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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  December 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is and we'll be left with much cooler temperatures and still windy out there right now. there is your storm system. look how far away it is. up in new england and continuing to pull away. fast-moving system did still manage to dump a lot of rain. yesterday, extraordinarily heavy rain during the course of the afternoon. i was out driving in it. it was not appear easy thing to do yesterday afternoon. but we're done with the precipitation. -- it was not an easy thing to do yesterday afternoon. let me take a look at the temperatures. big difference from where we were earlier this week. right now, we are in the 30s. 38 at reagan national. the warm spot, patuxent naval air station and ocean city where it is 40 degrees in those locations. here is your forecast for today. lots of sunshine. rather windy this morning but winds gradually diminishing. we will be dry and the winds actually are helping to dry up
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a lot of that precipitation that we had. however, as you all will continue to report, there is some standing water in some locations. highs today in the mid-40s. more details coming up in a little bit. >> let's see if that is creating an issue on the roads. julie wright, what is the latest? >> we've been talk about this this morning. sarah was report ago i few moments ago about water street and how that remains blocked off at route 4 -- sarah was reporting a few moments ago about water street and how that remains blocked off at route 4. inbound new york avenue running smoothly as you travel between florida avenue and the tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more now on the wet weather and our top story this morning. just another example of it
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there. we got a lot of rain across the region last night as you are well aware. >> stacy cohan is live with the latest. how does it look? >> reporter: well, you know, water street is called water street for a reason. it frequently floods here and that is the case today. take a look behind me. you can see it is blocked off. this is just in front. water street entrance to the prince george's county courthouse. it is completely flooded across water area and under route 4 pennsylvania avenue. you will not be able to access water street from pennsylvania avenue at this moment. so if you are coming in to the prince george's county courthouse or to the downtown upper marlboro area, there are some workarounds to get mere from the other side. you can see there is a good amount of standing water. crews have it blocked off and have it under control and contained but it will be a
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while before you can get across this section of town. back to you. >> thank you. in the meantime, making headlines, the air force mishand ailed lot more troop remains. they are from the mortuary at dover air force base. we are now learning that more remains of american soldiers were dumped in a virginia landfill than the military first admitted. the "washington post" is reporting that the remains of some 274 troops were sent to the landfill in king george county. the families of the deceased were not aware of the dumping but the air force said it has no plans to alert them that one dumped there. more than 07 protestors were arrested yesterday. some were part of the occupy d.c. movement. others are activists, clergy and union organizers from around the country. first, they set up in front of frustrated drivers on k street shutting down the area around mcpherson square. protesters also went to the white house.
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a 17-year-old high school student behind bars charged in the stabbing at a maryland high school. brianna funez is being charged as an adult. police say she stabbed another girl during an argument t happened outside of a boys basketball game at northwood high in silver spring on tuesday. no one will be charged in the death of a george washington university graduate student. patrick casey suffered a head injury when he fell over after being shoved or punched. the u.s. attorney's office has decided not to press charges saying there is not enough evidence of a crime. a woodbridge doctor pleaded no contest to charges that he inappropriately touched his patient. he will not go to jail. a judge sentenced him to 12 months with all jail time suspended for good behavior. he will remain free as long as he does not contact any of the patients who excused him of
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abuse. the virginia medical board suspended his medical license. he was arrested back in february. jerry sandusky spent the night in jail after being arrested for the second time. sandusky couldn't post the $250,000 bail. the latest charges, the result of grand jury testimony from two additional young men allegedly molested by sandusky when they were children. ?rudz's lawyer hopes to have him released from jail today. -- sandusky's lawyer hopes to have him released from jail today. a surprising move concerning a controversial means of birth control. up next, a decision by the u.s.
