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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  January 21, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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>> syracuse is no longer undefeated. upset on the road by notre dame. the orange lead the hoyas by one game. >> florida state upset duke on a last second buzzer beater, snapping the devils winning streak. maryland in philly against temple this afternoon. the final nonleague opponent, then it's all acc action after that. look at alex. limited to just seven minutes. he suffered a right ankle injury in the first half and didn't return. terps in red, first half, he's got some hang time. count the bucket. he scores 15 on the day. terps down 3 at the break. second half, maryland trailed by as many as ten. terrell would spark a rally. he hits a long two pointer. he had a team high 20 points, be but in the end, pulls away. a 16-4 run. drives to make the lay in. he scores 20. falls to temple. paul hewitt making sure his
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team is focused. they entered the game with 38 straight losses. that's a division one record. second half, towson down 10. chris walden rejected by jonathan. the patriots on a break and wright gets the dunk, plus the foul. he had game high 22 points. five plus minutes left, the lead is 5. bryan allen to mike. he slams in two of his nine points. 72-60. they improve to 7-1 in conference play. the tigers now 0-20 this season. mike getting a gw hosting charlotte and trail as many as 12 in the first half. in the second half, aaron wear knocks away the pass. on a break, gets the lay and gw regains the lead 26-25. just over a minute left, the lead for gw is 3. averages 7 points per game, drills three
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pointers. gw down. a third straight. atlanta 10 victory. american hosting army and the eagles 10-0 all time against the black knights. start in the second half, danny munos. that is tony, he gets the layup and the foul. and tony brewer puts on a second half shooting exhibition. he scores 19 of his 22 points. au over army, 67-55. they are 9-0 at home. >> we need a tv timeout, but coming up, what flip saunders has to say about all the negativity.  people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! get high yield free checking at capital one bank. why earn bupkis, when your checking could earn five times the national average!!
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welcome back. boos are supposed to be directed at the opposing team, not the players you are cheering for. you are hearing more boos than cheers. that guy. andre. >> it became very noticeable wednesday against oklahoma city. he has been hurt, he is fourth on the team. after yesterday's loss, flip saunders headed back. >> it's not going to help
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somebody play better. i know that. i don't think all of a sudden this you think by booing, he's going to go out and get 20 points in 15 rebounds because we are booing them. if that was the case, everyone would do it. but he's who we are. he's part of our family and we'll help him get through it. >> tomorrow afternoon, the ravens will play in their second straight afc title game. the nfc championship game can be here at fox at 6:30. the 49ers hosting the giants. one step away from the super bowl surprised vernon davis. >> i didn't see this coming. it's been a long journey. it's been a long journey. all i knew is that we had a good team. i knew we had a good team because the guys that we had. alex smith, frank. michael crabtree. i mean, we got a lot of talent
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over here. all we have to do it put iting to and with harbaugh coming in, he helped us do that. >> off the wall is coming up next. what are we going to talk about? >> we are going to talk about joe flacco and ed reed. the comments that were made, and bad predictions from one wisdom martin. >> bad predictions? >> always is. >> off the wall is next. 
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welcome off the wall. wisdom, we are down to championship weekend, my friend. nice glasses. >> i'm trying to see. >> clouding your head right now. >> who knows what you're thinking. i know what ed reed is thinking. he thinks that joe flacco is border line not getting the job done. called out his quarterback the week of championship week. is this a good idea? >> the truth is the truth. just like when i call you out. the truth is the truth. just like you were wrong about the redskins and their season. >> why do you go back to the redskins? >> ed reed did not have a command of the offense in the last game against the texasans. >> he is exactly right. what we saw on tv was pitiful.
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>> is it right and a good move? >> if you are ed reed and going to the hall of fame, you can do whatever you want. he's a hall of famer. >> what about the biggest game in your life? >> joe flacco whining about, i want some respect. how about that? >> man up, all right. if you want respect, win the game, play the game, show me some stats. show me you can beat the new england patriots. >> he may have been right, but the timing was wrong. >> here's something. we're going to pick the two big ones, wisdom martin. the ravens going up to new england to take on the big, bad patriots. who do you have and why? >> i'm not a tom brady fan. they haven't won anything. >> you love brady. >> whatever. >> since they cheated and won those three super bowls. they haven't won anything. >> okay. >> they are going up against
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the ravens. joe flacco is average at best. so i'm going to with the new england patriots. don't bet any money on this because i don't know anything. my picks are always wrong. i'm going to go with the patriots. >> is it close? >> it's going to be close. two touchdowns. >> it will be a close game as well, but i can't see joe fako for getting it done. >> we have the giants going out west to take on san francisco in the city by the bay. who do you have and why, sir? >> here's the thing. eli is 50/50 on every possession. it could go either way. >> what? >> let me finish what i'm saying. on the other side, you have -- we are running out of time. alex smith, who is okay. >> who beat your guy, drew brees. >> in that victory, he vanished from quarter number
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one to quarter number four. then the saints went to cover two. >> will you make a pick? >> and they lost. alex smith can't do it again. i'm going with eli. giants ravens rematch. >> that's why eli manning and big blue are going to roll all over your 49ers and the giants are going to the super bowl to take out the patriots. >> my 49ers? >> you pick whoever wins the week before. >> can i change my pick to the ravens? >> too late. how about the saints and broncos? >> it's over for you and it's over for this edition of off the wall. see you next week. >> he's not playing anymore? all right. >> thanks guys. last but not least, forme penn state coach, joe paterno remains in critical condition. we have got to go.
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thanks for letting us be a part of your night. good night, everybody. thank you for watching sports xtra. brought to you by your washington area nissan dealers. 


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