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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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down heads to a -- show down heads to special session. the bitter debate is far from settled. and coming up later, the pressure is on, robert griffin the third, leads the skins in the first preseason game of 2012. fox morning news at 7 starts now. good morning a live lookout side not a bad looking start to the day. traffic though looks to be problematic in some areas, we will tell you in just a couple moments and tucker will be here with the forecast. this is thursday, august 9th, 2012 good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. happy you are starting the day off with us. >> yes, tucker is here as well. he has today's forecast. >> hey, tony good morning allison, how does hot and humid sound. >> if you are that the excited,
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temperatures in the 90s. 76 washington right now, 70 fredericksburg, dulles too. fog we mentioned particularly west and north of the city temperatures have cooled making your commute a little bit, but generally a bright and sunny start to your day. there is a thunderstorm or two out there, down towards salisbury showers, developed last hour and there was -- there you go, a lonesome thunderstorm, southern pennsylvania north and west of hagerstown quiet conditions and i think after morning sunshine we will see the clouds fill in and at least the possibility of scattered thunderstorms returning to the forecast area here, later this afternoon under a hot and hazy sun.
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here is your forecast, high temperatures expected to top out in the low to mid-90s. 93 here in washington 92 la plata and 88 front royal. changes in the forecast including cooler and dryer air, details in just a few minutes. we will see traffic and lauren. >> cool and drier air is certainly a good thing another good thing is news from metro normal service resumed on the blue and yellow lines after an earlier track issue. should be pack to normal there. traffic land, travelling 270, delays looks like things are thinning out, delayings because of earlier accidents, two of
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them, one 121, one on 118. outer loop of the belt way, slowing college park, georgia avenue, before it frees up, also disabled vehicle reported southbound 95, on the ramp to 175, on the right side to have ramp, left to get by, same across the american legion bridge. into virginia, that fog looks like it is lifting out northbound, 95, newington 395 from duke to seminary that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. allison. thanks lauren our big story at 7:00 a.m., future of gambling in the state of maryland today the senate reconvened in annapolis for a special session. the two big issues whether to allow table games like poker at the casinos that already exist and whether to build a new casino at national harbour, prince georges county. governor o'malley says expanding gambling will boost state revenue and create jobs, state lawmakers will debate legislation about dogwho is liable in the event of a dog bite following a maryland court ruling pit bulls are inherently dangerous. our other big story the red skins, take the field for the first preseason game of 2012. rookie quarterback, robert griffin the third will lead the new look burgundy and gold against the bills.
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it will be the public's first look at the hysman winner. a 5-year-old girl is dead after a fire ripped through her family's home. >> her father and uncle remain in critical condition. melanie alnwick is live in chapel hills. >> reporter: we don't know much about the family that lived here on carington court except the 5-year-old girl had a big smile and loved to ride her bike her 24-year-old father was remembered as a man who worked hard to provide for everyone in the household including his mother and 15-year-old brother when firefighters arrived just 4 minutes after the call they found james injured and frantic in the front yard he told them about the children trapped upstairs heavy fire on the 1st floor spread to the 2nd floor one team battled the flames with hoses, another set up
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ladders and another team rushed up to rescue the children. neighbors describe the awful scene. >> the house and the flames, they brought a man out screaming for his daughter than they brought his daughter out she was lifeless. i never seen no lifeless body like that before carried out of a house like that. they had burns all over their arms like it was too surreal, too real life like. >> the 15-year-old was stabilized and flown to washington hospital center where he remains in critical condition little jay couldn't pull through she died 8:00 p.m. last night her father james also in critical condition with 3rd degree burns over 50% of his body. fire officials say the home did have two working smoke detectors tony, they plan to be out here this afternoon talking to neighbors about fire safety. >> all right melanie alnwick reporting from chapel oaks. thank you. in other news, prince georges county police
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investigating a deadly shooting in river dale maryland a 40- year-old man was found inside a home yesterday afternoon 6200 block kennel worth avenue. officers arrived at the scene to check on the welfare of a resident when they located the victim who had been shot police have not yet identified that man. staying in prince georges county misreleased surveillance -- police released surveillance video of a maryland man abducting an 8-year-old girl the man they believe is charles amopa and a little girl walking outside the value village thrift store july 9th. police say he attempted to sexually assault her she was able to fight him off he was arrested monday after allegedly sexually assaulting a 6-year- old girl at a nearby playground. police say he kidnapped that girl from the same thrift store. take a look now campaign trail the race for president may be turning into a gender
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war. doug luzader explains why. >> you don't have to dig too deep into the polls to find a real gender gap in the race for president something both campaigns are painfully aware of. >> reporter: president obama takes the stage in colorado embracing sandra, the woman whose dust up with rush limbaugh over free contraceptives pushed her into the political spotlight. look at the banner beneath the podium this is an all out effort to win over women and paint republicans as against their interests. >> when it comes to a woman's right to make her own health care choices they want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s,. >> reporter: the numbers in colorado may bear that out. the president leads mitt romney among women there by 8 points, although republicans say that is only part of the story. >> he is winning women this time around but by 50% l than he got last time around and he is running, even worse among men than last time around
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hence the race in today's gallup tracking 47/46. >> reporter: romney has a big advantage among men looking at just colorado, 17 points for his part romney was in iowa with a gender neutral message on the economy. >> if entrepreneurs and business people around the world, and here at home, think that at some point america is going to become like greece or like spain, or italy, or like california, -- >> reporter: behind the scenes the romney campaign is trying to close the gender gap among women. last time around the president carried a majority of women voters 56% in washington doug luzader, fox news. other news, a multiagency investigation is under way after a massive fire, breaks out at a chevron oil refinery in california this happened earlier in the week. hundreds of residents went to hospital with breathing issues from the smoke. the blaze caused gas prices on
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the west coast to rise. those living in the area are outraged saying officials did not provide accurate information how toxic the smoke could be from the plant. >> i asked them directly to tell us what the pollutants are, that we can figure out what is on our food. >> reporter: chevron officials are preparing compensation packages for residents, san francisco bay area regulators cited the plant violating air quality rules 93 times in the last 5 years. today, japan marked 67 years since the bombing of nagasaki. officials promised to pursue policies less reliant on nuclear energy. the attack killed 47,000
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people. in syria the army has launched a ground assault they are using fighter planes and heavy artillery against the rebels the shells left widespread damage in se vail yanni boar hoods, satellite pictures show, the scale of the destruction, with each yellow dot in those photos, representing an artillery crater. syrian media warned last month this would be the mother of all battles. nasa's rover on mars curiosity raced its mast and
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now using high resolution cameras to send us more photos they will be stitched together to make a man rammic view it is sending the best view so far since touching down it took 8 months, travelling 852 million miles to get there.  
