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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 18, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i'm cat deeley. i'm cat deeley. i'm cat deeley. still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we are working several big stories tonight. summer storms hammer d.c. tearing down trees and leaving thousands without power. >> plus streets and basements flooded for the second time in less than two weeks. tonight several homeowners and tenants are venting their
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frustrations. >> and a fox news exclusive, george zimmerman speaking out, the man who killed trayvon martin talks about the shooting and his life since then in his first television interview. ew. we begin tonight with more is up storms and the aftermath. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. torrential rainfall and strong winds flooded some streets and toppled trees and power lines, a few thousand people still without power now in maryland and d.c. and pepco is reporting just over 3,000 outages at this hour, bg and e has 353 customers in the dark in our area. >> we begin our storm coverage tonight with fox 5's will thomas in a northwest d.c. neighborhood hit hard by flooding for the second time in two weeks, will. >> reporter: you can see some of the evidence of the flooding here on the sidewalk along rhode island avenue. check this out. duane will pan down. it's dirt and debris that's washed up and a lot of these folks have been out here all day long cleaning up not only
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their own homes, but the sidewalks, the gutters. they're really pitching in as we've seen here in bloomingdale once before, but the real evidence of the flooding, right across the street inside these homes. an early evening storm rolled through wednesday and once again the northwest washington neighborhood of bloomingdale got socked. sections of t street and rhode island avenue were filled with rainwater. these images from neighbors helped tell the painful story and so does this. >> same thing as last week. >> reporter: the eaves family is leaning out their basement for the 2nd time in a -- cleaning out their basement for the second time in a week. no fun and games here. >> about 3 inches of water. it's been about 12 or 16 hours cleaning up, two or three days drying out, get everything back down there and then a day or two we're back at it again. >> reporter: it's flooding
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this neighborhood suffered through just last tuesday after a torrential downpour. now a little summer rain resulted in more flood damage. >> i certainly want them to figure it out and come out here. i don't know if i can live here much longer. >> come home this afternoon to a bunch of dirt and debris all over the place, the water line on the car. you can see how high it came up. it wasn't as high as last time, but it still flooded. >> reporter: his ground level condo has been hit twice, the new damage complicating and delaying repairs that are already underway and now sewage is backing up. >> comes up through the toilet. there's a water line in the shower for it coming up through the shower. >> reporter: the president of the bloomingdale civic association is trying to find out what d.c. water can do to prevent the flooding and the damage that follows. >> perhaps there's just too much trash and gook in the
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system that needs to get cleaned out. >> reporter: d.c. water system is building a 2.6 water storage system that's supposed to alleviate a lot of the problems out here, but that project interest 20 years out and a lot of folks are hoping help comes a lot sooner than that. a lot of neighbors are saying their insurance companies are telling them we can't help you and here's why. even if your homeowners insurance policy includes coverage for sewage backup, which we're seeing throughout a lot of these homes, if the insurance companies trace it back to floodwaters from the rain, they say soccer it's flood insurance and that's not your policy -- sorry, it's flood insurance and that's not your policy. so the damage is costing a lot of folks a lot of money right out of pocket. >> they just had a community about this the other night with d.c. water and here it goes again. we thomas, thanks. so what is happening right now and are we in for more storms tomorrow? we'll check in now with fox 5's sue palka in the weather center. >> things are settling down and we probably will see another round of showers and
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thunderstorms tomorrow, but the heat will be a lot less intense tomorrow. listen, we want to mention in addition to the flash flooding we had a number of trees come down today in these strong winds and this one in particular, 1400 block of arcadia place northwest. our northwest -- our bob barnard is there on scene. more information is coming up in a moment. let's go straight to radar here because while the area has really settled down, want you to see we still have one or two spots with lingering showers dying out now in the shenandoah valley, but a couple hotspots south of fredericksburg with a little lightning. these storms are only moving very slowly to the east. they are the exception, not the rule. we do not have that much activity left. want to show you satellite and radar the last three hours. here you'll see what we have
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moving off from west to east is diminishing, but we'll keep a slight chance of a shower in the forecast and talk about the heavy rain that caused flooding in booming dale, again one week ago -- bloomingdale, again, one week ago tuesday is when we had that flash flooding. doppler stunted 2.9 inches of rain there extending from prince george's county to annapolis. regarding tomorrow, the bigger threat for stronger thunderstorms will be in the ohio valley, but we may see another run on of showers and storms, too with less heat. -- round of showers and storms, too with less heat. we'll talk more about that and the timing with the full forecast coming up. >> remember you can check weather any time with the fox 5 weather app. search for d.c. weather at apple's app store or the an destroyed market. you'll also find it on -- android market. you'll also find it to we are learning more about a freak accident that killed a driver in virginia. a massive tree fell in the heart of great falls village last night crushing a car killing the man inside.
