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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  January 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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>> max has cancer tumor and occurs in infants and children. tomorrow, he is going to forget the chemo treatments and get to be a kid. good for him. congratulations. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 is starting right now. >> thank you for staying with us. i'm maurine. the news edge starting tonight in maryland where the search is on for a hit-and-run driver. friends and family gathered to mourn the death of a married couple killed together while crossing the road. the driver who hit mildred freeman and michael thomas sr. never stopped. the car was traveling eastbound when it hit the couple who were crossing to get to a bus stop. they were not walking in the crosswalk, but were in the middle lane when they were hit. >> and sure, they weren't in the crosswalk, but you took
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somebody's life. to take somebody's life and to not even consider stopping, it's not like it's in the woods where you could have thought maybe you hit a deer. there's no doubt in your mind. if you hit something on that street, it had to be a person. >> thomas is a long time custodian with prince georges county schools. his wife worked at the thrift store center on indian head highway for the last 20 years. they worked opposite shifts, so he walked to the bus stop every single day. a montgomery county man is badly hurt after getting shot in a fight he wasn't part of. the man was inside the home in gaithersburg. when a fight began between two other people inside the home. one person pulled a gun and as the fight continued, the gun went off. harry thomas jr. is now in limbo waiting for his sentencing date. when a judge will decide how much time he'll spend in prison
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for theft. the dc councilman resigned this week and pleaded guilty to stealing money meant for dc youth sports programs. he could spend 3 to 4 years in prison. a judge will make that final decision on may 3. >> with a slightly different group of candidates on the stage, republican candidates for president debated once again tonight. this time it was in new hampshire and it was just three days before the primary there. fox's steve brown has more. >> six republican presidential candidates taking the stage in manchester, new hampshire, ahead of the granite state's tuesday primary. >> we have to no nominate someone that can beat barack obama. that can get the tea party behind them. that can go to washington, d.c. and stop the corrupt spending that has been going on. >> mitt romney won iowa earlier this week by 8 votes. he is polling at the top of the new hampshire polls by a wide margin. so it's no surprise to see romney under attack tonight.
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>> this experience doesn't necessarily match up. with being the commander in chief of the country. the commander in chief isn't the ceo. >> like some other states, in new hampshire, undeclared voters are independent can take part in either primary. that is sending these republicans into high gear, appealing to those who are undecided. >> invested in over 100 businesses and taking out the ones where we lost jobs and those that we added, those businesses have added over 100,000 jobs. i have a record of learning how to create jobs. >> john huntsman is banking on new hampshire to boost his campaign. holding 160 events since declaring his bid for the presidency. >> i put bold proposals forward. i delivered a flat tax. i took my state to number one in job creation. >> and now it's halftime. the debate tonight, then another one tomorrow morning for the residents of new hampshire to get a look at all six candidates at once.
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steve brown, fox news. taking you now to texas where a teenager is back home months after she was deported to columbia. she remains at the center of an international mystery. she had no ties to the country, doesn't speak spanish. fox's julie investigates. >> u.s. officials deported the teenager because she was an illegal immigrant, at least that's what she told authorities and that is where the international mystery begins. how could the government responsible for tracking illegals in this country deport someone without verifying if they are illegal or not? that is what turner's family wants to know, especially considering she is a miner, is not fluent in spanish, and has no ties to columbia. they pointed fingers over who is responsible. the 15-year-old was returned to dallas and reunited with her family friday evening. >> i hope and pray there's no one that has to go through what i went through. i think the system needs to be
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changed. more protection. >> a family attorney says she is happy to be home and out of the family would not be issuing any further statements other than to say they are happy to have her back in texas and they plan to quote, do what we can do to make sure she gets back to a normal life. her saga began when the teen ran away more than a year ago in november 2010. houston police say the girl was arrested in 2011 for a misdemeanor theft and claimed to be tica cortez, a columbia woman born1990. after being jailed, a sheriff office employee recommended an immigration detainer be put on her and an immigration judge ordered her back to columbia. u.s. immigration officials insist they followed procedure and found nothing to indicate the girl wasn't a columbian woman. >> highlights coming your way in saturday's sports xtra.
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plus, a big temperature change. that's on your way. gwen. >> absolutely right. we'll see a big change. and i'm going to have the details on what you can expect. one big hint, have your coat ready in the morning. we'll be back after the break. 
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an exceptionally warm day today. unbelievable that we are in january and we are getting temperatures like this. but we hit 68 degrees at national airport today. almost 70. that's some 25 degrees warmer than the seasonal average for the day. 64 at dulles and 66 degrees at vwi. enjoy it, there are changes on the way. right now it's mild outside. 50 degrees at national airport. 46 at gaithersburg. we have 48 degrees at baltimore. 45 at manassas. 47 degrees at dulles and 46 degrees at martinsburg. we have some clear skies headed
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our way. a few clouds into the course of this evening. we have a frontal system that will pull through and that will leave us with clearer skies as we head into tonight. overnight lees into the 30s. as the front pushed its way into the area. we'll get a shot of cooler air that will set us up for temperatures into the 40s for tomorrow. a far cry from the near 70 degrees we had today. but it's going to be the temperature change we're going to deal with over the next few days. plenty of sunshine. a system that will move in from the southwest. other than that, we have a mixture of sun and a few clouds. so temperatures tomorrow into the upper 40s. near 50 to areas to the south. mostly sunny with just a few clouds. it will be a lot cooler, however, and the five-day forecast showing you we have an up and down rise in those temperatures. sticking in the 40s for sunday and monday. tuesday, we start to get warmer as we head to the mid 50s.
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some localized areas of heavy rain fall on wednesday, could see an inch in some spots and we dry out by thursday. a mixture of sun and clouds and headed to the middle 50s. i don't think the temperatures are going to be around too much morement back to you. >> we knew it wouldn't last. thank you. your sports highlights coming up. dave now with a preview. >> we have a huge sports xtra. what a show. a lot of college hoops to get to, including the hoyas. we know the redskins aren't involved, but maybe, just maybe there's a quarterback in the draft who can help them get there next year. wisdom martin and i are going off the wall. who would you rather have? it's always a heated discussion. >> indeed it is. can't wait to see that. thank you. all right, back to me now. that's it for us. fox 5 news always on. but keep it right here.
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sports xtra, off the wall coming up next. bye bye. 
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welcome to the washington area's nissan dealers sports xtra. >> a good evening to you. welcome to nissan sports xtra. i am dave ross. ahead, the hoyas try to stay perfect. we begin with the mfl playoffs. while the redskins we know are not involved in the post season proceedings, our neighbors to the north are.
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and they had a vested interest in the cincinnati houston wild card game. a win would mean a trip next week to charm city. first time in the post season for houston and a battle rookie quarterback. and the bengals, second quarter, game tied at 10. look at that pick by j.j. watt. for the big man, 29 yards reverse to the host. texasans in front. in the third, it's the texasans. there goes yates, throwing it up to the left side. wide open. 40 yards for the score. the texasans starting to cruise, in the 4th quarter, this is foster of the texasans. and watch the bounce. get to the corner and somehow, some way, going to stay inbounds and the 42 yards, 163 yards on the day. the texasans get their first win. it's been a long wai


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