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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 30, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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warning out, anyway. >> we wanted to alert the public to this. the public's aware that this occurred and that they can take any necessary precaution as they're out there and to so if we can gain information if anyone saw anything. >> reporter: the area we're talking about is a little over a block or so long. and it's an area with very high foot traffic. police are hoping that someone here last night saw something unusual that might provide them with a clue. the suspect description here is vague. matt? >> roz, thank you. good news for the district tonight going into the new year. d.c. is on track to have its lowest homicide rate in 50 years. today, the mayor and police chief talked about why the number has gone down. bob barnard is live at police headquarters in northwest with more. bob? >> reporter: well matt, mayor gray, police chief lanier called a news conference this afternoon to boast about the latest crime statistics, including a murder rate that is the lowest it's been in nearly 50 years. now, despite all of the violence and sadness that still visits neighborhoods across the
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nation's capitoltaring families a part -- tearing families a part in the process, washington insists that it's a safer place and live and visit. the end-of-the-year crime stats inside police headquarters and here are some of the numbers. according to officials, homicides were down 18% this year from 132 in 2010, to 108 this year the lowest since 1963. chief lanier said that 59% of this year's murder cases have been closed. the number of sex abuse cases, how far, has risen this year. some 15%. mostly officials say on the east side of the anacostia river. chief lanier said she's concerned about that but overall, pleased with the way the numbers are going. >> about i started here in 1990, the two things thattoused to really bother me is that we were --na used to bother me that was we were known as the murder capital of the world and
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the city of unsolved homicides. our police detectives and officers have done an amazing job turning that around. we're no longer one of these things. >> and yet this is a city still with the fair share of violence and heartache. coming up on the news edge at 6, you will hear-from-how one murder in this city this year can tear highways a part. >> see you -- tear lives a part. if arlington can get through the next day without a homicide, it will be the first time in more than 50 years without a single recorded murder in the county. police records dating back to 1960 show at least one homicide has been reported each year. since then, the county has averaged about five a year. the number of murders in recall arlington has been on the decline since the '90s. new developments on the search for a blind man whos can appeared on a trip to alabama. smith had been in the hospital in northern new jersey. at in point, it's not clear why
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or how he wound up so far north. then he went to the care of social services and now no one knows where he s. before that, the last time anyone sawim was -- him was in charlotte, north carolina o december 16th. he was supposed to go on a train from there to alabama. as we head into the new year, abortion clinics insa virginia will face tough new -- will in virginia will face tough new guidelines. the clinics will have to meet the same strict building standards as new hospital construction. governor mcdonald approved the regulations yesterday after the state board of health voted for them earlier this year. for more on this controversial issue, we're joined you in by tarina keen, the executive director of you in post choice in virginia. thank you for coming in and talking with us. >> thank you. >> let me reach your quote from your organization. the organization called the new rules by the board of health, quote politically motivated rules that fail to fully protect women's health and safety and they could create significant burdens for virginia women seeking first tremidwester abortion care.
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tell us -- trimester abortion care. tell us what you don't like about the new rules? >> first, we can't believe how this process has been. this administration has really gone over and beyond to politicize the process. this hadding in to do with women's health and safety but politics and certain legislator not approving of abortion care. what we're upset about is that the governor, the attorney and the board of health and the general assembly were all presented and medical expertise that show the regulations do go over and beyond what is required and appropriate for the first tremidwester abortion care. what that has been rejected for a political agenda. >> you in that they're in place, what can your organization do about them? >> they, as much today o as of today, those regulations are definitely in effect and that
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is for the next 90 days. the clinics will have to meet a licensure process by filling out licenses and meeting the stringent guidelines. what we're hoping to do in the meanwhile, is this starts the permanent regulatory process. these are emergency regulations, believe it or not, and we will be trying to work with the board of health to keep educating them on what is medically appropriate for first trimester abortion care. meanwhile, we're -- we are looking at allotypes of options and litigation is on the table. at the moment, we are just going to tie to continue to educate the general public and the board of health through the next few years. >> all right, tarina keen, the executive director of pro- choice virginia, thank you for coming in and talking with us. >> thank you for having me. all right. the final weekend of campaigning in iowa is underway tonight.
