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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 26, 2011 5:03pm-6:00pm EST

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goods store. today is boxing day in the united kingdom. traditionally those that had to work on christmas to celebrate the holiday. newt gingrich is lashing out at the system that will keep him off virginia's ballot. him and rick perry failed to submit the required 10,000 signatures to appear on the super tuesday ballot. gingrich says virginia has a failed system. the g.o.p. candidates took a short christmas break from campaigning. now that the holiday is over, the final sprint for iowa begins. nicole collins reports one candidate is surging at the right time. >> reporter: with a little more than a week until iowans decide their choice for the republican nominee, ron paul continues to enjoy strong support there. other g.o.p.
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contenders are taking aim. looking to derail texas congressman ron paul in the first in the nation rival state, they plan to hit with tv ads. >> all the talk about the ron paul surge and the support that he has out, there the momentum that he hassing into the january 3rd caucuses is real. >> reporter: mitt romney, michele bachmann, rick perry kick off bus tours while santorum goes hunting. mike huckabee says the outcome may boil down to the elements. if the weather is good, mitt romney is in better shape. if the weather is bad, ron paul will win. >> reporter: on january 10th, the nation's first primary is scheduled where romney leads by double digits. begin rich and paul are tied
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for second ahead of jon huntsman. >> he will take new hampshire by storm and do well there. that will propel him into south carolina where he will have problems. >> i don't think it's over yet. i still think the southern states are problematic for romney. some say he wins iowa and new hampshire, a cake walk for him. i don't think that's necessarily the case. lead in many national polls but it has slipped. nicole collins, fox news. the president and mrs. obama spent the holidays visiting at the marine corps base in hon that hugh honolulu. many of the men and women stationed at the base in hawaii served in afghanistan and iraq. seven people were killed in an attack aimed at the interior
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ministry. the attack was one of several in the last week. prime minister al maliki officials issued a warrant for vice president of iraq. an explosion in nigeria killed 56 people. islamist extremists took control of the church. the pope said in his post christmas address that violation leads to pain, destruction and death and only respect and reconciliation can bring about peace. the arab league is trying to reign in the violence in syria. syria turned into a blood pat bath. syrian forces killed several hundreds in the past week.
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opposition leaders say they doubt the monitors will have much of an impact. in north korea, thousands are gathering to mourn the death of kim jong-il. fox's david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: the 14 year north korean leader with public displays of mourning. in south korea, home to many exiles, protests have begun against the current government structure. leaflets are airlifted over the border with the hope that they will reach citizens. some plan to travel north and pay respects to help diplomacy. >> i believe it is our duty to express condolences. we hope our visit helps to improve the north, south relationship. in seoul, an attempt to install
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a memorial to offer the late leader is being met with resistance by antinorth protestors. >> we are hear today to stop people from setting up incense altars. >> reporter: supporters argue the democratic south should allow the freedom to mourning the loss. >> south korean government should allow those to pay respect to kim jong-il. >> reporter: the mourning period will continue until december 29th. north korea media hints the leadership transition to his son is proceeding smoothly. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. well, he was locked out for nearly two years -- locked up nearly two years ago. why supporters of an american jailed in cuba things his family needs him now more than ever. the holiday turns tragic for a local family. 
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a christmas day murder in
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prince george county. a 23-year-old man was shot and killed while walking near an apartment complex. it happened in oxon hill at south view drive and south view court. wisdom martin is live with the latest on this one. >> reporter: instead of celebrating christmas, the victim's family is overwhelmed with sadness. they are trying tuned stand why someone killed quentin perry junior on christmas. >> i thought it was a joke. >> reporter: quentin berry senior said he was shocked on christmas day when he got a call saying his son was murdered. >> i was distraught. >> reporter: quentin perry junior was on his way to the store after picking up items for his two daughters. around 11:00 in the morning, they found perry in the road at this intersection suffering from several gunshot wounds. he was transported to the hospital yes was pronounced dead. >> he was a laid back tern person. he would do -- laid back person. woe help everybody. >> reporter: donovan is his younger brother. he was with him the night
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before the shooting. >> the last thing i said when he left, i love you, i love you brother, be safe. >> reporter: tonight the perry family is making an emotional plea for witnesses to come forward and help bring quentin's killer to justice. >> quentin junior just celebrated a birthday two weeks ago. at this point, police investigators don't have a motive or suspect in this case. shawn? >> wisdom martin, thank you. a blind man from maryland has disappeared between the district and birmingham, alabama. mitchell smith's family left on a train for charlotte december 16th but no one heard from him since. he arrived at the amtrak station in charlotte but never got on the connecting train to birmingham. the search is on in richmond for a man wanted in the murders of two people and the abduction of a toddler. investigators say jamal clemmons shot two people and stole an s.u.v. with a two-year old inside.
