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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  July 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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lajeunesse, fox news. the news keeps coming, brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. >> we are monitoring metro's rush hour meltdown. the agency is still investigating underground train derailment on the green line this afternoon, no one hurt, big question, why? fox 5's audrey barnes live on the scene now. audrey? >> reporter: brian, 55 passengers were on that train when three of the cars derailed just outside the west hyattsville metro station. firefighters had to work in the searing heat to go through that tunnel and get all these passengers out of those derailed cars and walk them to safety through an underground fan shaft of the several people were treated for heat-heated ailments after walking the 500 or so feet from the train to that exit. a 26-year-old pregnant woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution. the remaining passengers
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boarded a cooling bus for evaluation. metro has suspended all weekend track work so they can inspect the rails and there are some other major service changes that people need to know about. >> green line service is suspended between ft. totten and pg plaza. we are providing shuttle bus service to bridge the gap for our customers and this is also causing delays on all of our lines. we issued a speed restriction on all above ground stations and tracks just to ensure out of an abundance of caution there are no other incidents this evening. >> reporter: now witnesses say the train cars that derailed actually came in contact with the tunnel walls and that is probably what prevented them from turning over completely and causing even more serious injuries to the passengers. so far no serious injuries were reported. brian? >> still no word what caused the derailment, but metro workers were seen inspecting the rails late this afternoon. joining us by phone is metro
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spokesman dan stessel. do you have any new word on what happened? >> good evening, brian. yeah. we are looking at heat as a possible cause. the images you've shown from sky fox and other sources indicate what could be a possible heat- related track anomaly or a heat kink. that is something investigators are looking at given the extreme temperatures today. we haven't ruled that in, but it's certainly a fox us of the investigation right now. >> that said when we spoke earlier at 5:00 you said the trains were not on restricted speeds even though we knew the temperatures were going to be high today, upwards of 100 degrees. are you guys going to look at why you didn't try to sleet trains down? >> of course. there will -- slow the trains down? >> of course. there will be a full review. you see trains operating at higher speeds than metro rail trains. our trains have a max speed of 55 miles per hour. that's generally lower than other commuter rail systems, but there was no indication of
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any heat-related problems with this section of track. we will review all aspects of this and seeing if there are any changes that need to be made to our protocols. >> i think people would say you wouldn't know there's a problem until a problem, but explain to viewers how even though these tracks were underground it still managed to, if it managed to, maybe we can make it in general how tracks underground can still see heat-related stressing. >> the section of track is not in tunnel section. the location of this incident is right at the tunnel portal. so it is entirely possible and actually the shots that folks have been reporting and media and you guys have from the chopper are actually a section of track just before this train would have entered the tunnel. this is a very short tunnel section about 2,000 feet. so it's entirely possible that the track anomaly occurred just as the train was entering the tunnel and the subsequent derailment occurred as the train pulled into the tunnel. >> dan stessel, metro
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spokesman, we look forward to the results of your investigation. thank you. if you have any pictures from the derailed train, send them to fox5metro at we're posting viewer photos to the front page of our website now chaos near a college campus. we have exclusive video of college park last night as a man steals a police cruiser after being shot. police believe the gunshots didn't stop the suspect because he was high on pcp. fox 5's john henrehan has the latest on this bizarre story. >> reporter: neighbors in college park say 21-year-old andre mckoy did not seem to be a violent young man. >> i've known him a couple years. he's been respectful to me. i didn't see him do anything in the neighborhood that would dictate to me that he would do something like that. >> reporter: thursday night around 10:20 andre's mother called 911 to say her son was high on pcp, was armed and she was worried about the children in the house. here's part of the call.
