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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 6, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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cofounder keep pouring in. what started out as a grass roots movement has spread nationwide today, dc is preparing for anti wall street protestors who say they are in it for the long haul. >> this week marked 10 years of more in afghanistan. this war has forever changed their lives a closer look as fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now ♪[ music ] >> memorials to steve jobs have been set up outside several apple stores around the nation this is the apple store in bethesda. fans left a tribute.
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more on steve jobs throughout the morning. >> good morning i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. not a lot of people can say they changed the way we do things. he is one of those people. what a pretty job today and yesterday i think it will be a carbon copy. >> pretty close i don't think we will quite get to the temperatures we got to can yesterday but still a pleasant day good morning let's take a look at hd radar no precipitation to show you but there is a back door cold front that will lower temperatures by just a little bit yesterday we got up to the mid-70s today low 70s. pleasant day current temperatures around the region, 54 degrees in the district dulles 51, fredericks burg
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virginia, 54 degrees and baltimore maryland, 50 degrees. here is your planner for the day mostly sunny quiet, calm, mild and pleasant look for a high around 71 degrees, middle of this afternoon. more on weather coming up in a bit now to julie wright for an update on traffic. all right accident activity cleared off the bw parkway, delays from the belt way headed up towards 198. sky fox checking out that ride and again, headed for college park and around towards silver springs ill find yourself in heavy volume as you work westbound, traffic merging on to the belt way from 95, is slow from that ramp and return on to georgia avenue. taking it back inside we will map out a couple problems that water main break is closing a portion of south dakota avenue in northeast washington. anticipate, flow only traffic headed into northeast and there all lanes are open virginia, 95, buckled down with delays
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across the occoquan, and lee chapel has the westbound lanes closed. that is a check of your on time traffic. he was certainly known as a technology wizard who transformed people's lives apple cofounder steve jobs has died. a look back at the man who changed the face of the music, computer and cell phone industry. >> good morning and thank you for coming we have some fun stuff today. >> reporter: steve jobs devoted his life to changing the way we interact with media and technology he began his career in 1974, designing video games at atari. four years later he set up apple. they created the apple 1 a single board computer with a built in video terminal next came apple 2 the first to have color graphics and only
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competition to microsoft's windows, the personal computer revolution had begun. jobs left apple in the late 80s after a disagreement in the direction of the company his interests weren't solely focused on computers he would go on to revolutionize the movie business as cofounder of pixar introducing box office mega hits like toy story, finding nemo and wally which incorporated never before seen life like digital animation that appealed to kids and adults. but his next move would have the big impact steve jobs changed the face of the music, computer and cell phone industries. in 1994, after a 12 year absence, jobs returned to the company where he made his mark, apple, stepping in as ceo. the company flourished, scoring
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hits with the ipod and i tune, responsible for selling billions of dollars in music. >> just like sony walkman revolutionized partible music listening 20 years ago in the digital age, ipod is doing the same thing. >> reporter: breathing new life into a stagnant industry, next iphone a frenzy that left cell phone come pet tores scrambling, annual mac world appearances in his trademark black shirt and bluejeans were headline events new product launches became front page news, time magazine named jobs one of the world's most 100 influential people. steve jobs was a pop culture icon. >> you can film a movie while watching a movie and making a phone call watching your favorite episode of the office. >> he is a genius. >> like a god who knows what we want. >> greetings it is our insanely
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great leader. >> reporter: in 2003 jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer, one more curable than other forms of the aggressive disease. five years later jobs appeared on stage looking notably thinner, he said he was cancer free and tried to quiet rumors of his demise in early 2009 jobs took a 7 month leave of absence from day today responsibilities to focus on health but still kept many details of his life private he returned to ap until july, two months later amid-speculation he took to the stage with answers. >> as some of you may know about five months ago i had a liver transplant. >> early 2011 he again announced he was taking a leave of absence he kept the reason behind it quiet he remained onboard as ceo but day
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today operations to apples coo despite his illness jobs continued to drive apples innovation and success a hands on creator, passionate about the consumer experience, steve jobs was a successful innovation tore and marketer who forever changed the way we interact with media and technology. >> that is what it looks like [ applause ] >> anita voguele, fox news. what is amazing, apple products were always more expensive but yet still he found a way to get people to cough up the cash and spend money on it. >> it is a little product people will buy more. >> apple of course announcing the death of steve jobs didn't give a specific cause well known the company coo had serious health problems for years. the 56-year-old died peacefully, surrounded by family fans and business leaders around the world are mourning his death more reaction on the passing of steve jobs, from fox's jennifer
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davis. >> reporter: good morning well, as you have been talking about not only was the apple cofounder an inspirational and creative leader but he was a ceo with fans, president obama issued a statement saying he was one of america's greatest innovators, adding the world has lost a visionary. >> he was man of great perspective he had a future and vision for apple. from a technology stand point, business stand point, personal stand point we have lost a vision air. >> he created products people loved and effected how they lived their lives. >> news of steve job's passing, has found the world mourning his loss. >> it is not too much to say he literally changed our world. >> he is the only one person,
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computer executive who can command a fan base, searching across the world among all parts of society. >> some say he was ahead of his time. >> he was a great visionary and revolutionized the communication world. >> he saw the future and knew what we wanted before we had any idea. >> whatever is next for apple is left in the hands of his hand picked successor. tim cook some are speculating whether they can keep their dominance in the technology industry. >> it is hard to imagine anyone else coming along any time soon who will be as successful as steve jobs was >> chef president obama said jobs was bold enough to thing he could change the world and talented enough to do it he went on to say perhaps one of the greatest tributes to jobs and success is many people learned of his passing on a device he invented. jennifer davis back to you. 7:09 a.m. if you would like to learn more about the milestones steve jobs
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had with apple we have more information on our website go to we would love to hear from you what you thing leave a comment there on our fox 5 facebook page. other top stories, a version of the occupy wall street protest we have seen in new york in recent weeks has made its way to dc folks from across the country have been getting ready for a rally down in freedom plaza a slew of organizations claiming corporate money and lobby have had too much influence on politics. we will go live in 20 minutes and talk with some of the organizers. jury deliberations resume in the trial of a virginia woman accused of throwing her granddaughter to her death last year. she was insane when she threw the 2-year-old from the sixth floor pedestrian bridge at tyson's corner mall prosecutors say it was hate and revenge motivated by anger at her son- in-law forgetting her daughter
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pregnant out of wed lock. she faces life in prison if convicted. an afghanistan war vet and graduate student will be remembered on the campus of george washington university. 33-year-old patrick casey died after he fell during a fight at mcdonald's in northwest last month memorial service will be held at 6:00 p.m., veterans park, corner of 22nd and g street. dc police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death. prince georges county police trying to determine if two assaults on two metro passengers are connected they happened early in the morning within the last two weeks both cases the suspect tried to drag a woman across a street to an abandoned building one was sexually assaulted the other broke free and got away. >> she was the republican vice presidential nominee in 2008. former alaska governor sarah palin has an announcement about the 2012 race for president.
