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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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probably about 20 to 25 miles an hour there and there is some lightning in that. let me show you the temperatures that we have been up to, 99 on the hour today. we're 98 now and we have cooled off just a little bit and that humidity that we caught a break yesterday, but we haven't caught a break today. the humidity came back and feels like 102 now. monasses, 103; culpeper, 105 and down around culpeper. quantico, pardon me, feels like 109. here's the fireworks forecast. we'll have a risk of thunderstorms out there. keep an eye on to the sky for two reasons. you see all of the beautiful thunder, you see all of the beautiful fireworks and in case there are thunderstorms, still be pretty hot and muggy, too, brian. temperatures in the upper 80s and the lower 90s, feeling like it's in the mid-90s. >> see you in a bit. thousands of people remain without power five days after severe weather swept across the region. the death toll is rising tonight in virginiava. the loudoun county -- in virginiava. a utility worker from florida was killed when her bucket
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truck crashed into a trailer in bluemont. authorities in richmond said another death was caused by a fallen tree. and look at the power outages. pepco showing more than 39,000 customers without power. dominion virginia with more than 29,000bg&e has 5300 in montgomery and prince georges county out right now. pepco is making better progress. the utility company said as of today, it's restored 90% of the outages, that is two days earlier than projected and friday is now the goal to get everyone back on paul wagner is live in silver springs where some people are not too sure about that, though. paul. >> reporter: laura, two days ago, we came to this chevy chase neighborhood off of east- west highway and found this. a huge tree down across blaine drive and nothing has changed since friday night. can you see the tree is consuming this home here on blaine and there is even a car
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underneath all of these branches. neighbors tell us the tree cutters have come and told them that they can't do anything until pepco does something with the lines. they say pepco has come and said they can't do anything until the tree is cut down. this is just one they should, one of many that we found where people are desperate for relief. this is just one of several panted signs greeting linemen from del marva power as they arrive to survey the damage along coldsville road and silver spring. a neighborhood downtown hit hard by friday's storm. this is pretty much how it's looked since saturday. no work has been done but you wouldn't know it by calling pepco. >> according to pepco, this is all repaired and power has been restored. >> reporter: that must have sent steam out of your ears. >> yes, it did because i said who -- how many people does it take to lie about this? how many people are lying to us? he said we have a record that everything has been restored.
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>> reporter: he has a similar story and lives up the street from jennifer and her husband dan. >> yesterday morning, i called about 6:00 a.m. and she said oh, yeah, the work is completed in your area. she didn't say you were restored. she said the work is completed in your area. i said no, the wire is still done, nobody's been here and nothing's done. my neighbors are still out. she said, well, we'll issue a new ticket. injuries a we talked, a lineman walked the street surveying a damage, coming over from the trucks parked on coalsville road a few blocks away. >> what worries me most of all is that we really have a 19th century infrastructure. but we're paying 21st century prices. >> reporter: meanwhile on brandywine street in the district, where power was still out, crews from north carolina had the roadblocked in order to put up a new pole. >> the wire from the houses and to the poles. this pole down to the corner pole down here where the wires were torn down. >> reporter: how long does this
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take you? >> three or four hours to get it up. >> reporter: a weekend sight for residents who want a cold fridge and a cool room to sit in after five long days. it i spent quite a bit of time on the phone with pepco trying to understand how people in that neighborhood can be told the work had been restored and yet can you see that it clearly had not. the way it's been explained to me is that the people who were answering the phones may so that a feeder line has restored power to that area but there are still pockets that have not been attacked by pepco crews. what pepco is saying is that they need the residents in that area to continue to call over and over and over again. be a pest, they said, but let them know that your power is still not back on. these people on blaine drive are desperately looking for some help. >> what a maddening situation. paul wagner, thank you for bringing that to our attention. some in our area used this july 4th holiday to express
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their patriotism and frustration all in one place. as beth parker shows us, they're sweating it out in cabin john, maryland. >> 1776. no electricity. 2012, still no electricity. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: powerless patriots parading past poles snapped in friday's storm. the cabin john 4th of july parade had verbal fireworks this year. >> king george in england and also, we're thinking independence from pepco as almost. >> reporter: with the sun beating down and not much appreciation the red, white, and blue pinwheels are not spinning. >> it's so hot, i like say i am like melting in it. >> reporter: that is how these sisters describe their house. would be proud. >> give me liberty or pepco. >> reporter: they don't have as much on the line as the true patriots did the first time around. however. >> pepco said they had sent a crew back because no one was
