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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  January 8, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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there is welcome news this sunday morning a search dog missing for three days is found. how the highly trained animal disappeared from the group. no rest for the weary, presidential hopefuls get ready for their second debate in less than 12 hours. yes, maybe there is hope for the future. red skins gear up for the nfl draft. will they try to land that franchise quarterback. good morning i welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. gabrielle giffords is marking
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the one year anniversary of that shooting rampage in tucson and we are tracking this beautiful weather of late our sunday is off to a good start. hey, gwen i want to order more of these can i do that? >> not today. mother nature is shooting us a big change melanie. unbelievable how things are going in a different direction but let's look at our mapbegin with a look where we hit yesterday. can you believe at this point, at this time of the year in january we were near 70 degrees yesterday at national airport, 68 daytime high, 64 dulles, 66 bwi. i want to tell you these temperatures are any where from 22 to 25 degrees warmer than they should be for the seasonal average we are way off the mark and got a big treat. 44 degrees at national airport, 39 baltimore, 35 dulles, and to the south 34 degrees
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frederiksburg and as we look at sky conditions we have clouds out there. we are going to see mainly partly sunny skies, won't be all cloudy not too much to be concerned with. but we are headed to a high that is going to give us a reality check down to the 50s and upper 40s. more details later on this cool down. >> thanks gwen. we begin with a couple stories new this morning the hunt is over for a missing search dog the german shepherd has been found he ran away from his trainer thursday when he spotted a fox at white marsh park buoy he is part of a group called, fairfax search dogs incorporated and train dogs for federal emergency management. we are waiting for word on exactly where the dog was found. a deadly shooting in the district it happened before 2:30 a.m., 58th and foot street northeast. the victim is a man but have not released his name yet.
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no word on possible motive or suspects. a man is fighting for his life after being shot while hunting the 60-year-old was hit in the chest and stomach with buck shot while he and his friends hunted in the woods off henson creek trail fort washington maryland. police have not released the man's name. hunting is illegal so the man and his friends within charged. -- will be charged. >> st. mary's deputies investigating an accident. the man is 51-year-old dennis todd he was trying to jump start his truck pushing it into indian bridge road and popping the clutch a driver in the southbound lanes couldn't stop in time and hit the truck. walk to work takes a fatal turn for a husband and wife they died after a driver hit them on oxen hill road friday morning and didn't stop. police are working to track down the suspect last night the couple's family met to grieve their loss and pray for
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justice. they loved one another very much and we are a loving family and we forgive the person who hit my sister and brother in law but i hope he finds peace and turns himself in. the couple found each other later in life he was 55 she was 62 family members say they were inseparable until death. john has the latest on the search for the driver responsible. >> reporter: neither member of the married couple who lived on this house on fox terrace, drove in recent years they walked in their neighbourhood frequently walking the family dog. 55-year-old michael thomas senior was a long time evening curse topped january in prince georges county his wife, -- custodian in prince georges county his wife worked for 20 years at the thrift store center indian head highway. >> she was a very loving person always very helpful i have never seen miss millly in a bad
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way every in all the years i worked with her and i worked with her in this store and the george palmer store before that store was closed down and she is just a very good person. >> since both partners and the couple worked opposite shifts they tried to spend time together so michael would nearly every morning walk milly to the metro bus stop so she could go to work. friday morning just before 7:00 a.m. the couple tried to cross oxen hill road. the center lane is a left turn lane for traffic coming from either direction many pedestrians use it as an island from main traffic police believe they were struck standing in that middle lane, both pedestrians were gravely injured, the driver kept going. and sure they wasn't in the cross walk but the fact is you took some body's life. to take some bodies life and not consider stopping it is not like in the woods where you could have thought you hit a
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deer there is no doubt in your mind if you hit something on that street it had to be a person. >> michael thomas died 10:38 p.m. friday night mill dread free man was declared dead, midday saturday. police say a grey compact vehicle was likely involved not sure whether it is 2 doors or 4 possibly with damage they are hoping someone else will call in a tip. well, a turn around for the republican presidential hopefuls candidates are holds a debate this morning it comes two days before voters hit the polls for the new hampshire primary. foxes steve brown has the highlights. six republican presidential candidates taking the stage at st. an tons college. >> we have to nominate someone
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who can beat barack obama, get the tea party behind them and go to washington dc and stop the corrupt spending that has been going on. he is polling at the top of the new hampshire polls by a wide margin it is no surprise to see romney under attack tonight. with being a commander and chief of this country the commander and chief of this country isn't a ceo >> undeclared voters or independents can take part in either primary. this is appealing to those undecided. in the business i had, we invested in over 100 businesses and taking out the ones, where we lost jobs, those businesses have added over 100,000 jobs i have a record of learning how to create jobs. >> john hunts man is banking on new hampshire to boost his campaign, holding more than 160 events since declaring his bid for the presidency.
