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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 10, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> joe: and then when he came to the place. [cheers and applause] >> joe: one ball, two strikes from cole hamels. hard hit. backhanded pick by david wright. one out. the ball hit sharply by butler. he's the first out. matt wieters, switch-hitting catcher for the baltimore orioles, who has done a good job with that staff. and the manager, buck showalter,
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has got that organization turned around. the orioles are in second place in the a.l. east, right there in the wildcard chase. seven out in the division. but there's the hammer at the back end of their bullpen, jim johnson, who throws to wieters and closes out wins for the orioles. 1-0. one ball, one strike. we talked to add jones, who is the center fielder and who is on deck right now. he said it's so good to be here with teammates in the time that we've started to turn that thing around in baltimore. he's tired of hearing about the '90s and how camden yards was such a tough ticket. it's a younger demographic and we've got them coming out, the series they had against the nationals he said was one of the most fun series he's been a part
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of. wieters flies one into left. back is harper. two out. we go down to ken rosenthal with r.a. dickey. >> ken: thanks, joe. r. a., you came in in relief. how tough was it waiting for your chance? >> it was tough. i wanted to get up and st throwing every inning down there. it's all different dynamic coming out of the pen and this is the first time i've been it in quite some time. but they did a good job back there and i threw some good ones to him and it all worked out. >> ken: 2006 you become a knuckleballer, you bounce from team to team, you are thinking about quitting the game. what does it mean to you tonight to stand on that mound as an all-star? >> oh, it's just -- i don't know if i have the words. it's a great honor. not just for me but everyone that's helped me and loved me
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and just a nice night. >> ken: thank you very much. joe, back to you. >> joe: it's been fun get to go know r.a. dickey over the last couple of years. he told us, tim, before the game that, yeah, he was upset that he didn't get a chance to start tonight. and he was upset for mets fans, who have been in this with him, that they wouldn't get a chance to see one of their own start this 83rd all-star game. that said, he was happy for matt cain. he didn't complain openly about it. tony la russa was able to start cane, go to dickey, and it's been a shutout so far, allowing just five hits as a group. here's the 1-2. to the right side. lahair backs up. this is going to be a race and hamels wins the race to the bag. we go to the eighth. the national league coming to the plate. having fun tonight. up 8-0.
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>> mount kilimanjaro, i climbed it. all 19,000 feet up. >> joe: he did that this past offseason.
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climbing mount kilimanjaro in the african country of tanzania. he and his wife are raising funds for the bombai teen challenge. an organization rescuing young women from forced human trafficking in bombai. for more information go to so r.a. dickey threw his scoreless inning, then cole hamels, and now they will try to do the same. jim johnson. a breaking ball is a strike. >> tim: 5'5" is exactly one inch taller than a legend with the kansas city royals, freddie
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potach. >> joe: maybe vertically challenged, but he has shoulders and he's got pop in his back. he chops it off the plate. tough play for kinsler and got him at first base for the first out of the inning. i will be anxious to see the replay of that. mauer into the game at first base and kinsler got him. this was close. >> tim: kinsler had to wait for the ball to come down. he could have beaten it. >> joe: no argument from altuve. >> tim: nope. >> joe: so he's the first out here in the eighth. good play by ian kinsler. and starlin castro, another one of the game's bright young stars, digs in representing the chicago cubs. he takes over for furcal while he was in there at 1 for 3 with
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a triple and a run scored. ball 1 from johnson. here's the lay at first base. >> tim: good call. the foot coming down late. >> joe: castro in his third season. it's his second all-star game. he flies one into right center field. adam jones comes in to make the play. two outs. tonight's aerial coverage provided by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. call 1-800-directv. now michael bourn will come off the bench. and bat. chipper jones was in this spot so he will end his all-star career with a base hit. he bounced one through the right side. now bourn, his teammate, foul tips it for strike 1.
