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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  August 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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now. cloresss shields is the first to win a medal in the olympics. i didn't know that there was women's boxing. >> i had no idea. >> clearly, there are all kinds of sports we don't know about. >> it might be new. something new every year. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. straight up 5:00 right now on your friday. happy friday, everyone. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> a beautiful shot outside this morning. we'll check in with tucker here in a second. so far, so good for robert griffin iii. he looked as advertised in his redskins debut versus the buffalo bills. he was in for three series. he finished 4-6. a 20-yard catch and run. he didn't throw any picks, didn't fumble and he wasn't sacked so he is off for a good
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start. after the game, he talked about his first live action wearing the burgundy and gold. >> it was fun. got to get out there, get in some action. go against different people other than our defense. practice is a lot harder than the games. it is just kind of the same way in college but even more so in the pros. the i felt like i was able to read thing as a lot cleaner and get the ball in my hands. >> so that was one preseason game though. >> let's keep everything in perspective. >> he is still a rookie. >> good morning. let's check in with tucker barnes and get the latest on your weather. >> we have some rain trying to move in. >> did you see how he played last night? >> i did not see it. >> he was pretty close to awesome. >> he only played three series though. >> that is true too.
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>> the people that need to know about the weather. >> sorry, wisdom. there is your thunderstorm activity. out towards manassas, leesburg, we've got shower activity and thunderstorms that are trying to break out. there you go. you can see those. they will be moving in. i think your commute will be wet here and we'll see a couple of different opportunities for rain today. we'll see the showers and thunderstorms redevelop later this afternoon. temperature at reagan national, 80 degrees. 77 in fredericksburg. 68 in winchester. might be a period or a peek of sunshine midday. we'll take the cooler temperatures. it will be very humid today and let me mention again some of the storms could be strong later this morning and again in afternoon. >> all right. thank you, tucker. time now to say hello to lauren demarco to see what is happening on the roads. good morning.
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>> good morning to you. we've had sort of a busy morning with a few things going o no major delays which is some good news. let's take a live look out there if you are traveling 95 northbound in virginia. we have the accident just past dumfries fire pot weigh station. looks like that has been cleared out of the roads. they've moved the camera around. pardon me. so you should be in pretty good shape as you travel north of dumfries up towards woodbridge and continuing up towards springfield. nothing in the way there. this is 29 at zint hill road and we do have reports of a fire, commercial building fire on 29 between 55 and 15 so that is south of 56. 66 eastbound near mile marker 25, we had a tree down on the roadway. also a wreck reported near mile marker 31 in the westbound direction. 270, no issues for you down towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are following some
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breaking news out of the district where firefighters have just finished extinguishing a two-alarm fire. it broke out around 3:00 a.m. when firefighters arrived at the scene, they say they saw flames in the hallway on the third floor. they had to rescue one person from an apartment in close proximity to the fire. no one else in the build had to evacuate. fire officials say they are investigating this fire as a possible case of arson. new this morning, it seems the attorneys representing the alleged colorado movie theater shooter may be laying the ground work for an insanity defense. james' lawyers told the judge their client is mentally ill. he is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others during a mass shooting outside denver last month. closer to home here, howard county police shot and killed a
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baltimore man in columbia last night. he was suspected of breaking into his girlfriend's home after midnight yesterday and waking her up with a gun to her head saying he would kill her. after assaulting her thursday night, police say he then took off with the couple's 2-year- old child. the woman called 911. officers located the man in a home on constance court in columbia last night and opened fire when he ran out of the back and rtedly refused to show his hands. -- reportedly refused to show his hands. maryland's special session is our other big story this morning. it is day two of the special legislative session on gambling. today, the senate is voting on a measure to allow table games at casinos in maryland and open another casino in prince george's county. a senate committee voted 11-1 yesterday in favor of the plan and the full senate votes at 10:00 this morning. governor martin o'malley wants it saying it will generate more than $200 million for the state budget.
