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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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108 right now and ashton, fullton, cloverleaf -- all of the places between olney and columbia. most of this is just to the west of highway 29 and right along highway 108. sentinel will give a a highlight and you can see this around boyd, 270 and this is not a severe thunderstorm. this is up in the nowhere sections of howard county, montgomery county and just moving into howard county and this will run until 5:30 or so. we have had more storms this evening. a couple more are popping up to the south of the district and into prince william county between dale -- between dale city and monasses and that is not severe. we'll keep an eye on that and there is another storm just to the west of hagerstown and this is moving slowly to the north and to the northwest at about
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10 to 15 miles an hour. a severe thunderstorm warn for example howard and montgomery county is going until 5:30. >> we'll talk to you soon, gary mcgrady. thanks. we are following another big story out of calvert county, maryland. tonight. three people are dead, another is in critical condition after an apparent murder/suicide at a home in o wings. the youngest -- in owings. the youngest victim is a two- year-old girl. matt? >> reporter: this is a terrible story. it really makes you sick. frank hayward, police say, tried to kill or did kill his wife this morning and his two- year-old daughter and then he injured his 12-year-old son. that is when he started his house on fire and, apparently, killed himself. it was before 8:30 when deputies responded to a home in a fairview neighborhood. patrick was home nearby. >> as soon as they flew out, i would not say there were five
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or six of them, but they immediately went through the front door and went in. i got a sense from all of the other police around that the situation resolved itself. >> reporter: the sheriff said the police response team was given the go ahead to enter the home and that was terrible inside. >> upon entering the resident, the house was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: those dead inside, 32-year-old frank hayward. police believe he killed his wife and their 2 year early daughter natalie. the 12-year-old was rushed to the hospital. >> y that found a white male, four years of age alive suffering from lacerations to his neck and burns to his body. >> reporter: what may have sparked the domestic killings? officials don't know for sure. the neighbor said that the family was having trouble. >> i said hey, what is going on? and how was like i'm trying to keep quiet, we're going through a rough patch. >> reporter: we were told another adult was inside the
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home and was able to escape. at this point, autopsies are being conducted to determine how each family member was, in fact, killed. >> and this is hard and devastating. you have a problem, move on in your life and to do this and to take a two-year-old's life and try to kill everyone is ridiculous and makes no sense. >> reporter: authorities will confirm that several guns were found inside the home tonight. they say that they are asking everyone to offer their support and their prayers to this 12- year-old boy. he is receiving treatment tonight at children's hospital, shawn, and everyone's hoping he pulls through. back to you. >> we are, too, matt. thank you very much. we are following a news alert out of maryland tonight. police have released now surveillance video of a suspect in the abduct of cal ripken jr. 's mother last week. she was taken at gun point from her home in aberdeen a weeing on today. she was tied up and driven around before being returned
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unharmed the next morning and police released a sketch of the suspect. a news alert in d.c. now and one person is dead and three others injured and they happened within a half hour of each other. the first around 11:15 on alabama avenue southeast. a man and teenager were first shot and are expected to be okay. the second shooting happened around 11:30 on nailer road in southeast. a teenager was injured in that shooting. the third was reported 15 minutes later on brocks street northeast and police found the 22-year-old jerry williams with a gun shot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he died and there were no arrests in any of the cases. starting tomorrow, d.c.'s drunk driving laws will be tougher. the law passed and means stiffer penalties for drunk drivers, and more severe mandatory offenses for repeat offenders and it carries
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tougher provisions for people driving drunk in commercial vehicles and that includes cabs, limos and tractor trailers. the first-time offenders can face up to 180 days in jail. if your blood alcohol level is .20 or higher and you a repeat offender, you will spend 10 days in jail instead of five and the number of days goes up as the blood alcohol level increases. you might get a break on speeding red light cameras in the district. they heading up a task force to study safety-focused changes in the cameras and that can mean lower fines. they will consider several changes including using -- whether or not to use revenues for road programs. the house is scheduled to vote on a bill banning abortions in the district after 20 weeks of pregnancy and that is based on a claim that fetuses can feel pain at that stage and karen gray houston