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he has been identified as albert carl roeth, iii. his family tells fox 5 he was a kind man who loved horses and fox hunting. fox 5's john henrehan has the latest. >> reporter: the huge old tree was in front of a condominium shopping center on georgetown pike, but the tree actually stood in vdot's right-of-way. so the state transportation department was responsible for the tree which according to an old photograph looked like it was dying. the man who was crushed around 6:30 tuesday evening when the tree came down was identified by police as 64-year-old albert carl roeth, iii. according to land records, roeth had recently purchased this house on georgetown tyke less than a mile from the fatal accident. earlier -- pike less than a mile from the fatal accident. earlier carl roeth had lived in the fairfax county neighborhood of west moor gardens. a recent neighborhood snapshot of the tree that fell shows that most of it was lifeless,
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but according to a spokeswoman for d the volunteer, there -- for vdot, there is no record anyone had called to complain about the tree. fairfax county's urban forester agrees. >> i'm not aware of any type of complaints or any type of citizen observation where they called our office or anyone else and complained about the tree being dead or hazardous. >> reporter: once on the screen tuesday night urban forester michael snap determined that a second old tree -- michael knapp determined that a second old tree was near rot. that tree was felled around dawn. a couple other old trees nearby were examined at the corner of georgetown pike and walker road. landowner ralph lazaro, a retired dentist, says neighbors urged him to keep those trees for more than 30 years. >> here we are today with two trees, more traffic, turn lane
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problems and to be honest with you, i just can't sit silent anymore. >> reporter: after tuesday's accident, dr. lazaro has changed his mind and will ask vdot to remove the two older trees on the corner. the spokeswoman for vdot says the state agency feels horrible about the fatal accident and she confirmed that vdot does not routinely survey all the trees alongside state roadways and urges anyone who sees a tree that appears to be dangerous to report that to vdot. in great falls, john henrehan, fox 5 news. another ride on bus caught fire today, just the latest in the series of fires in one of the suspect's fleets. it happened this morning in silver spring ramsey avenue. the bus was out of service. no one was hurt. this is at least the seventh fire in the last three years on the smaller buses made by champion international. earlier this year the union representing ride on bus
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operators and mechanics said the federal government was looking into the problem. today montgomery county executive isiah leggett released a statement saying, "i have directed the department of general services to take all remaining ride on champion buses out of service permanently. a number of the buss have already been replaced and by -- buses have already been replaced and by the end of august we'll have the remaining shuttle buses in service." the man who shot trayvon martin gave his first interview tonight. take a listen. >> i just think it's a tragic situation and i hope it's the most difficult thing i'll ever go through in my life. >> up next what george zimmerman had to say about that fateful night and what's happened ever since. >> plus rg3 ready to get down to work, the deal he agreed to today and his message for fans. >> and later you not and you hope for a parking spot at the metro station. row -- you hunt and you hope for a parking spot at the metro
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seven people are dead and dozens of others injured after a bomb exploded on a bus carrying israeli tourists in a bulgarian resort today. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is calling it an iranian terror attack and is promising a tough response. iranian officials have not responded to the accusations. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. now a fox 5 exclusive, the man who killed trayvon martin speaks out in his first tv interview. george zimmerman sat down with sean hannity to discuss what happened the night the unarmed teen-ager was shot and killed. >> i'm not a racist and i'm not a murderer. >> reporter: george zimmerman giving his first exclusive television interview. he sat down with fox news channel sean hannity talking about the death of trayvon martin. zimmerman gave his version of what happened in sanford, florida, the night of martin's death february 26th. >> after he couldn't hit my head on the concrete anymore he
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started to try to suffocate me. i continued to push his hands off my mouth and my nose, particularly because it was excruciating having a broken nose and him putting his weight on it. >> reporter: the former neighborhood watch volunteer is charged with second degree murder in the killing of the 17- year-old. he has pleaded not guilty claiming the shooting was in self defense. >> he said you're going to die tonight [ bleep ] and took one hand off of my mouth and i felt it going down my chest towards my belt and my holster and that's when i didn't have any more time. >> reporter: zimmerman is living in a safe house as he awaits trial. he was released two weeks ago on $1 million bond. no trial date has been set yet. >> you regret getting out of the car to follow trayvon that night? >> no, sir. >> do you regret you had a gun
