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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  January 23, 2012 12:00am-12:15am EST

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so we had slick roads last night because of refreeze. we're dealing with the same situation in the course of tonight with the ice that's building up. here's a look at the area that's under this freezing rain advisory that's been put in effect, this tonight through 6 a.m. monday morning and we're talking a light freezing drizzle, temperatures in the overnight lows the upper 20s, low 30s, but a glaze of ice especially on untreated surfaces will be hazardous as you head out in your morning commute. so do be very aware of that. sidewalks the same story, bridges and overpasses. right now mainly cloudy skies. we are seeing some of the precipitation albeit light in some of our neighborhoods now. today's highs were into the low 30s, 32 at national, 31 at dulles and 30 at bwi but current temperatures are in the same range right now, 32 degrees at d.c., 31 baltimore, 30 at dulles. you can see we are dealing with cool conditions and slick roads as we head into tonight and tomorrow. so freezing rain advisory once
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again in effect through until 6 a.m. tomorrow. so freezing rain tonight, cold, light winds and 31 degrees. i'll have your full forecast when i come upstairs for the five-day. should we arm wrest doll see who reads next? >> no. you -- wrestle to see who reads next? >> no. you go ahead. >> fox 5's roz plater went out just as the freezing rain started up and talked to drivers and road crews about how they are preparing. reporter: just two days after snow blanketed the d.c. area we've got weather worries again. this time it's freezing rain. there is slush already on the roads. add to that the bitter cold temperatures and the morning rush hour could be one big mess. we found folks getting ready making sure they've got the tools they need like an ice scraper. >> we need those, all right? everybody buy some right now because you might not be able to go out and get them. reporter: and a little something to keep the windshields clear as they drive
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through it. >> both my wife and i work at local hospitals, so we got to be up early, so we need to make sure everything is ready for the morning, the cars gassed up and the windshields are ready to go. reporter: around the region road crews began early sunday night gearing up to launch another salt and sand operation. in montgomery and prince george's county the state of maryland is deploying more than 300 trucks. workers who will stay on the roads all night and through the morning. drivers are hoping that's enough to get them to their destinations safely. >> you always see trucks on the side of the roads. the roads are always clear by the time i wake up. reporter: you hope the same will be tomorrow. >> yeah, i hope so. reporter: in silver spring i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. and metro is extending its morning services to accommodate the weather delays. it can operate a looker morning rush hour service. both metrorail and metrobus services will make additional
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trips during the late morning hours. students and fans holding a vigil in state college, pennsylvania, tonight honoring the late joe paterno. >> the legendary paterno passed away from lung cancer this morning. he was the most successful college football coach in history. penn state is now uniting to pay tribute. >> he was one of the molders of men and for all those years that's what he tried to do. reporter: derek cloud over happy valley with the passing of legendary lion penn state figurehead joe paterno. >> it's emotional, you know. a lot of good memories of joe paterno. i met him a couple times and he's a great guy. reporter: paterno died sunday from lung cancer. alumni, students and fans filing through laying flowers and tributes at the foot of paterno's statue outside beaver stadium. >> we all kind of knew that he was in frail health and we knew that this was probably pretty
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imminent. reporter: on saturday night many holding out hope after learning of paterno's rapid decline, staging a vigil filled with candles, reflections and tears for the 85-year-old. joe paterno's storied 46 years as head football coach ending with his ouster, part of the fallout of the child sex charges against the former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky. >> this is not a case about football or universities. it's a case about children who have had their innocence stolen from them and a culture that did nothing to stop it. reporter: this community immensely tied to paterno's reputation showing their anger with dangerous rampage in november clashing with cops. paterno getting the cancer diagnosis days after being fired. now the penn state community looking for the best way to honor a man who many say despite his mistakes will remain a legend. >> i think we'll know joe long past that. i think that's one moment in
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his whole life, in his whole career at penn state. that's one moment, one mistake. reporter: paterno leaves behind his wife, five kids and 17 grandchildren. >> hours before paterno died some news outlets were already reporting it. a student news site tweeted it and then others picked it up, but it wasn't sure at that point and paterno's son scott tweeted it was wrong. in the aftermath apologies have been issued and the managing editor of that student site has resigned. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords survived a gunshot to the head and her rove process is taking her away from the united states -- recovery process is taking her away from the united states congress. reporter: congresswoman giffords is being praised by her colleagues as a courageous and dedicated public servant. she survived a gunshot wound to the head one year ago and today
