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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. the triple digit heat wave is over. it came at a cost. >> another round of severe storms ripped through the area yesterday. teams will be in parts of nowhere virginia a sizing the damage left behind. and we're monitoring metro for you this morning. we'll have an update on service following friday's derailment on the green line. fox 5s morning news continues right now. good morning, it's 6:00 on this monday, july 9th, 2012. the temperatures are going to feel nicer out there as you head out of the door and the humidity is still up there, that is not as bad, though. >> right. >> and that is the important thing. i'm sarah simons. >> i'm wisdom martin. and over a week, a week after the area was slammed by severe weather, another round tore through yesterday in fredericksburg. the storms destroyed a cheer
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and dance studio and damaged other buildings. >> and some crews are working around the clock and this is where things stand and that is nearly 4,000 customers without power and bge are reporting more. >> and there is some school closings because of the storms that hit and in ann arundel county, the schools are cancelled and to prince georges county, francis fukes childhood development center and thomas
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klagett element's schools were closed. >> and at least -- at least the temperatures are feeling better and there is some localized storms and dealing with areas of heavy rain. >> yeah. >> and well their is some pictures. >> yeah. >> and that is a building ripped a part. >> wow. >> and that is enough to do the damage and most of the thunder and lightning to the north there and&that is to frederick and that is some good complex to the north and east and to ocean city and getting some thunderstorms as well and that
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bottom line, showers and storms here for the morning commute and that is a trend to lessen the showers this afternoon, and that is although temperatures will remain cloudy. warm and humid and feels better than yesterday; 73, baltimore; 76 in ocean city and this is the forecast today. plenty of crowds around and some peeks of sunshine. >> and weren't those overnight lows? >> and time to hit the roads with julie. >> and what we're finding is traffic building and that is an 18-minute commute and that is
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some congestion forming here and to that eastbound six below 50 and 123 and with that southbound 270 and that is to some scales south of the interchange and that is padding 118. we're following some breaking news this morning. the shooting happened last night and in to that mount vernon section, the police saw two men acting suspiciously. and the police returned fire and hitting one suspect who was pronounced dead at a hospital and there is no officers who were injured. cleanup efforts are underway. >> and the storm hit
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fredericksburg, virginia, the hardest and that is where melanie alnwick is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom. as the sun comes up, on quieting -- we're getting a better picture of the damage and that came from that white warehouse building to the street front and the winds came through here, took the wind off and hit the cheerfusion dance studio and look all of the way through and that is where the roof landed on the top of the house and that storm started at 95 degrees and in that afternoon. the temperature dropped to 70, 240 lightning strikes per minute reported at the local weather station with 35 miles an hour winds and then the lights went out and have some twitch people huddled inside the cheerfusion dance studio and that roof landed on the home of an elderly couple and
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that knocked it off of the foundation and helped each other out of the buildings. >> and when they went to the house, they could not open the door. there was so much debris there and the gentlemen i talked to afterwards said his feeling is in the basement. it knocked him down on the ground and his wife on the ground. >> the whole, whole kitchen was laid flat. >> everything started to collapse in the stories. and they got, they got lucky. >> lucky, i would say, is an understatement. no life-threatening injuries at the dance studio, however, there were some broken bones and cuts and without question, some terrifying moments. again, you're starting to see the details here. you see the trophies of the cheer team on the wall. we don't know exactly where the group was huddled, but one can imagine. they probably went inside the part of the building still standing. the national weather service is sending teams to assess the damage and to figure out what happened. back to you. >> thank you, melanie.
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crewed worked through the weekend to repair parts of the track along green line shut down friday. it happened outside of the tunnel near the west hyattsville station and flown was hurt. the track is repaired and so green line service is back to normal today and in addition, heat-related restrictions are lifted. . and having trouble with the internet perhaps? malware could be to blame. the fbi put out warnings a month ago t, it went out. and taking action that is drawing more international ire. we'll be right back. do you see it ?
