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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: possibly the u.s. attorney is go to -- going to speak about all of this and is calling a press conference to give you an idea of what happened earlier in court. jeannie clark harris, 75 years old, had to be wheeled into the courtroom and she was holding a cane. she told the judge she worked with two other people on this stand. one actually planned it, one funded it, and then she moved the mean around. she said what she did was wrong. she made a mistake. she wouldn't say today in court, the prosecution wouldn't either, who her coconspirator was funding the plan. we know that jeffrey thompson's office and home were searched the same day harris' property was searched in march and harris made it clear that she would take money from one co- conspirator, funnel it through her company and that money was
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used to pay for gray campaign services and material. harris admitted to trying to hide the fraud once the fbi started to investigation and -- investigate. she altered tax returns and said her co-conspirator asked her to leave the country but show refused. >> reporter: we tried to get a hold of mayor gray and went to the wilson building, stopped by his office. we were told that he had a very busy schedule and he was in meetings and that he am -- he would talk about this tomorrow and to get back to what the u.s. attorney is talking about and this is that shadow campaign here and that is hard to see. this is what harris and the coconspirator actually he funded it, gave it to her and she funneled it into a shadow
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campaign and that is basically a campaign. 127,700, went to signs, t- shirts and stickers. 58,000 went to things like radios, laptops and food and $265,000 went to the rental of vance, hotels, and other expenses. again, the u.s. attorney here in this area is speaking to reporters up there. we have a camera there and we'll try to bring you more details tonight at 6 and back to you. >> you said she said her co- conperitor planned this, she moved the money around. to be clear, did the u.s. attorney name the co- conspirator? >> no, that is -- and i am glad you pointed that out, sean and -- shawn. the u.s. attorney has not named the co-conspirator and we're
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not reporting that and remember, there is a relationship with harris and jeffrey thompson, but thompson's name has not been brought up at this point and so far, they motioned no names and mentioned this person as a co- conspirator and there is person planned this as well and we don't know the name of that person either. >> all right, no comment from the mayor. matt ackland, see you at 6. >> all right. the man charged with planning to use the planes to bomb the pentagon. the capitol is planning to plead guilty to two charges and according to documents filed today, the lawyers for the suspect entered a ploy hearing for him to plead guilty to the charges and includes a seven- year prison sentence. the faulkier sheriff's office is investigating the suspicious death of a newspaper reporter found inside a burning home. the body was found inside the
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house yesterday morning. someone driving by saw smoke and called 911. the sheriff's office is calling her death a homicide but the medical examiner has not ruled on what caused her death and greenlaw worked for the winchester star newspaper. investigating a deadly hit- and-run. police responded to that call on route 110 at 5:30 a.m. the victim was a 62-year-old veteran who was on the missing and dangerous list in massachusetts. >> we don't know why he was -- where he was coming from, coming from a job. there are construction crews in the vicinity reporting he was a veteran and that national cemetery. and there are many leads. >> police are still looking for the vehicle that hit the veteran and kept going. anyone with information can isca asked to call police. >> a fatal crash caused traffic to come to a halt. the prince georges police responded to a vehicle crash
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before the i95-495 exits. as a result, all northbound lanes of 295 were closed for hours. well, imagine driving a metro bus can not be an easy job. imagine being behind the wheel for 12, 16, or 20 hours a day. >> that is what's new report found and that is raising concerns about safety as drive iraq up the miles on overtime and fox 5s sherri ly has more. >> metro's rules allow bus operators to work a maximum of 16 hours in a day. in some cases, this report found that there were bus drivers putting in 20 or more hours a day and with more than 80 hours in a week. when most people head home from a long, hard day of work, some metro bus drivers have barely
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begin. of those, the drivers worked 20 or more hours without eight hours off, 50 times. >> the bus driver should have more time to rest. if you're driving, you need time to relax and you have better attention. >> reporter: the report follows a similar study on metro rail operators and workers. done by the transit agency and the tristate oversight committee, which oversees rail safety. >> and this one looked at bus passengers last year and about drivers lacking enough sleep while in control of the 16-ton bus. >> and that depends on when they get their brakes or whatever. >> reporter: some employees were found to work more than 80 hours a week and in some cases, up to 10 days straight. the drivers work swing shifts separated by 16 hours and many
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facilities lack rest or quiet room and most passenger his no idea. >> and that is to be safe. and we don't know if he's looking for the hours and driving. >> reporter: in the interim, metro is looking to fill vacant positions on bus and rail faster and has begun to limit hours for workers and safety critical jobs on to metro rail. metro buses average six accidents a day and is unclear if they related to driver fatigue. in addition to the bus and rail systems, metro is settling driver fatigue to this metro access system. >> it will report to the safety and security committee on thursday. most metro workers did not respond to our calls. and metro has a new safety campaign that is personal. and employees will get i.d.