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plan b will not be able to teenaged girls. the fda was preparing to lift the age limit and let it be sold over the counter to anyone but health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius overruled that agency saying she was concerned very young girls would not understand how to use t. attorney general eric holder will face tough questioning about the government's fast and furious program. the justice demeanor's program was supposed to trade guns that went from the u.s. into mexico but allegedly ended up putting weapons in the hands of criminals. former illinois governor rob blagojevich is going to prison for 14 years. he has 71 days until he has to turn himself in. a chicago judge sentenced blagojevich on 18 charges including trying to sell president obama's vacated senate seat. he is now the second illinois
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governor in a row to go to prison and could end up in the same prison ad former governor george ryan who is also serving time for corruption. american airlines is fighting back chaining why flight attendants booted alec baldwin from yesterday's flight after refusing to turn off his cell phone. in a statement released on facebook of course the company said baldwin wads slamming bathroom doors appear was, quote, extremely rude. the 30 rock star apologized for fellow passengers on the flight but he is not saying sorry to the airlines. baldwin claims a flight attendant reamed him out for playing a game on his phone while sitting at the gate. coming up next, how one military family is exposing the truth about life for some of our troops in afghanistan. the latest on today's weather forecast t will be a cold one today to be sure. things drying out now. we'll tell you about that and julie wright will tell us about
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welcome back. we have one day to go until it is friday stand will be a little windy out there this morning if you haven't note id already and a little bit cool too, tony perkins. >> those winds are blowing around at about 20 miles per hour so dim a windy start to the day. winds will diminish as the day progresses but it will be cool all day long definitely. cold start today. let's start by talking about the rain. want to show you the rainfall totals at the airports yesterday. look at that. just over 3 inches at reagan national. man, it was really coming down. dulles airport, just over 2 inches. and bwi marshall, just over 2 1/3 inches. all of these set new records
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for the date. that is how much rain we got yesterday. that is just at the airports. we saw equally high rainfall amounts across most of the region. now, take a look at this morning. skies have cleared out. a couple of clouds but for the most part, skies have cleared out with clouds building in out to the west. there is your storm system that yesterday brought all the rain, brought some snow to some areas to the north and west of the city as predicted. it is now up in upper new england and pulling out very quickly, a very fast-moving storm system. so fast moving that it allowed it not to dump much in the way of snow but again, obviously the rain was pouring out of those clouds. let's take a look at the temperatures across the ream object this morning. you will need your winter coat. -- let's take a look at the temperatures across the region this morning. 36degrees now in washington. actually, that is a change. now, down to 36. 36 in baltimore. gaithersburg, 34 degrees. we are at the freezing mark in
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winchester. 32degrees there. and in quantico, it is 39 degrees at this hour. here is your forecast for today. a much simpler forecast than we had yesterday. skies will be mostly sunny today. it will be breezy at times with winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. look for a high of about 46 degrees. that is a few degrees below normal. then for tonight, we will see again mainly clear skies, cold again, overnight hoes in the 30s. five-day forecast, we're done with the warmer weather for a while. our highs will be in the 40s for the next several days. tomorrow, near 50. so not too bad. good amount of sunshine but your overnight lows in the 30s and by this weekend be overnight lows in the 20s. now, let's get an update on this morning's rush hour traffic. here is julie wright with that. >> good morning to you. off to a busy start already because we do have closures due to standing water.
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they include route 1 here between powder mill road and ritz way. s that blocked off until further -- that is blocked off until further notice. lanes are open coming across the american legion bridge with no incidents to report as you travel between bethesda and tice ondz corner. you will fine lanes are open if you are traveling southbound 270 leaving germantown headed out towards the lane divide. 395 northbound in both the main lines and the hovs headed for the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. they are cold and hungry but don't dare speak out. we are not talking about the home unless our communities. we are talking about american troops in the war zone. >> soldiers in afghanistan are putting food and blankets on their christmas wish list. fox 5's bob barnard has more. >> reporter: at the manassas office of keller williams real estate, the mother, sister and girlfriend of a northern virginia soldier killed in afghanistan three months ago
