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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it. >> and i enjoy that the. we have more weather ahead. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. >> everybody watch out! get on the floor! >> reporter: and off of the top, exclusive video on fox 5. a shootout between the police and suspect, a scene out of grand theft auto. the suspect jumped into the police cruiser and took off. crazy video there. good morning, everyone. i'm sarah sim opposite. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome back and we'll have more in just a moment. first, what is going on in the weather department? >> and a lot of people don't want to -- we need to let you know what is going o. >> the dangerous heat. >> that is hot. >> you know what i'm going to
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say. >> right. >> and temperatures, it's warmer this morning than the last time. the last few mornings, salvaging the early morning hours, dropping a run. >> uh-huh. >> and you will be sweating the moment you step outside. >> and that is what happened to me yesterday when i went to the grocery store. >> yeah. >> and that is another story. >> and it was so hot out outside, it was unreal and -- . >> that is another story, all i heard. >> yeah. >> he was up until 7 8:30 last night. >> with that 83 in washington and 78 dulles; 75 at bwi marshal. celebrate our very quiet, might be an isolated storm later today and can't say no to that possibility and that is because the air mass is unstable. hot and hazycons continue. the high temperatures later and getting close to 100 degrees by 4 or 5:00 p.m. and that is obviously our highs in the upper 80s.
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>> we need to find someone else to do the outside work. >> we decide we're not going outside this weekend. >> yeah. >> and i don't do any work. and let's check in with you. >> i have to check out beetles bail and makes it from the front door to the driveway and turned around -- i was like we don't have to do this, buddy. he's like yeah, and went back in. >> ah. >> and that is not fun. >> you have to think about that when walking your dogs. it's not a good time to do it unless it's now. the cement is hot on their paw pets and everything. >> next to the pavement, they feel the heat. >> and that is -- oh, pore puppies. on the road, the lanes are open and there is no problems on 66 and to that capital beltway and
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there is no problems for those traveling in montgomery county and to southbound 270, ease going out of germantown and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. to some exclusive video you will see on fox 5. and check this out. a shootout in college park. one suspect is taling a police cruiser -- stealing a police cruiser and taking off. >> it's now reopened and sherri ly has more details. >> reporter: good morning, sarah and wisdom. the police have's couple of blocks here blocked off from route 1 and police are on the scene here and they towed it away a few minutes ago and this started just a few blocks away
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from here and when police and the shooter exchanged gun fire and we have exclusive video taken by a witness there. can you see the officers have the suspect in their sights with their guns drawn. the police say they were responding to reports of shots fired and a suspect with a gun and this is before 11 last night. the suspect jumps into the police cruiser and takes off and police go after him. they finally caught up with him when the copies rammed the stolen courthouser at bewin house road and route 1 and that suspect crashed into the parking lot and this is near the university campus which was on lock don for an hour. the officer should some mentor injuries but police say he was not hit by gun fire and police continue to investigate and there is no suspect or motive,
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but police tell us that drugs may have been involved and they expect more information this morning. >> thank you. and a 12-year-old boy is facing murder charges and could be charged as an adult. he's charged with second-degree murder as a juvenile. the father found his two-year- old foster sister unresponseef after introducing the family. investigators determined that the boy beat the girl to death. no. to virginia, where two units were destroyed by a fire. 94 people were displaced. sky fox was over the woodbridge station complements and this is about 8 last night. firefighters brought in fans and worked on a rotation to work the fire and we told they were treated for a heat-related illness. they were told the fire started in with an electrical problem
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and that is still under investigation right now. it's been a week and almost 10,000 in the dark. dominion power said less than 900 without power. bg&e are saying 1500 are waiting for the light and air conditioning to come back on. a lot of people are clearly frustrated as power crews show up and then leave because the trees are down. the tree trimmers come and leave because the power lines are down. the president of pepco tells us why that happens. >> and there is an extreme amount of coordination involveed and customers don't understand what that process s the tree sess where they have to come in, the line mechanics come in, one group to de- energize, another group has to come in to trim the trees and another group has to come in to
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do that rewear -- repair work. >> pepco will do a performance analysis after restoring power to the customers and they will make that analysis public so customers can see how well things went and what pepco did. coming up, she went missing nearly 30 years ago. the case rewreaked -- reopened. up next, the details of the new clues. and that can be a huge weekend for crews battling the wildfires in colorado. next. 
