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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  February 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tried to lay claim to the title >> was a severely conservative republican governor. >> reporter: facing rick santorum's surge, romney was on the hard sell along with the position aimed at skeptical conservatives. >> i spent 25 years balancing budgets. i also stood up to those who wanted to call into question the very definition of life. on my watch, we fought hard and prevented massachusetts from becoming the las vegas of gay marriage. >> reporter: to help sway the group, virginia governor mcdonald was brought in to vouch for him. >> i believe he's the results- oriented conservative. >> reporter: while romney got the crowd's attention, his challenger got the enthusiasm. >> rick santorum. [ applause ] >> reporter: santorum drew standing ovation with sharp contrast all aimed at questioning romney's credentials. >> the person in massachusetts who built the largest
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government-run healthcare system. someone that brought into man made global warming and imposed the first carbon cap, ladies and gentlemen, we're not going to win with money. we're going win with contrast. >> reporter: for his part, newt gingrich argued he was targeted with unfair attacks. >> all of you have seen the washington establishment and the wall street establishment pile on top of me. all of you have seen things that were profoundly false. >> reporter: in the audience, though, the debate over who is most conservative is far from over. >> you have to be kidding. santorum. >> i think romney's the best candidate. >> we're far more conservative than oba man. >> reporter: the big question -- obama. >> reporter: the big question remains, if mitt romney wins the nomination, will conservatives turn out to help him win in november? of course, you know, the big question here is the calendar. it picks up again in a big way. starting tomorrow, we'll find out who won the many caucus.
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from there, all of this will shift from arizona to michigan. they holding primaries on february 28th. rick santorum trying to clarify his comments about the women in the military. and this warning, he said he was referring to male emotions, not female. the issue is how men would react to seeing women in harm's way and not be concerned about accomplishing the mission. some of us under a winter weather advisory tonight as snow moves into the region. find out what to expect with sue palka new. sue. >> reporter: a lot more like winter through the weekend, brian. the temperatures into the upper 40s. the good news, the pavement is warm. while we're going to so a light mix of rain and snow in the overnight hours, i think a lot of that will initially begin to melt on roadways. we're going to be definitely dealing with a couple of phases of this. let's get you started with a look at radar. what you seeing here, moving across the region is light. not everything is hitting the
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ground yet. i believe you're starting to see light snow in the hagerstown area. maybe the first sprinkles through winchester and we do have some winter weather advisories that have been posted. they include frederick county, washington county, and the panhandle of west virginia. you're going to get a small amount of snow tonight and more tomorrow. we're talking about two phases of this. an area of low pressure off, will be off inning -- moving off of the coast and that is bringing us our precipitation tonight. that is going to get intense but that will happen after it's away from our area. the second phase is tomorrow. we're going to have colder air pushing on in and while the tract of this area of low pressure is, the coastal is going to head on to sea, the cold air is going to give us more in the way of snow showers and blustery conditions through the afternoon. so, bottom line, weekend's going to be a lot colder. the coastal, we think, will stay far enough out to sea and light snow accumulation is expected, especially north and west, into the metro, and you will be talking about the windchills tomorrow night and into sunday. more details coming your way,
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including accumulation totals. and soon developing in charlottesville. george huguely broke down as he listend to the videotaped interview he gave police the morning on the day of arrest. he watched that he told police he did nothing to hurt love. >> reporter: when the tape began, you could hear a groggy sounding george huguely explaining to the detective what he did the day before and what happened at yeardley love's apartment the night before. as the introduce went on, you can hear that he was not convinced, there was nothing wrong. he thought at worst he might be facing an assault charge, until detective lisa reefs told him that yeardley love was dead. george huguely was not the only one wiping tears from his eyes as the taped interview was played in court the first time. a female juror sitting in the front row was wiping tears from her eyes as well.
