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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  July 5, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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. all right, we continue this thursday, july fifth, everyone. the temperature looks like 81 degrees right now. whew. warm. pretty warm yesterday, too. the 4th of july fireworks, but i have to tell you, it was a spectacular scene on the national mall last night. despite all of the heat out there, a massive show to celebrate the 4th of july. as i mentioned, despite the oppressive heat, the crowd was large and people were not disappointed. ♪[ music ]
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>> task -- . >> of course, there was the capitol concert. phillips was there on the stage. good morning, welcome to fox 5 morning news. it was hot. >> uh-huh. >> too hot to deal with the grills or anything like that. >> too hot as well. let's check in with tucker barnes. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. >> we're going do it all over with high temperatures expected to 100 a humidity feels like 105. the heat advisory is back later this afternoon. a live look at the radar, we have a good thunderstorm about a half hour ago pushing down into southern maryland. that has since dissipated and we're looking at quiet conditions across the area. not expecting any thunderstorm activity this morning. in fact, i think today is a dry day, extremely hot, again, the heat expected during the course of the afternoon and some more unpleasantries. the next few days is the
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hottest stretch here in the heat wave. and that is a quick look at the forecast. back to you. >> thank you, tucker. some of the top stories we're working on this morning. four people shot during the 4th of july celebration. this happened just before 8:00 last night on first street northwest near the area. two of the victims are teenagers. it appears a group of young men targeted another group of young men outside of a nearby apartment complex. the gunmen are still on the loose this morning. the other big story, of course, six days and counting since friday's violent storm. the number of power outages were greatly reduced and there are still more than 45,000 customers without service in our area this morning. the utility companies say they still working as quickly as they can to get the power back on. ♪[ music ] this is what many people in our area saw last night. it was a fantastic fireworks show on the national mall to celebrate the 4th of july.
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>> will thomas has this report. >> reporter: a spectacular show on the national mall. twenty minutes of intense color lighting up the skies. >> this is awesome. yeah. all of it. it's so cool. >> it's beautiful. beautiful as we join so much. it's wonderful. it depicts a greatness of this country. >> reporter: the crowd started to build by mid-day. a tradition for this father and son. >> this is a good day for america, you know, and my son. he loves the fireworks, you know. he just calling me daddy, let's go down to the mall, you know. >> it's amazing. it blows from the sky like, like a superhero or something. >> reporter: everyone passed through one of 10 security checkpoints. in the buildup to the festivities, local and federal law enforcement encouraged visitors to stay hydrated. >> i'm not staying cool. [ laughter ] >> over the water and lighter
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clothes. >> i'm like honored to be able to be here. it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience in my opinion. >> just a wonderful experience. like seeing all of the people. it's hot outside, but we can live with that. >> reporter: a member of the national guard overcome by the heat saw treatment in a first aid tent. >> shade and water. >> reporter: the possibility of storms rolling through, which could have prompted a mall evacuation, had u.s. park police pushing its new text messaging system. >> this is the first year that we have used mixel, a messaging system free to government entities instantaneously. instead of a couple of hundred officers knowing about it, we have potentially tips of thousands of people getting the message. >> all right, we still have plenty ahead. >> the fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. a live look outside right now at the wilson bridge on thursday, july 5th as we get ready to close out the week. what did you -- one of you guys
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used to say friday eve? >> yes, friday -- . >> friday eve, we're going with that. >> although a lot of people are probably still off, took an extended holiday? i hope they did. catch zs, maybe. >> okay. >> i'm sarah simons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. before we get to tucker in the morning, it error fairfax county schools are closed today because they don't have power. that is a major issue. you can see the list on the screen. >> some montgomery county schools are without power. officials there plan to post a new list of closed schools on the website this morning. all right. as we promised, let's look at the weather with tucker barnes. >> you both know who calls it friday eve. >> julie does. >> yes. >> we will attribute it to julie. >> yeah. >> and you're in a happier mood this morning. >> yes, i got power back. >> there you go. there you go. good for you. >> yes. >> a lot of people without. >> i was told yesterday i was a priority. >> but you weren't. >> i reminded a nice person on
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the phone that people got the priority before me. >> you were on the list. >> i was not number one on that list. >> all right. >> let's get to the radar. everyone is frustrated and they're very, very nice. >> right. >> and there you go, the radar, quiet conditions across the region, and we did have a thunderstorm in southern maryland. that is dissipated and we're looking at generally quiet conditions today. once again, a hot, humid, uncomfortable afternoon with dangerous heat. highs about 100 degrees. 81 at reagan national. the humidity is 54%. that will be creeping up again health this morning. the winds out of the south and west at 8 miles an hour. this is your forecast and continue to be in the midst of the terrible heat wave. we'll see if we can get records around here the next few days and -- okay. no, i'm not done yet. [ laughter ] >> i'm not done yet. it's hot j. i'm going tell you how hot it's going to be. that's not accurate. going to be near 100. >> that is looks nice now. that is not correct. >> near 100. >> let's check in with the
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latest on traffic with julie. a few party stragglers out there? maybe some people going work, i don't know. >> at this hour of the morning? on a wednesday night into a thursday morning? party stragglers, that is callad a problem, sarah. [ laughter ] i think that is funny, the lady with the flask underneath her desk. we're not going to that scene again. >> filled with water. it's filled with water. >> yeah, okay. all that goose and tonic where i and from. here we go, southbound 270. the lanes are open. coming from germantown this morning, no problems to report. yes, i know we enjoyed it the last few days because the hov restricts were lifted. not today. the lanes are open and an easy drive leaving germantown towards the split. notice anything out of the ordinary, that was looking good leaving 355 to georgia avenue. it's quiet right now if you're traveling to the beltway outer loop between 295 and 270. lanes are open and easy commute. and southbound 29 before you