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. making headlines. george zimmerman's lawyer said his client doesn't have enough collateral to post the new bail amount in the case and a florida judge set bail for $1 million he had previously revoked the $150,000 bond that was set in april and that is after it was revealed he had $200,000 in a defense fund. he's charged with killing trayvon martin earlier this year. the search reopened for a florida girl missing for 30 years now. the seven-year-old jennifer m artelese disappeared while walking home from school in tampa in 1982. the police say a woman came
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forward with information about a neighbor and details involving that neighbor burying garbage bags in large holes in the yard. forensic teams are searching the yard for possible remains. out west, firefighters battling how many blazes in the rocky mountains hope the rain will give them a hand. light rains and cooler temperatures are helping them in the waldo canyon fire in colorado. it's 90% contained and fire fighters hope to have it fully under control by sunday and they're making progress in another fire in wyoming. what do you put in your kids sippy cup? apple juice, water, milk? >> yeah. probably. >> and those are all good things. up next, what one woman put in her child's sippy cup that landed her in jail and wait until you hear the reason why she was doing it. that is coming up next. first, let's hear some reason yes it's hot outside from tucker barnes. >> can't explain it, wisdom. >> come on, tucker. >> the hazy, hot conditions
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continuing again. temperatures near 100. julie wright is in and will look at traffic after the break. 
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. welcome back, a live look outside right now. we wrap up the week. hot friday and a hot weekend. busy week. the utility crews in northern virginia are having a tough time restoring power to the
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last few thousand people without electricity and that is because they're the result of downed power lines in backyards and making it hard for crews to get their equipment and despite certain challenges, they expect 100% restoration by tonight and that is some good news for people in virginiava. >> and they about to get the power back. >> yes. >> and can you imagine? >> no. >> and that is quickly turning. >> and i learned an important lesson here. >> what is that? >> if you realize your power is going to be out, get rid of the refrigerator and frizzer -- freezer early. >> and there is an interesting story behind that. we'll have to hear about that after the weather.
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>> and -- >> the highs yesterday up to 100. at reagan national, good for a record and in dulles yesterday, 99 and some temperatures here. the record for today is 103 and with that 103. 83 in washington and this is that big change from yesterday. the temperatures overnight have not cooled off and there is that cloud deck. 82 in annapolis; 84 this morning in quantico and fredericksburg and the area in the 80s, the north and west, 78 this morning out of dulles and 77 in winchester and that is some warm starts to the day and you know why where you headed and because of that, that is
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that heat advise or and tomorrow, that could approach 110 degrees and look out for tomorrow as well and the next few days here and that is going to be the worst of the hot brave and starting with a break on monday and sunday and that is what to talk b. there is no surface features and that cold front ask is north and west to the great lakes and getting in here late in the day on sunday and that is starting a cool day. sunny, hot and humid, the isolated storms, winds north and west at five miles an hour and some clouds tonight, overnight lows at 80, tomorrow, 102 and the excessive heat watch for tomorrow. sunday, there could be some strong thunderstorms during the afternoon. look out for that and cooler by monday and tuesday with highs in the 80s and that is weather. let's do some friday traffic
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with julie wright? >> and unfortunately, we have things to talk about. southbound 270 in good shape working south of hyatts town and to the truck scale and there is no problems to report here and where we do have problems is in virginiava. the outer loop of the beltway, v-dot alerted me of work wye -- the workway and the two left lanes are getting by and heads up. i have that accident activity on outbound 66 and that is against the rush hour flow and some two. >> that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. arlington county police are investigating another sexual assault. this time a 23-year-old woman was attacked in a parking garage next to the boston mall. it happened wednesday afternoon. the victim was walking to her car on the fourth level of the