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in an interview with the detective, the morning love died, huguely said he wanted to talk to her. he said yeardley started freaking out when i came into the room and i told her to chill out. i shook her and her head hit the wall. as the interview went on, he said i was holding her arms. we were wrestling a little. later, huguely became distraught, especially after learning love was dead telling connects oh, god, almighty, i didn't kill her. i'm not lying to you, i didn't kill her. the afternoon's testimony featured some testimony from a crime scene detective and a first look at the door to yeardley love's bedroom. huguely admitted kicking in that night. brian, that tape, as it was played, was played for the jury and the judge. anyone in the courtroom was not able to see it; however, the courtroom artist bill hennysy, who we use all of the time, was able to sit and have a vantage point to see it being played in
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the prosecutor's computer. that is how we were able to get the sketches of what happened inside that interview room. really, anyone could not see what was going, brian. >> and in the introduce, huguely lied at one point. what did he say? >> he d. he was asked whether or not, quote, he had taken anything from yeardley's bedroom that night and he said no. the detective questioned him more closely and said are you sure about that? he finally admitted he took her computer. so, it was not as if he said he didn't take anything and then he was questioned for another 10, 15 minutes, he pretty much admitted it right away that, yeah, he took it and threw it in a trash bin nearby. an update to a tragedy in another virginia school. the virginia tech president off of the hook for now in two wrongful death lawsuits filed by the families of two students killed in the 2007 mass shootings. the judge dismissed charles st is eiger leaving the commonwealth as the only named
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defendant. the plaintiff's attorneys asking the judge to re-enstate steiger in the suits. and the edge on d.c. now, the police have made an arrest in the stabbing death of a transgender woman. it happened at a bus stop in northwest last week. the 23-year-old parker jones was killed. today, police arrested 55-year- old gary niles montgomery of northwest. he served the second-degree murder. the police are not saying if he knew the victim, but they're still investigating whether this was a hate crime. mayor vincent gray said the murder rate in d.c. dropped. too many residents and visitors are getting robbed. one of the most common crimes? electronic theft. they working with the police chief on the system to deactivate the stolen electronics, meaning the criminals would have no way to make a profit off of their stolen merchandise. >> again, we want people not only to be safe in the district of columbia, we want people to feel safe. and as long as we have these kinds of situations, people will continue to feel vulnerable. we don't want that to happen. >> on average, more than 12 people are robbed per day in
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d.c. that is according to the latest crime stats. almost half of the robberies involve a cell phone or tablet computer. a paraphrased quote on the mlk memorial will be corrected. the architect hoped for an easy fix. doesn't look like that is going to happen. the details coming up of the new plan. >> and a makeover of street design signs in d.c. and lindsay, what is up? >> coming up in sports, bad luck strikes a maryland basketball player the second time this season. plus, can you feel it? the temperature's riding -- region. the miami heat are in town. we're talking wizards heat as the news edge at 6 continues. 
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>> the the the national park service will remove and correct a quote on ml -- martin luther king's grave. the shorter version altered the meaning of dr. king's words,
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said maya angelou. portions of the granite will have to be replaced. dr. king's youngest daughter, bernice, is thanking the park service for the correction. if you live in d.c., look at your street sign. the city's changing the look to meet federal standards. they will have orderinal numbers as in sixth street instead of sixth street and instead of upper case, they'll be written in mixed case. the signs now have not been changeed yet. they will be in the coming weeks. four prince georges county police officers are honored for saving lives by the county's fire chief. the officers eric lee, daniel gonzalez,mon jon than eiler and matthew lean saw smoke on saturday. the senior citizens, the the people with mobility problems sit there. they realized the alarms weren't working and went door to door to get residents out. >> and to know this fire chief went out of his way to recognize someone not working for him, we work for the county, but to have him recognize us means a lot. >> and we didn't do anything
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any other county would not do. we're a fire department employee. >> that feels great. that is the answer. >> reporter: the fire chief said firefighters are trained to go into smoke-filled buildings. the police officers are not and believes they went beyond the call of duty and their actions. guns and gay marriage, two controversial bills that presented in maryland and virginia. one moves forward and the other gets pushed back. and first lady michelle obama enters the celebrity cookoff using star power to promote healthy living. first, gwen stefani's ecstatic that president obama chose her song for his campaign play list. no doubt, different people is number one on the list of songs playing at rales this year. she tweeted about it calling it crazy and amazing. and it includes sugar land, james taylor, al green and aretha franklin. nklin. 