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under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. making headlines, dc police captain demoted after actor charlie sheen was given a police escort is suing. he said his demotion was punishment for telling dc council, police escorts for
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celebrities were routine but chiefly near says it was a reflection of his overall job performance. investigators still searching for a motive into the temple shooting in wisconsin. fbi determined the gunman shot himself to death during his battle with police. they say he put the gun to his head right after an officer shot him in the stomach. six people were killed in sunday's shooting three others remain in critical condition. we are keeping an eye on tropical storm earnesto that is not it there. the storm left behind minor damage, expected to have no impact on the u.s. the storm left behind minor damage as it crossed mexico's yucatan peninsula at last check it was packing winds of 65 miles an hour. not sure why we are showing you the map. >> forecast the hurricane again later today and second land fall. >> all right. >> tonight and tomorrow. >> eastern mexico. >> okay. >> yep. >> taking a southern track and
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another disturbance that could become a tropical storm in the eastern atlantic. >> right. >> it is that time of year. >> it is. i am going on vacation next week. >> we will keep an eye on it for you. >> east earn atlantic. >> that is a vacation. >> that is a hot spot. >> that is where i am going. >> no land areas within a thousand miles. >> that is what i like to do, don't judge me. >> temperatures, no judging here, 76 degrees washington now national numbers, 73 wichita. most of the extreme heat is desert southwest where it belongs for the time being, 92 las vegas, 95 phoenix we will keep it out there as long as we can. want to show you the satellite radar, quiet, generally quiet this morning, but notice off to the north and west, green you see, yellow, showers and thunderstorms, into the great lakes region and there is a series of cold fronts that will approach the washington area over the next couple days start being later this afternoon --
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starting with later this afternoon. hazy, hot, humid atmosphere, cooler and dryer air a few scattered showers or thunderstorms later this afternoon. best chance will be tomorrow into tomorrow evening as the whole area of rain shower activity starts to move toward us we could be in for a soaking wet day tomorrow and heavy rain, thunderstorm activity lookout tomorrow behind the front cooler and dryer air on the way saturday afternoon high temperatures will only be low 80s. with lower humidity and sunday looks fantastic high temperatures mid-80s. sunshine low humidity. something to look forward to for a change on the 5 day. i will take it. >> let's find out, -- >> atlanta. >> what? >> eastern atlantic next week. >> let's find out what is happen being traffic. lauren is here for julie wright. >> allison is a little shady this morning. >> what?
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east earn atlantic? >> seems vague >> i don't want everybody to be all up in the business. >> got you. i want to look at waze, reports of slow traffic travelling inbound on the bw parkway, fox 5 wazers, heavy and slow, approaching the belt way, 410 also travelling 95 southbound, reports of a disabled vehicle on the ramp to 175, let you get past that. traffic land because we are also seeing heavy and slow traffic off and on. not looking too bad right of your screen is the outer loop, leaving 95, college park, new hampshire avenue reports off on the breaks towards georgia avenue. things look great on the belt way here, leaving the mixing bowl, past van dooren, towardseisenhower no issues towards the wilson bridge. 395, slowing from the belt way, duke street up towards seminary, before you break free no problems across the 14th
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street bridge. 56, delays, through manassas and centerville, approaching route 50, fair oaks and 123. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you lauren. seems the iphone is not as popular as the competition, in the second quarter of this year four android phones were shipped for every iphone purchased samsung and other makers sold 105 smart phones from april to june and androids make up 68% of the worldwide market. foreclosures in the u.s. on the rise the number of people receiving their first mortgage default notice jumped 6% last month compared to the year before according to reality track. this comes as banks catch up on a backlog of foe closure filings -- foreclosure filings. one of the roughest celebrity mug shots you will ever see. >> that would take a lot. >> we will show it to you. >> an act at a local fair,
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raising eyebrows with guestanimal rights advocates. coming up later holly is live in columbia maryland showing us a store that specializes in kids crafts and consignment. again, it is 7:19 a.m., thursday morning we will be right back
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that music has to make you happy. >> back now with the story out of virginia you are not going the want to miss. >> yep, we are about to show you a boxing match unlike any you have ever seen before a boxing kangaroo. you have heard of this before the animal enters the ring with his gloves and boxer trunks ready for a heavy weight bout his opponent is a clown the ankara act is part of the star
7:24 am
-- the kangaroo act is part of the star family circus. his owner says he gets the star treatment. >> we would never ever hurt the kangaroo for goodness sakes he is my baby he is a star the only thing different about what this kangaroo does with us and in the wild, they don't wear shorts or boxing gloves. >> this the wild. the act is supposed to be a comedy routine not everyone is laughing people for ethical treatment of animals say boxing kangaroos receive harsh treatment and suffer intense confinement this owner says the usda looks at all complainthealth inspectors come to her house to check him out >> i can't even hardly watch that story any time an animal is taken out of an element at least in a zoo it is a natural habitat of sorts that is disturbing. >> yep. >> okay. still ahead next half hour our political panel marty russo and
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robert walker join us live with the late fest the campaign trail including dualing -- latest from the cam pan trail, including dualing -- campaigning trail, including dualing campaigns. as we head to break, a live lookout side lauren demarco has a look at traffic, tuck aerolook at weather when we return. 7:25 a.m. [ harry umlaut ] herere we go. [ sally umlaut ] what? the five stages of muller. ah yes... stage one: suspicion. "it's a yogurt, how good can it be?" stage two: revision. "actually, this ain't bad." stage three: surprise! "look at this cool cornery thing! i love this stuff!!" stage four: desolation. "it's gone!" stage five: anticipation "i guess i could always have another"...
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with four days left in competition, team usa has take on the lead america now has 81 medals, four more than second place china. 34 of those are gold, still two fewer than china, russia is in thirled with four more medals than great britain and there is germany in fifth place. today, all eyes will be back on the track as the world's fastest man, goes for his second gold. >> usain bolt will go against rival. >> allison felix won the 200-
7:29 am
meter women's final with a time of 2 1.8 8 seconds her first gold medal on the world stage after falling short two other times. congratulations to my name sake there. >> yes, indeed. >> for an unprecedented, third straight olympic, they are gold winners in women's beach volleyball the pair beat fellow americans in straight sets, -- extending their olympic unbeaten streak to 21 games, misty may is retiring after the london games. >> very emotional. >> i had to watch that last night. >> oh, did you? >> and when allison felix won it. >> the day women's soccer final. >> that's right. >> men's. >> i think a semi final game. >> i am not sure. >> that is also in it, so we got more golds. >> got to hold a gold medal
7:30 am
yesterday. >> i was afraid to ask it when katie was in here. >> amazing. >> on fox 5 morning news. >> she was very nice. >> family was nice too. weather forecast, hot and sticky start to your day, hot and sticky afternoon, highs low 90s, changes on the horizon, believe it or not cooler and dryer air setting up to move in just in time for the weekend. could there be a few storms yes, will there be? probably not. maybe 20, 30% chance you will see an afternoon thunderstorm pop up, friday soaker, tomorrow does look wet and pretty much guarantee showers and thunderstorms during the day and some of those storms could be slow moving a lot of rain, issues with severe weather, lookout for tomorrow i mentioned the cooler and dryer air for the weekend frontal system will move in slowly by saturday afternoon you will really notice the dryer air, and saturday night and sunday, look fantastic. all right, 76 washington, 75 overnight low not terribly cool
7:31 am
start to our day. 78 annapolis. cull pepper, 68 for you, 68 in winchester mention the afternoon highs expected to be right back in low 90s not much in the way of changes with our air mass plenty of humidity, haze, even a little fog to start your morning off to the west. here are our changes this cold front will get closer later this afternoon, actually a series of cold fronts, the first part of the energy will arrive later this afternoon clouds by mid-darks and then the possibility of a few -- midday, and then the possibility of a few scattered storms, tomorrow looks wet periods of showers and thunderstorms some could be strong as the whole frontal system drops down. 93, partly sunny hot and humid scattered afternoon storms back. winds out of the south, a miles per hour warm, muggy overnight, air conditioners will hum along, 75 overnight low your forecast tomorrow does look
7:32 am
wet, mostly cloudy, 87 clouds hold temperatures down a little bit and frontal passage will be a slow one, saturday afternoon sunshine 82, sunday looks fantastic check out your morning low temperature sunday morning in the 60s for the first time this month here in dc. all right that is a look at weather, lauren is keeping an eye on traffic. >> last time around we were talking about wazers they were saying southbound bw parkway was slow approaching 410 because of an accident watch for delays there. dc 295, slow southbound between bening and pennsylvania avenue and northbound. as you travel in order bound 395, mixing bowl, -- northbound, mixing bowl, past duke street past seminary, no delays, as you travel the belt way, no real problems to report in virginia or maryland, things