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hours later the s.u.v. was recovered. the boy was in the vehicle and not hurt. police identified the two people shot. they are edward fulmer and robin clap. a connecticut community is still in shock and trying to cope with the death of three children and their grandparents after a christmas day fire. the family was killed after fire swept through the home. mary ann rafferty reports. >> reporter: i have been on this job 38 years. not an easy day. >> reporter: three children and their grand patterns have been killed in a christmas morning house fire in connecticut. >> it was absolutely incredible. you take the towering inferno, any of those, the worst things you have seen in the movie and it was by a factor of five. flames shooting from the sky. peaking out the windows. these were blasting out of every window and through the roof. >> reporter: two people escaped. a female new york city advertising executive and a
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male acquaintance. neighbors woke up to the squad of screaming. >> the woman, she just -- i heard her say my life is in there. >> the biggest fire in stamford in a couple of decades. >> reporter: firefighters knew the victims were trapped inside. >> first units attempted rescues within the structure. they were pushed back by intense flame and heat. >> reporter: the partially collapsed roof is all that is left. neighbors say the house was undergoing renovations and the male acquaintance that escaped was a contractor doing work on the home. firefighters don't know the cause of the fire and they are working on trying to get into the home safely to look for answers. in new york, mary ann rafferty, fox news. a different tragedy unfolded in texas. seven family members were shot and killed in what is believed to be a murder-suicide. investigators believe the shooter was dressed as santa claus and suddenly opened fire on other family members before killing himself. neighbors in this quiet community were shaken by the
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news. >> there hasn't been any crime in this complex that they know of. not even a break in. to hear something like this, it's shocking. >> the victims range from 18 to 60. police are trying to figure out a motive for the killings. let's talk about the weather. not a bad way to spend the christmas season. you didn't get a white christmas but you can't complain. >> i can't complain at all. what a great day for folks to be shopping. gary mcgrady, will the mild conditions continue. >> we were six above normal. you can hear me, can't you. >> we can hear you now. >> i couldn't resist. listen now, we are six above normal now. pretty much, we made it to 50 at nashville. normally we should be 44. it was 49 for dulles and 49 for baltimore. i bring that up because we have been averaging several above normal for basically the last
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several days. again, just as an update, taking us long term out into next year, out to the middle sections of january, i don't see any real billing storms coming. i don't see any big outbreak of cold air. where is winter? we will wait and see if it gets here this season. we take you down to sentinel radar. look out to the west and southwest. a lot of rain there. you can see st. louis is getting good rain. memphis is getting heavy rain. as we zoom down a little bit, out of texas, coming into louisiana there from arkansas to western sections of louisiana, there is one line of thunderstorms. that is not the strong one though. the real strong line of thunderstorms is sitting just to the west of jackson, mississippi. that is moving off to the east. this gives you the last six hours here so you can see the progression of this rain as it comes through the deep south. again, those thunderstorms west
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of jackson, mississippi, are putting down a lot of rain and lightning in the thunderstorms. this storm system is coming here. it does not look like we will be dealing with anything in the way of thunderstorms but just to the south of us, maybe richmond on over to hampton roads in virginia there, the norfolk area, i think they could end up with thunderstorms tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. i don't think for us that we are talking about thunderstorms. but this rain is definitely moving on in by tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. numbers are cooling, 39 gaithersburg, 4848 manassas -- 48 manassas. there is cloudiness out there, high and thin. it's a nice everything. notice how temperatures drop quickly into the upper 30s. i think overnight tonight increasing clouds. that means temperatures will actually warm up a little bit before sunrise.
