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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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february for public intoxication. in los angeles, adam housely, fox news. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. >> the edge begins in prince georges county tonight in the arrest of an alleged child predator. police released surveillance video of the alleged abduction of an eight-year-old girl. >> police say the man in that video taken at the value villain thrift store is charles. we told you yesterday he was arrested and charged with two kidnappings of young girls. police say he has confessed to both of the abductions. an expert tells us what is amazing about the video is that it is not obvious that an alleged crime is taking place. >> the video was shot outside the value village thrift store. pay close attention to the man and woman on the right of your screen.
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>> she's following him. >> director of the missing children division of the national center for missing and exploited children. >> these abductions are often very subtle. >> we showed him the surveillance video, showing 25- year-old charles amopa leaving the thrift store on june 9 with an eight-year-old girl. lauri says this type of abduction is a parent's worst nightmare. >> they are subtle. as you see in your video, you have workers present. you have gentleman unloading a truck right there who aren't alarmed by the situation. >> police say he lured the girl to a vacant property near the playground, but she fought off his advances and managed to get away. the other girl, who is six, was rescued by a county police officer. police say it was not before she was sexually assaulted near the playground swings. enter someone would think of a child being grabbed and pulled and the child kicking and screaming, abductors like this
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don't want that kind of attention brought to them. >> lowry says it's no longer enough to tell children not to talk to strangers or to just say no to anyone asking them to do something they don't want to do. >> if that person tries to grab you or pull at you, kick, scream, do whatever you can to bring attention to that situation. >> the center for missing children has lots of other tips for preventing child abductions. you can go to for the link. they are examining charles' facebook page and online activity to see if they can find evidence of any other victims. another big story we're following, prince georges county officials say a five- year-old girl is dead after a fire ripped through her family's home this afternoon. tonight, her father and uncle remain in critical condition. bob is on the scene all day long. joins us in chapel oaks with the latest. bob. >> brian, the little girl who died and her 15-year-old uncle were trapped upstairs there on
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the second floor when firefighters arrived. the girl's father, the teenager's brother was outside burned and screaming for help. firefighters risked their lives it save the two children, both were found unconscious and not breathing. paramedics revived them both, but three hours later around 8:00 tonight at children's hospital, the five-year-old girl passed away. >> by all accounts, it was a terrible fire that still under investigation. >> i started screaming. screaming, help. help. >> jeanette gibson lives next door to the duplex here on carrington court. the fire was reported around 4:30 this afternoon. first responders rescuing a little girl and teenage boy. her father's younger brother from the flames and thick smoke that engulfed their home. >> i saw a fireman running down the street. i don't know if she was upstairs or downstairs.
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i know he came out running with her and a couple minutes later, they pulled a little boy out and he was lifeless, too, and the paramedics kept pumping on his chest. >> for much of the evening, everybody was thinking about the victims, including the girl's 24-year-old father, said to be suffering third degree burns over half his body. >> i just hope they are all right. they are young. they don't deserve it. >> i'm praying and hoping they are all right. >> ivan wilson says this is the second deadly house fire in recent memory. her parent's house was the first to burn many years ago. >> i don't know if my mother was smoking or what she was doing, but she did die. >> in this fire, we learned late in the evening the five- year-old girl who friends say was named jade, died from her injuries. her father and his teenage brother both hanging on. both critically injured. they remain hospitalized tonight at washington hospital
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center's burn unit. the cause of this fire is still under investigation, brian. >> bob, prince georges county police investigating a fatal shooting in river dale tonight. earlier this afternoon, officers responded to the 6200 block of kennelworth avenue. a 40-year-old man was found dead inside that home. suffering from gun shot wounds. police have not yet identified that victim. staying in prince georges county, police are searching for a serial bank robber. you're looking at surveillance video. the most recent robbery occurred yesterday afternoon. if you know who that man is or have any information related to the bank robberies, you are urged to call police. >> to an edge exclusive. it started as a summer camp. it turned into a fight club. tonight, we talk exclusively with an employee who says he saw adults hitting children at a camp in southern maryland. fox 5's beth parker has the story you saw first on fox 5.
