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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  December 8, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EST

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the city up towards boston. we should be in for bright sunshine today, much quieter weather. our highs will only reach the 40s later this afternoon. right now at reagan national, we are 38 degrees. 38 at reagan national. check out those winds north and west at 20. they will be howling here for the next southeasterly hours. forecast for today, yep, freezing cold. high temperatures only in the mid 40s. jacket weather here to stay for the foreseeable future. we'll be cold right through the weekend. more details on the forecast coming up. our top stories, police made an arrest in connection to a stabbing at a maryland high school. 17-year-old brianna funez is being charged as appear adult for stabbing another 17-year- old. police say it all started tuesday when some girls from montgomery blair and kennedy high school got into an argument outside a boys basketball game at northwood
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high in silver spring. the victim is expected to survive. more troubles for the mortuary after drover air -- at dover air force base. the "washington post" is reporting that the remains of 274 troops were sent to the landfill in king george county. the air force says it has no plans to alert the families of the dead that hair loved ones were dumped there. jerry sandusky is behind bars. the former penn state assistant football coach was arrested yesterday on new child abuse charges. the latest charges against sandusky come after two additional accusers testified in front of a grand jury. sandusky couldn't post the $250,000 bail forcing him to spend the night in jail. the 67-year-old ex-coach now faces more than 50 counts of child sexual abuse. health and human services is keeping the age limit on the plan b morning after pill as is. ainsley earhart has more.
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>> reporter: the so-called morning after pill can prevent pregnancy for taken soon enough after unprotected sex. if you can prove you're over 17, can it without a prescription. the food and drug administration was ready to let it be sold on drugstore shelves to just anyone. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius overruled the agency. she says she is concerned very young girls couldn't properly understand how to use it without guidance from an adult. new york presbyterian hospital's dr. kathleen london says the evidence there is to allow the drug to be sold to everyone. >> the world health organization says it is safe. american acandidate miff pediatric -- academy of
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pediatrics, they're all aware of it. mark siegel says this drug needs to be monitored by a medical professional. >> i'm very nervous about young women under the age of 17 going to a pharmacy, taking this and having no doctor in the loop. and if there is a side effect, bleeding, blood clots, et cetera, i won't know about it. >> reporter: in 2006, the fda allowed the pill to be sold without a prescription to those 18 and over. in 2009, it was lowered to 17. in sports, alec ovechkin finally announced his presence for the washington caps last night. take a listen. >> all the way to the point. slams on the brakes, winds up, fires, scores! ovechkin finally. >> all right. he scored one of three straight goals bit caps in the third period. they beat the ottawa senators 5-
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3. it was so ovechkin's ninth of the soap. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. it is 4:30 on this thursday. we are taking a look at the washington monument this morning. it may be kind of dry out there at this point. what is left, anyway. doesn't appear to be any rain falling. look at that camera bouncing around out there. it will be a windy morning. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. i felt it pulling on my steering wheel. >> oh, absolutely. real windy out there. the rain, the snow out of here. should be a bright and sunny day. much, much quieter than yesterday but windy and cold. let's see temperatures and check it out. that is a lot cooler than yesterday. this is where we should be this
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time of year. 38 in washington and baltimore. freezing mark in winchester. hagerstown, 33. there will be a few spots where the heavy rain will get a chance to freeze on the roadways if you are watching out in west virginia and western maryland. be ready for the possibility of a couple of slick spots on the roads. the wind will dry things out here fairly quickly. there is your radar. you can see we've quieted town. the rain showers, the frozen snow we've had out to the west. check out the wind out of the west at 10 to 25. they were gusting to about 20 to 25. >> this is about normal, right? >> that is close to where we should be. >> let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on our traffic. >> good morning, you guys. we are talking about what's normal. standing water is not normal. we had reports of that early on
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this morning for those traveling out the charles county. popped up the camera from cumberland. my trip in headed down the beltway between college park and bethesda, mainly dealing with dry pavement. hardly any precipitation left on the roads on that particular side of town. here we are live out in cumberland. look pretty good here as well. no incidents to report off of i- 70 or 15 or 26 this morning. no other problems reported at this time. on the other side of town, we do have that issue it with the standing water. that will affect your commute along route 1. it is blocked off between powder mill road and ritz way because of that standing water. we did not get any snow in last night's storm here in the immediate area but we did get plenty of rain. some roads like water street in