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>> that signature autumn change and leaf color may be drifting further down the calendar scientists are on the hunt to find out why. details next. a live lookout side as we head to break. there are traffic issues out there julie will help you get through it and great forecast coming up 7:12 a.m. on thursday morning t 
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making headlines this morning, day 7 of conrad murray involuntary manslaughter trial prosecutors plan to call a coroner's toxicologist to the stand to give jurors a better understanding about the drug found in michael jackson and his bedroom area. they contend that dr. murray administered a lethal dose of
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propofol but murray contains jackson gave himself the fatal dose. hundreds of afghans took to the streets of the capitol demanding a withdrawal of american troops. tomorrow mark it is 10 year anniversary. it followed the 9/11 terror attacks in the united states the invasion came after the taliban refused to hand over osama bin laden. nature lovers are not the only ones taking in the the beauty of autumn scientists are watching trees and recording the time leaves change to help determine the impact of climate change. plants budded earler will this past string trees are dropping leaves later because of warmer temperatures. >> last weekend i was in pennsylvania, leaves already beautiful shades of color up there and falling from the trees, early fall. >> up to the north and west, and then parts of new england
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of course, already seeing some changes. >> really pretty but seemed early. >> yeah, and here and to the south and southeast, not much happening yet, we are pretty much right on target. >> are you one of the scientists studying. >> no, i am not but reading the reports. >> enjoying the beauty of it. >> i am sure you are. >> you subscribe. >> let's take a lookout there, a national map so we can focus on not just here but elsewhere too if you are travelling today currently 54 degrees check out rochester new york, 38 degrees there, pretty cold. 49 in boston as we look across the country another mild start to the day, for most of us atlanta, 60 degrees, 60 omaha, minneapolis, 59 degrees, salt lake city, 39 there, snow has fallen in some of the mountains out to the west, some of the ski locations, opening up
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already. los angeles, 56 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the national map where we can show you once again the weather pattern shows active weather in the western united states with showers, frozen precipitation, cloudthe like look how quiet it is in the east the only precipitation is portions of florida and that is it everywhere else is dry under calm, high pressure here is your forecast next five days high, low 70s some of you will top out upper 60s most of us 70, 71 degrees for your high lots of sunshine next several days, saturday and sunday, beautiful, no excuse not to be outside temperatures, 80 degrees. thanks tony. let's check with julie hi julie >> i like that the affirmative mm-hmm like did you expect anything else? [ laughter ] >> all right northbound, dw
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parkway, the crash has cleared, check out delays as you are coming northbound we had the traffic stacked up from the belt way headed out toward powder mill road and 197. what a beautiful sign of the sunshine. definitely slow going there, as you make your way to laurel. water main break activity this will tie up your commute, between 18th and 20th street. if you have that video go ahead and pull that up. the roadway remains closed off at this time they have shut off water there is ongoing work they are closing that portion of south dakota avenue. take it back inside that will be great we will map out problems for you accident activity southbound, 29, virginia, fair view park. we also have some problems with yet another water main break this is tieing up washington boulevard, you will have to follow police direction to get through accident activity eastbound dulles toll road,
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tieing up the left lane capitol belt way itself on the slow side, dw parkway, a 20 minute commute, here at brandy wine tieing up the right side. republican field may finally be set, chris christy said no thanks he did that earlier this week and last night sarah palin said she is out. >> gop voters will have to choose among the announced candidates, doug luzader with more. >> reporter: it is still theoretically possible another candidate could emerge but at this point seems extremely unlikely. this is pretty much it republican field of announced candidates sarah palin the latest to say she will not run for president. >> i know that it is the right decision and i know that i can join others in the effective -- and be effective helping change
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what is going on in our country and help wake up americans. palin follows chris christy who announced tuesday he won't run despite intense pressure from the republican establishment. some make the argument her candidacy could have helped mitt romney, dividing conservative opposition to his bid. >> well, romney is disappointed every time someone comes in and has a boom let he manages to pick up a few more dollars, and endorsements from the sidelines. >> there was news of a potential running mate front with rubio, an early favorite ruling it out. >> i will not be the vice presidential nominee i am not focused on that i am focused on my job now and the answer will be no. the answer will be no. he left the door open. with more and more doors
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closing, republicans will have to settle on a candidate and prepare for the long haul in washington doug luzader, fox news. president barack obama is hitting the campaign trail hard to push his jobs plan he is planning to go to knot carolina and -- north carolina and virginia. he is intent on keeping up the pressure on congress over the jobs plan. 22 minutes past the hour, an update on flood damage from tropical storm lee. it could soon cost smokers in maryland more to buy a pack of smokes how high a national organization wants it raised. plus a big floral event the annual orchid show, whether you want to buy, learn or browse. holly will have details coming up. we will check with her @@
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clean upset to begin today at prince william mobile home park one month after tropical storm lee flooded residents out of their homes more than 40 homes will have to be demolished, displaced residents have been staying in temporary shelters, since september 8th most are still looking for a permanent place to stay. maryland is taking on school bullies, governor oh pally and his -- o'malley and his wife are standing up and encouraging kids to do the same thing. facebook and cartoon network will join them marking national bullying prevention month in just over an hour. >> how about $1 increase in maryland's tobacco tax well, that is what one health group is planning to push for next week. maryland citizen's health initiative says it will launch
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a campaign to grow public support for increasing the tax. maryland last raised its tobacco tax from $1 a pack to $2 during a special session in 2007 if passed the new tax will go to $3 a pack. 7:27 a.m. shakira shaking her way to dc today. wall street gaining in strength and numbers, demonstration planned in the district today up next talk to organizers of occupy dc pgh >> as we head the break let's look at traffic heading into the city, 14th street bridge we will check with julie wright and see what is going on in the land of traffic, tony has a fantastic forecast stick around for that. that is coming up next nfo?.
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wow look at that, sunshine, over virginia this morning it is a beautiful start to the day it should be a beautiful start to the weekend we can start the weekend a day early can't we? >> yeah. >> let's start talking about it on a thursday morning. >> ♪ i've got sunshine on a cloudy day ♪ >> it is not cloudy. >> just sunshine. >> you two are well coordinated you look good.
