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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  December 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning out there, everyone. we are happy that we're doing stuff a truck this morning. we'll check in with the guys here in just a bit. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad you're with us. it is a big day here on fox 5 morning news. stuff a truck 2011 under way. you can help the capital area food bank this holiday season by calling in a donation to the number you see on the screen and thanks these volunteers who got up extra early to help us out. out. you can stop by one of the four area giant good locations where we will be today. let's check in with gwen tolbart with the latest on our weather forecast. you've got the goods on how cold it is today. >> i do. i want to tell you something. i'm glad i'm inside because it is chilly outside. the weather guys are out there bundled up definitely a cool st
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35degrees at national airport. 27 at gaithersburg. look at frederick, only 21 degrees this hour. 25 to the west at winchester. 23 in martinsburg and baltimore at 27 degrees. annapolis, 34 and that is warm relatively speaking. we do have a cold front moving through a little bit later today but it will be a dry one. so we're not looking at any rain whatsoever. some of you seeing a little bit of frost on your windshields this morning but we are going to warm up today to about 56 degrees. just a bit warmer than we were yesterday where we hit the seasonal average dead on in the low others. no shortage of sunshine. bright skies, a very light win pushing in from the northwest five to 10 miles per hour. we do have some changes in our five-day forecast. i'll have the details a little later on for you. today, not bad at all. >> thank you so much. let's say good morning to julie wright for the latest on traffic. how is it going out there?
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>> pretty well. so far, so good. it is tgif and no incidents have been respected right now as you work your way around i- 95 from woodbridge headed up to the capital beltway. there was an erlder fender bender along route 1 north of 234 dumfries road. car took out a utility pole. very little delay at this time. the lanes are open as you work your way on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. no trouble spots to report there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. let's get to some news first this morning and police in leesburg investigating the shooting death of a 39-year-old man. happened in the # hundred block of valemont terrace last night. -- the 800 block. ate rockville man kidnapped and held captive in pakistan
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for months. >> we knew warren weinstein had disappeared in august. he is a development expert and was helping the people of pakistan when the gunmen kidnapped him at his fortified home four months ago. al-qaeda's top leader claims he is being held hostage. a neighbor of weinstein says at least they know where he is. >> it is terrible for anyone to be used like that. i'm glad that we know something that he is alive. we didn't know anything. i know his wife has got to be delighted to know that he is still alive because she hadn't heard anything. >> now, mrs. weinstein did not want to talk to us about her husband. in the al-qaeda record, the terror leader says he will be released in the u.s. stops bombing afghanistan. another maryland man stuck in a cuban prison and lawmakers are asking for his release now. alan gross was working for the state department when he was arrested for i. ing two years ago. his wife just visit him and
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said he is very depressed. he has been spending his time making bracelets from bottle tops. a d.c. postal worker robbed right outside of his job. it happened at the post office at 14th and t streets northwest last night. aman approached the employee and ordered him to hand over all his cash and any money orders he had. the postal work are was forced into the back of his mail truck and locked inside. montgomery county's public say safety committee has voted against a proposed youth curfew. now f it passes, it would apply to anyone 1 or young are with some exceptions. the city says imposing the teen curfew would be the wrong thing because teen crime has dropped in recent years. three, two, one! >> a sure sign of christmas in
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d.c. the first family lit the tree. the tree itself is new. the former tree was knocked down in a windstorm last february. it had been there for some 30 years. it is starting to feel a little bit like christmas out there. tony perkins certainly knows that. he is out in brentwood. >> it is my home away from home every stuff a truck. this is where you am at brentwood at the giant store just outside the giant food store where we are hosting stuff a truck 2011. everything being set up as we speak. the trucks are here awaiting your donation. we have the baskets being set up as well. wpgc is also here. cbs radio being one of the co- sponsors. fox 5 a co-sponsor. happy to do it once again this year. we are looking for your nonperishable footed items, toiletries and the like -- food items, toiletries and the like. we'll take money donation, cash, checks, all of that
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throughout the course of the day today from now until 11:00 at night the going to be going on all day long. we always get a great response here at brentwood. we are looking for it again. please stop by on your way to work. you can pick up some specials in giant throughout the course of the morning. we'll be right back. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will return.
