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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  January 7, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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johnson. >> especially for me, because i said the day i was drafted here that i wanted to be a part of that. so this is very special feeling. you know, probably the most i smiled in a long time. >> of course, the redskins are watching the playoffs, but are hoping april's draft will bring fresh talent to avoid this next season. all eyes will be on the quarterback position. special teams captain joined me on fox morning news about the possibility of selecting one, robert griffin iii. >> he's one of those guys that have the it factor. i said, you have to have a qb that has the it factor. strong arm, and i think the most important part is he is educated, smart guy. you hear him talk on tv, very mature. he will be a good person to get here. because he will transition well and be able to deal with the pressures from the media, you
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know, the fan base. he can handle it. >> when we return, hoyas, could gtown get over a hurdle? we're back in a flash. 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealer's sports extra. >> welcome back to the show. so far this season, it's been a dream won for the georgetown hoyas with little national expectations, what they have done so far, move all the way into the top ten. but today, a tough in conference test on the road at west virginia. never an easy place to play. as a matter of fact, they lost four straight. first half, mountaineers going to go inside to kevin joan and jones and he's going to reverse me. second half, henry sims going to try to get it to thompson. they are going to stick with it and thompson get two of the team high's 20, but the hoyas were down 6. pretty good player, going to drain the 3, and the mountain nears led by 11. the hoyas don't go away easily. they would rally. off the steel here.
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thompson is going to miss it, but watch porter. he's a freshman. cleaning up the mess. and the hoyas are down 4. inbound to gary brown and the little guy is going to go coast to coast and can't stop him. can't stop west virginia. it's the hoyas first big loss of the year. paul hewitt and george mason hosting georgia state. the first half, georgia state, they are going to miss the three. upper marlboro with the rebound and throws the touchdown pass to mike morrison pais tri yachts bench loving it. final minute, the lead is only down to one. now ryan pierson is going to get it inside. he was held without a field goal, but yeah, that's going to go. george mason defeats georgia state to take over sole possession of first place. how about american hosting
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colegate. rally is going to get it to go. and the foul. strong play. final minute of the first half. simon is going to drive down the lane. and au out of an 18-0 run. 82-54 to improve to 6-0 at home. they fall to st. louis 78-56. that's former george mason coach, now with miami taking on virginia. final minute, cavs lead by 2. they go inside to mike scott. nice spin move. and he had a game high 23. virginia by 4. final seconds, miami down one. scott going to drive, pivot, misses the layup, grabs the rebound. great name and well, that was good enough to get a w for 21st ranked virginia. they escape with a 52-51 win. how aboutset greeneberg and virginia tech tipping off a play today at wake forest. this one came down to the wire.
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cj harris pulling up and nailing the three's with 11 seconds to go. wake forest beat virginia tech 58-55. >> off the wall is coming up and we are talking football. >> oh yes we are. we are talking andrew, could we see the superman move that you like to do? >> it depends on if you agree with me or not. >> we'll have to find out. >> stick around, off the wall is next. 
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welcome back. more playoff football just ended in new orleans. we'll show it to you now. this is the saints and drew brees. here's another one from brees. going up top to robert. he is wide open. he's naked, people, naked i say. 56 yards to the house. saints win 45-28. more football talk right now on off the wall. >> welcome off the wall, wisdom, happy 2012. our first new show of the year. >> a better year than last year. we were pretty good last year. >> some would say we had a good 2011. >> bigger and better in 2012. that leads us to the number one question of 2012, and here we
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go. we're going to debate it for four months. rg3, who are you taking and why? >> if i'm the redskins? >> no, the number one pick. >> if i'm the colts. >> you are drafting a quarterback. >> peyton manning is gone. i'm going to take andrew love. >> i don't want to predicate it based on andrew manning. >> if you're the colts, andrew luck. i think he fit that system better. he doesn't move. when i watch him, i'm like wow, he can move a little bit. he can throw. he is intelligent. he has everything you're looking for in a franchise quarterback. he's fast. he is just the guy to me. >> i don't understand it. >> from the colts, i do. from the redskins. >> that's not the question. you are switching the question. you are going to take a quarterback, who is it going to be? for the third time, wisdom
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martin. 2011 was a much better year for you. >> i'm going to take rg3. >> i knew it. you know what? i love both these guys and i agree with you. one, they are both intelligent. andrew luck is mobile. the guy can move. and three, they both have huge cannon arms. he is more of a flick and andrew luck, it is a bullet. so i don't think you can go wrong with either one. they are both franchise guys. his stock moved up in three months from basically being a late first rounder to i think the second overall pick in the draft. i'm saying if you get either one, great. but i'm with you. i would take andrew luck one just slightly ahead. you can't go wrong. >> i flip-flopped already. >> now the redskins at 6. we'll talk about this for four months. do you trade down or up? >> this is a time of year you must trade up to get a
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quarterback. you need to trade up. it's not even a question. just do it. give up whatever you have to give up. the team is missing a quarterback. >> the team is missing a quarterback. >> you don't like rex grossman? really? we are still asking that question? it's clear as day. this team needs a quarterback to get to another level. right now, 5-11. >> have you been reading my cliff notes? that is the right answer. the redskins -- you have to move up and try to get the quarterback. you take rg3 and you don't ask questions. >> get him. >> plus, marketing. >> we have to go. do your superman cape move? >> strap it on. see you next week. >> 2012. next time on tomorrow, 1:00, giants hosting the falcons. my thanks to rich for putting this show together. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody.
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have a great night. thank you for watching sports xtra. wrought to you by your washington area nissan dealers. 


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