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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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getting his power back and so he's staging a protest. >> it's the management and leadership. >> reporter: here in the cobbdale neighborhood of fairfax, residents say that their cities public works crews tried to clear the trees and had to stop. >> they could not touch the lines for fear of death until the lines were secure and validated as secure by dominion power. that could not occur for an extended period of time. >> reporter: mike and his family have been in the motel since friday. others here who can't leave say they miserable and frustrated. >> and i have got a house of full of pets, i'm sticking it out. i work at home and can't work now. it's awful. >> we have people here on this street that either for financial reasons, health reasons, age reasons, they're stuck in their house and in this heat. >> reporter: officials are working as hard as they can to
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get fully restored power to all of their customers. >> and we're restoring power to about 86, 87% of the customers. >> reporter: he is the vice president of dominion power and understands the frustrations in places like cobbdale. while folks may not have seen many trucks, that does not mean dominion is not working on their street. >> you don't see anybody. you might be fed from a circuit that is a mile away and we're doing work there and i understand the frustration by customers. >> reporter: in cobbdale, no electricity to send or receive e-mails. residents resorted to old- fashioned paper flyers. >> hello? >> reporter: several spent the day passing the word that they'll be showing up at city hall tonight and protesting the pouter -- power outage and what they said should have been a faster response. we got off of the phone with i
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mayor -- with the mayor and he tells us they have arranged this special session and talk about the problems. the mayor here in fairfax city only took august july 1st, the day after all of these storms hit his town. >> and he has a big job he's facing. thank you. the d.c. firefighter's union wants to know who ordered an engine company out of service last friday that -- filled up a private pool in southeast. it was done as the mayor was declaring a state of emergency in the city. paul wagner joining us with that story from engine 30. paul? >> reporter: brian, less than 24 hours after the storm that roared through the city leaving tens of thousands of people in the dark, someone, apparently at the highest levels of the fire department, ordered engine 30 here behind me out of service and told the subject to
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drive his pumper up to fiftyth northeast and fill a private pool. this is the pool firefighters were told to fill. it sits in the back home of the 300 block of 54th street northeast. how the home owner was able to get an engine company to fill it is unclear. a person who answered the phone at the home declined to comment. the water is free to the fire department if it's drawn from a hydrant. the home owners have to 53 for it. and a neighbor who saw the pool being filled said he was surprised the fire department would do such a thing. >> when the trucks came through the alley and stopped here where he lived, where the tank is and then they took the hose off of the truck and cut the water on and filled it up. >> did you find that to be unusual? >> yes, well, you know, i was just out here, you know, anyway, on the porch, and he was -- i thought it was mighty
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strange, but i didn't see that done before. we asked the fire department for a comment and did contact long walls, the spokesperson for the d.c. fire department. he did give us a statement from the chief and i read, quote, we feel the real storm-related story is the fact that fire and ems responded to more than 1500 calls during an after -- during and after friday's storm. the department was staffed at 100% and our firefighters worked tirelessly through adverse weather and heat conditions. the chief did not respond at all to the questions about who filled the pool, neither confirming or denying, brian. >> sounds like they dodged the issue here. the person in that home, the obvious question, do they have any connections? >> yeah. good question and we would like to know. that the person who answered
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the phone declined to comment and hung up. we were told by a reporter from another station that some person next to the home as he went to the porch threatened to shoot him. we didn't go to the door ourselves, brian. >> okay. d.c. officials have opened up six food distribution centers to help those who can't cook at home because of the storm. boxed lunches will be handed out until 9:00 tonight. can you find the list of the likes on a dangerous situation in silver spring. some downed lines are pinked between a huge tree and two cars and that is in want from of the -- front of the house. he and his family ran out of the house and away from cars and called 911. >> and i think they're under too much pressure to rush to get power on too son, so they not, you know, taking as many
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safety precautions as they should. many people in bethesda are running out of patience. pepco said the crews are out in full force but some residents have not seen anyone an on thei melanie alnwick has the latest on that part of the story. >> reporter: this is part of what is causing so much frustration among power customers here in the area. we're in bethesda and this tree has been down since friday night, along with all of the wires on top of the car, along with the urk tellity poles that are down and residents here say four days into this, they haven't seen any power or tree cruise out here to see what may need to be done to repair it and this morning, the pepco region president thomas graham explain idea it was taking so long. >> the first few hours are a mess. we had a number of substations and they provide power to 11,000 customers or so.