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reporting power outages. but we have reported power outages every day for six days. >> reporter: now, there is a spot where they gathered for the end of the parade. this is right on what they call the line of the haves and the have nots. this shopping center and at all of the stores in it now have power. got it back yesterday afternoon. the folks on the other side of seven locks road, they still do not have power. >> totally guilty. yes. i thought, thought everyone had power. >> reporter: they may not have power but they have power to the people. they want independence from -- . >> you know, a former. >> reporter: what is the word? >> pirate. thank you. this. red, hot. people who don't have power. that will be me. [ laughter ] who else? who else does not have power? 78. >> cabin road! >> reporter: then came the declaration j. we hold these
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truce to -- truths to be self- evident that all men are created equal. >> reporter: and ended with lemonade, watermelon, and doughnuts and even a little pepco pep talk. >> keep at it, guys. we're rooting for you, believe me. we might yell sometimes but we're rooting for you. >> reporter: remember, there is nothing more american than speaking your mind. in cabin john, maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> all right, let's check in with pepco for an update on their progress. clay anderson, a spokesman friday company joins us on -- spokesman for the company joining us on the phone. >> we're told that a pepco crew will show up on the site and the trees are not cut away or they will leave or a tree crew will show up on site and have not been adequately convinced the lines are de-energized and they will leave. sounds like gridlock and frustration amongst your own crews now. >> and that could be the case. we're dealing with day four
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much a heat wave. the fact that we brought almost 400,000 customers back is not important and we understand that because the people who don't have power their holiday are experiencing an added frustration. with the crews and tree trimmers, that is a communication issue that we're rectifying and logistics, crews from many states trying to coordinate in an area they're not familiar with and,p fortunately, those incidents do happen. we'll continue to rectify and move on with the restoring a. >> are you beefing up your management, particularly middle management to get in the trenches so that communication takes place and we don't have customers out there left hot and frustrated? >> yes, yes, we do. the communication we v i mean,
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all of our pepco trucks and out- of-town trucks have onboard computers, cell phones, if there is a problem or communication gap, we have supervisors patrolling in the area. they're not hard to find. if there is a problem, and again, we go off of the site if necessary, we're on the phone or computers, e-mails if necessary to coordinate, again, we were tacking about the trees, trees that need to be trimmed and that need to be cut and removed. we know we have to cut them properly and correctly, and have some certain guidelines for tree removal and trimming in the region that crews are not familiar with. a lot of challenges but we'll straighten them out. >> thank you, clay anderson with pepco tonight. and taking it down to the mall now. the excitement building for the capital 4th concert on the national mall. the annual event draws plenty of people with music and stars.
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will thomas is lee on the mall as well. >> reporter: this is a big buildup to the fireworks display that is starting about 9, 10 this evening, and this is intense. two concerts, one on the west lawn and the other at 17th and independence. one with phillip phillips and varene on seventh and independence today. look at the front-row seat that we have and that is a stoneee throw from the washington monument. some people are arriving early to secure a spot to the fireworks. you're encouraged to bring the water, sports drinks, the yet, stay ride rated and there is -- stay hydrated and there are a lot of roads blocked off. that is the case until 11:00 tonight. know that to get on to the mall, you have to go through
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security checkpoints. >> what you should not bring are alcoholic beverages, no caffeinated beverages. those are going to be your enemies in this type of intense heat. that is going to dehydrate very, very quickly. >> obviously, no weapons. >> right. >> and something as simple as a pocketknife is not getting through. >> correct. >> you will go through maggotohe -- magnetometers and to hand wand you. they will confiscate them. best to leave them at home. >> talk about what you want people to binge object, water, things to stay hydrated. >>. absolutely, even though the sun is going go down, it's still a smart idea to bring supscreen, lather up. you don't want to become the next red lobster, so to speak and please note you need to monitor yourself. if you're feeling slightly light headed, faint, please know that we have 12 first aid tents and make use of those.