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garage when someone approached her from behind and touched her inappropriately. the victim screened and the suspect took off running. it's the second sexual assault in two days. on tuesday, a young woman was attacked while jogging. police in fairfax county believe this man is a culprit in of a sex crime inside of a target store. a woman said she was shop negligent 5100 block of leesburg pike last month when show felt someone's hand under the skirt. as she turned, she saw a flash and believe the man took a picture with his phone. the store has is valancevo to back up her claims, too and if you know the man, call fairfax county police. and this is out of arizona. a mother is facing felony child abuse charges after she was spotted pouring beer into herred toeler's sippy cup. >> the woman may have gotten away with it if a witness had not called police and he's more. >> reporter: the 36-year-old valerie admitted to giving her
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two-year-old a little bee -- beer on as at the ala tucky peter piper. the two-year-old kept reaching for a pitcher of beer, so mom put a splash of beer in her sippy cup hoping he would not like the taste. she told police she did it as reverse psychology to stop him from grabbing the pitcher of beer. when other moms heard the news, they couldn't believe it. >> she gave her two-year-old an alcoholic beverage. >> alcohol is deadly to children, of course. >> reporter: a witness at the restaurant called 911 after seeing the child fall out of his high chair. the witness knew what was in the sippy cup, which led the witness to believe the child might be intoxicated. the child was taken to the hospital and is okay. but the mother was arrested and admitted to police after pouring the beer into the sippy cup, she observed him put it to the lips and knew he likely drank it. just like that witness, these moms would have called 911, too. >> if you saw that, would you call the police on someone? >> definitely. for sure we would.
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>> and that is wrong. >> reporter: police say the liquid inside had foam and the odor of alcohol. >> maybe not a good idea? >> maybe hey, i should try it -- . >> and i don't get it either. apple juice. >> right. >> a daylong tribute for the godfather of go go. >> up next, the details of what is planned tomorrow to pay tribute to the late chuck brown. stay with us, the time now is 5:21. 5:21.
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. oh, welcome back. it's 524time and taking a live look outside at the washington monument right now. can you see it's already hazy. [ laughter ] >> and going to be hazy, hot, and humid and we'll talk about that with tucker later o. first, though the smithsonian folk ref festival is adding a daylong tribute to the godfather of go go. they're designating tomorrow as chuck brown tribute day. the tributes will include musical performances and hourlong fitness workout to the sounds of go go and storytelling on the history of go go and brown's career and that is hill between seventh and 14th street. head on down. >> listen to go go. >> yeah. >> a former first lady
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celebrates her berth eye day with disney characters. >> he's more on the theme park's latest exhibit. happy birthday -- . >> former first lady nancy reagan celebrated her 91st birthday among family, friends, and mickey and minnie movement the disney characters joined mrs. reagan for the grand opening of a new disney exhibit at the ronald reagan presidential loberary and museum. >> a huge history behind their relationship and all things that president reagan did to support disney and california around the world. >> reporter: the exhibit features more than foe00 artifacts from disney archives. >> we're proud to be bringing everything from our motion picture history to our television history, animation, theme parks, and walt disney, the man, and bing that here to the reagan for our guests. >> reporter: the guests will recognize some film props like the black pearl used in pirates of the caribbean and a never- before-sign script for steamboat willie, drafted by walt disney himself.
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>> the great thing about this script is we found it in his top desk drawer and he kept it with him all of the time in his office and means he was nostalgic and believed it started with mouth. >> reporter: decades of disney's success are on dis play throughout the exhibit, including books and films look snow white, cinderella, and sleeping beaut just a moment this book is special. the hand curving -- carving and a lot of craftsmanship was put into the book. when you open it, there is inside art work, including in the end, the happily ever after. >> and that with rest of the treasure will remain at the museum until 2013. and our big story this morning, a wild shootout in college park. sherri ly is following that story. sarah, it took a matter of minutes from that shootout to the crash and the suspect in a stolen police cruiser.
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we'll have the latest coming up. max.
