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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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service for 32 years and never cooked a dinner. i did it on purpose because i didn't want them to think that i was here to cook dinner. >> reporter: she does do dishes. she also does her job. >> my proudest moment is when i see some of the other women. i know they'll be okay. >> reporter: and she wouldn't change a thing. >> so proud of you. >> reporter: in silver spring beth parker, fox 5 news. >> 32 years and not one meal, she's a smart one. >> trailblazer, too. the news tonight is far from over. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. a legendary d.c. watering hole is just a couple hours way from closing its doors for good. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. the hawk and dove served its
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last drinks tonight after 44 years. fox 5's audrey barnes starts off the news edge with a look at who came out to say so long. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: one side of the hawk and doff was filled with packers fans who -- dove was filled with packers fans who have been packing the bar on game day the last 10 years. this will be the graham they watch here. >> packer fans -- last game they watch here. >> packer fans have been coming here 20 years or more. we celebrate good times, bad times, almost like a marriage. >> reporter: on the other side of the bar loyal customers who can't believe the day has come. >> from the regular everyday guy, the busboy to the congressman, senator, movers and shakers, everybody sitting in this place forever. >> reporter: this bar has played host to politicals with the last names of obama, kerry and gingrich, celebs named redford and countless others
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from the neighborhood who forged lasting friendships here. >> i knew the capitol hill because the general manager of this bar lent me the rent and it's the only reason i'm still here 11 years later. >> reporter: the owners announced in august they were closing the hawk and dove after a rival bar owner took over the lease. the news sent people like alexis dion scrambling to get something to remember the hawk by. >> i just think it's sad. >> reporter: the new owner says they'll close five months or so for a full scale renovation and reopen. hawk and dove regulars say it will never be the same. >> what i'm afraid of when this happens is they will change not character of the place and the characters and that will be sad. >> reporter: many of the patrons in the bar on the last day say they're already making plans to party together at other places. only time will tell if they'll
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make it back to the hawk and dove when it reopens with the same name but a new owner after 44 years. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. prepare to pay more for a taxi in the district. the d.c. taxicab commission is removing the $19 cap on cab fares. the meter will keep running no matter how far you go. the cap will be lifted october 22nd. if the commission doesn't get any negative comments or complaints between now and then. construction of the $7 billion metrorail extension to dulles airport is apparently months behind schedule. the washington examiner reports despite claims by officials it is running on time a progress report from july showed the project was 188 days behind schedule. the delay means the first phase of the so-called silver line which extends metro rail from tyson through reston would open in june 2014 instead of late 2013. hundreds of people behind
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bars in new york city because police say they blocked one lane at least of the brooklyn bridge. other cities are marching for the same cause. >> this is all meant to bring attention to the role corporations have in american society. fox's greg jared has the story. >> reporter: new york city police arresting hundreds of protesters spanning across one of the city's most recognizable landmarks, the brooklyn bridge shutting down lane of traffic for several hours saturday. >> i sat in the middle of the bridge on the outbound side roadway three lines across and the police have them corralled. >> reporter: at least 700 people arrested most on disorderly conduct many released hours later. >> there was nothing just about what they were doing. we didn't antagonize them or confront them and when wind chill sat down, they started grabbing leg -- we sat down, they started grabbing legs and arms of people. there were kids up there. >> reporter: albuquerque getting in on the act saturday with hundreds crowding this
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intersection. passers-by seemingly agreeing with their message. people in denver also telling corporations to back down, signs claiming wall street is our street. westward to los angeles around 2,000 people marching to city hall in solidarity of occupy wall street. >> jail them! >> this has begun in response to the corporatization that has happened within our government, you know. we're tired of it. >> reporter: some say this movement has just begun. >> protest movements in this country are not dead. there is actually a place for it and we especially now need more than ever. >> reporter: the new york city demonstrators have been camped out in the financial district now for the better part of two weeks it has been been mostly peaceful until clashes with police began yesterday. in new york, fox news.