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>> i delivered a flat tax for my state i took my state to number one in job creation. it was fox's steve brown reporting here is what is ahead for the rest of january as gop candidates battle it out in three state primary, the first is new hampshire tuesday then south carolina, january 21st florida rounds out the month primaries take place january 31st. >> demolition crew in ohio is about to make a boy's team come true. make a wish foundation asked him to make a wish he decided his wish is to blow up a building a building in ohio is scheduled for demolition, today max will be the star of the show >> i will be pressing the button and the building is going to blow up. >> what make a wish has done for him is give him something to look forward to. >> he has a cancerous tumour
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that develops from nerve tissue today he will get to forget about the chemo treatmentget to be a kid. >> today marks one year since gabrielle giffords was severely injured in tucson, how the arizona congress woman will mark her recovery. >> new efficiency rules mean some light bulbs will disappear from store shelves. we are breaking down the new choices when we come back ÷÷úú 
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gabrielle giffords is in tucson she plans to mark today's one year an verse i of the shooting. she has made incredible progress since she was shot in the head but still has problems speaking she has until may to decide if she will run for another term.
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two tibetan monks set themselves on fire on friday. an activist group says this is the latest in a series of self- emulation protests against chinese rule. at least 14 nuns, monks and former monks are believed to have set themselves on fire in the past year. a u.s. coast guard is helping a russian fuel ship get to alaska. it is carrying more than 1.3- gallons of petroleum products to nome alaska. the coast guard's only ice breaking ship is now cutting a path. new complaints of prisoner abuse at the hands of the american military have launched an investigation in afghanistan. prisoners were held at bagram prison. karzai is demanding they take custody of those prisoners. they are negotiating a time table to transfer that prison.
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>> some prisoners complained about abuse, others complained about torture some complained about the use of gas against them others complained about lack of lawyers. american officials just got the commissions report and will certainly take it seriously the plan is for american troops to leave afghanistan in 2014. changing a light bulb isn't so simple any more. starting this month, 100-watt incandescent bulbs will no longer be made. new efficiency standards have gone into effect i went to the experts to sort it all out. 133 years ago thomas edison invented the light bulb. now in 2012 the standard incandescent is fading out as edison's technology is being replaced with more energy efficient options. >> all but 100 efficient bulbs it is very confusing. >> reporter: his job at home
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depot is help guide customers to right choices. >> here it is the first thing is the type of area, they need to cover. living area, kitchen, work light,. >> reporter: location, the first l in our lighting lesson, you got to know where you need it before you know what to get. the association of lighting manufacturers says the second l is lumen. it is a measurement of brightness. >> reporter: brightness in this 100-watt bulb equals, 1600 lumen. hall general incandescent, cfl provide the same out put for energy. the saving energy is saving money in this case and so people can choose the type of light that they prefer, while at the same time saving money on their energy bill.
