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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the law and tonight we're hearing from police. >> reporter: d.c. police have the authority to take you into custody if your tags expired. how you were treated and how long you stay locked up is not that simple. over the last few months, hundreds of people have told horror stories for being stopped in the district and having expired tags on their car and spinning the night in jail. this man who did not want to be identified said that it happened to him a year ago. >> and i asked him to give me a break and that is the top of my priority list. we're going take you in to process you for about three hours. >> reporter: and that didn't happen. the man said he spent the night in the cell block downtown for having tags that expired 21 days before. >> this is unbelievable. it's total outrageous. >> reporter: aaa mid-atlantic said the city council needs to review the law. a law that city councilman bill
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mendelson said makes sense to him. >> people have a duty. if you have a car, you have a duty to keep the tags current and people complains the police were stopping them, tough. on the other hand, the person shouldn't be locked up and my understanding is that that is not what happened. >> reporter: in an e-mailed statement to fox 5, the d.c. police chief said that i impledged a policy of a 30-day grace period in which drivers will only be issued a civil traffic violation in lieu of an arrest. after the grace period, an officer may conduct a summary arrest, issue a criminal citation in lieu of an arrest or issue a civil traffic ticket, depending on the circumstances. the bottom line is that it's up to the officers. depending on how busy the police are on any given day or night, you may spend several hours waiting to be processed
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but going to the central cell block is unusual unless there are extend waiting circumstances like multiple violations or an outstanding warrant. phil mendelson is in favor of the law, mary chay told fox news showings the law is, quote, an invitation to misuse and even the virginia senator jim webb weighed in on the issue. in a letter, he said there is no justification for jailing citizens whose only offense tag and asked the mayor to look into it. >> thank you. we want to know if this happened to you. if you have been detained for having expired tags. e-mail us at >> the news edge on maryland tonight. prince georges county police are investigating an apparent murder/suicide. yet happened today at ray road and new hampshire avenue in tacoma park. all police can tell us is that a man and woman were shot to death and that it appears to be
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a murder/suicide. the victim's napes were not released and we're going to keep you posted as we learn more. the victim in a hit-and-run in northwest has died. now, police are investigating this case as a homicide and they're looking for the driver of a maroon jeep liberty. the jeep hit 22-year-old miguel drooler jr. on 14th and webster street yesterday afternoon. the police believe the jeep might be a 2003 model, now possibly missing most of the front grill. call police if you have any inform a. developing tonight -- information. hundreds of protestors hit the streets of d.c. the second straight day and some are upset bot economy and believe that corporations and banks have too much influence on the government. some are demanding changes like the end of the war in iraq and afghanistan. expect to see protestors throughout the weekend and they have permits to protest through sunday. a huge surprise on the campaign trail this week. a new zogsby poll out shows a
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new leader. the poll has herman cain leading the field with 38% of the voters supporting him and that is well above the former front-runner mitt romney, who was at 18%. 12% each said they would vote for rick perry and ron paul. no candidate had -- no other candidate had double-dim the support in this poll. herman cain spent part of his afternoon in a costco in arlington today. it was part book tour part political rally and john henrehan is there and joins us live from the newsroom. what was he like? >> reporter: it's interesting, i never met him before. he's charismatic, confident and is very focused on the republican race. costco is a store known for selling items in bulk quantity. some fans of republican presidential hopeful herman cain were buying bulk quantities of the over the retired executive's new book. >> the next president of the united states is here! woo-hoo! >> reporter: hundreds of people showed up for the signing and