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tomorrow we are going to be mild again. temperatures into the up manager 40s. again, rain is on the way. coming up in the full forecast, i'll tell you when i think the rain will get here if you are one of the unlucky ones that have to commute tomorrow, parts of your commute will be affected by the rain. then more importantly, when it will get out of here and we can expect the rest of the week. full forecast coming up. >> thanks, gary. today is the 7 year anniversary of the massive tsunami that slammed into seven nation's coastline and left thousands dead. more than 12,000 people died in that region there. were nearly 228,000 deaths worldwide, half of those were in indonesia. an interfaith rally to call for the release of a maryland man held in cuba. they gathered at northwest this afternoon. allen gross was arrested and accused of being a spy. he was there he says as part of
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a jewish outreach effort trying to provide internet service. his wife says he lost 100 pounds and is in severe pain because of an undiagnosed illness. >> we have word that the cuban government is releasing 2900 prisoners and alan gross is not one of them. we are standing as christians, jews and others to ask that the cuban government release alan gross and make him 29-01. we believe injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. >> the group plans to rally every monday at noon until he is released. the swine flu may be making a come back. a mother makes a tremendous sacrifice to give her daughter a second chance at life. we will have their amazing story. someone in maryland has 125 million reasons to be happy this holiday season. n. 
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swine flu is making a come back since august. 11 of the victims were children. the cdc is asking all states to notify the office if any swine flu cases occur. a pandemic broke out in 2009. more than 1 million people were sickened and nearly 500 people died. a maryland mother gave her daughter another chance at life this christmas when she donated her kidney. sasha need it because of diabetes. there were 100,000 patients on the transplant wait list. her mother was a match and donated one of her organs. >> i said i will not let my daughter die. i will do whatever i can to help her. >> she gave me a second chance at life.
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that is something that -- to be so brave and put yourself under the risk of the procedure. >> both women are he recovering from the thursday surgery. even though they spent christmas in the hospital, they said this was the most special holiday of their lives. call it a christmas miracle for one lucky namely. someone bought a winning power ball ticket from the family run store in maryland over the weekend. the jackpot is worth $125 million. the winner has not stepped forward yet. lottery officials say it's possible he or she doesn't know they got the winning ticket. these the second time a winning power ball ticket has been sold in maryland in the last year when the game debuted in the state. >> if i won $125 million what would i do with it? where would i be? >> not here. >> on vacation somewhere warm. >> this chair would be spinning, i would be out of here so fast. i'm not even going to play like
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i will be cool bit. >> found out in the middle of the show the chair would be spinning. >> i would be so gone. >> would you owe me at least 100,000. >> thanks, maureen. the nba is back in action. business owners near the verizon center could not be happier. coming up, we will take you there live as the wizards bring much needed revenue back to the area. the first of 66 games. the shortened season. roger mason junior will join us live. we will tell you something about roger you may not know. did you see it? coming up, highlights of what this might be. 