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>> and we'll hear from you in our broadcast and i am happy to be here. >> and enjoy. happy 4th. >> yes. >> wearing all ofma thablack. >> exactly. the 4th of july tradition coming up and contestants push their bodies to the limit in the super bowl of competitive eating. who came out on top. and it's not unusual to spend the 4th of july on the water but one group is trying to make sure the wounded warriors get the experience, too. that is coming up. >> and scientists are celebrating tonight. we're going to tell but a major finding that is putting them one step closer to discovering the origins of the universe. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters.
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. mitt romney taking a break from the campaign trail for a vacation. there it is, the lakeside estate in new hampshire. romney's wife and children and grandchildren leading the 4th of july through the town of wolfboro. his entire family numbers 30 in all, staying in the town. >> and you know i have with me one of the reasons i love being here so very much. i have ann with me and we looked at each other this morning and with the 30 of us running around the house this morning. there were 30 of us, we looked
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at each other and said gosh, our love started something, didn't it? >> the romneys have five sons and 18 grandchildren. and a lot of toilet paper in the house. president obama spent part of the holiday welcoming some of the country's newest citizens who are members of the military. a naturalization ceremony was held at the white house for 25 active duty service members. the president said the nation's success wouldn't be possible without the generations of immigrants who came to america from around the world. >> this is one of my favorite things to do. it brings me great joy and inspiration because it reminds us that we are a country that is bound together not simply by ethnicity or blood lines, but by fidelity to a set of ideas. >> tonight, the first family is hosting military families at the white house for a barbecue and fireworks. when the 4th of july holiday hits, many americans
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are relaxing on boats and beaches. this type of getaway is not possible for some of our nation's wounded warriors who are spending a lot of time and rehabilitation. one non-profit group, the patriot cruise and salute s frying to change that. fox's jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: if you didn't know this was the start of the patriot cruise, you would figure out quickly this is a day to thank some of the nation's wounded warriors. that thank you comes in the gifts of a day on the water. >> ready to go, sir. >> all right! >> all right! >> yeah! >> reporter: it's two years to the month since the 32-year-old kevin gadsden lost part of his left leg, damaged his right and lost a thumb when an ied explosion ended the army tour in afghanistan. >> definitely a life-changing experience to be an amputee, but at the same time, my -- the way i look at it, life goes on. >> reporter: his first time on a boat was during last year's patriot cruise. this year, he brought his mom and brother for their first boat trip. >> from the water, a different
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perspective and this is calming. just because you want to do more. >> reporter: on this day, he tries to going from passenger to captain. >> when it comes to limitailings, some things i can't do as well and may not be able to do as fast, but i feel there is nothing i can't do because i'm injured. >> reporter: the patriot cruise started in 2007 with one iraq war veteran and his wife who took a handful of wounded warriors out for a day on the boat. since then, the event has grown and this year, 60 wounded warriors signed up for a day on the water. last year, the jones family hosted a marine sarg want, a quadruplasm tee. this year, jeffrey redmond joins them one day before he learns the left leg is so damaged they will have to amputate it. >> they are not here. >> reporter: this wounded warrior said he appreciates the perfect timing of the getaway. >> and it gets my brain a chance to get away from actually thinks about what might happen soon. >> reporter: though he didn't remember much about getting hit
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by two mortars in iraq, this trip is bringing back fine him rise of fishing on the boat with his brother when they were little. >> normally i don't see anything as beautiful. it puts my brain at oz a lot. >> reporter: army reserve specialist maya sits on her host boat barely one in fact after a grenade launcher hit the truck she was sitting in afghanistan. >> i get a lot of anxiety attacks from loud noise and large crowds. >> reporter: she has blurry vision, shrapnel in her thigh and an ear clot and none of that is stopping her from appreciating her surroundings. >> can you see lights, ducks, birds, you don't see anything like that in afghanistan. >> reporter: roberto, this boat is a wonderful remindder that you don't have to worry about where you have been or where you're going. sometimes can you float along and appreciate exactly where you are. along the potomac river, jennifer davis, fox news.
