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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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our top stories at 10, a violent weekend across the d.c. area, especially in prince georges county, where two separate shootings leave two men in critical condition and another man dead. >> trains on all five lines forced to come to a halt this afternoon after a computer glitch. >> and virginia is the place to
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be for politicians this weekend. not only is president obama making his rounds on the campaign trail but governors are in across the country. i'm maureen umeh. we begin in prince georges county where police are investigating a shooting death. and it happened at an apartment complex. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: that complex is packed with people all the of the time. the sound of gun fire sent dozens flooding into the court yard area. when police arrived, they found an adult male dead in the hallway of one of the buildings. he might have been shot inside an apartment, the hallway was as far as he made it afterward and other than, that police don't have much to go on. >> and there is no suspect information. as can you see, there is a lot of people that are out and we're hoping that they saw something. please give us a calm.
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on call. they can -- please gives a call and they can remain anonymous. >> reporter: security guards who normally work in that complex say it's been quiet lately, so the shooting caught many by surprise. maureen? >> audrey barnes tonight. >> to a developing story in d.c. investigators are looking for whoever tried to kill another man in northwest and that happened on 17th street at corkrin. the man was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. police are calling it an assault with intent to kill kill and have not made arrests yet and they have not released the victim's name. d.c. police is looking if a suspect in the sexual assault that happened on thursday. the victim said she was walking in the 1900 block of 18th street in southeast just before 5 thursday morning. when a man with a gun robbed and attacked her. you're looking at a man police are calling a person of interest and if you know him or anything about the crime, call d.c. police. we're staying anonymous. the d.c. police made another arrest in the murder
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last summer. henderson's body was found inside a burning car on ball same tree place in capitol heights, maryland, in august. investigators later determined he was shot in the 5800 block of field place northeast last month. the police arrested an unnamed man and charged him with second- degree murder and last night, they arrested 34-year-old anthony campbell and charged him with first-degree murder. new tonight, prince georges county police are reporting a fatal crash involving a tow truck in langley park and they say the truck hit a female pedestrian. the woman was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. and monasses fire, city fire marshals arrested a man pretending to be one of their own. and they say this 23-year-old man is accused of impersonating a fire marshal at a 7-11 store on two separate occasions. each time he displayed a badge and threatened the clerk. the police have not released the man's name. he's charged with two counts of
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impersonating a fire marshal. switching gears now, we have seen some wet weather and nothing compares to what we saw two weeks ago. tucker barn is in for gwen with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. some heavy rain is out and to the south-southwest of the city and that is until 12 midnight. the things are winding down after a fairly rain free day and to southern maryland and d.c. west and still getting shower temperature and they're rolling west of fredericksburg. the trend is to continue to watch things wind down overnight and we'll remain cloudy, but we'll see some fog develop to day break. and there is that flash flood watch and to central virginia and northeast west virginia
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under a flash flood watch until midnight and this is where that heavy rain has been and there is some storm totals, one, two inches and they could add to this and we still have a flash flood watch here more a -- for a couple of hours and this is that forecast, scattered showers and storms, some fog developing late. overnight low, 74 degrees and tomorrow, details on the sunday forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> and let's hope so. thank you, tucker. monitoring metro, a computer problem that left every single train halted for a half hour this afternoon and they were stopped on all five lines because of the glitch keeping metro to keep from seeing. that meant error error traffic couldn't be controlled. the spokesman said they're investigating the reason for the computer problem and passengers reported long delays. and on top of that, there is a lot of work on every rail line this weekend. take a look at the screen. this is the list of what you
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need to know about each line. in particular, you will have to take a road and yellow line passengers will have to go north of mt. vernon square and this station at reagan national and crystal city are closed and there are limited trains on the redline. and capitol police closed independence avenue between washington and first street in northwest. the beltway is under construction on both loops between georgetown pike and the dulles toll road and three lanes will be closed tonight. there will be closures on i-95 in the dun frees area and tomorrow night. the third street tune ole 395 will shut down for a movie shoot overnight and you will have to slow down if you're on route 50 this weekend. there are reports that prince georges and ann arundel counties and maryland state troopers will be draking -- cracking down on aggressive driving, including motorcyclists. they'll be out on the 14-mile stretch of the road, which gets a lot of weekend traffic.
