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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 2, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning, everyone. happy new year, everyone. we are taking a live look at the washington monument. you can see the camera bouncing around out there just a little bit. it is very cold out there. i'm sarah simmons. let's say hello to tucker barnes to get a look at the weather. at least, it feels cold. >> you got it. we'll get downright frigid over the next couple of days. we'll have windy cans as well. let's do thd radar, quiet as far as any precip falling.
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you can see not a whole lot to show you. we've got one or two snowflakes out to the west. we should be dry. there might be a flurry or two for a few of our viewers here during the early-morning hours. right now at reagan national, 41 degrees. it feels colder than that. mix in the winds out of the north and west at 14 miles per hour and that is a combination for a cold day. it will feel like 30s out there throughout the day. breezy and chilly. there should be some sunshine. high temperatures in the low 40s. it only gets colder from here. details on that coming up in just a minute. some of the top stories we are following, police are working to confirm the identities of two victims who died in a new year's car crash. this happened along jones
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bridge road in bethesda, maryland. two passengers, a male and female died. the drive is in shock trauma and the other two passengers are being treated to nonlife- threatening injuries. ries. -- for nonlife-threatening injuries. tomorrow, republicans will have that first winner in the race for the presidential nomination. iowa holds its caucus tuesday night and the sunday morning tv talk shows were all about this first in the nation contest. melanie alnwick has your round- up. >> reporter: in the final days of campaigning, republican
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candidates made time to hit the sunday talk show circuits. ron paul along with a sinkle my shoal bachmann and governor rick perry stopped by fox news sunday. rick santorum visited meet the press. >> i've always relied when that crunch time comes in the last two weeks, that is when we would start to pick up. that is exactly what happened. >> reporter: in the caucus on tuesday night, iowa voters will gather in small groups, listen to final pitches and decide among themselves who their votes go to. those can easily change until last minute. >> it's wide-open race and, as you can see, it is very fluid. any of the candidates potentially could win here. >> reporter: polls from the des moines register show two in five iowans could change their mind. >> typically a sumrall comes on
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the back of another candidate's collapse. that is what we are seeing here. >> reporter: millions have been spent on political ads in iowa. newt gingrich has been the target of most of the negative ones. >> i'm not going to sit here and try to say that, if the gingrich campaign or the santorum campaign or the paul -- or any other candidate had it, that they wouldn't be doing the same thing. i think that is the reality we're dealing with in campaigns today. people buy into negative ads. >> we're first. we're not last. we're not the decider.
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>> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. it is 4:30 on this monday. we are taking a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. yep, it feels like winter is finally here. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. before we get started, we have a reminder for you. today is a holiday on local and national calendars since the new year fell on a sunday. so that means no trash or recycling collections. no mail, no banks or no federal or local government offices will be closed today. most schools are closed. most transit systems will be running on a modified schedule. so hopefully, it will be a little quiet out there on the roadways and because it is kind
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of cold out there, no one will want to be outside. >> getting colder by the minute. a cold day and windy too as old man winter is here. >> hello. >> i promise you will know he is around tomorrow. let's get right to it. current temperatures are falling. yes, they are falling. 31 right now -- i don't know where it's 31. 3 at dulles. 34 in winchester. still 45 in ocean city. the winds are gusting to about 20. there is your sentinel satellite and after enjoying 60 yesterday, the front came through late in the afternoon and brought a few showers. now, we are looking at partial sunshine as the sun gets up this morning and eventually, it should be a decent day. mostly sunny afternoon but it will be windy and cool with
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highs only about 43. check out those winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. let's check in with julie wright now. julie, you know we were talking about the fact that we were going to feel your wrath when you came back because it's cold and it was nice when you were gone. >> i actually was able to get out to the beach. i wasn't able to lay out at the beach but i was able to get out at the beach and enjoy the surf and sand a little bit. it is not trash day but a lot of people have set out their trash in my neighborhood and a couple of other neighborhoods as well. there is a lot of debris being sprinkled out and about on the roads. watch your speeds.
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watch it out there on the roads. freej traffic -- 14th street bridge traffic rolling at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. checking our headlines being investigators are trying to piece together the crash that killed two people in montgomery county early yesterday morning. an suv left the road and slammed into a fence in the 4400 block of jones bridge road just before 3:00. the front passenger and the passenger in the year right seat died in that crash. the driver and two back seat passengers were injured. police have not released the names of the victims yet but word got out through social media and friends came out to remember them. >> i can't even begin to express how bad i feel for them. lots of multiple family members and lots of friends. i hope things turn out for you guys. you will know that all of are you are in our prayers. >> so far, police have not
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figured out exactly what caused that crash. two people in their 70s have some serious injuries this morning after they were hit by a car in kensington. police say john and dorothy wayland were walking down summitt avenue near prospect street when a car veered out of control and on to the sidewalk and hit them. police say the driver was 6 #- year-old mary ann harrington. she was also hurt in that accident and taken to the hospital. -- 68-year-old mary ann harrington. the first homicide of 2012 in d.c. police found the body of a machine around #:00 a.m. on december 31st. officials say because the cause of death was not determined until january 1st, he is officially the first homicide of the new year. -- around police found the body of a man around 8:00 a.m. on december 31st.