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>> reporter: learning the new label is a third l, it has a very important factor, light appearance. >> there is a scale from warm to cool. newer bulbs cost more but last longer too. leds are most expensive this one is $25 but also the most efficient rated for 23 years, all most as long as your mortgage. >> a lot of my customers say they will take the light bulbs with them. >> reporter: remember the l location, lumens and label so you don't have to be in the dark any more. average price for the compact fluorescent has come down to $2, hall generals are rated to last between 1 to 3 years, cfl between 6 and 10 years. stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead president obama welcomes the dallas mavericks to the white house. the president will celebrate their victory and recognize their ongoing work and support for the u.s. military and their
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families. tomorrow las vegas hosts the international consumer electronics trade show it is the largest technology show case of its kind attracting hundreds of thousands of consumers and industry giants worldwide >> tuesday is the presidential new hampshire primary. the second contest that will eventually nominate the republican presidential candidate. mitt romney is ahead in the polls. wednesday, penn state's former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is due to be arraigned after waiving december's preliminary hearing he is accused of abusing a number of boys over a 15 year period. he maintains he is not guilty. >> day one of the wild card weekend is in the books. they faced off drew breeze. mathew stafford shows why they are an owe phone sieve machine. >> -- offensive machine. off the wall is coming up we are talking football. >> yes, we are talking rd 3,
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andrew rut. could we possibly see the superman move you like to do. >> depends if you agree with me or not. >> stick around off the wall is next you put all you've got into that deep-dish masterpiece.
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in the buzz in, fascinating new insight into life at president obama's white house. current and former aids that claims tensions developed between first lady michelle obama and several advisors, peter doocy explains. >> the first lady initially wanted to stay in chicago so their daughters could finish the school year and their move to dc with the husband according to jodie canters new book was only because she wanted to keep the family together not because she was excited about fulfilling duties of first lady. rahm emanuel didn't trust first ladies because of his clash
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with clinton in the 90s. michelle and emanuel had no bond. he tells the story how president obama relayed his unhappy wife's feelings about the back room cuts to drum up support he said she felt like their rudder wasn't set right. when she thinks things have been mishandled she will raise it because she is hugely invested in him. obama's explains the first lady will send the president's scheduler nasty notes if she doesn't book him for certain meetings. she said only in the most private intimate sense not in the sense of i am coming to your senior staff meeting. canter did not interview the obama's for the this book but talked to more than 30 staffers but white house said the thoughts and moments described
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in the book, reflect little more than the author's own thoughts in this book by jodie canter the new york time res porter will hit shelves this tuesday. in washington peter doocy. new video of fans attacked outside the winter classic three flyers fans bribed a guy washing car windows to squirt water on to rangers fans. one fan was beaten so badly he was sent to hospital. turns out he was an off duty police officer. >> giants hosting the falcons kick off, at 1:00 p.m., turns out you can catch the action on fox 5 salesmen steelers on the road to -- 5, then steelers on the road to face the broncos. >> we begin with the nfc wild card, mathew staffordlions,
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taking on drew where's. 4 quarter, breeze pumps and finds a wide hope robert meecham for a 56-yard touchdown. >> baltimore ravens had a vested interest in the cincinnati houston wild card game texans win would mean a trip next week to charm city. this would be a battle of rookie quarterbacks for the first time in post season history second quarter, game is tied at 10. bengals qv, batted down intercepted by watt and watt returned it 29-yards to the touchdown. wound up scores 24 unanswered points including one td pass by yates to johnson. texans get their first playoff win 31-10 it has been a long wait for houston's star receiver. especially for me because i said the day i was drafted here