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. back now on fox 5 morning news, we look outside at 5:29. and right now, again, july 6th, wrapping things up on this week. and power outages in the d.c. relation now down to about 9,000. so that is good news for some people. >> yeah, it is. >> and we might still be
5:30 am
talking about brownouts today. >> and that is because of the extreme heat. pepco recommends setting the thermostat at 78 degrees and make sure you have clear air filters in your home and other sources are not placed in that thermostat. >> good tips. >> yeah, it is. >> and i think i will go home and change the filter. that is inside. i can handle that. >> yeah. >> and some good things tooing about. >> a cool yate . >> -- 88. >> and not by your choice? >> yeah. >> i'm making up for loss time. >> and let's go to the numbers, speaking of warm and with that 83 degrees outside. the wins out of the north at 9 miles an hour and that is not a comfortable start and by 9, 10:00 in the morning and just
5:31 am
like yesterday, the high temperatures about 100 degrees and that is from 11 this morning and dangerous hot and that is feeling like 1105 and there is nothing. there the quiet conditions and some cloud cover to start the day. the high temperatures, again, and that is about 101. today, tomorrow, the host days yet and we get a break on sunday and monday and tuesday and that is going to feel like that here. >> we should be in the upper 80s? >> yes. >> and that is where we are new? >> and let's check in with julie wright. >> good morning, julie. >> i like that and right now, we're going to check in. [ laughter ] >> and i am thinking.
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>> and that is friday. i have all kinds of excuses and we can talk about that all die. -- day. >> if it's friday and have to let that g. going to find southbound 270 is a good change and no problems to report out of hyatts town. the volume increases this morning and again, no incidentings to report to the split. we have problems to report if traveling in and some construction approaching the dulles toll road and two lanes were swept by the outer loop of the beltway here and to the dulles toll road and to the west on 66 and that is against the rush hour flow and two right lanes to the crash and to monasses and fair oaks. that is a check of your fox 5
5:33 am
on-time traffic. >> they stole a police cruiser and took off. >> the university of maryland was temporarily placed on lock down and is reopen. is merrily is live with more details. good morning, sherri. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom. the police wrapped up their investigation here and within the last half hour. it crashed into a brig wall over her -- a brick wall at this mcdonald's parking lot and that happened a few blocks away. they ordered the suspect to give up. the officers were responding to reports of the gunman and some shots fired. can you see on the video, the suspect jumpd into a prince
5:34 am
georges county police cruiser and takes off but officers were not far behind. a few minutes later, the police rammed the suspect who crashed into the brick wall at mcdonald's and happened before 11:00 last night. the suspect, police say, was shot at least once but did survive and another officer was injured and not by any gun fire. and police towed away the stolen cruiser and's number of other vehicles. the cruise her damage to the driver's side and that is of the vehicle. they have been towed away now. the police cleared the scene here and that campus was on lockdown for an hour. and that is no longer the case here. route 1 reopened. the police have not said what led to the shooting, what the motive may have been or identified this gunman. we're told that drugs might have been involveed and expect more information late this
5:35 am
morning. that is the latest here in college park. back to you. police in prince georges county say a 12-year-old boy is being charged with second- degree murder. they say his two-year-old foster sister is beaten to death earlier this week. an autopsy shows the toddler died of blunt force trauma. the boy's father called 911 tuesday night and tried to revive the child and couldn't. so far, the police charged the boy as a juvenile and said that may change. in virginia, 25 units are a total loss after a fire at the woodbridge station apartment complex in woodbridge. 94 people will need to find a new place to live and firefighters say the flames started in one building around 8:00 last night and jumped to another. three firefighters and one civilian were treated for heat- related illnesses. and more heat deaths in maryland. the department of health said four more people died from the heat. that brings the total number of heat-related deaths to eight in the last week. three of the latest ones were in baltimore city. two of those were men over 65.
5:36 am
>> it's been one week since the deadly storms ripped through our area, but thousands of people don't have point of viewer this morning. pepco has 7,000 customers in the dark and dominion virginia is reporting 900 offline and in prince georges county for bg&e, about 1100. residents are frustrated to see crews show up and leave because the trees are don or the power crews are not there. here's more on why that happened. >> there is an extreme amount of coordination involved and customers don't always understand what that process is and the process that the tree trimmers have to come in, line mechanics have to come in, one grope has to come in to de- energize. another group has to come in to trim the trees and another group has to come in to actually do the repair work.