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a benefit concert this afternoon for the victims of the prince william county floods. an entire community was forced from their homes when the water rose. the concert was in the parking lot of jefferson davis highway in woodbridge. several local groups are trying to help more than 40 families find new homes and they're doing it with a smile and some music. >> looks like they're having some fun. >> they got nothing on gwen tolbart. let's go to weather now. >> if you've bench outside, it will make you dance to -- been outside, it will make you dance to stay warm. here's a look at our highs today. we should have been into the low 70s, nowhere near that. right now it's 48 at d.c., 45 gaithersburg, baltimore 47 degrees, 45 winchester, 43 degrees at hagerstown. here's a look at our sky conditions, plenty of clouds,
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widespread rainfall expected in the area through the course of tonight as well but clouds and rain not going anywhere over the potomac highlands, bridge ridge. higher elevations could see a little mixture of light snow and rain there and even frost a possibility for the far west. overall we're looking at still a chance of showers lingering through until your tomorrow as well. be prepared. one cooler day still left. we've got some ridge of high pressure will gradually build in, excuse me. this low pressure system will gradually pull out. behind it we'll see sunshine and things will really change. by tuesday we're back to some mostly sunny skies, temperatures starting on the rise heading to the low 70s. by the time we hit friday we've got no shortage of sunshine, but tomorrow keep your umbrella handy and be prepared because the showers will definitely be around through tomorrow evening. temperatures, however, finally getting back up to where they should be. will, back to you.
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>> we like that. we are taking the edge off tonight with a dog show that proves every dog really does have its day. >> it's called the midtown muttminster dog show. this adds a unique category such as the i'm so ugly i'm cute contest and the most unidentitiable breed. there are a few in there. the mutts are always a little hard to figure out. >> muchs need love, too. that does it for -- mutts need love, too. that does it for us. keep it right here. sports xtra is coming your way with dave feldman in two minutes. 
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welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> let's get going. good evening, everybody. i'm dave feldman. thanks for watching nissan sports xtra to a victory sunday. the washington redskins could be 4-0 heading into the bye week. their only blemish, a two-point loss to the dallas cowboys. as mike shanahan said today, i'm disappointed we're not 4-0 , but you got to get over those things. today the skins got over the rams, although it was close. mike shanahan hoping to avenge last year's loss to the rams and he would do that.
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redskins second possession 3rd and 8 from the 33, rex grossman, jabar gaffney, 20 yards for the 1st down to the rams 47. gaffney four catches, 62 yards. eight plays later 3rd and 4, rex to santana moss, 6 yards for the touchdown, skins in front 7-0. 2nd quarter still 7- 0 , sam bradford back to pass, brian over rack poe with the initial push. ryan kerrigan -- orakpo with the initial push, ryan kerrigan comes from the back. redskins in at rams 44. 20 yards for the touchdown. redskins led 14-0. late 1st half, rams austin pettis fielding a punt wiped out by miles paul, paul slides for a 16-yard penalty. 2nd half more torain, takes the handoff at the forth 4, nice
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cutback and look out, fine -- 44, nice cutback and look out, finally take him down. led to a graham gano 38-yard field goal. 17-0 redskins. grossman's pass picked off by justin king, backed down by tim hightower the redskins 31-yard line after fifth-yard return that led triples field goal. rams -- 50-yard return that led to a rams field goal. next call, roughing the patter, 17-3, less than six minimum -- passer, 17-3, less than six minutes. 15 yards for the touchdown, redskins cutting the lead to 17- 10. redskins next offensive play, rex looking for santana moss but finding james laurinaitis who is on the wrong team and he catches it and traverses it and runs it 15 yards to the redskins 19-yard line, game that should have been over no longer over, but the redskins
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defense stephen bowen breaks through and attacks bradford for a 10-yard loss. the next play 3rd and 25, brian orakpo's turn. the redskins finish with a total of seven sacks. the defense saves the day and the redskins hold on for a 17- 10 victory. mike shanahan gets the w. not rex's best game, 143 yards passing with a 48.5 td rating. the defense held the rams to 172 yards. that's the most since 2009. here's rex on not putting this game away. >> we had to score a lot more points than 17 today especially. so we know in those tough games we're going to need to, you know, throw that knockout punch any time we get another team in this type of situation. >> we did some good things we didn't finish and the key is to
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keep on getting better as a football team. play your best football in september and october and we haven't done that, but hopefully we get better each week. >> we're in a good stride with how we feel as a unit. we know we should do more on offense and we're 3-1 and that's a good feeling. >> now midway through the 2nd quarter the skins starting running back tim hightower had 13 yards on six carries. running back coach bobby turner found ryan torain told him to get ready to which torain replied i've been waiting to hear it for a long time. torain rushed for 135 yards and looked like a man possessed. the coach decided midweek torain's role would grow. look, everyone knows this guy can run and clearly he showed that today. if he's healthy, he's affecter. here's lindsay murphy from st. louis. a factor. here's lindsay murphy from st. louis. >> reporter: ryan torain w


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