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are collecting christmas donations. they will be sending them to doug green's platoon still in the war zone. >> when we created the douglas j. green foundation, we knew that he, of course, always wanted to serve and we knew that we wanted to continue his legacy and start helping the soldiers. >> reporter: but not just with stocking stuffers. they say some of our troops are begging for blankets and food. >> it is just heart-breaking to know that these guys are freezing and hungry and no one is doing anything about it so we are. >> reporter: doug green was stationed at an isolated outpost working 16-hour days, often eating just one mre a day. he was the unit's communications chief, able to skype with his girlfriend alicia swanstrom. >> seeing that look in his eyes was a game changer for me. seeing him eat a tuna packet and that is all he had. that just broke my heart. after doug died, i adopted a soldier because i realized there are other guys out there who are enduring the same situation and i wanted to help
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out in any way i could. and a bunch of our friends adopted soldiers. and the guy said i'm freezing at night. can you please send me a blanket. it is getting really cold here. >> some of these guys are at the very forefront of the war. there is nothing there. >> reporter: we spoke to marty horne via skype from his home in indiana. he runs any a web site allowing troops to place requests for anything they need. yes, some ask for food. others want blankets. >> not everybody has barracks. not everybody goes home at night. unless you've been there, it is hard to explain. war is not a fun place. >> reporter: but special green's sister chrissy says the pentagon should be doing more. >> just start sending stuff over there. i don't care if anyone has to know about it as long as they are getting fed and staying warm and they are getting the comfort they need for doing what they're doing over there,
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that is all that matters. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> unablable. we were talking about the basics there, food, keeping warm. it is a good thing this organization is helping out. >> a great thing. straight ahead, we are headed to the box office. >> we are meant to be together and i'm here to get him back. >> i'm pretty sure he is married with the kid on the way. >> i've got baggage too. >> i would keep all of this to yourself. i would find a therapist. >> the movie, young adults, is up next. kevin mccarthy has more on that. stay with us. us. hello. we're the brewsters from ramstein, germany. we want to say hi to the browns and shepherds in virginia and we want to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year. a
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you may recognize him from his stand-up comedy or his role as expense on the sitcom king of betweens but patton oswald is now starring in young adult. >> is avery funny guy and he
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talked with kevin mccarthy about at challenges of playing a character who is funny and deeply sad at the same time. >> when you go down both of those routes, what is the harder route. is it hard to be funny or really dramatic? >> it is weird. they're equally hard because you are drawing on that same sort of energy. when you are trying to be funny, you are drawing on well i'm trying to make something tragic or absurd seem humorous or palatable. when you're being dramatic, you are taking -- you are basically trying to recreate something that is painful but in a manageable way so it doesn't destroy you while air doing it. so it is -- i know that didn't sound like it made a lot of sense but i am drawing on the same source of emotion, just using different techniques. >> one thing about this movie i think jason does well is he does a good job of making the audience feel really awkward. >> yes. >> i don't want to give away
5:25 am
the scene i'm referring to but there is a very intense sequence. without giving it away, talk about where you went emotionally in that sequence. it was a really tough scene because, without giving too much away, that is really happening that was care scarier for both of us is that we are so beyond words at that point so that the cement to our relationship has been equips an jokes and banter and stuff like that. now, those are gone and what is left. do we even exist? will she still be here? will i still be here for her. there is that real fear of -- i don't even know if the one person in my life right now, i don't know how real that is. i think at that point in the filming, we were so into our characters that they are more attuned to that fear of loss than we were to the actual
5:26 am
awkwardness of the situation. >> when the camera shuts off, can you go back. >> it takes me more time to dismount. charlize could, bam, be her. s that because she is such a pro and has more experience. i needed more ramp up time and dismount time. i could do it but it took a little more time. >> just to hear how they get through the process and everything. looks like it could be a good movie. >> great for see patton doing well. kevin joins us tomorrow to review this week's releases including the sitter and new year's eve. coming up, russian prime minister vladimir putin, a bit upset with u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. that is coming up in about 15 minutes. no snow but it could be a tough commute because of all the water that is out there. there is live pictures from prince george's countiy. we're back after this. -- there is live pictures from prince george's county. aaron, you're all set. great, thanks.
