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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  October 2, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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another cold weather wake up call. the temperature tumble is in the dc region. police in maryland reach out to residents following a series of bold break-ins. skins back on the winning track. we break down the xs and os with a show down with the rams all the big sports stories of the day. and it is a good day for sports i am mel mow, we have those stories -- melanie, we have those stories plus president obama's message. a new law cracking down on people who text and drive in effect now in maryland. >> first mother natures big
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change. fox 5s. gwen down in the weather center. >> good morning melanie. one of those mornings where the chill is settling in and probably woke everybody up. let's begin with a look where we stand temperature wise. 45 degrees now in national airport officially, 82% humidity. northwesterly wind flow, 7 miles per hour if you look at our other airports, 43 dallas, 46 baltimore a chilly start to the day warm up will be slow and gradual temperatures well below the seasonal average plenty of clouds and moisture in our atmosphere. a low pressure system sticking around doesn't want to move any where, too fast too soon it will start to head out meantime chance of showers, winds pushing from the northwest they will pick up it will be a bit on the breezy side in the
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course of the afternoon as well. overcast skies i can't give you much in sunshine our high, 54 degrees. it is cool melanie. >> thank you so much. you think burglars would wait until no one is around to break into homes. not in tacoma park lately. audrey barnes talked to residents how to make sure they are not the next victim. >> reporter: nicole who asked us not to use her last name knows how thieves broke in. >> my daughter was cooking and the house -- something burned so the house filled up with smoke so she opened up the windows and left it cracked just a little bit. >> reporter: a thief got in through the open window took the family's laptop and fled. similar crimes have been happening all over tacoma park. 14 break-ins last month most thieves got in through open windows or broke them to get in at least two burglars went in through the front door. >> kicking in of doors during
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the day. they seem to be targeting electronics,. ward council woman colleen clay thinks the family pet makes her home less attractive to thieves she is urging her neighbors to look around their homes. >> even if they kick through the door it will get met with a chain they will not be able to breakthrough. >> sergeant john says tacoma park police will come out and do a security check for free they focus on areas thieves target. >> we start the inspection from the perimeter, we look again at the security lighting, windows, we look at the types of locks on your doors the type of door we make recommendations. >> recommendations like getting to know who belongs in the community and who doesn't. >> we have a neighbourhood like that, they look after their property those are key things that will reduce the crime of burglary. >> nicole has taken security a step further. >> i put on my alarm system every time i go out.
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even if my kids are home they put it on too. >> police believe a handful of break-ins are related since most happen between 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., they will have plain clothes officers out during those hours looking for suspicious activity. >> police now have the authority to pull you over f they see you texleing, reading or sending a message from your mobile device and can hit you with a $70 ticket more than once, the fine goes up to $110. >> it is a primary offence in the state of maryland. sadly if you use hand held cell phone that is a secondary offence so we have to change that law too. so, the jurisdiction has the toughest law in distracted driving in the district of columbia it is a good example
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this fiscal year alone they have written over 11,000 tickets for distracted driving. >> if convicted, drivers can get a point on their drivers license it can go to 3 points and a $110 fine. a man found dead near the rockville metro station yesterday morning has not been identified. he did not appear hit by a train but was found near the third rail which carries power and electricity. an autopsy is being performed to determine how the man died. the killing of an american born al qaeda leader. the state department says there is an increased risk of violence against americans around the world and cleric supporters could seek revenge for his death. killing al qaeda leaders is not enough to end the terror organization. this will weaken them but
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will never end them because they are not the ones who created the ideology. those who created the ideology, created cells like them. it will be a weakening of the radicalism how evercxfing the long term -- however the long term effect can only happen when the ideologist is defeated and weakened. >> state department issued a similar alert after osama bin laden was killed in pakistan. outpouring of support from the human rights campaign for president obama. the human rights campaign hosted the president at dc convention center for its annual dinner he campaigned on promises for same sex couples some did wonder if he would ever get it done now with the repeal of don't ask don't tell, hospital visitation rights and a hate crimes bill they are happy with the president's work. it is fair to say that as a community, we have accomplished more in the last two years than