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desmond is having a great year. michael bourn in his second all-star game a two-time gold glove award winner. the guy has the most stolen bases in baseball since 2008. he can fly. >> tim: the atlanta braves have inch ahead of the new york mets. they are four off and the mets four and a half off. >> joe: strike 3. inning is over. we go to the bottom of the eighth. the a.l. will bat, trailing the national league by 8. even though i could do it 100 times better and taller than seacrest.
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[ cheers and applause ] ...on the planet. [ camera shutters clicking ] ♪ >> joe: that's the voice of ken rosenthal. that is starlin castro, who takes over at short for furcal after hitting for him. and craig kimbrel, who is the reigning rookie of the year in the national league because of a lot of that. 99 miles per hour by the bat of asdrubal cabrera for strike 1. underway in the bottom of the eighth inning. 8-0, n.l. on top.
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you can see the ball just jump out of the hand of kimbrel. fernando rodney gets loose beyond the wall in left. and aroldis chapman, a left-handed closer for the reds, gets loose behind the wall in right. good luck a.l. that's a swinging strike 2. >> tim: throw away the radar gun. 99 to 100 for kimbrel, and chapman up to 105. that's right. up to 105. you might see that tonight. oh, man. >> joe: one ball, two strikes from kimbrel. that's strike 3 and a nasty breaking ball. one out. let's go down to ken rosenthal with chipper jones. >> ken: thanks, joe. chirp, your first trip to this ballpark, your last all-star game. how would you describe the experience? >> unbelievable. i truly regret not been given the opportunity not to play here
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before. this is a beautiful venue to play baseball in. and i'm just happy that i got to chance to come here one time before i retire. >> ken: has this been more fun or more emotional for you. >> definitely more fun. i am trying to enjoy my teammates while i'm here and trying to soak it all up and have a good time with my family and the guys who made the all-star team. >> ken: chipper, thanks a lot. >> my pleasure. >> ken: back to you, joe. >> joe: thanks, kenny, and allowing us to eavesdrop on his pregame speech, the 40-year-old. now he can just sit with the rest of us and watch the last inning and a half unfold. kinsler at the plate. he's 0 for 1. he flied to left his first time up. the manager is trying to get everybody into the ball game. that's strikeout number 2.
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i don't know how you catch up to craig kimbrel. >> tim: you don't. not up there. and now i think we are going to see perhaps chapman. >> joe: so la russa goes to the mound. aroldis chapman is coming into the ball game with mike trout coming up here in the eighth.
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♪ ♪ [ bolt ] because of what i have inside. ♪ i will not stop. until there is no competition left... [ cheers and applause ] ...on the planet. [ camera shutters clicking ] ♪
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>> joe: tonight's game is sponsored by ford and random acts of fusion. by gatorade. gatorade knows it all begins within. win from within. and by share everything. it's the plan that revolves around you only from verizon. the arrow head in the background with the kansas city chiefs play. we've seen those three together a lot. ron roenicke, manager of the brewers. terry collins, the manager of the mets and tony la russa. he's been calling on them a lot.
