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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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think we will get a small amount of snow and some sleet. but the big problem is, change over that we are expecting in the overnight hours. some freezing rain into the mix. let's get you started with a look at the winter weather advisory. the expansive winter weather advisory we had all year. it begins at 11:00. everyone in the purple is in a winter weather advisory. brighter purples or pink if you will, that's a winter storm warning. but not for our region. now you'll look at sental radar and looks like it's starting to snow and you can see 5 inches of snow you had in chicago. the bulk of that heavier snow is going to stay to our north. our problem is going to be, we get snow, we get some sleet. but warmer air comes in aloft and starts changing it over to some freezing rain, so it melts the snow and with this very cold air that we have at the surface, it may produce a
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coating of ice in some spots. they have been treating the road. look at that picture and radar and looks like there's snow on the ground. we aren't seeing it on our radar, but gather aloft, but so dry that it is evaporating before it hits the ground. we are saying we are getting just enough wintery mix to cause trouble. the good news is, we're not talk about a weekday commute. this is going to begin around 10:00 or 11:00 and wrap up by noon tomorrow. it does start as snow or sleet. i'm glad for that, because we get traction on that, but that change to freezing rain could produce a tenth of an inch of ice coating for some areas. that will begin overnight into saturday morning. it does dry out and get pretty blustery by tomorrow afternoon. so we'll talk more about the rest of the forecast and we'll show you accumulation. some of you will get snow to shovel out of this and the rest of us will have to find that snow melt. >> you can check the weather
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24/7 with fox 5's weather app. go to the apple's app store or the android market on your smart phone and search for d.c. weather. voters are going to the polls in south carolina tomorrow and whatever they decide, could determine the future of the republican presidential race. fox 5's craig boswell is live with more. if mitt romney wins, is this thing over? >> that remains to be seen. this south carolina primary has picked the gop nominee in every race since 1980. this could be that year. i tell you what, a day after dramatic developments in the race for the nomination, these candidates are not wasting anything. looking for every possible vote. what really become an unpredictable race here. >> mitt romney who handedly won new hampshire is in a neck and neck race in north carolina. he now trails newt gingrich in some polls while others are within the march gin of error. >> this campaign is not about
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replacing one person as president. this campaign is about taking back america and restoring american values. i'll do that. >> in his first run for the white house in 2008, romney placed fourth year and dropped out. lowering expectations, he still insists he's the only candidate to defeat president obama in november and a strong organization going forward in florida on the 31st of this month. newt gingrich isn't giving an inch. surging in the polls and a strong debate performance thursday that followed an endorsement by rick perry. the former house speaker brushed aside, surrounding his second marriage and he is focused on his campaign instead of personal issues. >> how many of you agree that we have to defeat obama, but beyond that, we have problems with judges and bureaucrats and laws and we have to fix all of it. not just the white house. >> south carolina senator who is not endorsed a candidate is calling the primary a two-man race. ron paul and rick santorum
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strongly disagree. >> the momentum will continue. if nothing else out of necessary. >> we're going to surprise a lot of people in south carolina tomorrow. >> the delegate count, which is what this boils down to, rick santorum is second place, behind mitt romney with 19. ron paul has 3. newt gingrich so far, no delegates. there are 25 delegates up for grabs here in south carolina. brian, back to you. >> craig boswell tonight. that legislation to stop online piracy now on hold. senate democratic leader, harry reid, said he'll postpone a lead on the bill. the house will follow suit. the bill sparked outrage, led to a one day protest online wednesday. wikopedia blacked out its site for the day. they are refusing to pay for the fifth uniform change in the last year. union says it's retaliation, while the chief says it's necessary for security. fox 5's paul wagner joins us.
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>> first aired footage showing firefighters turning their jackets and sweatshirts inside out to comply with the latest uniform change. here comes another. a directive from the chief forbidding firefighters from wearing unmarked jacketing, calling it a risk to homeland security. an order that left many firefighters dumbfounded and furious. >> i know it looks like home shopping network display here, but this is what we have gone through. we started out coming at the end of the year that this t- shirt here, this sweatshirt here, both acceptable uniform items. as of january 1, these items are done. can't wear them. so this jacket as well, because it has dcfd on the back. it's a winter jacket purchased with my own money, which makes me identifyable as a member of the department. that's no longer good.
