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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  December 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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chilly out there on this thursday morning. it is now december 1st, 2011. glad you're with us and good morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news. that's right. it is starting to feel a little bit like winter out there. >> the car was reading 36, 37 this morning. >> that is about right. temperatures in the 30s. some spots, temperatures in the 20s this morning. cold start to the day. you will need a coat. later on today, we'll see seasonable temperatures and a good amount of sunshine. more than we had yesterday, frankly. let's take a look at our satellite image. we'll show you there is not much to see. our skies are mostly clear as expected. they've cleared out quite nicely. there is some cloud cover well off to the north and west and when i say well off, i'm talking about the great lakes so nothing going on here. and of course without the clouds, we will be precipitation free. let's check those temperatures. we know steve's car was about 36 degrees. let's see what the other
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temperatures are. 39 at reagan national. dulles, 36 degrees. bwi marshall, 37 degrees. the forecast is simple, sunny skies, seasonal temperatures, 53 for your high. rather breezy this morning but the wind gradually diminishing. for some of you in the upper 20s this morning thank you. let's check in with julie wright and see if she is weathering the cold temperatures. >> i'm doing my best. if you travel around town, you will find the lanes are open. we had overnight construction on 259 between the 11th street bridge and been pen avenue. so you guys traveling northbound will be diverted off at 11th street. they should have that cleared shortly if they haven't picked it up already. no issues to report between college park and bethesda. traffic flowing freely right now leaving 95 headed over towards 270.
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395 here at duke street picking i'm few more customers as we travel northbound north of landmark. hov and main lines at speed headed to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. new this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton is challenging the leaders of burma to continue political reforms and expand them. she is the first united states secretary of state to visit the country in 50 years. clinton met the president of burma also known as myanmar telling him she is encouraged by the steps he has taken to provide for his people. also new, bruce boudreau already has a new job. the anaheim ducks hired him as their new head coach after they fired randy carlyle who had been there for seven years. boudreau fired by the caps on monday after the team got off to a slow start. caps and the ducks already played each other so they won't meet again this season unless they both reach the nfl finals. montgomery county is
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holding another hearing on whether to impose a curfew for teens. public safety commission is expected to vote on the proposed curfew at 9:30 this morning and then they will stepped it to the full county council which could approve the curfew sometime next week. howard university facing a civil lawsuit filed by a group of students who claim they were sexually assaulted and harassed by a school employee and that the university didn't do anything about it. stacey cohan is at howard with the details. >> reporter: the question of this lawsuit is whether or not the university did enough to protect students. the students, at least two female students, say no. that is why they are suing the university. that civil lawsuit was filed yesterday. now, this all began apparently with reports of sexual assault and harrassment. it focuses on a worker for the school, george bright abu. he ran a work-study program here. several female students claimed he sexually harassed them, that he salted them, that he groped
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them and they say that the university failed to act upon their complaints. >> around april, mr. bright abu called me into his office. he said he wanted me to help him with some works. he then started touching me and saying appropriate things to me. >> she was crying and a little shaken up. she came up to me and told me what happened. at that point be i felt like something needed to be done. >> reporter: howard university disputes the claim that they failed to act saying that as soon as they were made aware of the allegations, the university officials went to police and bright abu was fired. the students also reported this to the metropolitan police department. bright abu has been charged with misdemeanor sexual assault and sentenced to 60 days probation. back to you. >> thank you. a new accuser has come forward in the penn state sex abuse scandal and he is first
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to file a lawsuit against former assistant coach jerry sandusky actually 29-year-old man claims sandusky sexually abused him more than 100 times for about four years at the coach's home and also at a penn state locker room and he threatened to harm his family to keep him quiet. the man is not among the eight victims meningitissed in a grand jury report. a fourth alleged victim has surfaced in the accusations against former assistant syracuse basketball coach bernie fine a molestation victimmed advocate says the man's family contacted him last week. the family has also reportedly talked with the district attorney's office and police. one of the accusers says the abuse began in 1984 and ended in 1990. when he talked to police in 2002, they told him it was too late to prosecute. the woman wanted for a series of bank robberies and carjackings around the area now behind bars. police caught stephanie schwab yesterday afternoon after she