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>> mom, i'm not playing with you, mom. >> go outside. >> i'm going to get my purse. >> go outside if he wants to do it. take everybody and go outside. >> reporter: police say andre mckoy walked out of the family home with a gun behind-the-back of his mother. >> the involved citizen notices our police officer. the mom runs away thankfully unharmed. the gunman does not chase after her. then he chooses to engage in a gun battle with our police officer. >> reporter: a wounded mckoy ran to the middle of busy route 1 according to police. he is tasered there but gets away. police say they believe he reached for a gun and they shot the young man again. he continued to struggle with officers ultimately getting behind the wheel of a police cruiser and roaring away. >> oh, my god! >> everybody watch out! get out of [ bleep ] street! >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the suspect crashed into a brick wall at a mcdonald's where he was
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apprehended. 21-year-old andre mckoy is listed in good condition at a local hospital. he has been charged with the theft of the police cruiser and the attempted murder of a police officer. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the edge on virginia tonight, police in falls church investigating the attempted abduction of a 16-year-old girl. it happened around 6:30 last night in front of george mason hey school on haycock road. a white ford van with a virginia plate pulled up to a crosswalk. a man got out, approached the teen, she ran away. anyone with information is urged to call police. in virginia prince william county police arrested 33-year- old sharon maynard after discovering her two young children living in dangerous conditions. officers say there were sharp objects, tools, open pill bottles, lighters and a butane ton of on the floor of the home. social services is involved, maynard charged with felony child neglect. a staircase disappears right under a woman's feet. fox 5's laura evans everywhere
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at 11:00. >> the woman tumbled three stories to the ground after the staircase suddenly collapsed in richmond today in a parking garage. the woman was taken to the hospital. investigators now are trying to figure out why it happened. >> new video from a texas car crash that may make you cringe. last friday a commuter bus slammed into four cars on a highway offramp in dallas. two people were injured in this crash. the bus driver is on administrative leave for failing to yield to traffic. >> and in ohio police say a three-car crash was caused by a wasp. a driver was spooked when she saw the wasp on her arm, swerved and overcorrected into oncoming traffic. six people are hurt including two children but are all expected to be okay. another big story tonight, george zimmerman out on bond. this time the former neighborhood watchman has strict conditions. fox's phil keating has details. >> reporter: george zimmerman released from a florida jail
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for a second time. this comes just a day after a jung set his bond at 1 mill -- judge set his bond at $1 million. zimmerman is awaiting his second degree murder trial for killing trayvon martin, an unarmed black teenager. his attorney says zimmerman is not a threat. >> there's no concern in my mind he would flee. he's certainly not a risk to the community. george zimmerman will be in court when he's supposed to be there. >> reporter: the victim's parents and reverend al sharpton holding a press conference expressing disappointment. >> i usually get emotional just thinking about the situation that has happened and just to know that the killer of my son may walk free sometime one day. it really hurts. >> as a father it's difficult as we sit through these proceedings and you feel powerless when you hear things said about your child that you know is not true. >> reporter: zimmerman's
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previous bond was set at $150,000, but the judge revoked that last month after prosecutors said the man and his wife misled the court about how much money they had. this time the judge has him on a very tight leash. he's wearing a gps tracking ankle bracelet and he's forbidden from leafing seminole county, florida. -- leaving seminole county, florida. zimmerman's attorney says he's living house and he also cannot step foot on airport property, cannot apply for a new passport, nor can he have a bank account. trayvon martin's family accepts the reality that justice for them, well, it's still possibly a full year away as no trial date has yet been set. in miami, phil keating, fox news. new jersey governor chris christie got heat on the jersey shore last night yelling at a critic who confronted him on the boardwalk. >> you're a real big shot. you're a real big shot. >> tmz posted the video of the altercation. the heckler made a comment
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about christie's education policy. christie fired back. the governor signed legislation to give more money to charter schools. critics say the money should go to public schools. if you're frustrated with your power company, we have just the song for you, the ode to pepco going viral coming up. >> look, there is a light at the end of this very, very hot dark for some tunnel. i'll have full details, full forecast coming up, a little bit cooler towards next week, though. >> check out the rundown on this friday night. we're back.  >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  [ female announcerer ] safeway presents
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we're not the only ones suffering from power outages and extreme heat. it's a problem all over the mid- atlantic anded mitt west. >> reporter: folks in maryland are -- and the midwest. >> reporter: folks in maryland are still cleaning up almost a week after storms swept through, this man frustrated with a local utility company that seemed confused about the progress of bringing his neighborhood back online. >> they told me twice power was back on in the neighborhood and a sured him it was not. >> reporter: utility workers dealing with more than they can handle, crews coming to the
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hardest hit areas like maryland, virginia and west virginia whereas of friday close to 200,000 were still without power and where temps reached close to 100 degrees during the week. a local power official says they bulleted up resources and re-- bulked up resources and remind customers to stay hydrated. >> it's important we keep our employees hydrated and rested. >> reporter: a new round of storms sweeping through parts of the country, strong winds ripping down trees and knocking down rooftops in tennessee, then back to the choking heat in milwaukee and chicago where the burning temps buckled this road. doctors here say the rising mercury may have led to the rise in patients seeking care. >> a lot of people with asthma, a lot of people with diabetes and heart failure whose diseases have gotten worse probably in part because of the heat. >> reporter: the record breaking heat that baked the nation's midsection several days is slowly moving into the mid-atlantic state and the
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northeast. it's expected to continue through the weekend. another fatality from last week's storm, virginia's tallest post oak tree fell. people in the westover village in arlington say the post oak has been around over 150 years. it splintered and crashed into the roof of a home. the 93-foot tall post oak is one of 230 trees lost in the storm. after a windstorm a local music group spent most of the time without power and used that time to write average angry stong about pep -- write an angry song about pepco. ♪ why are you guys telling all these lies ♪ >> too many curse words to show you the whole video, but almost 20,000 people have watched it on youtube. some viewers say they needed a good laugh this week of the. tonight one week after the storm pepco reporting 3,000 customers still without power,