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>> yeah. we do. >> tony was all caught up in complementing us. >> i will play it back. >> yeah, watch it back. yeah, beautiful outside and man, the temperatures are going to be fantastic for the next several days and you know we don't use the word fantastic often in the weather center >> you use the word a lot but not in the weather. >> all right. she's right. i apologize. >> here is a look at the temperature around the region. no, it is not temperature trend for the next several days high today, 17 degrees our average high for this time of year 72 degrees, near normal, and then above normal look at your weekend folks highs around 80 degrees, with sunshine this weekend very very nice. all right let's look at temperatures across the region, and we will show you now we have dropped off a little bit 52 degrees here in washington
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45 gaithersburg, 47 baltimore, quantico, 43. win chester, cool out there, 46 degrees, cambridge, 52 degrees. satellite radar, we show it to you because we are used to showing it to you, nothing to see i showed you earlier the front that has come through dropping temperatures a little bit but keeps things calm across the region not the front but high pressure keeps things calm across the region we will continue to be quiet for the next several days, forecast today, mostly sunny skies, another nice one, 71 degrees for your high today, for tonight mostly clear skies, overnight low, 51 in town, 40 outside of town your 5 day forecast looks like this, looking for -- i told you temperatures already there are your sky conditions things look great on the weekend things look good and as we head back into the next workweek things still look good now here is julie wright with an update on traffic julie.
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>> i was thinking about katrina and the wave song, ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ >> no, nothing? >> i like it. >> you are supposed to sing along. >> i did enough singing. >> ah, 2 minutes in the penalty box for him. i know we are going to start off problems here southbound 29, fair view park, follow police direction to get by over the belt way water main break we are talking about in virginia tied up your commute, washington boulevard at wilson and accident activity, eastbound, cole road, route 7, what we are looking at now is closure in northeast washington south dakota avenue, 18th and 20th streets closures because of the water main break the water has been turned off but as you can see earlier this morning it was gushing across the highway, south dakota avenue remains closed between 18th and 20th streets, let me take it back inside quickly i want to update the ride
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travelling northbound, route 5 this is where we had accident activity northbound 5 continuing towards brandy wine, more slow traffic, and yes, bw parkway, clear of accidents in laurel southbound commute still jammed up, 198th and 197. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you thousands of anti wall street protestors are expected to congregate at freedom plaza. >> their mission deliver a message about corporate greed, stacy cohappen with the organizer -- cohen with the organizers. >> reporter: freedom plaza is becoming active they are setting up for today's rally and various events happening today. i want to talk to dr. margaret flowers, thank you for joining us tell me first of all the message that you and your other groups are trying to get across. >> the message is that we want our resources in this country to be used for meeting human needs than used for wars around
7:35 am
the world and also a war on the people in the united states through the economic kind of sanctions that are put on us for lack of housing, lack of health care coverage, unemployment, those types of things. >> now i am sure you have been following what is going on in new york city how would you compare what is going on here to what is going on there. >> we started planning this 6 months ago, we contacted people, asking if you are interested in creating in broad based social movement the fact occupy wall street has come up and we have occupations around 300 cities around the country is exciting. do these occupations in your opinion, provide a format for change or just for conversation? >> well, the conservation is an important part of that change. americans have isolated themselves for so long they have been suffering as we find increasing rates of unemployment now they are
7:36 am
finding a voice a common link among all of these movements is that people are really talking to each other about the issues what they want to see that is the beginning for defining where they want to go. >> there is a four day permit for what is happening in dc is it going to continue longer. >> the the movement -- if the movement wants to continue longer we will be for that. what would you say to people, it is understandable but disruptive to the average person when protests take over a city and disrupt daily life. >> life is already disrupted for a large portion of people in this country as a physician i know a large number of people can't get health care, students leaving college with a tremendous student debt and coming into a market where they can't find a job 64% of americans who can't with stand a $1,000 emergency, so that is disruptive, i think our needs are not being met congress is
7:37 am
not listening we need to be out on the streets and say this is unacceptable. >> thank you for joining us dr. margaret flowers you heard what she said they are getting ready behind me building some tents and risers and prepared to stay here as she said if necessary, beyond the four day permit we will see what happens live, stacy cohen back to you. how people around the world are remembering steve jobs. a deadly helicopter crash in new york could jeopardize the tourist industry by air we will explain up next. as we take you to break halloween is in the air for today's my fox half off deal. it is a ticket to the terror after dark haunted attraction at dulles town center $9 buys you an entry to a trifecta of bone chilling haunted houses, go to our website and click on the my fox half off icon. 7:37 a.m. aur fgo 
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making headlines, remembering steve jobs overseas, mourners packed
7:41 am
china's biggest apple store, residenttourists came to pay tribute to one of the world east greatest inknow -- world's greatest innovators, and leaders, the device is usually popular there with knock offs and fake apple stores popping up around china to meet demand. some politicians are pushing to ban helicopter flights for tourists, a bitter woman died and three others were -- british woman died and three others were hurt when a tourist helicopter went down. 7:41 a.m., right now, we are going to check with mr. perkens in a second. and get a look at that forecast. man, i tell you what -- feel free to do whatever you like tony it is great to see tony here every morning but this week has been extra special. >> yes. >> because great news he is able to bring. >> it has been. you are right. look at that, beautiful sight and nice i am here at the desk now we are early i didn't know
7:42 am
i was this early >> we got excited about the forecast we wanted to make sure we have plenty of time the talk about it. >> let me give it to you straight, those pictures, that is the reality, nice start to the morning going to be a nice day today, as well. >> awesome. >> let's look, i want to show you current temperatures around the region, right now, 52 degrees, here in washington, 54 in annapolis, 53 quantico, dulles airport 50 degrees, fredericks burg, 52 degrees. pull it out you can see we have some very cool air up to the north 37 degrees right now binghamton alison. alison spent some time there. baekly west virginia, steve, 47 degrees. yeah, okay. here is a look at the forecast, lots of sunshine, today, straight through the weekend see that big h, high pressure that is the biggest sunny we have ever put on a graphic.