5:37 am
>> he said pepco will do a performance analysis after restoring power to all of the customers and they will make that analysis public so customers can see what they think went well and what didn't. all right, well, a trip that nearly cost a teenager his life. coming up next, a fall off of a high glacier. details of the rescue next. >> first, a check of the markets. investors are awaiting the june jobs report do you out and yesterday -- and across europe. that didn't do much in the u.s. it was down slightly and up slightly and in asia today. most indexes are down. japan's nikkei lost 59 points. back in a moment. time now is 5:37. 
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. making headlines, a connecticut team is lucky to be alive after falling 50 feet above a glacier. he was on a hiking trip with his brother in alaska when it happened. his clothes were torn when he fell. after several hours, rescue crews were age to air lift him. he's taken to the hospital and listed in fair . >> a massachusetts family got a surprise when they came home on the 4th of july getaway. holes in their house and the holes came from a neighbor's homemade canon and
5:41 am
investigators say the canon is made of an old cast iron pipe and gun powder malfunctioned on july 3rd sending shrapnel flying into the home. other neighbors say the blast from the canon was extremely loud. >> i am sure it was. a big day for wall street. the politics of the economy as investors are anxiously awaiting this month's job report. economists say hiring likely picked up slightly in june and analysts expect to see 90,000 jobs added to the economy. the unemployment rate is not expected to the change. the numbers come out at 8:30 and president obama is expected to speak at 10:30 in morning. if you don't want to get kicked off the internet on monday, check that your computer is not affected by malware. a virus hit hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide last year. although the fbi put a fix in play, that fix expires on monday and there is a website can you visit to make sure you're not affected.
5:42 am
>> if you don't turn on your computer at all, would you be safe? >> if you don't turn it on? >> do you have planned not to? >> i am -- . >> and i know. here is a question for you. if we can find some answers. do youef iser from seus in issues? and we're check the traffic and weather. and is that record-setting heat on the way? on the way? tucker has the answers. >> yeah. >> pump up the jam. and the heat, to today. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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welcome back. 545time and where is the capitol dome in. >> another warm one and that is how the weekend is going to be, too. d.c. parks and rec is extending the outdoor pool
5:46 am
hours. >> and on. >> and the hours are extending. some pools will stay open as late as 8:30 and 930time in the evening and that comes as thousands are without power and check your local pool for the specific extended hours. >> and that is so many years. >> yes. yes. >> and that is great. >> anything you can for relief. >> yeah. >> and some water. people to the beaches? >> yeah. >> with the air conditioner. >> and have it on full blast. >> yeah. >> and a good movie, mostly blast. >> yeah. >> and some good -- good food. >> okay. >> and that is from our weekend. let's get your numbers and i want to mention that today will be day number nine, 95 degrees or higher and yesterday, we hit 100 today, about 100 check out
5:47 am
this interesting stat. you go to 1871 and this is the third time we have gone 91 days or more higher. >> that is hard to believe. >> and that is consecutively. >> okay. >> pardon me. the temperatures in washington, 83 degrees and into wash. not cooling off overnight. the temperatures incomfortable. you saw the light shot, and that haze and humidity. look at martinsburg, good morning and fredericksburg, 82 and 84 in quantico. the entire area is basking in warm temperatures. unlike the last few mornings when you can go and get an early-morning jog or take your dog out for a nice walk and have relatively cool temperatures. those temperatures will jump quickly and we'll be into the 90s in a couple of hours and the dew point temperatures not comfortable either. any time we get them into the upper 60s and low 70s, we're
5:48 am