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and just ahead on the news at 10, political heavyweights packed go virginia today. governors from across the country came together for the annual meeting. the issue up for debate, president obama's healthcare overhaul. >> and police in texas arrest a criminal using a wendy's drive through for more than just fast food. what the man was sneaking into customers' bags that is getting him locked up for decades. that and much, much more coming up on the news at 10. at 10. 
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. governors from all over the country are in virginia tonight. they're here for a three-day bipartisan national governor's association meeting. one of the hot topics is the federal healthcare reform plan. peter deucey has more. >> reporter: more than half of america's governors are here in williamsburg, about 2 1/2 weeks after the supreme court said there won't be a penalty for any state that has a governor and who decides not to expand
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their medicaid programs under the affordable care act. some state executives here say they glad that they'll be able to opt out if they want to, since there is some concern about what their tab will be in three years when the federal government the figure stops paying the medicade expansion. >> if you want us to expand medicaid and you noon going to give us the ability to reform mecost and create some responsibility, we're not going to do it. it's responsible. we're not anything to waste the taxpayers' money at the federal or state level. >> reporter: some democratic governors here say there is no way the expack of medicade will put their states further in the red. >> and to save our state budget money and give us the ability to bring down the huge amount of money on safety care and a common platform to bring down the costs all of us incur that people wait to go to the
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emergency room that they have to go to the hospital. >> reporter: nebraska's republican governor said that there will be 50 different state solutions to healthcare. connecticut's democratic governor, dan malloy, predicted to me that all 50 states will expand medicaid but that many will wait until after the election forplyical reasons. in williamsburg,la is video video, peter duyec, fox -- ducey, fox news. president obama was in centreville today with supporters. he spoke at centreville high school after visits to roanoke and hampton roads yesterday. the president won virginia in 2008. now, though, the state in play has the president and mitt romney try to convince voters who is better on the economy. >> we tried almost exactly when they're proposing and here are the results: we went from surpluses to deficit. we had the most sluggish job
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growth in decades. the average income of middle- class families actually went down. >> reporter: mitt romney's communications director for virginia support out a statement after the president's appearance and that said in part president obama admitted today that our country is not on the right track, yet he's offering more of the same as he seeks a sec term. americans want a leader who keeps his word and is more focused on fixing the economy. iowa has a high percentage of christian conservatives. that might still be a challenge for mitt romney. >> reporter: in the battleground state of iowa, are christian conservatives finally ready to embrace romney? >> i think social conservatives will be united behind romney this fall in iowa. >> reporter: the des moines register reported this week internal polling has him running as -- with steve king on the conservative turf of western iowa.
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still, there is some has attention among the usually reliable republican reporters. >> our base is very excited to make obama a one-term president. and they're not that excited about making romney president. >> reporter: romney's never enjoyed much enthusiastic support from iowa's christian conservatives who note missed opportunities to win them over after clenching the republican nomination. >> like north carolina had a marriage initiative earlier this year, he never went there to campaign for that issue and never went there to support the issue. >> reporter: it's not lost that romney wanted to risk being booed at the naacp convention. >> i will eliminate every non- essential expensive program i can find, and that includes obama care and i'm going to work to reform and save -- [ booing ] >> reporter: he's not done face- to-face outreach of christian conservatives. >> a turnout game and you need togate the -- get them turned out and get the independents as
