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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a potential speed camera scans in 1 maryland town, ahead at 10:00 what one lawsuit alleges and what it could mean for some drivers. >> we are three days from the preseason opener. are the redskins ready? robert griffin, iii looks ahead to kickoff. >> we're learning more about
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the gunman accused opening fire inside a sikh temple in wisconsin including disturbing ties to neonazi groups. six people were killed in the mass shooting. three others remain in critical condition including a police officer. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. wade page was an army veteran with ties to white supremist heavy metal bans, but they still don't understand his motive. fox 5's karen gray houston is live with the latest. >> we're being told that wade michael page played in the band definite hate and end apathy. the southern poverty law center which keeps an eye on hate groups in america says he was a frustrated neonazi. before page allegely gun down the sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin and was shot and killed in a shootout with police himself he spent six years in the army. police identified the shooter at an american news conference but still have no motive for -- afternoon news conference but
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still have no motive for his acting the lead in the investigation because the shooting is consider an act of domestic terrorism. >> we are looking at ties to white sumpremacy groups. >> reporter: investigators say wade page trained in psychological warfare during his army stint. pentagon sources say he was demoted and fined in june of '98 for getting drunk on duty and going awol and later discharged from the officer. president obama weighed in on the tragedy while signing the camp lejeune families act. >> all of us are heartbrokenned by what's happened and i offered the -- heartbroken by what's happened and i offered the thoughts and prayers of myself and michelle and the country as a home. >> reporter: investigators are looking for clues to the shooting as those killed are mourned including police lieutenant brian murphy, one of the three injured. >> these senseless gunshots wounded a heroic officer of the
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law and two peaceful persons praying in their house of worship. >> reporter: protests of the horrific shooting were found around the world including this one in india. meanwhile survivors of the mass shooting at the aurora theater in colorado are reaching out to help those who made it out of the wisconsin sikh temple alive. on their facebook page they are asking for resources for sikhs, the same kind of love and support shown for them. president obama has ordered u.s. flags flown at half staff in remembrance of the victims of the temple shooting. meanwhile we found out page's band end apathy had a recording contract with label 56 which is based out of linthicum heights, maryland near bwi airport. the label has put out a statement expressing sorrow about the tragedy saying they have removed all images and products related to end apathy from their website. the statement adds they don't
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think what page did was honorable or respectable. >> karen gray houston tonight. meantime sikhs in communities nationwide are gathering together praying for the wisconsin victims and expressing their on solidarity with the people of oak creek. fox 5's bob barnard attended a prayer vigil in robville tonight. >> they are warm and welcoming offering us a chance to learn about their faith and core values. [ singing ] it's just after 7:00. we're at the sikh temple on travilla road in rockville. >> i always believe that when innocent people are killed, their blood speaks. >> reporter: at this special prayer service the chief priest talks about a line in their holy book. >> it says that this universe
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is a garden of god and every human being is a different flower with a different fragrance. how can what god has created you can discriminate somebody? >> reporter: outside people have been leaving flowers, a sign of love and support. >> it gives us comfort that knowing we're not alone. the whole community is behind us. >> i was on the street today at the parking meter just paying my parking and someone comes by and has a whole conversation with me and personally apologized. he felt he had apologized on behalf of the nation which really warmed my heart. >> reporter: in the temple's basement young people are making poster for a candlelight vigil tuesday night. >> on these posters we'll explain who we are. we're going to educate people that we are sikhs, but we're also still americans. we're peaceful. we have never committed acts of terrorism. >> reporter: nuri corr will be
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a senior at rockville's wooten high school. >> to me it means treating everybody equal, always being loving. >> the proper pronunciation of sikh and literally means to learn. >> reporter: he is groshon singh. >> the whole philosophy behind our faith is that we are always learning. >> reporter: especially about themselves and sometimes others. >> whether he's misguided or not, i do believe there was an act of discrimination and i do believe it was a hate crime. >> reporter: and still their minds think positively. >> i that know with time our community will heal. >> reporter: a faith community that's also praying for the alleged shooter's family as well tonight, shawn. >> bob barnard, thank you. we are following breaking news out of ft. washington, maryland. police have identified a body found in a duffel bag as a missing mother, 22-year-old shavon phillips from southeast d.c. last seen july 30th leaving her child's daycare center in northeast.