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the wizards are back in
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town tonight. it marks the opening of their long awaited season at home. it will be a shortened season. local businesses an restaurants are thrilled to have the team back in action. bob barnard is live outside the verizon center with more. >> hey, there, more reason. tip off is in 90 minutes. the story of the night is what is going on here in the chinatown area. let's take you inside one of the restaurants on 7th street where the restaurateurs tell us they are getting ready for the home games. the next one is wednesday versus the atlanta hawks. inside the verizon center, this equals about 20 jobs a night. hard to tell how many others are specifically affected in the businesses around the verizon center but the game nights are important. they told us early on during the lockout that it would have been more crucial had the caps
5:31 pm
lost their season. they were bracing for no basketball this season but there was an agreement. businesses are looking forward to having game night again. what is important is that the wizards can pull together a winning record. that brings more fans to the arena and also to the restaurants. here is what a couple of them had to say about the nba season launch. >> hopefully it means something good. for the most part we get decent crowds. people are more excited about the away teams. i know we have the celtics coming in this week. but, i don't know, we are hearing a lot of good things about the wizards. hopefully that will mean more business, more over all positive things. >> we will get full in here, packed. we will have long wait lists. >> can you tell the difference inside the restaurant when it's a game night. >> either a see of blue or a sea of red. either or. a good 85% of the clientele or
5:32 pm
a game night is whomever will see the game. >> reporter: now, the nba and the 30 teams lost about two months of the season. but what it equates to is actually 7 home games. they are condensing the schedule and it all begins tonight, maureen. >> the excitement is building. thank you, bob, for that. as you heard, the wizards tip off the abbreviated season in a short time. for more on the season opener, dave feldman is live in verizon center with more. >> thanks very much. i'm with one of the local favorites here, roger mason junior, his ninth season. he grew up locally, played at uva and played at good council. he can shot the rock. happy holidays. >> same to you. >> you bounced around, did well with other teams including san antonio. is it good to be back home? >> it is.
5:33 pm
it's good to be back. to be back with this young team a lot of talent, great fans. >> reporter: it's a weird season. 66 games. you will play a lot of games in a short amount of time. how will that affect a young team. >> 66 games in four months, i think we could be one of the teams that benefits because we have such young guys. we have depth. it could be a bonus. we have to get off to a good start. >> one of the leaders of your team, the leader, john wall, the number one overall pick a year ago, he got better with shooting, he worked on the shooting. roger, you have been a natural shooter. can a guy that athletic who has played hoops his whole life became a better shooter in his career. >> absolutely. it's up to john. he has to put the work in. he has been doing so. obviously the number one pick. there are a lot of expectations that come with that. we don't want to put too much on him. when you are the point guard, everybody is watching you.
5:34 pm
i think john will do a great job. >> what you may not know about roger mason junior, his stepfather is otis wasly, a running back for the redskins way back in the day. you have always been a redskins fan. weren't you on the waiting list for season tickets from the day you were born. >> i'm still on the waiting list for good season tickets. yeah, i have been a redskins fan, i was born a redskins fan. it's encouraging to see them playing a little better. they lost the last one. >> reporter: how can it be that you are on the waiting list. i would think would you bounce to the top of the list. >> that is a nice plug. redskins, i'm on the list. give me my tickets. >> reporter: anyone watching from the redskins family, roger mason junior, local professional basketball player, it would help you out to have him at the stadium. thanks. good luck tonight against the nets. >> appreciate that. >> reporter: nice guy. much better shooter than you or
5:35 pm
me. >> you haven't seen my shooting skills. i have seen yours. >> i will assume roger is better. >> all right. no comment. thank you, feldy. a virginia football player that lost his leg got a special gift from one of the most talked about quarterbacks in the nfl. jacob brady was a high school quarterback before an injury. tim tebow's charity foundation flew him to watch the game against the broncos. he met with the family and talked to jab could be for a few minutes. caught on camera, an acrobatic touchdown that looked too he see for the bengals. oh, my goodness. can we see that again in slow mo. this is absolutely crazy. right into jerome simpson's hands. oh, my goodness.
5:36 pm
just in credible. can you believe that. who won the game, bengals beat the cards 23-16. >> like marilou retton back in the day. >> bringing it back old school. is maria shriver having second thoughts about her boroughs divorce. >> why she may not be willing to go through it. hugh hefner goes back and forth with his fiancee over permanent ownership of a dog. 
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2011 was a tough year for hugh hefner. he broke off his engagement p. she is 60 years his junior. the two seemed to have an amicable breakup but they are sidewalk over who should own a puppy they shared. receive near wants to keep the dog and hops the two of them can work it out. hefner moved 0 on with his life
5:40 pm
and -- moved on with his life and is dating two other women. >> did you say two. >> two. maria shriver is thinking twice with her impending divorce because of her religious beliefs and he is trying to win her back. they have four children together. coming up on the news at 5:00, mission impossible cruises to a holiday box office win. hold had its share of headlines in 2011. a complete run down of the scandals from tinseltown. the rain returns tomorrow. gary is back with your forecast. 