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l. >> reporter: i'm told surrogates and endorsements won't get this job done. if romney wants christian conservative support in iowa and elsewhere, he will need to do the job himself, in person and preferably soon. in des moines, stove brown, fox new -- steve brown, fox news. former candidate rick santorum opened a pennsylvania campaign office for mitt romney, the first formal campaign event he's attended since endorsing romney in may and he told supporters president obama proved he can not leave the country and doesn't understand how to do the job. >> and we don't have a republic anymore. that is what is going on here. >> a president drunk with power and is acting like he's the two- good -- too good dictator of this country. we need to reclaim the public. >> mitt romney doesn't have any campaign events this weekend and is spending it in new hampshire with his family. still to come, a fast-food
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worker busted for what he was selling out of the drive- through window. >> not what you would expect at a funeral home. starbucks. why the owner thinks the gourmet coffee to chain will be a hit. that is coming up in just minutes. minutes. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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. a fast food worker will spend the next 20 plus years behind bars for running a child porn operation out of the restaurant's drive through window. police say it happened at a wendy's in texas and fox's robert price discuss how the investigators uncover the disturbing operation. >> reporter: people living and working near the stone oak wendy's can't believe it. >> i'm shocked. >> twisted. >> reporter: child pornography told sold to customers at the drive-through restaurant alongside orders of burgers and fries. >> horrified think it can happen. >> bring it into the community, and that is bad. >> reporter: investigators say that is what the 36-year-old
10:20 pm
juan antonio rosa confessed to doing. vincent of homeland security investigations said the agency found child porno rosa's computer last summer and immediately began surveillance and that led them to wendy's, where they found he was taking special orders from people he found on the internet. customers wanting child porn gave the password cookie do and for $50, he would slip a memory card into their french freeways. >> there were children on the files between the ages of eight and 12 involved in sex acts with other children and adults. >> reporter: investigators say he ran the operation for several months, starting some time in 2010. after he was released from state prison for a different child porn conviction; however, they emphasized that no one associateed with wendy's, not his bosses or coworkers, had any idea what he was up to. >> what he told us he was trying to do is to create cover for himself and use a system that you would normally see
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drug traffickers use and decided to use the business. >> they have it down to a science and that is nasty. >> very unusual. he was going -- thought he was going get away with it and did not, which is what we see, a successful sentenceing. south carolina funeral home added a starbucks to the building. the reason, the owners are hoping a couple of -- cup of gourmet joe will help mourners dealing with the loss of a loved one. jay henman has the story. >> reporter: this funeral home is taking hospitality to a new level, offering comfort in a cup of starbucks coffee to those in morning. >> we pride ourselves in the service we provide for families and we wanted to provide coffee in a very professional way and felt like starbucks was the best way. >> the. >> reporter: the funeral director said the starbucks franchise will occupy this corner of the funeral home and appropriately be called the
10:22 pm
coffee corner and that is open to anyone wanting a cup of coffee. >> i think people will like it and if they don't, if it's not for them, and, of course, it's not for everybody, and then they can come in the front door and they will hardly see it. >> reporter: the starbucks is under construction. all tucked away from the funeral services and crematory. his starbucks will have all of the comforts of home with wifi, a fire place, and a television, hoping a cup of decaf will help people morn their dearly departed. >> and some loved ones could be the worst day of your life and sometimes it helps to, you know, step aside and come in -- come in here where it's private and with a friend and have a cup of coffee and to think about good times. coming up on the news at 10, shots fired as people in prince georges county mourn the loss of a loved one.
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one of the victims is in serious condition. plus, the controversy over the u.s. olympic uniforms and people are not upset over the style but where they were made. the stories and much more coming up in just minutes. ♪
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. the news at 10 continues in prince georges county. police are investigating a drive-by shooting that left a man seriously injured. they say it happened last night as a group of young people gathered for a vigil for cancer victim. john henrehan reports. >> reporter: it happened in a neighborhood called landover hills. a group of young men who grew up here often get together in the evenings and hang out on this brick wall. this longtime widow and residence said they are not fellow makers -- trouble makers.