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we have the supply lines that go into the substations to energize them. they were damaged. >> okay. >> we were working behind the scenes trying to restore service. if those substations are not operating, none of the distribution feeders that come out of them will be operating either and the first 24 hours, we're doing damage assessment, restoring service along the line and trying to restore service to the substations. >> right. >> reporter: there were 21 substations out at the height of the storm and they're back up. the high-voltage lines are back up. the water pumping stations have been reconnected to power, hospitals are back on and the crews are working on feeder lines. pepco has been criticized but graham said he's assuring customers that crews are working as hard as they can and that this point on tuesday morning, 75% of the people out are back on and this is where the tough part beginning. -- begins. the piece-by-piecework of rebuilding the power network. he's confident that management of the storm is going in the way that the company had
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anticipated and all maryland utilities will have to file after the maryland public service commission. after that, they'll get a sense of whether the power companies in maryland performed as expected. in bethesda, melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> and as melanie motioned as of this morning, pepco crews restored 75% of the outages from friday's storm and this is a look at the latest numbers. more than 67,000 customers are without power. more than 15,000 in prince georges county and under 13,000 in d.c. clay anderson, a spokesperson for pepco joins us on the phone with the latest. clay, you think you can get them wrapped up or is it still looking like the end of the week? >> reporter: it looks like we're still close to friday and some folks are getting updated estimated times of restoration or eths and in particular, neighborhoods as we speak and friday evening, we'll continue with that restoring a process. >> the question is, in most people's minds, if you're able
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to do 75% in four days, how come you can't do the last give% in under three? >> what happened there as we get into the neighborhoods, you get many homes and businesses, apartment complexes that just have the one line from one house to the poll. we call them onesies and twosies. and takes crews to go through the hopes that could be at the end of the block, a cul-de-sac or so forth. we go as thomas graham said earlier in the video, to the feeders that hold several hundred to several thousand customers. once you get further and further down into neighbors, whether they in prince georges county or district of columbia, it's just as safe and we take as much time for that one customer and others. it takes longer as we're further and furtherer into the process. >> are these primarily rural homes now quickly?
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>> it could be and we know in the washington metro area there are a lot of urban streets that look rural. brian, you're right in a lot of aspects there. >> clay anderson, thank you for your time. coming up, a plan to bring metro to dulles is back on track after a vote in loudoun county. it didn't come without controversy. and decorated d.c. fire lieutenant is demoted. why he's speaking out against the chief's policies and may have cost him. ahead, michael phelps, is eight is enough? why he won't be matching his medal total from the last olympic games. a tv icon passes away. we'll look back at the life of andy griffith. 
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. a decorated d.c. fire lieutenant who spoke out against the fire chief's policies last summer was demoted to sergeant and suspended for 6 1/2 -- without pay for 6 1/2 weeks. he complained about the chief's requirement that firefighters only wear clothing with the new d.c. fire ems logo on it, an expensive change in the middle of winter. the chief defended the policy saying firefighters are issued $5,000 worth of outer wear. alvarado told us that was not the whole truth. >> and you get $5,000 worth of gear. the majority of that is spent on structural fire fighting gear that we use to go into burning buildings. it's a complete outright lie we're issued outer wear. i am basically, as far as clothing, wearing what we are
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issued. >> another issue, alvarado was reprimanded for, this video that shows him rushing ho to help a patient who pulled up in front of a fire station and called out of his window for help. the fire department said he should have asked our crew to stop shooting. paul wagner caught up with alvarado today. >> reporter: he found out about his demotion and suspension last night. what did the fire department find you guilty of? >> i was found violated violating the patient bill of rights and not removing a non- complying coat that i was -- when was at a training exercise. >> talk about the patient bill of rights first. what is it they expected you to do the day that we were introducing you out in front of your engine company on florida avenue where we showed a person coming up looking for medical care and we showed you wanting -- running to help that person. what did the fire department expect you to do and why did they find you guilty of it? >> they expected me to