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tried to rob a bb & t bank in mclean. sky fox was overhead as police cuffed her. this morning, she is in federal custody. the man accused a spring of carjackings in a wheaton shopping center expected to be in court today for a bond hearing. police say 50-year-old had he beenery sanders carjacked three older men at knife point in the past week and forced them to take money out of an atm. a bank surveillance camera captured a fourth younger victim. a verbal attack against the president. up next, we'll tell you which governor is questioning the president's leadership and he is not shy about it. it is being called one of the most sophisticated drug tunnels ever discovered. we are checking more headlines on the other side of the break. ♪
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the most sophisticated drug tunnel discovered connecting mexico to california. california drug agenties say they found a tunnel that is nearly 2,000 feet long and it led them to the biggest pot bust ever found any tunnel from mexico. it is complete with a hydraulic lift, electric railcars, a
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wooden staircase. they found 32 tons of marijuana with a street value of over $53 million. a verbal jab at president obama for what he says is a lack of real leadership. christie spoke at orlando, florida's republican governor's annual conference and said this. >> the best way that we can help our party to move forward and our country to move forward is for us to go back to tower states and do our jobs and do our jobs well and set an example of what real leadership looks like and real leadership is not what you see in the white house right now. as i said before, it is a sad day in our country's history to are v. a bystander in the oval office. >> governor christie set to head to iowa on december 7th to campaign for white house hopeful mitt romney. coming up, a little victory in the battle over one familiar ily's free house but with a catch. now, let's check in with tony. coming up in just a few
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moments, the latest on today's forecast. we'll have cooler temperatures again today. julie wright is here. she will tell us what is happening on the area roadways. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. back.  hey guys, what can i get for you? i would like a decaf 360 calories please. and for you? i'll have a triple iced 410 calories please. you want the 40 whipped calories on that?
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we take a look outside right now as we paint the camera toward the lincoln memorial. tonight is the night that the national christmas tree lighting ceremony will occur on the ellipse. the presomeone show starts at 4:30 hosted by carson daly. the first family will have the honor of lighting the tree. we'll be live for a preview coming up in the 7:00 hour. speaking of trees, it is also the time of year that we need your help to trim our fox 5 christmas industry. we decorate it with ornaments
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that you send in every year. we don't xxxviii that tree and all of the ornaments on in t. for a worthy group mere in the d.c. region. accepted us your ornaments to the address on the screen. een. -- send us your ornaments to the address on the screen. >> i think we'll start putting the orments on later on this morning. the tree needs them right now. >> at the beginning, it is always kind of of sad. >> that one ornament stands out. >> but it doesn't matter. it fills in quickly. >> it feels quite wintry and christmassy out there. -- i think we'll start putting the ornaments on later on this morning. here is a look at your temperatures yesterday. 51 was the high at reagan national airport. 50 at both dulles and bwi marshall. i think we'll add a degree or two today but no big changes today. let's take a look at the
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current temperatures around the region. right now, we are at 39-degree here in washington. dulles airport at 36 degrees at this hour n baltimore, we've got 37. patuxent naval air station, 39. winchester, virginia, 34 degrees. in harrisonburg, it is 27 degrees so there are some 20s out there. factor in the winds which are blowing around 10 miles per hour generally speaking and here are your wind chills. something we'll be seeing more of in the coming months. 32degrees is what it feels hike in the district. feels like 28 at dulles and 31 in baltimore. those wind will gradually diminish during the course of the day today. so it was kind of blustery at times yesterday afternoon and in the evening. that will settle down. let's take a look at the sentinel satellite-radar. nothing to see here. we've got clear skies across the region. a few clouds out there in west virginia. bigger cloud deck out to the north and west across the northern plains, the upper midwest, places like that. eventually, some of that system makes its way here. our next real weather maker will come from there but that
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is a few days off. so the forecast for washington for today looks like this. sunny skies, seasonal temperatures. look for a high of about 53 degrees. those wind still out of the west and diminishing somewhat. for tonight, another cold night. that is where we are now. temperatures again in the 30s and for some of you, those temperatures will be around the freezing mark or even colder. for your five-day forecast, not bad, more of the same. tomorrow, friday, for sufficient a struck, it will be cold in the morning, not bitterly cold as we've seen in some years but cold. and cool during the day, 56 degrees. sunny, 51. sunday looks good if you are heading out to the redskins game. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic. for that, we go for julie wright. >> it is going be for a good year for stuff a truck. i can just feel it. >> i hope you're right. >> i hope you're ready because
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i'm going to join you after 8:00. >> i got to get the pumpkin pie. >> you mean air not going to make it it. >> i mean i have to make it. i always put it in a nice box that says mrs. smith's on it. >> lanes are open on i-95 headed up to the capital beltway. no problems reported. it is easy out here. so far, so good, no problems reported between annandale and merrifield. this is a live shot of traffic coming south on 270. lanes are open leaving clarkburg headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. arlington national cemetery will prepare a new section to be a final resting place for veterans.