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another sign that the u.s. mission in iraq is winding down. today, camp victory was officially handed over to the iraqi government. it served as the headquarters to the u.s. military in a rack and was originally a country club, under saddam hussein's rule at least. the senate blockade plan to
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tax the rich. the president responded by saying senate republicans chose to raise taxes on nearly 106 mill whron hard-working americans because they refused to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay their first share. some republicans helped to kill a gop-backed alternative to extend the existing payroll tax cut. in southern california, high winds have been blasting los angeles county. they are some of the worst winds seen in years there. state of emergency has been declared because of the widespread damage. hundreds of thousands are without power this morning and the storm is moving east. northern utah reports winds of over 100 miles per hour. we'll check in with tony. he has your full forecast coming up next. he is live at the brentwood giant into northeast d.c. for this year's stuff a truck campaign. we'll have the trucks out there until 11:00 tonight collecting your nonperishable food items for the capital area food bank. we are also by the way at the giant in hyattsville on east-west highway, montrose crossing and the greenbriar shopping center.
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tucker is at montrose crossing. we'll check some with him in a bit. if you can't make it out to any of the locations today, you culls make a donation by calling our phone bank. the number there is on your screen. screen. -- you can make a donation by calling our phone bank. bank. back in a moment. nt.  [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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you shouldn't be charged for. refill? i'm ok. [ male announcer ] so does that guy. the citibank debit card with no monthly fee. easier banking. standard at citibank. our stuff a truck 2011 is now under way. >> this is the 10th year and we are happy once again to help out the capital area food bank. tony live at the brentwood giant in northeast washington. good morning. >> good morning to you, steve and sarah. things are under way here for stuff a truck 2011. we've already had some early morning donation we've got one of the shopping carts here that had a couple of bags in it. now, one big bag, another small bag. we hope to fill these up during
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the course of the morning. we'll take what is in these baskets and stuff that truck. we'll be here all day long until 11:00 tonight. this morning, tucker barnes is also at the montrose location in rockville. we're also outside of the giant stores in hyattsville and greenbriar. that is where we're broadcasting from during the evening show. at day long event. some 641,000 people across this metropolitan area are at risk of hunger every day. so it is a very serious need. the capital area food bank has seen the numbers go up during the last couple of years as you can imagine in these tough economic sometimes. so we need your help. stop by if you can. make a donation. we would love to he soo you out here. it's cold start to the day. not as cold as it has been in previous years. let's take a look at the temperatures across the region. our temperatures in the 20s and 30s. here in washington, we are at 35 degrees. dulles airport is at 27. bwi marshall is at 27. we have even have some low 20s out there as well as we get offy to acold start today but
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it will be a mild day. take a look at the satellite- radar. there is not much to see. our skies are clear, cloud-free and it shall remain that way for the bulk of the day today. we'll see plenty of sunshine across the region and a nice, bright sunrise early this morning. as we show you the forecast for today, we'll see a lot of sunshine. it will warp up nicely. we'll see mild temperatures into the mid-50s today, a couple of degrees above normal. not too bad as far as our winds go. then, for your five-day forecast, things hook good for the weekend. tomorrow, a little cooler a high only in the low 50s. for sunday, if you are heading out to fedex field for the redskin day, a great day, a mix of clouds and sun with temperatures back into the upper 50s. clouds roll in on monday and we could see rain showers late in the day on monday and on tuesday as well. we'll have more for you from brentwood coming up in just a little bit. we want to find out what is happening on the area roadways.