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i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services. but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. . making headlines this morning, syria's putting on a
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show of force with massive military exercises and the strong ally of iran is warning of a catastrophe if there is no end to the crisis. the u.n. special envoy kofi annan is meeting with assad this morning. he admitted yesterday that the peace plan had failed. the new president of egypt meeting with the top american diplomat in cairo over the weekend and president mors six defying the military and calling parliament back. the army is holding an emergency meeting to study how to respond to his recall of parliament. in afghanistan yesterday, a roadside bomb killed six american soldiers who were serving with nato in the eastern part of the country. this morning, the taliban is claiming responsibility. another two were killed in the south, a total of 29 people died in afghanistan yesterday. and also, making headlines this morning, the warnings were
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issued. there could be thousands of people who can't get on the internet this morning. and first, checking in with tucker for the full forecast. yesterday's severe weather is sweeping in relief from the heat. we're glad for that and we look at 395 at 14th street bridge this morning. fox 5 morning news will be right back. right back.
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. the extreme heat is to blame for this scene at reagan international airport. the huffington post said it's the pictures of the tires stuck in asphalt. 35 passengers and three crew member his to get off of the plane while it was towed. the charleston-bound flight left reagan after a three-hour delay. >> that's crazy. and having trouble connecting to the internet this morning? you could own one of the thousands of computers infected with malware. the fbi shut down a ring of cybercriminals more than a year
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ago. when agents went down to take the hacker's server down, they realized they would lose a temporaria access. if you can't get online this morning, contact your internet service provider for help. all of the computers working in here this morning? >> that is good. >> for good? >> okay. >> and that seems quick. i hope mine is okay when i get home. >> three secs. >> and you click on it. >> we're good. >> and i hope i'm gone. >> that is to easy. >> yes. we'll see. >> what happens if it does that? >> you can't get the internet and have to call the provider. >> okay. >> and that may cost you mean. >> and -- . >> and that is the one that doesn't work? >> you should toss it. >> it works. >> i think the smithsonian might like that. >> right up there with air wolf. >> and ernest borgnin from air wolf. >> he was in spongebob. >> yes. >> and some temperatures from
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yesterday. >> gets back. >> the temperatures yesterday at reagan national. hey, we had 100 or better four days in a row. yesterday, record high, 102 at reagan national and 101 out of dulles, and that is not what you call a pleasant weekend for temperatures as we came awfully close to an all-time high on saturday. 105 degrees saturday afternoon. and i know you missed the temperature and in case missed what the high temperature was. 75 in washington and 78 in annapolis; 73, leonardtown and much, much better overnight here and that is still warm and humid, doesn't feel comfortable with all of the humidity and some temperatures have fallen into the low 70s, something we haven't seen in parts of the areas. seventy in martinsburg and winchester. the showers and thunderstorms rolling through and what has happened, the front from yesterday is hanging to the south and we're watching some showers and storms bubble up along the northern side of the
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front. into the afternoon, i think the front will get to the south and most should fade away here into the southern parts of virginia and into central virginia as well you might get sunshine the farther south you get. the more clouds and better chance you will have in the afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. the trend is to keep things on site and we will have a possibility of showers in the forecast and cooler temperatures the next few days. enjoy the 80s and 85 dead, that is 17 degrees cooler than yesterday. the morning showers and storms. mostly cloudy afternoon. might be a peak or two of sunshine and some showers later today as well. and south of d.c. mostly cloudy skies and the showers tonight. the 71, the overnight low and this is a much cooler five-day forecast. only 83 degrees and -- tomorrow and that is going to feel nice. bite end of the week with a warm-up in the upper 80s.
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again, nothing terribly extreme after all. yesterday marked the 11th day in a row with a temperature of 95 or above. we'll take the cooler air while we can get it and let's check in with the traffic and the rain out there. what is up, julie? >> we have problems, unfortunately and southbound to 270. the accident activity at 28 in rockdale and moved to the shoulder. the group checking in this morning and thank you very much. with another incident on the shoulder and approaching the parkway southbound on to 270 and that is a bit of a backup and leaving rockdale to the lane divide. the other side of town, not bad and you will find the outer loop leaving 95 and to georgia avenue. this is checking in on the outer loop in bethesda and with another incident moved to the shoulder and some lanes are there, we have had some problems and other side of up to, you will find traveling northbound. and out of stafford, continuing
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northbound and an 18-minute ride alone. and as you continue northbound through, southbound 270 on the top stretch and that is busy now. and with less than four months to go until election day, the swing states are in the spotlight. president obama will be campaigning in virginia later this week. the washington post reports his camp is planning several stops on is friday and saturday. no word on the location. president obama will be campaigning in iowa tomorrow. and presumptive republican nominee mitt romney is facing criticism for his offshore financial holdings and his campaign is pressuring romney to release more tax returns following reports of a company transferred to his wife the day before he became the governor of massachusetts. in a statement for his spokeswoman, the camp said that
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romney, quote, pays every dime of taxes he owes. he will be in aspen following a fund raiser yesterday in the hamptons. coming up next, we'll go live to the fox business network in new york to find out about the comment of the carb -- for extra cash. drives a 66 volvo and that is no clunker. gordon is getting ready to clunk300-miles on the car and he is 34,000 miles short of the goal, which he hopes to hit next year and he bought the car in 1966 for 4,150. it was a whole year's salary for him at the time. >> me how things have changeed. >> oh, yes. and what a ringing endorsement for volvo. >> reporter: know. >> we'll be right back. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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. come you flyer, there are few things more frustrating.