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>> what is infuriating and others on the department is the fact that these changes don't come cheap. the fire department does not pay for winter outer wear and the only option for firefighters to remain compliant and not be disciplined is to buy additional outerwear with the identification and wear their turnout gear around the clock. >> i don't understand how this man can put on the chief's uniform and issue an order that sends his people into weather with no protection. in my opinion, it's unconscionable and shows a lack of leadership. >> he is speaking out. union president, ed smith, says he is behind the lieutenant, along with every other firefighter who decided to take a stand. >> they want to make uniform changes, they should purchase all articles. including a cold weather jacket. >> yeah, they are taking a stand, most of them. they don't have to be told, but
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yeah, we're taking a stand. we want this stuff bought. >> as you may imagine, he sees things differently. >> what we did is, we took away the ability to wear any personal equipment that does not readily identify employees as firefighters. there's been a movement to where just a plain blue or blackjack et, but that creates a problem for other agencies in terms of identifying our members. also creates a problem for the public. they don't know who works for the fire department and who doesn't. >> what's doubly upsetting is the chief issued outer wear to ems personnel. so far refused to buy it for the people who staffed the trucks, engines, and rescue squads. a news alert from d.c. guilty of murder. a jury returned that verdict today in the case of gray. he's the man who deliberately set fire to the good guys club in 2007. killed a manager. he died three years after the initial incident. greer has been jailed since
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2009 when he was found guilty. but when the manager died, prosecutors filed the murder charges. he will be sentenced in march. dozens of demonstrators marched to the supreme court today to protest the justice's decision last year that changed the way the campaigns are financed. that opened the flood gate. some protests were held at courthouses around the country today. a soul singer loses her fight with cancer. still ahead, a look at the highs and lows in the life of eda james and the music she'll be remembered for. >> sunday's nfc championship game is two days a game that co on fox 5 and when you watch, you'll be seeing a battle of two quarterbacks. eli manning versus alex smith. why one guy has sympathy for the other. brian. >> we're back in two minutes. hang tight.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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♪[ music ] >> r and b lost a legend today. etta james died today. carlos shows us the ups and down of her long career. ♪ [ music ] >> in her most famous hit, at least, etta james seems her lonely days are over and her life is like a song. if so, leading up to her redeposition was a bumpy one. the singer came into the world as the child of a 14-year-old unmarried mother. etta's talent was identified not long after she learned to walk and talk. the echos of choir at l.a.'s st. john baptist church.
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as a teenager, she discovered. the 1960s brought a contract and long association with chess records. also the beginnings of a struggle with heroin addiction, which would find her in and out of tarzana psychiatric hospital. these years, chronicled in the feature film, cadillac records in which etta was played by beyonce knowles. etta bounced back with seven year itch in 1989 and continued to record through 2005. she is considered one of the most overlooked popular musicians in american history. until perhaps now. i'm sure thousands of couples out there was their wedding song, at last.
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17 blues music awards. stay with us. we'll be right back. w
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think back to the movie, armegeddon. nasa scientists are trying to make that a reality. >> nasa would like to explore an asteroid in the near future, but our astronauts haven't been out past low earth orbit since 1972. and back then, our astronauts drove around in a lunar rover. there's an example over here. it has four wheels and they were able to drive on the moon
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surface, but remember, an asteroid doesn't have the same gravitational pull that the moon has so they have to develop something that actually hovers over it and that's where we have this. this is the new sev, or space exploration vehicle that will allow our astronauts to hover in and around an as asteroid. here's what one astronaut said about the future of space exploration. >> if we're going to explore, they go back to the moon, go back to mars, we need capability to do things. >> over the next few days, nasa is putting this through a lot of tests. this is one of the most visual ones we have seen. this is floating across the floor here at the johnson space center in houston and the way it works, as i roll bon this rubber mat, you can see this is a stainless steel floor here. it's an air bearing floor, but instead of the air being pushed out of the floor, the jet pack below that pushes down on it
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and it allows it to flow on the johnson space center floor. again, this is a huge step forward in advancement for our space program. at the johnson space program, fox news. >> if they only had a way to get to outer space. >> watch for the space junk, too. >> have to watch for a lot of stuff. >> the good news, first of all, it's a friday night. so head's up if you are going to be out. the road crews have been doing a phenomenal job. i saw lots of trucks. did you see it today, too? i'm glad they are doing it because as we take a live look outside, nothing going on right now, but it is cold enough, the first snow and sleet combination is going to stick to roadways. so if you don't like dealing with this stuff, maybe tonight is the night where you pack it in a little bit early, because we will get a small accumulation before it all gets going. our greater concern is not snow and sleet though. it is the possibility of a