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and now aroldis chapman, who has been unhittable during stretches this year, hits 100. he deals with mike trout who singled into center his first time up against r.a. dickey. chapman did not allow an earned run his first 29 innings. that one goes to 101 and carlos ruiz through his shoulder out trying to catch it, reaching for it.-one percent of the time he gets a swing and miss, which is the highest rate in baseball. 98. the count 2-1. the cuban-born left-hander. the reds unloaded on him contract-wise and it's finally all come together. there's the strike. their outstanding general manager, walt jockty, who for the longest time was with tony la russa in st. louis, sat
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chapman down on his way out at the end of last year and said, look, time to step up, get serious and go about your business. now as he hits 101, he is the late-inning hammer for dusty baker and the reds. >> tim: two pitches, fastball, slider. >> joe: trout 1 for 1 tonight. the 2-2 pitch is high. full count. if trout gets on, it will be trumbo. at this point now la russa is just trying to get guys into the game, not worrying about the match-up, left-hander, right-hander, whatever. full count. pitch is high. a walk. tonight's dodge game summary. matt cain start it had with two shutout innings from the giants
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right-hander. the giants were all over the place early. the bases-clearing triple by sandoval. a two-run shot by melky cabrera. the n.l. jumped out to five in the first, three more in the fourth, and lead 8-0. the last three all-star games the pitching for the national league, 25 2/3, 2 runs on 17 hits, a combined e.r.a. over three games of 0.70. the batter is trumbo with trout on at first. they give trout second base so he takes it. meanwhile the a.l. won the first seven all-star games that determined home field advantage in the world series. that started in '03. the national league trying to win for the third straight time
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to secure home field advantage in the upcoming world series. just so you know, since they instituted that in the all-star game -- as trumbo takes a strike, it's 2-1 -- teams with the home field advantage won the world series 6 of 9 times, including the last three. >> tim: in fact, ron washington has been victimized the last two years as manager of the american league all-stars. the national league home field advantage in 2010 and '11. '10 against the giants and then last year against the cardinals. >> joe: the year before that the yankees winning it all, and that's a swinging strike. that ends the inning.
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that sends us into the ninth as wanda jackson takes us to break. we go to the ninth. ♪ ♪ i'm going to kansas city ♪ kansas city here i come ♪ they got some credits little woman there and i'm gonna get me one ♪
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>> joe: tonight's aerial coverage is provided by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan you have to get directv. call 1-800-directv. we are into the ninth inning now and elvis andrus takes over at third base with asdrubal cabrera to his left and with the hat a little sideways and that's his trademark, fernando rodney takes over on the mound for the american league. he's been lights out for the tampa bay rays in twelve. finally his job to be the closer, to be the back end guy of the bullpen. he's taken that opportunity and run. has a great fastball, a great change-up. he deals up and away to mccutchen. that just missed. the count 2-0. andrew singled his first time up as a left-hander.
10:57 pm
wade miley gets loose for the n.l.. here's the 2-0. chopped foul. 2-1. >> tim: with that h coc k'd like rodney wears it, it looks like the hat and real his face is facing the on-deck circle. it's got to be disconcerting to a hitter. >> joe: here's the 2-1. changed up on him. the count 2-2. the national league has use the every position player available to tony la russa tonight. the american league is getting close with adam dunn still left and we will probably see him before the end of the night. here's a chopper to third. waiting on it is andrews, and he gets the out. what a good play by elvis andrus, the shortstop for the rangers. he made a nice play to get the
10:58 pm
speedy andrew mccutchen. >> tim: that's a shortstop's arm at third base, and he needed every bit of it to get mccutchen. good play. >> joe: that will bring in jay bruce, who is 0 for 1, with lahair on deck. rodney gets a strike on jay bruce. >> tim: elvis andrus back to his old position. >> joe: because of the shift for bruce. he's playing where a shortstop typically would and everyone else is on the right side. that's over but low. the count 1-1. we had a chance to talk with charlie manuel, the manager of the phillies, last year, and he was talking about the guy, jay bruce. charlie manuel is probably one of the best students of the game
10:59 pm
and hitting instructors, and he thought this guy was just going to keep getting better and better and just be a superstar with his swing. good pitch by rodney. strike 2. >> tim: a tailing fastball. started off inside. floated back over the plate. manual saying jay bruce doesn't know how good he could be. as he slashes it foul into the seats. despite the score, this ballpark is still packed. they have had fun here in kansas city. i'll tell you, the city rolled out the red carpet for everybody coming here. it's been a great event. >> tim: outstanding job. >> joe: the people in law enforcement could not have done a better job. that's kinsler coming in from shallow right. two down. with the bases empty, bryan
11:00 pm
lahair will walk to the plate. our twitter poll results. who do you think is the 2012 all-star mvp? the majority of them went to melky cabrera. we will see if you are right. here's bryan lahair. a great story in a guy who has been very dramatic for the chicago cubs this season, hitting the home run ball. he grounds to the shortstop. asdrubal cabrera, a tough hop and he made it look easy. let's go to the bottom of the ninth inning in kansas city, missouri. 8-0 as the n.l. takes the field, to win their third straight. discount double chec. we dig through your policy, and find any hidden savings. that's funny. before every home game, i used to do an ivy double check. really? yea. people drop all kinds of stuff in here. old cell phone, french horn...