tacking the uncomfortable range and in annapolis, 72 and 69. the temperatures and humidity will combine to make it feel like 100 to 105 later today. the heat advisory in effect at 11:00 this morning. a few clouds to start your morning. those are pushing to the south and will be in for bright, hot sunshine, the heat again later today with some high temperatures expected to be 100 could there be a thunderstorm? this their might be an isolated storm. a better chance by sunday with the cold front that will finally bring us relief from all of the heat here late in the weekend and early next week. hundreds today, sin, hot, humid, an isolated storm possible. winds out of the north and west at five miles per hour. a few clouds, warm and muggy overnight, 79 the overnight low and tomorrow looks to be the one of the day of the heat wave, mix in a humidity and can feel like up to 110 and that excessive heat watch posted for tomorrow and on to sunday, could be strong thunderstorms
5:49 am
late in the day and cooler by monday and tuesday and speaking of a smile to the face, the coolest traffic reporter in all of the land. julie wright, i do mean cool. that shirt. >> is that a shirt? >> that is fun, summery and colorful. >> and where dogy? >> and you want one, too? >> and is that a man's version? >> and that is in that movie magic mike. [ laughter ] >> and i swore i saw wisdom in that movie and to that outer loop here, that is what is contributing to the delay and good morning, spencer, and this is where we had the
5:50 am
construction and that is why they're slow on the outer loop. and the lanes are open and there is no problems. >> and thank you. d.c. taxi cabs are getting more friend limit the mayor announced that they will install new meters. they'll allow to you pay with a credit card, use wireless internet and upgrade and allows for gps tracking and there is a 50 cryptotia charge for every ride to pay for that and the mayor said he will pay for a modest installation fee and hopes it will be as early as next week. a health alert to tell you about now do you sever from sinus issues? >> the key might be found in the sea, though and manny alvarez has more. >> reporter: for centuries, the
5:51 am
waters of the dead sea have been known for their therapeutic benefits and contains a high concentration of sea salt with healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc, bromid, potassium and sulphur. they're similar to the ones found in skin cells and that is the reason many dermatology and beauty clobbers are made. and now, patients are using them for something else. >> i had a lot of pressure in my sinuses, behind my eyes, i had a huge headache for awhile before i called the doctor and i know when i have a sinus infection, it's a general, dull ache in my head. >> reporter: she has not gotten any relief from antibiotics and asked her doctor for an alternative treatment. >> he said to come in and he had this sinus irrigation systemmoused in sea salt mineralis and said i would try
5:52 am
anything joe flushing out the sinuses with dead sea salt decreases mucous production and inflammation. >> traditionally, most people use hypertonic saline, table salt that they put in luke warm water and this is a study -- study looking at the concentration of the dead sea salt as a substitute of hypertonic saline and shows it was better in terms of quality of life and symptoms in patients who use it for four weeks. >> ic tell it was working and within a week, was cured and i am feeling great. i feel 100%. >> reporter: solutions made from dead sea salts are natural and not addictive and there are no harmful side effects. >> and often times -- >> i'm dr. manny, fox news.
5:53 am
>> and they went back in time. meet uniforms and another classic finish for the nats. highlights of that game is next. next. 
5:54 am
5:55 am
. to sports now. bryce harper won't be going to the all-star game and finished third in the voting and behind
5:56 am
david friese and michael born. >> and that doesn't matter. hopefully he'll be in the play- offs and that is bigger and better. >> uh-huh. >> and they should keep them. the nats completed a sweep of the giants, wing 6-five and that is in the would-be ending double-play grounder with the bases loaded and by the short stop's low throw. the rookie scored the winning run and there you go. he's setting it up for the play- offs and hopes to keep that going and this is that major league leading seventh walkoff victor. and serena williams won 6-3, 7- 6 to advance to the ladies finals and -- . >> and that looks like chrisef
5:57 am
it rate. >> yeah. >> and still ahead this morning. and first, time for a facebook fan of the day and we say hello to joshua dixon. joshua said that he's been a fan for 10 years and ever since allison interviewed him as a member of the d.c. youth ensemble. wow. >> look here, josh. you need to put a shirt on. come on. >> i'm kidding. >> you're just jealous. >> i am jealous, josh. congratulations. >> we'll be right back. 
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