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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 2, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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dulles, 32 hagerstown, ocean city, 40s when i got to work, 38 for you now temperature falling overnight. winds a big story not so much at the moment but during the course of the day we will see gusts over 30 during the course of the afternoon, actual air temperatures, low 40s. winds out of the west, and north and west, feel like 20s and 30s. and look what we have developing off to the north and west a few snow flurries winchester, charles town at the moment, don't be surprised if you don't see a few flurries, today, tonight again tomorrow, reinforcing shot of cold air. winter for the next several days daytime highs, low 40s. 43 washington, 39 winchester 44 the hot spot frederiksburg more details in the forecast, coldst air of the season on the way details coming up alison back to you. thanks tuck our top story in washington state a man hunt under way for a strong person
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of interest after a national park ranger was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop, 24-year-old benjamin barnes a military veteran is believed to be in the woods in mount rainier park, possibly armed with an assault rifle they found the gunman's car which contained weapons and body armor, they have evacuated dozens of touristare asking the public to avoid the area. >> there are lots of cars in the parking lot up there, the concern is that he might -- concern is that he might try to break-in to some place people might be or try to break into a vehicle and try to get out. now the park ranger who was killed is 34-year-old margaret anderson she leaves behind her husband, also a park ranneninger and two young daughters -- ranger and two young daughters, barnes is also a subject in the shooting that injured two people at a house party near seattle,.
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new this morning the search for suspects is on after the armed robbery of a 7 eleven dc police say two masked men armed with handguns targeted a 7 eleven on 8th street southeast before 5:00 a.m. to morning. there are no reports of injuries, there have been several 7 eleven robberies in dc and prince georges county over the past few days, no word if this is connected to the other cases. mean wile, investigators are trying to piece together a crash that killed two people in montgomery county new years day an suv veered off the road and slammed into a fence before 3:00 a.m., two passengers, a male and female died in that crash, the 22-year-old driver was taken to shock trauma, two other passengers an 18-year-old and 19-year-old man are being treated for nonlife threatening injuries, police have not released the names of victims yet but word got out through social media, friends came out to remember them. >> i feel bad for the families
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involved i can't imagine how the kids that survived are feeling but just a horrific thing. >> rough, but i haven't even fully processed it yet i am still in a lot of disbelief. >> police have not ruled on what caused that crash. two people in their 70s recovering this morning from serious injuries after they were hit by a car in kensington. john and dorothy wailen were walking down summit avenue when a car veered out of control on a sidewalk is hit them both. the driver was 6-year-old mary ann herring on the. investigation under way in what police are calling the first homicide of 2012 police found the body of 56 yearly roy, around 8:00 a.m. december 31st, but officials say because the cause of death wasn't determined until january 1st he is officially the first killing in the new year according to the medical examiner the victim was strangled and showed signs of blunt force trauma as of this
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morning police have made no arrests. to the city of brotherly love, rang in the new year with a lot of violence six people were killed several others hurt in philadelphia during the early morning hours of new years day the first murder of the year was of a man and a woman both in their 30s, police found them shot to death in a car, the four other men killed, at that morning range in age from 23 to 77 years old. the incidents don't appear to be related. presidential election officially begins tomorrow, when iowa caucuses kick off a familiar front runner appears to be in the lead, polls have an under dog peaking at the right time. nicole collins has more on the battle. >> reporter: the new and last des moines register poll is scene as a bell weather for the contest the numbers validate