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the former massachusetts governor mitt romney appears to be out front in the hawkit -- hawkeye state w. ron paul and rick santorum trailing behind, a surprise could be in the works. fox 5s tom fitzgerald has the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: in 2008 mitt romney lost in iowa. not to john mccain but to mike huckaby. iowa's known for surprises. while romney is leading now, the former massachusetts governor is taking nothing for granted. appearing throughout iowa this friday, romney is drawing some of the biggest crowds of his campaign so far. part of the reason was the appearance on the campaign trail of new jersey governor chris christy. briefly considered his own run before endorsing romney. the latest polls from rasmussen reports puts romney ahead of ron paul and the surprise surges come from rick santorum, who is past newt gingrich for third place in iowa. >> considering i am 20 points ahead in some of the states it would be foolish for me not to
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stay the race. it was a long way from here to picking that. >> i'm not a lifelong politician. i didn't spend my life in the political room. i didn't spend my life in washington d.c. >> i ask you for your support. i hope you come on january 3rd. there is no reason to be despondent about how this cupt is go -- country is doing right now. we do the right thing. >> and for his part, ron paul is becoming a bit of a new target for mitt romney. romney telling fox news that paul is a fringe candidate who doesn't represent the mainstream. after all of this talking, the voting will finally get underway in iowa on tuesday at 7:00 p.m. central. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. you knowing as the year winds down, president obama and -- a know, says the year winds down, they're subject to looking back to the best and worst politicalaks of the year. this morning, we invited "the washington post," ed o'keefe,
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tell us what they thought were the worst mistakes the government made. >> it didn't happen in 20 ref but we found out about it -- 2011. the idea you have troops going to afghanistan and coming home from iraq and appears some folks at the air force did in the you know 274 service members whose remainsnded up in the virginia landfill. a horrific story. in the the kind of thing you want to hear at the time of the year when it broke that a lot of troops were coming home and heading to afghanistan with another year or two to go in those deployments. and just an awful example of how things can go wrong in these -- things can go wrong in these situations. >> and off of the heels of arlington cemetery. >> exactly. >> and that freshened a lot of mines too. >> second on the list was the debate about the government shutdown followed by the constant news of federal waste, fraud and abuse. what did the government do right? o'keefe and the colleagues said federal disaster response and cutting some of the waste.
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well, well, well. what a wonderful day today. wisdom, you and i were talking on the way to work today. >> in the bad at all. >> a beautiful, beautiful night. the big question, is it going get colder in. >> for that we're going to put gary mcgradyo the spot. i know it's under control, but at least can you tell us what to expect, right? >> that is a good way to look at it. to answer the question, yes, it's going to get cold. >> all right. >> and not until next year. and then -- . >> very good there. >> a couple of days, it's pretty good. >> yeah. >> and next year, tomorrow? >> must say i leave use that, too. >> yes. >> and sendel in radar. when you get a good one you roll with it. and this is sentinel radar. we have had such good conditions, temperatures into the mid-50s for some and looks like about 54 for national today. what is that big swirl of green there in that is some rain and that will bring us showers overnight tonight and perhaps early, early in the morning. the temperatures drop back to 50 degrees now and look at
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wilmington. 58 and lurking down it in atlanta. it's 64 and national is 57; cincinnati, st. louis, all of those good numbers. that is all coming in our direction for the next couple ofdas and there is -- of days. there is cold air lurking to the north and this weekend, while we will stay mild for this time of the year that cold stuff really does roll in here and begins on sunday and another shot on monday and is going to represent the coldest air so far of the season. and by tuesday and wednesday, we'll have highs in the 30s and that is going to feel like it's in the sing will digits and teens. i tell you this, have a nice weekend and enjoy the nice comfortable temperatures the again, next week, math, it bits very cold. >> putting on the long johns first thing next week. thank you very much, appreciate it. see you in a bit. >> a lot of people will be out this new year's eve and a lot of them will be drinking. next, a program aimed at keeping drunk drivers off of
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the streets. and if you have time making the last-minute donations, there are items that local goodwill stores want you to leave at hope. we'll tell you about the dos and don'ts of giving coming up.
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>> as the new year approaches, many of us are thinking about popping champagne and bowl guys. this is the time to donate items to thrift stores and getting a tax deduction in turn.