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>> joe: glad you are with us at the 83rd all-star game in kansas city, missouri. the city of mountains. you can find plenty of them here at kauffman stadium. a beautiful scene for a ball game. wade miley, the rookie left-hander from the arizona diamondbacks, takes over. he started the season in the bullpen. made three relief appearances and took over in the rotation the 23rd of april. he struggled his last two
11:04 pm
starts. prior to that he was lights out. joe mauer first up. and the minnesota twin ha a one ball, one-strike count. hanrahan and jonathan papelbon getting loose for the n.l. out in their pen. that's strike 2. came in at 92 from miley. mauer is a three-time batting champ and he's in the hunt for that again. a .324 career hitter. 1-2. twenty-nine years old. he plays in a big park. his home runs are down. he has averaged .326, fourth best in the american league at the break. >> tim: one of the big reasons for that, with two strikes he hits the ball to left field. he's an average hitter -- >> joe: get down, wade miley. >> tim: that's a typical joe
11:05 pm
mauer at-bat. two strikes, goes the other way and takes miley up the middle. >> joe: that will bring in elvis andrus with billy butler coming into the on-deck circle and he's looking into the dugout to see if la russa is going to pop out of there. not yet. the only position player left for the a.l. is adam dunn. plenty of arms left in the bullpen for the national league. two of them getting ready. there's a pitch over, but low ball 1 to andrus. adam dunn is the guy left, the only position player on either side not to get into the ball game yet. here's the 1-0. 2-0. so much talk about ballot box stuffing and voting so much on
11:06 pm
the internet for the san francisco giants and their fans. i think they knew what they were talking about. >> tim: i do too. >> joe: here's andrus with a fly ball down the right-field line. foul. you can look at that man and that man and the guy who started the game, pablo sandoval on the left, had a bases-clearing three-run triple in the first. melky cabrera, two hits, including a two-run shot, batting right-handed. and then matt cain, the starter for the giants got the nod from la russa, made them look good with two shutout innings, one hit, one strikeout. andrus with another foul ball. elvis already has 545 hits in his career and he's only 23. he won't turn 24 until next month. it's his second all-star game.
11:07 pm
he was very important to help solidify that defense in texas and back up what is an outstanding pitching staff. >> tim: a musical tribute night here in kansas city with different versions of "kansas city" and a reminder that elvis was the first and only elvis to play in a world series. >> joe: here is the 2-2. the kid in memp >> tim: yeah. >> joe: full count from miley and this crowd wants to see butler hit one more time. runner at first, nobody out. wade miley's 3-2 pitch. might be two. a weird hop. out at second and then no chance. force-out at second base and terry collins is going to come out and make a pitching change. that ovation is not for terry
11:08 pm
collins, although mets fans would stand and applaud his season this year with the new york mets. the manager takes the ball from miley. hanrahan of the pirates coming in to pitch. picture of us? uh... yeah. thank you! got it. there you go guys. can you get one for me too please... just so i have a copy of it. okay. yeah. you've got to get one more on my camera dude. seriously? sfx: ahhh!! get the ferris wheel in the background. can you do a panoramic kind of like...