7:33 am
looks good there. 66 inbound heavy and slow, route 50, once you bet past, it opens up, toward the belt way, 270 looking okay, delays off and on as you head into rockville that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much. during a campaign stop in denver president obama said mitt romney would immediately dismantle health laws critical to women if elected in november. while the president focused on health, his rival, focused on economic issues in iowa, he told an audience, that current spending and debt levels could be ruinous to the country's future, more insight into all this, former democratic congressman of illinois, marty russo now head of russo capital strategies and robert walker former republican congressman now chairman of wexler and
7:34 am
walker cpa. gentlemen. enjoying the campaignslings and arrows going back and forth? >> i am no long era delegate for the convention so i don't have to go. >> i am going to the republican convention i am a delegate i will go down and get all juiced up for the rest of the campaign although i don't understand how it could get much more robust than it is now. >> yeah, robust is a polite term. yeah, they are really going after each other and, pardon me, seems personal, now, let's talk about first of all, what president obama was saying about romney and how romney might dismantle some health benefits that women now receive, you know, he was playing two women particularly yesterday, and seems to be working, to some degree. bob let me ask you is this a fair attack on mitt romney? >> well, i really don't think it is a fair attack on him the fact is what mitt romney talked about is getting rid of obama care what is as popular among
7:35 am
women as it is among men, so that is the change that romney is talking about. >> he is talking about getting rid of planned parenthood. >> no, he is talking about not funding planned parenthood, out of federal government resources that is largely because, of his opposition to abortion. planned parenthood is the biggest purveyor of abortion in the country and so, that stems from that fact, planned parenthood in terms of family planning and some of those things most republicans support but the fact is, most of what they do, is aimed at their abortion services that is their big money maker the federal government is saying we will not pay for that. >> that is why. marty what do you think of these fair criticisms? >> i think it is fair -- mitt romney made it clear one of the first things he would do would be get rid of obama care which you know, i don't think he likes to admit was based on
7:36 am
romney care, in massachusetts. so, yes, there is a lot of very important issues that effect women addressed in that particular affordable care act if you say i am going to get rid of it first thing i am there, all those issues i care about aren't going to be there for me. i think what really scares him the most is pre-existing condition he says as long as you have continuous coverage, pre-existing conditions are okay. i had a family member with a pre-existing condition when they are that sick insurance companies all they want to do is not pay, so we need to fix i think affordable care does a lot of good things we got to fix the things that don't work and things that really work, work for the american people as a whole. >> the main thing they want to get rid of is mandate on it, and the fact is that a lot of the issues like coverage of young people after they have
7:37 am
left college, coverage, pre- existing condition, a lot of those things, insurance companies have already stood up and said that they will continue a number of those items, and the question will be, what is the finance mechanism for that but that is something congress could work out, beyond the obama care issue. >> i want to ask you something about mitt romney he got a lot of criticism after his trip overseas, there were gaffes and all that kind of thing and then yesterday talking about the economy, he pretty much said we can't afford to go down the road of ruin, that greece and spain and california are going down as well and some californians are now upset with him about saying that. are people right to be concerned about whether or not he is ready to assume the presidency? >> well, it is obvious to me, and many people he is not ready he is not ready for big time. no body knows what romney
7:38 am
really stands for. i mean, even though i disagree with bob, on a lot of newt gingrich, at least i can say newt stands for something. same with santorum seems mitt romney will say anything hectowin a certain -- he can to win a certain section of the party i would like to know what is his plan for the american people. this campaign lacks one major thing from both candidates what is your plan for the next four years we have a serious problem in this country what do you plan on doing they are talking welfare reform, health care, eliminate health care, they are talking about some of these ads are just -- i mean, just horrible ads on tv this just started when september hits it will really be horrible stuff no body is talking about what is your plan for the future for america. we have serious problems. >> bob. >> i think mitt romney is prepared to be president i would agree with marty they need to do a better job outlining exactly what a romney
7:39 am
presidency would look like and what we will get out of convention is exactly that it is also true romney forces martialed their money to be used in the fall a large portion of that will define him for the american people and defining his agenda for the american people. the fact is he is not going to carry california, so, criticizing the californians for what they are doing economically, does make the point, that that is a road we better had not go down as a nation. >> gentlemen thank you for coming in good to have your insights appreciate it see you soon allison. >> 729 a.m., 76 degrees out there coming up an acting legend calls it quits a country star's must see mug shot. doctor from delaware under arrest after allegedly water boarding his own daughter why he reportedly did it when we check out what is making headlines 
7:40 am
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making headlines now, 7:42 a.m., police in prince georges want you to look at this surveillance video shows a
7:43 am
suspected serial bank robber at capital one bank, marlboro heights the suspect is linked to five robberys in district heights area the most recent happened tuesday afternoon. pediatrician in delaware is behind bars this morning after allegedly using a disturbing form of punishment on his own daughter he is accuse odd of water boarding his daughter multiple times over the course of two years starting when she was 8 years old. police say one time he held her mouth and nose shut until she lost feeling and collapsed to the ground. allegedly the girl's mother knew about the torture technique but turned a blind eye. >> it was used by americans during the vietnam war decades ago now for the first time the u.s. is cleaning up a dangerous chemical left behind from agent orange. it turns out it contained a small amount of die ox inwhich
7:44 am
has been linked to cancer, birth defects and other disabilities. 7:43 a.m., tucker joins us with a look at today's forecast. might see storms. >> possibility later this afternoon most of the day will be dry for you and tomorrow our best chance of rain this week. >> all right. >> we could use rain. >> yes, we could. >> unfortunate timing. >> falling more and more behind. >> yeah. hot and dry summer not only here but from across the country temperature regan national, 76 degrees, 78 this morning in annapolis, 72 leonard town a couple 60s north and west, 678 winchester this morning -- 67 winchester this morning open up a little bit, not terrible, 71 boston, 72 chicago a lot of rain off to our north and west and a cold front approaching over the next 24 to 36 hours today starting the day with a mix of fog, a little cloudiness and sunshine, partly sunny day, 4:00 p.m. could be a few thunderstorms,
7:45 am
north and west later this afternoon, and then we will cloud up tonight, and got a couple chances for rain showers tomorrow, there we are tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m., as the frontal system starts to move in our best chance will be tomorrow afternoon 5:00 p.m., feature cast indicating, widespread showers could be thunderstorms embedded as well. definitely a period of rain tomorrow along with cooler temperatures which will be here for the weekend. only 80 starting tomorrow right through the weekend sunday fabulous by the way, sunshine low humidity, temperatures in the mid-08s. -- mid-80s. >> thanks tuck. >> to lauren if for julie wright, hey lauren. >> good morning. i was just checking out waze i am seeing reports of an accident northbound, 395, just popped up, minor accident prior to the 14th street bridge. delays, belt way up towards
7:46 am
seminary road if we head on to traffic land that has now caused spill over if you are travelling northbound, 95, flow here, approaching the mixing bowl continue on 395, up towards seminary again watch for the wreck prior to the 14th street bridge. 66th accident activity as you travel eastbound, two lane lanes delays from before route 50, and just adding to the volume we were seeing earlier outer loop, heavy and slow, 95 college park past university boulevard toward georgia avenue. inner loop reports of delays near 201 and overpass. also want to mention an accident, glen bernie, westbound between 97 and aviation boulevard tony over to you. >> all right thank you very much. sad news to report out of hollywood actor bob hoskins says he is retiring after being diagnosed with par kin sins,
7:47 am
the 69-year-old is -- parkinsons the 69-year-old is best known for who framed roger rabbit. country music star in trouble with the law, once again. randy travis arrested for driving under the influence after crashing his car in texas. police first got a 911 call about a man lying naked, in the road. >> 911. >> hello, um, i am on the road from 377 to valley view, and i just found a guy laying in the road. >> okay. is he responsive? >> i haven't got out of my vehicle yet. >> has he moved at all? >> not that i see. >> well, there is the mug shot travis is charged with dwi and threatening police officer,
7:48 am
just last february the 58-year- old was charged with public intoxication. up next a unique store that lets parents and kids explore their creativity. >> holly morris live in columbia maryland with all the details good morning. >> good morning to you. not only do they get to explore their creativity but in a cost effective way being a parent, affordable, say it isn't so. well, it is if you come to green berries in columbia where we are live and they are indeed combining consignment, and crafts, and a whole lot more we will explain it all live next fox 5 morning news, stay with us  i got the chance to startrt my own business.