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disregard the patient and cons trade on violating the first amendment and stop you from filming. >> reporter: as far as the wearing the coat to the fire academy, what is it that you did wrong there in their eyes? >> in their eyes, i failed to put on a compliant coat. saint, the fire chief said in january, not wearing it if we don't have it to issue is not insubordination. >> reporter: you spoke to us a number of times on the clothing issue in the fire department last winter. you feel what happened to you today is poundative? >> absolutely. it's retaliatory and punitive and very vindictive. >> reporter: to revisit the part about the patient bill of rights, in the paperwork you got, they said that they expected to you stop us from shooting what was happening in front of us before you would care for that patient. >> that's correct. >> what is the penalty to you now? >> 264-hour suspension without pay, which began today and i have been demoted to the rank of sergeant. >> we reached out to chief
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elderby today for a client. he declined a comment saying that lieutenant alvarado has the right to appeal and didn't want to say anything until he sees the lieutenant's appeal in northeast, paul wagner, fox 5 news. unfortunately, bad news for 4th of july plans in some communities. take a look here. kensington, germanton, rockdale and gathers bug cancelled their fireworks celebrations. officials from all four cities say it's because of the ongoing effects of friday night's storms; however, the traditional concert on the national mall is still on and promises to be as spectacular as ever and as hot. thank you very much for being with us and any changes this year? are there any plans to handle bigger crowds now given the fact that other communities are canceling their fireworks displays? >> we always expect a large crowd of this and expect tens
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of thousands of people, we're expecting that amount this year as well. what we have done is put several security measures in place and that includes an administrative search of everyone coming in, closed containers and packages and a list of prohibited items. the full list is on the website at >> today is particularly hot. as you stand, there give us a warning of what to expect and what people can bring with them? >> they have to bring a lot of water, it's very warm out. mind you, the gates open at 3:00 in the afternoon and tomorrow they'll open at 3:00 and the concert starts at 8:00 p.m. you have several hours to wait in line and come in and sit on the lawn. either way, bring plenty of water with you and we have first aid tents on hand or any medical attention.
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>> and for people who have not been down there before, how early do people start lining up? >> people may line up before the gates open, about 3:00. we haveha had that today. we're mindful when crowds start lining up, we make attempts to try to get them in and do suggest people take metro. parking in the area is extremely limited. the important note i want people to know, though, is that we have parking set aside for mobility-impaired individuals in the party and back to constitution avenue and it's long the south curb, coned off and clearly marked. >> all right. >> and for today and tomorrow. >> and lieutenant kimberly snider, the best of luck for a nice 4th of july celebration. >> likewise. thank you. thank you. and obviously, without -- with all of the celebrating, there are going to be street closures and more parking restrictions. the park service capital police and city officials say, as you
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heard there, do use mass transit and just in case, by have a full list of closures and restrictions on click on web links to find the list. >> and seems like we caught a bit of a break and i am not a meteorologist. >> it felt more hot. >> can you referee here in. >> i'm note get -- not getting in the middle. >> you're near the water. >> that's true. >> and that is right. this is the deal. it's been hotter than yesterday. brian, you're right because it has, fortunately, been not as humid because the humidity stayed to the south today. >> all right, we're both winners. >> see how we make that happen? i aim to please. and this is some temperatures. 96 degrees in the city and have
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been up to everyone in and that allowed the temperature to creep up into the mid- to upper 90s and that is not exactly hot everywhere. winchester is cooled down with some cloudiness from this some thunderstorms and martinsburg, too, at 89. cull pepper is 93. monasses, 93; no reports coming in from fredericksburg right now and that is intermittent reporting from some stations and some power outages. the dew point, nice. that is comfortable. 54 degrees in the city and some places it's not, quantico, near 70 and that is getting stick. where the dew point is higher, there is more of a bump with a heat index and some showers and thunderstorms are drifting and these are not strong and severe but we'll watch them the next few hours or so and we will have thunderstorms in the
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forecast the evening hours and gan for overnight hours, too and yes, it will be hot and muggy tomorrow and that is typical july 4th. >> check the weather any time and download it on the droid, iphone and ipad and on in colorado, new video showing how devastating the waldo canyon fire was and at its peek, more than 300 grounds burned to the ground and tonight, the fire is 70% contained and more residents are being allowed back in. >> and i am pleased to announce this morning the colorado springs boundaries are 100% contained as it relates to the waldo fire, great news and i want to remind everyone that the city and county that a fire ban is still in effect.
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>> secretaries janet napolitano and johnville sack are assessing the fires in idaho and colorado. paterno's family said the coach's name is being dragged through the mud. how they're fighting back against what they claim is a sneer campaign. and michael phelps -- a smear campaign. >> and michael phelps won eight medals in beijing, even though he qualified for the same number of events. if you have a story idea, call 202-895-3,000 or sunday us an e-mail to com.