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we have in the previous 40. president barack obama has stood with us, ladies and gentlemen, this is our moment to stand with him [ applause ] president obama told the crowd he would push to end the defensive marriage acts that legally defines marriage between a man and woman. >> gay service members can get married on base by military chaplains the pentagon issued new guidance saying chaplains can perform the ceremony in any state that recognizes the union or opt out if it goes against their belief. >> president obama is continuing his push to pass the jobs bill. a virginia congressman says it is the problem in the senate. it has been three weeks since congress has not passed the jobs bill the president
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wants to know why they are dragging their feet. >> some republicans have said they agree with some parts of the jobs bill if so, it is time for them to tell me what those are if they are opposed to the jobs bill i would like to know what they are against. putting teachers, police officers, firefighter on the job, against hiring construction workerrers to rebuild our roads, bridges, school, against giving tax cuts to every worker and small business in america. >> across america, registered voters are split, just 38% think it will create jobs at the same time 38% think it will make no difference, 18% think it will make no difference a full 39% think the plans are bad for america. 48% think good, 6% mixed, republicans think cutting excessive regulations will be a better idea and president and senate need to support
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legislation in the house that would do just that. president obama who has said he is willing to consider stopping regulation should call on the democrat lead senate to fall on the house passing these jobs bills let's take this opportunity to widen our common ground and do whatever we can to get government out of the way so our economy can return to creating jobs. while the arguing continues about jobs the feeling about jobs across america is bleak almost half of registered voters, 47% think a year from now unemployment will be higher than it is today just 37% think lower. in washington peter doocey fox news. the district's mean library will be open today. another round of wall street protests in new york wait until you hear how many demonstrators were arrested. local college football taking center stage and making
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headlines highlights of an exciting day on the gridiron when we return ♪ ♪
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some stories making headlines a second typhoon with winds over 120 miles an hour pounded the philippines, killing at least 55 people standing hundreds of militants on roof tops. the latest storm plans to shore in eastern isabella provinces rescuers are having a hard time delivering food and water to the region. >> more than 700 people arrested during a third protest march to the brooklyn bridge. officers created a human wall to stop demonstrators the group called occupy wall street has been camped out in the plaza in manhattans, financial district for nearly two weeks rallying against corporate greed and climate change. last call for legendary bar
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on capitol hill the hawk and dove is closing its doors for a final time today. the bar has been a main stay for politicians, writers, celebrities everything from the bar top to stools even the floor mats, if you want one of those i don't know about that, will be up for grabs during an online auction friday. dcs main library will be open for business today on friday, vincente grey announced the city has enough money to keep martinking junior libraire open on sundays. mayor grey and council wells and chief librarian will greet residents when it opens at 1:00 p.m. and close at 5. three big stories making waves in the world of sports, this week college football takes center stage three local teams making headlines one way or another. dave ross is here. >> one of the games i believe you were at. >> i was. >> we will get to that.
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that might be the winner. >> oh. >> a little tidbit for you there. one local school that said hello for the first time ever to another local school maryland may be the largest instate university did you know towel son is the second largest in the state and the two schools had never met on the football field until yesterday. that ends the educational portion of this week's sports trifecta. towel son and maryland, danny o'bryan showing some fire before the game. what a good one it was. adams, first carry of the game goes for 15-yards to the house. maryland up 7-0 at that point, towel son hung around in the 4th, maryland taking over o'bryan, taking it, tyler, 5- yards for the score maryland defeats towel son, 28-3. who placed, frank beamer and virginia tech, put in their
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place by clemson tigers hasn't beaten the hoe can is since 19 -- hokies since 1989. clemson shocked virginia tech, sweeney gets an orange gatorade shore. actually two, they get -- shower, actually two, they get him again. today's trifecta, goes to the service academy as a marine, you root for army, and then again when they play airfield. what a good game this was, final seconds, regulation, navy down by 8, get a touchdown, proctor to green, 5-yards, 19 sects to go, navy down 2, proctor on the pitch to teach he is in. going overtime, tied 28, navy for possession they get a penalty for excessive celebration and miss the i
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think so at that point here comes airforce -- extra point, here comes airforce. can you believe it a shocker in annapolis, navy loses, 35-34 in overtime. now time to go off the wall, wisdom martin and i are taking major league baseball to the task plus our pig for to days' big one in st. louis. time to go off the wall. it is off the wall, dave ross, wisdom martin. wisdom we have embarked on the baseball playoff. >> right. >> they are riding the momentum of arguably the most exciting end to a regular season of all time were you impressed with what you saw end of the season. >> i was impressed here is what depressioned me for. >> look at you finding the negatives.