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rick santorum's last second ride in in an unpredictable race, a turn of fortune. rick santorum now appears to have a clear shot at victory. >> we labored a long time went out and talked about bold ideas, talked about my record we were the consistent conservative in this race. >> in four days of des moines register polling, mitt romney leads with 24%, ron paul 22%, santorum with 15%, but if the final two days of polling stand- alone, santorum would edge out paul for second place. >> typically in iowa, a surge comes on the back of another candidates collapse that is what we are seeing here, newt gingrich and michelle bachmann that is who rick santorum is picking up voters from. >> with romney holding steady at the top and ron paul feeling confident enough to take the weekend off from campaigning,
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newt gingrich launched his most aggressive attack yet. he said he was referring to negative ads he claims political action committee that backs romney is running against him in iowa. >> this is an election being driven not by money raised but by message. >> the race in iowa is still fluid des moines register poll shows 41% of likely caucus goers say they have a favorite but are still open to changing their minds in washington nicole collins, fox news. virginia attorney general, is weighing in on a ballot battle, newt gingrich and rick perry fighting a law that requires a candidate to collect 10,000 signatures from registered voters to be on virginia's primary ballot they both failed to get enough signatures in a statement released over the weekened, the attorney general says he supports changing that law however for the sake of consistency and fairness to those who did qualify he does not support changing it for
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this year's election. >> truckers are paying higher tolls this new year a 6 to $12 hike they will pay $24 to cross the chesapeake bailiffer bridge. and at -- bay river bridge and tolls for cars went up in november. be sure to carry extra change if you travel on the dulles toll road you now have to pay $1.50 at the main toll plaza, 25¢ more the increase will pay for the dulles corridor metro rail project, tolls at on and off ramps are still 75¢. >> new year means new laws public schools in california will teach students about gays and lesbians people in one state are saying goodbye to happy hour. julie takes a closer look at these changes. >> reporter: alabama with the country's toughest immigration law will require all employers who do business with any government entity, to use a federal system known as e verify to check all new
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employees are in the country legally, georgia, tennessee and south carolina are putting similar laws into effect >> all we are doing is checking the future em employers to make sure they are eligible to work. >> california is addressing illegal embrace the california dream act expands eligibility for private scholarships to students, brought to the country illegally when infants, also in california, gays, lesbians, people with disabilities being added to the list of social and ethnic groups whose contributions must be taught in public school history lessons. in georgia, if you live in a city that allows yous you to drive your golf cart on the roads, new safety rules in effect. a social security increase amounting to $450 a year for the average recipient and fines for $2,700 per offence for
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truckers and bus drivers caught using hand held cell phones while driving. >> not good to use it at all while driving. >> eight states are raising the minimum wage, arizona, oregon, washington, montana, colorado, ohio, vermont, florida. san francisco will be the first city to raise its minimum wage above $10 per hour. in utah, new laws making any daily drink specials illegal, banning happy hour. in new york, fox news. los angeles fire diagnostic fighters dealing with a dozen new -- firefighters dealing with a dozen new fires that brock out overnight these fires are the latest in a series of suspicious fires that started friday morning this mornings were in carports and garages in los angeles and west hollywood. >> we were in bed my wife heard some popping noises looked around we heard about the fires and she ran outside and said hey, our neighbors house is on
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fire so we just ran over got a hose. >> wow, yesterday police released video tape showing a person of interest but officials are not sure if this is the same person who is in custody this morning. more than 4 dozen fires have been set to fires and building in the hollywood area within the past 72 hours. a horrible accident on the final day of deer hunting season this happened in massachusetts, an off duty state troop out hunting in the southeastern part of the state, shot and wounded a woman out walking her dog. the trooper, mistook the dog for a deer while he quickly realized the mistake called 911 and administered first aid until paramedics arrived. >> hit her hip, it -- the doctor says her hip has been broken, fractured i guess is the word he used so, it did miss bowl and did miss kidney fortunately, but, you know she is shot. >> thankfully the woman survive d but has a long and painful
