, they believe, sent from texas. no specific threats. and then once inside, a very harmless substance. is there anything to learn from this? >> well i think that the washington area has learned a lot since the anthrax attacks after 9/11 and is certainly much more prepared today than we were ten years ago for these type of attacks. and usually not a week goes by that there is not a white powder incident involving a federal or local building and i would hasten to say that the washington area is probably the best prepared for these threats because we deal with them all of the time. >> and we deal with threats against the transportation system. that seems the scariest thing. you're going about your day and something might happen. now we have found through new intelligence gained when the raid happened that there were at least preliminary plans in the works to hit the u.s. rails. what do you make of this?
8:08 am
>> well this intelligence gathered at bin laden compound could be a treasure trove of intelligence and maybe we're seeing now a reflection of that intelligence gathered. i wouldn't, however, affix a lot of credibility to this this particular piece of intelligence simply because it's from february of 2010, it's quite dated, and two, it's not specific to any particular rail system. so there is not a lot we could do to prepare but the rail sector should be on high alert and i imagine they were after the death on sunday. >> and with all of the information that came out and certainly we might not know everything that they found but this information has come out. should we take some solace in the fact this is what we released now and it wasn't a plan all the way thought out or thought through, i should say. >> i think there is much more intelligence that they probably gathered but that isn't something they will or should share with the american public at this point. we want the intelligence community to run down the
8:09 am
intelligence and the people who want to do us harm and prevent anything from happening in the future. >> we appreciate you coming. thank you. later today the president is going to meet some of the members of the team that killed osama bin laden. he will give a formal speech to troops at ft. campbell, kentucky. that's both the home to the 101st airborne division which just had some troops return from the afghanistan and the 160th special operations regiment which flew the stealth helicopters in the mission. yesterday the president was in new york. >> when we say we'll never forget, we mean what we say. >> the president met with first gine company that lost 15 firefighters on september 11th. more than any other new york firehouse. the president also laid a wreath at ground zero. 9 minutes after the hour on this friday morning. and off-shore drilling along
8:10 am
the east coast and the renewed push from one local leader. and gas prices are skyrocketing, so is there any relief in site? we'll talk with any financial expert on the other side of the break. stay with us. l
8:11 am
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8:13 now on this friday morning. >> it is. and it's going to be a great day. and it's already the weekend but tucker is joining us with a look at the forecast and also something special. it's -- for mother's day. >> this is a big day. and the warm up factor is a cuteness factor today. good morning, everybody. this is bradley. >> good morning, sweet face. >> time now for our my first 5 photo of the day. this is bradley.and steve, i know you love to do this too, his family said he loves sticking his tongue out and then laughing about it. >> it never gets old, tucker. >> so bradley, something to look forward to as you get
8:14 am
older. bradley just turned 7 months old yesterday and i'm sure he's celebrating his first mother's day in a big way this weekend. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. and bradley's mom worked hard, they worked overnight on the first graphic for you and it's your mother's day forecast and there you go, happy mother's day as we get into the afternoon on sunday. and i think we'll see clearing but maybe showers around for the first part of the day. not a bad looking mother's day with temperatures around 70 and showers around for the first half of the day but most of sunday should be dry. let's look at the forecast for today. starting off with a lot of sunshine. a beautiful start out there. cool and temperatures right now in the 40s generally. and we had some 30s overnight, not too far up to the north and west. gaithersburg and frederick was in the 30s overnight. out to west, more cloud cover and a very weak cold front. look at the shower activity falling into kentucky and indiana. that is all moving east and later this afternoon there is
8:15 am
the possibility we could see a shower or maybe a thunderstorm 4:00 or 5:00, or 4:00 tonight moving west to east and that will quickly move off to sea and we should have a nice looking saturday. most of tomorrow featuring sunshine. here is your five-day forecast. 72 this afternoon and nice and mild out there and the possibility of a few showers late in the day. nice tomorrow and 73. there is your mother's day forecast and monday and tuesday temperatures remain in the 70s. so this is a nice stretch of days. let's look at weather and do on- time traffic. julie has the latest. what is up? let's start off with good news. because we've been talking about the fatal crash from germantown around 1:00 this morning. we just received word from police that the roadway is open. 118 is open and so is middlebrook road between century and crystal rock boulevard in wisteria. no incidents to report traveling inbound along 66. the friday light at this moment. all lanes open leaving fair oaks toward 123. you'll find delays on 395, beltway to king street and again crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge.