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it will have enough room for the remains of 20,000 military members. the cemetery expects to have it ready by the summer of 2013. the cemetery will be full in another 15 years. the iraq veteran who built a tree house for his sons at their falls church home has won the battle to keep the tree house. it violates some of the community zoning regulations and the zoning board originally said it had to come down. now, the board has reversed the decision. the board says they can keep the tree house as long as they take it down in five years. the boys will have had a tree house growing up. i don't know too many 30-year- olds who are are hanging out in the tree house. sooner or later, the tree house has to come down. i wanted a tree house to be a component of their childhood. >> he got support from as far away as new zealand after a friend started a petition. >> quite a bit of support. we have heard of some wacky
5:20 am
headlines but how is this? dog shoots man. >> that is wacky. it happened though. stay tuned. we'll take you to the break with a holiday greeting from the troops. >> hello. my name is brook dewalt, a navy commander assigned to the headquarters of international security assistance course here in camilla parker bowles all, afghanistan. i would like to say happy holidays to all my friend and family, from particular ann marie drew, in annapolis, maryland. thanks a lot. and have a great holiday season. ♪
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operation warmth is making sure children in prince george's county have winter coats this year. the program is work with the county's fire and emergency medical services at homeland education office to give 300 coats to underprivileged kids. the families getting assistance are able to come down and choose the perfect coats for their children. we want you to come out and be a part of our annual stuff a truck program. bring your nonperishable foods to these locations tomorrow. a utah man recovering after being shot during a duck hunt
5:24 am
but it is who pulled the trigger that has everybody talking. is. >> gox's gene kennedy reports. >> reporter: robert cotingham wouldn't talk on camera. too embarrassed by this incident. >> duck hunters will tell you it is helpful to have a labrador along for the hunt. hunter mike walters always brings jack, his english lab. >> i shoot them, he goes and gets them. >> that is why robert cotingham brought a lab with him for duck hunting. there were at this refuge. it is him, his son, the brother- in-law and the pooch. two hours into the adventure, robert was waiting in the water. he grabbed the front independent of the boat to take it out to get a wounded duck. that is when the brother-in- law's labrador jumped into the back of the boat on to the gun, setting it off it fired, hit
5:25 am
him in the butt stocks and back and you can see here the bird shot. >> reporter: robert took 27 of them. contrary to some published reports, most are still lodged in his buttocks. >> have you ever heard of a dog triggering a gun? >> i've heard of people getting shot before but for the like that, no. >> reporter: actually, there are similar stories. some of them haven't ended so well. a few years ago, a texas hunter died when his dog accidentally step on the observer's shotgun. in this case, a duck decoy absorbed some of the blast. since the shot was only six feet away, robert thinks the decoy saved his life. >> he is very lucky. it could have bloap his head off, crippled him, done a lot of damage. >>-- it could have blown his head off, crippled him, done a lot of damage. >> the dog didn't mean to do it
5:26 am
but still could do some damage. >> reporter: good morning. a group of students have filed a lawsuit against howard university saying the school failed to protect them from an employee. i'll have all the details coming up in a live report. whal an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. pillsbury holiday star cookies start with pillsbury cookie dough easy. then add my own favorite frosting and sprinkles. just three ingredients to sweet memories. holiday ideas made easy.