10:27 pm
>> they made a commitment to watch us and they have honored that commitment. they don't any pose any problems to the community, they're good upstanding young men and most of them are finding it difficult to find employment, but they're just a good set, a good group of young men. >> reporter: on friday night around dinner tomb, the group was hanging out on the wall. as darkness approached, they moved half a block away to a small triangular park where the group of young men lit candles and passed around a few bottles as part of an informal vigil for an acquaintance named rico who recently died of cancer. according to police, at 9:40 p.m., a vehicle drove by. at the same time, an adult male was exiting his car right near the vigil. and gun fire erupted from the cruising car wounding the adult man. larry craig heard the gun shots. >> i heard three to four and i
10:28 pm
looked up and i saw a group of kids standing on the corn or 68th avenue, they were scattering. i want up the street and down the street, and after, that i don't know. i heard the police came. the police say his condition is now stable. and the next day, around the corner from the nighttime shooting, the police discovered a silver lexus with what appeared to be three bullet holes in the front windshield. and place are requesting anyone who knows about the car or a shooting at the vigil, contact detectives or call crimesolvers to report information anonymously. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the body of mary richardson kennedy has been exhumed and reburied in a spot away from the kennedy relatives. he had his estranged wife's remains move move -- moved 700 feet on a hilltop he plans to buy. she was buried near eunice
10:29 pm
kennedy shriver and her husband. she hanged herself in may. she and robert kennedy were in the midst of a bitter divorce. the tennessee woman who sent her adopted russian son back to moscow will have to pay child support. she had given the seven-year- old boy to her parents. a few months later in april of 2010, he wound up alone on a plane with a note. the note said that hanson didn't want to be the boy's mother anymore because he had a violent behavioral problem. the judge ruled that she owes the russian orphanage director $150,000 for the boy's care. >> you have the orphanage director taking me for child support when where's not the custodian of the child and has not been since august of last year. >> she thought is she would be getting out of child support. had she surrendered the child here, she would have remained responsible follow until he was adopted. >> she apologized to the court for what she did. the boy is in russia living in a group home.
10:30 pm
designer ralph lauren said the olympic athletes will wear clothes made in the usa next time. the uniforms for the opening ceremonies in london caused a stink when word got out that they were made in china and lauren contracted to do the outfits until 2020 games all of his olympic clothing will be american made. that is little comfort for some members of congress. >> i think they should take all of the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again. all, if they have to wear nothing but a singleet that says usa on it painted by hand. that is what they should wear. >> and that is too -- it's too late to change the clothes for this year's game. mother nature served up some crazy weather nationwide this summer. while we're dealing with storms here on the east coast, parts of the midwest are facing extreme drought conditions. fox's anna coyman has the story. >> reporter: this is being called the worst drought in the last quarter century and no relief is in sight for the weekend to the already parched
10:31 pm
midwest. the temperatures are forecasted to climb to the upper 90s and triple digits in some parts. christmas tree sap lings and vegetable crops are shriveling up and corn and soy harvests have been lost causing the price of these commodities to spike. indiana seems to be the epicenter of the agricultural catastrophe but it's spreading into illinois and iowa, the country's largest corn grower. there is light rain in the forecast and parts of the midwest, it won't be enough to make a difference to the scorched crops and livestock pastures. >> we're hopeful if we get rain the next week to 10 days, it will help. >> reporter: many are compare nothing to the dust bowl in the 19 thirsts that destroyed -- 1930s that destroyed crops and lives as well. residents in wisconsin face a $492 fine if they water their lawn. meanwhile, too much water in some parts of the country. flash flood watches are across the southwest. around houston, trees down, streets flooded and bayous overflowing.
10:32 pm
forecasters say the heavy rain which has fallen across the gulf coast and southeast will shift toward the tennessee and ohio valleys today. several inches of rain and flash flooding will be possible, especially in some low lying areas. the declaration of natural disaster areas some in some 26 states will hold residents to acquire low-interest loans as they weather these natural disasters and the wildfires n. new york, anna coyman, fox news. and to australia where a shark attack leaves a surfer dead. it happened north of perth. the shark was a great white, say witnesses. >> it was on the back of the jet ski and in front of it. and shock and went straight out. blood everywhere and massive, massive -- and with that body
10:33 pm
and i raced to grab the body and the shark came at me on the jet ski and tried to knock me off. i did another loop and when i came back to the body, the shark took it and there is some blood everywhere. nothing i could do. i did everything i could. >> beaches near the sites are now closed. united nations observers are investigating a mass killing in syria. some of the bodies were borned so badly, they can't be identified. we'll warn you, some of thevo is graphic. julie banderas has more. >> reporter: gut-wrenching scenes in the village of tentra in western syria. >> and -- >> reporter: this teenager crying, pleading with his dead father to get up. while the official mission remains suspended, the united
10:34 pm
nations observers are on the scene. the people greeting the observers who say this is the site of one of the deadliest massacres of the 16 monthlong conflict. syria's forces apparently targeting anti-government activists and former army members who defected. the locals say there are victims of all ages. >> they burn children in front of our eyes and help the men like this and stabbed them. one here and one here. >> reporter: at least 150 people among the dead. the u.n. saying they were killed at the hands of syrian troops. the u.n. saw the bombardment. >> and this involved make noised units, invite expire as well as helicopters. >> reporter: the u.n. secretary- general ban ki-moon condemns the attack and syria denying its troops play good role in the killing and blaming tries. meantime, the attacks continue on the city. the red cross is now viewing the fighting as an internal
10:35 pm
armed conflict. in other words, it's a civil war. the distinction is important because it can help lay the ground work for future prosecutions and for war crimes. while the 300-member united nations observer mission was suspended in june, unarmed monitors have been responding to some specific incidents in the conflict. julie banderas, fox news, new york. still to come, how often do you find yourself on the internet. researchers are adding how much time people are on their laptops, smartphone and iphones. >> an olympian returns home as the u.s. basketball team prepares for the next exhibition team. >> showers are winding down. we have showers to the south of the city. what will tomorrow hold in store for our washington weather. i will have all the details on the forecast coming up in a few minutes. 