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not every item is welcomed or wanted. deck krantz has more. >> reporter: -- dick krantz has more. >> come on down. >> come on down! >> reporter: looking at cars lined up like this, you might have thought someone was giving something away. they were. >> we got them in the street, man. >> reporter: it was people in the cars doing the giving and the loving. >> what did you bring to donate today? >> a bunk of toys -- bunch ofis to, books and a lot of clothes. yesterday, we took all afternoon to clean out our rooms, the whole house, and we got a lot of stuff out. >> reporter: was it hard to part with your toys? >> just picture the smile on those kids faces when they get the presents and that makes it worth it. >> reporter: tomorrow, it's expected to be busier. >> with the nice weather conditions expected and now year's eve being on saturday typically the biggest day of the year anyway for donations, we'll see a huge number of donations coming in on saturday all day long. >> and we'll get you through
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quick, okay? >> reporter: items donated should be in good condition. mattresses, firearms and severely damaged goods can't be accepted. >> we hope people will donate the items in good condition. the more likely they are to sell and the more revenue we can generate to fund our job funding programs for people with disabilities and disvictims, the ultimate -- desadvantage, the ultimate goal. >> reporter: it's mind boggling, toys, furniture, television sets electronics. every once in awhile, things i'm out at you and this leapt out at me. look at this guitar. shopping the good we'll stores can save lots of money compared to buying new. >> i love it. we're such a throw-away society i come here at least twice a week and i pick up grandkids clothes things that i need for my apartment. and find the same thing that i might have found at name brand
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stores for 1/4 the price. >> reporter: this is the sixth largest good will donation center in the united states. tomorrow -- goodwill donation center in the united states. they expecting 3,000 donations here tomorrow. it's not too late. bring something by, get the joy of giving and get a tax deduction, too. from arlington, virginia dick krantz, fox 5 news. >> tomorrow night is a big night for parties and making it a big night for the dangerous driving. the washington regional alcohol program is trying to stop that. joining us now is the organization's president, kirk ericson. thank you for joining us. >> matt, happy new year. >> you, too. you, too. seems like we hear about an accident every new year's eve due to some tone of drunk driving. is there -- research to prove it happens more on new year's eve? >> unfortunately, yes. at any point in the year, 31% of the u.s. traffic fatalities are alcohol related and jumps to 40% in december. by the time you get to now year's eve and new year's day, it can jump to 60%. a dangerous time of the year.
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>> reporter: what can be done. things that you can do to cut down on drinking and driving. what programs are out there so folks might just leave the keys in the car at home. >> one of the ones is the program that is offered since 1993, and of which 52,000 washington area residents have take know advantage of, called sober ride. a free cab ride service put on by the washington regional alcohol program and that is designed to take would-be drunk drivers off of the roadways and transport them safely home in taxi cabs. last new year's eve, we had almost 1, 000 people do the right thing and avail themselves of the local life- saving service rather than driving home impaired. >> how does that work? i remember last new year's eve, it was probably two in the morning, i was heading home and you couldn't get in the cab. is there a voucher? should people prepare ahead of time or can you jump in the cab and say i am a part of the program. >> remember a simple number. one-800-200-taxi, t arm x-i or
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8944. or pound taxi if they're an at&t wireless user. all of the calls have to be fielded through the number, which will dispatch the closest cab to them. we contract nine different cab companies to do the service. the cab company is closest to them and the one dispatched. we pay up to a $30 fair. the average fair is 26, 27 and what you need to do tomorrow night, remember the number and call it when it's available, between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the following day. >> and there is not much time, there are also extra law enforcement officers out there. if you're worried about the dui checkpoints, it's probably a good fear correct in. >> and to worry about the penalties, the penalties for a first-time offense can be a due offense and can be a year in jail, losing your license for a year and having a $2,500 fine. it's significant. >> thank you very much, we appreciate you coming in tonight. >> thank you for having us. and maryland's bridges are about to get more secure. the chesapeake bay, key bridges will get new lights and sincors to detect stopped
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vehicles and cameras. according to the paul mersun, the project will start this -- pot baltimore sun, it will start this week. heads up if you drive the dulles toll road. starting sunday, the rate at the main toll will increase to $1.50. the tolls on the on-and-off- ramps will remain at 75-cents. another increase that kicks in on sunday, this one is in montgomery county. stores will be required to charge customers 5 cents for each paper or plastic bag they use. there are exceptions, including prescriptions or the doggy bags you take from the restaurants. and just a heads up for metro riders out there, new year's eve and new year's day, metro will operate on a normal weekend schedule, side from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., and sunday from 7:00 a.m. to midnight. and this happens every year, people talking about
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losing weight. >> uh-huh. >> and how can you stick with your plan to slim down. 20 life has brought big champs to the world around you the us. we'll look back at the stories that touched our lives. stay with us back in a moment. ent. @@@@ppx÷xxxxxpxx÷ñ÷ñp@ú@@@@@@@@@rqññtq