7:43 am
saturday, 80 degrees for your high, sunday 79 degrees all we know are the first lines of songs. >> our photographer jason smith is from beckly west virginia. >> i am sure that is a fine community, judging from jason. julie wright you are up in going on. >> oh, it is my turn now. >> sure take it away. >> all right accident activity, 29, fair view park out of the roadway, water main break number two to deal with this is washington boulevard at wilson, coming inbound on the dulles toll road, accident activity, route 7 tieing up the left side of the high ray, travelling north -- highway, travelling northbound, accidents in the left lane, and yes if you are travelling westbound, 32, thank you for hitting me up on
7:44 am
twitter, police activity along the right side of the road, 198 keeping you guys on the brakes, leaving route 3 a problem is a large pothole in the roadway. expect big delays on 95, 216 to the belt way, between 198 and 197 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. tomorrow we mark one decade of war in afghanistan as we look back at the sacrifice and price paid by u.s. troops and families we touch our concerns felt by the afghan people ten years later. >> reporter: the invasion of afghanistan, launched four weeks after the 9/11 attack the impact a decade long war has had on afghanistan and united states can be measured in many ways, more than 13,000 americans have injuries they will live with for the rest of their lives, nearly 1700 americans killed in the war, parents burying daughters and
7:45 am
sons. >> the very last time uh talked to her was two weeks ago she said dad i just love my job i love what i am doing. >> reporter: while there are plans to wind down the war the costs have been staggering, hundreds of billions of dollars spent. the biggest issue is lack of security, violence is a big part of their lives more than 970,000 americans have served more than one tour in this war trying to put a clamp on that violence. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: while there was music this week in kabul, the first concert in decades, ordinary afghans fear a return to civil war claiming neighboring pakistan, u.s. and nato, for an em boldened taliban. >> ten years ago afghans assumed their country would be at peace gradually that has beener roaded over the last ten years, until, these days i
7:46 am
think people don't like westerners any more. >> reporter: there is one bright note on afghanistan's war torn landscape lives of women have dramatically improved. released from the taliban's iron grip they are free to work and go to school. you are not going the see any workers dangling from the washington monument the crews finished yesterday, their survey of the earthquake damage they checked all four sides twice looking for cracks and other damage engineers are removing the equipment they used to rappel down the side. the earthquake, rattled the monument the video recorded inside shows debris falling and tourists heading for the stairs. we will get an update on the new eisenhower memorial, the architect will give details on the design including unique woven tapestries with photographs some objected to
7:47 am
the original design saying it will block use of the capitol earlier plans involved tall columns. >> dc council trying to figure out why students from maryland and virginia are attending the city's public schools illegally. chair brown has invited eight witnesses to appear before a committee today a number of parents have been dropping off kids at dc schools in cars with neighboring license plates, brown designed a bill to enforce school residency laws. shakira is working to raise hispanic educational success she will attend meetings at the white house and attend an official swearing in ceremony at the white house today. fall happens to be one of the best blooming seasons for orchids in dc thousands will be on display this weekend. >> holly morris is standing by with more details. >> reporter: not just thousands
7:48 am
of orchids but the best of the best when it comes to orchids this is the 64th annual orchid show and sale going on at the arboretum where we are live and where you are going to want to spend some time this weekened coming up, we will learn how you can make the most of coming to the show and make the most of your time here at the arboretum. fall is the perfect time for you to visit we will tell you why live next fox 5 morning news stay with us pgh >> before we head to break time to say good morning to our face fan of the day, bella and her dog hunter start each day with fox 5 morning news they all thing tucker is awesome. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news post a comment under bella and hunters photo 
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7:51 a.m. national arboretum gearing up for its 54 a.m. annual orchid show this weekend. >> holly is there with a preview of the floral event it never dispoints holly. >> reporter: you are exactly right alison you know something successful when it has been going on 64 years. right? well, this year, it promises to be as good as ever and they are excited about the weather and excited for everyone that has come in just for this show. the national orchid society show chair joins me. earlier i said 62 years she is like you topped a few years i want to make sure everyone knows, it has been going on 64 years which is a statement >> it is fabulous. we have a lot of members been around for a long time they have made a name for themselves
7:53 am
in the orchid world, growing great quality plants we have wonderful connections in the orchid world of different societies, around the mid- atlantic and vendorvisitting groups from around the country coming this weekend. >> people really do come from around the country this is a destination spot. >> yes, we have folks driving in from up and down the eastern sea board, smithsonian who has been lovely enough to put on this great exit behind us vendors coming in from up and down the east coast societies from pennsylvania, maryland, virginia, even north carolina. we have some great ones. >> what is it about orchids? >> they are like potato chips you can't have just one. i started out growing plants, and growing orchids, i killed many many plants and it is a matter of subbornness you want to grow something beautiful there are so many great colors and varieties. >> there are. >> you get flowers year in and year out. >> so to get through those stubborn years you are going to give us a little lesson to be
7:54 am
more knowledgeable first and foremost we will learn how to know what is a good orchid this is a jury show so kind of give me an idea what we are looking at. >> well, we have three options here, judges coming from the american orchid society just like with a dog show plants have a standard they are judged against, the optimal plant you want to look for, we have different options here this lovely plant, although great, flowers are upside down. so you can't bring that to a show because no one is going to -- it is a beautiful plant. >> maybe you can get a good deal on that, it is a sale. >> maybe you could and someone could enjoy it. >> this particular plant, raul though lovely, the flow -- although lovely, the plant has to prime, it is dying off and the plant only produced one flower normally this cross would have three or four blooms. >> this is the gold standard. >> this one would definitely be getting the blue ribbon it is a
7:55 am
great plant nice quality you can see it bloomed before, it has three really nice, bright, clear up right flowers, we've got three more that are going to bloom over the next couple weeks. official blue ribbon for our morning show goes to this one now let's move on to if we buy an orchid, planting one and care for it. >> if you bring an orchid home it is always great to repot it that way you know what it is in you know the materials it is in ideally you don't want to pot a plant when it is blooming you want to let it finish blooming want to look to see if it has new growth on it that is a perfect time to pot a plant. remove the tag and then the easiest thing to do is gloves save the manicure from spreading different diseases or bugs you get in a plant between the plants change these if you are going to pot more than one plant. >> got you. >> easiest thing to do, a plastic pot like this, do a little squeeze a little wiggle
7:56 am
and eventually,. >> it should pop out. >> it will come out and make a mess you can see this is ready to come out, it has a lot of nice roots. >> sure does. >> it needs a bigger space so it can get bigger and better overtime you are just going to be real gentle, and empty out the moss, and then once you got all of the mulch you don't want to force it and break anything once you got all the former mulch out you want to move to a pot that is smaller. >> how often do you water it. >> usually we will only require watering once, twice a week maybe three times a week in summer time. thank you so much. our website we have a link to national arboretum and national capitol orchid society if you want to find out more it is a 3 day show and sale, saturday, sunday, columbus day on monday we forgot to talk about quickly for the first time a photo
7:57 am