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we are taking a look at the woodrow wilson bridge out
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there. it is pretty chilly out there. i guess cold now. >> when it is in the 30s, i say cold. >> it says 39 there. i think that is cold. it will be decent i guess later? >> sure, certainly. it will be in the low 50s today. that is where we should be for this time of year. you have to put things in perspective. that is not bad. we'll be fine. >> sunshine? >> sunshine today. i had a couple of people yesterday say to me hey, you said there would be partial sunshine and, of course, i argued and said there is partial sunshine. >> a little bit. >> i thought there would be more sun than we had. where i was, it was pretty cloudy. >> we'll make up for it today then. >> if we don't get a lot of sun today, won't come to work tomorrow. let's take a look at the sentinel satellite-radar. i have to pay some price if i
5:30 am
don't get it right. >> stay home and sleep in. >> we do have clear skies. we will through the day today. that mean a bright sunrise this morning so you will be using your describessors and your sunglasses perhaps. 39degrees currently at reagan national. humidity, look how low that is. 57% so no fog or anything out there. the wind are blowing at about 10 miles per hour. that is giving us a wind chill of 32. here is your forecast for today. simple one. sunshine, cool but seasonable temperatures. the wind diminish during the day. 53 for your high in town. we'll go with 54 in fredericksburg. 49 in front royal. there you go. enjoy the day. >> let's see if julie wright can enjoy the day. i don't know though. >> in the 50s, i'm barely hanging on. >> sunny, you like that part. >> but sunny. if it is not sunny, then i don't come to work tomorrow. >> i see where this is going. is anybody coming in tomorrow? >> all i know is i'm counting
5:31 am
it down. ments 24 more days until santa claus comes and sees me. >> december 1st. >> i know. can you believe it? already. southbound 270 open for business as you travel out of clarksburg and germantown headed for the lane divide. lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltway working your way between college park and bethesda. northbound i-95, no problems reported here leaving woodbridge headed out towards the occoquan. i spoke with jasmine over at d- d.o.t. and they say that lanes are open on 295. 66 still quiet coming inbound from fair oaks towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. first off this morning, former caps coach bruce boudreau has a new job already. he is now the head coach of the
5:32 am
anaheim ducks. they named him head coach last night. boudreau fired by the caps on monday after the team got offy to aslow start. the caps and ducks already played so they won't meet again unless both teams make the nhl finals. secretary of state hillary clinton is the first secretary of state since 1955 to visit burma, also called myanmar. clinton is there to see if there has been enough progress on human rights to lift u.s. sanctions after decades of isolation. later this morning, montgomery county will hold a third session for a proposed curfew. the public safety commission expected to vote on the curfew at the 9:30 meeting and then the full council will take up the proposed curfew next week. a group of students is suing howard university. they claim a school employee had a pattern of singling out young ladies and sexually assaulting and harassing them. the students say the university leaders did nothing to stop it. stacy cohan is live in northwest with more on this.
5:33 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the school is disputing what the students have to say. nonetheless, there has been a lawsuit filed. students are claiming they were sexually assaulted and sexually harassed by a school employee. his name is george bright-abu. he ran a work-study program. he was the supervisor. at least two of them have reported that he groped them, that he made sexual advanced towards them as they were involved in the program, that they went to the school to report what had happened and that howard university failed to take action. juror it seemed as though they weren't really concerned and they wanted me to overlook it. >> this isn't the first time that a female has complained about him. >> reporter: both students did eventually go to police. bright-abu was charged with
5:34 am
misdemeanor sexual assault and sentence to 60 days probation. hour university says they did act when they learned of the allegations. they added that bright-abu has been fired. the first lawsuit has been filed in connection with the penn state child sex abuse scandal actually 29-year-old man claims jerry sandusky sexually abused him more than 100 times during a four-year period at the coach's home and in a penn state locker room and he threatened to harm his family to keep him quiet. man is not one of the eight victims mentioned in the grand jury report. a fourth alleged victim has surfaced in the ask san diegos against former assistant syracuse basketball coach bernie fine. a molestation victim's advocate said the man's family contacted him last week. that family has also respectedly talked with the district attorney's office and police. one of the accusers says the abuse began in 1984 and ended in 1990 when he talked to police in 2002, they said it
5:35 am
was too late to prosecute. the woman wanted for a series of bank robberies and carjackings is behind bars this morning. police caught stephanie schwab yesterday afternoon after they say she tried to rob a bb & t bank in mclean. sky fox was overhead as police cuffed her and schwab was already wanted for two carjackings and two bank robberies. she is in federal custody. another suspected carjacker taken down. the man accused of targeting shoppers at a wheaton shopping center is expected to be in court today for a bond hearing. police say 50-year-old henry sanders carjacked three older men at knife point in the past week and made them take money out of a atm machine. sanders is facing charge in both montgomery and prince george's county. before you prepare your kids' breakfast or pack their lunch, more worries about the
5:36 am
safety of apple juice. a new study of apple juice supporting dr. oz claiming that it contains arsenic. our business beat with fox business networking up at 6:20. right now, it is 5:36.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates.
