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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  July 22, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. hello, everybody. i'm lindsay murphy. thanks for joining us to not for nissan sports xtra. coming up the kastles are hot to trot and venus williams is in town, plus there were some serious meltdowns at the british open and a surprising winner. but first out to the ballpark we go. the nationals and braves series didn't start to well for the nationals who dropped the first two games. they saw their lead fall to 1 1/2 games in the division. luckily the nats were able to must erwins in game 3 and 4. they would -- muster wins in game 3 and 4. they would bracken for the weekend. ian desmond out for a while, more on that coming up later. ryan zimmerman has been on a terror since his cortisone shot. 1st inning, braun clears the wall and right for a two-run shot, no. 13 on the year, 2-0 nats. look at this spin, would the the ball?
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danny espinosa going -- want the ball? danny espinosa going to get an extended stay, his bat also coming around. michael morse comes around and scores. espinoza would end up on third. it's 3-0 nationals at this point. zimmerman and the nats pour on it from there. this time he pulls the offering to left and it's a no doubter, his 4 tonight of the season. 5-0 nationals -- 14th of the season. 5-0 nationals at that point. bases loaded in the 4th and ross detwiler get the one, two, three double plame detwiler goes seven innings, allows -- play. debt twirl goes seven innings, allows three -- detwiler goes seven innings, allows three hits. >> nice to come back and get those next two. >> what a job coming back after those first two games. to come back and take the next two shows you what this team is
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made of. >> the good news is the nats remain 3 1/2 games up in the division after splitting the series. the bad news, all-star shortstop ian desmond will be out a couple weeks. davey johnson made the announcement after the game. an mri revealed there's an oblique tear and he needs some rest. this injury has bothered him since before the all-star game and kept him from playing in the all-star game actually. desmond played in both games of the doubleheader yesterday. he's been mvp leading all major league shortstops in doubles, moment runs, extra base hits and slugging percentage. needless to say it's a huge loss. >> shows you how tough he is, go out there and play. i was concerned last night and this morning when he said it felt like somebody hit him with bait. so i'm not sure what the -- a bat. i'm not sure what the rove time is or anything, but -- recovery time is or anything, but that's
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a big loss. the orioles in cleveland, second batter j.j. hardy and he goes yard with a man on off josh tomlin, a quick 2-0 lead for the orioles, his 14th zinger this season. next time up hardy has another hit right back up the middle, but look at the reflexes in tomlin, nice snag. he's got good hands. the orioles up 4-3 in the 9th, two men on and jim johnson gets cabrera swinging. the orioles hold on for the sweep of the three-game series on the road. it's time for a quick break, but coming up it's a great meltdown at the british open for the third round leader adam scott, but it did open the door for a surprise winner. stay with us. 
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welcome back to the
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washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. the name ernie els was not heard at the british open until today. he was six shots off heading into the final round. adam scott had a pretty comfy four-shot advantage and would have to really self-destruct for els to even have a chance, but that's exactly what happened. we begin with tiger woods. his third shot is out of the bunker coming right back at him, almost hits tiger. if you think that's good, watch his fourth shot. he is virtually laying down outside the bunker, does everything he can just to get the ball out. that would leave tiger with a short putt for double bogey. no, sir, though. he'd get a triple bogey finishes tied for third at 3- under par. how about graeme mcdowell tied for second place. his undoing came at hole 11 this. shot is far left. he has to pull out a search party to find the ball. graham with a disaster 5- over 75 tied for fifth. the leader falling around that allows ernie els to emerge.
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here was a short birdie on no. 12. this made putt would keep him in the conversation. at that point he was several shot behind leader. the aussie adam scott. scott seemingly in command would also come undone late missing the par putt on 15 no. big deal, just one bogey. huh-uh. then on 16 another short par putt, this one also, you got it, going to limp out. scott's lead is dwindling. back tow ls. he needs to take the club -- to els. he needs to take the clubhouse lead. he does just. that back to scott. he bogeyed 17, third in a row. he needs this putt on 18 to force a playoff and misses that, too. he would finish with four straight bogeys, a 5-over 75 for scott. els can celebrate his second open championship with his caddy. look at dam scott left all alone with his thoughts -- at adam scott left all a lien with his thoughts -- alone with his
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thoughts. ernie els is celebrating. you did it. >> amazing. i'm still numb. it still hasn't set in, you know, and probably take quite a few days because, you know, i haven't been in this position for 10 years obviously. so it's just crazy, crazy, crazy. crazy game. >> a championship golf course, it's very difficult and you got to play some good shots to win these golf tournaments and i wasn't able to do that the last few holes. sure, i'm very disappointed, but i felt like i played well this week and it's probably a great chance. >> got to feel bad for him, but ernie didn't even think he was going to win, his second british open title. the other one was 10 years ago. it's time for our second break, but don't go away. the usa basketball team has yet another olympic tune-up and they get push around, but it's
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> thanks for staying with us. for the second time in four
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exhibition games team usa of tested, but this team doesn't want easy games. they want the competition because it helps with preps for london. they sure as heck looked patriotic sporting the dream team's 1992 throwback uniforms. today kevin durant and team usa taking on argentina in barcelona. early on it looked like this would be a rout. chris paul to lebron james. kevin durant scored 27 points. the throwbacks were playing like the dream team at least for a while, but things got chippy. chris paul gets a hard foul and luis scola didn't like something. i first gets into it with durant. then lebron comes over and he gives the king a shove. hey, it's just supposed to be an exhibition. they scuffle a bit and then team usa has the last laugh. more run and gun. guess who is going to finish, king james with the slam. he had 15 points. the americans held on for an 86-
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80 exhibition victory over argentina. serena williams was set to play tonight for the kastles but had to back out to rest her back before heading to london for the olympics. big sister venus is the perfect sub. the kastles are going for their record 26th straight win. venus williams was the star traction tonight playing a singles and doubles match. -- attraction tonight playing a singles and doubles match. she cruised in her singles match. after winning both matches venus left straight from the court saying good-bye to her world team tennis teammates and head coach and immediately boarded a plane to compete in the olympic games in london. the kastles won easily over kansas city 25-8 and improve to 10-0 this year and keep that 26 game winning streak alive. >> you don't go into this trying to create a streak. you can't even imagine stuff like this, but now that we've done it just being part of something like this is so rare
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and hard to accomplish. it's a really special experience. >> so congratulations to the kastles. get this. they now have the second longest winning streak in pro team history. i'd also like to thank dave ross and my producer for great job and, of course, you for letting us be part of your weekend. i'll be back at 5:00 at the anchor desktop. hope to see you then. have a great -- desk tomorrow. hope to see you then. have a great night, everybody. >> thank you for watching sports xtra brought to you by your washington area nissan dealer. in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows


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