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cain obliged them all. >> thank you, sir. how are you? >> reporter: some area residence learn to more about the retired executives politics and she is undecided in the republican contest but is listening to him. >> i think he intergeeked a lot of common sense and i find myself waiting to see what he's going to find next. >> reporter: some shoppers ignored the hubbub. >> and they couldn't pay me. >> why? >> i don't care for him or for his attitude. >> reporter: marion howard admits she's a die-hard democrat. >> what is your name again? >> molly. >> thank you, molly. >> reporter: among republicans at this costco herman cain was generally a hit. >> economically, the country needs somebody that understands the economic challenges, and i think he's more than proved him. >> reporter: after the book signing, herman cain made a public appeal for sarah palin supporters to consider his candidacy now that the former alaska governor removed herself from presidential consideration. >> we share a lot of the same
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ideas and one of the big of the things i have in common with sarah palin is like sarah, i'm not afraid to challenge the status quo. >> you like to sign and put herman on the ballot? >> reporter: they used the book- signing event fogatherring iss to put their candidate's name on the virginia primary ballot. the book signing was supposed to last an hour and it did. the candidate signed books for everyone who waited in line. laura? >> a lot of people there today. john henrehan, thank you very much. texas governor rick perry touched on controversial topics in washington today. the republican candidate spoke at the values voters summit saying he's more committed to fighting against gay marriage and abortion than the other candidates. the former senator rick santorum spoke at the conditions earlier and mitt romney is headed to washington to speak tomorrow. >> still plent of -- plenty of campaigning to go. the republican candidates are meeting in new hampshire next tuesday for a debate hosted by bloomberg and the washington
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post. bloomberg hasn't announced which candidates will attend. >> science met politics in d.c. today. hear which environmental project has this group fired up for a fight. you want to know what it feels like in zero gravity? ask these local teachers. their unique lesson plan. sue. you have to love the teachers. boy, the teachers love their fridays. i think we all agree that this is one heck of a friday and we're focussing on the weekend hoping to keep the momentum going. we'll let you know when the next chance of rain is and focus on the weekend forecast when fox 5 news edge at 6 returns.
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>> search crews in west virginia have found the wreckage of a planeha went missing in rough weather sunday night. all three people on board died in the crash. the search team found the plane about 12 miles southeast of the airport in petersburg. the pilot and two passengers were headed to johnstown, pennsylvania. >> a protest in front of the
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reagan building today targeting a 1700-mile pipeline cutting right through the u.s. hundreds of activists marched to the reagan building to protest the keystone protest xl pipeline. it's to carry oil from canada's tarzans field to texas refineries. president obama has until the end of the year to decide whether to approve that project. >> we think there is a better way to go than to use the -- build a pipeline using the dirty, sand oil from canada. we propose the president say no to this and yes to american wind power, a good alternative. >> they chose the reagan building as the site of protest because that is where the state department is holding a hearing. three science teachers from bowie, maryland who went on a zero gravity plane ride are bringing their experience back to the classroom. the teachers shared a flight last month and the teachers conducted spents. it also renewed their passion
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for teaching physics. >> having that memory, that real experience it gives you a zeal for the subject matter, and i know particularly upstairs where they do motion and pugh plutonium physics, once you have experienced it yourself, it just -- there is a glow about it. >> the weightless flights of the discovery program is sponsored by north run grumman. most are from the d.c. area. and montgomery county is following d.c.'s lead on shopping bags and that could cost you. starting january 1st, all stores in the county will be required to charge 5 cents for every single paper or plastic bag. the stores will get to keep one penny of the fee and that will go toward littering and pollution campaigns. the only bags that are exempt are bags for prescription drugs and bulk items like fresh
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produce and doggy bags from straps. it's been 10 years since we tennered afghanistan. one general has harsh things to say about our time there. and get ready for more royal mania. why prince harry is spinning time in america. and it's a different kind of perry in pennsylvania this weekend. it's time for the national beard and mustache championship in lancaster. you have ever seen anything like this before? 200 men are competing in the mustache, beard, and free style categories. first prize is $5,000, of course, a lot of bragging rights. ghts.