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dr. oz was apparently right about arsenic in apple jusms he reported the dangerous levels of arsenic. >> consumer reports releases its own investigation backing that claim. >> reporter: some apple and grape juices may have levels of arsenic that are high enough to increase the risk of chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease over time. accord tying consumer reports investigation, 10% of the fruit juice they sampled contains arsenic levels higher than the federal drinking water standards. the report supporting dr. mehmet oz's claim two months ago of high arsenic levels in apple juice. at the time, the food and drug
5:40 am
administration disagreed with oz saying apple juice sold in stores is safe. today, the doctor reaffirms hi findings. >> now, i have his agreement that we have an issue and the big push foe for me is to get the fda to tell the juice companies that listen we don't want any levels of arsenic in apple juice above what we would tolerate in drinking water. >> is the amount you are getting likely to be a problem to you and your health? i am far more concerned about the amount of sugar in apple juice and grape juice than i am about the amount of arsenic or lead. >> infants should not get apple juice, period. kids younger than six years of age can get four to six ounces of apple juice. kids above six years of age, can get eight ounces. you can use an alternative like orange juice. >> reporter: the fda has limits
5:41 am
in place for arsenic and lead levels in juices and drinking waiter. for now, there are no standards. bruce boudreau with a new job. the caps have w. a big match-up tonight. >> the redskin still riding high. we'll check in with the sports youngies after the break and we'll check in with mr. perkins and ms. julie wright as well to get the latest on traffic and weather. it is now 5:42 on this thursday morning. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $79.99 a month for two years with a 2 year agreement. this holiday deal is only for a limited time. so don't wait. get fios at this great price. act now and we'll add a special bonus --
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that is neil diamond there entertaining a crowd up in new york city for the lighting of the christmas tree in rockefeller center. it was a 74-foot tree with 30,000 lights on it. it will stay lit until january 7th. the 89th annual national christmas tree lighting ceremony being held tonight on the ellipse. the preshow starts at 4:30. the first family will have the honor of lighting the 26-foot colorado blue produce. we'll be live for a preview coming up in about an hour and 15 minutes. >> so much fun down there too. of a been down there. i'm sure maybe you have been
5:45 am
there for it as well and it is so neat to watch and all the singing. it is just such a celebration. >> and all the state trees that are around in. >> i've never been down for the heighting itself with you i go down and look at everything after -- i've never been down for the lighting itself but i go down and look at everything after it is all done. we have our cold air in place and more seasonal temperatures on the way later today. cold start. you will need your coat this morning. 39-degree is your current temperature here in the district. 40 at quantico. 42 in annapolis. but in gaithersburg, it is 34. frederick, maryland is at 30 degrees. the cool spot on this map, 32 degrees up in cumberland, maryland. always colder out there as you know. let's take a look at the sentinel satellite-radar. we'll show you there is not much to see.
5:46 am
certainly nothing in the way of precipitation. can't have precip in the way of clouds. with the trend being what it is, we'll continue to see sunny skies through the day today. we did have some clouds that hung in there yesterday unfortunately but today, more sunshine. cloud cover, way off to the north and west. let me show you the surface map. here is what is going on today. sunny skies, high pressure settling in. you will notice that the barometric pressure is up from where it was yesterday. there is a cold front out there. this doesn't come through until tomorrow. we believe it will be dry when it comes through but it will bring in some cooler air so saturday will be cooler than tomorrow will be when that cooler air works its way in here. the forecast for today looks like this. lots of sunshine, seasonal temperatures. our average high for today, 52. we are looking at 53 for a high. those wind do diminish as the morning and day progress. clear skies tonight. cold temperatures, 36 degrees
5:47 am
for the overnight low. we're actually in the mid-50s. 56degrees under sunshine. saturday, a few clouds hanging around but cooler, 51 degrees. sunday i think is going to be nice. 57 for your high. monday, even mild are but showers work their way in and i think we'll see our temperature drop off later next week. overnight lows for the next several nights in the 30s. that is what is happening with the weather. julie wright is standing by now. she will tell us what is happening on the roads. >> let's start off talking about 270. that is where we had the accident activity reported near 85. now, we're being told that the accident activity is over on the shoulder. it is slow going traveling south of i-70 trying to work your way down into urbana. the crew in sky fox hovering above 270. they are tracking your commute out of gaithersburg headed south in towards rockville. your lanes are open. no incidents to haven't as you continue southbound leaving 124 headed out towards 178.