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if you're willing to play more, can you be bumped to the line. and let's get to the market. with fox business network and is live in new york. good morning to you, lauren? >> and good morning, wisdom. >> last week, the dismal jobs report came out and what do. >> to look forward to this week? >> lots of them were on the beach on friday. yes, we declined for friday and we still have the reaction to that report today. and we have them sharply lowered here and more people are showing up to work and some volumes should be normal and we have the kickoff of the second quarter earning season and we'll hear from alcoa. the profits are not going to be so good nor are well, guess what? a slowdown in china and a debt problem in super.
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>> and let's talk about the other issue. people being able to pay to get off of the plane first? >> and this can be another airline fee. another one. and they are reporting that -- 16% of people would pay to deplane first. of the 16%, 10% said that $10 is the right fare to do that and 3% said they would pay $20 to get off of the plane first. i get it. it makes sense. you have a connect, you want to make it and don't want to wait in long taxi lines; however, how are you going to get the people in the back of the plane to not get up? how would you monitor that? >> and you have to get your bags. >> i say keep your money and do the time on the plane. >> you have you noticed? doesn't matter when you get off. you get stuck waiting there, wait rite? >> yeah. >> and you have to get your bags, who cares, right?
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>> and that is good to see you. okay and seems like another round is ifing -- ifing behind heavy damage. and we're live with an update next. ♪
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. a live look outside at the damage in fredericksburg, virginia, left behind by yesterday's violent storms. this dance studio was destroyed and four people were injured, including two children and there was an update after weather and traffic. sunday's storms caused more power outages in the area. right now, nearly 4,000 dominion customers in northern virginia are without power. pepco is reporting more than 1,000 outages and bg&e is
6:31 am
reporting 10,005 -- 1,005 outages. >> and there are a few closings because of the storm that hit on june betweenth -- between the. in anne arundel county, school- sponsored activities are cancelled. brooklyn park elementary, lake shore elementary and pershing hill elementary. in prince georges county, plans is fukes and thomas klagett elementary are closed. >> and, you know, i was getting paranoid yesterday. we lost power for three hours. >> right. >> and you thought you were going to have to do this again. >> i did, and immediately, it was the flash flashlight. don't open the refrigerator. >> right. >> and you think this time it's going to be us. >> and you got all of the food. >> going through the stores and i'm thinking oh, no. >> yeah. >> and this is our turn. thankfully we got it back on. >> and it was not that bad? >> not that bad. >> and i know. i'm checking with tucker and that is my turn now. >> and only 5 1/2 days to catch up with me, sarah.