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her remains were found august 1st in a creek on braemer circle. police are still trying to determine how she died. if you have any information, call prince george's county police. now to a story seen first on fox 5, thousands of speed camera tickets in one maryland town may have been issued illegally. those are allegations in a lawsuit filed today that accuses riverdale park police of issuing tickets without an officer signing off but using his name anyway. fox 5 sherri ly is following this. >> a police officer in the department blew the whistle on the police department, but state law, an officer supposed to review each ticket, but court documents show the officer's name on citations even though he was on leave from the department. court documents show e-mails between the officer and two civilian employees that describe writing up the citations saying we all will take 1,000 clear them out. under state law only an officer can do that. each ticket is $40 in 2011 alone the town earned $1.8
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million from speed camera tickets, about 1/3 of the town budget. the lawsuit claims the practice goes back to want 9 and that the civilian employees fraudulent -- 2009 and that the civilian employees fraudulently used the officer's login to sign off on tickets. the lawsuit demands all of the illegally signed tickets be refunded. >> if you have a citation which was approved by one person and there's somebody else's signature, especially if they're not a law enforcement officer in, my mind i think that is fraud. >> reporter: riverdale park police did not return our call for comment. neither did the mayor. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 more allegations about how this all went down. he has been embroiled in scandal most of his 19 months in office. now there's word d.c. mayor vincent gray's staff freed out to a crisis management specialist for help -- reached out to a crisis management specialist for help, judy smith. smith met with staffers but
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will not say whether she has met with gray himself. gray is under investigation for his 2010 mayoral campaign. an arrest in the murder of a d.c. teen-ager, 18-year-old darrell sales is in jail accused of killing anthony boatwright. prince george's county police say the teens got into a fight around midnight on temple hill road in temple hills. the fight escalated. police say sales shot boatwright. police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident to call them. also today a main decision in a 28-year-old murder case. -- a major decision in a 28- year-old murder case. eight men claim they were wrongfully convicted in the brutal murder of catherine fuller and are seeking a new trial. today a judge all but dashed their hopes. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> reporter: the men argued their innocence, but a judge disagreed saying the men didn't come close to demonstrating actual innocence. >> well, it's very unfortunate a case like this can go on for
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decades and there's still overwhelming evidence that no jury has ever heard and that's what's most disappointing to me. >> reporter: barry pollack represents one of the eight men convicted in catherine fuller's murder. he's also the president for the mid-atlantic residents project saying catherine fuller was murdered by one or two people instead of a group and they also said prosecutors withheld evidence that could have been favorable and threatened witnesses into lying. prosecutors said they were confident in the original verdict. during the 1989 trial they outlined a horrific scenario where they say fuller was grabbed from behind and pushed into an alley off a street northeast. they say the group of men convicted beat fuller and sexually assaulted her. her body was found in the same alley later that night. in his opinion the d.c. superior court judge said the men failed to present any dna or scientific evidence that could exonerate them. pollack says that's not true.