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that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't be here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? >> no, sir. >> reporter: the 28-year-old also apologizing to the victim's family. >> i love my children even though they aren't born yet and i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like and i pray for them daily. >> reporter: kirsten mcneary, fox news. d.c. police are hoping you recognize someone in this surveillance video recorded at the bus stop at seventh and h streets northwest june 5th around 3:30 a.m. this video was taken moments before someone walking by this area was violently attacked. the attack was not caught on camera, but police hope you recognize someone there. if you, do give d.c. police a call. he has been under fire for months, but d.c. mayor vincent gray still has his supporters. today a group of them rallied outside the wilson building showing that they are standing behind the mayor. the event was organized by several churches whose members say they heard the calls for
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the mayor to step down and they say enough is enough. >> the reality is that we need to learn some civility. we need to be patient. we need to be patient with the legal process, not jump the gun, not begin to sort of take the city at this point through more trauma and drama. >> some of the people who spoke today at the rally say there has been a rush to judgment and they want the legal process to play itself out. a new washington post poll may give the mayor some pause. a majority surveyed say the mayor should resign. fitchet 4% say the mayor should step -- 54% say the mayor should step down and 37% say he should not and 9% have no opinion. 45% to 40% say the city is headed in the wrong direction. it's the first type since 2006 that sentiment has been expressed by the majority of rents. joining us -- residents. joining us now to discuss this more from the washington post
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is nakita stewart. i found it interesting that the sentiment really crosses all demographics. we're talking race, age, sex, income. could you give us more insight on what the poll found on issues related to the mayor? >> yeah. we're looking at a mayor who is struggling to prove to people that he's trustworthy and honest. those numbers just plummeted. we looked at just a small group and among white women. just 6% believe that he was honest and trustworthy and his base in 2010 was mostly african american voters and among african american voters it's pretty evenly split just nearly half of the people, nearly half of the african americans, believe he should resign. >> it seems the issues with the mayor and repeated scandals is recovering city leadership may be playing into the question in
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the poll that the city is going down the wrong track. >> 26% of those we surveyed believe he was doing a good job on jobs. this is an issue that he was pushing saying that he is staying focused on his administration and residents, you know, they just want to know what the mayor knew and when he knew it. they're not trusting the words he's saying. it's interesting because i think what the poll showed is that there's this court of public opinion and he's almost like a defendant who just isn't taking the stand in his own defense at this time. until he actually says something to the public, i think you're going to see his numbers continue to drop. >> i'm curious what your thoughts are, what kind of impact you think this will have on the mayor. >> well, the mayor has been very consistent in his statements that he has no plans to resign, that he is staying focused on his administration,
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that he feels that he is doing a good job running the city and that this is not a distraction. you know, in fact, in some ways he blames the media for focusing on the investigation instead of some of the programs that he's been putting forth. >> the good news here is the numbers of people who feel that the city is on the wrong track is actually nowhere near as high as it was back in the 1990s when 70% felt the city was on the wrong path. so i guess that is one bright spot that the mayor could point out. breaking down the numbers, your poll also found younger residents are generally more optimistic. is that just a function of age? ignorance is bliss? >> i think so. what we found in the past is that younger residents don't have as much tie to the government as older residents who might be more concerned about some of the services that they need from senior services to recreation centers, et cetera. so i think that's what you're seeing. >> thanks very much for being
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with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. burgundy and gold fans rejoice. it's officially a done deal. rg3 is officially a redskin. we'll break down his big deal plus his message for the fans coming up next. >> later tonight on the news edge a group of metro riders takes down a suspected thief. how their team work made the difference at 11:00. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. the redskins fans today saw rg3 put pen to paper and is officially a member of the burgundy and gold, dave ross here to break down a big deal. >> $21.1 million, four years all guaranteed. the team could have haggled the contract over the last couple years, some of the money might not have been guaranteed. they said forget it. get here and play some football. that's what we're getting ready
10:25 pm
to do finally. this is a twit pic the kids call it, robert griffin, iii officially signing his new contract early this morning. he was on the practice field today and will continue to the practice rest of this week, the team also inking third round pick josh la revis to a contract meaning all of the rookies are signed, sealed and delivered. rg3 tweeted it's time to go to work, off of the unemployment line and oh, yeah, httr. you know what that means, shawn. >> yes. hail to the redskins. >> if all goes well, there is a club option for the fifth year. i think everybody is hoping all goes well and he's around for a while. i think it shows what the redskins' mindset was, if you will that, they said forget about haggling. let's get you here and get to work. camp starts in a week, so let's get going. >> we won't even talk about what record, but let's get going. >> i'm not on a box. i really am this short. >> you didn't have to say that.