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the temperatures and thunderstorms moving from overnight. the temperatures cooling off after the extreme heat from yesterday and that is causing problems, too, with electricity and with the heavy -- heavy on the power grid. the shower storms going through as we speak and you can see the northern edge of the precipitation here in northern maryland and frederick with some showers and storms and this is sagging to the south showily and most of us with showers and thunderstorms. i still see a flashing out there and that is on to 70 in howard county and to ocean city. we're getting a good thunderstorm, too, and this is with us for the morning hours and lots of clouds this afternoon. temperatures, 75 in washington and feels better, still humid out there and humidity, 82% and winds out of the north at 9 miles an hour. plenty of clouds around, the showers and storms with early and's few more later this afternoon, although there is some widely scattered here by 4:00 p.m. and highs in the mid-80s, the first time in 12 days the
6:33 am
temperature is not 95 or above. enjoy. >> and the street -- is over. >> thank goodness. >> for now. >> and hopefully forever. >> i know. >> and let's check in with julie wright. >> and you kept the refrigerator open. don't you have a large supply of pb&j or something? >> you would think. no. i didn't think we shall going to lose power. >> and -- . >> that's right. i don't live off of the pb&j. >> the power went off at my house and i'm like how do i cook my frozen vegetables? [ laughter ] >> and that is tough being you. >> i was looking at beetles bailie going i'm fighting you for the bone right now. >> right now along the gw parkway, coming northbound, there is a tree blocking the roadway and that means no access from roslyn. and coming southern from the beltway to the bridges, you
6:34 am
will find that your lanes are open. 66 inside of the beltway and to 29 miles an hour there and to northbound i-95 in virginia and that is improving and to the beltway and that is an accident activity and blocked, headings up from the beltway and that is a check of our fox 5 on-time traffic. and this is after severe storms caused damage in the area. >> and melanie has the latest for us. >> reporter: domile per hour yaion, virginia, power said there were 400 damaged locations and that seems like the majority and the work damage here in fredericksburg, and we're going to take a shot of our mass cam and can you see
6:35 am
in this fleming center warehouse we're in and this is to that road and they facing the roof. like every third building and you come here to the cheerfusion dance studio and not only has the roof gone but the majority of the building fell down as well and that is several fund heat -- hundred feet beyond that and that is on to fleming street in fredericksburg and that is on off of the foundation and this is a cardboard box that is cut join and that is the dance studio, and the roof is torn off and landed on the elderly couple's home. >> i am glad the elderly couple is okay. that was the main thing and everyone kind of pitched in and helped. >> reporter: the man and his
6:36 am
wife were not seriously injured right here inside the cheerfusion dance studio and two adults had more broken bones and other than, that everyone is okay. a small miracle here. back to you. >> and thank you, melanie and. >> a tragic end to a missings person's report on to maryland's eastern shore and they were found yesterday morning in fredericksburg. they believe they were drowned. they were last seen flaying -- playing basketball in a church parking lot saturday afternoon and no foul play is suspected. crews returned after the
6:37 am
weekend and this happened outside of the tunnel near the west hyattsville station. and no one was hurt. heat-related restrictions have been lifted on all lines. a violent weekend in the district. the police are investigating three separate homicides that happened less than three hours a part. a 20-year-old was stabbed to death on the 5300 block of aims street northeast before 10 saturday night and after 10:30, a 30-year-old man was shot and killed on to the seventh street northwest and that is after midnight sunday and there is no word if the crimes are related. and d.c. police believe a fight led to two people being stabbed in the columbia heights section of northwest and this happened after 10:00. the fight started at a nearby establishment and both victims are expected to survive.
6:38 am
the police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> and in to maryland, anne arundel county fire officials are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire that killed a woman. the flames broke out in the home in the 3400 block of newport avenue in millersville and took crews 40 minutes to put it out and caused about $2,000 in damage. this morning, investigators are trying to find out what caused a massive house fire in largo. it broke out last night on that 1500 block of marjorie drive. the fire seriously damaged the home and luckily no one was hurt. >> and that is some good news. >> yeah. >> and i know. >> dave is here with the sports breakfast and good morning to you, dave. >> and can you believe we're halfway home from major league baseball already? >> i can't believe we started. >> and what a start for you. >> that's good. >> and -- . >> we're in a good place and
6:39 am
see if we can stand here as the second half begins and this is us art the all-star break and if i said this team is 14 games over 500, you can check that in a sec, right? >> and that is no doubt. >> he's not going to the game and there is an issue with his oblique. >> uh. >> and tearing off of the -- the cover off of the home runs, and had trouble in the ninth. clifford, and this gets away. the go ahead run for the rockies there and in the bottom of the 9th, two on, two out, and acees flores, and swings. the ball game is over. here we are, 49 and 34. 15 games over five and give me an extra game. >> thank you. >> and. >> we battle hard and had some
6:40 am
close games. >> that starting pipe is outstanding and good time for a break and looking forward to the second half. >> i love that, by the way and they call this the wimbledon gentlemen's final. they don't say the men's final but the gentlemen's final. >> right. >> and this is amy murray, the pride of scotland taking on federer and come on. give me some brass. >> and that is the best of all time and ties pete sampras with seven men's gentlemen's final championships. >> right. >> and by beating him yesterday in four sets. 17 grand-slam titles. i don't know what else he has to prove at the age of 30 and if he's not the greatest, he's in the discussions. >> right. >> and as the greatest to play
6:41 am
in the grass there and that is impress testify see and talked about this last how hour with serena williams and federer is back to being number one in the world and that is amazing to see the old people. >> right. >> thirtys the new 20s, right? >> and does that make sense? >> oh! >> you guys -- you come back the next hour. you're out of here. >> see you guys. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, superstar justin bieber cited after a reported run-in with the paparazzi. >> first, looking back on the life of the link end airy ernest borgnine. he didn't have classic character good looks but his career may have outlasted his contemporary. we'll be right back. ♪
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oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality.