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has more. >> reporter: this is legislation that infuriated d.c. leaders and women's groups who support reproductive rights. they expect to start at 5:45 and the rules are suspend meaning the legislation will have to pass with a 2/3 rather than a simple majority. the abortion issue ruffles feathers whenever it's brought up. they attacking a double whammy. the women's group argue that a woman most affected would be a woman coping with something that has gone sadly wrong with the pregnantet and bill leaves no room for abortion if a woman's health is in jeopardy or in cases of rape or incest. one of the strongest advocates is accusing the bill's sponsor, congressman trent franks of arizona, of being a bully who was unfairly picking on the district of columbia. >> this is the first standalone bill where congress has had the odds etto say the district resident doesn't have the same
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constitutional rights and that our women might be treated differently from women across the river in virginia and in maryland, for example. >> congressman franks said the district's government is entirely the constitutional responsibility of the federal congress and he tells fox 5 late-term abortions are one of the greatest civil rights tragedies facing the nation today. laura? >> and continuing to watch this. thank you. congressional leaders agreed to a stop gap spending measure to keep the government running for six month when is the current budget yearnds on december 30th. the agreement announced by harry reid and john boehner is aimed at a verting any chance of a government shutdown this fall. the legislation will pass in september. and to the race for the white house. we're less than 100 days from the november election. tonight, the candidates are stepping up the pressure and racking up the miles and in a
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contest believed to be too close to call. >> reporter: mitt romney wrapped up a three-country trip aimed at placing him on the world stage with a stop in poland. >> and your soldiers fought side-by-side with ours in iraq and of course. >> reporter: on the on and afghanistan. >> reporter: he's come under fire for what is called foreign policy gaps during the trip. first in england on the olympics and in israel o palestinians and jerusalem. he blamed the media. they will instead try to find anything else to divert from the fact that these last four years have been tough years for our country. >> reporter: some democrats pounced. >> he doesn't take criticism well. >> reporter: the white house weighed its words. >> would-be leaders go abroad what they say is placed under a magnifying glass and it carries a great impact. >> reporter: a coalition of african-american pastors didn't hold back when blasting president obama and his party
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over including support for gay marriage in the party platform at the upcoming convention. >> and sign up with us to let the president know he hasn't done a smart thing and it might cost him the elect. >> reporter: both campaigns plan to burn up the miles and a mandful of states likely to hold the key to the election. >> i have never seen the number below 5% or around 5s for this late, excuse me, in the election cycle and they're in the critical swing states. >> reporter: president obama visits three of the critical states beginning tomorrow with a stop in ohio and on to florida and virginia. mitt romney returns to the u.s. and hits the road to colorado thursday. in washington, craig bosswell, fox news. things got hotted in poland as mitt romney wrapped up the weeklong trip today. take a listen. [ indiscernible ]
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>> reporters were shouting questions. when we walked back to the car, one of his predicts can be heard telling the reporters to, quote, shove it and have respect. the press criticized romney for barely taking any questions during his trip. a bombshell report out on the failed fast and furious program. a republican correctional report found that five atf officials are mo blame -- to blame for what went wrong with the gun-smuggling probe. the report said under attorney general eric holder, the special agent in charge reverted back to usings risky gun walking tactics. the operation was designed to track guns to major weapon's traffickers and drug carels on cartels. many have the weapons wound up at crime scenes in mexico and the u.s. it made drivers do a double take. some people called 9 lynch. coming up, the navy is giving the public a sneak peek. and it's a bicycle found 92 miles from home and that is bringing great joy to a seven- year-old. i am beth parker.
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the whole story coming up. from the women's gymnastics team to michael phelps. a historic day at the london olympics. gary. >> and thanks a lot, laura. i wanted to bring your attention it a new severe thunderstorm. we have a severe thunderstorm in affect for frederick county and montgomery county. this is going run until 5:45 p.m. when this storm went severe about four minutes ago near poolesville or landsdowne, too, it's moving into the northwest at 10 miles an hour. heavy rain, some wind gusts up over 50 miles an hour and we can get some hail out of this particular storm as well. so, a couple more storms down around monasses and nothing in the district right now. we'll keep you advised of the new warnings. all coming up. stay with us. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.