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(group all speaking at once) you guys ready? sfx: laughter, ahhhhh!! got it. share photos with your friends. instantly. only on the galaxy siii. that's a lot of phones! ♪ you gotta hit a wall to see the light ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you gotta break it down to make it right ♪ ♪ ♪ so lets let it fall till the flowers bloom ♪
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♪ you gotta tear it down ♪ sometimes you gotta tear it all down ♪ ♪ to make it beautiful ♪ ♪ you gotta tear it down ♪ you gotta tear it down >> joe: we welcome you back. one on, one out. we take a look at saturday baseball. we return this saturday. mets and braves, cardinals and reds, tigers and orioles. hope you join us. presented by budweiser. check local listings for the game and start times in your area. one on, one out. andrus will take second base on a strike to billy butler from joel hanrahan, who has great action on his fastball and pours it in on right-handed batters. hanrahan, second all-star game, 63 saves since the start of last
11:11 pm
year. so he's been busy for the pirates and has that good velocity, 98. the count 1-1 on billy butler. now papelbon getting loose. here's the 1-1. strike 2. >> tim: looks like a splitter from hanrahan. nasty! he ought to change his name to hammer-han with that stuff. i'm telling you, that really went down. >> joe: here's the 1-2. a breaking ball foul. a leadoff hit by mauer. force-out at second. wieters on deck. the a.l. trying to avoid the
11:12 pm
eighth shutout in all-star game history. the 1-2. that one gets back to the backstop as ruiz barely touched it. over to third goes andrus with the count 2-2. >> tim: you could hear billy butler. i think that was billy butler. that was audible. ruiz with no chance. ooh! >> joe: he needed that bigger glove to catch that. wild pitch. runner at third. one out. 2-2. that gets back to the backstop. it comes right back to ruiz. and andrus would have run into an out. hanrahan is all pumped up, trying to get the second out here in the ninth to maintain the shutout.
11:13 pm
>> tim: the american league down 8-0. good play by andrus. no sense forcing it. >> joe: butler grounded out his first time up. so his second at-bat. 3-2 pitch. just got a piece. >> tim: talk about electric stuff. that's a new term in baseball. that's what hanrahan is showing tonight. my gosh! >> joe: we've seen chapman, we've seen kimbrel. 3-2. two out. billy butler strikes out for the second out of the inning and now ron roenicke gets to make a pitching change. papelbon will be called on to get the final out of the night. so we're seeing them all. here's another guy with electric
11:14 pm
stuff! papelbon. two out in the ninth. n.l. up by eight. ♪ one more dance with you ♪ and i know you have ♪ always been ♪ the only one ♪ yeah, the only one ♪ ♪
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that i forget how to put gas in my car. ♪ >> joe: jonathan papelbon, who is the red sox all-time saves leader has been everything the phillies hoped they were getting when they signed him to a free agent deal in the offseason. problem has been getting the ball to him with the lead. he's blown a couple, but he has thrown well. he gets one by wieters. strike 1 with two out in the ninth inning. runner at third. 8-0 game. papelbon trying to end it and preserve the shutout. adam jones on deck.
11:17 pm
here comes the 0-1 from the philly right-hander. a ball and a strike. >> tim: jonathan papelbon was pitching for the red sox when he was elected to the all-star team in 2009 and became the winning pitcher for the american league. >> joe: the phillies have won the n.l. east five straight years. the 1-1 pitch is hit off the end of the bat into right. it should end it. that's jay bruce and the national league winning 8-0 here in kansas city. it is a shutout and papelbon gets the final out of the night! representing the phillies with carlos ruiz, his catcher, chipper jones saying an all-star
11:18 pm
farewell. his second half will open up here shortly for the atlanta braves in a fight in the n.l. east. justin verlander with a five-run first inning in a two hour, fifty-nine minute game. >> tim: a fairly efficient game for the san francisco giant contingent, represent being the bay area in this all-star game. >> joe: sandoval got the first big hit of the night in support of matt cain with a three-run triple. tony la russa, who came back, in essence, out of retirement to manage, will walk away a winner. for la russa, it's his first win as a national league manager in an all-star game. he goes back into retirement, and he and his crew have just secured home field advantage for the national league in this upcoming world series.