8:16 am
the outer loop still heavy leaving 95 headed for georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. virginia governor bob mcdonnell again pushing for oil and gas exploration off the waters of virginia. the obama administration pulled the plug on a plan to off shore lease sale along the east coast following last year's oil spill in the gulf. the u.s. house of representatives just passed a bill that would reopen off shore virginia waters to gas and oil leases but it may not have enough votes to pass the senate. well the big story for this weekend, traveling this mother's day is certainly going to cost you. gas prices are up and whether it's a road trip or airfare, travelers are shelling out some serious cash. question is, how long will it last? is there finally some light at the end of the tunnel? joining us now, phil flynn, senior market analyst and fox business contributor. and we need to talk to you sometime when we have good news
8:17 am
about gas prices. we always talk to you when they are going up and up. >> right. it now -- now i have great news for you. i think our long-term gasoline gas price nightmare is over. i think we've hit the top for gas and diesel prices and jet fuel and i thinks that it. i think we're going to see prices start coming back down. so this is like a bad dream. and we have finally woke up and we're going to see relief at the pump very soon. and great gift for mother's day, you've just become the most popular person here. and how much of this -- we saw oil dropped yesterday and is it tied in that and, if so, how low will the prices go? >> i think absolutely. one of the most important factor is the price of crude oil. and when you fell from nearly $115 a barrel and now back toward $90 a barrel, that is an
8:18 am
immediate impact at the pump. now you wouldn't see prices fall down overnight, but i would say after the weekend, you'll see prices come down dramatically. we could see prices fall by 50 cents a gallon, and maybe even more. so this is a significant thing. everything yesterday looked very bullish for gasoline prices but there was a change in the fundamentals and when that change comes we see the prices react quickly. >> let's lock look at the long- term outbook and many are concerned if the gas prices go up, and we're not consuming as much and we could be at risk of having an effect on the economy with more than just what we put in our gas tank. are those concerns still there? >> i think there there but being released some what. there is to doubt that what we saw in some of the economic data this week, whether it is the manufacturing numbers or employment price that's the high gasoline prices were
8:19 am
slowing the economy. and thank goodness in europe they realized that perhaps their economic policy of raising interest rates was adding to that. we saw a weak dollar because everybody expecting the european central bank to continue to raise rates. that was driving up commodity and oil and food prices and copper prices and gold prices. and when they signaled a pause, everything changed. the dollar became more valuable and that means that can buy more gallons of gasoline and so that's why we've changed in such a dramatic fashion. >> you mentioned the commodities and we've heard this for so long, that those prices are blamed on rising fuel prices. earlier this week we found out from a local utility company saying higher fuel prices are causing utility rates to go up. if the oil prices drop and the fuel prices drop, will we see a drop in some of the commodities as well? >> we will. we're going to see everything across the board fall. now when it comes to food prices, there are still some
8:20 am
significant supply issues that could push prices back up. but i think that this change in the value of the dollar is going to be a big boost for the global economy. we're going to get a big boost and i think it will improve our job outlook. we get a huge jobless number here at 7:30 and it might not look very good. but if we continue to see the prices stay down, and i think we will, i think we'll see the numbers improve very quickly. >> we can let people know you are in the midwest so we'll see the reports in 10 minutes here at 8:30 on the east coast. phil, thank you so much. it's great to have good news this morning. we appreciate it. >> happy mother's day. >> there you go. we can now take the road trap this weekend. thanks, phil, have a good weekend. >> that is good news. >> if it came down 50 cents a gallon, a lot of people would be happy. it's 8:20 and 51 degrees on this friday morning. an update on the lulu lemon
8:21 am
murder case coming up next on fox 5 and a great honor for dr. dorothy hite. and holly is traveling back in time. she has a preview of the virginia renaissance fair. that's coming up. 