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i want to be a part of that. a very special feeling, probably the most i smiled in a long time. >> should skins trade up to get a franchise quarterback? and the debate on the top qv of the drafts continues. fox 5s. dave ross and wisdom martin go off the wall. here we go we will debate it for four months, andrew luck or rg 3 who you taking and why. >> if i am the red skins. >> you got the number one pick. >> if i am the colts. >> you are drafting a quarterback. >> payton manning is out of here. i am going to take luck if i am the colts. >> i don't want you to predicate it based on manning who and why. >> if you are the colts still andrew lutz he would fit that system bert he doesn't move me. >> he doesn't move and shake
8:26 am
you. >> rd 3 moves and shakes me when i watch him i smile he can move a little bit, throw, he has everything you are looking for in a franchise quarterback. >> agreed. >> he is just a guy to me. >> something in andrew lutz. >> if i am the colts, if i am the red skins. >> but that is the question you are switching the question are you going to take a quarterback first quarterback taken who is it going to be? >> we are in the political season. >> 2011 is -- >> i am going to take rg 3. >> i knew it. i knew it. i love both these guys, i agree with you on a couple things one they are both intelligent, lutz can move. the guy can move and three, they both have huge cannon arms, rg 3 is more of a flick and lutz it is a bullet. i don't think you can go wrong with either one both to me they are franchise guys, rg 3 his stock moved up in three months
8:27 am
from being a late first rounder to i think the second overall pick in the draft. i am saying if you can get either one, great but i am with you i would take lutz one, slightly ahead of rg 3 but you can't go wrong with rg 3 too. >> i flip flopped. >> red skins at 6 very quickly. >> this should be easy. >> you can trade down and trade up. >> this is the time of year you must trade up. if lutz goes number one you have to trade up to get rg 3 give up whatever you have to give up. to get up to 2. >> yep. >> the team is missing a quarterback. >> you don't like rex grossman. >> 2012, we are still asking a question. it is clear as day this team needs a quarterback to get to another level. right now 5 and 11. >> have you been reading my lift notes? that is the right answer. -- my cliff notes? that is the right answer. if you can get a second
8:28 am
pick you take rg 3 and don't ask questions. >> right. get him. >> plus marketing. >> we got to go you doing your superman cape move. >> roll it out? roll it up, strap it on. >> see you next week. >> 2012. first gop presidential primary just two days away mitt romney heads into new hampshire riding his close win at the iowa caucuses today fox news sunday sits down with ron paul and debates the race with the heads of the republican democratic party. >> just beautiful weather last few days, gwen will be back with a look at today's weather and tell us what to expect. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back feeling dreadful. and all you want is for it to go away. cepacol works fast and gives powerful sore throat relief. that's because the numbing medicine in cepacol
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it turned out to be a nail biter in iowa, mitt romney beat rick santorum by only votes.
8:32 am
he -- 8 votes. he hopes to keep the momentum going for the first primary, that is tuesday. host chris wallace joins us with a preview good morning once again chris. >> good morning melanie. >> tuesday is a primary explain the difference how do delegates get awarded how important are results there. >> reporter: it really isn't so much how the delegates get awarded it is how the voting goes in caucuses, they are held at a specific time, 7:00 p.m. central time you have to show up in a church basement you hear speeches from representatives of each of the candidates and then vote. if you are not there at 7:00 p.m. at night, last tuesday night you couldn't vote, a primary is like a general -- normal election the polls are open 12 hours, go before work, during lunch hour, after work. it is just you and the voting booth aren't a whole lot of other people there. >> there was a debate last
8:33 am
night, another one this morning i know the candidates are out there trying to get their message out. ron paul is also your guest this morning, he is polling second in new hampshire why do you think he is showing so well. >> reporter: ron paul, look he has a lot of support -- first of all he is really focused on these early states secondly he has a lot of support among independents and young people if you are not registered as a democrat you can vote in a republican primary. young people and a lot of college students in new hampshire. i think he has a high floor and low ceiling i think he can get -- really 20% not much lower not much higher, so i think he will do incredibly here and we will talk to him about it and he is raising a tremendous amount of money i think he will raise the second most after romney $13 million fourth quarter there is not any reason why he should drop out. i think all the way to the
8:34 am