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before we get to weather and traffic as we take a look out over the city, it is still a little wet out there. definitely cold and we have a few school delays to tell you about, some due to high water, others due to snow. in maryland, charles county and garrett county schools are delayed two hours. >> in virginia, shenandoah county schools are delayed two hours. in west virginia, the union educational complex in grant county is on a two-hour delay
5:30 am
today. you can also see the latest delays as they come in on but just shows us how much the weather is having an effect on folks around the region, especially out west, snow, water around here. >> some of those areas out to the west did get snow. for the most part, not a lot. several inches in some locations. pendleton county in west virginia, high land county in virginia. frostburg, about an inch of snow. again, most of our problems from rain. you remember yesterday at some point we said the main thing for us is going to be heavy rain and that is what it was with flooding rains across portions of the region. more about that shortly. let's start with a look at our sentinel satellite-radar. we can show you our sentinel satellite, i should say. nothing much to see here. much of the cloud cover is broken up and pulled out. rather clear skies today and today will be a rather clear day. lots of bright sunshine today. we are getting to have a chilly
5:31 am
start and a windy start. right now, the current temperature is 36 degrees at reagan national airport. 36. relative humidity, 62%. winds are out of the northwest at nine miles per hour. lots of sunshine today. windy this morning. winds gradually diminish. it will be dry today and a cold day. highs only in the mid-40s. that is a few degree below normal for a change. that is the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. thank you. let's check with julie wright and get a look at traffic now this morning. >> a look at traffic through the water if you will. we've got a lot of places that we're dealing with this morning because of standing water and a new problem to report. but let's start off here with the maps. we're talking route 1 shut down between powder mill road and ritz way. that remains blocked off because of the water situation, the high standing water and along northbound 4 at water street. that too is blocked off in upper marlboro. that is to be expected. no one is able to get through
5:32 am
until that water can recede. if you come up to an intersection where you encounter standing water, we encourage you to turn around. do not try to dry through that. lanes are open south on 59 and 295 coming in out of laurel and you will find 270 good for go this morning. no trouble spots to report there as you continue out of germantown coming into the lane divide. you will find that the beltway is running smoothly between an -- annandale and merrifield. we did not get any snow in the immediate metro area in last night's storm but we did see a lot more rain than expected. some roads hike water street in upper marlboro got flood giant
5:33 am
food that is where we find stacy cohan. >> we just hay nice gentleman handling rescues in our area telling us how horrible it was last time it flooded. it is not that bad but it is flooded out here on water street. you can see right there in front. the prince george's countiy courthouse, if you are trying to access this part of town via pennsylvania avenue, that is not happening. you can't get there. they do have trucks blocking it off. they are aware of it. but the situation is what it is until the water recedes t will remain closed here. ments bitter, bitter cold out here, i can tell you that but the water is flowing. no ice, just a closed road, a whole lot of rain and it will resolve eventually is the best i can tell you. try to avoid the area if you can. police make appear arrest in connection with a stabbing at a high school. 17-year-old brianna funez is being charged as an adult for stabbing another 17-year-old. it happened when girls from montgomery blair and kennedy
5:34 am
high school got into an argument outside of a boys basketball game in silver spring on tuesday. girls apparently had an ongoing feud. the victim is expectedded to survive. disturbing reports on the mishandled remains at dover air force base. the "washington post" reporting that the air force dumped more ashes of fallen troops than they first admitted. they dumped them in a virginia landfill. the post says it is air force knows of at least 274 troops whose partial remains were dumped between 2004 and 2008. the office of special counsel found parts of unidentified remains in that landfill in king george county stemming from an investigation started in may of 2010. jerry sandusky back behind bars again. the former penn state assistant football coach arrested yesterday on new child abuse charges. the latest against sandusky came after two additional accusers testified in front of a grand jury. sandusky could not post the $2 other thousand cash bail forcing him to spend the night in jail. the 67-year-old ex-coach now faces more than 50 counts of
5:35 am
child sexual abuse. in a surprise move, the government will not make the morning after pill available without restriction. kathleen sebelius made the decision overruling her open expert's recommendation. right now, only those 17 or old kerr buy plan b without a prescription. some doctors say it needs to be monitored by a medical professional but others say the drug should be sold to everyone. >> the world health organization says it is safe. the american academy of pediatrics, the american academy of family misses, are all for making this over the count engineer i'm very nervous about young women under the age of 17 going to a pharmacy, taking this and having no doctor in the loop and therefore, if there is a side effect, bleeding, blood clots, et cetera, i wouldn't know about it. >> the fda had recommended changing the rules to allow plan b to be sold freely. vladimir putin a bitup set
5:36 am
with u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we'll explain why as we check more headlines coming up next. stay with us. ♪ [ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion.