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recovery ahead as you can hear to that description the trooper will not be charged and no internal investigation. >> three young children are lucky to be alive this morning after their fathers car plunged into river. icy roads in salt lake city caused the car to slip off the roadway the father was able to get out but his three young children were trapped inside the car. the father and son saw the car in the river and jumped in to help. >> an army like that cannot be defeated. several elements came together possibly a miracle is what made the difference. >> those kids were submerged in icy water for a minutes all recovering this morning at hospital. >> wow they are sure lucky. >> sure are. >> coming up what happens to people who try to run on to a field during a pro football game. >> hmm. >> speaking of football, dave ross is here with us >> can't wait to see that video y'all. >> season has mercifully come to an end for the red skins
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>> probably not a smart idea to run on to a football field with a group of players. green bay packers linebacker brad jones tackled a fan who ran on to lambeau field during sunday's game apparently security didn't see the guy but took over after jones knocked him out. >> he will talk about that for the rest of his life that was his big moment. you notice both feet clearly off the ground right that is going to hurt the landing he isgoing to stick the landing. >> what a great picture. >> thank goodness i was not in green bay that was not me i can confirm that. >> oh, well. >> sadly, we have to talk about the red skins. >> yeah, didn't look pretty for
9:16 am
them either. >> kind of perfect way to encapsulate what happened to them this season. they had a chance, they made a little come back, got to 1310 and woke up, it got ugly quickly when it goes south for this team it goes really south like mexico south,. >> well, and it was sad yesterday because i am like after i got over the fact that skins were still playing mark said well, you know they played the eagles and they are a good team i am thinking what. >> they are looking at the eagles as a good team? >> right. >>ing ales are not going any where any way. we will take a look sadly for the last time at the highlights as they were, and mike shanahan, they have been better on the road than at home here is a bizarre thing. brandon gets a blocked field goal the fifth time that year this has happened. five you can go easily one whole season without that happening maybe in a career but
9:17 am
five times in one year, just bizarre, then of course again, when the wheels go off, here we go, that lead directly to this eagles come down after that missed field goal and get a touchdown 10-0, this game, that is a pretty good jump red skins derespond in the third, here comes roy and hello, end zone, now again, he is out there, on some bad wheels yet guts it out and you know -- >> marco? >> that is debatable. we like effort. if you can play, go play, michael vick can play. jackson can play and there they go that is the back breaker makes it 20-10, 34-10 defeat, red skins end the year at 5 and 11 and there were many points to this game that are not fun to look at. >> right before the end of the first half ladies if you heard of a fire drill, this is what happens they have no time outs left red skins, grossman throws
9:18 am
the ball, kick kick kick kick clock ticking can't get out of bounds got to either a get up to the line like they are trying to do and spike the ball but starters run off. go back go back go back they don't have the right personnel to get the kicking unit on the field what you have is half the guy from one unit and half the guys from out there, it leads to no points no field goal attempts 10-0 deficit and plays like that really symbolize,. >> basic knowledge. >> that is basic stuff. there were a couple explanations for that one was the head set, rex grossman had went out so he could not get the play from mike shanahan the bottom line rex needs to know that even if they have a communication problem. the prompter goes down you got to have a script, back up they didn't have a back up plan. so plan b went to plan z and it was ugly. >> we did say during the tease the red skins, they are still optimistic for the future some
9:19 am
people say why. >> for next year. >> next year. >> we are on a five year plan. >> one of those new editions came over from the giants,. >> who knows what to say about this season there are a lot of things that happen, a lot of things to be learned, but i know for one i am excited about coming back mid-april i am excited about getting everybody back, i am excited about next season that is the only way i know how to feel right now i will be extremely driven, i don't want this feeling again never had this feeling before, being so far out of the race like this and i am going to try to instill that on everybody else i am going to be a passionate guy from here on out. >> when you hear that, some passion what that says to me, again i have been saying this all year the guys in the locker room have not quit, did not quit now it is over but they gained effort each and every week again on the outside looking in you go these guys
9:20 am