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the action packed mission impossible ghost protocol rocketed to the top of the box office earning $26 million. this is the fourth installment in the mission impossible series. sherlock homes came in second. alvin and the chipmonks and the girl with the dragon tattoo rounded out the top 5. it has been quite a year in hollywood. scandals, meltdown, jail time, plenty of drama. we have the run down of all of it. >> reporter: attracting worldwide attention is never easy. these two didn't have to try hard. an estimated 2 billion people tuning in to watch prince william of whales turn kate middleton into princess katherine.
5:45 pm
actress reese witherspoon found love. leann rimes and blake shelton and miranda lambert and sir paul mccartney. not all stars are enjoying happily ever after. scarlet johansson and ryan reynolds called it quits and jennifer lopez moving on from marc anthony. after a public cheating scandal, demi moore filed for divorce from ashton kutcher. a little too real for kardashian followers. kim kardashian caused the pandemonium filing for divorce 72 days after marrying kris humphries. >> i think a lot of fans are outraged by the split. a lot of people put in a lot of time watching the show, so invested in her journey to find love then she gets divorced 72 days after this multimillion
5:46 pm
dollar wedding. a lot of people were upset about this. >> reporter: what is hollywood without high profile scandals. arnold schwarzenegger's wife maria shriver saying good-bye. he admitted to fearing a child with the long term housekeeper. >> it's insane. >> reporter: styling the headlines of the week, actor charlie sheen's public mel down. he -- meltdown. he drank way too much tiger blood. he got fired from "two and a half men" then going on a public rant. lindsay lohan proving this was not the year for her come back after being charged with jewelry theft. he goes from house arrest to the slammer. a judge eventually slapping lohan with more than 400 hours of community service. more than two years after the death of michael jackson, the king of pop's former physician, conrad murray is found guilty of involuntarily manslaughter. he is later sentenced to the
5:47 pm
maximum four years in prison. tinseltown is having its share of good-byes. amy winehouse was found dead in her london apartment from alcohol poisoning. the ever extravagant elizabeth taylor leaving us at the age of 79. a bundle of new a list to the. natalie portman brought home an oscar and baby boy. victoria and david beckham well coming their first daughter. jessica alba her second girl. kate hudson and her fiance with their first child and mariah carey and the birth of her twins. >> the winner of "american idol" season 10. >> on fox, idol fans declaring scotty mccreery as the season 10 winner. >> scotty mccreery. >> reporter: former idol judge simon cowell brings the x
5:48 pm
factor to the stage. >> the king speech. >> they weren't the only ones winning big this year. this award season puts royalty back in the spotlight. the king's speech, the most nominated film of the year. lady antebellum won five grammys. >> and ending the year on top of the box otherwise harry potter and the deathly hallows part two setting an all time record with close to $200 million in ticket sales. 2012 is sure to bring hollywood a bunch more weddings, babies, scandals and drama. some of the most anticipated headlines include the marriage of jessica simpson to fiancee eric johnson and they are expecting their first baby as well as jay-z and beyonce
5:49 pm
expecting their own bundle of joy. adam housely, fox news. a lot happened in hollywood. >> we haven't had the snow like last year. i'm thankful. >> the three of us are not snow lovers. >> no. >> don't you kind of get the sense that we will get it sooner. >> no. >> than later. >> gary, i will let you make that determination. >> i don't see it and i don't talk about it until i see it usually. >> good. >> tomorrow looks wet. not white. >> all right. >> the cold stuff, you got to have the cold stuff to get the white stuff. so far i don't even see a lot of cold stuff coming. again, there is a look out there this evening. beautiful day turns into a beautiful evening. a little on the chilly side. again, the headline, just so you know, we have very nice weather the last few days. it looks wet tomorrow and it looks like the stuff starts to roll in probably by mid-
5:50 pm