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reach warrenton, that is where we have the activities from earlier this morning. again, police, fire and rescue are on the scene to help direct you around. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines this morning, july 4th. turns violent in the nation's capitol. four people were shot before 8 last night on first street northwest near the fort taunton area. two of the victims are teenagers and this went down as streets were packed with people celebrating the holiday. it appears a group of people standing nearby the apartment complex were targeted. the gunman is still on the loose. in maryland, two montgomery county police officers are on routine lead following a deadly shooting of a man involved in a confrontation at an olney restaurant. it happened at the urban barbecue on olney sandy sprigs road yesterday afternoon. witnesses say an angry customer went to his car and came back with a gun. he then pointed the gun at his own head and the heads of several restaurant employees. the police say he did not comply with the orders and they
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opened fire. so far, no word on the man's identity. the other big story, of course, six days and counting since friday's violent storm. the number of power outages has been greatly reduced but there are still tens of thousands of customers without service in our area. this is a look at the latest power outages as of this hour. pepco is showing more than 22,000 customers still in the dark. dominion virginia has 9,000 in northern virginia and bge has about 13,000 without power in montgomery. prince georges, anne arundel, and howard counties altogether. as pepco works to restore service to all of the customers, there is some confusion out there. when it comes to who exactly is still waiting. so where are the wires getting crossd? sherri ly has more on that and the continuing cleanup efforts. good morning, sherri. >> reporter: good morning, sarah. this is one of the neighborhoods in bethesda that has no power. you can see we have a mass of tree over here.
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you also have wires that have been taken down by that tree. over here can you see the telephone pole is bending and will have to be fixed or replaced. this is all what pepco is dealing, even though they have all of this damage here and no power, we can see a half a block away there are street lights on. in some cases, home owners have been told that power is restored but it's not. across the region, thousands of people are still without power. pepco has more than any of the other utility companies. in some neighborhoods hit hard by the storm, nothing has changeed since that storm hit on friday. lines and trees are still down and no work is done. the frustration gets worse when some home owners call pepco to check on the restoration efforts. the power is still out, but you wouldn't know it by calling pepco. according to-- . >> according to pepco, this is all repaired and power has just been restored. >> that must have sent steam out of your ears. >> yes, it did because i said
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who -- how many people does it take to lie about this. how many people are lying to us? he said we have a record that everything has been restored. what worries me most of all is that we really have a 19th century infrastructure but we're paying 21st century prices. >> reporter: pepco said the reason for this misinformation is that the feeder lines in these areas have been restored and it's aught -- its automated system assumes the power is back on for the entire area when, in fact, there can be pockets where crews will need to make repairs. what pepco is doing is asking people to continue to call to report that they don't have any power so they know the crews have to get to those pockets. i can tell you one of the frustrations for a lot of home owners also is when you go and check on pepco's website. i went and checked for my neighborhood. i'm still without power, almost six days later here, and what it's telling me now is that there are still 389 customers
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affected in my neighborhood and no crew is assigned, it says, and the outage is being evaluated. frustrating information for a lot of people out there still without power, wisdom. as always, a spectacular show on the national mall for this year's capital 4th fireworks. the extravaganza lit up the sky for 20 minutes. tips of thousands of people showed up despite the oppressive heat and threat of storms. >> this is awesome. yeah. all of it. it's so cool. >> it's beautiful. beautiful as we enjoy so much. it's wonderful. depicts the greatness of this country. >> the celebration wouldn't be complete without the capital 4th concert. the newest "american idol," phillip phillips, among the performers to hit the stage. tom bergeron of "dancing with
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the stars" hosted the event. >> looks like a good time out there. >> yeah. all right, just how violent was friday's big storm? coming up next, we'll show you what the powerful winds did for this birthday party. >> yeah, that's right. people were holding on for deer life. this l check the headlines next 
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. a utility worker from florida helping to restore power in northern virginia was killed when her bucket truck crashed into a semi trailer. this was in loudoun county and happened in bluemont tuesday night. the woman was driving on blue ridge road when she had should had some problems with her brake. the truck continued downhill into the intersection of route 7 where it hit a semi trailer. a frightening new look now at friday night's storm. look at this video. this is a security camera video at a birthday party on millwood pike in winchester. you can see the wind picked up so fast and ended up taking the
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party tent with it. there it went. people tried to grab it and hold it down and the wind took them, too. the hotel manager rushed everyone into the basement and stairways to keep them safe. thankfully no one was seriously hurt. accusations of widespread vote buying in mexico's presidential election led to a recount. enrigue pena nieto was declared the winner this sunday with 38% lead. but thousands say they were given prepaid gift gards by his party and -- cards by his opponent -- party and his opponent refuses to concede. the recount could be finished today. president obama kicks off his first bus tourist 2012 campaign today. the two-day swing will take him through several communities in ohio and pennsylvania. the president welcomed some of the country's newest citizens yesterday. a naturalization ceremony was held at the white house for 25 active duty service members.