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>> i know. >> shawn is on the box. many metro riders know it can be a nightmare trying to find a parking spot at stations, yet you have to pass up the rows and rows of reserved spaces that sit empty. up next the stations that have the worst parking problems and what metro is doing about it. if you see a story we should look into, give us a call 202-895-3000 or send us your tips to we'll be right back.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. metro says it's fixed the computer glitch that shut down rail service twice over the weekend and that a failed module is to blame. once it was replaced this morning all error that occurred in the system stopped. the glitch caused metro's operation center and its backup to lose the ability to see the
10:30 pm
location of trains. metro riders get to the station, look for a parking spot, but the gang is full. so why are entire -- the garage is full. so why are entire levels still empty instead being sold for a premium? fox 5's sherri ly is monitoring metro tonight. as commuters toil in traffic to get to work every morning, thousands of metro riders fight another kind of commuter congestion. >> it's a nightmare. it always fills up. >> i've been late to work several times because i couldn't find parking. >> reporter: at the busiest metro garages drivers carve out a spot wherever they can squeezing into corners and park illegally. it is 8:30 in the morning and people are circling the parking garage looking for a spot. the roof here is the last resort, but all of these spots are full. it's even earlier at some
10:31 pm
stations. according to metro, the parking lot fills up at east falls church in rockville by 7:45 a.m. at largo town center it's full by 8:15 and vienna, branch avenue and shady grove, all the spots are gone by 8:30. an hour later and you can still find a parking spot here, except these require a reserved permit. and that will cost you. for an extra $65 a month on top of the roughly $85 in daily parking fees each month anyone can get a reserved parking permit. for those who have one it's sometimes the only way to get to work. >> i pay more than i want to, but i'm pretty happy actually. >> metro has me right where they want me. i mean that's a high price, but i have really no options. >> reporter: last year sales of reserve permits earned metro about $2.3 million. >> it is a money making scheme. >> reporter: the idea of paying for premium parking
10:32 pm
riles up people as much as h.o.t. lanes where those who can afford the steep price can drive in special lanes without the congestion. >> i don't like those rules, but i don't like the fact that we also have mercedes-benz lanes for h.o.t. lanes. >> reporter: often reserved spaces never show up. metro's numbers show more than 2/3 of the permits have not been sold. shady grove and franconia have more unanimous 600 unused permits. -- than 600 unused permits. at greenbelt 419 remain available or 12% of the lot. new carrollton and huntton have more than 300 each -- huntington have more than 300 each making up 10 and more than 11% of the total. all told more than 5,000 space goes wasted, enough to fill the entire shady grove parking garage. >> some places are overutilized over 110%. so much places are underutilized depending upon
10:33 pm
the region. we try to make that balance. we're not building any more parking structures. >> reporter: after 10 a.m. anyone can park in reserved spaces. any time before that and you risk a ticket. shortly after 9 a.m. we found this metro transit police officer writing tickets. the cost, $50. >> this year i paid for one ticket for parking in reserved parking. i knew i was going to get a ticket anyway, but hey, i need to get to where i need to get to. >> reporter: metro is reevaluating its reserved parking spaces. in some underutilized spots some of those spaces could be opened to the public or the price lowered to 45 or $50 to encourage users. >> i think there's 10 stations we're analyzing now that will have lower prices for those users basically. >> reporter: there's a balance between having enough parking for everyone, not just those who arrive early, but those who may need to come later. >> otherwise the people that need to come after 8:30 have no option. it would just be completely
10:34 pm
filled up. so i guess i think it's okay. >> reporter: bottom line, there's not enough parking for everyone and likely never will be. sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> metro plans to make the changes to its reserved parking program in the fall. the agency says one reason the lots fill up so fast is most people are driving alone. people who can't find parking can always get to the station by bus. fox 5 is always monitoring metro. if you see, something take a picture or video. send it to fox 5 metro at coming up a fast food employee fired after a disturbing picture goes viral. >> plus all eyes on london as the olympic games approach and now the british government is dealing with an embarrassing security problem. more out of work americans are digging into their nest eggs. a new survey reports more than 1/3 of unemployed or underemployed americans are tapping their retirement accounts including savings and 401k plans. meanwhile drivers are digging
10:35 pm