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>> and there is substantial scientific and forensic evidence in this case that we presented to judge demonstrating this was not a murder committed by a large group of men but committed by a single perpetrator and that's the evidence i think the court should have focused on more heavily. >> reporter: the eight men were sentenced to between 30 five years and life. pollack says the lawyers will appeal the judge's ruling. maureen umeh, fox 5 news. university of maryland student who threatened to go on a killing spree has worked out a plea deal reportedly. prosecutors say alexander song is scheduled to appear tomorrow in court and plead guilty. song was arrested last march after he poweed threats online to kill enough people to make national -- posted threats online to kill enough people to make national news. in chantilly three people in serious trouble accused of stealing hundred of thousands of dollars from parking fees. two women from virginia and a
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man from maryland were arrested at udvar hazy center saturday. all three were caught on camera unplugging vehicle counters so the stolen funds would not be missed. the charges carry up to 10 years in prison. robert griffin, iii is getting ready for his big debut. he compares this to training with the redskins. >> also ahead i understand you're watching traffic, gary. >> that's right -- the tropics. >> that's right. we have tropical storm ernesto about to become a hurricane. we'll talk about him and where he's going, plus a look at our local forecast as well. >> and bethesda's golden girl back home after an amazing win at the london olympics tonight on the news edge at 11:00. you'll hear from 15-year-old swimmer katie ledecky. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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the redskins are 10 days into training camp and there's only one more practice before their first preseason game or you know what i'm saying. the burgundy and gold take on buffalo this thursday and the
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team's rookie qb says he is ready. lindsay murphy has more. >> the redskins practice tomorrow, but it's closed to the public. they're off wednesday in preparation for thursday's preseason opener against the bills. mike shanahan said to expect the starters to play between 12 and 20 plays. robert griffin, iii says he'll be okay with six to 12 and a long touchdown drive included. since it's monday griffin spoke with the media. he's made big strides since the opening of camp 10 practices ago. his confidence is growing regarding huzzies making deciding to run or pass. he -- his decision making deciding to run or pass. he knows an early touchdown drive in thursday's preseason opener will excite the fans, but he's willing to take what he can get. three days away is he feel the pressure of the fans and media? >> you guys are putting more pressure on the game than i am, but it's going to be fun. even if it is preseason game, it will be the first game,
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first trav with the team. i look forward to. it we didn't have fans at practice every day, but it's great. it's baylor times a trillion as far as the fans go. you know, baylor was great and it's the same kind of excitement, but it's a bigger city. d.c., all the fans here of the redskins are really motivated for their nfl team. so it's good to see. >> griffin drew some laughs when asked about the physical cal physicality of the game and he responded saying if i -- physicality of the game and he responded saying if i don't get hit in the pregame, i will be fine with that. >> put him in a bubble. >> thanks. of. >> pretty mild day around here, but the tropics are heating up we understand. >> down to gary mcgrady in the weather center. >> we've been tracking the some down in the tropics for quite a while now. it's had name quite a while, tropical storm ernesto, but we
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haven't forgot about it. it's really close to becoming a hurricane. let me show you on satellite imagery what it likes. it was a little bit more impressive earlier in the day toe. we're going to transition from a -- today. we're going to transition from a visible satellite to infrared. there's still pretty good thunderstorms around. it it's broken up a little bit, but the track is and the thinking from the hurricane center is it will actually get strong enough probably by tomorrow to become a hurricane. this is what we're keeping an eye on. we keep an eye on this because earlier in the weekend it was forecast to move up into the gulf of mexico. that track has changed just a little bit. the current conditions right now, 65 minimum maximum sustained wind -- 65 mile-per- hour maximum sustained wind, movement to the west, northwest at about 12 miles per hour. it's give or take about 300 miles to the east of honduras and it looks like on this
10:19 pm
present track it will move just north, probably just north of belize actually as it makes landfall forecast to be a category 1 hurricane right now. it's been a bit of a change in the track now. it should stay in the southern sections of the gulf, move to the bay of campeche and move into mexico probably late this week into early parts of the weekend. one thing for sure, not a big wind producer, but it will be a prolific rainmaker, but it's moving pretty good. i think it will cut down on some of the flooding in central america and eventually in mexico. in terms of our forecast, no worries with ernesto. we just have to figure out when we can get rid of some of this heat. that's coming up in the five- day forecast. >> just a reminder, you can check the forecast any time on the fox 5 weather app. you can find it on our website, the nasa rover curiosity in the first hour of its two-year
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mission on mars. look at this, curiosity's thumbnail video of its own landing which happen just after 1:30 a.m. east coast time. there was eight months of travel and a harrowing seven minute descent that had to exactly right. the landing was controlled from the jet pro pulse lab in california, but nasa scientists in maryland create an element of the rover that's responsible for helping determine whether there's life on the planet. fox 5's melanie alnwick explains. >> reporter: searching for signs of life on mars, it's been a question for centuries and today the answer may be closer than it has ever been. >> it's unbelievable, the stuff of science fiction, but it just happened this morning. >> reporter: the delicate landing of curiosity was a nail biter for scientists. >> everyone here in goddard cheered and yelled. so there was a very great environment. it was kind of like watching a movie but better. >> reporter: in the belly of
10:21 pm
the rover's precious cargo goddard's team developed sam. >> we think of that as the premier instrument on the rover. it's the chemical lab the rover has. so any time we're able to get a rock samples from the surface of mars, that goes into s.a.m. we call it, the instrument, and we're able to look at the chemicals that make up that rock and we're able to search for organic molecules. >> reporter: another local company watching very closely is atk space systems in beltsville. it's been a curiosity partner supplying components from launch to landing. >> this is one of the most difficult integrated thermal systems we've ever dealt with, extreme temperatures hot and cold boat external and internal for the curiosity mission. so we're pretty excited. >> reporter: before the craft gets moving there will be many system checks. then curiosity will explore gale crater and the 3-mile high mountain inside it analyzing
10:22 pm
samples and delivering data all along the way. >> you're going to start seeing spectacular views of mars that will absolutely blow your mind. >> understanding if there's life out there beside just on our lonely little planet, i think that's such an innate human question. >> reporter: and someday we may be able to answer. it melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. union station is due for a major upgrade, but not everyone is on board with the plan, why critics are concerned about the historic building coming up. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.