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. all right, talking basketball and olympics. it's on. >> i'm telling you. >> what do you like to watch? >> i like gymnastics. >> me, too. >> and basketball, here and there. >> and this team you're going to want to watch. >> really? >> you heard all of the controversy. >> and which i remember, i was a twitchingel in my parent's eyes. >> and they said we're not ready to make the comparisons. the summer olympics will get underway in london and the team to watch is the men's hoop team led my mike krzyzewski. they will have a practice tomorrow, an exhibition game at the verizon center on monday. it was a star-studded affair this afternoon at the d.c. armory. kobe bryant, lebron james and the rest of the 2012 olympic basketball team held an open practice in front of 3,000 active retired service men and women and their families.
10:40 pm
team usa features kevin duant from the oklahoma city thunder and he led the nba in scores for three seasons and the first to do so since michael jordan. he recently won to the heat and didn't walk away empty handed. >> everything is an experience. i am happy to be here and that is a great experience for us. we like to win but it didn't go like that. >> and usa across our state and other sports and cool to have the family out there in london. i'm looking forward and going go out there and enjoy myself and prepare for the game and to go and support my other olympians in different sports and to bring as many goals as we can. and the former nat and marlin pitcher rodriguez. the nats trail 1-0 and deathsmond is picked off.
10:41 pm
the ball is -- desmond picked off. the ball is in the helmet and ruled a stolen base. flores, a broken bat to the reach of reyes and come, in to score from second base. the 0-2, lines one to right. and bonafacio scores. the nats fall to the marlins, 2- 1. the capitals held their annual fan fest and newly acquireed mike ribberra was the center of attention, signing autographs for the new fans. he comes to d.c. after a draft day trade from the dallas stars and is expected in the second line and create on the power lay. he hopes to help the caps get over the hump. >> and every year issue the top 5 ranking for winnings and there is always a piece here and there and hopefully i can help the team go farther in the play-offs and to win the cup. >> and the orioles and they
10:42 pm
beat the tigers 8-6. and they teased me on that one. hundreds of people flocking to new jersey for religion. we'll tell what you is special about a tree trunk when the news at 10 returns. 