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julie wright has that. you going to come by this morning? >> coming bay biafter 8:00. >> you know what i just remembered? >> you forgot my pie. >> i'm right outside a giant food store. so you'll have your pie. >> you're supposed to be stuffing the truck, not me. >> oh, boy. >> if you are in there, get some nonperishable items, put it in the basket, we'll call it even. okay? >> sounds good. >> tony is out there at brentwood in northeast washington. that is easy to get to. georgia avenue, riggs road coming in from silver spring. new york avenue, no problems there. sky fox was above 270 not too long ago. that is an easy trip coming in out of germantown and gaithersburg. 355 an easy ride as you continue out to visit tucker barnes at the montrose shopping center. 359 picking up some volume but no incidents to report. top side of the beltway in good shape. picking up some volume as you
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make your way past university boulevard but still incident- free. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and the stuff a truck fund continues. >> all right. tucker barnes, he is live at the montrose crossing at the giant there in rockville. how is it going out there. tony already has a couple of bags of food there. >> we have one donation, she got here at 5:55 ready to go. we have trucks all ready to go and we are just starting to warm things up. it is definitely cold out here. i know tony is talking about the weather. temperatures definitely below 32. we are excited about today. we've got our friend from the washington sports club already doing their thing, up and going, getting us running this morning. we're looking for are ward to vague lot of fun out here. as we kick things off, fox is not the only one involved in this great campaign to donate food to the needy across the washington area. i'm joined by kelly coll si. at 94.7, the tommy show and you
6:19 am
guys are partners with us today. >> wear so excited. we are partnering again. it is our whole cbs radio station. all of our sister stationst gia fresh is out here today. and yes, that woman came by this morning, did her first donation. i heard she has been coming every single year, dropping off the first donation. >> did we mention this is our tenth year. so fantastic. we are expecting a lot of exciting acts out here during the course of the day. tell me how you guys are involved and what people can do to get more involved with this campaign. >> the details are on our web site. you can come out here, nonperishable goods. we have two big trucks sitting here waiting for your donation. >> and what are you going to donate? ibrought a box of soup and some dried food here. it is actually in the trunk of the car. thank you for the reminder. >> you're going to be here through 10:00? >> through 10:00. >> your station will be here
6:20 am
all day long. >> we were jamming the music trying to keep warm. >> i'm being told that even though temperatures are below 3 2-rbgs it is no the that bad. where is my friend, libby? where is she? come on, get over here. this is libby. you might remember, we did the pumpkin workout together. still catching my breath from that one a month ago. >> that was a great one. >> tell us how people can get involved. >> this is such a great cause. it goes to all local charities. people come in and bring in -- we had someone come, she come every year. this is our 10th year. washington sports club is very very active. we like to bring energy to the people that come work out with us. bringing all the cans in. and it is all to 11:00. this is fabulous. >> all right, libby. what kind workouts are we doing? >> we're doing everything. we have the hurdles, the ladder, the cones. and we'll do jumping rope.
6:21 am
we have the tubing and all sorts of things working the entire body. >> what did you have to pay your friends to come out at 6:00 to work out with you. >> such a great cause, that is all it took. >> i'll go work out with you. >> kell y, thank you for joining us. >> let's go. let's do this. >> and you see that little square disappear from the screen, is done. >> he'll keep warm. a great effort, keep warm. >> metro now talking about perhaps another fare increase. >> and as we go to break, if you can't make it out to any of the four giants where we will be today, make a zonation to the capital area food bank by calling 202-859-3307. you can see we have our
6:22 am
volunteers standing by to take your calls. number again, 202-895-3307. back in a moment. to make a commitment is to see things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality and faster downloads. but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we're committed to investing in america now. why?