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if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america.
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[ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . connecticut avenue, excuse me s back open in chevy chase, maryland, tonight, after a deadly crash shut it down earlier today. it happened near bradley lane. a car ran off of the road and hit a tree. the police say the passenger was killed and the driver was taken to the hospital. no word what caused that crash. the beltway is back open for the evening commute after a four-vehicle crash this morning. the car changing lanes set it off and hit a box truck and the tractor-trailer here. it ran off the side of the highway and hitting a jersey wall, bouncing back on to the road and hit an suv and flipped over, spilling a load of cucumbers.
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one person is hurt and is expected to recover. >> we know what caused a deadly bus crash in virginia. according to a report, the bus driver was severely fatigued and driving a bus when he lost control. the report revealed the bus company and the federal motor carrier safety administration failed to maintain safety regulations. >> and taking the wraps off of what many people have dubbed the beltway ufo. the experimental aircraft got the nickname after drivers spotted it on i-270 last month and began snapping pictures and tweeting what they saw. the mystery is now over and we got a look at what the the future of the u.s. military's plane might look like and tom fitzgerald has more. you talked to the people behind this. what did they think when they heard people calling yet a ufo?
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>> reporter: their first reaction was oh, no, what kind of an alarm did we create here? and that is quickly replaced when they realized not everyone thought it was a flying saucer. what it is is something more interesting than the unmanned drones we have come to know and that is mixing the latest in high tech aviation technology and fiction brought to life. this is what the future looks like. the navy calls it the x34647b and that is not what folks who saw it rolling down in june called it when they called 911. >> a ufo, i mean, i don't know. >> reporter: the navy put the plane on the flatbed for the trip to maryland, never guessing shutter bug drivers would put it on twitter. >> is this a ufo? >> no, we got a good laugh about it. we didn't go out of our way to publicize it. >> reporter: for the first
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time, the navy is pulling the -- off of it and they hope it's the first of a new wave of unmanned military aircraft. >> this is one of those that say -- a demonstration program and it affects the interest and imagination of a lot of folks. >> reporter: it's flown by computer. if it loses contact with the air traffic controllers, it flies back and just like a homing pigeon. calling it a drone is a bit of an understatement. a stealth aircraft will take off and land on aircraft carriers and so far, the navy won't say what kindef payload. >> this is what you will see at a navy and air force base in the next decade. >> reporter: while it has new technology and maneuverability, the one thing it doesn't have is the ability to outrun financial realities.
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the tighter pentagonnabilities are putting pressure on the creators. >> each and every one of us are taxpayers, so it's not somebody else's money, it's our resource together. >> reporter: on sunday, the estimated $800 million aircraft made its first 35-minute flight at the river. the officials say they want to prove the x-47-b is an investment and not just an expensive experiment. the real test for the x-47-b is going to come next year in 2014, and that is when the navy will try to actually launch and land this aircraft on an actual aircraft carrier. now, because this is an experimental aircraft, the x-47- b that we saw today probably won't go into production. but, as you heard the admiral sat say, it's likely in a decade, these aircraft will share jet space with the traditional jets manned by
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pilots. laura? >> and that is some fascinating stuff. thank you. and let's go to our region again today. >> we had the big thunderstorms that moved through the district earlier. we're just basically seeing the biproduct of that. a couple of storms to the north of us new that have become severe. i want to show you and get to sentinel radar. the yellow boxes there, we call them the thunderstorm warnings, the actual warnings, you know, we don't necessarily do it county-by-county anymore this is into howard county and south of 70 there and northern sections where 97 comes in and and that is still severe. the next storm here into clarksburg, you see this rain right here right along 270. this is a very, very heavy downpour as well. the storms are moving quite slowly, too and about 15 miles
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an hour. can you see here the track is to the north and to the northwest with the weather. another strong storm hasn't gone severe but into prince william county and this is going right across brentsville now and this is looks like most should stay south of monasses and dale city for now. if it holes together, it will move into fairfax county and bring some heavier rain. some scattered thunderstorms and i want to break down, too. and up on 70. it's not severe. again, severe thunderstorm warnings for montgomery and frederick county. and that is going to go until 5:45 p.m., another severe thunderstorm warning in effect for howard county until 5:30 and heavy rain, dangerous lightning, wind gusts sometimes, more than 50 miles an hour and some fairly large hail, a possibility of these storms, laura. >> all right, guess we could --
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we made the rain and we'll take what we can get. >> this runs off quickly. >> yeah. >> and then it's gone. and we'll talk to you more, with more details and weather coming up. thanks. coming up tonight, michael phelps makes history. >> and members of the women's gymnastics team do something that hasn't been done since the late '90s. we'll have details for you. lindsay. coming up from redskins training camp, an update from day 5 and a special redskins rapid fire with the guy who is always chilling. you know him better as -- and that is coming up as the news at 5 continues.