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firefighters had some hard work to prevent an intense house fire from spreading to multiple buildings. it broke out on m street northeast. when firefighters first arrived, they found flames and thick smoke coming out of every window on both floors. the home owner was not at home when that fire started. firefighters were able to rescue six pet cats from the basement though. let the games begin. the iowa caucus is now just one day away and it is the first presidential nominating contest of the election year so we're watching it. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: if you trust new poll results, it looks like the race in iowa could be a three- with a battle. the des moines register shows that romney has 4% in this particular poll. many voters in iowa have said they could change their vote last minute after hearing
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final push from each candidate. in the caucus on tuesday, iowa voters will gather in small groups, listen to the final pitches and then decide right there who to cast their vote for. >> iowa doesn't have a terrific record of predicting winners or losers in the state. yes, they got barack obama right four years ago but they also went with mike huckaby. >> iowa has a history of being a surprising place and giving some people a boost who nobody thought had a chance and putting people to rest who people at one point thought were inevitable winners. >> reporter: it is that final push. most of the candidates will spend last full day of campaigning trying to do a local media blitz while stopping at many events across the state. >> thank you so much. virginia republicans will only have two choices on the ballot for the primary after all. based on the commonwealth's current ballot access law, ron paul and mitt romney were the
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only one whose exfd -- qualified to be in the primary. the attorney general saws he feels very strongly that the requirement should change but he and others could not find a way to do it this area and still be fair for rome necessity and paul. ul. -- to romney and paul. the skin hoped to end the season on a high note against the eagles. this one would stay close most of the way but the mistake would just undo them. the skinned eventually got on the board in the second quarter to cut the eagle lead to three. but philly would score 21 unanswered points in the four. skins lose 34-10 and end the season 5-11. new worries this morning about iran's nuclear ambitions. that is next. plus, a wave of suspicious fires in one major city. now, the clue that could help police solve that case. stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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iran sparking new fears this new year with an announcement that it has produced its first nuclear fuel rod after it conducted a test of a missile designed to escape detection on radar. >> they thought iran could have a nuclear went within a year. i suspect it is even less than that. i think 2012 could be a very important year if israel reads the situation the same way as secretary panetta, the time in which they have to take military action against the iranian nuclear weapons program is very, very short. >> saturday, president obama designed a sanction designed to reduce iran's oil revenues by punishing financial institution that do business with iran's central bank. los angeles police may have
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a break in the case regarding suspicious fires breaking out around the city. they released some security video showing a person of interest leaving the parking garage that was the scene of one of those fires. more than three dozen fires have been set in the past 72 hours. one firefighter is being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries after responding to one. fires. pope benedict xvi celebrated this new year's day yesterday at st. peter's basilica. he called young people the hope of the future. the mass is he vat cap is also considered world peace day. here is one way to ring in the new year, winning $1 million. details of the lucky winning tickets here in our area. we'll introduce you out to the first baby of 2012 born in our region. came as a bit of a surprise. >> cute baby. i will have details on your frigid forecast.
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maryland hospital center at 12:12 yesterday morning. she came in at eight pounds and 10 ounces and wasn't actually due until january 16th. >> i don't know if this is the proper medical assessment but she was born asleep. i'm not kidding. >> she seemed to be asleep and then she opened ore eyes and got mad. >> the family is expected to make their decision on a name later on today. congratulation to them. >> that is great. >> you can tell they already have a couple of kids because they're so calm about it. >> yeah, she was born asleep, something like that. >> no big deal. >> no big deal. very cute. she is going to be introduced to some wintertime cold. >> oh, yeah, you can feel it. the new year hits and boom. >> yesterday was up to 60. i promise it will feel more like january around here for the next several days. the good news is by the end of
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the week, we'll warm back up to around 50. until then -- >> right. >> you kind of like it. you had a smile on your face. julie won't be as happy. if i can tell julie on this, we'll be happy. the temperatures have started to tumble overnight. 30s starting to break out across the region. 36 in gaithersburg. 38 out at dulles. warmer air off to the south and east, moderately warmer. 43 in leonardtown. i mentioned the wind would be picking up behind the cold front sunday night and sure enough, sunday night, monday morning, winds now gusting to 26 in washington. 25 in annapolis. 31 out in martinsburg. you mix in the wind chill, it feels like 20s and low 30s across the area.
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our winds will be with us through outthe day. they will be gusting 15, 20, that miles per hour through outthe day. we'll have breezy conditions along with cool temperatures. highs will only be about 40 to 43 later this afternoon. we're in the going to warm up a whole lot. sentinel sat-rad, there you go. throw out of the northwest. that will lock the cool in here for the next several days. we've got a reenforcing cold front which will get in here tonight and then the bottom drops out starting tomorrow. wait until you see tomorrow's daytime high and tomorrow night's cold temperatures and than we start a moderating trend. if you are getting in your car or watching western maryland or west virginia, they've got winter storm warnings. that lake effect snow machine kicks in starting later this afternoon and tonight and will be with us for the next several days. 43, mostly sunny skies. breezy, much cooler today. winds gusting to 30 miles per hour out of the west here and out of the north and west later
4:48 am
tonight and during the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies, windy and cold. lots of low 20s tomorrow morning and check out this five- day forecast. if you like cold weather, you will love the next couple of days. or if you are a polar bear. 32 tomorrow for a daytime high. overnight low, 19. the cold won't be around forever but it will be very cold for the next several days. let's do in on-time traffic with julie wright. she is back. >> i'm he back today but on the morning when it is 19 degrees for a low, i will still be in my bed. >> you can call in from your bed. >> there you go, footy pajamas and all. a lot of people taking a day off. no trash pick-up today but there is a lot of crash out there on the roads.