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>> all right, wisdom if you had to choose a last meal before the big new year's diet, what would it be? >> ribs. >> what about z burger? z burger gave out free food, including a juicy cheeseburger and so can you kick off the new year's resolution diet. and this is that your like and before the holiday and if you want in, too late. the offer was only good for today's lunch. >> and i wish i had known about that. >> uh-huh. >> we'll stop in and get a
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burger. were talking about this during the break. since we're on the subject of eating too much and gaining that weight, it's probably the most common new year's resolution ever, losing weight in the new year and if you want to drop's few plans, here's more. >> reporter: do your new year's resolutions fizzle outby fbi by february? the key is to keep it simple and realistic. >> you want to focus on the positive of the resolution, like including one extra serving of vegetables in your diet a day, versus the negatives of never eating another cookie. >> reporter: the foods you eat can help you maintain it all year long and if losing weight is your goal, add good foods. >> one has 50 calories and that is a great topping. >> reporter: gym membership spikes up to 30% at the beginning of the year. that is getting fit on your list? lessen up. dripping sugary sports drinking and sodas could be counter
5:25 pm
acting your workout. >> one of the reasons the coconut water is popular it's naturally low in calories and has electrolytes. you want to look for a 100% natural coco water and one with 40 to 60 calories per serving. >> reporter: reducing stress is a great way to start the new year and snacking on nuts will ease anxiety. any nut will do but pistachios have an added bonus. >> the shells slow you down and provide a visual cue to see how much you have eaten and you get 49 pistachios in a one-ounce serving. >> everyone can use more shut eye and what you drink can help you get it. >> and tea at night isbrate and relaxing. go for de-- at night is great and relaxing and go for decaffeinated tea. cameo mile is a great choice. it's a sleepy time herb. >> reporter: it takes 21 days to create a habit and meet take time to get used to your new year's resolution. just be patient.
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i'm anna coyman, fox news. >> and think about all of the people at the gem monday, right? >> yes. >> and in a month, it will be cleared out. it will be us. >> may be they get in shape quick and man give up and they're done with it. we'll look at the words and phrases being banned from 2012. and we saw uprisings in the middle east and deadly storms around the u.s. a look back at the big stories of 2011. @@@@@úhd@h
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>> dr. oz, i have a question for you. women my age. what is the best natural way to avoid using bone density without taking medication. >> 2011 is coming to a close and it was quite an, ventful 12 months, from the so-called arab spring to the end of the war in iraq. shepherd smith has more on that. >> reporter: 2011 began like any other year. hope for a better year ahead and, of course, res augusts --
5:30 pm
resolutions. days into 20 heaven, chaos and unspeakable violence erupted in a grocery store parking lot in arizona. gun fire interrupted a political event near tucson, a gunman shot congresswoman gabby giffords in the head and wounded 18 others, six of them killed. amazingly, giffords surprised the assassination attempt and made a triumph fant return to washington a few months later. a wave ofup rest across the middest east in north africa, citizens toppled longtime leaders in tunisia and egypt but the dangerous dictator of libya who put up the biggest fight. his 40-year rein of terror game to a gruesome end when fighters killed him in his hometown in october. the arab spring stretchd into summer and fall with deadly protests persisting in syria and a 8.9 quake unleashed a devastating tsunami and
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triggered a meltdown at this power plant. a stormy spring in the u.s. meteorologists said there were more than 750 tornados in april alone and hundreds of people were killed. the hardest-hit city was joplin missouri a powerful ef- 5 tornado left 155 people dead, making the john lip twister the deadliest in decades -- joplin twister the deadliest in decades. a new era of royalty began when prince william and kate wed. a team led by navy seals swooped into this compound in pakistan where they said they found osama bin laden. the seals reportedly shot him in the face and he was buried at sea. uncle sam maxed out his credit cards. lawmakers spent much of the summer fighting before openly increasing the government's
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ability to borrow more money. cruise in and cruise out. >> i'm running for president of the united states. >> as a candidate for president of the united states -- . >> and i am announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign. >> reporter: rates for the white house began to take shape. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: a jury acquitted casey anthony of charges she killed her two-year-old daughter caylee. >> what about a lie? >> reporter: -- cayley? >> reporter: one juror said it was a hour believe decision to make but there was reasonable doubt. liftoff. >> shuttle atlantis reared into space, the last flight and the last for the 30-year-old shuttle program. a historic hurricane made landfall in north carolina. e robe didn't stop there and tracked up the eastern seaboard from d.c. to maine. september 11th. the nation marked 10 years
5:33 pm
since the one of the terror attack. a new memorial opened and another in shanksville pennsylvania. >> the true legacy of 9/11 was in our mighty, the bonded united are thicker and the resolve is firmer of the millions of tops of lying stone in the concrete -- >> reporter: occupy wall street started as a single protest in downtown new york and ended exploding into a global movement. the inspect percenters, as they called themselves, lashed out at the wealthy 1%. >> the most amazing iphone ever. >> reporter: apple unveiled the latest gadget in early fall. the news was quickly overshadowed by the death of the company's iconic cofounder steve jobs.