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if you've got a business, you didn't build that.
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maryland lawmakers ruled today whether pitbulls should be declared legally dangerous. there is a bill before the legislature defining the dogs as inherently dangerous. the bill would hold ors liable for any bites the dog inflicts to take the responsibility off landlords. critics of the bill say it unfairly singles out the breed.
10:26 pm
union station is about to yond go a major renovation in the district -- to undergo a major renovation in the district. not everyone is thrilled with the proposed changes saying some of the improvements will ruin union station's historic structure. >> two massive new projects, physically attached to a 1907 building, what we want is for the best care to be taken. this is one of the most important buildings in our nation. we want the best care to be taken to see this is a model for preservation, for transit oriented development. >> amtrak plans to spend $7 billion on the renovations to double the number of trains the station can accommodate. a big mess in north carolina after a freight train derailed there. at least 10 cars were involved. hazmat crews were called to the screen, no injuries reported no,ed on what cause -- no word what caused the train to
10:27 pm
derail. if you see a story we should look into, let us know, 202-895-3000 or send your news tips to we'll be back. you keep hearing amazing things about verizon fios.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a bullying prevention summit is underway here in the district. this week victims, experts and people working to reduce bullying are meeting to address an issue that's hurting churn nationwide. fox 5's -- children nationwide. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: we have all seen the heartbreaking stories of those who have been bullied. a movie tilted bullied was released a few months ago exposing the horrors of what victim goes through. >> punch me, strangle me, take lunch money, hit on me. >> reporter: bullying can happen to anyone. we saw evidence of that in a video of an older woman bullied on a school bus recently. >> you're so fat. >> reporter: but at a special summit in d.c. many agree talking about bullying is a
10:31 pm
weapon to fight against it. >> for sure. things are getting better. >> reporter: steven wine man and many other victims of bullying came from across the country in hopes their story will help prevent other acts of bullying. >> he fell off the side or whatever and it's sad. >> i mean look here, we have all these people willing to do something. they're just waiting to hear 0 can we do. >> reporter: first lady of maryland katie o'malley has helped in the fight against bullying as a judge and mom. she believes kids can help as much as adults. >> if you see somebody sitting by themselves at lunch, if we're being excluded, go up and sit with them. if you see something happening in the hallways or on the bus or in the locker room, stand up. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> the summit will continue most of the week. tomorrow lady gaga's mother will speak. she's the co-founder of the born this way foundation. lady gaga used her money and celebrity stat to us bring awareness to bullying.