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>> new jobs report out today
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not showing a lot of forward motion. the government released unemployment figures for september. there are questions on whether we can rely on the usual upbeat christmas hiring to help workers find employment. fox 5s jennifer davis shows us the numbers. >> reporter: there is one thing democrats and republicans both agree on right now. a new jobs report does not show the kind of progress that people want to see. >> this is not nearly good enough for the president and most importantly, not good enough for our economy. >> at the moment, the economy is essentially moving sideways and there is no momentum. >> reporter: the unemployment rate remains stuck at 1.9% in september even as a modest 103000 jobs were added. the national retail federation is not predicting a jolly enough holiday season. it's predicting average holiday sales with similar seasonal hiring rates as last year. >> and my feeling, we're going to tread water. >> reporter: the white housed that the president's job plan
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would make a difference. it invests in infrastructure subjects to generate jobs. >> who has a solution? the president. the american jobs act. if you're opposed to it, explain why. >> reporter: gop leaders counter they're happy to explain their concern with the president's plan. >> all we hear from the powers that be in washington is more of the same. more stimulus, more taxes and more regulation piled on the back of our kids and grandkids. has any worked? no. >> reporter: a new jobs report shows it's not just the unemployed struggling. a yearly high of 16.5% say they can ole find part time work or have given up searching for a job altogether. jennifer davis, fox news. as of september health care companies were hiring the most workers, computer softwares and other growing industries. legal field is the worst off, according to simply, there is less than one job opening for every 100 working attorneys. >> retired army general stanley
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mccrystal has harsh words for the afghanistan war on the 10th anniversary. he said that the united states view of afghanistan at the start of the war was quote, frighteningly simplistic. a decade later, the u.s. doesn't have the knowledge to end the battle. the obama administration set 2014 as the deadline for the american-led forces to hand over security responsibilities to the avagainst. there are about 98,000 u.s. troops still in the country today. and more than 175 local airmen are being deployed to afghanistan. members of the 113th wing d.c. air national guard will leave andrews air force base tomorrow night. some members will return from this deployment in late december. others will stay in afghanistan for a longer period of time. prince harriy is now here in the united states continuing his military training. he will spend two months at u.s. bases in california and arizona for helicopter weapons training. if he passes a two-month class, the prince will be considered limited combat ready. after that, he can return to
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afghanistan. he spent time with his unit there in 2008 until a tabloid revealed he was stationed in the war zone. >> well, there is nothing like a great day to put everyone in a great mod. >> and when you know it's a three-day weekend. >> i love it. >> and a lot of people have that off. good stuffing right? >> yeah. >> we have rain in the forecast and in just a moment. we'll focus on the good stuff and that is on friday evening. it's going to be a terrific night and if you're headed out, it will be getting chilly quickly and keep that in mind, despite the fact we're up to 75 degrees. a lot of places going to the 40s and tonight, that is how it's going to go and we have lost three degreesence is 5:00 and to is the degrees. comfortable, though, if you're heading out and this is that
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look. by 7:00, 68 degrees. cooler in the suburbs. by 9:00 inside the beltway, we're down to 63 degrees and with the clear skies and by 11:00, 60 degrees. the winds will continue to be extremely light if not completely calm. i don't think you're going to notice it. i know we're going have a warmer weekend. everything to the west is warmer and we were 75 degrees for the high and about a lot of the other places at or above 80 degrees and that is when in -- what is going in our direction and you can see the cooler temperatures from denver and on west and to salt lake city at 46 degrees selled out there and this is covering most of the eastern half of the united states and one wrinkle to talk b. we have a fog advisory for the shenandoah valley and includes cumberland, hagerstown, winchester, front royal and to shenandoah and harrisonburg and that is a possibility of thick fog forming around 3 in the morning and lasting until 10 in the morning and this could be a quarter of a mile visibility or