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>> we, the jury in the involved entitled action find the defend, conrad robert murray, guilty. >> reporter: two years after michael jackson died, jurors convicted his personal physician of involuntary manslaughter. weeks later, a judge sentenced to four years in prison. after eight years and thousands of casualties, the white house ordered virtually all troops out of iraq. >> it's good to know that i am a part of history and it's good to know that i am leaving iraq a more stable country. >> reporter: mid-december, the death of another tyrant. north korean state television reported the dear leader, kim jong-il, died of a massive heart attack. well, now, we look ahead to next year. 2012 begins with a flurry of caucuses and primaries as politics returns to the spotlight for november 's presidential election. plus, the pentagon expected to start winding down the decadelong war in afghanistan and fox news will be covering it all as it happens.
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in new york, i'm shepherd smith, fox news. all right, well, they're words and phrases so overused, they're now banned. michigan's lake superior state university released their annual list of banned words and the top five are amazing, baby bump, shared sacrifice, occupy, and blowback. we asked our friends on facebook to come up with a paragraph using all five words and this is what sharon came up with: the amazing case of the mystery baby bump outlined the need for shared sacrifice when it came to birth control and now the shocked couple has to face the new life that will occupy their lives. one word of advice, caution with generic diapers the blowback can be staggering. that was great. nicely done. we should try that ourselves. >> right. i wonder how long that would take. >> we should try before the show's over. >> i will let you know and read yours later tonight. >> that will work. >> and how can you get rid of
5:36 pm
amazing? i use that all of the time. >> i know. and friendings -- excuse me, friends, family, and strangers say goodbye to an inspirational texas teenager. how his messages on youtube have touched thousands since his death on christmas. as. tomorrow afternoon, these little guys wrestling around on the floor here will officially have a -- [ indiscernible ] i'm beth parker. the story a long time in the making.
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>> if you would like a good love story, stay here. we're about to introduce you to a woman who thought she would never love again. tragedy seemed to follow her, but this new year's eve, she will get a fresh start. as beth parker shows us, it's a new beginning for the whole
5:40 pm
family. >> reporter: kristen clark's first husband was a navy diver. he survived iraq but was killed in a motorcycle accident after returning home in 2005. >> we were -- >> she was left a widow with three boys to raise. eventually show began dating again. four years later, hear fiance who was in the coast guard died, too. she told herself then she never wanted to take another chance on love. >> and never once opened my heart and everyone said -- the warmth you felt and taken away. >> reporter: eventually she acknowledged something. >> and i realized that with my kids and myself, that we needed help. >> reporter: kristen finally built up the courage to fly her boys to something called caps, standing for tragedy assistance program for survivors. the plane was late, meaning she crossed paths with a marine, a mentor at the camp.