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well, it's -- the temperature is climbing for sure, right? >> i have a feeling better on the water than inland so, gary, what are we looking at tonight? when are the storms rolling in? >> we have storms out there right now. as a matter of fact, a few moments ago, we have a couple of the storms that have gone severe, so we take you on over to radar. i want to show you two counties affected here. the central secs of faulkier; northern secs of prince william under a severe thunderstorm warning and this is going to go until 6:00 tonight. this storm, no doubt s putting out some wind and hail. so right there basically across a highway 215 is where it is right now. we'll switch over to sentinel radar and zoom in tighter. south of broad run around gainesville there and that is looking like it should stay to the south of gainesville as it continues to cross over to 215. you need to watch out for the hail and lightning and the wind. right now, this is all we v. we have a couple of these thunderstorms up here in frederick county. and northwestern secs of carol county. this is between thurmont and
5:21 pm
frederick and northwest of westminster. most of this now is really just continuing to come on down to the northwest. and those storms are not severe right now, but, again, we'll continue to keep an eye on them and there is that one thunderstorm warning there and that is for faulkier county and prince william county, they will go until 6:00. the temperature with the heat index is sitting at 102 degrees and that is at 7:00, 94 and feeling close to 100. at 9:00, prime fireworks time and there might be some thunderstorms around and more activity to the north and west and if that is not enough, we have a heat advisory until 9:00 tonight and it's going to get hotter. >> see you in a bit. out west, authorities keeping a nervous eye out for
5:22 pm
fires. firefighters in colorado hoping to push toward full containment of the waldo canyon fire and it was 80% contained this morning. it's the most destructive in the state's history. and coming up, a medical report shedding new light on the injuries zimmerman suffered. and mystery surrounding the death of arafat. why the former palestinian leader's body could be echuged eight years after his death. 
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. arafat's body might be exhumed. before he had a brain hemorrhage, he got ill. they found higher-than-normal levels of radioactive material called plunomium. it doesn't mean he was poisoned but they're usual and may spain why he got sick. >> a newly released report said george zimmerman had head wounds on his head, black eyes
5:26 pm
and a broken nose the night he shot the unarmed teenager. zimmerman's attorney posted the report on line and is trying to get zimmerman released from jail while he awaits trial on second-degree murder charges. zimmerman claims he shot martin in self-defense. five days after the storm and pepco said they restored power to 90% of customers who lost power. tell that to the folks waiting for the lights to come back on in this extreme heat. you will hear from some at the bottom of the hour. >> the car was rocking. so, what do we do? we all came out and gawked. >> a family wakes up to a trashed suv. wait until you hear who was responsible. >> and later, a t-mobile store is trashed by an i rate customer. we'll tell you what sent him over -- him over the edge. 