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. i think we know the redskins have some of the nfl's most die-hard fans. now with the edition of robert griffin 3, they're full of optimism and lindsay murphy has
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more. >> reporter: and we'll talk about him and at 4:15, thunder and lightning came and that forced the players to leave and they practicing in the bubble a couple of updates. dorel young, the fullback, has a hamstring strain and josh morgan, who missed yesterday, also not practicing today and we'll know go about him once we talk to mike shanahan. brian arackho was in the seat yesterday. [ singing ] >> my name wall e., and i came to get it. >> when i say rg iii, what comes to your mind? [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: if you were out there practicing now, what position would you play? >> running back. >> reporter: who is your favorite redskin? >> it was portis. um, d. hall. >> okay. >> reporter: what was your first job?
5:26 pm
>> hot dog shop. bagel shop. >> favorite artist to collaborate with? [ indiscernible ] serk ross. >> yes? >> yeah. >> can you do the um? >> uh. >> reporter: most proud moment so far in your career? >> probably d.c -- or number two out in the country when my last album debuted. >> reporter: your first are -- car. >> '89 camry. >> reporter: your favorite current car. >> mr. noticedder's box. >> reporter: his, not your own? >> i'm going to try to buy it from him when he is done with it. >> reporter: have you started talking with him yet? >> trying to work my way in there. >> reporter: how many games will the redskins win this year? >> a lot. >> reporter: how many will you go to? >> as many as i can. if i can go to all of them, i would. d.c. chillin, red and green chillen, my name's wally, and i came to get it.
5:27 pm
>> and in stores. >> reporter: that's my boy wall e. >> reporter: i think he meant burgundy and gold and not red is any green. at 5:45, i set down with hetower and i know you have some rick ross. >> that was the first time i heard about the uh thing. >> reporter: he does it in all of his songs. his token thing. >> thank you, lindsay. coming up, a seven-year-old boy with special needs is back on a bike that is missing for a month. how police tracked it down. itn . >> and he dresses up as batman and visits six children in the hospital. why this maryland man is being told to stop making some of the appearances. >> and the capital area food bank is working to curb a growing hunger crisis in the d.c. area. we're going take you inside a brand-new facility that is helping the group double its efforts. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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i've n never felt this way befo, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception. and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. there's so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems -- not a woman's choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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. a little boy in maryland is feeling better tonight. thanks in part to a story you saw here on fox 5 and he is a child with special needs and someone stole the bike especially made for him. this story has a happy ending. >> reporter: with bells ringing and high fives around, the seven-year-old ethan is back on his bike. this is his first ride in over a month ethan has a genetic disorder called prodde rex willie syndrome. he gains weight easily and his muscles have not developed enough for him to ride a bike. this is hand made for him. someone stole it it from his house. >> mad. >> reporter: his grandmother and others rallied to help. >> people were giving us leads, we saw it here and there and we saw like -- seemed like we were chasing our tails. >> reporter: until fox 5 picked
5:32 pm
up the story. >> grateful to do something in a few hours. we haven't been able to do in 30 days. >> reporter: a viewer saw a fox 5 story on the sister station in baltimore and saw it on craig's list. >> when i saw it, i said there is that bike. >> reporter: it was traced to this shop 92 miles from ethan's home. >> you found it. >> reporter: the owner said he got the bike from a regular customer. >> and i did know the person who brought it to me. i was shocked it turned out to be stolen. >> reporter: no charges yet but police say they have a person of interest. the brakes were removed, the seat broken. >> it was probably -- it probably bottlers me more than him, the missing parts, but i'm happy that he's happy again. he's going to be on it all day. he's not going to stop. there goes the 9:30 bedtime. >> reporter: the grandmother hopes because of ethan, more people will understand his illness. >> he could be more accepted and others like him will be
5:33 pm