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>> and boston red sox but they were very impressive. >> yes. tampa bay and st. louis coming back. >> i am not going to drink any haterade. they dropped the devil but when you see a walk-off home run by the rays, to beat the yankee which is in turn beat boston could you believe the epic collapses by those two teams you have never seen it in the history of baseball it happened to two teams in the same month. >> same night weren't they a couple hours apart. >> yes. >> both of them, day one, world series. >> that's where it gets tricky if i was going to drink in the haterade i would be like mm,. >> are you going to give me a quick winner in the world series. >> not yet. >> winner of the world series next week. >> yankees. >> you crazy ain't going to
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happen. >> let's talk football. a real sport i got notes. >> oh,. >> washington red skins and st. louis, sorry st. louis rams. >> they are sorry. >> are they going to win. >> here is the problem last year we thought the rams were sorry and went to st. louis and got beat in almost the identical situation we will find out quickly if this team matured. for that reason i do thing they are different, get back on the high horse this week and red skins, win big in the loop. >> red skins will beat the rams, rams are just that bad. sexy rexy has never been on a high horse if you saw his performance last week that is rex gross man. fumbled. >> 28 seconds to go he has to make a play. >> red skins offence still in shambles, offensive line terrible. >> are you pitching on me? >> they will beat the rams, the
8:20 am
rams are sorry. >> ladies and gentlemen, wisdom martin is going on record. i didn't even get to that. we don't have time for your shenanigans. >> anglo hall. >> enjoy your week. we will see you next time for outrowing edition. >> just what i saw. my favorite part is when wisdom brings stats to the set and i don't let him use the stats. that is my favorite part. >> i got stats to give. no, we got to let him talk about his stats. coming up later, kevin safer, and rocky paris, they will be on tv they are in studio live with us talking about red skins plus major league baseball might sneak in maryland baseball. well, we will be right back also talking about a lesson in love from stars of a new movie. >> you know about that. >> familiar with it.
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>> that hits teeters this weekend -- teeters this weekend don't ask it, just assume what good can possibly come of it. the answer nothing. >> exactly what are they talking about? we find out next mccarthy sits down with what's your number  [ [ screaming ]
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the new movie, what's your number opened this weekend focussing on a young woman tracking down her exlove to see if any of them might actually be mr. right the lead characters is concerned she has had many more remountic relationships than her friends have had. -- romantic relationships than
8:25 am
her friends have had. kevin mccarthy talks to the stars. >> do you guys -- it is a terrible question you should never ask. >> don't ask it don't bring it up just assume -- what good can possibly come of it. >> right. >> the answer nothing. >> just like anything. >> it is a mind bomb. >> don't snoop through people's e-mails. >> do that, that is totally different. >> i do read old letters. >> where is your living, like 100 guys. >> you ask me, i am a girl i will just answer. 25. right here is another answer. 1. >> terrifying. >> in its own way. >> that is really weird 1 must have been you are still in love. >> because you are married. >> yeah. >> you have to watch this film and be onset while she is making out with another guy is that weird for you?
8:26 am
>> you want to know the@? it is just part of the business -- truth? it is just part of the business. i am secure in our relationship, i am just going to assume -- you know, there are very few down sides to making a living doing something you love in the arts, and i wouldn't actually consider that one of them, you know being apart for a long time, that is one of them,. >> paying taxes. >> gee. >> it is better she is making out with evan than some gross dude. >> yeah. >> like you want to watch her have a make out scene with me, you know i am really into it. but evan doesn't care. >> yeah. >> you don't want some little like goblin like ruining her. >> ruin.
8:27 am
>> because evan doesn't care by the time he is out of make up he forgot he did that. he will make out with a car tire his life is like that you don't want someone who it was a great day for them. >> yeah. >> so what did kevin think of what's your number, he sat down with alison seymour. i am a big fan of anna ferris she delivers, bubbly personality driven characters i like watching her she helps drive through the movie but when the script is so bland and it is predictable the idea of the movie she is a young woman who figures out the number of relationships she has had is higher than average she says i am going to go back, i will be celebrate and go back through the 20 relationships, and find the man of my dreams i didn't think it dewill everred what it should have been. -- delivered what it should have been. stay home, watch bridesmaids it is a good, natural funny.