11:19 pm
so good lucks from tony la russa. let's go down to the field and erin. >> pap san joining me now. you are a big smile on your face because it was the your triple of the season. what was working for you against justin verlander, no less? >> i got it over home plate, he didn't have command and i got the curve there and hang it. i put the ball at the wall. >> there's a lot of talk heading into this game, maybe david wright should get the start at third base. you made it look like you didn't have any pressure on yourself here in this game. but what was your mind set coming in? >> when i came here, i just want to prove, that i just want to do my job and show the fans they made the right choice. >> joe buck said the san francisco giants fans knew what they were doing stuffing the ballots. congratulations. >> thank you.
11:20 pm
>> back to you, joe. >> joe: and the nat league has won three straight. we have floor to come from kansas city as we continue after this 8-0 win for the national league. back after this.  say. bombshell admission from a former -- a bombshell admission from a former campaign aide to the mayor. >> plus a treetop les onto cars during rush hour in d.c. tonight after the game.
11:21 pm
laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like --
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to help open doors to education and opportunity, while preparing kids to have a great future. >> the club helped change my life. now help me change someone else's. >> donate to boys and girls clubs today. >> joe: welcome to the postgame show on fox. 8-0 win for the national league and the winning manager, tony la russa, standing by with ken rosenthal. >> ken: tony, your last altar game, your last game period. you told us before the game you would only enjoy it if it was a blowout in late innings. so what was going through your mind in the late innings? >> i liked the way we finished. so lucky the way it was falling into place. i was telling terry and ron, a big game like this you just don't get that 8-run lead late
11:24 pm
where you think we are going to win this thing. so it's just lucky like i've been for 30 years. >> ken: how much fun was it for you to manage bryce harper in his first all-star game and chipper jones in his last? >> it's a good extreme because i have tremendous excitement and anticipation about what bryce can be and tremendous respect for what chipper is. but this whole team, from the first days of the work outs, i had a great time and so did our staff and everybody on the roster. >> you have been retired since the end of last season but you got one more taste of it tonight. how much do you miss the competition? >> well, i grew up scoring, so i like the competition. but believe me, i don't want any more dugouts so this worked out right. and now we can say we were 1-2 and got the national league win. >> you retire a winner. >> thank you. >> ken: thank you. >> joe: congratulations to tony la russa. thanks, ken.
11:25 pm
let's go down the field and matt vasgersian. >> thanks. joining me for the presentation of the ted williams most valuable player presented by chevrolet, the commissioner, bud selig, and vice president of global marketing. commissioner, take it away. >> congratulations, melky. you are winning the ted williams mvp award for your terrific performance tonight. it's the largest margin the national league has ever won by. 2 for 3, with a home run batted in. congratulations. thank you chevrolet. here's the award. and you've had quite a night. >> chris has something to give to you, as well. chris. >> melky, it's a pleasure to be here. chevrolet is a proud sponsor of baseball at all levels. at 18 hunch our fields across the country support youth baseball in the local communities to the benefit of over 3,000 children. in honor of your children tonight, i want to do a makeover of the field in your
11:26 pm
for your personal accomplishment, i'm proud to give you the keys to a 2013 camaro. enjoy it! >> melky, congratulations. tell everybody, who do we have with you today? who are these lovely ladies? >> i thank my family and opportunity for the all-star game here. thank you. >> you have mom? who is with you? >> i thank you. my mom, and my family is here. i'm surprised i made mvp but thank you, everybody. >> the last time the alls game was here you weren't born. here we are 40 years later another giant is the mvp. do you have a message for the fans of san francisco who seem to enjoy when this event comes
11:27 pm
to the midwest? >> yeah. thanks kansas city and san francisco, everybody, thank you, the fans. >> a happy mvp. joe buck, we send it back to you upstairs. >> matt, congratulations to melky cabrera. they call him the melk man, and he definitely delivered in this all-star game. >> joe: well, there is much more to come from kansas city, including 2012's two minutes of thrills. how many of those plays do you think were made by tonight's all-stars, bryce harper?
11:28 pm
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