more accepted and they won't think he's an over eater. >> it's a remarkable story how someone saw it, identified it, and saw it on the news and it was returned to him. >> the news stations were -- on top of it from start to finish. >> reporter: the family is going to keep the bike locked up. ethan said he's never going to let his bicycle get away in again. in hagerstown, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> i love the happening there. the maryland man who impersonates batman to cheer up sick children in the hospital lost two gigs in the wake of the colorado movie shooting. lenny robinson has been impersonating batman and arriving at hospitals in his own for years. children's hospital in st. louis in chicago cancelled visits over concerns the dark knight's presence would trigger scary thoughts about the colorado massacre. the capital area food bank opened the doors to its new location in northeast d.c. the new facility is the size of two
5:34 pm
football fields and that is double the size of the old facility and has more refrigerator and freezing space and 13 loading docks for grocery trucks. the president joining us tonight and thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for had having me. preen it. >> and this some great news for the food bank and locate talk about why they were doing this? >> our capacity had just -- the food that was donated far outstripped our capacity to handle it in the old building and we were able to get this building and that is 53 for. we're moving forward to fill it up. >> and let's talk about the community that you serve and how many families and people in need do you help on a daily basis, on a yearly basis? >> we touch the lives of over 480,000 people and have 700-
5:35 pm
member partnership agencies. >> and we know times are hard lately. have you seen the profile of families or people who need change the last few years? >> and yes. i think more and more people underemployed and unemployed, the economy has take know the toll since 2008 and we're serving about 480,000 people annually and through our network of agencies and we have a hunger hotline that has increased by 22% this year. >> the need is there. >> yeah. >> and how can our viewers watching new help out? >> and go to our website at or call us at (202)688-8843. >> all right, hopefully viewers will tune in to the website. also give you a call and come down, volunteer, donate, do what they can.
5:36 pm
lynn brantly, thank you for coming in tonight. >> thank you for having me. you may have heard of pop- up shops. goodwill is getting in on the action. find out how can you get your hands on some contempterary fashions at bargain prices. >> i started screaming and panicked. >> a 12-year-old girl forced to take the wheel after her grandfather passes out. how this ended when we come back. back. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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. a man is hospitalized after a suspected shark attack near cape cod. it happened yesterday off of the coach of boston beach while body surfing with his teenage son. the witnesses say they saw a shark fin emerge and moments later, the man was bleeding from his ankle. beaches have closed several times this summer because of
5:40 pm
the shark sightings. scary moments for a 12-year- old new jersey girl. her grandfather passed out behind the wheel while driving 80 miles per hour. amanda jumped into action, pressing on the brake and storing the car into bushes. >> i saw woods and i went. i avoided the telephone pole. ran through someone's lawn, a little tree and took out other trees and it thumped. >> i can't imagine her seeing what show saw. watching her grandfather pass in front of her. i am just so, so lucky that nothing happened. >> her grandfather died of heart failure. a show of support on the penn state campus. the school's football season begins practice. lindsay. >> coming up in sports, the running back's position is wide open. it's -- is tim hightower in the mix? >> and can we expect more storms tonight? gary's back with the forecast. ♪
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i've never felt this way before, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception. and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. there's so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems -- not a woman's choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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. a huge win for the u.s. today at the london olympics. if you don't want to hear the results from today's big events, you may want to turn away for 30 seconds. the american's women's gymnastics team took home a gold medal the first time since 1996. the u.s. beat out russia by a whopping five points. romania won the bronze. and michael phelps earned his record-breaking 19th olympic medal today and he has more medals than any other olympian. phelps scored a silver in the 200-meter butterfly and a gold in the 2 by 400 free style relay. the wins have helped the u.s. stay at the top in the overall medal count. tied with china with a medal of 23 total. the u.s. has 9 gold, eight silver and six bronze. japan is in third place with 13