7:49 am
i know what it's like to hire pepeople and to make ends mee. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. our facebook fan to have the day michael gibson, he is spending part of his summer
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beating the heat, fishing in alaska. >> wow. >> that is a good place to go. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan log on to our facebook page. tucker i will ask you litter temperature, the medium -- later, the temperature, the medium temperature is it medium or median. >> median. >> okay. >> today, we are checking out the trends in food, fitness and fun for kids plus, how to get babies brand name clothing for less. >> man, holly morris joins us from green berries columbia you know my question holly where in the world was this store when i needed baby clothes. >> i know. well, here is a news flash kids are expensive right? >> really. >> well, i know and as you well know both of you, you want to buy nice things for your kids you blink they have grown out of the clothes or toys or the stroller whatever it may be well, in comes this concept called green berries and the brain behind it all, is this
7:53 am
lady here, rachel she is the owner. >> hi. >> your motto is supposed to be good for kids good for you good for earth. >> good for earth. tell me about how you came up with green berries. >> gosh i wanted to start a business that would stand out from others in terms of consignment shops when you walk in it is not your typical consignment shop more of a boutique feel half our business is consignment our clothes are high end, brand named items including children's and maternity and half our business is brand new retail, so we have wooden toys, baby gear, lots of locally hand made items. >> what i loved reading your story you were working in the corporate world, two years ago, you know you were afraid your own job was going to be eliminated because lots were being eliminated at the time. you combine that had with okay, people that are you know on a budget, what are they going to need. >> yeah. >> you put that all together.
7:54 am
>> yeah. yeah. when i thought about opening a business in a recession it had to be the right business had to make sense. and i had discovered the world of consignment shopping for my kids there was nothing like that in columbia. >> opportunity. let's give people an example here is this dress >> chef yeah, this is anise brand name dress, we have other brand named. >> what would this cost normally? >> probably 50 plus dollars. >> 50 plus. >> yeah, this $12.40. >> wow. >> it does get marked down overtime. >> so then as far as some of the good for the earth. >> yeah. >> you have like tell me about these. >> hoe cali hand made -- locally hand made these are burp cloths made from scraps of fabric this mom had lots of our toys are made from bamboo, or wood, so we are not using plastic and promoting plastic. >> and crayons. >> these are made in ecuador
7:55 am
you just use a knife to sharpen them. >> as if this wasn't enough you took it one step further we have a class under way you have lots of classes. >> yeah, right now we have 15 classes. >> 15. >> postally geared toward expect -- mostly geared toward expecting and new parents and a lot geared towards preschool and early grade school set like this one. >> this is dana she is a class instructor this is her beautiful daughter peyton good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about your art work and classes you teach >> i have been teaching prek through 8th grade art for 10 years and some of my favorites are the little guys, 3 to 5 and we do a lot with recycled crafts these are all just found you know reclaimed wood that i stole from my dad's wood shop you know i think there is pieces of his siding here. >> how cool why did you think it was such a great idea this goes great with green berries but how let kids be creative
7:56 am
teach them about recycling. >> in general it is bet tore reuse things -- better to reuse things than throw it out i love the charm of used thing s with history, and it teaches kids -- >> you can't create that character. >> yes. this was a used piece of wood from my own art i tried to sand and get marks but it is so much better with all those layers. >> obviously we could stand here and talk forever i need to tell you our website is we have a link to green berries and dana teaches in and around the area, her website as well. in our next hour we will move on to another class they do cooking gets kids to eat healthy. any way we will continue to indulge this morning. back to you in studio. >> thanks. all right, and at 8:00 a.m. with summer coming to a close you may want to squeeze in one last vacation. great deals out there, right now. >> i love summer time. and coming up later the health
7:57 am
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8:00 am
a little girl is pulled from a fire in prince george's county but it's too late. this morning, new details about how the fire started and why firefighters are headed back to the neighborhood today. plus, the excitement is building now. the wait is almost over. time to get ready for some football. the redskins kick off the preseason tonight. >> and later, a gold rush for team usa. we'll bring you the latest medal total from lon. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. happy you're with us on this thursday morning. good morning to our friend, really our bff. >> that's nice. >> tucker barnes is our bff on the show. >> can you text that very quickly? >> not quickly but eventually. [ laughter ] hot and humid for thursday. you know the routine. 90 or above every day this
8:01 am
month. >> i believe you. >> yeah. >> hottest july on record for the united states. >> yeah. our second hottest here in washington. so something's up. 76 in washington. 71 baltimore. 72 this morning ocean city. let's see. winchester 66. satellite and radar not a lot happening. we had a thunderstorm develop early this morning. you can see it down in salisbury. a few light showers at ocean city and one or two storms at hagerstown. partly cloudy afternoon with a few scattered thunderstorms developing. there will be significant changes tomorrow and the weekend. i'll have details on that. but for thursday, 93 daytime high. scattered storms mid- to late afternoon. >> lauren demarco has the traffic report. >> quick note about the rails.