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5:39 am
he says she motivate his opponent by describing the parliamentary elections as rigged. in the race for the republican nomination, gop presidential candidates squared off in front of the jewish republican coalition in the district yesterday. and there was no question that newt gingrich is planning ahead. he talked about how, if he were elected president, he would name normer u.n. ambassador john bolton as secretary of state. mitt romney stuck with the stump speech talking up his experience as you governor and businessman. both played up their insis stens to supporting israel. >> this one-sided continuing pressure that says it is always israel asphalt no matter how bad another side is has to stop. >> and when the opportunity arose to defend freedom,' either been late to game or failed to show up at all. >> gingrich is ahead in the national polls but romney still hold a lead in new hampshire which is the first state to
5:40 am
hold a primary. the donald the white house door open for now. donald trump tells fox's neil cavuto that he is not ruling out a run to be the republican nominee even as he is planning to moderate a gop debate in iowa just one y2k before the iowa caulkous. -- just one week before the iowa caucus. harry morgan has died. he is best known for his role in mash. his show business career included nine other tv series, other films and the broadway stage. his family says the actor died at his home in brentwood after battling pneumonia. harry morgan was 96 years old. >> i remember watching that show. it was a great show. a scary story here. a school bus driver asleep at the wheel as the bus was about to run off the road. we'll show you what happened when a student jumped into action. savings and simplification for everyone who use as a credit card. we are checking your
5:41 am
morning commute and your weather as we take a live look at the 14th street bridge. time now is 5:41. we'll be right back.
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5:43 am
we take a look at the oxon
5:44 am
hill area this morning. make it wilson bridge from across the river. no loose interpretation of hero when we talk about what happened with the driver of a school bus here. driver of the cool bus starts to fall asleep. 25 students on board. one boy in the second row sprang into action as the bus was actually in the process of veering off the highway and woke the driver up just before he crashed. there it is. waking the driver up. the 65-year-old did take a drug test. the result have not yet come back. police say the man's driving record has been spotless up to that point. >> he is also 65, not that that is really old. he could have had a medical condition. it could have been something. >> i'm sure they're looking into anything. >> quick thinking by the youngster though. >> that is great. scary. well, the scary weather moved out of here. >> yes, although we're left with windy conditions out there. we have some video of a tree that is down. this is in industry anticipate,
5:45 am
virginia on lawyers road. this was brought down by the strong wind we've been having now. it looks like it has pulled down some power lines and that part of the road, lawyers road in industry enais closed right now because of this tree down. the combination of the heavy saturating rain and the strong winds has brought some trees down and may do so during the next hour or two as well as we continue to see some of those winds. let's take a look at what is going on with our weather conditions. we'll start with the temperature as you have to get used to this now after mild weather over the weekend and the beginning part of this week. now, we're told. temperature are in the 30s. 36degrees now here in washington. we're at 36 degrees in baltimore. 39 in fredericksburg. harrisonburg is 32. in maryland, we've got 40 at ocean city. those wind are blowing out of the north-northwest. gusting up to 20, 23 miles per hour. so that is giving us wind chills in the 20s in parts of the area. feels like 29 in d.c. 27 in
5:46 am
baltimore. feel like the freezing mark in ocean city. winchester feels like 23 there with those wind. those wind will gradually diminish as the day progresses but we'll deal with them during the morning hours. satellite-radar composite for the region. look at. this after all that rain yesterday, after snow in western portions of the viewing area, we now have mostly clear skies as that storm system has pulled with a out of the area. ments now moving across maine. that is how fast-moving this storm has been. yesterday afternoon, last night, crazy rain, some snow, all that kind of stuff and then really by 1:00 a.m., it was pretty much out of our region. the forecast for washington for today, we're going to have a chilly day. mostly sunny skies. breezy. highs today only in the mid- 40s. about 46-degree for your high. then for tonight, another clear night. another cold night. lows once again in the 30s. winds will have diminished by tonight so that will be better at least. your five-day forecast shows you that tomorrow, not bad, 49- degree. that is actually our average
5:47 am
high for this time of year. sunny skies. so tomorrow is okay. saturday and sunday, we're quite chilly, low to mid 40s. your overnight hoes over the weekend only in the 20s. that is what is happen with the weather. now, we've got julie wright standing by with a look at our on-time traffic. >> all right. it has been a busy morning already. we've some some problems out there as you were showing us, lawyers road near hunters mill road with the tree and wires down. we have standing water to contend with. now, the crew in sky fox hovering above route 1. that is where we had reports that the roadway was shut down in each direct. you can see arrow boards pushing everybody over to the left. we do have some traffic getting by on route 1 as you travel between right way and powder mill road. some traffic able to get by each way on route 1. taking it back inside, we'll update the ride southbound on 270, head up as you work your with a approaching 109. accident activity tying up the left side of the highway.