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less. we know you had that last night. those of you who are thinking of going to sky line drive, don't get there too early. you may not have a good view until the fog burns off. the rest of us could see a patch or two of fog here and there and shouldn't be as widespread as in the valley. clear skies and cool temperatures for us overnight. 53 degrees and saturday, warmer than today by a couple of degrees, up to 77 degrees. full sunshine light winds out of the southeast and warm for a patch or two of fog in the morning and by 5:00 77 degrees and there is going to be some rain. we're not going to see that for the weekend. saturday, 78 degrees; sunday, 82 and warmer for sunday than tomorrow will be and the rain re. those are the lines of equal pressure and you can see how that is dominating the east. notice a lot of east wind is coming into florida. watch what happens, we see a circulation here and that is on
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monday. eventually that will work up the coast about&be our next rainmaker. enjoy what we have, shall we? that could have tropical characteristics, too. we'll worry about about that when it finally forms. i wanted to say as we work through tuesday, isolated showers might pop up late in the day and about a 50/50 chance of scattered showers on wednesday dropping the temperature to 74. >> okay. >> and we may stuck with showers next week and into the weekend. >> all right. we'll enjoy it whole we have it. >> won't happen this week. >> okay, thanks, sue. nice weather this weekend as you heard. might be a good time to get your dog washed. forget the car get the dog washed. on georgia avenue, it opened when they're calling the first state-of-the-art self-service dog wash. >> i don't know if they do cats, too. >> most cats couldn't like that. >> and they're like a automatic car wash for the dog. you put your money in, change the dial for soap or water and the booth has tails for nail clipping and brushes if you
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need them. pamper your pooch. coming up on the sports edge, the caps have made a decision on who will start in between the pipes against carolina on saturday. we're going to let you know who that is going to be. and love is in the air and in the sky with this wild marriage proposal. watch as a guy commissions the help of a whole building to ask the girlfriend to marry him. he proposed last year. the video just went viral on youtube. pretty cool. she said yes. yes.
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çç&cw. h]k8÷g:3?ox?p÷ x8! >> good afternoon, i'm lindsay must by. tomorrow night, caps fans will have to set aside their disappointment and welcome in a new year and, once again, the expectations are higher than ever. this team is the best they have been on. and we will see tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. versus the carolina hurricanes.
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michael noibert will be the starting goal tender and it was believed that newly acquired veteran vokun would be the starter and he was informed. he talks about his approach to being's mentor. >> for me, you know, it's not going to him and vice-versa and saying something. it's more b you know just the right way, all and the person recognizes, and you know, at least for me. that is how i learn the most in the league when i watch other guys and see what it takes to thicken this week for one time. and that is unquestionable, you know, he's got a lot of talent and i don't think that you can survive from -- in the sea. >> and one redskins player who is glad about week arrive side tim hightower and is dealing with a shoulder injury that limited him to eight carries last sunday. despite the injury, he was able
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to chase down the rams corner justin king after an interception in the fourth quarter and saving a touchdown. he earned high prize from the head coach. >> that is one thing you're hoping for and if it was not being on top of it when we did go through the interception, you know, and makes that tackle. that is in the end zone for a touchdown. you rock at all different skin arrows in a game and what make -- scenarios in the game and what makes the team win and that is all phases to give a chance to compete. >> maryland will try to build upon last weekend's win when they travel to face undefeated and 13th-ranked georgia tech tomorrow and at noon and they might be without one of the linebackers, kenny tate who was listed as doubtful to play with an undisclosed injury. he has 35 tackles and two intersections an all-acc pick last year. his absence leave the terps with a tough task entering the first road game of the season. >> we need to go down and the best thing you can try to do is
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to get off to a good start and try to take the crowd out of the game and again, that is just that mind set. i mean basically it's us against 55,000 people. and, you know, shoot, you know, you like that. you know, it gets your competitive juices going. >> acc football on fox 5 tomorrow at 12:30 and florida state playing at wake forest. deciding game 5 between the d backs and brewers, the home crowd at miller park making lots of noise, according to this meter and it's the team checking justin upton going up. the only score in the game, 1- 0, arizona in the fourth. laura? [ indiscernible ] >> thanks, lindsay, see you at 10. [ female announcer ] can a health insurance company be ahead of the curve and still completely behind you? dave thinks so. he's putting two kids through college. ♪ ♪
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