10:32 pm
the maryland legislature will hold a special session later this week to discuss gambling. lawmakers are debating whether to allow a sixth casino at national harbor, prince george's county. democratic delegates give acidifying views at 5:00. >> -- differing views at 5:00. >> 80% of the jobs are recirculating from other parts of the economy. if you spent a dollar at a chinese restaurant at rockville pike, if you don't spend it there because you're spending it at a casino, you're losing that and losing those jobs. >> if you're talking about capturing revenue, the jobs will come with it, but more importantly i think first and foremost the people of the state of maryland should be allowed to have a voice in deciding whether or not we want to expand to a sixth site. >> the special session will address whether to allow table games at maryland's casinos. now to the race for the white house, republican candidate mitt romney is narrowing his potential vp list. he spent the day at his vacation home in new hampshire ahead of a series of
10:33 pm
fundraising appearances later this week. fox's mike emanuel has the story. >> reporter: as speculation mounts over his running mate selection governor mitt romney visited a supermarket and farmers market in new hampshire before going to a meeting at his home. reporters followed his every move. much of the running mate talk in recent days focused on ohio senator rob portman, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty, florida senator marco rubio and house budget chairman paul ryan. the rnc chairman was careful to avoid endorsing any one candidate. >> paul is one of my best buddies. i went to law school with marco rubio and i think the other two day, rob and tim pawlenty are great as well. i think we'll have a great convention. >> reporter: portman, pawlenty, rubio and ryan were not announced as speakers at the upcoming republican convention in tampa. four governors have been given headliner roles so far including the host, florida's
10:34 pm
rick scott. john kasich, nikki haley and suzanna martinez. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, condoleezza rice and senator john mccain are confirmed speakers. chris christie has been expected to get a prominent spot but hasn't been announced so far. >> i think chris christie would absolutely ignite the convention. he fires people up. he's a tough talking a plan talking governor of a tough state -- plain talking governor of a tough state and yet he's successful. >> reporter: meanwhile new fundraising numbers reveal romney has outraised president obama the third month in a row. romney brought in $101.3 million while the obama campaign raised more than $75 million. while some suggested the obama campaign burned too much money on overhead, a senior advisor defended the spending. >> we've spent money on advertising and also invested heavily in grassroots turnout in a field operation that's
10:35 pm
been having for months one on one conversations with undecided voters and will pay real diff depends on election day. >> reporter: the romney campaign announced a bus tour of battleground state, virginia, north carolina, florida and ohio, starting saturday which could be the event to introduce a running mate. mike emanuel, fox news. president obama got some high profile help from a popular actress, eva longoria went to orlando to help with the president's campaign. she said she supports mr. obama in part because he stood up for women. he specifically founded the lilly led better act to help ensure women get equal pay for equal work. >> i support him because it's my civic duty and civic responsibility to vote to be engaged to be literate of the policies and of the politics. so i've been doing this long before i was famous. >> the president is polling ahead of mitt romney with women voters. gabby douglas won olympic gold. so why are people talking about
10:36 pm
her hair? she responds to her critics coming up. gas prices still heading north, the national average for regular unleaded up the past eight days. it's now at $3.62 a gallon. prices rising nearly a quarter in the past month. think you'll be saving a lot of money buying a used car? think again. a report saying the price difference between new and used vehicles is shrinking. a brand-new set of wheels is selling on average only 11.5% more than a similar car that's one year old. meanwhile some not so sweet music for gibson. the iconic guitarmaker settling charges made by the justice department over importing illegal wood. gibson paying $350,000 worth of fines and penalties. and the king of pop may be gone but not forgotten and he's coming to a crews -- cruise ship near you.
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norwegian going to feature a michael jackson tribute artists as part of its legend show taking place on the epic vessel and will include tributes to donna summer and jimmy buffett. that's business. i'm stuart varney.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  i got the chance to start my own busisiness.
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead.
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i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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an ohio man accused of killing his wife in her hospital bed is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. an autopsy will be performed on the body of barbara wise. police say her husband john shot her in her hospital room saturday. she died the next morning. investigators believe it may have been a mercy killing. the couple had been married 45 years. the oklahoma wildfires have
10:41 pm
turned deadly. sheriffs in the city of norman found a body inside a home gutted by fire. the area was evacuated last friday. firefighters found the body the next day. there is no word on the victim's identity. the fire near norman has charred 12 1/2 square miles and destroyed about 25 buildings and homes. residents assessing damage after wildfires burned through their properties. >> how's that trailer and that trailer still standing around all this stuff that caught on fire and burned down and a lot of people lost a lot of stuff? it's just heartbreaking. >> about a dozen wildfires have broken out across oklahoma since friday. firefighters say most are under control or in what they call the mopup stages. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 tens of thousands of speed camera tickets are in question. an officer claims his signature was forged on some, getting to the bottom of this.