5:45 pm
medals. training camp means a handful of hopefuls. players hoping to return to form after suffering from injuries last season. one of the last year's highest profile e dicks is determined to carry the load of running back. lindsay murphy is live with more on this story. lindsay? >> reporter: tim hightower found a home with the redskins last season. his season is cut short after he tore his acl on october 23rd and since then, he has been rehabbing and hopes he would be able to participate fully in camp and this is my one-on-one we tim hightower. >> given the limiting as and the fact that the running back spot is open for grabs, do you consider yourself in the mix for that starting spot or because you can't go -- and you're not in the mix? >> i can't think about that and i have to get out there first,
5:46 pm
you know, to be competing. right now, i have to focus on getting healthy and when that time comes, when i am able to get on the field, i will be able to compete and, you know, to measure up. right now, i have to focus on getting better. >> what does your body and knee feel like after practice? >> sore. that's sore. >> yeah. >> and that is what i was talking about earlier, the other day and on i am used to being in tip top shape and being able to recover and little things walking up and down the steps. >> yeah. >> and become manage fewed and that is really mental to, too. and it's going to be sore. you walk out of practice and that is scarce. you can't worry and hey, that
5:47 pm
is a part of the process. every day is a wakeup and i'm not going feel like getting out of bed. there are going to be days i'm on the field and don't feel as strong, but to know that -- and to get better over time. >> you think about the first hit? >> i do. i think about the first hit and the first touchdown. the first carry. i mean i think -- especially when you're not playing. >> uh-huh. >> and you see everything. you're visualizing and internal ocean everything. everything is magnified 10,000 more and i think i will probably replay every scenario in my head a thousand times. >> and can you compare your nerves to your wedding day to before a game at all? >> i was more nervous getting married. >> yeah? >> yes. >> that is a yes, exciting nervous. >> and it a game, you know, i have done it before. i have trained and i am prepared. not that i'm not prepared for the marriage, but you never -- and that is not anything you have never done. >> yeah.
5:48 pm
>> and that is -- and that is one of the best choices i have made. >> you mean there is no playbook for marriage? tim hightower got married in june and is looking to forward to move into his home. >> i am glad to hear it was one of the best choices he made. >> a good move. >> thank you very much. >> uh-huh. and gary, how are we looking on the storms? are they moving out? >> and they are moving on and we didn't have warning -- warn isings and one is popped up and who'll i'm doing that, i will click on this and i think i can do this and i will change this here. and i am going to keep talking about it. this should work. i should be able to look at this. when i pull it out, you guys,
5:49 pm
shouldn't affect anything but a click on this morning and we know what is going on. fairfax is under a severe thunderstorm warning and that is until 6:30 p.m. that storm, we were looking at it earlier and it has the most lightning in it, under the yellow and we'll zoom into that here in just a second for everybody and they're pulsing, going up and getting stronger and they have been weakening and kind on. everything is moving real slow, too, to the north-northeast and about 5, 15 miles an hour. this is only about, this is two hours worth of loop time here. you get this cluster to the north right along 70 there and this was severe earlier and it's been cancelled and it's been eliminated from warnings and this is some heavy rain there, along 70 there and mount airy is right in there and you come on 270 here and hit lisbon and this is crossing into parts of carol county and this is actually out of howard county and towards randallstown up there and this is moving
5:50 pm
through hagerstown as l. we get to what is severe now, fairfax county until 6:30, and we'll zoom in on this. i was checking it out earlier. a lot of times a good way to look at the intense etof the thunderstorms were just a blob of red and really look at the amount of lightning in the thunderstorm and this still has- for-oh amounts of lightning, coming out of -- has ferocious amounts of lightning and passed through monasses. all of the red here, very, very heavy rain and it's moving to the northeast about five to 15 miles an hour. as this is here, it looks like springfield-franconia stays away from this and cruising in on oakton, 66 is ranked there and this holds together. eventually it will move into the southeastern sections of the city. again, fairfax county under a thunderstorm warning and that is going until 6:30 p.m. tonight. heavy rain, a possibility of wind gusts over 50 miles per hour and some reports of fairly substantial hail coming out of the storms as well and we'll