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>> in a telephone call, he asked us to disguise his voice. there was no hiding how he felt. >> did you feel sorry for these kids? >> without a doubt, ma'am. without a doubt. >> this former employee of the boys and girls clubs of greater washington has worked at camp brown. he did not like what he saw. >> disrespect towards the campers. using foul language, belittling them. also physical abuse, slapping in the chest, pushing, kind of like throwing on the ground. >> the camp was created as a partnership between the boys and girls clubs of greater washington and the metropolitan police department. it's named after a former police chief. camp brown is 80 miles from d.c., participants drop their kids off here at club 14 on bening road northeast for a five-day stay in st. mary's county, maryland. it's supposed to be an escape to greener pastures. our interviewee says it's not
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what parents expect. >> i definitely think they would be surprised. >> and it was a surprise when parents started getting phone calls last week saying their kids were coming home one day early. the boys and girls clubs of greater washington gave this letter it parents, describing the discovery of inappropriate fight club activity. these counselors say they didn't see it. >> one of the moms i talked to said her ten-year-old son was punched. >> i was with him. >> that's news to me. >> another employee says he witnessed violence. >> the counselor walked in and saw the child and hit one, two, three in the chest. >> mpd does not hire or supervise counselors at camp brown. people we talked with said officers behaved professionally. a spokesman says right now the boys and girls clubs are focused on the quote, primary goal of maintaining a safe and quality camp experience. we will not let isolated
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shameful actions impact the great work we do. >> how would you describe the overall environment there? >> not a place that a child should be sent to summer camp. >> that employee we talked with says he tried to report the problems, but nobody listened. we do know some camp counselors have been fired. there are no accusations against any police officers. camp brown is closed at least for now. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> a takoma park man behind bars tonight. police arrested freddie for picking up and delivering female prostitutes to customers homes. the arrest comes after several months long investigation. police say as many as 20 deliveries a day, five days a week, hispanic women picked up in prince georges county, dropped off at the homes in the annapolis area. he faces several charges, including 54 counts of
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prostitution. d.c. mayor is getting help from a crisis communications expert. fox 5's shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> he met with judy smith last month, asking for advice on the federal investigation into his 2010 campaign. the mayor told reporters today he is not still working with the expert. smith's past clients include monica, michael vick, and wesley snipes. the d.c. police captain demoted after charlie sheen was given a police escort is suing the department. hilton burton says his demotion was punishment for telling the d.c. council that police escorts were routine. chief kathy lanier says it was not related to the sheen incident. it was a reflection of his performance. burton is seeking whistle blower protection and wants his demotion rescinded. >> meet in a special session tomorrow to consider expanding gambling. allow a sixth casino to be
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built in prince georges county and allow table games at all state gambling site st. the bill would allow casinos to operate 24 hours a day. new information in the shooting. plus, people gather for a vigil in montgomery county to honor the victims. and gmail users about to go public. the new feature that google is adding. check out some of the other stories on the rundown and we're back. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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another vigil was held in our area tonight. you remember the lives lost in the sick temple shooting, wisconsin. the vigil was held in silver spring. candles set up outside. montgomery county executive spoke at tonight's memorial. >> we all suffer, so we stand tall to say that here in montgomery county, throughout this great country, we will not accept it. >> six people were killed in sunday's shooting. earlier today, president obama called indian prime minister to express his condolences over
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the shooting deaths. both men discussed. wahimself to death during their confrontation. he put the gun to his head. detectives are searching through page's belongings and trying to find any sign as to why he decided to do what he did. a major shakeup at the susan g. komen foundation. the president and founder are stepping down. president liz thompson will leave komen next month and nancy brinker is relinquishing her role as chief executive. the shakeup comes months after the foundation ended its funding for planned parenthood. a new app to get your cup of joe. rising gun sales in the commonwealth, and help could be on the way for maryland farmers. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top 5. >> a brand-new way to pay for your starbucks. the company will become the first national chain to allow
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customers to pay for purchases using the mobile app square. the coffee chain accepts payments with its own app. down load the square app connected to a credit or debit card and pay by placing your mobile device in front of a scanner. number four, google plans to include your gmail address. a new feature highlights information drawn from users gmail accounts on the main results page. users who sign up will be shown a list of relevant e-mails if the correspondence contains the word entered in a search request. gun sales are up in virginia since a new law kicked in. allowing people to buy more than one handgun per month. sales jumped 17% since june. that accounts for buyers who pass background checks. number two, help could be on the way for area farmers hit hard by this summer's drought. maryland's governor is asking for federal help and federal
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aid for 13 of the state's 23 counties, include anne arundel, charles, counties. they lost between 30 and 54% of their crop. and number one tonight. if your electric bill was higher than normal, you can blame the july heat. it was the hottest month ever recorded in the u.s. the average temperature, 77.6 degrees. the first seven months of 2012 were also the warmest on record for the entire nation. and brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. getting some late breaking new information into the weather center. looking good. >> hopefully it holds. that's not my official forecast yet, but if we see it tomorrow, i'll change saturday. we'll talk about that here in just a second, what brian and i are discussing. if you were with us at 10:00, you already know. stick around and we'll explain more. beautiful shot tonight. temperature here in the city dropped off a little bit more.