5:41 pm
>> had the plane not been late, he never would have seen all five kids and i go crazy, you know. >> what did you think when she saw her with five kids? >> you know, i just saw an amazing testimony of a person who really had the will to go on. to be, you know, chasing five kids around and trying to check in dragging bags you know and just to do the best she could on her own. >> reporter: she's on her own no more. saturday in the chapel at quantico, christen clark will marry that marine. >> who is more excited? >> probably me. jot red, white, and blue. yeah. >> reporter: they have been frantically making the plans while juggling the care of now six kids never a dull moment. >> reporter: baby isaac is their latest edition. >> what changed my mind? just seeing the boys and how he was with them. >> reporter: seeing her boys
5:42 pm
laughing again. now, the couple will honeymoon in virginia, wean country and then travis -- wine country and travis has to get back to japan where he's stationed. they're hoping eventually they will get all of the kids settled in okinawa and they'll all be living together as one big happy family n. woodbridge, beth parker, fox 5 news. well it's a story that touched the hearts of people all over the world. a texas teenager well-known for his inspirational youtube video dies from a heart disease he suffered withence is he was a toddler. hundreds have paid tribute at his funeral. 4900 gathered for his memorial service and many never met him but saw the video and felt compelled to go. >> a lot of people were talking about that story the last few days. >> very emotional. hundreds of thousands of people are flock to times square in new york city for the big new year's eve party. we'll go there live to see how the big apple is preparing for the big night.
5:43 pm
and you just had to love the weather in the area today. but will it last through the holiday weekend? we have your answer coming up.
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>> new york is about to host the biggest party of the year. the city is expecting more than 1 million people in time square and the preps are underway. we're live there right now with reporter robert moses from our sister station in new york, wnyw. how's it going? >> reporter: wisdom, a lot of people are excited up here and we have been here for a too hours tonight and i can show you some of the barricades behind me have gone up the last hour or so and some preparations are underway, security is very tight here and police officers will be roving with explosives and some radiation detectors to make sure everyone gathered here
5:47 pm
tomorrow night stays safe. this was only a test of the 12,000-pound new year's eve ball. you would have heard noisemakers and screaming people if it was the real thing. all of that arrives in little more than 24 hours. if you plan to be here, arrive sooner than that. >> if you're trying to get into the heart of times square, get there by mid- to early afternoon and with this weather, we're expecting a big crowd. >> this morning, the police commissioner said officers will screen revelers with nagettometers and radiation devices at 16 checkpoints. >> there are no specific -- in new york city and we see ourselves and the intelligence community sees us as being on that terrorist target list. >> there will be 33 donor cruises on the water and that will be active.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: this will be the center for many cluing those we spoke to who can't wait to be here. >> and i think i am going to jump off in the area and we excited. >> you're going to be here for the ball drop? >> sure. >> and that is going to be good and go home with fabulous memories. >> reporter: just checked the temperature here, it's 44 degrees tonight and we're expecting similarly mild weather tomorrow and where that should add to the crowds gathered here. >> and i'm going to pass. i am going to let you -- >> back to you. >> and you enjoy your new year's, and happy new year's to you. >> i can't hear you. >> just happy new year's. >> and clearly, we're having technical issues. >> that is loud there. time square after all. >> what did you say? >> reporter: remember two years
5:49 pm
ago going there and it was coal. you remember that? 2008. >> absolutely. >> and some trees. >> it runs the gameet and that is one of those things and -- robert said it was unusually mild. >> and -- . >> and that is right. that's right. >> and it's going to be nice up there tomorrow night. >> and there mean a few showers tomorrow afternoon for new york. it will clear out and have some temperatures for the ball dropping in the mid-40s and that is great for the -- and temperatures will be wonderful, too, in the 50s and a good amount of sunshine and that is helping things out. start with the holiday weekend forecast. 56 for a high tomorrow. we'll have some showers early possible. not everyone is going to have any. as we get through the day, more
5:50 pm
sunshine will come out. the temperature tomorrow, warmer than today, 56 degrees and then happy now year on to sunday. the temperature is 55 degrees andha is looking like we'll start off with loads of sunshine through the day on sunday. we'll have some clouds coming in from west to east and tomorrow night, for all of the festivities, you should be in some good shape out there, dry and nice. for new year's eve here, again, really nice, mostly clear and dry. that is the important thing. the performs -- temperatures will be in the 40s and be careful out there tomorrow night as you're out and about with all of your tessive if -- festivities. fifty in town, 46 gaithersburg; dulles, 50; martinsburg, 50; colder for cumberland at 39 and culpeper you're doing nice with the temperatures holding at 54 degrees and mild to the south of us, most of north carolina is into the 60s and to 53 and
5:51 pm
fogger back to the southwest and that is mild down. there the temperatures today, deep south and into the tennessee valley. right into the 60s, too and nice at 7:00. the temperatures pretty much where we are now and we will have the increase in clouds and that is mainly cloudy by 9:00 and the temperatures in the upper 40s. a spotty shower possible for us and early as 11:00. i think most of those showers, again, very spotty late this evening. should be farther back out to the west and this is that next storm system, talking all week how we're right underneath the stormtrack and -- the storm track and we have the passing storms coming out across. this looks fairly impressive, too and it's hard topping as this continues to move to the east, we're not going to get something out of it. therefore, overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, we have to talk about the possibility of a shower here and there and notice throughout day today, we have had some clouds and sun and this afternoon, the clouds are thickening up a bit.