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upper marlboro got flooded. that part of water street is closed due to high water. we'll get a live update coming up in about 30 minutes from now. making headline this morning, more than 70 people were arrested during the protests targeting k street yesterday which is the symbolic hub of the country's lobbying industry. some are part of the occupy d.c. movement. others are activists, clergy and union organizers. they set up in front of frustrated drivers shutting down the streets around mcpherson square. protesters also took their message to the white house and the supreme court. here is some reaction from some of the protesters, what they had to say. >> the system has become so much about making a profit and so much about creating a semiprosperous economy, it leaves working folks and the common folks and a lot of the middle class behind. >> if you look at the change in the national conversation in the last two months, it is very
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clear we have effected very real change. democrats for the first time are talking about taxing the rich without being ashamed of t. new information on the mishandled remains at dover air force base. the "washington post" is reporting that the air force dumped more ashes of fallen troops than they first admitted in a virginia landfill. post says the air force no-fly zone at least 274 troops whose partial remains were dumped between 2004 and 2008. in an investigation that started in may of 2010, the office of special counsel found parts of unidentified remains in that landfill in king george county. police made an arrest in connection with the stabbing at a maryland high school. 17-year-old brianna funez is being charged as an adult for stabbing another 17-year-old. police say it all started tuesday when girls from montgomery blair and kennedy high school got into an argument outside a boys basketball game at northwood high in silver spring and the
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girls had an ongoing feud. the victim is expected to survive. no one will be charged in the death of a george washington university grad student. patrick casey suffered a head injury when he fell off being shoved or punched during a confrontation in september in northwest. several men were reportedly involved in that but the u.s. attorney's office has not decided to press charges. he says there is not enough evidence of a crime. a woodbridge doctor plead the no contest to charges he inappropriately touched his patient. he will not go to jail. a judge sentenced him to 12 months with all jail time suspended for good behavior. he will remain free as long as he doesn't contact any patients who accused him of abuse. the virginia medical board suspended his medical license. he was arrested back in february. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is in jail again. he was arrested yesterday
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afternoon on new child sex abuse charges. he was reportedly up able to post $250,000 in cash bail. fox's david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: new sex abuse charged against jerry sandusky, the former penn state football coach arrested again after two new accusers were questioned by a grand jury. both saying they met sandusky through the second mile charity. one accuser claims he was assaulted in 1997 when he was 10 years old. the other says the incident happened in 2004 when he was 11 or 12. pennsylvania attorney general linda kelly issuing a statement saying, quote: , quote: sandusky was already charged with 40 counts of child sex abuse involving eight other boys over a 15-year period. the 67-year-old ex-coach maintains his innocence. the central pennsylvania college that sandusky was denied a volunteer on tearing
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coaching position last year. a background check revealed a high school was investigating sandusky on sex abuse allegations. >> my professors told me a couple weeks ago that he knew he came here and applied for a job and the school had done its due diligence and done the background check. i was pretty proud to know we did the right thing. >> reporter: ?edz is scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing next tuesday. he may face some of his accusers at that hearing as some of the young men reportedly plan to testify. every bank in new york city is on heightened alert. we'll have details of what prompted authorities to step up security around banks in the big apple. we are checking more headlines on the other side of the break. stay with us. q you disgust me.
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a mail bomb to a german bank. banks in new york city and the german steve frankfurt are on high alert for other package
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bombs. mail bomb was ahead to the head of deutch bank in frankfurt. it was packed with explosives and say shrapnel but did not blow up. former illinois governor rod blagojevich has 71 days to turn himself in and begin serving his prison sentence. he was convicted on 18 corruption charges including trying to sell president obama's vacate senate seat. prior for sentencing, blagojevich apologized and asked the judge for mercy. >> this is a time to fight through adversity. this is the time for me to be strong for my children, be strong for patty and this is also a time for patty and me to get home so we can explain to our kids, our babies, amy and annie, what happened what all this means and where we're going from here. >> jurors from blagojevich's corruption trial said she agreed with the stiff prison sentence of 14 years.