4:49 am
i noticed a lot of debris out there. there was cardboard boxes, some bags floating around out there. be careful for you do have to make the drive in. lanes are open. no problems to report because it is a holiday. we are finding that the hov rules have been lifted. you will find the hov lanes are pointed in the northbound direction along northbound 95. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. now, going to cost you more to drive the dulles toll road. starting yesterday, rates went up 25 cents at the main toll plaza to $1.50. tolls at on and off-ramps remain at 75 cents. the increase is to help pay for the dulles corridor metrorail project. it has already been a very lucky new euro for a few people in virginia. here are three new millionaires in the commonwealth. three tickets had the winning numbers in virginia's new year's millionaire raffle. one of the tickets was purchased at a 7-eleven in great falls. numbers are there on your
4:50 am
screen. six other lucky people won $25,000. the new year means some new laws for many states too, tens of thousands of new laws to be exact including many sparking controversy. we'll take a look at that coming up next. stay with us. sore throat pain can be dreadful. cepacol gives powerful lasting relief, because the numbing medicine in cepacol is the maximum strength you can get without a prescription. tame your painful sore throat with cepacol.
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from public schools in california teaching students about gays and lesbians to banning happy hour in one state, there are a lot of new rules in 2012. we have a report. >> reporter: alabama with the country's toughest immigration law will require all employers who do business with any government entity to use a federal system nope as e-verify for check that all new employees are in the country legally. georgia, tennessee and south carolina are putting similar laws into effect. >> all we're doing is checking the social security number of
4:53 am
future employees to make sure further eligible to work. the - - in georgia forks live fay city that hole allows to you drive your government cart off the green and on the roads, new safety requirements going into effect. there are several new federal rules too including a social security increase amounting to $450 a year for the average recipient and stiff fines up to $2,700 per offense for truckers and bus drivers caught using hand held cell phones while driving. >> not a good idea to use a phone at all. >> reporter: also, eight states are raising the minimum wage including arizona, washington,
4:54 am
montana, colorado, ohio, vermont and florida. san francisco will become the first city to raise its minimum wage above $10 per hour. finally in utah, new laws making any daily drink specials illegal essentially banning happy hour. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. a local sports team struggling in the win-loss column. redskins wrap up a disappointing season while the wizards continue to search for their first win of the season. giants versus cowboys. this one was not close. highlights coming up next. so, this is delicious
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washington would step it up in the second half though but it would not be enough. they lose 94-86 and foul to 0-4 for the new season. same two teams go back at it again tonight in boston. the skins ended the season with a loss to the eagles 34- 106789 the game seemed to go much like the soap, keeping games close and coming undown with mistakes and lost opportunities. the skins end with a record of 5-11. what positives can they take from another losing season. lindsay murphy takes a look. >> reporter: there is a silver lining in this 5-11 season but it lies in the hands of the rookies. of this year's 12 draft picks, 10 of them saw action this season and contributed. heading up this rookie class was the team's first round pick, ryan kerrigan who made a smooth transition. he didn't miss a game this season. >> i knew coming in that i had to play every down and it is not good enough just to be
4:58 am
someone good at pass rushing or coverage. you got to be good in both to play in this defense. i took that to heart and tried to get in good shape. >> on offense, a two-headed monster emerged at the running back position. roy helu tallied 635 rushing yards including three 100-plus yard games. he all scored three touchdowns, one a 47-yarder today. helu was humble when asked about his success. >> en i'm one of those short- term memory guys so all i remember is the last three games and how i didn't get to finish. i really want to go into this off season and do everything i can to get healthy. >> reporter: evan roister started the last two games and rushed for over 100 yards in both. today, he had 20 carries for 113 yards. >> after i saw who was getting drafted and everything like that, i was looking up the guys and seeing what they had, i felt really good about it. i think we came out and lived
4:59 am
up to it. >> reporter: it was still the skins' worst game of the season and the worst season in mike shanahan's 18-year career but even the veterans could find positives thanks to the rookies. >> i don't know if i've ever been on a team that had a better rookie class than what we have here, all of them. those guys have played their hearts out and they've had to step up in times where they probably didn't think they would play all year. >> can you look at some of the stuff that went on this season and say we took a step back but i feel like we progressed getting some of these guys in here and rebuilding what wear trying to do. >> reporter: the future looks bright because it can't get much worse. they have lost 11 games in a season for the fourth time in 17 years. the nfc title came down to a winner take all between the cowboys and giants. new york got on the board fir


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