are delusional, 5 and 11 the team is getting worse not better they look at it directly opposite they say hey, we have some pieces got the big draft coming up sixth pick overall, very high pick let's get some of the pieces in here maybe they are not as far away as it appears today. >> they've at least got. >> got to give it up for the giants as well last night all the marbles on the line cowboys giants, winner wins nfc east loser goes home guys with stars on their helmet going home unhappy. >> yeah, alison. >> pretty good. bradshaw making the cowboys look foolish on that and foolish most of this night red skins beat the giants twice if you can thing of that and yes, they are going on to the fourth seed. >> neighbors to the north baltimore rains get a big win, the punisher, two big touchdown runs in the day from rutgers
9:21 am
university, they get a win at cincinnati have a two seed they will get a buy next week first round of the playoffs host a playoff game in two weeks, i-95 up in baltimore, good luck to the people in purple. >> yeah, people purple people eaters. >> that was the vikings. >> never mind. >> they are the new version of the purple people eaters. >> thank you dave. >> a few lucky people are ringing in 2012 as millionaires. >> not me. >> me neither. >> dozens of people braved the cold weather and water for a good cause. >> imagine leaving your car for 5 minutes, and returning to find it in a hole. i don't thing this is the hole but it happened to one couple, the story coming up next. first though here trivia question, what president was ticketed for speeding in washington dc in office wood row wilson, grant, were there
9:22 am
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>> residents in ohio may have forgotten the time of year celebrating their annual icy tradition hundreds plunged into a river not caring about the cold weather they jumped in to celebrate their annual, polar bear swim in waterville, at 2:30 p.m. everybody rushed into the water diving in for a moment and rushed out the try to warm back up. >> quite a shock for one couple after a trip to a florida rest stop she and her husband were in the restroom for no more than 5 minute when they came out they found that. not good. a massive sinkhole in the
9:26 am
parking lot, now she says she actually saw her ford escape sink or escape, and then she watched as the hole opened up, not only swallowing her car, but trapping her husband's vehicle which was parked two spots over. >> kind of stunned for a minute, walked on down it kept going down a little bit and then there is a big area that opened up. >> could have been in it could have been a lot worse. we are okay. cars are replaceable. good attitude florida's transportation department will pay the couple's claims a e officials say they have to assess the entire area to determine how widespread the sinkhole goes. what a great way to start the new year as a millionaire there are three new millionaires in the common wealth, three ticket haves the winning numbers in virginia's new years raffle one was purchased at a 7 eleven in great falls the numbers on your
9:27 am
screen six other lucky people won 25,000 dollars happy new years to you. >> and they are twins but you would never know from their birthdays. >> we will introduce you to these cutie pies not even born in the same year we will be right back [ male announcer ] for some reason
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each year the u.s. chamber of commerce releases a survey of the mostry duck louse lawsuits -- most ridiculous lawsuits. a convict sue it is couple he kidnaps for not helping him evade police. >> number two, a man illegally brings a gun into a bar gets injured in a fight and sues the bar for not searching him for a weapon. >> come on it gets better. >> number three, young adult sues mother for sending card, without gifts and playing
9:31 am
favorites. woman sues store over 80¢ refund, sues $5 million. >> mom files suit against exclusive preschool over child's college prospects. plumber six a man suing for age -- number six a man suing for age discrimination says the man is too old. >> i want to know where these are. i want to see these people. >> yeah. >> so funny. >> you should have checked me for my weapon. >> the child was on to something suing mom for lack of good gifts and cards. >> let's not give anyone an idea for next christmas. >> i can't believe it is true. >> insane. and they are true i guess no body won in those lawsuits. >> lawsuits are something special to the united states. >> the only one i understand, 80¢ refund some times you get so mad when people pretend you
9:32 am
are not right. you are going to sue for 5 million. >> you know. >> i want to know if they won or not. >> all right let me do the weather forecast, hd radar, there in the white, snow flurries, snow showers breaking out across the area. yeah, you got those, -- >> that area,. >> we haven't had much of anything this year. >> no, woohoo. much more enthusiastic a couple snow showers off to the north and west don't be shocked today if later this afternoon particularly north and west you see a couple snow flurries, from time to time. lake-effect snow, occasionally we get them down, southeast washington. they go, to our north and our west. all right, cold, 39 regan national, 36 now in gaithersburg temperatures, tumbling since late in the afternoon yesterday when we hit