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
back now at 8:24 with an update on the lulu lemon murder case. a grand jury has indicted brittany norwood for killing her co-worker inside the bethesda store. norwood is being held without bond. if she's found guilty, norwood faced up to life in prison without the possibility of parole. the state's attorney will handle the case once the trial begins. no trial date has been set. d.c. city council has subpoenaed one-time mayoral candidate sulaiman brown. he has accused of vincent gray for engaging in a pay for play. gray originally -- brown -- excuse me, chose not to testify and he's now been ordered to appear before the council next friday. the late civil rights leader dr. dorothy hite will be
8:25 am
hon youred -- honored in the district. they will rename the bening library after dr. hite. her art work will be show cased and that ceremony is set for 11:00 this morning. right now it's 8:25 on this friday morning. the first g.o.p. debate in the 2012 race for the white house last night. we'll hear from some of the people who may go after the country's top job coming up next. and the terps head basketball coach stepping down after 22 seasons with the team. dave ross has the latest when fox 5 morning news continues. it's 8:25. 0 agnd bco
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:28 now as we take a look at stories making headlines this morning. in the latest in the libya conflict, france now excelling 14 libian diplomats today. they used to work in the embassy in paris before it was shut last month. and the rebels with preparing for the day when gadhafi leaves and are putting together a mit caltrans is. the united states is talking
8:29 am
about releasing some of the libian's $3 billion in frozen assets and giving it to the rebels. and g.o.p. contenders facing off in a fox news debate in south carolina. the five candidates taking part, godfather's pizza executive, herman cain. rick sant orum and ron paul, former new mexico governor gary johnson and former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. there were a variety of hot topics to debate, including the recent death of osama bin laden. >> now that he's killed, boy, it is a wonderful time for this country now to reassess it and get the troops out of afghanistan and at war that hasn't helped us and hasn't helped anybody in the middle east. >> we cannot continue to put the idealogical battle in the battle and not bring it out and talk about it and debate it. >> and they say south carolina
8:30 am
is a bell weather state. since 1980 the republican who won the primary won the nomination. and thousands of people facing the tough decision of whether to evacuate as the mississippi delta begins to flood. the army corp of engineers calling it a once in a life hymn time event. the army had to blow a third hole in a missouri levee and every time it does that farmers face crop losses, costing more than $100 million. kind of a no-win situation there. around here, absolutely beautiful. yesterday it was gorgeous. this morning, i just stepped outside, once in a while we get perfect weather in the washington area and we're looking at that this morning. >> okay. >> you're cool with that. >> perfect is okay. >> let's look at our numbers. still cool out there. i guess if i had to refine the forecast, want to see a degree
8:31 am
or two warmer at the momentment but it's nice. 51 at reagan national. 54 at the moment in gaithersburg. still cool in manassas. 52 for you now. to the east, annapolis is 53. and leonardtown 52 degrees. another really nice day. temperatures once again even warmer than yesterday. yesterday upper 60s to about 70. today low 70s. and more cloudiness in the forecast. particularly this afternoon. as we have a weak frontal system on the move toward the washington area. there is your satellite radar. waking up with clear skies but out to the west we go and you can see the cloud cover into west virginia. and some light shower activity. this line is really not holding itself together well the last couple of hours. you can see that line of showers. as that approaches us later in afternoon and tonight, there is the possibility we could see some widely scattered showers around here, maybe a few thunderstorms pop up in the
8:32 am
afternoon heat. and then cooler and drier air will move in tomorrow. but the timing on this is a good one because overnight we should clear out and wake up with bright sunshine. tomorrow looks great with temperatures in the 70s. forecast for today, partly sunny skies, still could be an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. 30-40% chance you'll see a shower so many of us will remain dry. 72 the daytime high. and then tonight partly cloudy with a few early showers and thunderstorms early. 51 your overnight low. winds out of the north and west at 10-15. nice start to the weekend. tomorrow 73 with sunshine. mother's day doesn't look perfect, but to be honest, i think much of the day should be dry and by sunday afternoon we'll probably see the sun return. monday and tuesday no problems. partly sunny and temperatures in the 70s. okay, let's do -- that's a look at weather. let's get over to steve and the big story. the big story is about sports this morning. after more than two decades at the university of maryland, gary williams deciding that is it for him. dave ross is here with that and other sports headlines but let's talk about the coach.