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harry morgan has died. he was best known for his role of colonel potter on mash. the show went on to become one of tv's most successful prime time series earning morgan and emmy. morgan's family tells the associated press the actor died at his home in brentwood after battling pneumonia. harry morgan was 96 years old. we typically associate running marathons with being in shape. up next, could that extreme activity actually be bad for your heart? we'll have details coming up. in you run this morning, you need a jacket. our temperature are falling back into the low 30s. i'll have all the details on the brisk forecast and julie wright will have details coming up after the break. ♪
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taking a live look over washington, d.c., a little bit quieter in templets rain and snow. that is pretty much stopped. but it is a little bit windy out there. here is the thing though. it does look like winter in new mexico. people in roswell are dealing with some snow, something they are not used to, for sure. for many, just getting out of the driveway was a challenge and when they did, they were faced with roads covered in frozen snow and black ice.
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a similar scene in memphis, tennessee too. slushy snow caused backups during the morning commute, even shut down some schools out there. >> yeah, they're more used to aliens there in roswell. >> this is a little foreign for them though as well. >> i like that. >> don't you? >> clever. around here, we didn't get a whole lot of any snow. out to the west, our viewers did. >> nothing too much that stuck around? >> not here. let's talk about the rain. we had record rain at all three area airports and a del judge. >> it just didn't want to stop. >> check out reagan national, 3.1 inches of rain. that is in a 24-hour period. a good portion of that fell in 25 to half inch clips in an
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hour. 3.1inches. these are all records. 2.38 out at bwi marshall. so again, good riddance to all the rain. we should be in for much quieter weather at least as far as rain is concerned today. we will be feeling with some wind during the morning hours. here is your sentinel sat-rad. our storminess is ripping off to the north and east. it is out of here very quickly. still a little snow on the back side of that system up boston. here back in washington, we are looking at clearing skies. i think we should be in for a bright sunny morning this morning but the wind will pick up around that system. winds out of the north and west gusting to about 20 to 25 to start your day. you mix in air temperatures currently in the 30s and it feels like december around here and it will throughout the day today. our highs later this afternoon only in the mid-40s and with the wind again, it should feel cool are than that. 38 right now in the city at reagan national. 42 for you in annapolis. off to the north and west, we are starting to see freezing temperatures break out. winchester, you're 32. 33 in hagerstown. there will be a few slick spots
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as we'll get a chance to freeze whatever precip is on the roadways during the early- morning hours here. sunshine, breezy at times. 46 the daytime high. there are your wind out of west at 10 to 15. it will be breezy. ignore the winter weather advisory. i'll dump that. here is your five-day forecast. tomorrow, 49. we'll get a brief warm and hundred, a little clipper system cools us down late friday and early saturday. right now, the weekend looks sunny and dry but on the chilly side. overnight lows in the 20s by zipped morning. and a slow warm-up here into early next week. it will start to feel like december starting right now through the weekend. all right. that is a look at weather. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest. what's up? >> does that say 27 from sunday into monday? >> yes, it does. something to look forward to. >> that is my age, tucker. that is not a temperature. >> julie, i'm not going to
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touch that one but i'm so tempted. >> all right. on the roads right now, 395, coming across the 14th street bridge, lanes are open, no problems reported right now. you will also find you are on dry pavement as you travel close in towards d.c. lanes are open on northbound i-95 as you continue to work your way around from the potomac mills area head up to the capital beltway. this is a live shot of traffic inbound new york avenue at florida. traffic flowing freely in each intersection. no trouble spots to report as you guys continue southbound on 59 and 259 coming in out of laurel. we do have reports of standing watt they're continues to block a portion. route one each way between powder mill road and ritz way. a new report out shows license plate cameras in parking lots do very little to stop crime. research shows the cameras didn't keep thieves from
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stealing cars arrest breaking in. the cameras take pictures of license plates coming and going. metro says they are just a small part of the crime- fighting effort and the agency will continue to use them. in this morning's health alert, extreme exercise could put your heart in general day. study by the european heart journal shows those who participate in extreme endurance exercise could temporarily damage the heart muscle. scientists looked at those training more than 10 hours aweek for marathons, triathlons or cycling races. they underwent multiple mris and results show their hearts change shape after marathons but usually go back to normal after a week. people would eat exercise before going to work eat half the amount of chocolate of those who don't. employees who take short breaks
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may have an easier time keeping their minds off all that snacking the. a controversial project to move oil from the arctic in canada to the gulf shore in the u.s. president obama met with canada's prime minister. was there any progress? we'll have that story coming up. up. hi i'm wanda dandridge, want to say happy holidays to my family back in fredericksburg, virginiaen i work here in korea. i want to say happy holidays to my sister-in-law, sister, two nieces and my nephew, sean, monique and marshal. happy holidays. i love you guys . -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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a quick note to pass along.