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mitt romney took time off from the campaign trail for a vacation in his estate in new hampshire. mitt romney and his wife and children and grandchildren led a 4th of july parade through the town of wolfsboro. >> a show of patriotism combined with frustration. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> 1776. no electricity. 2012, still no electricity. who else, who else does not have power? 78? cabin road. >> they are getting mad. they are frustrated. the power, though, to the people message on this 4th of july parade. tucker, you know how they feel. >> i definitely felt that pain. we got hot temperatures back in the forecast today. highs near 100 it's going to feel hotter than. that the heat advisory in across the area. julie wright will have a look at traffic, too, after the break. ñ'
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. 4:45 and we're taking a live look at the capitol dome. nice and quiet now down there, i am sure, after last night's festivities. you know, there is a lot of festivities that happen around the 4th of july. >> right. >> including that competitive eating contest. >> yes. >> and once again, the black
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widow competitive eater took the top prize. look at her go there. she won the women's competition at the nathan's eating hot dog contest. and show had 45 hot dogs with buns in five minutes. >> let's talk about the men's side of things. joey chestnut took on his sixth victor in a row downing 68 dogs and rolls. and that is pretty bad. both contestants each won $10,000. i don't know if it's worth it. when you're done with it, you take a whole bottle of tums and pepco -- pepto? >> i think -- . >> you think that is how it's done? >> look at it. >> and that is so bad. >> it's that look of when you have the flu. >> yeah. >> you know what i'm saying. >> the producer said $10,000 is worth it. >> i don't know. >> i don't think so either. >> no way. >> the thing is, i know i won't be able to make it to that. >> right. >> she came in here years ago. >> look at this.
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>> i didn't challenge her. >> you can't -- looking at the video. >> too early to look at it. >> right. i'm not that hungry. >> all right. well, we'll look at the forecast and see if it's hot already out there. >> yeah, once again, we're going push the temperatures close to 100 degrees. unfortunately, we got a break and. >> we had a break with this? >> the real heat is back on. >> that is what i said. >> the real heat is back on. and today, tomorrow, and saturday. >> yeah. >> and that is what it s. >> all of those people without power. i feel so bad. >> i know. >> i really do. >> and that is not ideal conditions here to not have power. here we go, the heat advisory in effect across the immediate washington area here. you are one of the lucky ones if you're in the mountains to the north and west. your high temperatures will be in the mid-90s instead of the upper 90s, and close to 100 like here. you mix in the humidity, of
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course, feels like 100 to 105 and another, obviously, dangerous day with dangerous heat. lots of water. getting the shades and bring in the animals if they outside for any period of time as my dog aptly hates it. 81 in washington and this is the other factor. we're not cooling off during the overnight hours. 83 in annapolis; 80, baltimore; 80 in cambridge and stevensville. the temperatures are very, very warm this morning. 73 in monasses and looking at the sentinel radar, we had a shower, a good thunderstorm in the last hour pushing south of washington and into southern maryland. it's dissipated, a leftover shower there crossing the potomac. generally, we're quiet here and we're looking at a quieter day than yesterday. we got some thunderstorm activity to the west. there is nothing driving any thunderstorm activity today. we don't have a frontal system in the neighborhood. but, we have a very warm, very unstable air mass and, of course, any time you have that, there is a possibility of a few pop-up tomorrows -- storms. can't rule out a storm today, but hot out there once again
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with very uncomfortable temperatures. 99 today, the heat advisory. there you go and mostly sunny, hot and humid, the hot wave continues here, winds out of the north and west at 5 miles per hour. partly cloudy tonight, warm and muggy overnight, 79 the overnight low. all right, this is the friday forecast and i have a little good news. but first some bad news. friday, saturday, the temperatures will be pushing into the low 100s and we'll see if we hit some records and then a bit of relief here by late sunday, a few storms by monday, highs in the upper 80s. we may have highs in the mid- 80s around here by tuesday and wednesday. all right. that is a look at weather and let's see some traffic and julie wright, did you stay up late to watch the fireworks? >> i didn't stay up too late. i heard -- beatles bail they. >> yeah, they -- beatles bailey. >> yeah, they woke me up. >> it's not the fireworks but the dog getting scared to weak