8:28 am
hilarious. >> r rated romantic comedy i highly recommend renting that and skipping what's your number i give it a 1.5 out of 5. hmm not an endorsement from kevin. >> corporate leaders coming out, endorsing president obama's economic policies, fox news sundays sits down with two business men and herman cane. another chilly day in the dc region. gwen is back with how it will pan out today and a workweek review. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back  [ speaking french ]
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what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. some republicans in congress have said they agree with certain parts of the jobs bill. if so, it is time for them to tell me what those proposals are and if they are opposed i need to know what they are
8:32 am
against. >> it has been more than 3 weeks since president obama sent his jobs act to congress. some of business' biggest names are beginning to take a step back from the president's economic policy. well, that is one of the topics on this week's fox news sunday chris wallace good morning. >> hey melanie. >> as we just heard, the president is pushing for congress to pass the bill but saying republicans are opposed to it we are hearing there may not be enough democratic votes in the senate what is going on. >> that's right. there is very little enthusiasm for this bill among democrats in fact, this week, the white house was hoping in senate, they would take up the jobs bill no, they are taking up the bill by curb sen manipulation by the chinese -- currency manipulation by the chinese. i think because it would increase spending, democrats are not too crazy about this
8:33 am
bill that is why you have the president, who at one point some of his people were saying this is no negotiation, take it or leave it is there any part of it you would like? it is like a waiter just trying to sell the daily special. >> i know your show is packed with leaders from the corporate world, chris smith of fedex, one thing i am always positive about, we ask business leaders why they are not hiring they say we have uncertainty, about regulations, cost of health care to a certain extent isn't uncertainty a part of business. i am trying to get a sense where someone can put a pin on why aren't they hiring. >> well, the first reason people aren't hiring is because there is not enough demand and not enough demand because there are too many people unemployed or too many people near foreclosure on their homes and not going to go out and spend a lot. you are not going to go create a product if you don't have a demand for that product but
8:34 am
also you know, you've got this tremendous uncertainty the president is saying yes, i want to give some short term tax cuts, a half trillion dollars in tax cuts over the next year, but on the other hand he is calling for two trillion dollars in tax increases over the next decade. so if you are a business man and sitting there saying well, you know i would like to invest and expand but i may be hit with taxes first of all i don't know if they are going to get passed or not, you have obama care if i hire another employee what is the cost of his health care going to be there is an awful lot of uncertainty there when i talk to business men they do say i don't know what regulations will be, i don't know what the cost of doing business will be maybe i will just hunker down for awhile. >> you will have herman cane, a business man himself on the show, running for president he is an interesting guy who has a great resume but i also wonder, we love having him in the races, interesting addition do you thing he will be a viable
8:35 am
candidate. >> well, what is interesting, obviously there are a lot of they sayers, a lot of doubters out there, he doesn't have a -- any kind of experience in politics, some people would say that is a plus not a minus but the fact that he is surging in the polls, he did well in the fox debate he won florida straw poll in our latest fox poll this guy a month ago at 6% is now at 17% only 2 points beyond rick perry is a top tier candidate. people say yeah, i know he is interesting but not going to be the candidate but it is not what we says the what the voters say and they are saying we like him. >> thanks for your time we look forward to your show. >> you bet. >> catch fox news sunday 9:00 a.m. >> rainy weather halted inspection work at the washington monument mother nature created a scary moment for a rappeller friday night a
8:36 am
gust of wind bluer rick stone 30 feet off the monuments face he was not hurt but left hanging 30 feet from the ground. we have no word whether the inspection will pick back up again today. to gwen in the weather center, gusty winds yesterday and friday as well. >> we will have wind this afternoon also i am sure a little higher up you will feel it a lot more than down here with our feet planted on the ground also, the wet weather sticking around temperatures are the big story as well. we have a very chilly start to your day 46 degrees national airport, 48 annapolis, 46 baltimore, hagerstown 42 degrees 44 martins burg fredericks burg is 48 degrees. and plenty of clouds across the region as well as plenty of wet weather in some of our neighbourhoods we had a fair amount of rainfall yesterday, some heavy today will not be a total wash out don't worry but you will have a chance of seeing rain so just be aware of
8:37 am
that. winds a factor as i just mentioned right now not bad fairly light but they will pick up in the course of the afternoon hours, chilly, cloudy, breezy, today, midday, 51 degrees, and 52 by the 4:00 p.m. hour, they are not warming up all that much into the course of today. >> we look forward to that 5 day. thanks gwen. >> coming up fox 5 morning news a local man collapses from a heart attack while shopping his incredible story of survival and how a string of people and technology helped save his life 
8:38 am
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8:40 am
well, here are some stories expected to make headlines, president obama hot on the campaign trail, on tuesday he heads to dallas, two fundraising luncheons and st.