5:48 am
no trouble spots to report on the northbound stretch as you work your way northbound and continue up into urbana. the live shot here coming southbound along 270 as you work your way out of gaithersburg and rockville leaving 370 passing the rio headed down past shady grove road. if you are continuing your trip along 66, lanes are open, no incidents to report continuing towards the tr bridge. we do have reports that there is construction at the end of the bridge as you commit to constitution avenue. stay to the left to get by there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you still need a flu shot, you may be able to get one for free. walgreen's is teaming up to offer free through shots this year. the vouchers are available to americans without health insurance and those with insurance who are still unable to afford one. contact your local health department for more information on that. you know, it work for the office of tax and revenue and
5:49 am
the dmv so the d.c. public library is launching an amnesty program of their own. from december 5th to february 5th, the library will forgive fines on overdue, lost or damaged books, cd and other materials. >> the skins are getting ready for a game at home. relates a check in with the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan, happy thursday. >> happy thursday. >> don't ask us about the lady terps. >> i didn't even know they played. >> i don't want to jirvetion it. they're on a roll. look it up. they're doing fine. let's talk hockey. poor, poor, poor, bruce boudreau unemployed almost 48 hours has to go now to southern california in december and try to make a life for himself there and inhurt a lousy team that can only get better. things worked out okay. >> he has to coach the ducks in anaheim. they have 17 points. they have lost like 14 of the last 17 games. that is why carlyle is gone and boudreau is in.
5:50 am
give credit to gabby for landing on his feet. didn't take him long to find a new gig. props to him. >> that is what happens when you are the fastest to 200 winds. other general managers around the leering. it shows he was a wanted commodity. doesn't mean it was a mistake for the capitals to let him go because i think even bruce has acknowledged over last two days or so that he had tried everything. it just wasn't working. >> he had been here for four years. four southeast division titles. no playoff success. great for coach boudreau that he lands on his feet. but the capitals will see what happens over the next few week. big test tonight against your pens. >> he is a right down the middle. >> i'm looking at it like dale hunter can make quite a statement if he pulls off his first win against the penguins.
5:51 am
>> and penguins who tormented him during his playoff series. he would love nothing more. >> what is not a mistake is that ovi is dating maria corolenko. >> what do you think about it. >> i discovered her about four years ago. hopefully doesn't take way from his play. he we know now why he only has eight goals. >> that may be the secret as to white performance as hand been down on the ice so far this season. let's talk about the redskins. a quick preview of the game on sunday with the jets coming in, the redskin coming off a win for the first time in september that we can talk about that. do they keep it going against the jets? >> this is a jets team at 6-5 that is desperate for a win to stay in the wild cart hunt in the afc. i think the jets will try to pound it at the redskins, run the ball as much as possible. this ill welcome back stern test for the skins' defense. >> it is funny because we complained that there was no
5:52 am
buzz during dallas week. wear actually coming offer a win and there is nothing. nobody is talking about the jets. even though wear coming off a win. half the town seems to be rooting for losing around here. i still want to wifnlt i think it is an important game but nobody in this community seem to be embracing the team. it seems like, steve, most have completely given up on the redskins. >> in terms of on the field, the last couple of week, you've seen rex grossman and the offense come to life. rick threw for over 300 yards. going to be a tough test against the jets team who did lose a couple of week ago against the denver broncos but they held them in check. really strong defense. and i think it will be a tall task for the reds skins to win. >> i think it will be tougher than people expect. jets have had a lot of trouble running the ball. as cakes mentioned, they have to win this game. they are in a three-with a -- w
5:53 am
very they are in a three-way tie. >> healthy wide receivers and a run back that we know is going to start the game. we'll see what happens on sunday. if you don't want to talk about the lady terps, i know mark turgeon is going to be on the show later on so maybe he can talk about it. >> they are way better than the mens terps. >> there you go. now you got something to talk about. how about the cars of tomorrow here today? >> some of these innovations would make the jetsons proud. we'll show you coming up. our half off deal. $15 for a dozen gar my cupcakes. that is a $30 value. log onto the web site and click on the my fox half off link. o  --$15 for a dozen gourmet cupcakes. 
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morning news. post a comment under janet's photo. the japanese carmakers showed off their knewest fuel efficient model. nissan with the new electric car that can drive itself and find parking spaces. that is so cool. >> that is worth it to me. >> honda's new electric cars have portable batteries that are small enough no a scooter. and toyota debuted this plug-in version of the prius. more electric cars on the way. stay with us.  [ screaming ]
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