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. joe paterno's family is fighting what they call an effort to smear the late college football coach. the fbi and pennsylvania attorney general headed the investigation into jerry sandusky's sexual abuse of children. paterno's family said selective leaks of e-mails from that investigation are fueling attacks on paterno's character
5:26 pm
anden that all they e-mails and records -- records released to provide contacts to the information that paterno didn't do enough after sandusky was accused of abuse. michael phelps pulled out of one of the events. he dropped the free style yesterday and that is to focus on other races and he will swim seven events instead of eight and he won eight medals in 2008 games and doesn't mind relaxing this time around. the 27-year-old said he will retire after his final swim in london. >> a plan to give metro to dull else gets a big plan of approval. you will hear from both sides of the debate. and the nation's former congress secretary learns if he will be charged. and a critical blood shortage in our area. how last week's severe weather situation made a bad situation worse. we'll be right back. ♪
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. it's something a lot of us keep meaning to do. the american red cross is asking for your help. they want to you make donating lied about a priority. and this is beth parker. >> reporter: when you see a sign like this one, you should really give it some thought. because what is happening upstairs in this building could save a life. last week the american red cross issued a nationwide emergency appeal. >> and we're in a very desperate kind of a situation right now. >> reporter: the blood explain was running low and the 4th of july holiday would not help. they got people's attention, though. >> locally, we were starting to build momentum, deaners were responding on our emergency calls. >> reporter: then came this. >> many of our blood drives and two of our donor centers
5:31 pm
experienced power outages. >> reporter: plus, people without power at home did not make it in to donate even at sites to open. that's right, right now, the red cross needs people like leta hall. >> i was walking to work and walked past the sign. i knew i heard on the news a few times we were having a blood shortage and i made the time. >> reporter: she's donated for years on a somewhat regular basis. >> i get telephone calls and red cross pursues me like no man has. >> reporter: shows layoffs but it's important to donate blood. >> 26 years ago after delivering my youngest daughter, i needed four units myself and some emergency surgery. i might not have been around to raise that daughter and see my grandkids. >> reporter: to make a donation, visit our website, and we will link to you a list of donations centers. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and that is open for a few
5:32 pm
weeks. maryland's largest casino generated more than twice as much as the state's other two casinos combined. maryland live pulled in more than $28 million last month and, ven though it's open since june 6th. the ocean downs casino grossed more than $4 million. good news for the auto industry, despite the slow economy. auto makers posted solid gains for june, hinting the industry is officially back in business and chrysler is reporting a 20% increase in overall sales compared to last year. gm said up 16%. at ford, the other u.s. auto maker, the sales were up more than 7% on the year. >> he won't be charged. prosecutors in los angeles say they won't file criminal charges against former commerce secretary john bryson. you will remember last month he was involved in two traffic accidents. the police cited him with hit and run because he left the
5:33 pm
scene after the first accident. he suffered a seizure and that is what caused the accident and he later resigned from the post. >> bob diamond has resigned in the wake of the bank's interest rate rigging scandal. the external pressure placed on the bank reached a level that risks damaging the whole franchise. he faced mounting calls and stepped down as uk regulators weighed criminal charges against some of the employees. the bank was fined more than $450 million last week for submitting false documents. and coming up, checking your status is easier. an in-home hiv test approved by the fda. and a woman who noticed she was putting on weight got more than she bargained for when she went to the doctor. details are next. [ male announcer ] are you paying more
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a 65-year-old woman was putting on weight and knew she could not be pregnant and then she was rushed to surgery. she had a tumor that weighed 51 pounds. >> it was pretty scary. i didn't want to scare anyone. i kept a low profile on it. >> and it took doctors five hours to remove the tumor. large tumors like this happen and are rare. she should be released next week. coming up, a plan to bring metro to dulles is on track. the vote was not unanimous. details are coming up. >> and this is -- . >> plus a car company teams up with a beauty blogger to show the dangers of make jewel while driving. >> and we could see storms on the 4th of july. h of july.  ♪