8:02 am
metro customers may find some minor delays on the green and yellow lines as you head toward greenbelt because crews are removing a disabled train. live look from traffic land see what else is going on. we have -- thought it was an accident. it's a stalled bus off on the side of the road eastbound 66 after 123 this part of nutley street. watch for delays from 7100. 395 slowing from the beltway toward seminary. we have reports of a minor wreck at the 14th street bridge but not in the way of delays there. inner loop heavy leaving springfield toward gallows road. no problems on the outer loop -- it slows at 95. that's a check of your "fox 5 on-time traffic." our big story this morning at 8:00 now, the future of
8:03 am
gambling in maryland. today the senate reconvenes in annapolis for a special session. the two big issues, whether to allow table games like poker at the casinos that already exist and whether to build a new casino at national harbor in prince george's county. voters would have to approve the expansion. governor o'malley says expanding gambling will boost state revenue and create jobs. state lawmakers will also debate legislation about dogs and who is liable in the event of a bite. this follows a maryland court ruling that pit bulls are "inherently dangerous." another big story now. a fire rips through a maryland home with a family inside. a little girl has died and her father and young uncle are in critical condition. our own melanie alnwick is live in chapel oaks with the latest. melanie, we understand that the prince george's fire department just released the cause of the fire. >> reporter: that's right, tony. investigators have now ruled the cause of this fire as accidental. they say it was caused by an
8:04 am
overloaded electrical circuit. it started inside the front door, the living room of the house. now, firefighters responded here in four minutes after getting the call and even within that short period of time, the flames shot up through the second floor where the little girl known as jade and her 15-year-old uncle were trapped. when firefighters arrived, they found the girl's 24-year-old father injured and frantic in the front yard. he told them about the children trapped upstairs. there was heavy fire on the first floor which has spread then to the second floor. one team battled the flame with hoses, another with ladders, a third went up the ladders to try to rescue the children. >> you just see black clouds and all that in the air. and you get here you just see the house in flames. then they brought a man out, screaming for his daughter. then they brought his daughter out. she was like lifeless, like, and they brought a little boy
8:05 am
out, he was lifeless. they was trying to bring him back to life. >> reporter: the 15-year-old was stabilized and is in critical condition but he has a very long recovery ahead of him. little jade, however, just couldn't pull through. she died around 8:00 p.m. yesterday. her father is also in critical condition with third-degree burns over 50% of his body. now, investigators say they are looking into the chain of events leading up to and after the smoke alarms went off. both smoke detectors in the home were working. fire investigators will also be out here today along with volunteer firefighters to talk to the neighborhood canvass them and discuss with them the important of smoke detectors and fire safety. back to you. >> thank you. a sad story. meanwhile, investigators are still searching for a motive into the sikh temple shooting in wisconsin. the fbi says the gunman, wade michael page, shot and killed himself when he confronted police. page took his own life shortly after an officer shot him in
8:06 am
the stomach. six people were killed in sunday's shooting. three others remain in critical condition. new this morning, we could learn more details about holmes the man accused of a movie theater rampage in aurora, colorado, last month. today news media organizations will make the case to a judge to break the seal on court documents and relax a gag order. if the judge agrees, the university of colorado could release more details about the suspected gunman who was a former student and the package he reportedly sent to the school before he allegedly killed 12 people. the latest now from the campaign trail. president obama is rallying supporters in colorado. he will speak at the colorado state fairgrounds in pueblo this morning. then he will head to colorado springs where he will speak at a college in colorado. president obama's visit comes as new polls find him tied with
8:07 am
mitt romney among colorado voters. republican challenger mitt romney meantime is wrapping up his fundraisers in new york and getting ready for a multi-state bus tour of four battleground states starting in virginia on saturday. romney will appear with governor bob mcdonnell. local watchers expect romney to name his running mate by this time next week. lots of speculation there. susan g. komen for the cure is still feeling the fallout for plans to cut funding to planned parenthood. yesterday the organization announced founder nancy brinker is moving away from day-to-day management. the latest shake-up is days after president liz thompson announced her resignation. five high ranking executives have now quit since that controversy. nasa's curiosity rover has raised its mast packed with high resolution cameras and we should get better pictures soon including a 360-degree color view of its surroundings. it's already sending us a flood of new black and white pictures
8:08 am
of mars. the ancient martian crater where the nuclear powered rover landed looks a lot like the mojave desert here in the u.s. the curiosity rover will spend the next two years taking photos and poking into rocks and soil on mars. one other note from nasa now. former astronaut neil armstrong the first man on the moon is recovering from heart surgery. not many details are known about the 82-year-old's condition with you a nasa administrators indicated in a facebook posting that armstrong had cardiac bypass surgery. armstrong commanded the apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon in 1969. for a second i said, i was almost saying, i apologize, this is the wrong video. [ laughter ] >> we were talking about mars and, of course, the rover is unmanned. okay. all right. a late summer surge in gas prices does not have to stop you from taking a last-minute getaway. still ahead at 8:00, our travel
8:09 am
expert joins us live with ways to save on august vacations. >> plus tropical storm ernesto and an update on the hurricane outlook when we check the stories making headlines in the day ahead. 8:09. we'll be right back. 
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:12. making headlines in the day ahead, the northern virginia woman known as the blonde bandit heads to court for sentencing hearing. stephanie schwab faces up to 10 years in prison for her role in a string of carjackings and robberies last year. schwab pleaded guilty early this year and blamed her crime industry on a heroin addiction. also today, d.c. residents and local leaders join members of the lgbt community for a walk in response to an alleged hate crime last month. police say a gay couple was walking home when three young men beat them. one of the victims spent time in a hospital because of his
8:13 am
injuries. and finally tropical storm ernesto is expected to reach hurricane strength again and come ashore in the gulf coast state of veracruz sometime today. u.s. forecasters will update the outlook for the six-month atlantic hurricane season. all righty. and it's 8:12 right now. let's say good morning once again to tucker barnes. he has something special for us. >> let's get down to business. time for a live first five photo of the day. we could use a cooldown factor. this is, everybody... alexis marie. alexis is 21 months old and wakes up just in time for "fox 5 morning news" with her mom. >> cutie. >> one of our littlest fans. >> i hope alexis gets up every day at 4:25. that's when we start here!
8:14 am
i'm sure mom wouldn't love to get that up early. >> sweet little curly hair, adorable. >> looks like a nice river behind her there. >> that's a classic picture. that's one we she's adult, she will like it. that's a beautiful picture. >> looks like her teeth are still coming in. [ laughter ] >> guess a lot of analysis of this picture. >> thank you. >> she is adorable. i'm done. >> go to and click on "mornings" to send us your child's picture. in the weather, 78 degrees in washington as we go to the maps. 48% humidity. guess what. another hot and humid day in store across the area with high temperatures again expected to top out in the low to mid-90s. so we are expecting another hot one and then we'll get some relief in the form of showers, thunderstorms and a cooler weekend as a cold front approaches from the north and west. there's a live look at your satellite and radar. we have a shower or two.