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it is 81 degrees. there's a little bit of a breeze out of the south. relative humidity. you might expect, pretty high. 72%. 76 dulles, manassas, culpeper cooling down, as is winchester. baltimore is down to 77 degrees and annapolis equals our temperature 81. we are staying muggy overnight tonight. same as it ever was. upper 60s in the suburbs and again here in town, right to 75, 76, 77. just depends on what neighborhood you are. we wake up tomorrow morning to clouds. some 79. things still some clouds around at noon, but we have a will the of sunshine. tomorrow should be warmer than today. today managed up to 90 degrees. tomorrow we should be in the lower 90s. maybe a few 90s out there and a couple thunderstorms late in the afternoon again. tonight, we are clear. we did have a few thunderstorms popping up during the late afternoon evening hours. they calmed down quite quickly
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after sunset. now we just have some thunderstorms moving in from the north and west. they are dying, too, tonight, as they are pulling into western sections of pennsylvania, into west virginia, and it doesn't look like these will get over the mountains. they become rain showers. a lot of rain back out to the west. you can see a sense of a swirl, area of low pressure is getting organized. there's a frontal system back here, too. this is our rain really going into friday. it looks like friday is going to be pretty wet. 76 tonight. again here in town. so very, very muggy and mild. 79 quantico. a little cooler back into our western suburbs. along that i-81 corridor. temperatures will drop off into the upper 60s. tomorrow, here we go. temperatures a little bit warmer. more muggy. our heat index values should be in the middle 90s area wide. and you can see from fredericksburg all the way up to frederick. temperatures low to mid 90s.
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with friday's increase in clouds and thunderstorms, a little cooler, we could stay in the upper 80s. saturday, look how much cooler there. right now, the trends of the new information are moving that rain out a little sooner on saturday. so we could salvage now most of saturday and pretty good shape. sunday and monday look nice. cooler with less humid. so as we mentioned earlier, maybe, just maybe we turn a corner. lindsey murphy is in with sports. >> this is the verison sports desk with lindsey murphy. >> finally some good news. talk about a tale of two teams. the nationals were the best team in baseball entering tonight's game. although the nats record is 31 1/2 games better than the astros, games one and two were not a cake walk. only in extra innings. game three of four in houston, geo gonzalez on the mound for the nationals. 2nd inning, this game is tied
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and helping his own cause, drives in a home run well over the wall at left field. that is geo's first career long ball. in the 6th, bryce parker taking out his frustrations. harper has struggled since the all-star break. he was hitless in this series and average dropped 28 points. keeps the cool to end the game. he goes the distance. the nats win 4-3. the orioles fresh off a walkoff win yesterday looking to continue their hot play against seattle. steve johnson making his major league debut and he is instantly effective. he strikes out the side in the first. he went six innings with nine strikeouts. and ending his 74 at bat homerless drought. the birds cruise 9-2. johnson gets a pie in the face. the o's remain tied for the al wild card.
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great falls, virginia, little league team finished as the only unbeaten team. had a matchup against georgia. they are two wins away from the little league world series. >> and yosh looking to make a big splash in the semifinal. second inning, the ball crushed into center field, but georgia is looking like adam jones of the o's. making the leaping catch. bottom of the 4th, base st loaded, and jason lines out to left. georgia would go on to win 5-1, ending virginia's hope for a world series. coming up in sports, the skins are sick of each other. bring on the buffalo bills. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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redskins fans. the wait is almost over. you'll get your first glimpse of robert griffin, iii, yes, a sneak peek of 12 to 20 plays, but it means the regular season is that much closer. the redskins have been through minicamp, and now 11 days of training camp. tomorrow at 7:00 p.m., we'll get to see how far they have come and how far they have to go. the team arrived in buffalo today. and with the hope that rg3 can lead this franchise to a turn around. but four preseason games stand between now and the season opener september 9. whether they like it or not, the preseason is a must. >> i think it is different for everybody.
11:25 pm
just get loose, get back into the rhythm. young guys to prove themselves, show that they belong in the nfl. a guy like myself, so i can come in and be a great backup player and be well on special teams. it depends on who you are and how you fit in, and depends on what you are trying to get out of the preseason. >> the redskins return four starting linebackers. outside linebacker started all 16 games of his rookie season. finishing with 7 1/2 sacks, a skins rookie record, and one int for a touchdown. he also didn't miss a single snap all year. yet kerrigan is still hungry. >> watching some from last year, yikes, so many plays now, it makes me, why didn't i do that then? i know my assignments this year. i know the defense and we all collectively are a year more experienced. it made for a much smoother transition. >> that's all for sports. brian bolter back in a minute. >> the verison sports desk brought to you by verison 4g
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who isn't a pro at texting? would you consider yourself a texting champ? one wisconsin teen can. for the second year in a row, 16-year-old austin won the national texting competition. today, 11 contestants were tested on speed, accuracy, austin beat them all, winning the title and $50,000 in prize money. and now you have the news edge. have a great night. 
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