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. pepcod 90% of the customers
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are online. and that leaves 10% still in the dark in the heat. john henrehan took a look at neighbors in rockville without power. >> reporter: the people i spoke with are in the final 10%. in both neighborhoods, the pepco workers did visit and in one case, a quick solution failed and appeared unsafe. other neighborhood residents are asking pepco for better coordination between the linemen and tree cleanup cruise. on the 4th of july, this american flag in rockville, maryland, is being deliberately flown upside down. an international symbol of distress said jim vegas, whose neighborhood has been without electricity since friday night. >> thieves are starting to target the area. they know the alarm systems are down. we had a neighbor with a vehicle stolen out of the driveway. >> reporter: residents estimate about 140 homes here are without power. the problem, a tree holding down wires visited separately
5:31 pm
on monday by a pepco crew and on tuesday by tree trimmers. >> pepco sent in a tree-cutting crew to cut the tree down. they said it was over the lines and said we can't do anything about this because we need certifications that these lines are not live. well, they could have at least send an electrical crew with them to coordinate the effort. >> reporter: at the other end, power lines lie atop a car in a driveway. the nearby utility pole was fixed by pepco the day after the store. >> they looked across the line and went up the pole, they put a fuse in the pole. that was it. they left. >> did that bring back the electricity? >> for 10 hours. >> reporter: that is when the wind blow and shorted out the energized wire laying across the car. that blew out the new fuse and later a pepco worker put
5:32 pm
caution tape around the downed wire without explaining why the utility would ever re-energize a broken conduit. several households are wondering when they will get back their electricity. a spokesman told me the company tries to coordinate the tree crews with the linemen but pointed out that sometimes that does not happen during the initial survey visit. as to the crew that re- energized the pole with the line on the car, the company spokesman did not have direct knowledge of the incident and couldn't comment on it. brian. >> john henrehan tonight. >> two maryland teenagers hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning. they were found unconscious and that generator was run negligent basement. the father called paramedic when is he had trouble waking them up. and they were flown to a hospital in baltimore. out of virginia, a 23-year- old woman sexually assaulted on a popular bicycling and running path, it happened last night
5:33 pm
before 8:00. the victim was jogging and she was confronted by a man with a knife and she drug her off the trail and sexually assaulted her. >> this type of incident is not common in arlington county. we did have several sexual assaults occur across the county the last month or so, but this incident involved a female jogger in daylight that was drug from the trail and takessen and sexually assaulted. >> the suspect is described as a hispanic male weigh five -- about 5'5", limited english and wearing a green t-shirt with the word george across the front. a d.c. woman found dead this morning in her apartment and this is in the 1600 block of 17th street northeast and they found the 71-year-old harrison lying on the floor.
5:34 pm
she was pronounced dead. in maryland, a baltimore man is dead after being hit by a car in a bw parkway. that happened around 4:00 this morning, forcing the authorities to close the highway. gary richards just got out of the car to switch drivers when he was hit. the police are still investigating and are not sure if charges will be foiled. >>. coming up, a family wakes up to an suv that had been trashed overnight. wait until you hear who got stuck inside. an irate cell phone customer goes baliftec. why he tore this t-mobile store a part. a part. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters.
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. a family in colorado woke up to find someone or something broke into their suv. it turned out it was not a person but a bear. fox's hema mueller explains the
5:38 pm
bear on a mission. >> i think he got in here and then couldn't get out. because that is what happens. >> reporter: for lynn wagner, this was a morning unlike any other. >> the car was rocking and what do we do? we all came out and gawked, you know, oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the a 300-pound bear was trapped in the kia sorrento. and it must have been attracted by the smell of food. >> and this is some dried oat meal in there. >> that and protein mix he drinks and not really any other kind of what you would call fresh food or stuff and to -- with food. >> reporter: the bear fought hard to get out and all the the while rip error error -- ripping him to shreds. >> i could never have imagined that capability in a car. it's gone. it looks like a bomb hit it. >> reporter: she called 911 and
5:39 pm
parks and wildlife came out and they opened the back door. >> and that bear came straight at me and went that way. and that bear was like thank you, i'm free and i will see you later. i am out of dodge. that is all that bear error error cared about. >> and car doesn't belong to the wagners but to a friend away in florida. shot something you see every day. a british man upset he would not be getting a refund from t- mobile and used a fire extinguisher to spray the place. happened in manchester, england. crowds of people gathered outside to watch the spectacle and record it on their phones. after a few minutes, the police showed up and cuffed him who was feeling better as can you see by the smile on his face. >> i am sure a lot of people living vicariously through him. >> he did it and we don't have