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photos -- holders for their family and kids. it's the second phase of the campaign, which featured safety messages from athletes and there are quizzes and safety message playing cards. phase 3 focuses on personal responsibility that will launch in the fall. it's a debate. the rules over station names. several stations recently changeed names and that is when metro redid the math. they commend not selling rights but having station domination, allowing a company to blanket the station with advertising. the proposals would limit landmarks or college campuses in names to those within a half mile. efforts to overturn president obama's healthcare reform law began on capitol hill. they want to repeel the supreme court's landmark ruling upholding the affordable care act and they're looking into the impact the law might have, including the affect on doctors
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and patients. the democrats are countering the debate in the house saying it's time to move on. >> and that passed in congress. the executive signed the law. just recently, the third branch of our government affirmed the healthcare law law is not only valid but sound. >> we're going to do what we can to stop it. >> the house vote is expected tomorrow and won't make it past the democrat-controlled senate. the white house said president obama will veto any repeeled bills. drug manufacturers will have incentives to develop drugs for sick children. president obama signed a creating hope act yesterday. it was inspired by nancy goodman and her son jacob who died of a rare brain tumor when he was 10. nancy is the founder and executive director of kids beat cancer and is joining -- joining us to talk about the new law. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you, shawn. >> reporter: explain what the creating hope act is and how families and children will benefit.
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>> reporter: the problem i faced, shawn, there is almost no drug development now in the united states for kids with cancer or other serious diseases. and the issue is that the markets are too small for drug companies to go into. >> and how is this law going to help? >> it provides an incentive for companies in the form of a big fat tariff. why i they develop a drug for kids of cancer and another serious disease, and there is approval, they get a voucher from the fda. and that voucher comes with rights to a speedy review of the different drugs, perhaps the blockbuster drugs. the second drug gets to market faster should it be approved. >> we know you have a personal story that got you involved in this from the beginning. you lost your son jacob when he was 10. how would a law like this have changed your life? >> and hopefully what will happen in the future is drug manufacturers will decide to
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develop drugs for pediatric cancer and seek approval for them. when they do that, then other future kids who are diagnosed with cancer will have better and safer treatments. >> how can families right now get involved if they want more information or find out about this and how it may impact or affect their lives? >> and we have a website, where we provide information and rely on families, in fact, often times to tell us about opportunities where we will work with drug companies and the fda to help shut the drugs through the, proval process and hopefully the vouchers. >> nancy goodman, founder and executive director of kids beat cancer. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you very much. coming up, the latest on the efforts to retrieve a yacht that capsized on the 4th of july killing three children. why drivers are running into difficult times. >> and in my arms. my arm's gone and he was trecked out, obviously. plus, a teenager hitter during an alligator attack.