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maryland lawmakers are also taking up a bill on dangerous dogs. a senate panel passed a bill yesterday that calls for a look at a court ruling that found pit bulls are inherently dangerous. it was passed by the senate. >> you initial proceedings on the first day of the special session -- judicial proceedings on the first day of the special session. a clarendon man trying to stop a suspect from breaking into his car is now in the hospital. arlington police say after a brief chase, the suspect stabbed the victim in the hand, shoulders back and front. then the suspect took off in a white van. this morning, the victim is in stable condition. prince george's county police arrest a bowie man accused of sexually assaulting children. 62-year-old michael boshue faces several charges of sexual assault of a minor. police say last night the man was arrest and charged in one
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case. four days later, he was charged in two additional cases. a second person has died in that house fire in capitol heights. authorities say 15-year-old rickey cole has died of his injuries. they now know what sparked that fire. the cause was an overloaded electrical circuit. we are following developing news this morning. three american troops have been killed in afghanistan and we'll have the latest coming up next. danger for one s.w.a.t. team. the suspect inside a house didn't give up easily. tear gas, even a stun gun wouldn't stop him. we are checking headlines coming up next. ngress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare.
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the pentagon says three americans were shot dead by a map in an afghan army uniform. this is the third attack in a week. sit federal investigators have issued a nationwide alert identify woman accused of producing child pornography. they have released these photos of the suspect here. the woman and another man and
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in video with two young victims, one between the ages after three and five, the other between the ages of five and seven. mitt romney kicks off a multistate bus tour of key battleground states in virginia tomorrow where he will appear with governor bob mcdonnell. the attack ads continue. the latest from the obama campaign questions whether romney paid income taxes. it will air in virginia and three other states where romney will stop on his bus tour. ate a dramatic scene in colorado as i asuspect gets into a violent confrontation with police. the s.w.a.t. steam was called to a home in colorado springs after the man allegedly attacked his mother. the suspect through a ram at officers. police tried to subdue the suspect with a stun gun. at one point, he didn't seem to
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be phased by that. that is bizarre. wow! >> amazing pictures there. a follow up coming up next to a fox 5 exclusive. a local summer camp that allegedly turned into a fight club. the mother of one of the campers is talking. >> his first sleep-away camp experience ever and i told him how fun it would be and he was basically terrorized for three and a half days. >> we'll hear more of the mom's outrage and have an update on the case. >> we have some rain showers and thunderstorms moving in from the west. it will be a wet morning commute, a wet friday and we'll have heavy downpours. lauren demarco has a look at traffic too right after the break. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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welcome back. live look outside right now at the lincoln memorial at 5:15 in the morning as we wrap up the week. happy friday, everyone. >> yeah. >> happy friday. it will be a warm one. it is already 80 degrees. gym a surprised tucker has his coat on. >> i just put it on. i think i just spilled coffee all over part of it. >> again? didn't you do that yesterday? >> yeah, early in the morning. >> we have to get you a sippy cup or a straw. >> i'm sweating. it is not so much that it will be hot today but it will be
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very humid. we have a lot of rain in the forecast. a lot of moisture out there in the atmosphere. so you will note this is a humidity probably inside and outside today as it is here to stay for another day. big changes for the weekend. we'll get more and more comfortable here by tomorrow afternoon particularly sunday with sunshine and less humidity. here comes the rain. we've got rain moving in the last 15 minutes here inside the beltway and i would expect that most of the beltway will be seeing rain shortly. i know that will slow things down for you for your morning commute here. and we've got some thunderstorm activity embedded here too just to the south and east of manassas. you can see the yellows and reds there out towards reston, sterling, crossing 66 here. i would expect a very slow commute from western communities. if you are watching prince george's county, southern maryland, you too will likely see some rain showers here shortly, even up towards columbia, as this is pushing to
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the east and north. we are likely to see more thunderstorm activity redevelop here during the course of the day. let me show you a bigger picture. couple different bands of morning rain will be moving through. another chance for rain and/or thunderstorm activity late this afternoon and tonight as that comes through. big area of low pressure, you can see it spinning there up towards detroit and that will spin here for the next 24 hours and kick out spokes of energy. eventually, this whole thing will pass on thruway cold front and as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, gradual improvement including less humidity and cooler temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. here is your futurecast, we'll put it in motion for you. 9:00 being suggesting lots of rain around and we'll get a bit of a break middle of date. by 7:00, 8:00, tonight, we have additional thunderstorms redeveloping along our next frontal system as it pushes on through. hopefully, we'll quiet things down. we'll still have some clouds around with a few showers