5:52 pm
overnight tonight, definitely clouds will return and we'll be cloudy. that will keep the temperatures fairly mild for most everybody and that is looking like lower 40s, a few of you in the suburbs, maybe able to get into the upper 30s and that is about as cold as we're going to get and a few passing showers coming by overnight tonight. the winds will be generally out of the south-southwest at about 5 to 15 and tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy. early shower possible and that doesn't mean everybody gets wet. the temperatures fairly mile, though even at 8:00, 43 46 degrees. at noon it looks like as that disturbance is moving away we'll break into some sunshine. the temperature at noontime, about 53 degrees and the same for 5:00, generally sunny skies and the sun is setting. between noon and five. that is when temperatures will get into the mid-50s. we'll go for a high tomorrow of 56 degrees. happy new year. sunday looks great, too and a little bit breezy. most of the day, we'll have
5:53 pm
good amounts of sunshine, increasing clouds late in the day. temperature there is 55. we have a fairly strong cold front that comes through sunday night and more significant cold air comes in on monday and look at tuesday. >> oh yeah. >> 33. >> yeah. >> 33 below? >> yeah. >> winter, winter comes back. >> yeah. yeah. all right, we had it good for a bit, though. >> yeah. >> and thank you so much. >> yeah. >> appreciate it. another celebrity couple is calling it schuyts. tmz is reporting that russell brand filed for divorce from katy perry. they were married in india. sadly the katy and i are ending our marriage. i will always adore her and i know we will remain friends. coming up at 6 on the news edge customers have been mad at verizon all day. now it sounds like executives heard their complaints. details on the phone company's change of heart. and a d.c. councilman marion barry gets scolded on
5:54 pm
the job. what he's been warned to never do again. and for newt gingrich, it is not over until it's over. we're talking with the attorney who is fighting hard to get him on the virginia ballot. the primary ballot, that is. just as the news edge at 6 continues. ues.
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5:57 pm
>> the man eaters lurking in the water near the florida coast line will be safer in 2012. phil keating tells us about a new law keeping the ocean's fiercest predators from becoming prey. >> reporter: this hammerhead shark hooked a couple of miles off of the miami coast line encueded a 15-feet 300-pound and fought to its death for two hours. >> one of the last people to do it. take anything else right?
5:58 pm
in history, it's always good. >> reporter: historic because beginning in 2012, it's against the law to kill hammerheads and tiger sharks in florida. florida state waters extend three miles from shore. now, it will still be legal to catch the tiger and hammerheads, but then you are faced with the daunting fair protecting challenge of removing the hook. florida's wildlife commission said as scary as they seem, they need our help. their numbers are declining drastically. >> that is a top predator. they're very important to have those out there. keeps everything in check and you don't have anyone -- any one particular species exploding because they don't have a predator. >> reporter: mark the shark makes his living taking tourists out to catch what he calls a monster. >> paid going out captain. >> reporter: he fears his business is getting bit when the real problem is the big fishing ships and their long nets. >> all you have to do is shut the commercial industry down. the sharks will be fine forever
5:59 pm
and forever. simple mathematicstists say these are the numbers that concern them. thing tooer shark population has fallen 65% and certain hammerheads are down 98%. now, getting caught trophy hunting these sharks could find you not in a shark came but one on land n. miami, phil keating, fox news. welcome to the news edge. it's four days to go before the first caucus of the 2012 race and one candidate in particular is taking the spotlight. they're all on the media blitz trying to get every vote they can and we following all of it with fox 5s tom fitzgerald. >> reporter: if the current polls prove correct, mitt romney could be on his way to the first win in this race


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