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why he's in high spirits despite losing part of his arm. a frightening scope. the teen jumps from the chairlift on the beach. why she said she had no choice. sue. and hey, brian. we're watching a couple of showers and maybe some isolated thunderstorms. one is not too far from monasses and another one between franconia and dale city. the temperatures, though, still in bargain territory. we'll talk about the evening forecast and more as fox 5 news at 5 continues.  matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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. drivers in new york will be back in the water tomorrow frying to retrieve a yacht that capsized killing three young children on the 4th of july. earlier today, the crew his trouble securing the vessel which, appears to be stuck on the seabed floor. here's the latest. >> reporter: in oyster bay today, roughly one quarter of a mile, two teams of dinevers were in the water trying to retrieve the sunken 34-foot pleasure boat. >> the movements created by the current and the movement created by the divers is creating that visibility hazard. >> what is that visibility? >> and that is very, very limited. >> a couple of feet? >> not even a couple of feet. >> reporter: the drivers soon cut visibility to one foot, adding to their difficult conditions, the currents are moving the entire operation along the bay bottom. >> the bulk is stilly moving while they trying to work on it. it's a slow, tedious process and they are progressing, but
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it's slowly. >> reporter: for safety reasons, police say two divers can work at a time. they're trying to use straps to build a net under the 20,000- pound boat that connects the net to air flotation bags to lift up the boat out of mud and tow it in. on july 4th, 27 people were out on the boat when it capsized and sank. three children died. 12-year-old david, 11-year-old harley and seven-year-old victoria. harley and victoria were buried today. this is the lawyer representing the insurance company representing the boat and said there might be several factors that caused the boat to capsize and overcrowding was not one. >> there was no capacity plate on the boat that neither the federal government or state regulates the capacity of boats over 26 feet long. this beat error very 34-feet long -- boat is 34-feet long. >> reporter: the maximum number of people that should have been on board is 12 to 15, not the
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27 that were on board. in oyster bay, new york, tee wau chang. a new york teenager is still missing after being swept away during a kayak expedition in hawaii. the 15-year-old's parents said tour guides should pour -- showed poor judgement during the expedition and didn't stay behind to search for their son after he was swept away. he was with a group of other teens and leader when is he and another boy stopped to rest at a tide pool, when a large wave swept them away. the other boy was rescued and is okay. the founder of the tourist company calls the incident a freak accident. >> a florida teen loses a limb after an alligator bit off his arm. the officials in fort myers say the 17-year-old was swimming with a group of friends -- friends in a river her the gator attacked him and said that the arm was still inside the 11-foot alligator when they hunted it down and killed it. unfortunately, the doctors were not able to reattach it. >> and he started pulling me down and i knew it's either the
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bone, or -- i have to lose this armory i'm going die -- arm or i'm going to die. so i took my feet and put it on his mouth and tried to jerk my arm off, trying to break it free and it finally broke free from what i thought and i started swimming back and i felt like a tug, a tendon or muscle or something was attached to my arm. >> he is in good spirits and wants to use the gator's head as a prosthetic arm rest. >> okay, very interesting. and speaking of interesting, i can't remember the last time i thought 80 degrees and that felt good outside. >> i know. >> and that is a perfect summer day. pretty close and that was perfect. >> and that is right. you know what? we did touch 90 today. >> yeah. >> and that humidity was in control and that is because it
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shrunk south and giving us more hours of sunshine and that is popping the temperature. and after the 11 days at or above 85, upper 80s to touching 90or for one our so doesn't feel bad and we have cooked up a couple of showers and they isolated as expected. let me get you in closer. you're among the luck here if you're in monasses or between franconia and dale city here. the showers are kind of drifting around and causing a settling .1 of an inch of rain or show and -- so. we expect them to diminish and there could be isolated thunder here and there and that is the only thing in the entire region on local radar. now, we're going to give you a wider picture on satellite and radar. can you see there is more activity that is passing by to the north toward the baltimore area and that is weakening out to get showers. the mother load of severe storms is to the carolinas and this is some badly needed rain.