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charles county schools are running two hours late due to high water. with a lot of rain we had, that could be an issue again. charles county schools, two hours late due to high water. we will get the latest on our weather and traffic coming up here in just a bit. meanwhile, president obama spent yesterday with the leader of canada at the white house. at a press conference following their oval office meeting, all the talk was of tea lays over a controversial oil pipeline from canada to the gulf of mexico. president obama is rejecting any linkage for the payroll tax cut. >> reporter: president obama and prime minister harper announced a new bothered are security deal aimed at streamlining the billion and a half dollar a day flow of goods between the u.s. and canada but the delay of the keystone oil pipeline project topped reporters' questions. mr.obama rejected a republican proposal to make moving forward with the pipeline the price for extending the payroll tax cut. >> any effort to try to tie keystone to the payroll tax
4:53 am
cut, i will reject. so everybody should object notice. >> reporter: pressed by opposition from environmentalists, the president put off until after 2012 approval of the pipeline linking alberta's oil stands with refineries on the gulf of mexico. republicans see politics in the delay. >> the politics is delaying it past the election so the president doesn't have to choose between two friends, labor, who will be the folks that will build this or environmentalists who are fighting to kill the pipeline. >> reporter: congressman terry want to begin construction before the nebraska road is finalized, the proposal likely to be rejected by the democrat- controlle senate. president obama talked about a disappointed prime minister harper just days after announcing the delay. he calls the $7 billion project a no brainer. it would reduce america's did he have exon arab oil and the construction would create
4:54 am
thousands of jobs. it is the kind of stimulus project mr. obama ought to approve. >> here is the single greatest shovel ready project in america, ready to foe and for some reason, he is suddenly not interestedded. >> reporter: polls suggest strong public support for the pipeline and mcconnell and house speaker john boehner expressed hope the canadian prime minister would change the president's mind today but it and mr. harper didn't try. >> i would not comment on the domestic politics of this issue or any other issue here in the united states. >> reporter: republicans say one of the consequences of delay may be giving china access to canadian oil. coming up, a scare for the maryland terps men's basketball
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team actually near upset. alec semin returned to the caps. 50% of a one, three or six month membership to the argonica farm club. they go in search of locally grown meats and poultry and deliver to your door. we are back after this.
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alex ovechkin finally announced his presence for the washington caps last night. take a listen. >> lowers his shoulders are skates it to the point, slams on the brakes, winds up, fires, scores! ovechkin finally. >> it is about time. ovechkin scored one of three straight goals by the caps in the third period as they beat the ottawa senators 5-3. it is ovechkin's ninth of the soap but just his second in 13
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games. to college hoops now. the maryland terps began a six- game stretch at home against mount st. mary's. this one would stay close but they meet the mountaineers 77- 74. gary williams took in a n. a game. two of his former assistants faced each other. they were teammates at catholic. loyola would take a 10-point lead into the break and never relent. loyola defeats george washington 65-55. three local teams advanced to the pop warner national championship game in the junior midget division. in the pee wee division, the marshall heights bison from d.c. beat new haven, connecticut. in the junior pee wee competition, the beacon house
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falcons from d.c. defeated stay with us tip, california 12-8 to advance to the title game. all three will play for the national tight olympic saturday. we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues now. now. as you might imagine, there is some trouble from all the rains we had. this is prince george's countiy, upper marlboro right now. we'll check in with stacy cohan in just a bit to find out what is going on there. glad you're with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> there is one school delay we need to pass along, not due to snow but high water. charles county, maryland schools will be delayed two hours today because of somed intoing out there on the county roads. >> expected with all the rain we had but the good news is it looks like we stopped, stony. >> hallelujah. >> as expected, a fast-moving system. we are done with it.


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