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. >> the edge of maryland tonight. governor o'malley testifyd this afternoon that he's ready for lawmakers to legalize gay marriage. he spoke before several house committees saying gay marriage would provide children with stable homes. last year, the state senate voted to allow same-sex marriage but the bill stalled in the house. to virginia, a proposal to allow guns in airport terminals has been put on hold. the house committee said there were too many technical issues on the bill and a move to next year's agenda. if it passes, it will allow them to go through non-secure areas of terminals. the first lady ism isbrating two years of her let's move campaign and this is her with a stop in dallas today. she started off with a cokeoff with stars from top chef. >> reporter: michelle obama teaming up with members of the
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cowboys and top chef in a healthy cooking competition, part of her three-day trip across america promoting her let's move initiative students from nancy moseley elementary school creating healthy meals with the help the chef and cowboy stars like miles austin and demarcus wear. the event celebrating eating well, exercising and an overall healthy lifestyle. >> i'm proud to announce that 1,589 schools have already earned awards in the challenge this school year. >> reporter: the first lady took on the issue of childhood obesity because almost a third of u.s. children are at least overweight and about 17% are obese. mrs. obama's trying to curb this by promoting the healthier u.s. school challenge program. the dallas independent school district is the leader in making healthy changes for the students and has the most gold schools of any district in the country. >> and right here in dallas, more than 150 schools have been
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recognized in the challenge. that includes 78 schools that have earned gold awards, which go to schools that meet the highest levels of standard. >> reporter: approximately 3400 chefs have signed up to help schools create healthier meals. >> this brings the chefs into our schools to help prepare foods like we did today and to teach our children about healthy eating. >> reporter: mrs. obama announcing the launch of the website chefsmovetoo, a way to connect chefs to school. peter ducey, fox news. i like to go through and get to the real story here. i am getting mixed messages here. what is going here? >> let me clarify it for you. what do you want to know? >> is it going snow here tomorrow? >> yes, it's going to snow. not a lot. we'll have snow showers and we'll show you specifically for each city what our motto is projecting. >> the last snow scare?
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>> it's going to be similar to that and we get more. >> okay. >> the temperatures are warm, brian, what we get tonight will be similar to wednesday. tomorrow, a different story, enough to whiten the ground and stick more and farther south. wouldn't be shocked to say if virginia beach and annapolis, so, we'll move on and show you what we're seeing. what we're not getting is this could have been a contender, one of the bigger snows and that is not going to happen. our coastal storm, had which is out there and the first time in awhile we have had one. it's going to move away before it can dump significant snow here and that might be a significant story for new england and that is light, not everything is hitting the ground but it's beginning to the west and as we widen out the picture, this is a more substantial storm that will, of course, get the act together in the ocean. much more substantial compared to the disturbance on wednesday and can you see that by the amount of precipitation. the second piece is, of course, we got that arctic front coming through and that is going to create more snow as l. the
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winter weather advisors are in effect for pretty much every county that borders the pennsylvania stateline and this is going to be for been one, two, or three inches of snow in the next, let's say, 24 hours and it will start around 9 to midnight here and it will start earlier, west and about midnight here for frederick and washington county. this winter storm warning is a lot of snow there and that is going until sunday night, eight inches or more of snow could fall out there and some of that is going to come from lake- affect snow. i think our future cast has a goodom where the snow is tonight -- good only where this snow is tonight. this is the typical situation we see in d.c. snow, north and west, the rain south and east. it begins to accumulate by 11:00 up to the north and west. by sunrise, we're starting to see this edge out to the east coast and the atlantic. there is a second batch or phase two will, we'll call it, and that is tomorrow afternoon as the arctic front comes through. we get another band of snow through the region.