deeper to fill their tanks, gas prices up the 14th time in the past 16 days and the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded stand at $3.43. shoppers might be slowing down but apparently not on ebay, the online retailer posting earnings and sales ahead of expectations last quarter and a sweet gift from candymaker marches giving $5 million to the smithsonian's national museum of national history, the cash helping create a new gallery focusing on u.s. businesses and innovations, no word if the donation includes free candy bars for visitors. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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a hungarian man suspected
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of abusing jews during the holocaust has been taken into cust different 97-year-old laslo setari was arrested in hungary charged with war crimes in connection with the deportation of nearly 12,000 jews to nazi death camps during world war ii. the case was brought to life by the simon wisenthal center. . members of congress are stunned after learning about a security loophole that allows u.s. citizens on the no fly list to still enroll in flight school. people on that list are suspected of terrorist activity. today government auditors told congress there needs to be regulations in place to prevent people on that no fly list from participating in flight training. police are leading an investigation into why there were needles inside several airline sandwiches. the sandwiches were made in an amsterdam facility called gate gourmet. they make meals for several airlines, but these sandwiches only turned up on six delta
10:40 pm
flights from amsterdam to minneapolis and seattle and atlanta sunday. delta is using more prepackaged foods while the incidents are under investigation. burger king fired an employee after a picture popped up online of that worker standing on lettuce used for sandwiches. the caption which you cannot see here is this is the lettuce you eat at burger king. the restaurant chain is not confirming where the photo was taken, but someone who uses the website traced it to ohio. a prominent political analyst is recovering after a brutal beating. coming up on the news edge a witness describes what led up to that attack. >> metro riders came together to take down a suspected thief. one passenger tells us why he felt compelled to act tonight at 11:00.  [ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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pepco says it's looking into whether it can bury its power lines in maryland. the energy company has been under fire again of that huge storm last month knocked out power for more than half of its
10:44 pm
customers in maryland and the district. downed trees and branches fell on power lines. it's the same reason the power goes out after snowstorms like in 2010. we had some much needed rain today, but much of the country is dealing with severe drought. formers and the white house say the dry conditions will likely mean higher food prices. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: as the sun beats down, john moore is trying to keep up on watering his crops. >> we're starting to really get dry now. >> reporter: john works at leesburg's temple hall farm park. this drought is not only annoying livestock, but threatening both crops and a creek they rely on for water. >> try to monitor how we do that. we can't stop the flow of the creek. we are irrigating the cornfields and our pumps and fields. >> reporter: at the white house tuesday the secretary of agriculture warned food prices could be impacted by this lack of rain. >> 61% of the land mass of the
10:45 pm
united states is currently being characterized as being impacted by this drought. >> reporter: this is a good example. these leaves should be nat out and green. instead -- flat out and green. instead they're starting to turn yellow and brown. it's not that they haven't had rain out here in northern virginia, they, had just not the steady constant rain they need to keep these crops from looking like this, but other places have it much worse. in illinois they're harvesting early to save what they can. >> we used to burn up in july and august and it's kind of an unusual year. >> reporter: in kansas farmers are recycling water. >> we use all of the water that's available. >> reporter: and in arkansas diesel prices which water trucks use are causing even more pain. >> without the diesel we wouldn't have a crop. >> reporter: back at leesburg this field is supposed to be a corn maze by halloween. they're watering it, but there is no guarantee it's going to grow. >> even with the water the irrigation doesn't do nearly as
10:46 pm
well as the natural rainfall does. >> reporter: which is why when john looks out over these fields, he knows exactly what they need. >> we need a good steady soaking rain. >> reporter: but instead he says we've had a summer of too many thunderstorms and not enough rain. in leesburg tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> well, some parts of our region certainly got plenty of rain today. >> that's a problem. it all runs off and causes the flash flooding. it doesn't soak in because it's so torrential. that's what we had tonight not only in the bloomingdale area but bladensburg and you'll recall bladensburg had a microburst and big damage june 22nd. the same areas seem to be hitting a lot this summer. it's very strange. tomorrow i think we'll have a few more showers and thunderstorms. it won't be 101 tomorrow will be the difference. it might be 92 or 93. >> it won't be as intense. >> should not be as intense.