8:15 am
it's possible this afternoon as the front approaches from the north and west we could see scattered thunderstorms today. but the better chance is tomorrow as showers and thunderstorms should certainly be closer across the area as that whole cold front moves through. saturday, sunday and monday nice particularly saturday afternoon highs only in the 80s. look at sunday, mid-80s, low humidity, lots of sunshine. that's the weather. here's lauren demarco with the traffic. >> good morning. i got to hurry up and the ipad is running out of batteries. we have only 10% left. let's take a quick look at waves. if you are traveling southbound 270 we have reports of an accident near rockville. that had cleared out but it is now saying that it's slow in that area. that according to some wavers
8:16 am
maybe it has already timed out on me so let's move on to trafficland but southbound 270 in rockville, slow there. outer loop of the beltway to the right of the screen slow off and on easing up but just due to volume until you get into silver spring. tip dal there. 66 after 123, prior to nutley street, it's a stalled bus causing this off to the side of the road. your lane is open but heavy and slow from before 7100. 395, your delays off and on from the beltway past duke street towards seminary, looking good across the 14th street bridge to head into the district. and here we are if you're traveling pennsylvania avenue where you head across the bridge on the freeway wide open there but northbound 295 does slow approaching the 11th street bridge. allison, over to you. >> hurricane, thank you. so back to school around the corner if you are looking for a last-minute getaway before the kids return back to school and your life gets all ha! once again, we have some
8:17 am
destinations that are affordable family friendly. my friend travel expert vivian is here with us the president of west end travel. a dear friend of the show. so welcome back. good to see you again. >> good morning. >> you always have the great tips so my thing is that like it's, what, going into the -- it's the second week of august. if we're trying to get away, can we still do that? what's the big headline? >> you can. just pack up the car and head down to the shenandoahs or maybe williamsburg. there are amazing bed and breakfasts you can find on b and b finder. one of my favorites is [ non- english language ] in the foothills of the shenandoahs with a three star chef. you can be there within two hours. >> for those who haven't stayed in the bnb, it's like a home away from home but you have someone there like making your breakfast --
8:18 am
>> it's out in the morning. some places offer you dinner. but some places also let you just wander around the small little towns that they're in and pick some inexpensive or expensive places that you can test. >> i love it. has, virginia, i love williamsburg. anything going on in williamsburg? >> there's always something going on. you have the amusement park close to there, too. you have the outlet stores you can go to. if mom doesn't want to take off with the kids and gowilliamsburg and walk around, so there's many options entertaining and and as a learning experience. >> that's if you drive. suppose you want to fly. you say florida has great deals both east coast and west coast. >> nonstop less than 2 hours, low $200 and it's the end of august and you can find hotels anywhere south beach, fort lauderdale, under $150 a night. and at this time too car
8:19 am
rentals are not expensive. >> now, sanibel florida, my director says it's the best shelling beach. >> they're white beaches with shells, with -- very, very extremely family oriented. so you have gorgeous beaches unlike a little cleaner shall we say than the east coast. >> you can see to the bottom of the -- of the water, right. and it's a very village oriented location. >> so you feel safe. you can let your kids wander. and little towns once again to visit and explore. >> that is sanibel island in florida. you can also take a bus. when you think bus travel you might think the old days when it as wonderful an experience as it is now. >> when you wouldn't want to even be near the bus station. >> let's talk about the bus to new york city. >> there are a myriad buses.
8:20 am
we have the d.c.2 new york, the bolt, there are buses that start in virginia, bethesda maryland, megabus, greyhound, maybe start in and around washington. its inexpense every. some of less than $25 each way. it's inexpensive. up to new york, right now the hotels are not -- it's so hot that it's not a big business time for travelers to new york. is he families can take advantage of it. you can stand in line for discount tickets for product way shows. you can visit so many museums and have a wonderful time. you can be up there in less than four hours, spend one night, two nights, come back, inexpensive, worldly for the kids and a family experience. >> we're also say that nowadays, i mean, some of the up their game too. have also >> amazing. amazing. >> wi-fi movies, you know, totally comfortable. >> one last thing about new york. i always have to ask a friend. where is a good place to stay? new york is intimidating.
8:21 am
what do you need to look for, for a hotel if you are going to take your family? do you look at the stars only like four star -- >> so many hotels, it can be a four star and you're having a special. i tell my clients to concentrate on the areas they want to see, where they really want to be, so they can get up in the morning and whether it's upper east side, midtown, they want to be around the shows, focus on finding something there so you're not trying to navigate taxis which is costly. >> walk where you're going. >> of course. >> this is vivianne pommier, the president of west end travel. hope to see you again soon. >> thank you. coming up, team usa takes the medal lead and another local olympian goes for the gold. and later, learning to eat healthy at a one-of-a-kind store for kids. our holly morris is live in columbia with the details. it is 8271. we'll be right back. [ man ] you think that jason bourne was the whole story?
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with four days left in competition, team usa has taken the lead! >> wahoo! >> america now has 81 medals, folks, four more than second place china.
8:25 am
34 of those are gold. still two fewer than china. russia is back in third with four more medals than great buy tan. today u.s. women's soccer plays for gold against japan the rematch of last year's world cup final. >> a local gymnast julie is going for the gold. our own holly morris got the chance to talk with julie last month before she left for london. there she is in some old tape of her competing. she is making bethesda, maryland, proud. bethesda has been seeing -- right, okay? ledecky and julie? the city boasts gold medalist katie ledecky. julie is performing in the rhythmic all around. >> she's great. >> so beautiful when she competes. so last night two women winners of gold in volleyball. they beat fellow americans in straight sets extending their
8:26 am
olympic unbeaten streak 21 makes and misty mae-traenorer is retiring after the london games. so she's done. yesterday another big win by team usa's men's basketball team. they dominated australia 119- 86. kobe bryant led the americans with 20 points while lebron james registered his first olympic triple-double. next up the semi finals against argentina. that will be tomorrow. good luck, team usa. still ahead in our next half hour, how it bully-proof your students before heading back to school. >> and the health benefits from the color of curry. we'll tell you all about that. it's 8:26. you're watching "fox 5 morning news."  [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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prpresident clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. making headlines at home and around the world, prince george's county police have arrested a-- excuse me, released this surveillance video of the man they believe
8:30 am
is responsible for kidnapping two girls on different occasions and sexually assaulting one of them at a nearby park. he was arrested, charles amofa, arrested earlier this week. police say this video is of the first abduction back on july 9. you see the man and the little girl walking outside. value village thrift store in adelphi. some tense moments on board an alaskan airlines flight when the pilot had to make an emergency landing. the plane had electrical pressurization and flight control problems about an hour after taking off from los angeles yesterday morning. the plane landed safely at the san jose airport near san francisco. the faa is investigating. and in china, a high- profile murder trial just ended after one day. the wife of a top communist politician was charged with killing a british businessman with poison. neil haywood was found dead in his hotel last november. a regional police chief broke
8:31 am
the scandal by showing up at an american consulate saying there was a coverup in haywood's murder. the evidence at today's trial showed the chief poisoned him when he passed out drunk. no word on when the verdict will be drunk but almost all trials in china end with guilty verdicts. tuck tug is here with an update on what we can expect today as far as our weather goes. >> are ready for cool, dry weather? >> yes. >> you have to weighed another day. [ laughter ] >> -- >> you have to wait another day. [ laughter ] >> wow. that was fun. headlines, hot sticky forecast again for your thursday. we'll have high temperatures later today back in the low 90s. >> i don't know if i can trust you now, tucker. >> really? i got it right. just having a little fun. >> just a little weather comedy. [ laughter ] >> exactly. storms later today. a few today near hagerstown. we have a view developing to the west. friday soaker.