session. >> absolutely. >> this will be great we have a public photo session if you are a great photographer or have an interest come out you get access to exhibits before the public comes in set up your tripod and exempt and get some great photos. >> very -- get some great photos. >> very good. we will have more fox 5 morning news when we come back stay with us 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this morning the world is remembering steve jobs, we will have more on the growing tribute and his lasting legacy. >> then the wall street protestors in new york turned violent this just a day before protests set to pick up here in dc we are live with more on what to expect. author out with a new book asking what it is like to be black in 2011 we will talk to him coming up this hour we will join us in studio. glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour it will be a great day today for all
8:01 am
detail tails,. well -- details. >> well, we are all becoming experts in this forecast, it is more of the same your weather headline you like this weather well, no worries it is going to last six or seven days, yes. indeed starting with yesterday, moving on to the future, temperatures in the 70s lots of sunshine right now 52 degrees here in the nations capitol, baltimore, 57 degrees. at the naval air station, 56 degrees. your forecast today, you can do it as well as i can. mostly sunny another nice afternoon, high today, 71 degrees, a couple degrees lower than yesterday but we will take it more details coming up in a little bit. >> love it. >> can't wait to hear more. >> yes. >> check with julie wright i know you are liking that too lots of sunshine. >> absolutely no accidents to report. but the belt way is slow leaving 95 around georgia
8:02 am
avenue and inner loop into the sunshine approaching georgia avenue from connecticut water main break virginia, washington boulevard, wilson, slowing down, accident activity, route 70 stay to the right, northbound 5 for those of you heading northbound already slow, headed up towards brandy wine, left lane, headed out towards the rad and 195, bidelays as you travel westbound. thank you very much. >> memorial continues to grow outside the apple store in bethesda. customers and employees are paying their respects to apple cofounder steve jobs who died yesterday at the age of 56. >> he battled pancreatic cancer for more than seven years, jennifer davis joins us with more on his long lasting legacy they are putting him in the company of thomas edison i think that is a good call. >> reporter: absolutely good morning they say he was a
8:03 am
pioneer for personal computers created all these ground breaking gadgets most of us didn't know we wanted or needed until he talked about them. what a lot of people don't know he founded pixar which made toy story and really was a visionary in terms of computer animated movies, so he was involved in so many parts of our life, and really, created and innovated and was able to see a vision and execute it in a way few others can. >> a lot of people are talking as we look back on the life of steve jobs about the fact this is a guy who didn't go the traditional way we see a lot of ceos he wasn't harvard educated dropped out of college followed his dreams and ideas and made it happen. >> reporter: his personal story is very interesting you are right he dropped out of college after one semester said he didn't want to make his parents pay for it any more went to india to sort of find himself,save shaved his head and focused on -- shaved his
8:04 am
head and focused on meditation when he came back he joined a local computer club, he found steve and they formed apple in their garage and turned it into one of the most successful companies in the world. it was not all accesses he had product -- -- successes he had products that were not successful he was ousted by apple and then invited back when he came back that is when he had his most successful ventures an interesting path to success for him and he talked about it a lot. >> his legacy will never be forgotten i suspect as long as we are using the new technology out there. jenny mentioned steve who cofounded apple with steve jobs. he said quote we have lost something we will not get back the way people love products he put so much into creating these he brought a lot of life into
8:05 am
the world, jobs competitor and good friend bill gates said the world rarely sees someone, who has the impact steve jobs has had. other top guys in the technology world including mark zucker burg said steve thank you for being a mentor and friend and showing what you build can change the world i will miss you. even president obama weighing in saying there may be no greater tribute to steve's success than the fact much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented. the occupy wall street protest in new york turned violent, some demonstrators marching down broadway to wall street yesterday stopped by a police barrier, two blocks away some began pushing forward officers used batons and shot pepper spray police made 28 arrests mostly for disorderly conduct one is charged with assaulting a police officer. it has grown the other cities across the nation including right here in the district protestors are rallying in
8:06 am
freedom plaza today, stacy cohen is live in northwest now >> chef good morning they are beginning to set up i would like to show you we have a lot of sun glare into the camera. we have a few dozen people that have come out they are setting up tents, making coffee, food preparing for what will be a long day of protesting i have spoken to organizers they are telling me this movement has been founded, has been in the works for 6 months, and what we have been seeing in the occupy new york movement, i don't know pat if you want to go over there, maybe the sun won't hurt so bad you can see them creating a tent city i am told, to demonstrate, and everything gets under way around 10:00 a.m. with main protest march at noon. let me have you take a listen to what one of the organizers told me when i asked about the level of disruption this may cause to folks here in washington dc. >> as a physician i know so
8:07 am
many people can't get health care we have the highst number of people dying of preventable causes, huge rates of unemployment students leaving college with a tremendous student debt and coming into a market where they can't find a job 64% of americans, who can't with stand a $1,000 emergency, so that is pretty disruptive i think that we are not -- our needs are not being met congress is not listening we need to be out on the streets and say this is unacceptable. they have a four day permit the protest rally movement starts today whether or not they extend that, as we have seen in new york really remains to be seen and depends how much momentum they get going and how many choose to stay and have their voices heard. an update in the next hour stacy cohen back to you. 7 minutes past the hour. let's focus back on the par tin luther -- martin luther king memorial set to be opened in 10 days. the storm of controversy
8:08 am
surrounding the memorial continues, poet and author maya anglou was the first to raise concern about the pair phrased quote i am quoting i was a drum major for justice here is the actual quote from dr. king if you want to say that i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace i was a drum major for rightouseness and all the other shallow things will not matter. still getting a lot of talk including if washington post. ette -- the washington post. joining us now ed, owe key. as it gets closer to the new date for the dedication this controversy is still here. >> that's right interior secretary who overseas national park service was can be the about this yesterday as a -- was asked about this yesterday at a breakfast and he said he is concerned perhaps the
8:09 am
designers didn't properly paraphrase what dr. king wanted to say. the national park service is very committed to accurate portrayals of american history i think his concern is that this is a completely paraphrased quote i was a drum major for justice, peace and rightouseness when really it was four sentences as opposed to one. a lot of people said dr. king was not that arrogant he wouldn't have said that and the entire sermon was about the evils of self-promotion people walking up to that memorial are looking thinking that seems a little odd, not keeping what he was about. >> what can be done at this point can they recarve something into the memorial. >> sure designers said over and over again we have no plans to redo it, it was meant to be a paraphrase and that they wanted to keep it short and succinct part of the reason it is so short and succinct they had to go back and redesign the statue there was concerns about the
8:10 am
way he was posing in the original design they said look some times these are not meant to be 100% accurate they are trying to consolidate the history of some body in these quotes and that is what they did here. >> it is fascinating when we thing about it now you thing this will continue to get more and more attention obviously during the dedication we will hear more about it is this something that could go away at this point or will there be an effort. >> the secretary said they will take this up after the dedication sunday the 16th not only are they concerned about the quote but there are concerns about the restoration around the memorial they had to rip up the lawn, they had to realign parking there are concerns about sidewalks they need $3 million to finish all the work and the memorial foundation has the obligation to raise that money, and then the government will spend it and fix up the place. that and other concerns we wouldn't get into. do you thing we will see this turn out to -- do you