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the fires are going again down there and not many reports of severe weather and some heavy- duty thunderstorms and some badly needed rain in that area. our temperature right now is 87 degrees and to call your attention to monasses, the rain cooled at 82 and dulles and frederick at 81 degrees and that feels fantastic. this is your plan for the rest of the evening, an isolated shower or storm at 7:00. by 9:00, partly to mostly cloudy and 79 degrees and we're going to talk about the rest of the workweek and that is going to warm up a little. i will give you that much of a hint. >> we can handle it. >> i think we can. >> thank you, sue. and can you download the fox 5 weather app and find it on our website at >> coming up, a d.c. councilman pushes for underground power lines in the district. and why pepco customers will have to wait longer to see if their bills are going up.
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and wait until you find out where virginia residents are station as they wait for their electricity to come back on. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. i'm barack o♪ ma, and i approved ♪
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. officials are investigating a fire that ripped through a vacant elementary school in northeast last night. they said the fire crews were called to the old web elementary school on mount olivette road around 11:00. no injuries were reported and no word on what started the blaze. how about this, underground power lines might be a reality in the district. council member jack evans introduced legislation today to create a group to determine how to finance the project and there are reports the project cost $5 billion. and speaking of pepco, the customers in montgomery and prince georges county may have to wait longer. and the power company requested a delay issuing the final
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decision and pepco originally requested a rate hike. that could be pushed back an extra seven days. thousands of people are without power in virginia, some are beating the heat in jail and the old county jail decided to open the doors to residents. >> and they had a jail and emergency shelter. >> with the air conditioner. really bad. >> and that is like i did something. >> the old jail closed a few months ago. appalachian power expects to have service full restored today. >> and this is how you get create kif and cool. >> six messages. like they being punished twice. coming up, the debate over texas continues on that campaign trail as president obama and mitt romney travel to states that could be crucial to the november elect. and the new book giving the insight into the uss cole bombing. why a lack of action ultimately
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sealed our fate on 9/11. >> and a teenager jumps from a chair lift on the beach y. she was forced to take such a drastic measure. tic measure.
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. president obama and mitt romney hit the campaign trail today. the president in iowa, the former governor in colorado. both candidates are looking for spirit support in two states crucial to wing the november elect. craig bosswell has the latest. >> reporter: president obama takes his middle-class tax pitch to cedar rapids, iowa. >> doesn't it make sense for us to agree to keep taxes low for 98% of americans who are working hard and can't afford a tax hike right now. >> reporter: today's rally comes a day after the president called for a temporary extension of the bush era tax cuts. they expire at the end of the
5:30 pm
year and he wants them kept in place in 2013 for those making less than $250,000. >> the republicans in congress, mr. romney disagree with me. >> reporter: this is the fourth stop in the hawkeye state for the obama campaign this year, a state in the president's colnumb 2008, and considered a tossup in 2012. mitt romney is back on the road, too in colorado and that presumed republican nominee immediately jumped on the president's tax cut proposal. >> for job creators and small businesses, he announced a massive tax increase. [ booing ] >> reporter: it's romney's sec visit to the area in three months. for the first time, he publicly hit back at the president's charge has he outsourced jobs. >> and if there is an outsourcer in chief, it's the person running for president of the united states, not the person running against him. >> reporter: it's 188 day away.