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a new report is is ing the plan to move 6400 defense workers into alexandria's mark center. it found that the army created a recipe for gridlock by not building the new facility near metro, relying instead on buses and workers having to drive themselves. the report also slams the army for using flawed traffic studies. a little reminder that the tolls for the intercounty connector will start next monday. it has been free to ride since the 18. # mill road opened more than a week ago. it connects interstate 270 to interstate 97 in prince george's countiy. expect to pay more to ride
6:26 am
on metro soon although we don't know exactly how much more. the transit agency facing a deficit of nearly $125 million next year and since the fare increase will be needed to close that gap or at least help torque the money would be used for fix escalator, add more police, reduce worker fatigue and pay rising health care and pension costs. it is unclear how much the race may go up. this year, there are a lot of families that are facing the reality of not having enough to eat. >> it is unfortunate but it is true. you can help the empty stomachs and warm some hearts by helping us stuff a truck. drop off your nonperishable foods at any of the locations. >> we'll be collecting the items for the capital area food bank. can you also drop off a check as well if that is easier for
6:27 am
you. we will taken that as well. stay with us. time now is 6:27. ♪
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we'll talk a lot about it this morning. our stuff a truck campaign, it is the tenth year we are teaming up collecting food for so many folks in need. >> giant has been a long-time supporter. they are offering great sale items to make it easier to donate as well. >> let's head out to northwest d.c. tony perkins is at the brentwood location. >> good morning, steve. we'll tell you more about giant's involvement with the capital area food bank in just a moment. let's update you on what is going on with the weather. it is a simple forecast today. cold start but a mile end to the day. temperatures mainly in the 20s and 30s this morning across the region. later on today, we'll be well
6:31 am
into the 50s so it won't be bad at all. so wear your coat this morning. washington, d.c. right now at 35 degrees. we have agot some temperatures, even in the low 0s in some of the outlying suburbs but mostly upper 20s and low to mid-30s across most of the area. look at the sat-rad. we'll show you that the skies are clear. -- we've got some temperatures even in the low 20s in some of the outlying suburbs but mostly upper 20s and low to mid-30s. we are looking for a high of about 56 degrees and clear skies tonight with our lows dropping off into the 30s once again. we'll tell you more about the weekend forecast coming up in just a little bit. right now, more about stuff a truck 2011. we are joined by our friend, wendell moore, who is the store manager here at the giant food store. good morning. >> good morning. >> not windy this morning. >> not windy.
6:32 am
not blowing through us. >> let's talk about your involvement, the giant food store involvement with the capital area food bank. it goes many years now. >> we are doing stuff a truck. we hope everybody comes out to support us. we have several other locations that people are doing stuff a truck. we participate with them not only in the stuff a truck but we participate with the national capital area food bank all year long. it's worthy cause and we continue to support them regularly. >> let's talk about a number of things that people can do as we have already said. can you donate cash, checks, you can bring nonperishable food items. one of the easiest things to do is to just stop in the store and you guys make it even easier. tell me what you're doing. >> it will be very easy for the customers. come on down. we have plenty of nonperishable good you can buy. the first 200 customers get a giant reusable bag we encourage everybody to get these. we have bumblebee tuna fish, 89
6:33 am
cents a can. we have betty stronger ten for ten. we have campbell soup's two for $4 to name a few nonperishable items. let's stuff four truck this year. >> i want to make sure ten for ten, that is ten item for ten dollars. >> you can get 20 of them, twenty of them. >> on selected items. don't try to get 20 turkeys. >> please don't. >> very good. thank you for hosting us again this year. we hope to have a lot of traffic in the store and a lot of traffic out here as well. >> thank you. i'm glad you are ahere to help us. wpgc is here. they are broadcasting. big tigger and free doing their show from here. dave ross is going to be stopping by. julie wright will be here later on this morning and we've got a lot more entertainment as well. stick with us throughout the course of the morning. we want to see you here. back to you. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and see if folks are going to be able to get there the roads.