9:33 am
60 degrees, 37 manassas, 37 dulles and 39 in leonard town, all right, temperatures going to be cool highs low 40s that is half the story because winds will be really blowing here, throughout the day then pick up again tonight these are your most recent wind gusts here in washington 18 miles per hour, 16 gaithersburg. earlier, annapolis had wind gusts to 36, hagerstown, over 30, you get the idea it will be a rather blustery, chilly afternoon even with sunshine building in not ever going to get a chance to warm up, winds out of the north and west, tapping into cold arctic air up into canada. here is your sentinel sat rad, cloud cover off to the north and west, lake never got a chance to freeze over yet, with lake-effect snow machine in gear we will see heavy mountain snow. there will be a liver of west earn maryland here and -- sliver of west virginia and
9:34 am
western maryland here, they will pick up to a foot of snow out to the west snows will continue out there, through late in the day tomorrow off to the north and west reinforcing shot of cold air that will plummet temperatures furtherer as we get into tuesday and wednesday. coldst air of the season. 43, lots of sunshine sect half of the day, clouds will -- second half of the day clouds h mix in. winds will continue tonight olympic up overnight as we get that reinforcing shot of cold air. wind chill in the teens tomorrow morning when the kids head back to school, and here you your five gay forecast, 32 friend tomorrow daytime high and windy throughout the day breezy thursday, 35, do warm by the end of the week back to upper 40s. at least the cold won't be prolonged but intense starting later tonight and during the day tomorrow that is a look at weather alison, back to you at the desk. >> still ahead while police are preparing for possible chaos at today's rose bowl parade.
9:35 am
>> nightmare for dozens of hotel guests when they can't get back in their hotel new years eve. >> today's trivia question for you, what president was ticketed for speeding in washington dc while in office. >> was it wilson, grant, trueman or richard nix on the answer is coming up later if you want to guess now head to our facebook page fox 5 morning news will be back after the break. 9:35 a.m. l an ordinary breakfast pastry
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do the swap today. dogs strutted their stuff in key west florida over the weekend : part to have the dachshund walk on new years eve key west is known for its wacky and fun celebrations to ring in the new year. they did not dispoint. >> final preparations under way for the 122 wouldn't road parade in pasadena, during today's edition, hundreds of extra police officers already moving into place due to the
9:39 am
unexpected or now at this point expected demonstration by anti wall street protestors organizers of occupy the rose parade will tag along at the end of the 2 hour procession to make their statement. several hundred activists are expected to turn out. >> some hotel guests if denver got locked out of their rooms for hours after midnight struck, the denver tech center marriott was hit by a electronic key card problem. hotel officials don't know if the problem is related to the year change or not. >> new year brings a new tax for montgomery shoppers. they will charge 5¢s for every paper or plastic bag provided to customers. of each nickel you pay, montgomery county will get 4¢s to fight in water pollution
9:40 am
retailers will keep a penny to cover administrative costs we did an unscientific sample to see what buyers in silver springs thing about it. >> ecologically it is the wisest way to go i don't like to see the trees be cut down i don't like to use the petroleum products to make the plastic bags. >> others were less supportive. >> montgomery county is one of the richest counties in the country i think that is an excuse to actually rob us here, the citizens here of montgomery county we pay enough as it is tax wise. >> district of columbia had a 5¢ bag tax since 201 which raised 2 -- 201 which raised $2 million in 2010. >> i think it as been a great thing for dc i see a lot more people bringing bags, and they didn't before and i think it is really helped change behaviour in dc. >> in the district they have started charges for bags and i
9:41 am
found that it encouraged my family to reduce, reuse the bags we have, it is a small price to pay, but i think it is fair and i think that, it is easy to get hold of the bags, everyone has them i am in support of it. >> this is my own bag, i know, i didn't bring enough bags, so i ended up getting another paper bag. but i will try to bring more of my own bags. >> and it is remembering the bag. >> that's it. >> that is key. >> they often don't make it into the car. >> a set of twins who don't share the same birthday they were not even born in the same year. >> meet the areas first bundle of joy born in 2012. >> if you are looking for a new edition your household we may have the perfect fit for you. coming up today's pet project.