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put out this youtube statement announcing her intention to resign. >> i don't remember much from that horrible day, but i will never forget the trust you placed in me to be your voice. thank you for your prayers and for giving me time to recover. i have more work to do on my recovery. so to do what is best for arizona, i will step down this week. >> the congresswoman has served five years in the house representing a distinct near the mexican border. she was greeted with a standing ovation when she made a surprise appearance in congress in august to vote for an increase in the debt limit, but now she says she needs more time to recover. so arizona governor jan brewer will have three days from the time the vacancy is declared to
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call a special election for this spring. giffords is being praised today not just by democrats, house speaker john boehner said in a statement, "i salute congresswoman giffords for her service and for the courage and perseverance she's shown in the face of tragedy. she will be missed." and as for minority leader nancy pelosi, "congresswoman gabrielle giffords has been a true bright star, a dynamic and creative public servant. " meantime giffords comes back to washington tuesday but only to attend the state of the union address in the house chamber where served for just about five years. a news alert from prince george's county, police are looking for a man who fought them and tried to take an officer's gun. it started with a domestic violence call early this morning in the 2600 block of keating treat. 30-year-old joseph qorm threw a punch at an officer. he was pepper sprayed and tasered and kept fighting and
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eventually reached for an officer's gun. he ran way and took off in a car. the car has been found but qorum has not. firefighters rushed to an apartment building in laurel about the same time. it took two hours to control the fire on route 190. he there were smoke alarms in the apartment and no -- route 198. there were smoke alarms in the apartment and no one was hurt. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is trying to bring more cash to the commonwealth by selling naming rights to the bridges and interchanges. private intises would be able to put their maims on the roadways -- enterprises would be able to put their names on the roadways for an annual fee to go towards bridge and road maintenance. with newt gingrich fresh off his impressive win in south carolina all candidates are squarely focused on florida. the state has a lot of major media markets which means major ad spending. >> that might bode well for mitt romney who needs to do
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well after lose income south carolina. fox's john roberts -- losing in south carolina. fox's john roberts reports. reporter: newt gingrich shaking up the gop primary campaign steaming ahead to the sunshine state, the battleground of florida. >> i didn't pull it off. the people of south carolina did. they wanted something tough enough and bold enough to take on obama. reporter: his win in south carolina dealing a blow to romney's frontrunner status. florida's primary date is january 31st, but early voting has already started and more than 225,000 have filed ballots so far. mitt romney looking to spend more cash in florida and head off criticism by relesion 2010's tax returns and this year's -- releasing 2010's tax returns and this year's on tuesday. between the campaign money and the super pac supporting him, nearly $7 million has been
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spent on pro romney tv ads in florida. >> i believe you'll see the superpac and candidates agree they still have money, just going for broke in florida. reporter: gingrich's campaign nearly fell part when virtually all of his staff resigned back in june and with this surprising turnaround gingrich now taking on criticism about his business life after he was speaker. >> i was not a lobbyist. i never did any lobbying. tonight try to mess these things up. reporter: meanwhile rick santorum and ron paul promising their campaigns are far from over. >> i can't separate the three of them because i think they represent so much what i consider the status quo. >> why should three states decide who our nominee is? well in, this race it's not going to happen. reporter: as tough as the race was here in south carolina, florida is a no holds barred state. the candidates have found the power of going negative, so expect a lot more of that in the next nine days. in charleston, south carolina, john roberts, fox news. i bet you'd agree after
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it is going to be a very long offseason for ravens kicker bully cundiff who missed a game tying field goal in the championship game today. >> still shaking my head over that one. >> so are they. >> maybe even longer for all the fans who watched their dream of a second trip to the super bowl sail wide and to the left. you saw, it, too didn't you? fox 5's audrey barnes watched the game in baltimore with hundreds of fans now mourning the end of the season. reporter: whether the game is at home


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