6:34 am
>> wait a minute. he is talking about turkeys and then he mentions me in the same sentence. >> it is just a habit, that's all. >> we're hoping everybody will come out. turn is broadcasting live from the montrose crossing shopping center there in rockville. that is easy to get to as well off of 355. no trouble spots this. the trip into northeast looking good. no problems to report on brentwood headed out towards the giant. on the roads right now, you will find the lanes are open northbound i-95 for a friday morning. not looking so bad. lanes are open leaving woodbridge headed up towards the occoquan. we had at crash northbound at the 606 in stafford. no trouble spots to report headed in towards vienna. you will find lanes are open, easy ride out of germantown headed for the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. checking top stories this morning, al-qaeda claims it is
6:35 am
holding a rockville man hostage. man is warren weinstein. the head of al-qaeda iserring a series of demands for his release. they say he will be released in the u.s. stops bombing afghanistan. the latest on the capitol hill battle there. the senate blocking a democratic plan to tax the rich to renew a plan to pay for the tax cuts that are due to expire at the end of the month. it is a key piece of president obama's jobs plan. republicans all helped to kill a gop alternative. >> three, two, one! >> sure sign of christmas in d.c. as the president and first family lit the national christmas industry at the annual pageant. peace. the tree itself is new. the former tree was knocked down in a win storm last february. it had been there some 30 years. you can do something simple to help a family in need this holiday season. you can help us stuff a truck, a whole bunch of trucks, by
6:36 am
donating to the capital area food bank. care has more on how can you help by make a phone call. >> that's right. we have the folk here from the capital area food bank. they have been answering the phone all morning long here and we definitely do need people's help. nicole durant is with the capital area food bank. she manages the volunteer program. give us an idea how people can help out. sometime they think well, i can't make it down to a giant location. what can people do it help out. >> there are a number of did you have rent ways to help out. they can call the phone bank number, call us at capital area food bank or yoko very -- or donate online. >> give us an idea what the status is. need has grown. our agency has already in h. a 5% -- had a 25% increase in
6:37 am
the need. >> people can donate up until 10:00 here today. they are manning the phones. but we are at the different locations until 11:00 tonight. you can hear the phones are ringing now. but again, nonper,able -- nonperishable food items is what they are crossing at all of the ons. if you would hike to drop off your goods, also drop off a check, money, anything can you help to donate will definitely help out those in need. back over to you. >> thank you so much. we'll check in with tucker next to see how things are going at our stuff a truck location up in rockville at the montrose crossing giant. as we go to break, another holiday greeting from our troops overseas. >> merry christmas, kids. this is mom appear dad saying happy holidays from ander sop air force base on guam. >> have a great holiday.
6:38 am
>> this goes out to kelsey cameron and gray son. love you all.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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we need your help today to stuff a truck. we'll be at the giant food stores at brentwood, hyattsville on east-west highway, montrose crossing and the greenbriar shopping center in virginia collecting nonperishable food items for the capital area food bank. >> tucker is at the montrose crossing giant. he is joined by kevin mccarthy. how you guys doing out there? >> hey, sarah. we're doing great. i'm in the midst of my 35- minute workout. i can't feel my toes but so
6:42 am
far, it is going good. want to thank libby rudin with washington sports club. i'm out of breath. that is really sad. we are having a great time. we'll be out here until 10:00 tonight. won't be here until 10:00 tonight. if i am, i won't be able for feel anything in my fingers and toes. we'll be here until 11:00 tonight. joined by my good friend kevin mccarthy and we're doing movies this morning. we got an important donation. >> i thought about this really hard. i went out last night an i was like i have to get get something cool for the food bank. last year, i did the oatmeal cream pies. this is just one of the greatest food items of all time. and then, twinkies. >> full disclosure here. these are from his own personal collection. >> they are. i got those because of the movie zombie land with woody harrelson. all about twinkies.
6:43 am
i'm going in here. i'm going to drop them in. >> if keven can give, can you too. >> that's right. we're getting these crates filled up. let's talk movies. it is friday. kick it off with the must-see movies in the next couple of week. >> we are getting into the oscar season. so many movies coming out right now that will be nominated for the academy awards. it is called shame. you can read my full review on kevin on it is not for kids. an nc 17 rating is a regard rare rating. that means no children under 17 years old, even with their parents cannot go to this movie. i believe it is playing over at landmark e street incinemas and opens up in bethesda. >> that is the movie that comes out tonight. >> it comes out today. can you read my full review. >> i'm not going to see shame. >> it is pretty brutal. >> very brutal.