8:41 am
louis. thursday, 50,000 boat enthusiasts from around the world will set sail for annapolis maryland 42nd annual united stateses sailboat show is known as the premier show case to buy, sell and dream. the tunisia prime minister will be at the white house. the president homes to address the u.s. support for the country. a month golly county man is alive than -- montgomery county man is alive thanks to technology. he collapsed from a serious heart attack last month. >> reporter: on september 13th, bruce scott a radio producer, went to the home depot store in german town. scott is a slim, 57-year-old with no history of heart problems, but as he walked through the store's gardening center he suffered a massive heart attack. he dialed 911 but couldn't
8:42 am
speak to the emergency operator. >> hello i need the location of the emergency can you talk to me? >> reporter: on a hunch this wasn't an accidental dialing, emergency operator wendy jones triangulated the location of the cell phone and recrested ambulance crews. store employee, jeff mcthey came across the unconscious customer and called 911. >> then the next thing you know i am making a phone call, prior to all that, you know i prayed in between and 40 seconds later after the prayer the retired ent showed up. >> she spent 41 years, as an ent. >> everybody step back i am a retired emt he doesn't appear to be breathing and no pulse i
8:43 am
started compressions. >> two ambulance crews arrived discovering bruce scott in grave condition they had to use the defribulator, 6 times. >> when we got him down to shady grove he had a pulse and a blood pressure and he was starting to breathe on his own. >> bruce scott survived and got to thank the emts. retired emt and store employee who got an awart from home depot. -- award from home depot. in german town. fox 5 news. coming up in our sunday sit down, the boys are back. kevin in rock radio, they are on tv joining me live in studio. talking about the red skins will break down today's game with the rams and could we have a quarterback controversy brewing again. this town loves a controversy. if they thing the team should be made,. people like to hear about changes in weather except not the way things are going south. we have had a big tumble i have
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one of the big stories we are following, chilly weather you are taking a look, across maryland, there, a little bit of clouds still in the sky temperature taking a tumble across the dc region mercuries, plummeted overnight with it came rain, sunday yes, off to a chilly start, gwen i know we got a little -- you know meteorological fall. we do this to you every time. >> i get the pressure. >> oh, it is fall but it feels good. >> cool and refreshing, very refreshing for everybody definitely the chill of fall is in the air let's take another lookout side, and see what is going on here across the area. not a whole lot happening in the sunshine department there will be a bit you know you might see a little bit here and
8:48 am
there, clouds but primarily overcast skies, we had a lot of clouds stuck around yesterday, a lot of rainfall as well and some actually heavy in some spots, today you will see some of the rainfall as well but not a wash out so don't see -- don't be too dismayed expect to cesars continuing, you might see a spotty shower and before it is all said and done, feeling fall's chill definitely it is nippy you might want to bundle up there is a warm up on the way. they are in my five day forecast, tropics still very active as well that is another thing we will look at wait until you see what is happening there in the meantime current temperatures, 46 degrees, national airport, same baltimore, 43 degrees, gaithersburg to the west, 45 martins burg, 42 hagerstown and 48 degrees quantico. temperatures, one factor, precipitation another majority of it moved its way out a lot of it what was sticking around
8:49 am
last night pockets of heavy rainfall to the far west, western virginia, along the blue ridge, snow and rain mixed together. that is still a possibility, as we head next 24 hours or so, for that region. pretty much moisture, finally starting to give us a break but still have a chance of seeing showers today as well as tonight, and that is because, we have this pesky low pressure system like an unwanted house guest and doesn't want to move its way out yet. it will gradually start to move out as we move next 24, 48 hours let's take a quick look at radar what i want to show you on radar is what we have going on to the north of us that is where the colder air is settling in, here we saw earlier this morning, a little bit more snow, started to move up into parts of pennsylvania, because it is cooler, pocketed air settled in here due to colder air pushing from the north and ridge of high pressure heading our way. back to weather maps, not
8:50 am
talking a lot of sunshine we are talking showers, frontal system pushing its way out by the time we go to monday, we have a little bit more improvement tuesday better, more sunshine meantime, 54 your daytime high tonight at 45, or less could be one of the coldest nights we have had so far. look at tropics, well defined hurricane, owe feel yeah was a category 4 last night lost intensity but a category 3 moving its way to the north, northeast of bermuda, expected to move north and brush newfoundland, part of the canadian maritimes as we move into monday. gradually weaken out and become a remnant low we are so happy this is not effecting our coastal area, it is such a strong hurricane. behind it, tropical storm, felice. chilly and cloudy, course to have day, 51 degrees, chance of showers throughout the course
8:51 am
of the day, could see something spotty here and there otherwise not all bad, 47 degrees, that is not right going to be a little warmer than that going to be into the 50s your 5 day later back to you melanie. gross man, from behind, lost the football, cowboys got it. cowboys win. >> heart ache for skins fans, and big d last week can burgundy and gold succeed today. today we caulk to the kevin and rock show, hey dave. >> yeah, you know them, love him, kevin and rocky, that dynamic duo, welcome back to the show. busy day. >> glad to have you back. red skins, we alluded to it there with melanie if they win today in st. louis. >> win win. >> if they win today.