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. at 9:00 this morning, the u.s. milliary is bur i think pairmen who went missing nearly 50 years ago. they said it was last taking
6:45 am
off from vietnam for a combat mission on christmas eve 1965. the remains will be buried with full military honors together in a single cas get and next, we're live with more on the annual renewal remembrance project. ernest borg 19 passed away. the 95-year-old passed away in an l.a. hospital and with his family by his side and included movies from marty, from here to eternity and the wild bunch and mchale's navy. he served 10 years in the navy. >> a show from 84-86, a superhelicopter. >> and that is where i know him from. >> and that is what i was
6:46 am
talking about. >> and that is spongebob. >> i'm a huge air wolf fan. >> and you're the womanon -- only one. >> and i am. >> and -- . >> yeah. >> and the main character. >> right. >> -- all right. >> in the mid-80s? >> yes. >> and dallas. >> chip. >> and speaking of mid-80s. >> and i like that. >> and in washington. >> like air wolf. >> and some mid-80s and hopefully that lasted a couple of years. >> right. >> and -- . >> and yesterday, 102 degrees and that is our fourth day in a row and temperature was 100 or better and set records in all of the area records and cool side, mid-80s and there is some cooler temperatures with some rain and humidity out there. it's not going to be a perfect
6:47 am
day. 73, monasses and 74 at dulles this morning and some good showers moving through the area. the heaviest rain is to the north and that is in frederick to 70 there and into portions of howard county and some good rains overnight and some thunderstorm activity and this is hard enough overnight and that flash flood warning and this morning and some thunder and lightning and heavy rain and this is associateed with the cold front which is lined up across the area and into the mid-atlantic and it should take most of the shower and thunderstorm activity with it and i don't think there is a cloud and mostly cloudy today. most of the showers and storms we understand down here late morning, early afternoon and you have a better chance of afternoon showers and storms in
6:48 am
the forecast and, in fact, much of the week is featuring unsettled weather here and that is a possibility of the future cast and that is to the south. a couple of showers at 3:00 and some sunshine into the washington area and to that north. the best chance of sunshine and tomorrow won't be a bad day. this is your five-day forecast. tonight, 17 degrees cooler than yesterday and -- thank you very much. 83 tomorrow and with that five- day forecast in the 80s here and we'll take the cooldown. >> yeah! >> yeah! >> and does that look refresh something. >> it does. better than $100. >> and that is some good stuff am. and good morning, everybody. it's time for --
6:49 am
>> ask the weather guy. -- ask the weather guy. it's the segment where we put our big heads together to answer the -- answer the most pressing questions. today's question is from roaminger in kensington. he writes recent storms damaged a lot of telephone polls. what is of the broken poles? is that not a moton song? >> and how are they disposed and would it not be better to replace them with metmetal polls like those that snap off when struck and are easily replaced and can be recycled? interesting question, roger and little did we know this is a big and volatile issue. >> really? yes. very controversial. >> had the power pole industry. >> i'm guessing the metal poles are expense. >> really expensive?