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10:45 pm
. spending time online could be hazardous to your psychological health. the doctors are not just pointing the finger at computers, smartphones and tablets may lead certain people to an internet addiction. mary ann rapherty has more. >> reporter: it's -- if spending time online interferes with the key relationship on your line, you could be developing an internet addiction. dr. greg or jantz started investigating the trend after noticing what was going at his own dinner table. >> i have two boys and in our home, between the three of us
10:46 pm
and my wife, we had 18 devices with screens on them. when my two boys were texting each other at the dinner table instead of talking to one another, i said we have a problem here. >> reporter: in his latest book "hooked, the pitfalls of media technology and social networks," he discusses the good and bad influences technology has on our lives. while internet addiction can sound funny, it's a problem for some. >> the person who is constantly wired and connected and have got their 5,000 twitter followers and have all of their friends and they're being consumed by that, generally they don't understand the amount of time and the cost to them. >> reporter: he said certain personality types might be more likely to become addicted. >> the stimulus seeker personality has to have a lot of stem lie going on in their life. -- stomachly going on in their life, like an a districtive personality and the technology fits into that. they believe that they can multitask. what they develop is something called partial attention
10:47 pm
distraction. >> reporter: the doctor said the technology detox could be in order if you can't go a weekend without checking in online. in new york, i'm marianne rapheerty, folk news -- mare some people saw some rain today. >> and locally heavy rain. >> uh. >> south-southwest of the city, reports of one to two inches of rain. the storms are slow movers and that is what is causing the problem. >> we're winding down. >> okay. >> and some good news, a flash flood watch until midnight. the national weather service let that go. >> that is good to know. >> and kind of, we're going to see that all over again tomorrow. >> oh, boy. >> and that is the bottom line. >> all right. >> look out for that. >> yeah. >> and not going to rain all day tomorrow. >> if you have some plans, can you make it without the rain? >> andia, tomorrow. >> good tease there. there are a lot of shots, warm and humid in the immediate washington area and we don't have any rain showers but you can see not to far off to the
10:48 pm
south, there is some good rain and that is that thunderstorm an hour ago and with some warmer temperatures, they're falling a part and that is to fredericksburg, light showers and sprinkles to the west and south in hagerstown, in washington, we're doing fine. during the afternoon and evening hours, we had heavy rain across portions of southern maryland. for a time, a flash flood warning in parts of prince georges and charles county. the headlines now. a few showers overnight. i told you our headline and into tomorrow, the storms will return. the best chance is tomorrow afternoon and to be honest with you, like today, there could be a few showers, may be a thunderstorm popping up in the morning and still localized flash flood potential tomorrow as these storms are going to be slow movers and everything gets going, can drop one to two inches of rain and the next week, the heat is going to build back in. tomorrow, our daytime
10:49 pm
temperatures forecasted in the 90s and we'll have the the 90s around for much of the next week, in fact, mid- to lower 90s. currently 79 degrees, warm and humid out there. 81 in annapolis; 77, leonardtown and better here north and west, nasa, 73 and overnight lows, you will be up to 60s north and west of town. here in town, mid-70s and we're going to get cool enough to get fog developing and look out for the potential of fog across parts of the area. the showers, thunderstorms bubbling up in the daytime heating and this is the warm front pushing north. during the day tomorrow, i think in addition to the humidity, you're going to notice the hot temperatures back in the 90s tomorrow after enjoying highs in the mid-80s today and open it up for you. can you see the disorganized nature of the shower and thunderstorm activity. and it will be just like this, kind of repeat performance tomorrow. only, i think, the focal point will be further to the north tomorrow and this is our future cast, the motion for you, watch the showers fall a part
10:50 pm
overnight. we're at 9:00 tomorrow morning and the cloud cover. we'll get a few breaks of sunshine and by tomorrow afternoon at 5, here we go again. the showers and thunderstorms kind of redeveloping and they'll linger into the evening hours tomorrow night. i think by thousand -- monday, we'll be into the sunshine, only then we'll deal with high temperatures around here and with the highs expected to in the mid-90s and we're used to that. wins out of the south at 5 to 10 and tomorrow, plenty of clouds, periods of sunshine. the showers of storm are a possibility. 93 your daytime high with the winds out of the south and west at about five to 10 and this is your hot five-day forecast. get ready for the 90s, 93 tomorrow and by monday afternoon, 94 degrees and that is looks like tuesday and wednesday are the hottest days of the next week and with some high school, sorry about that, in the mid- to upper 90s.