5:48 am
this will keep you guys on the brake coming south from buckiestown headed southbound. no problems to report in germantown headed out to the lane divide. water street remains blocked off at route 4. that is where stacy cohan is reporting from. no problems to report traveling in virginia off of 359 and 59 between the occoquan and the pentagon. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a wreath-laying ceremony at the navy memorial. ial. this yesterday to mark the 70th anniversary of the tax on pearl harbor that left nearly 2400 american service members dead and drew the united states into world war ii. the survivors and veterans among many who gathered in hawaii for a special ceremony at the hurricane gabrielle harbor visitors center t look directly out on the u.s.s. arizona memorial. the crowd is paused for a
5:49 am
moment of silence at 7:55 local time, the exact time the devastating bombing began 70 years ago. as we get closer to the end of the year, there is good news in the world of consumer credit. delinquency rates are down and there is a new effort to simplify your credit card agreements. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: credit card rules are starting to be simplified. >> they are competing extremely fiercely to get consumer on their books. >> reporter: some amazing offers in the year ahead. >> even when things were going well, we haven't seen such
5:50 am
competitive offers. >> reporter: more people are able to qualify for those now. >> almost 50% of u.s. consumers have excellent credit with delinquency rates going down, with unemployment rates going down. it is just a natural thing that credit scores will also rise. >> reporter: before signing on the dotted line, it is important to know all the terms. >> responsible provideers of credit canada cross the board are very interested in their customer knowing what they are getting into. >> reporter: the consumer protection bureau is looking to make cards easier to compare. pentagon federal credit union is first to try it out. >> this form blows away what we currently provide in terms of its ease of use and the ability of somebody to understand what is actually written to. >> reporter: the credit outlook is getting brighter and that should continue as long as the
5:51 am
economy keeps inching in the right direction. the consumer financial protection bureau says most of the complaint it gets about credit cards stem from the hard to understand agreements. can you go to our web site for more information on the card offers and the new initiative. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> thank you. think it's cold here? up next, subzero conditions in the antarctic. perfect conditions for a marathon? >> you wouldn't think so, would you. you.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt.
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our facebook fan. of the day is ashley staley gertz. this is a photo of her 6 1/2- month-old daughter addison. what a cute little picture too. >> talk about braving the element. 36 runners from around the world participated in the seventh annualant arctic ice marathon. the 26-mile race kicks off at the antarctic-based camp at the union glacier. athletes are required to have their skin fully protected. a run ferreira france won the machine's event in just over three hours and 47 minutes i'm runner from england took the
5:55 am
women's competition. in sports, alex ovechkin got his mojo back for the caps last night. take a listen to this. >> lowers his shoulder, skates it to the point, slams on the brake, wind up, fires, scores! ovechkin finally. >> finally is the key. pretty, pretty goal. ovechkin scored one of three straight goals by the caps in the third period as they came back to beat the senators. just his second goal in the last 13 games. the maryland terps began a six-game stretch at home against mount st. mary's. this one would stay close. a game-high 23 points for the terps. they go on to beat the mountaineers 77-74. gary williams on hand to watch. two of his former assistants go head to head. they were teammates at catholic. loyola would texas a 10-point
5:56 am
lead into the break and never relent. loyola defeats george washington 65-55. three local teams advance to the pop warner national division. the marshall heights bison from d.c. beat new haven, connecticut 23-0678 good defense from the local teams this these games. and in the junior pee wee competition, beacon house falcons from d.c. defeated tustin, california. all three will play for national titles on saturday. >> i love watching the little guys play. >> they are starting to look more and more like the pros. >> they sure do. we have plenty ahead. we we know you are helping us decorate our tree. this ornament is from autopsiy scott. thank you. it's beautiful ornament. we do appreciate it. we'll decorate this tree with
5:57 am
ornaments you send in. we'll dope ate -- donate the tree and all the ornaments to an organize here in d.c. -- to an organization here in d.c. 
5:58 am
5:59 am
take some extra time today if you k a messy morning commute is in store for you. high water, strong winds causing problems this morning. fox 5 morning news continues right now. taking a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. a little breezy out there. a little colder than it was this time yesterday as well. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. gl


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