8:52 am
>> yeah. >> you said before the season started 3 and 1 going into the by week you would have to take it. >> sure i don't have a problem with what is going on the problem with rex and everybody talking about the quarterback controversy, kyle needs to play to his strengths after they got away with the touchdown with jim high tower after that series of downs, you went 9 plays, 7 to high tower. >> take it away. >> sitting down i don't understand. >> i personally thing we should all settle down we could be 4 and 1 that is the only frustrating part. but gain like you said 3 and 1, we can go into the by week pretty well set up let's enjoy what we have. >> right. >> and you know -- >> we know how this town is we have been around the block a little bit when they lose, 2 point game monday night, against their arch rivals, you get the feeling with rex grossman that is the attitude, they always seem to be waiting for something bad to happen. >> you go into a marriage knowing what your wife brings
8:53 am
it into or ex-girlfriend we know we can't complain about it any more we got the stick with rex he is our man until the coach decides he is not 4th but let's stop complaining about rex, that could be a terrible thing. >> rocky you don't think there is a quarterback controversy. >> not until they take him out. >> we were at the football game, last home game, and rex made the mistake, first interception where we were sitting everyone said put him back. >> arizona, you heard -- >> it wasn't give him a chance rocky and i have been on the rex gross man band wagon. >> i did not want sexy rexy coming into the season but you can't throw your wife away. >> i tend to agree with you the fans don't have as much patience. that's right we are fans but the thing is we need to be more objective if we want to win stick with our guys we got to stay behind them.
8:54 am
>> hall going into the cowboy game he called romo, if i want a hit. he gets burned on the third and 21 play. coaching staff, called off a bit came back rescinded comments are you guys okay with having a hot head for a quarterback. >> yeah, i don't really buy this whole thing shut up and just play football part of football is talking. >> i agree. >> it is talking crap he just has to back it up when you go into the game after the comments you made don't come and rescind them. >> stick by them. >> on the backside don't tell me hall you want to be the guy depended on for 101 and then say why did you call a blitz. >> if you are going to talk you have to back it up and then after you can't back it up please don't rescind what you just brought up go in and say next time, all right. >> i want the man. >> but don't talk a lot of crap and don't talk about what you are going to do show us one
8:55 am
time. >> see i don't mind him talking though. >> knock the crap out of him or if you don't just say it. >> here i come. bravado, a lot of talk. >> maryland, all the talk has been centered around the uniforms, the new season started with randy at the helm are we worried about substance with this program rather than style. >> we have a problem. we hung our entire season on a sophomore quarterback i can't tell if he is ready or not. entire maryland football program put on this kid's shoulders with the addition of under armor trying to come in and compete i feel there is a competition between nike and under armor. >> sorry nike guys. maryland and oregon, i just want to see an actual football team on the field i could care less if they win with some russell athletics. >> you want to bring your recruits in if showing off
8:56 am
uniforms will do that for maryland that is fine. >> the whole thing is about winning. randy had to pull all that and culminate it together. >> only 30 sects to go i will -- seconds to go i will fast forward. but if prince fielder is available this guy shining star for the brewers he is a free agent after the year, you saw what the nats did finishing 80 and 81 is this the guy they should target. >> i am not sure i am not sure if worth helped us. good point but i like how we do the home groan situation here -- home grown situation here in washington i like him coming up through the nationals, syracuse we get to see them not just playing to someone else i want to see our guys,. i am with the money ball concept bring in some body who is good that way maybe you can get 3 for 1. they say no to prince fielder. >> very interesting. >> i don't want to get crazy.
8:57 am
>> available -- >> you know,. >> you guys thanks fellas appreciate it. we are coming back with more sunday fox morning news 
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> a look at your five day forecast. chance of showers, after that


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