convention. >> that is what i wanted to ask next we've got the next month of primaries, south carolina, january 21st, florida january 31st, do you see this group of candidates continuing through to see how they do or see some drop outs in between? >> reporter: i think everybody will go on to south carolina, it is looking increasingly like mitt romney will score an easy win here, and i think that a number of the other candidates will be able to say look it is his backyard, he was the governor for four years in massachusetts he literally has a vacation home here in new hampshire it is a favorite son thing, south carolina is a place where the more conservative candidates, santorum, gingrich, perry, a lot more evangelicals, a lot more military, seems to me they will all stay in until there, but if they don't do well there i think you will see some of them drop out. among other things florida is next and florida becomes much more expensive just because of
8:35 am
all the different media markets and the state if you stay in there and don't have much money you have to go into debt to run and boy if you don't think you are going to win candidates don't like going into debt. >> i can imagine they wouldn't chris that is all our time this morning we look forward to the rest of your show we will be watching. yeah, real quickly if i can melanie we are also going to have a preview of the two national party chairs, we will have debbie wasserman shuttle, republican party -- shultz from past experience this should be a fiery exchange. >> they are definitely fun to watch thanks so much chris. >> you can catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m. after our show >> ocean city water front still recovering from damage done to hurricane irene a coast guard helicopter picked up a 20-foot tower and lowered it on to a jetty this will help mark the entrance to an inlet.
8:36 am
the original tower was knocked down during hurricane irene last august. >> it seems ages ago now but weather seems like it is hanging in there. >> definitely we've had a very very mild run here, which is coming to an end but let's look at where we hit temperatures yesterday. unbelievably warm, 68 degrees national airport, near 70 can you believe it for this time of year that is actually 25 degrees warmer, than it should be. 64 dulles, 66 bwi and as far as temperatures are concerned right now, 44 degrees national airport a far cry from that northwesterly wind, 6 miles an hour. skies a few clouds lingering around today a mixture of sun and cloud, ridge of high pressure in control it won't be a bad day at all, 49 degrees, at the 5:00 p.m.
8:37 am
hour, reality check, temperature saturday being 22 to 25 degrees above, today much cooler but still above average mother nature is being too kind to us. we will have a little difference in our sky conditions this week as well. >> it is all good for now. >> yes, it is. good news also, latest numbers show unemployment was down. and it will be a focus point when president obama makes an appearance at the insourcing job forum this week. how some companies are bringing back jobs from overseas hey g!
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the old town theatre in alexandria will close its doors for good after a decade long fight to keep it afloat the owner is being forced to sell the property because of poor ticket sales the film houses new owner will likely rent out the space as retail space. republican candidates have been talking about how to bring jobs back to the united states
8:41 am
but that is already happening and unemployment has dropped. that may be good news for president obama's re-election campaign. >> reporter: the president's appearance at this coming wednesday's insourcing jobs forum will clearly be an opportunity to build momentum for job creation after friday's release of unemployment data that shows unemployment is down four straight months, republicans offer muted praise for house numbers, john boehner's quote marks the 26th, month with unemployment above 8%. it is not only good for american business but obama's campaign. yesterday at the consumer financial bureau. this morning we learned american businesses added another 212,000 jobs last month all together, more private
8:42 am
sector jobs were created in 2011 than any year since 2005. >> wednesday's summit will feature 12 small and large companies, that are repatrioting jobs back to the u.s. including master lock returning 100 jobs to milwaukee from overseas, lincolnton furniture north carolina, galaxy solutions they created the out source to detroit program that is a model for repatriating jobs back to the u.s. and dupont, almost all of the countries cite better communications and better access to materialdistribution in washington, fox news. athletic, big, strong armed i think the most important part
8:43 am
of all he is very educated, smart guy. >> red skins linebacker, alexandre has high praise for robert griffin the third. can burgundy and gold, land a franchise quarterback. more on this when dave ross talks to the captain in this week's sunday sports sit down. won't it feel strange not to have football >> it does. >> other people have football. >> well, we probably don't have football because we haven't had football weather very mild weather out there, temperatures near 70 degrees. unbelievable we have changes coming up in our forecast. a live lookout side and you are going to find out what is the interesting factor in my five day forecast. we will be back after the break 
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8:46 am
a deadly shooting in the district it happened just before 2:30 a.m., near 58th and foot street northeast the victim is a man no word on his name, possible motive or suspects.