5:40 pm
to. coming up, the best-of-the- best in comat the time 55 -- competitive eating and they try to go for the crown on coney island. and scientists are ecstatic about a discovery related to the origin of the universe. that is my story coming up. >> and scattered storms popping up on the radar tonight. gary's back with the latest. t
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
. >> scientists all over the world said major recent announcements said they're one step closer to finding out for sure how the universe began. as greg explains, all of the excitement focuses on a newly discovered limit. -- element. >> reporter: a celebration in
5:44 pm
geneva after a major finding. they believe they have discovered a new particle that might be related to the god particle. >> we have now found the last missing cornerstone. >> reporter: it was named after the scottish physicist peter hugs and is believed to give all matter in the universe the shape and size. they were at the european center for nuclear research. >> i would like to give my congratulations to everyone involved in this tremendous achievement on and for me, it's incredible it happened in my lifetime. >> reporter: he believes the discovery is closely related to what he predicted in the standard model theory of fizzics. there is more research to be done. >> we have discovered's new particle of ozone, a hugs o zone and does it have the
5:45 pm
properties? if not, what are its properties and where do they cling to? >> reporter: he used the atom- smasher that re-creates a big bank to make the discovery. the secretary of energy steven chu congratulating scientists on their discovery saying today's announcement on the latest result of this search shows the benefits of sustained investments in basic science by governments around the world. 11 of the 12 particles related to this theory have been found and this is the last particle. in london, greg alcott, fox news. the sun set off major fireworks today. today's flares similar to the one fired off two guys ago and part of the ongoing storm and medium strength solar flames can intense few the lights and arctic in canada. stronger flares can disrupt satellite signals and power lines. >> and storms flaring up there. >> and earlier, we had severe thunderstorm warnings and those
5:46 pm
have been cancelled. >> okay. >> and at least the first batch is weakened substantially and it's hot out there again today. >> and that is unbearable. >> we caught a break and that is a cooler feeling. still 99 yesterday and that did not feel like 104 or 106 and the haze came back and this is july 4th and that is how that works. thunderstorms and they were severe earlier and not now 246789 is prince william county and faulkier county and they canceld this and this is the cell that is to the west of monasses around heymarket and to the north and 66 and that is weak and substantially, thank goodness and to frederick and carol county, we were watching these earlier and they were heftier and have fallen down as
5:47 pm
well and there is something else popping up between frederick county and loudoun county and that is -- before all said and done. if it continues with what the other ones have done, that will probably weaken as well. there is some stronger activity. this is southwestern pennsylvania and there is pittsburgh right now. this storm complex was severe and that has since been cancelled and coming through johnstown now, that is in front of it and indicating a severe thunderstorm. and this is drifting in our direction. as we take the view out, you can see the bigger picture of the radar. the showers and thunderstorms to the north and to the west. metro area, too and that is meaning through evening hours, we'll have to keep the eye to the sky and for the showers and thunderstorms, again, which have a possibility of being strong and severe. future cast, 5:00 and that was
5:48 pm
a good job kind of hinting an activity to the north and west of us and around the district. we take this to 8:00 and notice we have a good widespread area of showers and thunderstorms and we do have a disturbance across the upper levels, go which may help to intense few some of this and grow some of the thunderstorms around later on this evening. again, we'll keep on watching it. can i make no guarantees one way or another whether they going to be thunderstorms around here and at fireworks time. it's cleared tonight and by tomorrow morning, we're all dry and with that said, we're in the slight risk category and did not start this morning and included this afternoon. look at the trajectory from here to the northwest and that is the flow and has been the flow for the last few days and
5:49 pm
we really do watch the thunderstorms firing up to the northwest of us and they come through on the upper level winds. they might reach us this evening and some temperatures are hot, 100 in quantico and dew points have jumped into the upper 50s and lower 70s and culpepper feels like 105 and the heat advisory issued for everyone and that is in extreme northwestern counties. this is until 9:00 and that does include the district. 94 at 7:00; 90 degrees at 9:00. 87 degrees at 11:00 and that is going to be muggy, too, this evening and that 4th of july fireworks, a chance of scattered thunderstorms and that is still pretty hot and muggy, the temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s and i'm out of time.