8:33 am
22 years in maryland, more than 30 years coaching division 1 basketball and he's won a national championship and done everything you could expect from him at maryland and why is now the right point to step down. >> after 22 years when you tell kids over and over again and they stop listening, at some point you think what am i doing. you can enjoy quiet time and hes to play golf. -- he loves to play golf. and guardon williams said come on back and the nba told him he's not ready. but gary doesn't deal with the aau coaches. he doesn't get into the seedy side of college basketball that other big-time programs have gotten into. but he has done it the right way. and he stands for what he
8:34 am
believes, which is is winning and doing it the right way and i'll never forget that about him and of course the fist bump. and that's the type of guy he is. when he feel he doesn't need to do it any more, he steps aside. he goes to the beat of his own drum. the new a.d. did not want him to leave. this is his decision alone. you have to respect that. >> he'll stay in some role. >> as the assistant athletic director. >> does that mean he'll have a hand in -- in picking the next coach? >> think so. i say you don't want to replace the guy. you want to replace the guy that replaced the next guy. you lick about lefties fromel. he said this will be the ucla from the west. bob wade came in and that was an abstract disaster. and then gary williams came in. so the next guy, boy, it's going to be tough for him to fill gary's shoes. but looking at big-name coaches, i don't know which way they will go but if gary has a
8:35 am
hand in it then it should go much smoother. >> but now on the other side, now you're taking a too many that didn't make the nit so if you get any post season action it's an improvement? >> sure. on the short-term i think you're right. but to build something gary has built over 22 years is hard to duplicate. it's a great job. we're talking about a top 10 job, university of maryland. this is not small potatoes. so this is a big time program. >> and frustrating when you can't build a team on four years. blue chips are one and done these days. >> when you talk about four years, steve, we've now have four years with bruce boudreau with the head coach of the capitals. >> where has that gotten us in the last four years. >> and we had todd bernstein in the last hour and it seems like he's going to be back. but you're getting the feeling that some people are questioning whether or not that's the right move. and scott talked about certain guys that won't be back like
8:36 am
the free agents and other teams courting them. it's going to be interesting to see, in the next couple of weeks, not necessarily a month, but in the next couple of weeks what happens in that locker room and which guys are not back. alexander semin, will he be back? var lomoff be back? who knows. a lot of questions. he do -- i don't think we would ask these questions this early. >> the caps have a great team. not a great playoff team. if they do move players they have good trade value and maybe just get a shuffling of the lineup. >> if there are holes in the organization that they think that can be filled, they can fill them by trade. >> it's a long wait until next season. dave ross, thanks a lot. allison, back to you. it is now just about 8:36 on this friday morning. just into the news room, the april unemployment numbers. plus the fox 5 job of the day
8:37 am
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8:39 am
we're following breaking news out of d.c. right now. police confirming two more letters containing white powder have turned up this morning. one at prospect learning center in northeast, the other at bancroft elementary in northwest.