5:51 pm
keep you up to date. 85 in town; 73 gaithersburg. rain-cooled frederick now is at 86 degrees and in some applies. there is a heat index. feels like 92 for frederick and 93 for quantico and 88 in manasses. the scattered thunderstorms will continue and i think if you're headed out, take your umbrella and they popping up anywhere and i am not sure where and they bring down a lot of rain and clouds around 11:00 or so and some coverage tonight long the east coast and with that influence of the big area of low pressure and that is the case tomorrow as well and we'll do it all over again tomorrow and who start off with patchy fog temperatures in the 70s, sunny cloud at noon and the thunderstorms popping up again,
5:52 pm
upper 80s for highs and tomorrow will be a carbon copy of today and warm up on thursday and we should be drier, thursday, 92 and increase this temperature on friday and cooling off into the weekend from more thunderstorms and again, fairfax county, severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. >> okay. >> and thanks, gary. pop-upston shops are increasingly popular and give retailers the space to sell their products. goodwill is one of the latest companies to join the trend and hole morris has more. >> reporter: being a fashionista is easier said than done but the next three days and this is the latest in d.c. if you don't believe me, maybe
5:53 pm
you will believe lisa rowan, goodwill's fashion blogger. hello to you. >> hi. >> and what is going on here? >> we have had our retail help us prepresent -- represent from vintage to contempterary. >> and i think people will be surprised at the finds. >> yeah. >> and you pulled some things from the racks. >> yes. >> and i pulled this to go with that leather skirt and the slim line pants, audrey hepburn. >> uh-huh. >> and the classic line. can you get a cool outfit for under 10 or 12. >> and what are you wearing, my dear? >> i'm wearing a shirt i got at a goodwill store in arlington, $4.98 and the retail tax is $498. can you find brand now designer items at goodwill.
5:54 pm
>> and this is what you need to know. the gallery will open tomorrow at 91 and stay open until 7 and those are hours for wednesday, thursday, and friday and every supports the cause of goodwill. good deals, good prices, good cause, what better reason until shop until you drop? and these are 14? happen to be my side-- size in. >> and some good shoes in northwest. >> and have to love that bargain. and let's check in with brian for a look at what is coming up on the news edge six. coming up on the news edge, the state of terrorism. what top intelligence leaders say the u.s. needs to look out for. >> and virginia governor's responds to call for a ban of the chick filet restaurant across the state. >> and what it means for with millions of women across the nation. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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. a show of support for the penn state football team. thousands of fans attended a rally for the team this morning as they began practice for the fall season. the ncaa slapped penn state with a $60 million fine with other sanctions after a report found the top administrators, including late coach joe paterno covered up sex abuse allegations. drew peterson's murder trial got underway after the judge denied a request for a mistrial. the former illinois police officers's day in court comes nearly a decade after his third wife was found dead in a bathtub. savio's death was originally ruled an accident until the fourth wife, 23-year-old stacy peterson went missing in 2007. he's not been charged in her disappearance. thanks so much for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6
5:59 pm
arts right now -- starts right now. we're starting the news edge off with a weather alert. a line of strong storms rolling through the region. >> and we have one warning to tell you about. the storms are developing quickly and have a lot of heavy rain and some hail with them, not to mention lightning. you can see the warning, it's for fairfax county until 6:30 and we got a report of one-inch hail around the centreville area. let's get in tighter and we're going to use sentinel radar and we spotlight the area, specifically oakton and this is a slow mover and that can drop a lot of rain and with some lightning with it. to the north, we have


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