6:44 am
>> let's get to it. let's get to more family friendly movies. >> these are my five must-see movies in theaters right now. hugo has just won the best film of the year at the national board of review. until now, until seeing this movie, i never thought 3-d was a necessary tool in telling a story. >> it is a beautiful picture. >> it is absolutely beautiful. cost hum over $100 million to make. it starts off like a child adventure but then becomes this beautiful 3-d love letter to film making. you cannot market this movie correctly. a 30 second tv spot or two- minute trail are did you not give the movie what it is worth. you have to see it in theater. it will move you, make you a film fan. amazing. >> one of the best movies of the year. >> it is my favorite movie of the year next to drive and super #. i high le recommend it. see it in 3-d. make sure you go to a good 3-d theater because
6:45 am
if it is not a bright bulb, it will dim the picture. >> and george clooney movie. >> the descendants. he will be nominate for this. it is opening up at a bunch of theaters. it is directed by a guy name alexander paine. it deals with just raw human emotion. it is george clooney's best performance to date. normally, we can he george clooney. we don't ever really seat the character he is playing. >> he is a good actor. >> he is good but he is being george clooney. this is the best performance of his career. he did win the national board of review yesterday so we'll see what happens. it is one of the better performances of the year. i highly recommend it. >> let's get to the family friendly movie. one that i want to see, this -- every generation can love this movie. the muppets. >> am i a man or am i a muppet? that is the big question. that is a huge song in the movie. it's passion project from.
6:46 am
>> he is on segal who has wanted to make this movie for so long. i was interview is him and he was picked on in high school and he found this love in watching the muppets when he was younger. now, it is almost like he is thanking them on for this. >> already a big box office smash? >> it is doing well at the box office. it will make you smile from ear to ear the entire film. everybody, no matter how opened you are, grandparent, kids, teenagers, adults, you will love this film. it is very emotional. amy adams, i love her, she is so hot. >> all right. we only got another minute. >> martha, marcy may, marlene. this is a wonderful film. it is not your typical hollywood movie. it leaves things open ended. it macyou work as the viewer. not everything is tied up for you. the a wonderful perform's.
6:47 am
right now some the best actress race, you will have elizabeth olsen for this movie. the next movie, my week with marilyn. i'm predicting it is a film that michelle william will take home the academy award for best actress. she plays marilyn monroe. >> is that widespread release? >> it is going to go wider. it is a wonderful film. i fell in love with this character. >> those are your five movies. >> real quick. i have ten bucks, what movie i see this weekend? >> hugo. >> go to kevin on all my interviews and follow me on twitter. >> capital area food bank, we'll be here until 11:00 tonight. we are in montrose right outside the joint. come down and say hi to us.
6:48 am
we'd love to see you. back to you at the warm anchor desk. >> ask kevin when he is going to start interviewing some a- listers. i'm tired of all these c listers he's been talking to. >> thank you. he does great stuff. all interviews on online. when we talk about stuff a truck, we've been doing this for 10 years. there are many more who could use the help. >> the community dope ate more than 54,000 pounds of food last -- the community donated more than 54,000 pounds of food last year and they are hoping to get more this year. let's go out to tony. >> we have many donation that have come in already early this morning. we want more of you to stop by, bring your nonperishable food items and the like. we've got a lot of different things in here and i want to mention, where did that one bag go? come on down with me here,
6:49 am
ryan. all kind of things that we're looking for. we've got canned goods here and a bunch of deodorants here. we are looking for toiletries as well. anything that some of the people in the community could use. this was donate by a young man named jose who was on his way to montgomery college. didn't want to be on the air with us. he wanted to drop that off. we thank him for that. let's talk a little bit about the weather this morning. as tucker was telling you, it is a cold tart spot day. not as cold as we've seen in past years. -- it is a cold start to the day. most of you in the 20s and 30s. take a look at those temperatures. here in d.c., 35-degree at this hour. some of you in the suburbs are in the 20s this morning. we will see things warm up quite nicely as the day progresses. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. there is nothing to show you on the radar because there is nothing to show you on the say the lied. our skies are clear this morning. we'll have a nice bright sunrise that may slow your
6:50 am
commute down a little bit. we'll warm thing up quite nicely. we'll see our highs a little bit above normal. the forecast for today, sunny skies. temperatures in the mid-50s. we're looking for 56 degrees downtown for your high today. and then a cool night tonight. downright cold tonight as temperature will again drop off into the 30s. some of you in the 20s. here is a look at the five-day forecast. over the weekend on saturday o saturday, we will see a testimony the low 50s. on sunday, we get miler again back into the upper 50s and maybe some rain on monday. look at this young man making a donation. get your bag. you get a bag right there. thank you very much, man. thank you. that is great. first 200 customers would come out here get a free giant reusable bag. now, where is lynn brantley. come on over. every year, we start this off by talking to lynn brantley. she is the ceo of the capital area food bank. >> good to see you. >> good to see you.