8:47 am
the hunt is over for a missing search dog the german shepherd has been found he ran away from his trainer thursday when he spotted a fox at white marsh park buoy he is part of a group called fairfax search dogs incorporated they train dogs for federal emergency management. good news on that one. tough thing when the dog disappears three days. >> i was like oh, my goodness that poor dog. you know but i guess that is the natural instinct. >> fox got to chase it. we have been chasing temperatures boy i am telling you have we ever had mild conditions out there. can you believe it is january? >> no, but it was great we get outside do things i got to take my christmas decorations down without bundling up too much. >> no, i just returned from canada where i really had to bundle up compared to here. it was a real shock let me tell you. very cold there, very mild here. beautiful shot outside, a few
8:48 am
clouds outside this morning overall, not bad at all a much cooler day in store for you, be prepared for that. we have big temperature changes on the way that is the result of a frontal system that moved through. high pressure is moving in that will be in control as we head through into the week we have a chance of seeing rain at about mid-week or so, let's take a look where things stood unbelievable highs yesterday, i mentioned them earlier, 68 national airport, 68 dulles, 66 bwi any where from 22 to 25 degrees, higher, temperature wise than the seasonal average for the day we should really only be in the low 40s we have been very spoiled44 degrees national, 36 to the south frederiksburg. martins burg, 36 degrees, 37 hagerstown, 35 dulles, 39 degrees baltimore, here is a look at our sky conditions, we have a few clouds moving in across the area that ridge of high pressure we will clear clouds out of the way and be
8:49 am
left with a mixture of sun and clouds into the course of the afternoon that ridge, building in from the west it won't be all bad winds calm we had gusty winds in the evening hours yesterday and today just the opposite of that. i want to show you the national temperature map, i want to show you the difference where we have warmer air lingering here to the south, to where the cooler air is spreading just about the rest of the country because of the jet stream, teens across areas of northern dakotas, 20s as we move to ohio river valley and 30s and 40s into the course of the day ridge of high pressure will slide its way across into the course of this afternoon and owning it will definitely be in control -- evening, it will definitely be in control once again temperatures expected upper 40s and low 50s that is behind the cold front that moves through last night, we are seeing changes in our temperatures we will gradually warm up into the week then start to cool down a little bit
8:50 am
as well for the overnight lows, upper level dispurr turban we will -- disturbance we will see changes. other than that, day planner, 49 degrees, mix of sun and cloud not all bad. today, mostly sunny, keeler high around 50 -- cooler, high around 50. chilly, high of 34 degrees. here is your 5 day forecast expect to see showers on wednesday, that will last through to wednesday night in the form of rain and then see a few clouds lingering through thursday. overall not all bad. areas to the -- over the mountains could by monday night see a little bit of a mixture of maybe some light rain and light snow flurries but very very light in terms of precipitation not a whole lot to talk about there at all. other than that, lower southern maryland could see a sprinkle. >> i am liking this. good week ahead. making headlines in sports
8:51 am
georgetown howers entered last night's contest. kevin jones, up and under for the reverse, 22 points, they were down 2 at the break west virginia step it up second half, georgetown falls to west virginia ending the 11 game winning streak first big east loss of the season. >> in other local college hoops, george mason beat georgia state, george washington fell to st. louis, virginia escapes with a 52-51 squeaking out victory over miami and wake forest defeated virginia tech. >> skins brass is hard at work trying to map out their plan for the nfl draft. it was a tough 5 and 11 season but there were bright spots, dave ross talks with red skins linebacker, lorenzo alexandre about the past year and what is ahead. chef. >> one of the cap pains of your
8:52 am