10:47 pm
that's exactly right, laura, and if we stay cloudier, perhaps they won't get that strong, but if we break for sunshine, there would be energy around. we have to say an isolated strong to severe storm can't be ruled out, but we are not outlooked for the widespread activity like we saw today. tonight on radar not much showing up locally. we're mostly sweeping clean. there are lighter showers in the shenandoah valley that are diminishing and heavier activity toward richmond and a couple spots in the northern neck getting a little diminishing shower and thunderstorm activity. over to sentinel radar to put everything in motion for the last three hours. you can see the trend. a little of this activity could still hold together. maybe you get brushed with a few more scattered showers overnight. we're not taking them out of the forecast, although i don't think as many people will see them. we're monitoring this whole line ahead of a cool front that has to come through tomorrow. that process will be real storm, some big thunderstorms getting ready to hit the
10:48 pm
chicago area. in terms who may get the stronger storms tomorrow, we're not outlooked by the storm prediction have to see that, but we are going to have this boundary around getting closer. it looks like more of the activity for the severe storms will be in the ohio and tennessee valley, but i wouldn't be shocked if sometime during the day tomorrow this maybe got expanded a little depending how much sunshine we get. right now it looks like tomorrow will be more clouds than sun, but the sizzle today, wow, this was our seventh day here in d.c. over 100 degrees. we did get to 101. a new record. baltimore broke a very old record. it was 104 degrees. the record was broken from 1887, so 125-year-old rod went down. in the inner harbor -- record went down. in the inner harbor, a temperature of 125 degrees, dulles 101, a new record there. it won't that be hot tomorrow. the thunderstorms that came through today did a good job of cooling us off, although it's still 84 degrees in the district, a few other spots in
10:49 pm
the mid-70s, very humid and unfortunately that will be here tomorrow. in terms of the temperature trend, we're going 92 degrees tomorrow. the front will be nearby, so there will be more humidity and more showers and thunderstorms. they'll be around again friday we think, but the temperature, notice that at 87 degrees, how about saturday, 83 degrees. what's going on here? northeast wind we believe is going to knock down the temperature and some of the models think it will be cooler than that. sunday about 86 degrees. we'll wait and see what happens. there will be a little pattern change beginning the next couple days. this bubble of heat is not going away. it's going to retreat and get pushed back out into the drought stricken middle part of the country. a little dip in the jet stream will allow cooler temperatures for the weekend. next week it looks like we're back in the mid-90s. futurecast to get an idea where the showers and storms will be tomorrow morning, probably a lot of clouds, maybe a couple showers overnight. run this out to thief clock and pause it. we begin -- 3:00 and pause it.