8:40 am
they come on the heels of 29 similar letters delivered to d.c. schools yesterday. we will be talking with d.c. police chief cathy lanier about this coming up live in the 9:00 hour. also just into the fox 5 news room, the economy added 244,000 jobs last month. but the unemployment rate also jumped from 8.8% to 9%. the spike in the jobless rate mostly because people started looking for work again. the unemployment increase, the first one since november. if you're looking for work, check out our job of the day. we always put it online in our job shop, which is open 24/7 on our website. today's job of the day is with d.c. that website is looking for an account executive. starting pay is around $50,000. if would you like more on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab at the top of our home page. the makers of barbie now are being sued. >> the plaintiff actress who playedely may on the beverly
8:41 am
hillbillies claimed mattel used her name and likeness for the ely may. she is barred from using her name and distinctive attributes like -- >> like the curly hair. >> clearly she looks just like ely may. it ran from 1962 to 1971. >> no doubt if they came out with an allison seymour barbie, you would feel the same way. >> interesting case. 8:41 right now on this friday morning. to all of the momsute -- the moms out there, who would be the perfect gift? >> hand-made gifts. >> we've been asking facebook fans. we'll share that with you after
8:42 am
the break. plus a look at some mother's day brunches and deals until the d.c. area. >> the young seymour girls, don't pay attention to mommy now. and at the renaissance fair we'll step back for a moment. we are live in spotsylvania where they are indeed ready for the annual virginia renaissance fair. pain not any chivalry here. and this is a fight scene and one of the many things you will see. we'll give you all of the reasons to come and be part of the merriment and fun, and fighting, live next on fox 5 morning news. i love it. [ female announcer ] most women in america
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a little needle point, steve. one last-minute rush is on. did you see the needle point? , i see it there on the bottom. these are pictures from the fedex sorter. >> all on the way to your house. >> we are wishing the moms out there an early happy mother's
8:46 am
day. we asked what would be a perfect present and monique posted, what i really want is for my three daughter and husband to sleep until noon so i can sleep out and shop. i like that plan. we'll share more of our moms . >> what are the odd that's your girls will sleep until noon? >> no, not going to happen. if you still haven't made plans with your mom, there are still plenty of restaurants offering deals and brunches. including in arlington. here is one, complimentary mimosas as part of a $35 lunch, mit afghanistana offering lunch -- la taska in rockville. and acadd anna also having a great menu. >> it is your special day into time to find out about other events going on this weekend. >> and paul raphel joins us again. >> it's been a while.
8:47 am
happy mother's day to you. i would like to say happy mother's day to my mom. steve, happy safe -- cinco de mayo. and there is no good mom song so i think this song. [ music ] >> you could have done i'll always love my momma. that's an old r&b song. >> this is amazing just the way you are. >> this is paul raphel. >> but i think he said this lady is sexy in this song. >> you blew out my moment. let's just get to this. and it's getting kind of weird in here. it's the mother's day at mt. vernon estates and gardens. celebrate by touring george washington's home distillery. the mother of our country
8:48 am
martha washington will be visiting. it's 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and free with regular admission. and my second event this week is the kentland's day festival on main street in the kentlands and gaithersburg, maryland. the fest kicks off with a parade at 10:00 a.m. and followed by children's carnival, live music on three stages and a classic car show. festivities are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and it is free. and my last event will allow to you travel around europe tomorrow without even leaving northwest d.c. i stopped by one of the participating locations while they were getting ready for the event. >> i'm outside of the embassy of hungary in northwest d.c. one of the 27 embassies opening this does for the eu open house. and now it's time to take the tour. tell me what is going on tomorrow? >> we organized the eu open house tomorrow with the participation of all eu member
8:49 am
states and the european delegation to show case folklore music and other heritage for all people living in d.c. and virginia and maryland and anybody interested in the life of the embassies in the european union. >> there are 27 embassies in total. what is going on here? >> here at hungarian embassy we try to show hungarian specialties, starting with the corner for the children, a food court for everybody who wants to try the different hungarian food, and also some specific things like porcelain or folklore dances and of course some live entertainment for everybody who would like to participate. >> i have to try the dancing. is that okay. i'm sorry to interrupt. >> don't forget to look at
8:50 am