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you up. lanes are open, no problems reported. nights easy drive so far from college park and past university boulevard and continue around towards 270. 270 is still an easy go from 109 and to the split. 66, not a lot is happening here out of monaseses this morning traveling eastbound and heading to fair oaks. southbound 29 before warrenton and the accident activity there. one lane is able to get by under police direction and that is a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. me traffic. . all right, well, after spending days in the dark with no air conditioning, some in our area used the 4th of july holiday to express their patriotism and frustration all in one place. >> as fox 5s beth parker shows us, they were sweating it out in cabin john, maryland. >> reporter: 1776, no electricity. 2012, still no electricity. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: powerless patriots
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parading past poles snapped in the storm. the parade had verbal fireworks this year. >> king george in england and also we're thinking of declaring independence from pepco as l. >> reporter: with the sun beating down and not much breeze, the red, white, and blue pinwheels aren't spinning. >> it's so hot and i like say like i am melting in it. >> reporter: that is how these sisters describe their house. patrick henry would be proud. >> give me liberty or give me popeco. >> reporter: they don't have as much on the line as the true patriots did the first time around. however -- . >> pepco said they had support a crew back because no one was reporting power outages. but we reported power outages every day for six days. >> reporter: now, there is a spot where they gathered for the end of the parade. this is right on what they call the line of the haves and have nots. this shopping center and all of the stores in it have power. got it back yesterday afternoon. the folks on the other side of seven locks road, they still do
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not have power. >> totally guilty. yes. i thought, i thought everyone had power. >> they may not have power but they have point of viewer to the people. they want independent -- they have power of the people. thinned independence from. >> former, what is the word? >> pirate. >> pirate, thank you. >> people still do not have power. that would be me. [ laughter ] who else? who else does not have power? 78. >> cabin road! >> cabin road! >> cabin -- >> reporter: then came the declaration. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. >> reporter: they ended with lemonade, watermelon, and doughnuts and even a little pepco pep talk. >> keep at it, guys. we're rooting for you, believe me. we might kind of yell sometimes but we're rooting for you. >> reporter: remember, there is nothing more american than speaking your mind. in cabin john, maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> that was a bit of a sense.
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humor about it. >> right. coming up, a major discovery of the origins of the universe. coming up, the god particle. could it be the last piece of the puzzle? >> details of what scientists discovered and why they're excited. stay with us. ♪ ♪ we were skipping ststones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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. scientists all over the world said a recent major announcement said they're one step closer to see on you how the universe began. >> it focuses on a newly discovered element. >> reporter: a celebration in geneva after a major finding. physicists say they believe they have discovered a new particle that might be related to the e lousive higs boson, known as the god particle. >> we have now found the last missingconnerstone of it. >> reporter: it was named after scottish physicist peter higs and is believed to give all matter in the universe its shape and size. higs was in the audience at the
4:56 am
nuclear center of research. >> i would like to go of my congratulations to everyone involved in this achievement. this is an incredible thing that happened in my lifetime. >> reporter: he told the audience he believes the discovery was closely related in what he predicted in his standard model theory of physics. scientists say while this is exciting, there is much more research to be done. >> we overed a new particle of ozone. not necessarily the higs boson, but. >> to find out which kind of higs boson it is the. does it have the properties of the standard model? if not, where are the properties and where do they point to? >> reporter: the scientists used the massive atom smasher that recreated the big bank to make the discovery. steven chu said today's announcement on the latest result of the search shows the benefits of sustained investments in basic science by governments around the world.
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11 of the 12 particles related to this theory have been found and this is the last particle n. london. and if you're going to the nats game tonight, things will look and feel different. >> up next, they're turning back the calendar and looking for another win. sports is next. 
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. in our sports reference this morning, the nats wrap up their series against the giants tonight. >> and it's turn-back-the-clock night. the festivities in honor of the 1924 world series champion washington senators. both teams will wear 1924 replica jerseys. first, continue thousand fans to enter through the center field gate will receive a replica of the 1924 world series score board. the first 15,000 fans will get a wb mason replica truck. that is very cool. there is going to be descounted concession prices, too. i wonder if that means like a ni


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