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almost 600bge customers in montgomery and prince george's county in the dark, dominion virginia back online, all customers affected by the storm have power. there were non-related power attains in the great falls area and we're -- power outages in the great falls area. we're told that's all been fixed as well. >> good news because we're going to need it tomorrow, hottest day yet. >> i'm going to tell you there's been probably thousands of workers in this city and around the area working on all these outages this week and they have done a great job. i just want to put that out there. i'm not going to get into the debacle about pepco and all that stuff, blah, blah, blah, but anyway they've done great work. muggy and pretty warm tonight, temperatures for the most part staying in the 80s. if you weren't with us at 10:00 for the weather, 100 degrees here today at reagan national. that's two days in a row with temperatures in triple digits and tomorrow will be probably
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up over 100 degrees. that's the forecast anyway. it's going to be a hot human weekend, a couple more days where this -- humid weekend, a couple more days where this heatwave will stay in impact, heat index 110 to 115 at its peak. i think in the district we stay a little below 110 tomorrow afternoon. a few northern storms tomorrow. when i say northern, i mean mostly northern maryland up into southern sections of pennsylvania late into tomorrow evening. it does look like sunday is the better chance of scattered thunderstorms, frontal system gets closer to us. it's a good thing with the cooler air coming from the north. that will take us back down near normal next week, but in advance of that we'll have a lot of heat and humidity. so of there there's going to be the chance of severe weather. -- so therefore, there's going to be the chance of severe weather. tomorrow afternoon and evening most of the severe weather will be north of us closer to the front. you can just see the southern extent of the severe risk will be up into the northern sections of maryland, southern
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pennsylvania. as we progress through into sunday, front gets closer to us and it's just acting like a bulldozer and pushes the air up, all the moisture up. we'll have a lot of lift, very unsettled sunday and sunday afternoon and that's going to cause some scattered thunderstorms accident strong to severe weather -- thunderstorms, strong to severe weather around here on sunday. 88 now, manassas 81, culpeper in the upper 70s as well as winchester, warmer some locations when you factor in the heat index. heat index tomorrow, 110 to 115. that's going to be enough for this excessive heat warning to be issued. it goes tomorrow from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. so tomorrow will be absolutely miserable out there. if that weren't enough, code red air quality tomorrow. that will be a problem for just about everybody. so again take it easy tomorrow. no thunderstorms for us tonight. we have had a few clouds
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drifting on in and that will help keep temperatures in the lower 80s here in town. overnight tonight very warm and very mild. very, very muggy i should say. heat index tomorrow full range 105 to 115. remember code red air quality. we get better monday, tuesday, wednesday. we break the back of the heatwave. dave ross is in tonight with a look at sports. oh, dave. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with dave ross. >> the nats last time games the offense has been as hot as those temps. 77 runs in that time. that's roughly 7.7 runs her game and tonight with stephen strasburg -- per game and tonight with stephen strasburg on the hill you wouldn't think they'd need that many to get the win, right? the nats with their all-star jerseys, there's tuesday's game and gonzalez and jamie johnson holding up a strasburg jersey.
11:20 pm
nats down 1-0. tyler colvin had a home run earlier. top of the 7th still 3-6. jonathan herrera bunting, gorzelanny dives and get herrera barely, but later he'd give up two more runs. bottom of the 9th 5-0, nats down. ryan zimmerman prevents the shutout, solo shot to the left, but nats still fall to the rockies. strasburg suffers his third straight loss for the first time in his career and for some reason that colvin guy has been a problem for those nats. >> all it is just executing pitches. if you throw a mistake and he's going to hit it just like any other guy in the league. just for some reason we've been making more mistake pitches to him than the other guys. coming up tiger woods to get back in the winners circle, but if body language has anything to say about it, he's not happy, an unhappy tiger in
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west virginia next.
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♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. welcome back. what a difference one week makes for one tiger woods. this time last week he was moving up the leaderboard at his own tournament here at congressional en route to winning the at&t national. this week just trying to make the cut at greenbrier in west virginia. tiger round 2 on 10, already thrown the green. this is his chip and comes up short. that's a bogey, 2-over par. next hole no. 11, this is a shorty par attempt.
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even you and i could make these, but no, couldn't make that one either. so 3-over par. he moved to 18. tiger is 1-over and needs to hold this out to make the cut. get in the hole! tiger, oh, he would make birdie and finish it even par missing the cut by one stroke, first time he's missed two cuts in a season since 2005, ouch. today's men's semis at wimbledon third seeded roger federer facing top seeded novak djokovic. after splitting the first two sets, fed wins the final two sets. 3rd set, point of the match, watch him come in, get the overhead and that's going. fed in four sets advances to a record eight wimbledon finals. other semi pride of great britain andy murray versus francis joe louie tsonga and a winner right there. murray wins in four sets. sunday the scottsman will try
11:25 pm
to be the first player from great britain since fred perry way back in 1936 to win the coveted wimbledon crown. how about hoops in d.c. tonight, mystics hosting the san antonio silver stars, becky haren, the off balance jumper with 19 points. final minute mystics down by 9, but watch natasha lacey with the shot of the game, scissors kick me, get it and the foul but mystics fall to san antonio 78-73. tomorrow night in las vegas it's so on. ufc and a huge rematch between this guy and his nemesis, the middle weight champion of the world anderson silver. both guys made their 185-pound weight limit. watch silva, oh, shoulder into the chin. whoa, whoa, break that up. silva looking to extend his record up to second title defenses of 10. i promise no shoulders coming for brian bolter back to wrap up the edge in a moment.
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should be their job, right? they're in the money business. oh, well, think about that over the weekend. see you. >> fox 5 news isn't over go. to for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.


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