that. >> can i cut? >> absolutely. >> show me some jumping dance. [ music ] >> a hungarian dance-off. i picked it up pretty quick. i didn't practice at all. so it's awesome. come on. i'm already sweating, you can see. for more information on the open house and all of my events go to and i also have additional tours to check out on the website. >> you should have danced with the girl. paul is always throwing curveballs. weekend events with paul raphel. fox 5's holly morris has traveled back in time to the late 16th century this morning. >> we're going way back in time to spotsylvania, virginia for the renaissance fair. >> reporter: good morning to you. there is a lot of great things about this fair but i think one of the best things about it is the location where it is held. it is held on the property of
8:51 am
lake anna winery. it is stunning grounds. and the person who owns it is standing next to me. we were here two years ago and it poured the entire time and this morning it is a beautiful morning. a little chilly and we were able to come back into the woods and see the little town put up here. but why -- why do you i do this? >> it's a lot of fun. we like to support the tourism area. we are a family owned business and our son runs the business and we enjoy providing for the community so they can come andeny themselves and particularly family things. and this is certainly a family thing. >> reporter: and so you can get some lake anna wine while here. >> there is a little yellow shed down there which is the wine garden. >> reporter: note to self, yellow shed. >> and we encourage people to
8:52 am
stop at the winery on the way out because it's easier to carry the cases to the car from the winery than from here. >> reporter: it's a two-for, you can come to the renaissance fair and to the winery. and thank you for allowing them to have the festival here. and now in the 10th year where you can see what life was like back in the late 16th century. and right now we're watching susan morrison as a master archer showing us her mad long bow skills. if only you could hit an arrow on top of another arrow. >> well i do that periodically throughout the show. but the problem is arrows are expensive. but the first rule of archery is never get attached to your am unit and second is don't let it get attached to you. >> reporter: and this is a skill everybody had back in the day. >> up until the time of king henry, the first book on archery which was written in 1542 by robert ashham who was
8:53 am
reporting to king henry and of course elizabeth is henry's daughter. but the long bow let the english dominate the battlefield for many years because if you tack a look at that piece of armor over there, you see this is a target weight bow and you can see the arrows that go through the armor. >> reporter: susan, my time is fleeting. but have you written a book on archery? >> no i haven't. >> reporter: you need to. because you clearly have a lot of knowledge. and you'll be out here for the next five weekends. >> people can come down and shoot and take lessons. we have a range where you can try to shoot the long bow and the arrow and we do a performance on the whole history of archery. >> reporter: she is the one you need to see. and quickly, i'm meeting back up with cornelia, the c ceo -- the ceo. >> this is our opening weekend.
8:54 am
next week is shakespeare and we try to do shakespeare and midsummer fantasy. following that -- this is our ax throwing. following shakespeare weekend we have pirate weekend. and you can never have enough pirates in town. >> reporter: you can never have enough fun and merriment when it comes to the virginia renaissance fair. is our website. we have a link to theirs. remember it's saturday and sunday, the next five weekends. $9 for adults, children 5 and under are free. come on, where else can you come and throw an ax. and it would be allowed. we're going to have even more fun and merriment in our next hour. back to you all. >> thank you. >> a lot of work going on out there. >> i love those shows. we have found out here in d.c., we talked about the suspicion letter from yesterday. and we found out two more have turned up this morning. more on which schools when we talk with d.c. police chief cathy lanier in a few minutes. e
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day and this morning it is christina slade from damascus, maryland and she said her daughter jordan and her are the two biggest fans. coffee and fox 5, what a combination. it looks like you make a good combination as well. if you would like to be monday as fan of the day just post a comment under christina's photo on our fox 5 morning news fan page on facebook. christina and jordan have a great friday and weekend. that will do it for this hour. tony is back now to join allison to take us up until 10:00. >> steve, thank you. here is a look at stories we are following for the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. breaking news in the suspicious letter investigation. more letters have been found
8:59 am
this morning. this is on top of the nearly 30 suspicious letters already delivered to schools in our area. all were containing a white powder and we'll talk live with police chief cathy lanier for the latest on the investigation. and switching gears, you know his face and voice, comedian and actor dave cooley joins us live in studio. he's performing a comedy show this weekend here in town. where you can catch him and what you can expect from the special show. and tony we're tacking an age-old dilemma this morning. in this week's ask allison, how do i get over a crush on someone who doesn't return the feeling? we've all been there, haven't we? >> yes we have. >> there is hope. my thoughts coming up later. >> that's a good one into meanwhile tucker one. meanwhile, the


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