9:42 am
>> they are so cute getting excited to see you alison. >> get fit in 2012 a lot of people make that tradition every year or try to. annie yu is live with tips to help you be your best. >> reporter: hey, i am doing the tina turner right now, we are jamming it up in cardio class coming up we will talk about nutrition after this work out we need a snack come back with us on fox 5 morning news 
9:43 am
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meet metro dc region's first by of 2012. baby bonafide is from an airforce family her dad lieutenant greg works at the
9:46 am
pent begun she was born at southern -- pentagon, she was born at southern maryland hospital 12:12 a.m. yesterday morning weighing in at 8 pounds 10-ounces she came early too she wasn't due until january 16th. how do you feel about her being the first baby of the new year. >> i am excited about it, nice to have something special, you know, something that is a little extra special about your special baby. >> baby bonafide has two older brothers to look after her the family is expected to make their decision on her first name later today. >> really cute. >> now to tampa florida, where one young mom can say she had the perfect ending to 2011, and a great start to 2012. her twin girls had near perfect timing, baby jenevere was born 11:59 p.m. new years eve when the ball dropped so did her sister, they
9:47 am
are the first and last babies born in hillsborough county 2012 and 2011. >> how adorable. >> a lot of folks make a new years resolution to get fit. >> if doubt exercising is key so is nutrition, annie joins us from sport and health club northwest with tips to get you healthy. >> reporter: i had to leave this i love it this is called cardio jam in addition to this they have kick boxing, zumba these are some of the classes they offer here, after a great work out, you got to satisfy the hunger right so that is why my friend judy samuels, master personal trainer, i am out of breath. that will get you going. >> great cardio work out. >> so judy, what is a good snack to have after a work out? >> before or after a work out you want to make sure you fuel your body, it is really
9:48 am
important not to have an empty stomach we have things here that will be great to have. one thing you can have before or after within 45 minutes to an hour before or after a work out is some fruit with nut butter and we are trying to thing out of the box not just peanut butter there are great choices here is some raw almond butter. >> what does that taste like? >> delicious very different from peanut butter if you want something with a similar texture and appearance to peanut butter may want to go with the sun flower seed butter. >> a little bit of both. >> that's right. >> you should have that, cut some fruit and have it with that. >> what about after a work out just have the same thing? >> have that or another idea would be, some vegetables with humus, so you can buy cut up vegetables, if time is an issue, buy vegetables cut up ready to go and dip it in humus
9:49 am
so you have a combination of carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and healthy fat and protein. >> now let's get real people are trying to lose 10 pounds i think that is ambitious how hard is it or easy is it to lose even 2 pounds. >> depends on your metabolism we try to find out what some body's individual metabolic finger print is the way we do that we have a simple testing device, qualified professional can use to determine what your personal calorie needs are and then we try to create a calorie budget just for you. >> yes and you know i think, if you are determined to get fit even get healthy or lose a few pounds you need to get in the right mind set, it is a lifestyle change. >> it is a lifestyle change, you may have a diet, and once it is over, you gain back the weight. the important thing to remember is that when you go on a diet
9:50 am
you don't want to eliminate a lot of foods, without replacing them with good foods it is not about, what you don't have, it is about what you can have and so, we have a lot of really good choices of things here that you can have, on any diet, and be healthy, and still lose weight. >> that is the key for 2012, even if you are not looking to lose weight, you know, but just to get that healthy lifestyle this is great food ideas and tips if you want more log on to thank you judy and thank you everybody here at gordon health we had a lot of fun back to you in studio. >> thank you there are so many animals available for adoption in our area if you and your family are looking for a new pet in 2012, you don't have to look far you know that. but today we have some more examples cute puppies in studio looking for their forever homes now mira is the executive director with lucky dog animal rescue, she joins us with two friends this morning with more imformation happy new year.