8:11 am
think we will see this turn out to what we expect >> they said expect a much smaller percentage of people to show up because they made arrangements in late august and didn't happen. >> people had to change travel plans because of mother nature. read ed's column, federal eye on washington. 8:11 a.m. thursday morning coming up next we will check out other stories making headlines including a warning for commuters, plus author storey is out with a new book asking what it means to be black in 2011 we will talk to him when fox 5 morning news returns íf ú b@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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8:14 am
let's stay local police trying to figure out if an assault on two metro passengers are connected they both happened early in the morning near the suit land station in the last couple weeks, one to have women was sexually
8:15 am
assaulted the other broke free and was able to get away. a dc police officer driving in an unmarked police cruiser hit a pedestrian 10:00 p.m. last night, the person is expected to survive. what you don't want inside the house this car crashed into the side of their house 24th and douglas streets northeast yesterday. three people were in the house at the time luckily they are all okay police are still searching for the drive whore took off on foot -- driver who took off on foot. 8:15 a.m. we are on tap for a pretty day. >> cookie cutter perfect mr. perkens. >> yes, and we will continue to see more of the same for the foreseeable future before we get to that let's look at the my first 5 photo of the day a cute one today we always have a cute one for you this is bradly. >> hey, bradly. >> bradly turned 1 years old
8:16 am
yesterday. >> happy birthday. we are told his favorite game is to push everything off the table. >> that is a fun game. >> steve likes that game too. >> i still play that game i push all of alison's stuff off the desk. >> he did that yesterday. >> he really did. >> he is really cute. thanks al. happy birthday bradley if you want to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings. let's look at temperatures around the region, well, it says here 52, i have it on good authority it is now 53 degrees. temperatures mild across most of the country we do have a couple cold spots, for example salt lake city, 40 degrees there, and up state new york, rochester, 38 degrees rest of the country, 50s. 60s. 70s not a bad start to the day. here is a look at national satellite radar, the most
8:17 am
active weather is in the western half of the nation, where we see showers, we see some snow, and cloudy conditions eastern part high pressure dominates things are quiet here we will see lots of sunshine across most of the eastern u.s. today five day forecast high, looking for a high of 71 degrees lots of sunshine tomorrow 73 and sunny saturday mostly sunny, 80, sunday, 79, so very nice conditions over the course of the weekend, even as we head into the next workweek temperatures remain in the 70s that is the latest on weather now more on this mornings rush hour traffic, here is julie wright. a forecast like that i might have to take you out to lunch. i will go for that >> i bet you will. all right. let's say good morning to dave he is in northeast washington over that water main break we have been talking rabbit the one along -- talking about, the one along south dakota avenue. so again you can see police
8:18 am
have the roadway blocked off this will be south dakota avenue between randolph and 20th street shut until further notice they have shut down the water but there is a lot of clean up that needs to be done plus repairs are ongoing at this time. let's take it back inside with yet another water main break to report this time androgen yeah, washington boulevard at -- in virginia, washington boulevard, westbound 32, the problem 19 police activity tieing up the right side of the road big delays, delays off 3 and 175, want to show you the live pick coming inbound off the dulles toll road that earlier accident, route 7 cleared but delays off the green way headed into the capitol belt way and of course southbound along 270, as we reported before the lane divide big delays out of rockville headed for the split. what does it mean to be black now? it is a question many have
8:19 am
thought about but few tried to answer, the author of the new book called who is afraid of post blackness what it means to be black now we are honored you are joining us in studio good morning. >> what is happening. >> you had a book signing yesterday and in dc how did it go. it was a great, a hundred people came out sadly we had to turn a couple people away people really want to talk about this stuff what does it mean to be black now how has it changed i think in some ways things have changed a lot from our parents and grandparents generations in a couple ways we have more identity options this idea there is a way to be black, authentic, legitimate way to be black is ridiculous, educational options, regional options, class options, all these things but the nature of racism has changed. >> that was my question. >> it is not over. >> you are not saying this is post racial it is post black.
8:20 am
>> yeah, post racial doesn't mean anything post black is talking ability the complexity of what it -- about the complexity of what it means to be black the racism our parents and grandparents dealt with was like a bull running down the middle of the street, it was binary they knew what was happening and tried the deal with it. what we do now is more fog we see it, know it is there but you can't grab it or show some body there is very few smoking guns now days, we deal with this it makes you crazy like i know it is there but i kept convincing myself but i can't go tell my boyfriend. >> am i being followed and targeted type of racism. yes, in terms of glass ceilings, micro aggressions and all these little waves that even people who are non-racist may say things that trigger things and it is very complicated the world of racism now it is much more subtle and
8:21 am
nuance racism as opposed to what our parentgrandparents dealt with >> i want the get the definition of post black. >> it is a term that comes from the art world originally artists that wanted to be rooted in but not constrained by backness wanted to work -- blackness wanted to work with black traditions but wanted to talk about black subjects or not when they wanted to. i started to see that in the real world, black people a bit more willing to do whatever they wanted to do with the world barack obama was an initial inspiration on this book in terms of he is just doing blackness the way he wants to, without thinking about you know traditional black normative behaviour i am thinking we are in a post black era you can take as much freedom to be black as you want to be. the question becomes how do you not lose your identity in a
8:22 am
post black world. >> but you are free to shape your identity the way you want to shape it, if there is 40 million black people there are 40 million ways to be black no one can tell you well, you like sushi that is not what black people do. you have visited moscow that is not what black people do. it is portable it goes with you to the sushi place, moscow, come back to dc and then you go to jamaica. you interviewed 105 prominent black folks to talk about what it means to be black today how different were the stories and it was interesting you asked what was the most racist thing that happened to you. >> racism still effects us deeply, one of the interesting things, some of the older people told stories, racism is very obvious, jesse jackson struggling the get a book from the public library which then leads to his career as becoming an activist beginning of his
8:23 am
act simple. some body later on is -- activism. some body later on is talking about nuance. and meaning of racism is the same, you as a black person are less worthy, less intelligent but the locus of it, jesse jackson public library, in the 60s. you get into a fortune 500 now i am dealing with power some body says something you come into a glass ceiling or micro aggression, red lining these sorts of things,. >> watermelon and chicken legs. >> and do we eat that today. that is a whole issue. >> really interesting, before i let you go, this question, was put to you, i would suspect in your lifetime because your up bringing was not what we would
8:24 am
consider the traditional black experience so you have decided to explore it have you found any answers for yourself or were you confident going in? >> that is an interesting question i deal with a lot of myself in this book it becomes a personal journey one thing some people mistake is that when you grow up around a bunch of white people, going to private school or what have you, you are hyper aware of race there is no assimilation there is no forgetting you are black you are constantly thinking about what it means to be black and how that changes the situation you are in. so you know it is never -- you know some people seem to think that blackness is like milk and then the longer it goes out of the refrigerator, the hood it seems to spoil. not so at all. >> so interesting talking to you if you want to meet toray he is at howard university this evening signing at the bookstore. >> the book is a conversation we will talk to the people >> nice to meet you.