10:42 pm
>> and an olympic fan accused of throwing a plastic bottle on the track just before the 100- meter finals yesterday next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week get whole seedless watermelons fresh off the farm for only $2.98 each. skip the warehouse. 24 rolls of charmin are just $11.99. and kellogg's frosted flakes
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the first plan of its kind. share everything. get your student a samsung galaxy nexus for $99.99. we know robert griffin, iii is getting most of the attention at redskins training camp. he met with the media this afternoon again, but he's not the only quarterback there. kurt cousins goes one on one with lindsay murphy in today's rapid fire. >> reporter: who do you idolize growing up? >> drew brees. i still watch tape on him and try to do the things he's doing. >> reporter: favorite moment for michigan state. >> it's got to be the hail mary and when we beat michigan the fourth time in a row. those two moments my senior year are very special. >> reporter: sum up the emotions of draft night in one word. >> surprising. >> reporter: who was your
10:46 pm
first job? >> i worked in college as a groundskeeper at a golf course and so my job was to pick up the range balls in the driving range, but didn't have the privilege of driving the cart. i picked them up by hand. >> reporter: what's your favorite vacation spot? >> disney world, i love to be there hopefully offseason. >> reporter: favorite food? >> man, i'm going to go with my mom's lasagne. >> reporter: what kind of music do you listen to before games? >> i like to listen to either gospel music or praise and worship. that calms me down because i can get pretty anxious before games. my favorite band is probably twister. >> reporter: typical pregame meal? >> it's hard because i don't have much appetite because i'm so anxious, but usually a vegetable of some kind, potato, chicken and water. >> reporter: what will be your first big purchase? >> a good question. right now don't have many needs. i feel like everything has been taken care of so far, but coming offseason i may try to
10:47 pm
buy like a ping pong fable or something so i can have some fun in my apartment. >> reporter: i would not have thought a ping pong table, maybe a house or something like that. >> a ping pong table say big purchase in my mind. i'm pretty frugal. >> thanks for all the in. the preseason starts this thursday against the buffalo bills in new york. regular season begins september 9th against the saints in new orleans. >> starting the week off like we left off last week. >> a little humid, a little hot. >> 93 the high today from national, a little cooler at dulles and bwi, but even though it was hot today it was still nice this evening. the humidity was gone. cooled off a little bit. it might shock you the actual temperature at national, but i'm trying to segway here into this piece scene on the green. how soothing because it was
10:48 pm
psycho. we -- screen on the green. how soothing because it was psycho. we could call it scream on the green. darrell brown, our videographer did this tonight. he knows how to compose it and put it all together. thanks a lot, darrell, if you're listening. great job. they're having a good time. listen, we just said this, highs today 93 for reagan national. reagan national has been running a bit ahead of everybody. dulles has been typically a little cooler. that's been a season characteristic so far with the temperatures. i suspect that's going to happen again tomorrow. here's where the heat is so intense, though, wichita 101, dallas 104, del rio 101, all that heat bottled up into texas. a little cooler for st. louis. this is hot but a lot cooler than where they had been and chicago in the middle 80s. let's go further out to the west because the heat is building farther to the west now. boise, idaho today 100 degrees, portland 90.
10:49 pm
that's so hot for them, reno 98 and vegas not uncharacteristic but still hot there. basically this week we still see the jet stream way up out west and allowing this big heat zone to set. so not everybody in the west will be extremely hot, but some locations will be well up into the triple digits and in some sense since this has built a little more out to the west it helps us because what it does is it keeps this persistent trough in place for us and what it means, what's most importantly, no heatwave. it will be in the upper 80s to low 90s pretty much all week long, but hopefully by the end of the week with this jet stream kind of in this orientation it will allow a little cooler air to settle in. maybe by the time we get to saturday and sunday we're talking middle 80s. so that will be real nice. a little thunderstorm activity down to the south of us, but that's all past and stayed well south of us tonight.
10:50 pm
we have this frontal boundary in place here well up to the north of us today. it's been real pleasant. pittsburgh was only in the lower 80s. places across new york state in the 70s, some real cool air, but we don't benefit from that at all it looks like coming up. tomorrow morning we'll have some clouds. we can take this out into the future tomorrow. i'll have a couple pop-up thunderstorms there. that's all i think we'll have for tomorrow, just pop-up variety late afternoon thunderstorms. overnight tonight talking just a few clouds. it's still going to be a bit muggy, temperature in town middle 70s or so is the best we'll be able to do with a light wind, loads of sunshine tomorrow morning, 77. we're up to 85 degrees by noon tomorrow, again just an isolated thunderstorm late in the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow should be a little cool than today. instead of the lower 90s we'll go for high temperatures tomorrow in the upper yeasts. some of our western suburbs -- 80s.