9:51 am
>> happy new year. >> you brought in some beauties. >> i want to talk about lucky dog. >> sure lucky dog was founded in 2009 may of 2009 and since that time we've rescued 3,800 dogs we are proud of that. we work primarily with shelters in the rural south where they have, very low local adoption rates, in fact one county we work with has zero local adoptions without lucky dog taking those dogs, 100% of the dogs would be euthanized and actually this little guy, bailey was from that county, so it is because of lucky dog he is alive and here today. >> thanks for the good work you do all year round. let's talk about activities you have going on bailey and then octave yeah, she is just supporting herself just in case something goes crazy. >> bailey is a 5 month old lab puppy one of four we had brie was adopted we have his sister
9:52 am
bama and still have his other brother in south carolina waiting to come up he is very playful, loves other dogs. [ barking ] >> i am actually happy he is being calm right now he has been having such a good time. octavia is 10 to 12 weeks old also a lab puppy different county in south carolina one of five puppies we rescued she has a very special condition she has a genetic condition called car pal valius where he oma bone is not growing correctly we are sending her to falls church virginia she will have part of it shortened. >> where is oma. >> elbow. >> if you can see down here her leg goes out on an angle. >> yeah, i did see it. >> so what happens is if you don't shorten it, it presses
9:53 am
against the growth plate, and then the legs end up turning as she grows rather than growing straight and she will end up in worst case scenario they can turn all the way around. >> you are doing something special we want to talk about adoption events you have a benefit coming up. >> we have a benefit barrel oak winery, 45 minutes outside of the city it is a dog friendly winery they let dogs everywhere on the property really fun. there will be a band and it will be a $15 cover charge, which gets you a glass of wine and dancing and access and you know it will be a really fun time all proceeds will help octavia get the surgery she needs. >> a couple adoption events on the weekend saturday and sunday. >> an adoption event gaithersburg unleashed by petco and on sunday, and they are both 12 to 2, sunday we will be at the dog shop on wisconsin
9:54 am
avenue by wisconsin and q. >> if you love octavia and bailey go on the website. >> yes, lucky dog animal >> so you are going to get your operation miss. >> yes, she is excited. >> bailey what a good boy you are. yes, you are thank you for coming in yes, i know. >> thank you thank you. >> you are a good boy thank you for coming in. we hope these girls and boys get good homes let us know. >> thank you so much. >> coming up tucker has another look at the 5 day forecast the answer to today's trivia question. >> oh, you like my ring. she is teething i suppose. speaking of questions do you have one you would like me to try to answer head to click on the morning tab we do this segment on friday's, we answer a variety of topics but love family relationship issues, those are our favorites i do it every friday morning during the
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okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. our facebook fan of the day is rick johnson he is bringing in the new year right, starting his day with the fox 5 morning news team we hope you do that every day. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day search us on fox 5 morning news, post a comment under rick's photo. time for the answer to today's trivia question, this morning we asked what president was ticketed for speeding in washington dc while in office, the answer is grant. >> how is that possible. >> exactly, ticketed for riding his horse too fast, and fined $5. which is probably a lot back
9:59 am
then. >> i would like to see the police officer who fine it is president. >> right >> did he say $5 that is ridiculous what a rip off. >> i am going to change this. >> all right. >> all right we want to pass something along we planned on having a guest on from johns hopkins to talk about why they think the calendar needs a major overhaul. >> that professor is not available this morning he got his dates mixed up. >> we hope to bring that interview to you in future. >> i was waiting for it. apparently he is already on his own calendar. >> we want to talk to you. the 5 day forecast, heads up, cold not just today but cold tuesday and wednesday, even with afternoon highs low to mid-40 with breezy conditions it will feel colder than that. temperatures mid-20s. inside the belt way, teens this morning, tomorrow's daytime highs, 32 degrees. >> 37 now. >> yeah. >> could be snow


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