10:50 pm
we begin to see more activity. the more sun, the more storms we'll get, but clouds will be heavily present throughout most of the day. notice at 10:00, 11:00, another the round with the frontal boundaries swinging through. we'll probably be keeping a close eye on radar dale and probably for a portion of -- all day and probably for a portion of friday as well. here's your five-day forecast. we know we need the rain and hopefully tomorrow's rain when it comes does not come with the damage, the trees down and flash flooding we saw today, but we'll continue to watch it for you. friday, saturday, sunday a cooler trend begins. we may still dodge a few showers saturday. sunday looks terrific and monday we start heating up but nothing too out of control. july has been a hot one. >> thank you, sue. a private security firm dropped the ball ahead of the london games, so british soldiers are stepping in to fill the gap. fox's amy kellogg reports. >> reporter: with less than two weeks to the start of the olympic games construction is
10:51 pm
still underway at london's olympic park, workers laying cables installing seats as anxious athletes gear up to compete. >> i think it's really good the waits set up. we feel safe, official -- the way it's set up. we feel safe with all the safety officials and everything. >> reporter: soldiers summoned by the government are carrying out security checks at the entrance to the games filling an embarrassing hole unfilled by the company g4s, the private security firm failing to deliver thousands of security guards to watch over the venues. another looming issue, transportation. taxi drivers now up in arms over their accident collusion from special lanes created just -- over their exclusion from special lanes created just for athletes and vips. one clever cabbie ensuring a special way to get his pay. >> why not rent out my room
10:52 pm
overnight? >> reporter: some local theaters are experiencing a drop in advanced ticket sales leaving those managers wondering if the games bring packed houses or lead to empty seats. >> we are just about enticing people that are going to be in town and we do feel we have something for those people. >> reporter: one business that does stand to lose big is g4s. it's expected to lose between 54 and $78 million on its olympic contract and that amounts to about 12% of its annual profits. in london amy kellogg, fox news. meantime kobe bryant is slamming the nba for considering an age limit on future olympians. nba commissioner david stern talked about the possibility of limiting participation in the olympic basketball tournament to players 23 and younger. bryant who is in london now for the olympics told reporters, "it's stupid." team owners are concerned about
10:53 pm
the potential for injuries suffered by top players while they represent their nation's teams during the offseason. coming up next tonight. >> reporter: this guy does not look well, but don't worry. all that red stuff you see is just jell-o. these kids are at a camp learning how to be healthcare professionals and they may be taking care of you know day. >> and in minutes at -- of you one day. >> and in minutes at 11:00, a kidnapping victim's daring escape caught on camera next on the news edge.
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10:56 pm
first lady michelle obama is getting people moving in philadelphia. today she announced her progress on her let's move initiative before a group of mayors there. mrs. obama stressed that cities have to do their financial and civic duty to reduce childhood obesity. >> today our cities, towns and
10:57 pm
counties will be better able to do even more. you all will be able to provide more healthy food for our kids. you'll be able to build more playgrounds and play spaces for our families and no matter what challenge you're confronting, no matter what project you decide to tackle, you're going to have more of the tools and the assistance you need. >> the let's move website estimates nearly one in three children in the country are obese. the group of kids you're about to meet may one day help the rest of us stay healthy. they are going to summer camp, but this is no ordinary camp. they're getting a taste of what it's like to work in medicine. fox 5's beth parker with their story. >> reporter: they're suiting up for surgery, but they don't have medical degrees, at least not yet. you see, the patients are fake and the doctors and nurses are 6th and 7th graders. this is camp med. >> it's never boring. >> you're going to insert the tube and you're going to hold this with your right hand.
10:58 pm
>> reporter: it's parenship between virginia hospital center and northern virginia -- a partnership between virginia hospital center and northern virginia community college. >> usually when they get into high school, they know what they want to do. >> reporter: this mock o.r. is a variety of different things. here they are in tubating a patient basically acting as anesthesiologists. at this table a guy is having a more traditional exploratory surgery on his stomach and over here, this is laparoscopic surgery. >> i want you to put your hands in there because we are now in the belly. >> it was really cold and gooey and doesn't feel that great. >> reporter: the red stuff is just jell-o and every now and then they find a gummy worm. when the students checked out another patient -- >> candy. >> reporter: yes, they diagnosed this guy with -- >> pinata disease. >> this is a lot of fun. it helps us play for the day,
10:59 pm
so to speak, essentially let our hair down. >> reporter: they've worked mock crime scenes, spent time in the lab and learned pharmaceuticals. brian merski learned how to get around in a wheelchair and may have found his future occupation. >> neurosurgery is different every time. there's not going to be one person with the same brain tumor every time. there's going to be different things. it's going to be stressful and it's going to be challenging and i look up to that. that's what i want to do. >> reporter: not everybody is locked into a career in healthcare. >> maybe a fashion designer. >> reporter: maybe she can update the scrubs. in arlington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> pretty awesome. the news keeps coming tonight. shawn yancy now with the news edge at 11:00. we begin tonight with another evening of summer storms wreaking havoc across the region. the storms toppled trees, knocked out power and flooded a d.c. neighborhood for the second


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