10:51 pm
some of our western suburbs could be in the middle 80s. still a chance wednesday for a very spotty afternoon thunderstorm. as we get into thursday and friday, that's when we get a little warmer. it could be mid-90s on friday depending on when those storms come in, but friday looks like the day that we have to watch out for potentially some strong storms, maybe even some severe thunderstorms. that will signal the frontal system coming through that will hopefully cool us down for the weekend. >> i hope so. >> let's just make it through the next four days and see if we can have a pleasant weekend. >> sounds good. the olympics could be coming to washington. a coalition of leaders from baltimore and d.c. once again trying to bring the summer games to our region in 2024. the same group unsuccessful for the 2012 games. this time around organizers say they're having lunch with people, some politicians that support another run. officials say they're still in early talks. here's the latest medal count. we're more than halfway through the competition, china just ahead of the u.s., 64 total
10:52 pm
medals, 31 gold. u.s. has 63, overall, 29 gold. russia is in third place 42 medals. grit britain has 40. s about -- great britain has 40 medals. katie ledecky received a hero's welcome this evening returning from london. u.s. gymnast gabby douglas won an olympic gold, but people were criticizing her hair. gabby said she was confused when she went online this weekend and discovered people were being critical of her hair. today she responded to her critics like a champion saying nothing is going to change. i'm going to wear my hair like this during beam and bar finals. you might as well just stop talking about. it good for you. people will be talking about michael phelps' amazing olympic career for a long time. phelps is enjoying retirement at the tender age of 27. he won four gold and two silver
10:53 pm
medals during the london games and ended his career saturday night. he's now the most decorated athlete ever winning 22 medals across his career. now he's adjusting to life outside the pool. >> it's kind of weird, definitely strange not -- this is the first day of not having swimming in my life for a while and never having it competitivewise again. >> what's next? phelps want to travel, raise the sport of swimming to a higher level than it is now and continue his work with his charity, the michael phelps foundation. it has been 50 years since the death of marilyn monroe, a look at why this hollywood icon is still creating a stir and why she's still as famous as back in 1962.   >> fox 5 news is brought to you by sleepy's, the mattress professional.
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i think we all know it's not polite to cut in line. a high school lacrosse player who cut to be with his teammates as they were boarding a southwest flight learned the hard way when his coach made him apologize to everyone on the plane. >> my fellow travelers, today i greet you with great remorse. during the boarding process i took advantage of this airline's kindness. while some of my teammates were called to the front of the line i was not and yet i cut in line and took a seat that rightfully belonged to one of you good people. this is not how my coaches or parents expect me to behave and for all of this i apologize. >> the team was flying to a tournament. the next time he flies he says he will be more patient. it's been 50 years since the death of marilyn monroe. we take a look at why the
10:58 pm
hollywood icon is still as famous now as back in 1962. >> reporter: this sunday marked a half century since marilyn monroe died and unlike so many iconic actors, her popularity and bombshell image have made her more popular in debt than when she was alive. -- death than when she was alive. >> there was that phenomenon where it was shocking to see marilyn monroe in the '50s. now it's what women today try to strive for. >> reporter: forbes claimed her estate earned $27 million last year affirming why she's a hollywood icon never duplicated. ♪ a kiss on the hand may be quite continental ♪ >> reporter: monroe's beauty was just a small part of her allure. >> marilyn monroe was an amazing combination of intelligence and vulnerability and sexuality. >> the idea of someone who can live iconically forever young
10:59 pm
and always wondering what they would have brought to us if they lived their full lives, she just seems like a little such a sweet soul, you know, like you just want to protect her and she's so vulnerable like a child in a beautiful woman's body. >> reporter: for the guys there's a good reason she stood the test of time. >> it was more what she accomplished, what she did that has made everyone love her. of it the personality that she had and the films -- her. it was the personality that she had and the films that she did and the way she sort of encapsulated american bombshell in that time period. it's never been replicated. >> she was that combination of beauty and tragedy and those are two things that we in the human experience are drawn to. we love beautiful things, but i think it's just in us to love the beautiful things that are flawed and she was amazing for a reason. ♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪ >> thanks for joining us


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