5:50 pm
i'm going to skip to the five- day forecast and need i say. >> 101. >> more. >> and that does look like the models. be honest, they have not handled the last couple of days and that is looks like saturday is the day for triple digits and close to 10. >> and that is looking cooler next week, okay? >> and i hope. >> thank you, gary. 4th of july in the district means more than fireworks and the concert but a smithsonian festival. the event had to shut down for a few days after the storm damage and that is back up and running today. among the exhibit, the display of the memorial quilt and the creativity in neighborhoods east of the anacostia river in d.c. plenty of opportunities for celebrations, too. like this parade. for the 46th year in a row, everyone is treated to a free
5:51 pm
picnic. >> and residents in tacoma park started the day in the parade. families lined the streets to watch vintage cars and bagpipe players and they included a whiffle ball tournament. today, there will be music and entertainment ahead of the fireworks display, scheduled for 9:30. the nat his an early morning at the field and with that 11:00 a.m. start following a late game last night that didn't end until after 11:00 p.m. and, nonetheless, the team looked a wake. >> reporter: the national his to wait through an hour and a half rain delay and there is that fireworks she following the game. today, they provided some fireworks of their own. in the form of home runs. and the fans, they were out and dressed up at nats park and with over 35,000 in attendance, including those young fans. it was not a good start early for washington and to the top
5:52 pm
of the 1st, the 2-run home or sandoval and he gives the giants a lead and desmond, up the middle and that is bringing harper and zimmerman. and the next inning, he goes opposite field for the solo deck and that is the second career home run and with the nets and their first lead, 4-3. the fireworks, no pun intended and continue to the fifth, and that 2-run homer to right. with four career home runs, 39 rbis on july 4th. the most of all active mlb players on independence day. and the next batter goes to the fourth of the year and nats win 9-4 and win the fourth straight overall. >> and jackson was a happy man.
5:53 pm
>> and i am having a lot of fun and other than, that the city's great, the signs are great and we love that, you know, we played for those guys and they make it easier for us to come out and play hard every game and hope they keep it up and hope they playard. where -- hard. >> the nat his four home ups on the guy day and match the hive 15 games over 500 they're 47 and 32 and don't forget, you have until tomorrow to vote until 4:00 p.m. g. to >> we'll see you later. thanks. and -- . >> into the final seconds. can she do it? >> there is no question about it. alexandrea's black widow doing it again. sonia thomas in coney island and had to do some bouncing to get it all down.
5:54 pm
thomas downed 45 franks and buns in 10 minutes and joey chestnut takes home his straight sixth after putting away 68 dogs and rolls. both also won $10,000. i guess it's worth it. new on the news edge. how a controversial announcement by the president helps his re-election campaign. and holding out hope, a local woman fights for her life after being caught in friday's violent storms. >>. and i back live in the mall. the count don for the fireworks continues. continues. ♪
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keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ . the amazing spider man swung into box offices yesterday and caught 35 million in the web and beating 2007 transformers by more than 7 million. the movie set box office
5:58 pm
records three times before and when it starred toby mcgwire. it has a new star and new director. tom cruise might be dealing with problems in his personal life but has one thing going for him. he tops forbes' list of highest- paid actors. he raked in an estimated $75 million between may 2011 and may 2012. he has last year's blockbuster's mission impossible, ghost protocol to thank for the title. leonardo dicaprio and adam sandler tied for second with 37 million dwayne johnson, ben stiller and sasha bear ren cohen round out the top five. >> i'm give them something extra and this is auto matically for the birds. >> two schools say an argument over actor steve buschemi inspired them to figure out exactly what make someone cool. they use surveys to identify cool qualities and asked people to put those qualities in order of purpose. this is what they came up with: good looking plus friendly plus being a high achiever.
5:59 pm
bonus points for being a community volunteer then you add in trendiness and individualism, confidence and humor and that is cool. thanks for joining us at 5. happy 4th. the news edge at 6 starts now. five days now since the storm and there aren there -- there are 10,000 outages. more than 100,000 customers are in the dark. pepco has more than 37,000 of those. 53,000bge customers in the dark. dominion virginia is 21,000 without electricity. 26 people have died as a result of the storms and extreme heat. a d.c. woman's life changeed forever and she was riding her motorcycle when the tree fell and tonight we spoke with family and friends who are pulling for a miracle.


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