washington -- captains of your washington red skins we are delighted to have in studio. it has been a pleasure all year talking to you. it is been an interesting year, 5 and 11 not where you guys wanted to be yet we've talked about this before you still feel like you are not as far away as the record might indicate. >> we have added new pieces this year that have helped us. hopefully we get hanker son off injury, jenkins as well we have a nice mix of young guys and guys we got in free agency that helped the team. now we just got to put it together and be more consistent. you saw how we played against the giants, do well, dominant and then show up against another team and it is lacklustre we have the talent, we just have to put it together. let's talk about you i dug up old footage of lorenzo when
8:53 am
you wore 79 you were playing offence and defense they had you all over the place. >> exactly. >> now you are still backing up as a linebacker. >> 3030 pounds. >> -- 300 pounds. >> i am 260 now. >> the slimmed down lorenzo, we want to talk about this to you you got the walter payton award the media award we gave you for being a good guy what does that mean when you are recognized by your peers. >> humbling. god blessed me with a great platform, great family, to be able to give back to the community just an awesome feeling i grew up poor now that i've made it essentially and have a good family and have excess why not give it out the people in need and find did i have aren't ways to bring my resource -- different ways to bring my resources together. >> we need morlorenzo -- more,
8:54 am
lorenzo alexanders. everybody is clamoring about a quarterback for this town we know grossman is unrestricted may or may not be back here when you see a guy like robert griffin the third do you get excited. >> most definitely i got a chance to see him a couple times he is one of those guys that have that "it" factor he is athletic, big, strong armed, the most important part of all he is very educated smart guy, you hear him talk on tv very mature he would be a good person to get here i guess he would be able to transition well and deal with the pressures from the media. >> he can handle it. >> very mature kid. you can hear that from him when he speaks >> i am with you i would love to see rg 3 and burgundy and gold next year. you guys pound the giants twice they win nfc east they will host the falcons sunday. shameless plug can this team do
8:55 am
some damage like they did back in 2007 to make a run >> i think so as long as ely continues and cruise is out there, taking the balls to the house they will be unstoppable. all those components working well and defense, out all year getting healthier, getting oc back those guys upfront that is where they win their games at. >> i know your boy aaron rogers is a cow guy >> i am not in it i got to go roll my boy we came out together, played two years together at cal he is phenomenal, having an mvp year with those weapons on offence. i got 30 seconds yes i would be remiss if i didn't ask about tim tebow, do you look at him and says the a gimmick. >> he is a quarterback with that "it" factor he is able to rally his team motivate fans he is
8:56 am
not your typical quarterback but who cares. lorenzo alexandre, can't wait to see you back next year we will go bowling, i've seen your bowling skills i think i can win that is all i am going to say. we will see if that happens. seven sissers from indiana separated more than 45 years ago. a tearful reunion when we return new odor detect from air wick. a new air freshener so smart, that it detects and overcomes unpleasant odors. odor detect works on more than a thousand odors, to keep your world at its brightest. new odor detect.
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something in the air wick.
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>> it is a reunion 45 years in the making two long lost sisters had a tearful meeting they were separated 1965 when they and their five sisters were taken away by the welfare department they have been trying to find each other many years and have located three more sisters but still looking for the other two. really just amazing. >> think all those years. >> we have had really warm weather, we are now getting cooler weather behind a phone tall system that moved through -- frontal system that moved through. mostly cloudy monday morning then we have partly sunny skies, a ridge of high pressure will hold in control. that will bring us plenty of sunshine tuesday, as we head to 54 degrees temperatures overall above the seasonal average, no 70s or high 60s on my fi


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