8:32 am
tomorrow looks wet. we could have strong thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon with some super soakers storms possible and also the possibility of some severe weather tomorrow. cooler and drier this weekend i guarantee it by saturday afternoon particularly inside sunday look fantastic with temperatures only in the 80s and overnight lows back in the 60s. so we'll gradually improve around here for the weekend. currently we're warm and humid. 78 in washington. 80 in annapolis and quantico. 72 in frederick. parts of the region back into the 60s overnight. a little fog here particularly north and west this morning some of that still burning off so you might encounter a little fog early this morning. a few showers in the mountains out to the west. thunderstorms too. and the showers and the thunderstorms you see well off to our north and west is a rather complicated weather pattern but bottom line we'll have a series of cold fronts dropping into the area here starting this afternoon and really during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. and that will likely kick off some showers and thunderstorms. i think today's chances not great just a scattered storm developing particularly north and west of the city later
8:33 am
today but a much better chance daytime tomorrow and tomorrow night that we'll see rain. 93 today, overnight low 75. warm and sticky again today. tomorrow, cloudy, a logical cooler with the clouds, temperatures only in the mid- to upper 80s and i guarantee we'll see showers and storms around here tomorrow. saturday doesn't start promising but ends with sunshine. cooler temperatures and less humidity. sunday and monday look great, particularly sunday. so the end. weekend looking good. that's weather. tony, i'll toss it over to you. >> thank you. kids across the country are heading back to school this month or next, but some are more than just a little nervous about returning to class. it's not homework they are worried about. our guest is here with ways to bully-proof your kids before they head back to class. this is a growing problem. tell us about it. >> reporter: it is, tony. but the good into us is, is
8:34 am
that there's also growing amount of resources available to kids, to adults, there are programs everywhere and now just about every school in the country has to have a point man available to a kid so here's really the message that you want to talk about now with your kids before bullying becomes an issue before they suffer the effects of bullying. you have to tell something. often times kids say i will ignore it and it will stop and it doesn't. it gets worse. there should be somebody at the school for kids to talk to and it should be handled with the person being the bully, the bully and bystanders and parents need to be brought in. this is not a rite of passage.
8:35 am
it's not growing pains. this can lead to depression, suicide, drugs, alcohol. this is something we're taking ear justly. this is not a schoolyard fight. this is persistent behavior to intimidate a child. so this new awareness is much- needed and hopefully will continue to grow. >> there can be serious ramifications. deena, we want to switch gears. talk about -- it's what gives curry its brilliant yellow color and might have more health benefits than we even realize. can you tell us about this? >> this is interesting. it's an ancient herb that goes back, you know, hundreds of years but we're continuing to learn more about it. so let me show you -- i want to do a little demo for you here. we have the curry, okay, so curry powder -- right here -- is actually a combination of many spices. in the curry is this. it's turmeric.
8:36 am
now it's what makes curry yellow. but the compound in the turmeric is the cumin. so you got all this? it's in the spice aisle. this is what they did in thailand. they did a study where they gave people curcumin which is the ground up cumin seeds, they gave them curcumin capsules. they gave them to people with prediabetes. so people at risk for diabetes and in this study in thailand they found that people take the curcumin capsules were less likely to get diabetes. so they are saying that they believe somehow the curcumin interacts with the cells in the pancreas balancing out the blood sugar. we're learning more and more about this curcumin found in turmeric and its benefits. antiinflammatory, anti-oxidant. so it's interesting. before you take the supplement, talk to your doctor because it's potent but enjoying a little curry powder on your food might be a good beginning.
8:37 am
>> nice way to start at least. sounds good to me. all right. deena centofanti, thank you very much. it's good to talk to you. we appreciate it. >> thanks, tony. 8:36. it's a thursday morning and still ahead, we are going to tell you who is the highest paid person on television. and it might not be who you think. but first, though, we're talking some football, wisdom and tucker will join us live for a look at what to expect when rg iii and the rest take the field versus buffalo tonight. we'll be right back. so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did. but i wrote the note. dunkin' bakery sandwiches are freshly made just for you. grab a turkey cheddar bacon sandwich today. america runs on dunkin'.
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i know whwhat it's like to hie people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget.
8:39 am
i to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:40 am
see you later. >> yeah! >> that's geo gonzalez the nats pitcher with the first home run of his career. he would also pitch a complete game against the astros last night. played all nine innings and went on to a 4-3 victory. the nationals now 25 games over .500 which is the best record in baseball. >> come on! >> all right! [ applause ] >> how about that. and a good several game lead over the braves so that's great. >> love it. it may still be baseball season but tonight all eyes will be on the gridiron. >> that's right. robert griffin iii will lead
8:41 am
the redskins against buffalo in the first preseason game of 2012. our in-house panel -- >> that's what we're doing over here. >> we are on the set to talk about the redskins and the beginning of a new era. >> can i say at the outset, i don't know why i'm over here. [ laughter ] i'm just over here to look at my handsome coanchor. >> you're here to raise the level of cuteness. [ laughter ] >> you how they do the cuteness factor? >> hopefully raise the level of discourse, as well. >> all right. >> and intelligence among other things. i might have to be the referee. what are the expectations from our new quarterback. >> i think he will probably play maybe 12, 15 series, maybe or, you know, he'll -- is it rips? series? >> plays. >> 12 to 15, maybe 20 plays, something like that. [overlapping speakers] [ laughter ] >> you don't want him to be out there for too long. and my expectations i just want to see him get out there and look comfortable. >> yeah. i think the key is for him not
8:42 am
to get hurt. the expectations should be almost nothing at this point. obviously this is his first nfl start and, you know, he can only go up from here. >> there's got to be expectations. life is about expectations. >> redskins fans have expectations every year. they think super bowl or bust. >> yeah. >> so when they're looking for -- >> you know we do, tony. >> i don't. >> you're realistic. >> look for him to start getting comfortable. he is not going to be out there that long. you don't want to see him get hurt because we have two offensive linemen already that are injured. they have to protect the franchise. so he has to get his feet wet. move around, throw a couple of passes and then come out. >> who comes in after they take him out? they will go right down the list. >> who is number 2? >> don't forget they also have another rookie quarterback. >> cousins is third. >> they are still stuck with rex grossman. we already know how that -- >> he had his moments last
8:43 am
year. >> he did. and he won five games. >> he had a nickname, sexy rexy, doesn't that count for anything? >> train rex. >> rex needs some plays too. >> they all do. let's not forget that this whole team needs a makeover on some levels. >> not necessarily what you see in robert griffin iii but the other positions, you still have questionable receivers as well as running backs, the defensive secondary questionable and we have already talked about the offensive line. so there are a lot of things you need to look at outside robert griffin iii and the tight end situation. there's a lot to look at. >> it hightower going to play? >> well, he is supposed to be the starter in the regular season. i'm not sure in the preseason. >> you know what i always find interesting, how and if they separate -- well, robert griffin iii had a great game but the offensive line -- so if we come out and looks like the old redskins of --
8:44 am
>> it's okay to look like -- >> is that okay? >> yeah. >> there are two things you dent want to see tonight. you don't want to see anybody get hurt. >> right. >> and here's the only thing. this game doesn't mean anything. but if robert griffin iii has the misfortune of throwing an interception or two, wait until tomorrow. already people will be panicking and worried and all that. >> that's my contention is that these preseason games do count for something. >> absolutely. >> they are organized practices. that's what they are. like you said you don't want anybody to get hurt. it's organized practice against another team. they don't run all their plays. they trot these people out there to get warmed up and loose and be in a game-like situation. >> have you looked at the redskins schedule this year? our bye week comes after game nine and then the last seven games we play five of those games are against our rivals the giants, eagles, and the cowboys. so it is really -- > we could
8:45 am
finish big or poorly. >> we'll see. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's fun. >> i can't wait. i'm excited. >> we are only going to be able to watch a quarter because we all have to go to bed. >> it's no fun to tape the games. that i do know. >> especially preseason games. not good to watch those on tapes. >> thank you, guys and girl -- or woman. excuse me. i don't want to get mail on this morning. >> girl is fine. coming up next, every mama loves to save money and there's a popular shop that's helping parents save some green. and go green too. holly, good morning. >> reporter: yes. and teaching kids to eat healthy. take a look at these cupcakes. guess what they're made of. while you think about that, i will give you a hint and tell you that they are super healthy because we are live at "greenberries" in columbia this morning. it's an upscale ecochic boutique consignment and classes. we have signed up for a healthy
8:46 am
foods class just for kids. we'll tell you all about it live next on "fox 5 morning news." stay with us. you think that jason bourne was the whole story? there's a lot more going on here. [ glass shatters ] who is he? [ dita ] it's aaron cross. he's the most valuable asset we've ever put in the field. he knows bourne. he knows treadstone. he's got a handle on the whole operation! consider the magnitude of what we're facing. what are you gonna do? [ cross ] i'm gonna finish what he started. ♪ aaron! you okay? let's go. [ male announcer ] "the bourne legacy." rated pg-13.