6:50 am
>> and -- . >> y that more expensive. >> okay. >> and they have the dominate and have been what people, what power companies and the like have used for many, many years. >> can i explain why? >> sure. >> and samuel morris who mentioned the telegraph, credited, one of the people who invented it, and he wanted to set up a line between washington and baltimore in 1840s and he tried to do it underground and put up some utility poles, the first of its kind. >> okay. >> and to send the sell graph. >> okay. >> and wood is cheaper than steel, initially the propane wants of steel poles are trying to get more power companies to
6:51 am
use steel opposed to wood and with some success. wooden poles last a long time. >> and would they rust? is that an issue? >> everything breaks down over time and the average wood pole lasts 40 to 50 years and some known to last 75 to 100. >> yeah? >> and the steel poles longer than, that 30 to 50 years longer. >> and the primary thing, at least right now s keeping the wood popular and that is the lineman who have to climb the poles for preferred wood. part of that is the belief that there is some conductivity problems and an assumption of
6:52 am
climbing a steel pole and getting electrocuted. >> right. right. >> and if there is something going on, it would conduct the electricity easier and there is a problem. that is not necessarily the case but that is the belief among linemen. they prefer wood poles by far and they dominate. yes, steel is lighter in terms of transporting it and that, lower fuel costs to do that and everything, but, you know, that is a debatable issue now. >> and maybe or maybe not easier to repair. how many telephone wood poles are there in this country in. >> 1 million? >> 6 million. >> 134 million wood poles. >> i was clove enough. >> you were. >> and you were -- and you were closer. [ laughter ] >> and generally speaking, you're going to see wood more than steel for a long time to come. >> okay. >> the way things are going. >> and thank you for the question. good stuff. oh, my goodness. >> new edition? >> ray parker jr. wrote this
6:53 am
song. >> that's right. that's right. early new edition, too. >> all right. >> also in the 80s. if you have a question you want answered g to and click on the weather tab. >> and wisdom was glad he came up with something that everyone else heard of. >> that's right. and i have to say, ernest borgnine, a great actor. >> yeah. >> i'm a little dismayed that most of the conversation has been about air wolf. >> i know. >> and what do you think? >> he was a great actor. >> he was a great actor in air wolf and the others, the other projects. >> yes. >> all right. and the latest on traffic with julie wright now. >> and that is what you have to say. if i like the girl who came to you -- . >> and i know you love new edition. >> yeah. >> and i have all of the new edition stuff. the dvd, new edition. boys to men. >> now we can start singing poison. [ laughter ] and traffic quickly, checking in. thank you so much a free app on
6:54 am
the mobile phone. we have an incident here eastbound 66 before reaching 50 fair oaks and to the shoulder, it's causing a bit of a rubber necking delay and be choir error -- careful. there not only do i have delays northbound on i-95 working from 17 to 234, about a 16-monday ride. the slow traffic in newington to the beltway and southbound on the baltimore-washington parkway and right side of the road is blocked. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. all right, justin bye-bye her a brush with the law in an l.a. freeway. now, this all started with a report about paparazzi photographers chasing the pop star friday morning. the officers never caught up with the other driver, but they did slap bieber with a speeding ticket for driving 80 in a 65 miles per hour zone. he was very polite and cooperative. >> well, good. >> as you should be when the officers pulled you over. >> he probably thought he had to be after the scuff welt paparazziy? >> right. right. -- scuffle with the paparazzi?
6:55 am
>> right. >> still ahead. >> it's one of the nation's best known monuments to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. we're live to find out how a group of dedicated veterans and school children are coming together to help with a project focusing on renewal and remembrance. ♪
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our machines help identify early stages of cancer and it's something that we're extremely proud of. you see someone who is saved because of this technology, you know that the things that you do in your life, matter. if i did have an opportunity to meet a cancer survivor, i'm sure i could take something positive away from that. [ jocelyn ] my name is jocelyn, and i'm a cancer survivor. [ mimi ] i had cancer. i have no evidence of disease now. [ erica ] i would love to meet the people that made the machines. i had such an amazing group of doctors and nurses, it would just make such a complete picture of why i'm sitting here today. ♪ [ herb ] from the moment we walked in the front door, just to see me -- not as a cancer patient,
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but as a person that had been helped by their work. i was just blown away. life's been good to me. i feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world. ♪ good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris on this monday morning. i'm standing in the rain and loving it. i am at one of the most beautiful and sacred places in all of d.c. we are live at arlington national cemetery. as you can imagine, taking care of the grounds here is quite a task. today they are getting wonderful help. it's the 16th annual renewal and remembrance day. it's put on by the professional land care network. it represents hundreds of lawn care professionals across the
6:59 am
nation converging on cemetery day to spruce it up, take care of trees, air eat and plant. we will talk about the projects and what they will do on this special relatively cool and damp monday. sarah and wisdom? >> at least it's cooler than it has been for this. a great cause out there. thanks, hollie. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> now to tony and allison. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. thank you very much. coming up at 7:00, breaking overnight a police-involved shooting in fairfax county. the latest details straight ahead. >> heavy winds, pounding rain and hail. another rounds of severe storms is causing damage in our area. we have a close look in a live report from fredricksburg, virginia. >> plus, stepping it up in the all-important swing states. a lot of people are being bombarded by negative attack ads by president obama. are they working?


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