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in washington, craig bosswell, fox news. in a new poll, president obama and mitt romney are shown neck-in-neck, tied at 47%. they consistent with where the candidates stood in late may. attorney general eric holder opposes a new photo i.d. voting requirement in texas and that that would be harmful. holder said the justice department would not allow citizens to be disenfranchised from their right to vote. the attorney general said that it might be hard for some people to do the documents. the justice department charged five people in the shooting death of a border patrol agent and that led into the investigation of the fast-and- furious gun tracking program. agent brian terry was killed in 2010. and two researchers were found at the scene. the charges come as the family prepares to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the federal government. the house of representatives held u.s. attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress
5:32 pm
last month and stemming from, that claiming he was holding information about the fast and furious program. 11 months before the 9/11 attacks, the uss cole bombed -- was bombed. the commander of the ship wrote a book about what happened that day. he said the explosion and some statement deaths were tragic. the political response had its own cost. and allison seymour has more. >> reporter: want to talk about the events that day. could you take us back almost 12 years ago, sir? >> secure. >> the uss cole pulled into what we thought was a six- to eight-hour previous top story -- top story fowl and started the fowling at 10:30 that morning and i was at my desk. and there was a thunderous explosion. you could feel all 505 feet, 840-tons of guided missile up into the right, the lights went
5:33 pm
out, power went out, ceiling tiles popped up, everything on my desk went up a foot and slammed back down. within a matter of minutes, we determined we were attacked and did not none how or what happened. and many people thought it was a fuel explosion. i went into my cabin and loaded the chamber and decooked it. i went out with two trippings on my mind: defend my ship and defend my crew. >> at the time, we're looking there and that is it was a hole blown into the ship. >> it was. two garbage barges, we contracted that morning. two came out to the ship and left. the third boat that approached we thought was the third garage barge. what we didn't know when we pulled in was that al qaeda had been in that port for over a year and operationally planning this, watching the boats as
5:34 pm
they came out, how long they stayed alongside and that boat turned out to come to the exact same spot in the middle of the ship where the previous barge had been and detonated blowing a massive hole killing 17 of my sailors. >> and this is before 9/11, when we thought we were, what, maintaining the peace in that part of the world? >> we were the 27th ship to pull in and trying to do engagements with the government in yemen to build military-to- military connections and government-to-government connects and tragically, though, we underestimated the threat al qaeda had in that country in that port and tragically, my crew paid the price. >> and you say you still talk to many of the members, right, of the uss cole? >> absolutely. >> and i stay in touch with them almost on a dally basis. >> and they heros do. we do enough to say that they're heros? >> i think, that you know, hopefully this book front bunker will give an opportunity for the american people to
5:35 pm
really learn about that tragic, vent. a lot of people read what was in the paper and there is a lot of of misinformation and this is what took me a long time to relyit and my crew gave me a lot of great interviews to make sure the facts were solid in doing it and now we have the story so the american people can truly learn what heros i was blessed to command that day. >> 11 months after, though, you have 9/11 and everybody is paying attention now and in your opinion, did 9/11, could that have been prevented? could the massive attack on that day been prevent ordinary any parts of that? >> that is the great unanswered question and we will never know if we had done any response by the clinton or bush administrations, whether it would have tipped our hand in the intelligence community to learn the 9/11 plot was in action. i guarantee by doing nothing, we seal our fate.
5:36 pm
>> the commander will sign copies of his book and discussion at the national press club on 14th street northwest tonight at 6:30. the tickets are $5 and you have on to reserve a spot on a terrified teenager jumps from a beach chairlift. why she said the weather forced her to do this. and a young boy being hailed a hero. the 95 error error -- the 9/11 -- 911 call that saved his father's life. ♪
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. a new jersey teenager stuck in a beach chair lift decided to take drastic measures. take a look. rather than stay in the metal chair, she jumped 35 feet to the sandy ground below.
5:40 pm
she was not too hurt. she left a friend behind who decided not to jump nor was she struck by lightning. a five-year-old washington state boy is being recognized for helping save his father's life. he called 911 after his dad suffered a seizure. he didn't know the full address, but hank thanks to the tracking information and the previous emergency calls, the dispatchers were able to find the house within minutes and medics saved his dad. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> may dad. hurt. >> your dad sick? >> daddy? >> it's okay. i called the doctor. i called the doctor. >> wow. >> quincy received a certificate of appreciation from the 911 communication center. >> good story. >> yeah. coming up, we're going to take to you the summer camp using an old-fashioned jump rope to help combat the
5:41 pm
nation's obesity epidemic. >>. and i that was fast. what triggered the quick divorce settlement between tom cruise and katie holmes. and a scattered storm or two. two. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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[ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care should be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services. but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that.