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. loudoun county will help with the second phase of metro's silver line. the board of supervisors voted narrowly in favor of helping to fund the $2.8 billion project. it passed by a vote of 5-4. those who voted against it were concerned about whether the benefits would make it worth the cost. one was concerned there was not enough discussion. >> and we spent more time on a boundary adjustment for a townhouse than we have spent on rail. literally. this is what every supervisor has you have to measure to the sink. every aspect of every ruling of every vote that you take. >> and there have been a total of 16 meetings on the topic and
5:43 pm
several public en-nut opportunities. and we are going to talk about today's developments. scott, thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. i imagine it was tense in the boardroom, huh in. >> and just a bit. it was an exciting day and good day for loudoun county. >> can you give us an idea what the main sticking points are? and how will this second phase be funded? >> i think the biggest sticking point for most opposed to the projects the concern of the impact that it will have on the tax bill for a resident in line loudoun county and due to the good work to many of the board members and staff, we have come up with a commercial taxing districtle that fund our portion of phase 2 and this is similar to how we were able to
5:44 pm
fund the great improvements to route 28, which is a three-lane divided road with all of the interchanges installed in loudoun and fairfax. >> and you believe your constituents will benefit from this. what is the county giving up to put this meany toward the silver line? >> we're not giving up anything and, in fact, i think, one, this project will help us to add to the capacity and a corridor for which we have no ability to expand the road network and that is in the toll road or on route 50 and we have one lane left, east and west, from the do youen -- loudoun county line on route 7 and that is it. and if we continue to expect to grow, we have to add the capacity to the transportation network in order for employees to get back and forth to work. >> and this whole project which adds 23 miles at a cost of $6
5:45 pm
billion as of now, do you foresee the cost of the number going up? we have seen that happen, for instance, with the woodrow wilson bridge. >> i think we will be pleasantly surprised and see the estimate come in to what we're projecting. >> and i would think your other fellow board members are saying yeah to what is going. >> and thank you very much for being with us tonight. >> and that is sounding like the only place hotter. >> and there is some drama getting here. gary. >> and i mean summertime. >> the weather is where we are. >> the next few days and in through the weekend. >> okay. >> and the only brief relief i will see on the five-day forecast is sunday. >> okay. >> and that is five days away. thins could change. once the hot temperatures get here, they're hard to get rid
5:46 pm
of and that is a great place to be and that is silver spring. won't we all want to have that? and if you haven't had power. and this is what we v showers and thunderstorms. not so much popping up here, but we see them to the north- northwest and traveling in our direction. i want to zoom in on sentinel radar and to give you an idea where they are and there is some more to the north- northwest and win chester, this is south of you and -- south of you and this larger complex out of pennsylvania here, parts have moved into western immediate and -- western maryland for cumberland and a warning in western secs of maryland now and none of this is severe and producing wind damage, even though the primary
5:47 pm
threat of the showers and thunderstorms will be from hail and wind and can you see how they're traveling to the south and to the southeast and there is nothing popping up. we'll move from the northwest to the southeast and that is what our future cast shows as well and picking up the thunderstorms at 7:00 and just beginning to move into nowhere sections of frederick county and as we go to 10:00, can you see it more spotty around the region and we not in a severe risk zone but there is more humidity and some moisture in places. some of these are strong and severe and there is that pocket that overnight tonight, a little bit more can fire up and to move on through. right now, the temperature is still hot and with that next%. 96 degrees. i was jumping the gun. look at the humidity.
5:48 pm
very comfortable. at 24%. and thank goodness the warm front that is go fog move to the north of discuss is sitting on top of us and that is keeping all of the humidity bolted up to the south of us and winds are north at 8 miles an hour and, as a matter of fact, it's in the upper 90s unix now and -- 96 now. culpepper is 91; monasses, 93 and that is where there is more humidity. the temperatures are cooler but heat index values are higher down. there 93 at 7:00. if we have thunderstorms at 7:00, they will be part of the north and west and i am talking to you, washington county and frederick county. nine:00, we'll have that chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms and some lingering showers and thunderstorms. what about july 4th forecast for tomorrow?
