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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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on them. i was like oh great, she is a cutter and i'm going to have to call someone and send them to her house. she was like, these are scratches from the people sitting on either side of me that are tearing at her just from pure tension. >> the news tonight is far from over. >> news edge at 11:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. well, the snow is what everyone is talking about tonight. thanks for sticking with us, i'm maurine. >> i'm will thomas. an early dose of winter. fox 5 was out in frederick, maryland, tonight with audrey barnes. she starts us off. >> reporter: now that the storm has moved out of the area, the big problem will be refreezing. definitely be on the lookout for black ice. earlier today from germantown to frederick, the big problem
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was snow. by mid afternoon in germantown, all the grassy areas were snow covered and the snow was piling up on parked cars and houses. the roads were a slushy mess. further west in frederick county, conditions deteriorated and a lot more snow to deal with. not everyone seemed to mind. >> we are used to snow, just a little earlier than most years. not that big of an adjustment. >> it's only october and we have this great snow. it's awesome. >> snow in october is a good thing? >> absolutely. get to go play outside. good stuff. >> these friends took in the university of maryland's football game in college park and decided to take advantage of the weekend snow. >> terps weren't that good today, but we love the snow. >> ready to go skiing. >> not everyone could take this snow day off. there was plenty of cleaning up to do at the snow mountain rest
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area off route 70. >> secondary roads were pretty rough. 70 they have cleaned up pretty good. >> with their freeze warning in effect until sunday morning, the worst still may be to come. >> that freeze warning goes into effect at midnight and will last until 9:00 a.m. sunday morning. in germantown, audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> in virginia, this actually turned into an all out winter storm for some folks who found themselves without power. a lot ended up at home depot. leesburg got a little over an inch of snow that started at 7:00 this morning. turning what should have been a fall day into a winter weather event. in maryland now, an arrest in the murder of a howard county college student. and police say there may be one person left to be caught. 24-year-old alonzo guyton was shot to death. police say there were two different shell casings found at the scene. dc police found guns that
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matched those shells at an abandoned van. they also found a hand print belonging to william knight. he is under arrest. guyton's girlfriend wants some answers. >> a lot of can't understand why this has happened to alonzo and we want some closure. we want to know what happened and we want him to be able to rest in peace. >> knight is in a d.c. jail awaiting extradition to maryland. the sheriff's office is investigating an attempted abduction. a 20-year-old woman says a faded block honda four door pulled up this afternoon. a man threw the door open and asked her to get in. she ran, the car took off. the sheriff's office says it is not clear whether this is related to three other attempted abductions this month. a 27-year-old man is recovering in a california hospital after being attacked by a great white shark. it all happened at marina
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beach. the victim was bitten on the arm and neck. the shark could be up to 20 feet long. the victim is listed in stable condition and expected to be okay. california state park officials will be patrolling the beaches looking for any shark activity. 13 americans are dead after a car bomb exploded next to a nato convoy. the car packed with explosives ran into a bus carrying nato personnel. the taliban is claiming responsibility. a five-day strike is forcing air france to cancel flights and more problems may be on the way. the strike started today in a statement posted on its website, the carrier says it canceled flights to new york, tokyo, montreal, and several other destinations. >> you talk about sharks, i have a whale of a story to tell you. a kayaker got a close encounter he will never forget. take a look at this stunning picture in monterey, california. two humpback whales emerging from the water to feed on a
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fish. the image was captured by a free lang photographer. that's the beach town north of monterey. the shoot was to show people about whale watching opportunities in the seaside town. i guess the picture really helps. it is just not about people getting into the holiday spirit this year. pets are also dressing up as they do every year. and taking part in the fun. gwen. >> i know you have a little dog. oklahoma hoping dog. i'm hoping you have a costume. >> today was a different story. tonight, boy, temperatures are dropping. i'm going to have all the details after the break. ♪
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we're not supposed to have snow in october, but mother nature didn't seem to know that today, because we had our fair share of it. all the storm system now moved its way up the mid atlantic. new england is now getting
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pounded and we are left with clouds and clearing skies. let's go to our weather maps and show you some of the weather today in terms of the totals we got. we got up to 14 inches in some of the areas to our far west across many of the regions and up to an inch or so near the city. but low temperatures, october chill, that's what we are dealing with. behind that storm system, nice rich of high pressure has built in. that's going to hold us in for a nice day tomorrow. and we're going right to the five-day forecast. plenty of sunshine. 49 degrees for your sunday. halloween, i'm happy to tell you, is going to be partly cloudy skies at 56 degrees. it's not going to be too bad for trick or treaters. we do fairly well on tuesday as well as wednesday. and as we move into tuesday, mainly cloudy skies at 60 degrees. so, we'll take a shot at radar one more time and let me see if we can get up the warnings for you. we have a freeze warning in
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effect. that is in effect right through at midnight tonight and goes through at least until 9:00 tomorrow morning. and we have it now. cold conditions, temperatures into the 20s and 30s across the entire area. if you have any vegetation, make sure you bring it in. because that's really going to be an issue in terms of the overnight hours. here's a look at totals. over 9 inches. sebilusville, 11 1/2 inches. in winchester, 5 inches. and 14 inches in grant county in west virginia at mt. storm. so that's a pretty good indication of what we had to deal with. highs today, 20 to 25 degrees below where we should have been. 42 at national. 39 at dulles. 42 at baltimore airport. we really should have had our temperatures into the low 50s. but that didn't happen. overnight lows tonight, into the 20s and 30s. very, very cold out there. once again, that freeze warning
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is in effect from midnight right through until we hit the hour of 9:00 in the morning. so just be aware of that and once again, protect all your plants. we'll go to the five-day forecast. and as i mentioned, totally different day. no precipitation to worry about. no shortage of sunshine, and take a look at the gradual climb in the temperatures. we're really going to start to warm up a little bit. all week, we are below where we should be temperature wise, but we will shoot by the 60-degree mark. trick or treaters will be in great shape for monday. >> thanks gwen. we are taking the edge off with halloween fun. >> check this out. dogs in columbia got into the holiday spirit. hounds dressed as harry potter, pirates, bees, and chickens strutted their stuff for a puppy parade. the winner of the best costume contest was a pit bull dressed as a chicken. there he is. gobble gobble. the prize, doggy treats.
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there's my dog. he can't see it. >> too adorable. >> nissan sports xtra coming up. lindsey murphy has you covered from the snowy football field. >> what is going on, lindsey? >> not animal dressing up on my part. we have a little bit of everything in sports. the caps and skins are both in canada. even though the snowy weather is here in town, plus, maryland, they know a thing or two about snowy games. did some slipping and sliding. we have the highlights, plus, who was taking blame for maryland's fourth loss in a row? >> remember lindsey, i am helping the economy buying these crazy costumes for pets. >> i agree. >> okay, that does it for us. fox news is always on. >> sports xtra 2 minutes away. verizon 4g lte.
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welcome to the nissan dealers sports xtra. >> good evening and thanks for staying up with us tonight. this is nissan sports xtra. coming up, can the capitals bounce back after their first loss of the season? plus, are the skins facing a must win in toronto? first, we start with college football. it was snowing and the weather in college park was miserable today, but not nearly as miserable as the terps performance against boston college. another loss dropped maryland into last place. they dropped four place by a total of 52 points. randy and the terps looking to end a three-game losing skid, playing in snowy, wet


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