10:51 pm
by mid-day wednesday, that is a cold front and can kick off previous thunderstorms and cooling it down by thursday and friday into the upper pitty -- upper 80s and 90s. >> we have to be concerned about anything like what we saw? >> i don't want to predict or direct that event. >> yeah, yeah. >> the potential for a strong thunderstorm. >> oh, wow. bracing ourselves. >> yes. >> thank you, tucker. >> uh-huh. and this was the scene, like a scene from the movie "twister" on the eastern shore of virginia. the national weather service reports a tornado touched down. the resident caught this footage around 1:30 today on the cell phone. trees were uprooted and a handful of buildings damaged. fortunately there were no reports of injuries. it's not mother nature causing a stir in new jersey. it's the virgin mary. hundreds of believers claim the virg sin making an appearance -- virgin is making an appearance on a small parking on a tree. here's more on the story. >> reporter: it's a small carving in a tree measuring about 6 inches in length. hundreds of people are coming by to take a glimpse of the
10:52 pm
carving. a carving they believe is of the virgin mary. >> why do you believe? [ speaking spanish ] [ through translator ] >> she said she feels it in her heart and that it's the virgin of guadalupe. >> reporter: she was the first to discover the carving here in west new york, new jersey. by nightfall, word began to spread and the faithful began to gather so much so that police had to put a barricade and station several officers here. the site has become a sort of tourist attraction with picks of the carve -- pics of the carving being sold here. >> like all of this spiritual energy and that one carving of her, it's amazing. >> reporter: giani and his mother are among the many also praying here. people hear believe the carving resembles a roman catholic icon known as our lady of guadalupe. they believe the carving holds mystical powers. >> right now, i'm having a lot of sensational feelings and a
10:53 pm
lot of energy going through my body. when i touched her, my fingers felt numb. >> reporter: there are a lot of people here, though, believe that this carving is painted on or a result of the tree branch carving off. even skeptics say a little faith never hurts anyone. >> hope gets us through the day. the little things in life. a little chunk of the tree that looks like a saint, you know, more power to you. just ahead, the magical world of disney is expanding and adding more of you and your children's favorite characters to disney world. we have the behind-the-scenes look at some of the new projects. and coming up on the news edge at 11, a violent weekend across the district, including a fatal shooting a few hours ago. we'll have all of the details coming up on the news edge at 11. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend.
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move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. . a teenager finished walking
10:57 pm
across the country with a cross on his shoulder. junior garcia wanted to raise awareness about god, so he walked all the way from saginaw, texas, to washington, d.c. garcia started out on june 7th and walked about 12 hours every single day. and he wanted to hold a prayer service in front of the white house and raise money for missionary programs. >> it's an awesome thing to be here. kind of speechless to see everybody and, man, it's been an awesome feeling. undescribable feeling, but it's been amazing. god is good and i give him all of the glory. >> his friends back in the church in texas say garcia wanted to bring people's focus to god's message of love. changes gears a bit, the district celebrating the day with a less-than-fancy french party or fetch -- fete, as they say in french. they held the annual street party with the french maids race and a masked ball. somewhere in the crowd were king louis xvi and queen marie
10:58 pm
antoinette. walt disney world is revamping the fantasy land theme park in orlando, florida, adding now attracts from the most loved animated films look "beauty and the beast" and "the little mermaid." tom johnson gives a sneak peek at some of the things you can expect to see at the mimic kingdom. >> reporter: it's been three years since disney announced they were going to redo fantasy land and we're getting that close to all of it opening. today, disney pulled back the veil a little bit and gave us a behind-the-scene sneak peek of what you can experience there soon eric jacobson is in his fourth decade with disney. >> and this is look getting dessert twice. >> going to be things you have never seen before and amazing. >> reporter: disney is still building it, so it's hard to visualize what it's going to be. we have an imagineer to help. >> it's the world of beaut and
10:59 pm
the beast. >> what's great plight. >> and the world of snow white and the seven dwarfs. >> reporter: you can dine in the beast castle and interact. >> and tell stories together. and guests get to participate in the story. >> reporter: you will go under the sea with aerial from "the little merge maid." -- the little mermaid ." >> and take a ride with the seven dwarfs. >> new family, kid-friendly coaster that will tell the story of the dwarfs going to work and mines where a million diamonds shine. >> reporter: the idea, give bigger parts to some of disney's newer characters. >> we're going to give them a true home so they live here in the environment. not just a part of the parade or show but where they live in the magic kingdom. >> reporter: years in the making only a few more months until the next phase opens. >> i am excited to share what we're building and creating, what we have designed. >> reporter: can't come fast enough for eric jack sobson --er eric


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