6:51 am
>> thank you for coming out. you are always here. >> thank you for having us. >> we are happy to be one your partners once again. last year, we did pretty well which was great. hoping to do even better this year. i remember talking about this last euro and the year before, the unfortunate thing is the need continues to grow. >> it doesn't stop. we did a check with 57% of our agencies and we found anywhere between 10 to 75% increase in the number of people coming to their doors. we serve 700 food programs throughout the metropolitan washington food area. this food will go out to those agencies, cindy hsu kitchens, day care centers, senior centers. -- soup kitchens. you are helping over 700 os when you give. >> one of the thins that stood out to me as i was reading over some of of the information, some of the folk who you are seeing who are new clients if you will. can you tell me a little bit about that. >> 56% of the people that we
6:52 am
serve are either working or working two jobs, have lost a well-paying job or have lost their home. this economy is hitting middle class families hard, not just poor people but middle class. it has a devastating effect. >> a lot of people who are employed are underemployed as we know. so not making enough to make ends meet. very important. we'll be out here all day. thank you again. we hope it goes very well. we'll be out here all day at brentwood. three other giant locations as well across the region until 11:00 tonight. can you donate all day long right up until 11:00 tonight and on our late news tonight, we'll recap everything for you. please do that. come on out and help without with stuff truck 2011. let's teen out about the roadways with julie wright. no incidents to report and no traffic, i mean literally, it
6:53 am
is wide open traveling through northeast washington. it should make for an easy commute for you guys traveling along rhode island avenue headed up to stuff a truck. i-95 in good shape as you work your way across woodbridge. the wreck at 606 has cleared. eastbound 66 no trouble spots to report. >> if you would hook to help us stuff a truck today but you can't make it out to one of the locations, we made it easy for you. just call our phone bank. the number is 202-895-3307. these great volunteer doors came in early to be with us this morning. they will be manning the phone and taking your donations. >> as we go to break, we would like to thank everyone who is helping us make this year's stuff a truck a success.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
. we do have exciting news to share with you. you may have noticed that holly wasn't here yesterday. she had a very good reason for it. she was busy having a baby. her baby boy hayden was born last night. mom, dad and baby are doing well. time to say good morning to the facebook fan the day. it is gail griffin. today is her birthday. if you want to be monday's fan of the day. post a comment under gail's photo and wish her a happy birthday too. that does it for the 6:00 hour. fox 5 morning news continues right now. now. glad you're with us on this friday morning. it is a special edition of fox 5 morning news this morning. good morning. i'm he steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour.
6:58 am
today our 10th annual stuff a truck campaign. you can help the capital area food bank this holiday season by calling 202-895-3307. that number is on your screen. do that right now with a monetary donation if you can't get out to see us today. the number is on your screen. r . >> we are also collecting nobody perishable food items at the giant food stores at brentwood, hyattsville, on east- west highway, montrose closing. also the greenbriar shopping center. out in the chantilly area. we'll be out there until 11:00 tonight. our weather guys are out there accepting donation having some fun as well. we'll check in with tawnders who is in rockville in just a minute. let's go out to our tony perkins at brentwood. he is warming unwith the help of an aerobics instructor. >> that is a first, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. things are getting heated up out here. it is still a cold start to the morning but starting to get a lot of activity here. we have donations that are
6:59 am
coming in quite nicely for so early in the morning. we are very happy about this including youngsters who have come by. we have a box here donated by a kindergarten class. we didn't find out what school and they decorate the -- decorated the sides of it for this morning. screech has just walked up and gone right to the ladies. hi, screech. go ahead, man. we know what you're doing. kenned rarks come on over, please. this is kendra -- kendra, come on over please. this is kendra. tell me the name of your group. >> we are carythyms. lots of fun and burn lots of calories. >> is it too early? are you ready to do some steps? >> i'm ready right now. >> can we see


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