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. the olympic torch is winding its way to the uk and en route to the game's opening ceremony. two former british athletes carried the plane through -- flame through london. steve redgrave is a five-time metal running -- winner in rowing and the opening ceremonies are july 27th. with childhood obesity sky rocketing, a camp in pennsylvania has come up with a fun way to keep kids healthy and active. >> reporter: a summer camp in doylestown, pennsylvania s trying to fight childhood obesity by teaching kids to be healthy the old-fashioned way,
5:45 pm
by jumping rope. >> and that is a unique sport. something inexpensive. they can go to the beach, to the front yard, the backyard, the basement. >> try to make it more obvious. >> reporter: the camp tries to teach kids, ages 5 to 13, that exercising can be fun and healthy at the same time. >> the most important messages was a lasting impression of what a well healthy lifestyle looks like and what does it take to be healthy. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: experts say physical activity is the key to fighting childhood obesity, which is more than tripled the last 30 years. >> obesity does seem to be highest right now among kids 6 to 11 and this is kids who are in elementary school. >> reporter: the issue.
5:46 pm
>> this is truly a came changer for the health of our children. >> reporter: at the camp, jumping rope seems to be sending the same message. >> and since i'm jump roping, i know i have to eat healthier to stay healthy and stuff. >> reporter: and kids say it's not like exercising at all. >> some advice for parents having trouble getting their kids to be active? >> and give them something to do they enjoy. let them have fun with it and get their friends involved and make it part of the lifestyle. >> reporter: what better way than through a playground pasttime. >> and i think it's important to stayel thisthy -- stay healthy and it's just fun. >> i used to like to jump rope. >> it's a great thing to, do even though am -- now. i bought a cheap one at one of my favorite discount stores. and i am tripping all over
5:47 pm
myself. >> get outside and exercise. >> and peopleern wandering around like zombies and it's great to get outside and we have some overcast skies and some more sunshine earlier and that helps to get temperatures warmer. we're going to top out closer to 90 degrees and that is definitely felt better and a little bit of haze in the air now. we cooked up a few clouds and have some showers showing up here and there and showing off the sentinel radar and what we're watching up here in clarksburg, a couple of interesting things i want to show and you this is weakening between burke and dale city and that is continuing to the south and in this last hour, it weakened, maybe a pulse up here in the last few minutes and i will show you what is energizing the storms. you see this line here?
5:48 pm
that is what we call an outflow boundary, a rush of cold air coming from the previous thunderstorms in the north and that is fishing up some showers and storms and they not severe and looks like the energy is gone by the time the sun goes down and some isolated, evening showers and some more energy to the south around the richmond area and where they're glad to get the rain, it's heavy and there are some stronger storms and that is mostly badly needed rain, across much of the southeastern u.s. and everyone's been hot and dried out and yesterday, noaa released their findings, the last year and that is the hottest here in the u.s. since records have been kept and that is going back to 1895.
5:49 pm
not only was the last 12 months the hottest, but the first six months of 2012 were the hottest ever and there is no surprise about the kind of heat we endured and that is not a good sign for the rest of the summer and there is no signs of the heat returning into the scotching levels and looks like we're going to be closer to 90s and into the weekend. the temperature, 87 degrees. the rain cooled at 75; dulles and frederick at 81 degrees and that is not baddal at all. you will -- bad at all and that is warmer when we have this heat around. the dew point temperatures are important. anything below 65 degrees and pretty comfortable and d.c. is below 65, coming in at 63 and some spots experiencing a little bit of humidity and that is what is fueling up the showers and storms. the good news today, though, and that is a front slipping to the south and there is some showers here and there and the temperature, 87.