8:25 am
>> nice to meet you. >> sounds like they better get there early if it is anything like yesterday. a lot of people will show up. coming up, next half hour, the death of apple's steve jobs. we will talk about his battle with pancreatic cancer >> later we will be live at the national arboretum, real pretty we will check with tony coming up as well. fox 5 morning news continues after this 
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
now as we check headlines prosecutors say hate and revenge, not insanity drove a fairfax grandmother to throw her 2-year-old granddaughter to her death, jurors heard closing arguments in the murder trial yesterday. dc police officer accused of covering up a murder because she was dating the suspect. investigators believe she saw the crime happen, didn't call anyone and then lied to homicide detectives, the case should now be heading to a grand jury. sarah palin will not run for president, the former alaska governor made the announcement yesterday but said she still wants to play a role in influencing the race. her withdrawal means the field of candidates is likely set now chris christy has said he is
8:29 am
not interested. >> some relief for maryland homeowners flooded by tropical storm lee, anne arundel, cecil,charles, st. georges county, federal aid will be added to any state and local recovery effort, the storm brought heavy rain from september 6th to 9th to areas flooded from hurricane irene. clean up from the flooding, at holly acres mobile home park starts today and will continue through the weekend the owner got a demolition permit and plans to demolish more than 40 homes over the next few day it is park will salvage the scrap and give some of the money to the people displaced by the flooding a dozen families are still in need of permanent housing. >> joining us now one of our facebook fan of the day's people, tucker barnes. >> i want a band. hunter is cute. hey, our forecast going to
8:30 am
be absolutely perfect out walking the dog, here is the best part not only today but generally the next week. going to be ideal let's get to the temperature trend cooler today yesterday mid-70s today, low to mid-70s i think in fact parts of the area won't get out of the upper 60s still comfortable a lot of sunshine a nice warming trend back into the mid-70s tomorrow check out saturday and sunday flirting with 80 degrees, saturday and sunday great looking forecast again lots of sunshine dry around here, for the next several days, all right cool start to your day. gaithersburg 46, 49 martins burg, 48 frederick, leonard town 55 and 54 annapolis. a little back door cold front blew through during the overnight hours and is pushing south and west really can't even see is it here on sentinel sat rad it moved on through winds have shifted out of the north and east with that reinforcing shot of cool air
8:31 am
temperatures will be cooler today still, this will be absolutely ideal for early october. check out towards chicago a whole lot of nothing going on raleigh, clear skies, high pressure moving on here for the next few days, the forecast perfect. 73 tomorrow i mention temperatures lots of great sunshine, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday into wednesday next week we should be dry temperatures in the 70s got outdoor plans go for it. let's look at weather steve and alison. more on our top story the death of apple founder steve jobs. the company and his family not saying what caused his death medical experts say the liver transplant he had two years ago was probably a sign his cancer returned. dr. joe, good morning to you. good morning. what we do -- >> it is a very sad day. >> it is indeed what we do know
8:32 am
steve jobs we were told had a rare form of pancreatic cancer and we know in the past it was seen as a death sentence but a rare form what was this illness? >> you know you have to thing about the pancreas as two organs, endocrine function, hormonal like a gland and the other part is involved in digest that is where we see pat ray swayze, michael landon, those deaths that occurred rapidly that was that type of pancreatic cancer what steve jobs had was endocrine type his tumour was active in the sense it would secrete things, a hormone a very different variety of cancer slower growing, if picked up earlier the prognosis is a bit better, so i think that is why we saw such an unusual series of treatments and when he had that liver transplant you mow we
8:33 am
weren't totally -- you know, we weren't totally sure we assumed it had spread to his liver, but it could have been other factors that could have contributed to that trance plantation as well. >> seems like, granted it is different for everybody but when you hear of pancreatic cancer as soon as you hear about it, you often lose that person a few months later seems he out live that had diagnosis a bit. >> when you look at the projections the five year survival rate for his type of cancer at the stage he was diagnosed at was 20% you got to thing he did beat the odds and did some other treatments he did something not actually fda approved in the united states he went to switzerland, we are hearing he had radiation that was tagged to the hormone which the tumour would preferentially absorb targeted radiation therapy that would go to the tumour wherever it was in his
8:34 am
body. that is in clinical trials in the u.s. here in texas. so he did those things, he has a liver transplant a lot of what we would thing to be relatively unorthodox treatment for cancer. dr. jill thank you so much for shedding a little light on what this illness was and as you said it is a very sad day thank you. >> yes. well, yesterday, the world also lost a respected civil rights leader, fred shuttlesworth was a pastor add bethels baptist church in birmingham alabama during the civil rights movement he and dr. king it was quoted he said dr. king picked up the fight and did what he started basically was able the bring it to, fruition and the push for civil rights and equality in the mid-1950s. his home near his church was bombed this is how he dedescribed what a police officer -- described what a police officer told him after the bombing. >> i tell you what i do, you
8:35 am
got to get out of town just as quick as i could i just simply said to him well, officer you are not me you go back and tell your clan brothers that if god could save me through all of this, that happened, i am here for the duration. the war is just beginning. >> reverend shuttlesworth later survived a beating, chest injuries from a police water cannon he was arrested so many times for protesting he lost count he went on to found the southern christian leadership conference in 2007. birmingham airport is named after him. he was 89 years old. back in los angeles, conrad murray trial picks up later today prosecutors plan to call a coroner's toxicologist to the stand yesterday prosecutors played an audio tape of an incoherent michael jackson technology experts claim dr.
8:36 am
murray recorded the conversation on his iphone. just part of that conversation there. murray is accused of giving a lethal doze of propofol and sedative to the singer his attorneys claim jackson gave himself the fatal dose. >> weekly jobless claims just coming into the newsroom we will have those plus our job of the day coming up. >> halloween is in the air for today's my fox half off deal this is not for the faint of heart it is a ticket to the terror after dark at dulles town center $9 buys you entity to a trifecta of bone chilling haunted houses go to our website click on the my fox half off icon. we will be right back 
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weekly jobless claims just coming into the fox 5 newsroom the number of people who applied for benefits rose slightly. weekly applications adjusted to 401,000. if you are looking for work, don't forget our job shop that is always open we feature a job of the day. today fnh usa looking for an event coordinator pay between 50 and $60,000 a year for more on this job and many others go to click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. it looks like the holidays will be good for retailers, sales are expected to go up this year, 2 .8% to $465.6 billion. now while that is good news the increase is smaller than the 5.2 spike in 2010 economists say the high unemployment rate
8:41 am
is still impacting shoppers. 8:40 a.m. on thursday morning something other than a player stole the show at last night's divisional baseball game. >> we will show you that video straight ahead. holly good morning. >> reporter: good morning do you know where you can find the largest selection of peppers in the whole entire dc area? not in a grocery store. i am talking about the arboretum where we are live and specifically the national herb garden, take a look at that. it is now time to harvest peppers and time for you to come visit the arboretum we will talk about both live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
8:42 am
you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create
8:43 am
as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america... has always been... and always will be... a smart investment. at&t.