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time for our facebook fan of the day, michael gibson, spending part of his summer beating the heat while fishing in alaska. very nice. there's some of his catch right there in his hand. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, log on to our facebook page and leave a comment under michael's picture. from diets to juices and more, we are always on the lookout for new ways to practice healthy eating habits but how do you make fruit and vegetables fun for the kids? they usually turn up their nose at them. well, holly morris joins us now from "greenberries" in columbia with that. hey, holly. >> reporter: okay, so i asked you before the commercial break what you guys thought these cupcakes were made of. do you have a guess? >> i'm going to say brown rice. >> i'm going to say tofu. >> reporter: eh. you're both wrong. these are meatloaf cupcakes
8:50 am
with mashed potato icing. >> oh. >> okay... >> reporter: i know. i said the same thing. i'm look hm. interesting. >> that's cute. are they tasty? michele is the brains behind this concoction. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: so you're all about making things healthy and my expert tasters are connor and sophie. good morning to you. >> hi. >> reporter: so before we do dessert, we have to have our meal first. so i know it's only, ahem, 10 till 9:00 but we'll have meatloaf and mashed potatoes. >> okay. >> reporter: i'm game. you want to try? >> sure. >> reporter: take a bite. you can take a bite. as they're doing that, tell me how you came up with this idea. >> well, i used to be a schoolteacher. and i taught cooking lessons to my students. and i decided when i stopped teaching, i still wanted to work in the field with children and since healthy eat something so important, i decided to combine the two and i teach
8:51 am
healthy cooking classes to children. >> reporter: you know what? you're successful because we got a thumbs-up and not only did they take one bite but they are on to the second bite. >> it's good. >> connor is speechless he loves it so much. >> reporter: we are doing this because we're live at "greenberries" in columbia and this is a wonderful story that offers different classes like cooking. what else will we be doing this morning? >> fruit kabobs with honey cinnamon sauce and i think the kids are going to real lie like them so guys, why don't you put your cupcakes down, okay? >> reporter: which by the way meatloaf, mashed potatoes. beats and chives for sprinkles. >> reporter: no artificial coloring. so we are going to make the fruit kabobs. >> pick a skewer. >> reporter: why is it important to get kids involved? >> they are more likely to eat healthy food if they are involved in making it and a lot of times kids aren't presented
8:52 am
with healthy foods in an engaging manner and they don't want to try it. >> reporter: it's not that they don't like it they don't know if they like it. >> they need to be presented a lot. healthy foods need to be presented at least 10 to 12 times before a child can discover a taste for them. >> reporter: i'm going to be using up all the fruit unless you start doing your kabobs there. >> make a pattern like in math. >> reporter: the sauce is greek yogurt and we'll add some cinnamon. everywhere i turn, everybody is doing greek yogurt. >> it's got a great texture and has protein. and it's the thing to have. >> reporter: it is the thing to have. >> would you like to mix it? >> no. i'm eating my fruit kabob. >> i can mix it for you then. >> reporter: you think cooking is fun? mm-hm. >> what do you like about it?
8:53 am
>> uhm, i like to smell it. >> reporter: i like to smell it too. when things smell good, you like to eat it [ indiscernible ] my mom whenever she cooks the kitchen always smelled horrible because you didn't eat any dairy or -- >> reporter: oh, so -- [ indiscernible ] >> would like to try some yogurt on your kabob? dip it in there. >> reporter: as you do that you have one other thing on the other end. >> so another great thing for kids to make is homemade salsa. and what they can do is so at the doesn't have to use sharp knives is they can just rip the peppers into pieces and instead of using regular onions they can use green onions and use scissors for those. it gets the kids involved especially if they're young and you don't want them to use sharp knives. >> what kind of classes do you offer here at "greenberries"? >> we have an upcoming healthy
8:54 am
eating class on monday, august 21st. and you can contact "greenberries" to sign up. it's a class of three sessions. >> reporter: also, isn't there something where parents can be involved? >> absolutely. you can drop off your child or the parents can be involved. the kids will go home with a recipe booklet and we encourage you to make them at home. >> reporter: what's your favorite thing this morning? >> uhm... meatloaf cupcakes! >> reporter: how about that! you can finish them up if you want. you can always go back to the entree. is our website. we have done a cooking class this morning and they have exercise classes and in fact coming up in the next hour we'll do a little belly dancing with babies. are you available for that? >> nope. >> reporter: we only signed a contract to do food. >> i know how to do belly rolls. >> reporter: all right. you can show me when we're
8:55 am
done, all right? that's just between us two. back to you in the studio. >> great kids and a great subject matter. all right. thank you so much. the verdict is in. judge judy is tv's highest paid star. >> unbelievable! according to who earns what the survey put out by tv guide, judge judy makes -- wait a minute -- $45 million a year for her syndicated afternoon courtroom show. judge joe brown has a similar courtroom show. his annual pay is $20 million. some other syndicated show hosts are jay leno, david letterman and kelly ripa topping the list. they all rake in more than $20 million a year. >> do people who make that kind of money even get paychecks? >> i think they just truck the money, stop by the house and dump off the cash. >> there you go. it is now 8 -- i'm mildly depressed by that story. it is now 8:55 on this thursday morning. the campaign trail leading strayed to women. the gender war between the
8:56 am
candidates ahead at 9:00. >> many know julia child as a funny chef many could relate to but what she wanted them to know was the other side of her life outside the kitchen. the author of a new biography will sit down with us next hour. stay with us.
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we now know what caused the fire that killed a little girl and left two members of her family fighting for their lives. i'm melanie alnwick live in capital heights. >> the push for the olympics. a group wants the games to come here. what the games could mean for the district. and if you are afraid of butter, well, just use cream. that was


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