5:50 pm
wilmington, 100 degrees and that is 25 degrees cooler and with cincinnati, 92. , st. louis, 94 and temperatures close to 90 building in the lower part of the country. we'll have to pay attention to. that for the all-star game, and that is at conference stadium. the coverage begins at 730time and that is warm at 84 and dry, winds out of the north- northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour and that is a good forecast for them. and overnight, the temperature in d.c., about 72 degrees and dulles, 70; frederick, you may drop to 66 degrees and with those isolated evening showers and storms and partly cloudy overnight. a descent day tomorrow and that is like today and a temperature of 89 degrees. the five-day forecast and probably not seeing much in the way of rain that we could use the next few days, that looks like a rain chance in a form of thunderstorms will increase on
5:51 pm
friday, saturday, and sunday and that is getting hotter into the weekend and that is close to 90 and sunday, 92 degrees and a good chance of showers and tomorrows this weekend. >> thank you, sue. >> sure. new details on tom and katie's divorce. harvey, always great to see you. and we hear that suri is what was the quick settlement. what do you know about this? >> it's true. ultimately, and this is actually a great story. tom and katie were really great parents here. both of them. they realized if they continued the war, it was going hurt their kid and this will live forever online and saw that. they knew and they were told this is going to settle either later or sooner and they realized sooner was better and literally reached a settlement for everything and almost in
5:52 pm
record time and did it for this kid. i have to say that hats off to both of them. there are so many celebrity divorces where the adults fight so much that it really, really hurts the kids. they didn't do that and they were both admirable here. >> very, very admirable and hopefully the other celebs can take a page out of their divorce playbook, i guess and people are talking about justin bieber and that car accident. the police split over what is to blame. what are you hearing about this? >> and we put the story up today and the chp is divided on this. we talked to brass who said that they felt it was a princess diana situation and that justin was a victim in this. they said what was interesting, if they were on the street, they would not have given bieber the ticket and there are other people in the chp who said no, that bieber, you know, with he may have been a victim,
5:53 pm
but he could have stopped it and he was wreckless and endangered lives. they ticketed him and some fill it was wreckless endangermen. the chp is divided on what he did. >> and remind me, are there laws in california protecting celebrities against these sorts of harassment by the paparazzi? >> and -- yes, shawn. as a matter of fact, justin bieber filed a complaint based on that law with the california highway patrol. and that case went to sacramento, the capitol here and is being investigated right now. hopefully they will prosecute the guy who is the instigator, the papa razeo and throwim in in jail. they thaguy is probably the most to blame for this. there were other paparazzi following him as well and they should nail them all. >> i agree with you. maybe it will teach them a
5:54 pm
lesson. >> and we will see you for tmz at 6:30. >> and a virginia judge brought a lawsuit against the musician who went off with his of wife. salahi was suing the journey guitarist for $15 million. he said that he and two companies scheme said to break up his marriage. coming up the news edge at 6, writing a wrong for more than 30 years ago. a man convicted of raping a woman in d.c. in the '80s. one step closer to having his name cleared and how it happened in the first place. you may have come out of malway monday unscathed and there is a new virus to look out for. and d.c.s fight for rights continues to capitol hill. lawmakers prepare to take more action on a bill that could ban certain abortions in the district. district. 
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. the financial fallout from a shooting death of unarmed florida teen trayvon martin is growing. the mayor of florida said the city spent $457,000 to deal with the events following the shooting and the city had to make arrangements for rallies, including providing big screens and plain clothes security officers. >> and we had a lot of overtime and police and fire and protection issues during the whole -- three, four months we were going through it. this is money that won't go back to the taxpayer. >> and the city has about $37 million in the budget. the latest bill will be paid for out of a reserve fund for emergencies. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now.
5:59 pm
right off of the top, the u.s. attorney's office said dna testing recreationed -- revealed a man convicted of raping a woman more than 30 years ago suffered a, quote, terrible injustice and his conviction should be overturned. a motion filed in superior court said not only is kirk odom innocent, the dna points on another man. >> reporter: he was 18 years old when he was convicted of breaking into a woman's apartment and raping her at gunpoint. even though he had an alibi and took the stand in his own defense, the jury didn't believe him. he has been out of prison for some time now, is married and has children and holding down a job in his brother's heating and air conditioning business. until today, he was under the watchful eye of the government, on probation,


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