5:49 pm
knew and that is -- for tomorrow, the same forecast. and hot on the muggy side and temperatures in the upper 90s and a possibility of evening thunderstorms and some strong is severe. evening and overnight, the showers and thunderstorms and some temperatures tonight, clouds to start tomorrow morning, 81; sunshine at noon, 91 and that is going to feel like 94 or 95 and little 90s to upper 90s and feeling close to 100 with the heat index and that is going to drive thundershowers and thunderstorms, possibly strong, possibly severe and the temperature goes up and up. i have not got any triple digits here and on to friday and saturday, feeling like it's
5:50 pm
over 100 degrees and that is on to friday and saturday. a little relief possible on sunday. >> all right. >> when is 94 degrees a little relief? >> yeah, really. >> what is going? >> yell. >> -- july. >> and hopefully people will get the power back the next few days. >> and that is -- i suspect a safe friday. >> thank you. one of the biggest challenges, people are trying to keep cool. earlier, bags of ice were made available and that is handed out at the library in northwest and that is distributed on a first-come/first-served basis. a powerful solar flare erupted yesterday and nasa believed it could reach earth by tomorrow and this is somevo. this makes the northern lights and arctic and northern canada
5:51 pm
brighter. a stronger storm can disrupt satellite signals and powerlines. [ singing ] country music star brad paisley will join president and mrs. obama in saluting the military at the white house tomorrow. he will play at the u.s.o. concert there tomorrow evening and joined by the u.s. marine band and a night of games and barbecue and the fireworks, of course. and talk of the town on tmz. a television icon died. tmz executive producer harvey levin joins us live from l.a. and andy griffith died today. any details can you share with us? >> reporter: we know he died with his wife by his side and don't know what that cause of death is. that is interesting and he's been buried, died this morning and he was buried hours later. we talked to the mortuary and in the south, i mean we don't do that here in california, that i know of and in the
5:52 pm
south, it's more common that people are buried quickly and this guy was an icon. it was not just the andy griffith show. >> right. >> and which was a watershed moment for television but matt lock and mayberry and beloved by everybody. >> have you heard comments from people working with them, like ron howard? >> oh, yeah. everyone's commenting. ron howard's career was made by andy griffith. he played opie on the end griffith show and there is a lot of love and sadness for him. i have to say everyone dies, laura. >> yeah. >> this guy had a great life. >> yeah. seems like one of the guys that is a personality he played, that was the kind of guy he was andgen winly a nice guy. >> kind of shows and it was
5:53 pm
natural and real that you just were comfortable watching him. >> yeah. >> and the information on the split and what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: we're told this prenup cuts her out of his foro tune. she's not going get anything by walking out of this marriage. and we are told by people connected with her that she is not in it for the money. she doesn't care about the money, she has her own money and it's true, she has some of her own mean, but, on the other side, there is a sense that ultimately this is about money and my guess is that money will be an issue. she's going to get child support, but money will be an issue in this divorce and they will probably do some horse trading. >> has custody been an issue so far? >> a huge issue.
5:54 pm
katie basically blindsided tom by filing this. not only filing for divorce but filing in new york city and she's asking for not only city council physical custody but soul legal custody. she wants to make all of the legal decisions so he can't put suri in the church of scientology. my strong guess is, and i am sure this is going to be out, that he's going to try to get this case sent back to california where it's much more likely that he would have joint custody and the ability to make decisions for their child. >> oh, boy. the drama has just begun. we'll check in with you, harvey, to see how this plays out. harvey levine, tmz on tv. thank you very much. spiedy is back and a new spider-man film is out with a new leading man. the amazing spider-man debuted at the midnight and brought in $7.5 million, paling in comparison to the 43 million that harry potter's finally brought in last summer. the movie experts say the new spider man film should do very well during the 4th of july holiday weekend. coming up now on the news edge, filling up these jugs of
5:55 pm
water was not easy. the journey a maryland family had to take to keep cool after the storm and gas gouging complaints are popping up in the region after many say gas prices are unbelievably high. and don't get crabby, but your 4th of july feast may not be the same this year and another look at weather and sports at 6. orts at 6. 
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. you take your rhinestone. it's -- it's -- . >> a shocking image of a simulated car crash aimed at warning women about the dangers of applying makeup while driving. the 17-year-old dutch makeup artist whose online makeup tutorials have received more than 28 million views teamed up with volkswagon to make the video. according to the british newspaper, nearly half of a
5:59 pm
million accidents a career are caused by women applying makeup behind the wheel. thank you very much for joining us tonight. the news edge at 6 with brian bolter starts right now. >> they told us to take weeks. i was not sure to laugh or cry when i heard his response. >> after the storm, frustration growing. after days of no electricity with sweltering heat. it's the fifth day after the storm. patience is wearing thin with the power outages. more than 200,000 people in the region still affected. pepco reporting 95,000. northern virginia, dominion virginia, about 65,000 customers in the dark. 148,000bge customers in the dark. the storms coupled with the heat wave have claimed at least 26 lives in virginia, maryland, and district. now, there are questions surrounding the actions of d.c. fi


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