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changeover to freezing rain, which would occur in the overnight hours into the first part of tomorrow. and that's why we have winter weather advisories issued. it's not going to be a lot of snow for most area, but snow with a small accumulation of ice on top of it can be problematic and tougher to travel with. not an epic storm. this isn't something that will cause widespread problems, but travel concerns, that is for sure. sental radar, it is a wide foot present for a storm. and the heaviest snow through chicago and through indiana and ohio, pennsylvania. they are going to get the bulk of it on the order of 3 to 6 inches. we're kind of as usual, in that transition zone where we get a small amount of the snow and sleet, sleet is a little ice pell lets. if you hear that ticking on your windshield, that's what is going on. as warmer air comes in aloft, it starts to melt that snow and sleet. it falls as liquid and if the ground is still below freezing, we're going to have it sticking
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to everything. tonight as you like at sentinel radar, something must be going on here. it's gathering moisture, but nothing is hitting the ground. air is extremely dry. when we scan our live radar, we aren't getting returns. a little later, i think we'll start to see that from southwest to northeast. here's what the setup is. it's an area of high pressure that is driving a will the of cold air down into our region at the surface and it gets blocked by the mountain. it stays there in a wedge or sort of a cold air damming effect. now we have moisture and high pressure coming up. it has moisture that comes into the cold air and then it freezes at the surface. it will start initially snow and sleet and then we see that change over tomorrow morning. so we are calling it through pennsylvania, almost all snow. northern maryland, maybe you see a lot of snow as well. this is where the potential is for the messy mix. the change over to freezing rain and then to rain by the
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noon hour. some of these pink areas, it may stay as freezing rain. what are we talking about in terms of snow potential? some of the ski resorts are going to be so happy. maybe 1 to as many as 3 inches in some of the higher elevations. for the northern third of the area. around much of metro, d.c., and to our south. a crunchy coating to an inch or so. the crunch comes afterward. first we'll get a coating. by the way, that does include charles county and into the easten area. even some of the southern and eastern areas getting accumulation tonight and initially, it could stick in a lot of areas. roads have been treated. here's your future cast. we begin to see the moisture encrouching. the blue is snow. the pink is where we see a combination of sleet and maybe some freezing rain. and that becomes the predominant player toward tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m., the snows through pennsylvania, some drying to our south and a little bit of rain or freezing rain north and west is where we see the
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freezing rain. by noon, we might be chasing the last of it out of here. these patterns are tough to break down. and sometimes don't break down as fast as the models think they are. parts of sunday are dry, but then some of this light moisture tries to work its way into the area and we have rain back in the area, squeezing any left over moisture into the area. the rain continues on monday as well. if the frozen stuff is over a 12 hour period, 10:00 or 11:00 tonight until 12:00 tomorrow. we'll call it the messy mix. enough to get traction and 57 degrees for monday. did you notice the future cast trying to get some thunderstorms. tuesday 52. up and down. tonight be careful. hopefully people have a head's up. >> get ready indianapolis. the super bowl is coming. one of the city's busiest downtown streets will be shut down as it transforms into super bowl village. a large crane will turn the
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space into an outdoor tv studio. the time is running out, the super bowl is february 5. we are closing in on championship sunday. it will be the east coast versus west coast when the giants travel to san francisco. first, you may be watching the world's most extreme mountain biking. riding a thin trail in the mountains of sweden. doesn't seem nervous. ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go
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good evening, i'm lindsey murphy. tomorrow maryland needs to win to avoid losing back to back games. their last nonconference test in the regular season, then it's all meat and potatoes in acc play. the terps have an early test tomorrow a. rare 11:00 a.m. tip at temple and winning on the road has not been easy as of late for the terps. dropping their last two games away from the comcast center. maryland and temple entered tomorrow's game. but for first year head coach, the formula for a road success is easier said than done. >> shot selection and taking care of the basketball, playing smarter. for us to be any good on the road, we have to do those
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things no matter who we are playing. defending and rebounding and execute. pretty simple formula. >> the 10th ranked hoyas will add to their two-game winning streak when they play tomorrow at the verison center. the hoyas won both of their road games this week. georgetown won nine of their last ten meetings, they have two victories over top ten opponents over the last four weeks. >> they have a young team. extremely talented and poised team that plays very well together. >> they play hard. they have a lot of great offensive plays. they play together. they are rolling right now. they expect a really competitive game. >> sunday's tilt tures two quarterbacks that were number one draft picks.
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always known best as payton's little brother. he has become his own man with a super bowl title of his own. alex smith found success. smith was the number one pick the year after manning in 2005. but he realizes eli comes with much more pressure because of his name. >> i don't think anyone has been in the situation he has. those are unique circumstances. you know, your older brother is the greatest quarterback ever and a lot of expectations on you and you go to a big city like new york. so i don't know. >> back to you. >> thank you very much, stay safe. back here tonight. 
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