morning. right now we are keeping our fingers crossed that those of you that have to get out and commute tomorrow morning will be dry. it doesn't look like that will be the case for the evening commute, though. 46 out here in town officially today national 50 degrees. that's 6 above where we should be. gaithersburg 37. baltimore is 43. let's cross the bay. stevensville 43. cambridge 41. on interstate 81, winchester 37 degrees. hagerstown at 41. not cold up and down the east coast. 43 for the city. boston is 37. big hampton 34. chicago and detroit bonus weather for those guys with temperatures around 40 degres. fair skies at 7:00. we drop to 42. we will quickly fall into the upper 30s here in town. officially i will go 36 for a low tonight. we may actually hit the low
5:51 pm
midnight, 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. then by sunrise, if the clouds come in and thicken up, that will bring the numbers up a little bit. high pressure nice control today. that's why we have been so nice. look down here in the deep south. an area of low pressure is coming out of texas. this was responsible for snow in the texas panhandle. no snow down here. this line here, see it, just west of jack son, mississippi -- jackson, mississippi. those are thunderstorms with isolated pockets of weather. no thunderstorms for us when this system gets in. high pressure dominated the mountain west there and another storm system that will crash into the pacific northwest over the next 24 to 36 hours. this is futurecast. tonight at 11:00, we have clear skies. quickly those clouds come in and thicken up. this is tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. again, if you aring into the office tomorrow, you know, you get there dry, at least that's the way it's looking now. then the rain quickly comes in and it looks like it's not just
5:52 pm
showers. once it gets in here, it's full on rain tomorrow and it's wet out there. we are talking rainfall totals maybe 1/2 inch to some places could be right up around an inch or so. look at the oranges here or painting a red. that is heavy rain coming through. quickly it's out of here by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 we are drying out. look at the snow out to the west and the cold air. it's not going to come across the mountains. we will have sunshine. chilly wednesday. it will be breezy wednesday. but, again, not too terribly cold. it will feel like it's in the 30s but not outrageous. clouds move in tonight. rain will hold off. dry commute tomorrow morning. showers at noon and then rain at 5:00. notice the temperatures start off in the lower 40s and we get up to 46 at noon. back down to 45 or so with the rain at 5:00. that's a one day deal, okay. wet tomorrow and then we are
5:53 pm
breezy and cooler on wednesday. keep in mind on wednesday it will feel like it's in the 30s. thursday, friday we are back up into the 40s and 50s. the weekend at this point is not looking too bad. normally we should be 44 for a high. way above that. >> thank you, gary. a 15-year-old american has climbed into the record books in antarctica after making a monumental mark on the world. jordan is officially the youngest person to climb the highest mountain on each continent. he snagged the record when he got to the top of mount vincent. he started the quest for the record when he submitted mount kill le mans jar row in africa five years ago. coming up, the capital bike share program could be expanding. we have details where you can catch the next ride. ide. 
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a church in north carolina, the edison street church invited members to bring toys yesterday. they spread the message of what christmas was really all about. >> we would like to invite the children to come forward and we will talk about how jesus was the greatest gift that we received and that the wise men brought gifts to the baby jesus and, so, we have always had part of our tradition the giving of gifts. some families were still in their pajamas when they arrived because the church's leaders told them to come as they were
5:58 pm
to celebrate the day. some girls like heros, some like dresses. >> the girls all dress up and boys like different colored stuff. >> you tell them. >> she is not happy about gender rules and her tirade has gone viral. she is frustrated that all the girl stuff is pink and none of the boy stuff is. her dad did ask her a few questions to help her along the way but i think she has it under control. thanks for joining to us night at 5:00. the "news edge at 6:00" starts right now. >> right off the top tonight, it's being called megamonday. the day after christmas is a holiday for many people this
5:59 pm
year. for the people who were able to hold out until after christmas there were huge deals out there. matt ackland is live with more. >> hey, shawn, early indications are that this will be a great holiday shopping season. but still retailers are trying to make more money as you were


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