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>> how it continues in the mountains, 10:00 at night. one last push as accumulating snow showers move down and even to the norfolk area as we were showing you by early sunday morning and then it's out of here and it's blustery, very cold. late tomorrow afternoon, through the overnight hours and during the day on sunday. so, snow is going to be out there. here's what we're thinking in terms of potential tonight through saturday. this is like until 7:00 tomorrow morning. so, we're talking very light amounts, up to one inch for most areas. with phase two, during the day tomorrow, look at how this area starts to grow and it continues just on down to our south where we start picking up maybe up to one inch of snow and in this area, potentially one to three big jackpot totals out in the mountains as well. i mentioned we would show you specifically which city, according to our model projection, this is a computer generated product. let me take you out tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. this is what we have on the ground. find your city, are you in gaithersburg?
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maybe a half an inch. .2 of an inch for baltimore. this is a projection. a .1 for d.c. and not much for everyone else by seven tomorrow morning and then, we go to phase two and through the rest of the day, we pick up more. leonardtown, could you -- could you add an inch of snow? that is what our computer is suggesting, .8 of an inch in salisbury and we add to the totals of dulles and baltimore, dulles and gaithersburg and baltimore, maybe two to three- inch totals and this is not a huge snowstorm for sure. what it's going to do is bring in the arctic chill and the winds, windchills will be probably the bigger part of the story. the 20s and 30s for highs, low to mid-30s for us on sunday. with a pretty incredible windchill in the types and maybe single digits to the west. i wouldn't be surprised if a wind advisory goes into effect tomorrow night. the temperature drops to 23 degrees and that is feeling very cold and that is a combination of rain and snow showers, especially north and west and on sunday, 36.
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as is pretty typical of this winter, brian, it's a two-day special. >> yeah. >> and does not stick around. we're getting close to 50 degrees by next week. >> sounds good. thank you, sue. >> sure. lebron james and the heat are in up to to face the wizards. will there be more fans cheering for the heat than the wizards? find out more. first, a california man sticks out. nick is weighing -- waiting for guinness to confirm he has the longest tongue in the world extending four inches past his lips. he got good competition, including the current record holder and the girl with the longest female tongue. he said his dad was a big kiss fan and that may have something to do with it. with it.
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. >> good evening. from the verizon center i'm lindsay murphy. the wizards have their lands full tonight. king james and company are in
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town with the hot and neigh won 11 of the last 12 fames and not to mention six straight here and that is at the verizon center. the lack of success for the wizard and that is starting to have an affect on the people at the verizon center and this is evident. a double-digit loss to the knicks as the crowd rallied around jeremy lynn of the knicks. and it doesn't get any easier. >> and that is tough, you know. that is our job to, you know, play to have them on our side. everybody -- and -- obviously at home, you want your fans on your side and we're going to get that to where it's going to be that way here. >> and come on, wizards fans, that starts tonight. the terps basketball team
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sufferad a big blow. the head coach confirmed that howard suffered a torn acl in practice and will miss the rest of the season. the second big injury this year. maryland faces duke tomorrow on the road and blue dills coming off of a big win. they will be missed against a duke team making 14 three- pointers last game. >> and i think duke in the building at home, and that is going to be a long afternoon for us. we'll try to take that away from him. >> and tomorrow night, the local boxer jimmy lane is back to headline, the 49th bout at the patriots center. as usual, the o'connell graduate is expected to draw a big crowd. he will defend the junior middleweight title and has an impressive credential, 37-4 with 25 knockouts and expects the success to continue
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tomorrow. >> and we'll bring his hands down and go on upstairs. he's a guy that hangs around, he's tough and strong and i'm ready and i know he's ready. it's going to be a great fight. i plan to win it. wizards and heat at 7:00. nick young had a good one last year, earning 27 points. lebron averaged 30. brian, back to you. >> and thank you, now you have the news edge. the news is always on have a fantastic friday night. enjoy it. we'll be right back here at 10. the news edge. hope you will be, too. 
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