8:44 am
well, holly making one of her frequent trips to the u.s. arboretum today. we love it when she is there. they have a lot for you to do and see during autumn months holly is talking about those good morning. >> reporter: good morning fall is the perfect time for you to come out to the arboretum when you do you must take a little time and come to the national herb garden this is the largest designed herb garden in the nation it is right here in our backyard so you need to come and take advantage of it and that is what we are doing this morning along with the curator, christine moore.
8:45 am
>> good morning. >> reporter: we are talking all things peppers. >> yes, ma'am they are one of the most popular herbs probably around the world there are not too many cultures that don't use them in some way, shape or form you have india, very popular, thai, tex-mex visitors come here and can immediately, join in, in the fun because it is something they know and love. >> reporter: there is so many i was reading it is the largest collection of peppers in dc. >> right we grow over 60 different types more available than that. we are limited by space there is milder peppers up to some of the hottest in the world. >> wow what is the hottest in the world? >> right now one out of england recently been produced, the previously, the hottest one was out of northern india, that has been super seeded by the one out of england. >> wow, i have a couple people i want to serve that one too. now you are tracking with
8:46 am
me just kidding. but we are going to -- one thing you do with a herb garden, great about recipes and telling people how to use fresh herbs we will do a little pepper cooking. >> most people are used to using peppers in things like salsa and chilly we wanted to show you a couple things, this is cheese and fete at that dip i chopped up five different fresh herbs we have cayenne pepper here. >> do you do classes here? >> we don't go ahead andty that. we don't now but if some body has a desire for such things like that maybe they can talk to me or we can put them in contact with someone who has great recipes they can try at home. >> from time to time you have events out here, on the weekends you have had stuff to try. >> absolutely, each of these here was given by an herb society of america member of volunteer. let this sit overnight let the
8:47 am
flavours meld together but if you want -- here is premade if you want to give it a try. rosemary, sage, basil, whatever type of chili pepper you want to use. fabulous. you can chop up whatever pepper you want and mix that in this is a lime jabenero cupcake it is tasty. >> who would have thought these sweets with peppers. >> if you have a super bowl party or something, you can throw these in, now is the time to harvest the chili peppers a lot of people are wondering what do i do with the extra produce you can do salsa's but there is a whole other realm of ways to use chili pepper in your food and surprise your guests. >> it is really good man that is good. >> this is a jalapenos lime
8:48 am
sorbet. >> we have vanilla, ground ginger, cinnamon, card mom. no one else is using this so i can use my one spoon and double dip. >> as much as you want. >> is it hard for us to grow peppers at home? >> it is one of the easiest grants to grow it requires full sun and some amount of watering but depending on environmental conditions heat can be higher or lower if we have a plot of rain the heat is less, the more stress the plant is under, the higher the heat but not only that, some are grown for their ornamental qualities see here some that are really pretty, great for adding in your landscape along with your other annuals and then the ones that have the funny shape like this one here. >> christine we got to go that is great this is my only suggestion for the pregnant lady we just add the ice cream together. because you know it is one of those things my doctor said i
8:49 am
needed it. >> absolutely. >> our website we have a link to the arboretum don't forget about the orchid show and sale going on this weekend and allow time to cover the herb garden we will take advantage of this gorgeous morning and head to another area you will want to see in the fall time back to you in studio. beautiful out there. >> holly thank you so much >> ice cream looked good. >> really good maybe not as good as this. a look at fall foilage along skyline drive, park rangers, say the park color is only 15%, they don't know when the colors will be at their best but experts say cooler temperatures, shorter days with less sun will help colors. what a beautiful picture. >> well, this year scientists are studying leaves in shenandoah. they are watching leaves and recording the time they change color trying to determine if climate change is impacting foilage. studies in europe and japan
8:50 am
show leaves are changing color and dropping later because of warmer temperatures they want to determine if the same thing is happening here in the states, scientists say there could be implications for ecology and economy, dull or delayed colors could slow down leaf keeping tours. a squirrel you saw it quick here. run across moment plate. >> there he is. >> grey skill >> ran in front of the plate not a -- grate squirrel. ran in front of the plate. >> it was the third time a squirrel was spotted at bush stadium earlier in the day there was one and tuesday night there was one scampering across third base he has more than 7,000 following, 6,000 more than me help me out you going to follow me. >> i was your 700th wasn't i? >> i guess you were >> i got to get on twitter i
8:51 am
know it is bad. 8:50 a.m., people are following i am not saying anything. 8:50 a.m. on thursday morning. president barack obama calling on super star shakira what she is being asked to do when we come back. amir khan if you do not know his name you soon will he is huge in the boxing world a champ in two divisions getting ready to fight against one of dcs own he joins us in studio next hour you won't want to miss it @@@@@
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that will get you going a little shakira for you she will be in town at the white house, president obama appointing her to a commission lookin to raise hispanic educational success she will attend meetings and participate in a swearing in ceremony at the capitol. her task is to help expand academic excellence by providing advice to the
8:55 am
president and education secretary as well. well, he will not be in dc but prince hairy will be in the u.s. -- harry will be in the u.s. he is part of a group of british attack helicopter pilots starting a training exercise in california and an airforce fieldin arizona they will practice in terrain similar to that of southern afghanistan. we will have more on a sign of the times for an iconic tv children's program there is a new muppet characters that far too many people can relate to. stay with us 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news, not a good start there. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. here is a look at stories we
8:59 am
are following this hour. the world has lost a true visionary apple cofounder steve jobs has died. coming up we will look back at the legacy he leaves behind, how he has changed all of our livetalk about the future of apple without jobs. >> that was a good term for him a visionary. he has taken europe by storm now amir khan is heading to the u.s. and may be just the next big fighter here as well. dave ross sits down with amir live in studio in a little bit. a scary moment for one local man when he finds an intruder in his home but wait until you hear how he managed to chase that criminal away how a guitar played a role in all this. all right that for you as well in just a little bit right now tucker barnes in the weather center tell us about what will be another glorious day. >> absolutely perfect out there later this afternoon temperatures expected to be


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