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lingering. showers, storms, back in the forecast. winds here out of the south, five for 10. it will be a the breezy at the temperature cooler. yesterday, we were at 95. 72 tonight. showers and storms continue. slightly cooler, lightly less humid overnight. that will give give ve give -- give way to a decent afternoon. look at sunday. 86, low humidity, sunshine. monday looks great. up near 90 by tuesday. let's look at traffic and lauren demarco has your late he have. >> we have some issues on 66 this morning. going to get to that in just a second. let's take a live look from trafficland and see what is going on on 95. we had the earlier wreck just after dumfries. looks like that has cleared out of the way. no problems approaching the mixing bowl. here we are 66 approaching the fairfax county parkway. no real issues for you there
5:19 am
other than maybe some volume but 66 eastbound between 17 and 55, we get a tyreo down. traffic getting by on the shoulder only. that is now mile marker 25. westbound near mile marker 31, we had a wreck on 66 as well and 29 south of 66, want to watch for the building fire if you are heading southbound at route 5 #. that was checking out the beltway if you are looking at the camera there in maryland. no problems in prince george's or montgomery counties. the latest now on a fox 5 exclusive we've been following all week. accusation of his a fight club at a local camp and now the mother of one of the campers is speaking out. >> she says her little boy described it as a living hell. beth parker has the story. >> i absolutely feel guilty. >> reporter: she is a mom who spoke to us by phone out of guilt and anger. she asked us to disguise her voice because she feels ashamed about what she says her 10-year- old son had to go through at
5:20 am
summer camp. >> that was his first sleep- away camp experience ever. i told him how exciting and fun it was going to be and then he was basically terrorized for three and a half days. >> reporter: she says it happened here at camp brown in st. mary's county, maryland. the camp is run by the boys and girls club of washington but it's partnership with the metropolitan police department. boys and girl club abruptly closed camp brown last week for what it called inappropriate fight club behavior instigated by camp counselors. >> he told the guy i can't fight. he told him he would teach him. in this training, he would tell my 10-year-old to put his hands up and then he would punch him in the chest and my son would fall to the ground crying and he would tell him get up, punk. >> reporter: she found out about it when they got i acall informing her that all campers were coming home one day early. >> i was just so ashamed of
5:21 am
myself. i just felt tricked and just incredibly angry that they would dare do that. >> reporter: this mom says what make her feel even more guilty is that, when she dropped her son off here at clubhouse 14 on bebbing road for that week of camp, she got a bad feeling based upon the behavior of some of of the counselors. >> cursing and using all kind of lewd terms and just being vulgar. i should have ran. >> reporter: in a letter marked confidential, the boys and girls clubs told parents wednesday rest assured that again our top priority is the safety and well being of your child. some of the counselors came from the city's summer youth employment program. >> why didn't a child have someone supervising them? they're children too. they are ateenagers. why are they unsupervised. how do they do all of that? how do you have a whole fight club for three days and no one
5:22 am
knew it. >> reporter: fox 5 as learned that some counselors have been fired. >> you lock your little kid in a room with a thug all week. that is what you're doing. >> we want to emphasize there are no accusations against mpd officers. this is a criminal investigation into the actions of some of the counselors, not all of them. coming up next, a look at what is new at the movies this weekend. >> actor jeremy renner pulled in rave reviews for his last big role and now he is back on the big screen in his latest installment of the bourne franchise. kevin mccarthy talked with the star. we've got that interview coming up next. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport. uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." as in creamy yogurt down below. and a delectable, aromatic layer of blended fruity, moussey, uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language.
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taking a look at the capitol dome right now. 80degrees right now. he made a big impression in the hurt locker. jeremy repper is back with the starring role in the bourne legacy opening this weekend. >> kevin mccarthy talked to him about jumping into an established movie franchise. >> i love the line where you say i'm not just a science project. >> i'm not just a science project. >> as an actor in hollywood, how do you keep from being that hollywood mold of jeremy renner and staying true to yourself. >> wow, i think it is seemingly
5:26 am
simple to not be influence bid anything else besides your gut and your heart. for me as an actor, i've been given some tremendous opportunities. the past four films have been these big action movies which has been great. nice to know that, what you go to work, that the movie will be seen. that is a nice feeling. i've done a whole bunch of movies that nobody has seen. i think it is really simple. the decision-making process is always the same. i want to be just as compelled to go to work every day as the next person. >> i love how you enter this bourne universe and you are able to continue that story for the audience we all loved the films and being able to continue the story. if you could step in to a favorite movie of yours and continue that story and give an audience another version of that story, what would that movie be and why? >> if a movie is that good and
5:27 am
is one of my favorite films, it needs to die where it dies and end where it ends. i would never want to continue it. you take a movie like clockwork orange. that shouldn't be continued. let it be what it is. that is what i think a good piece of cinema is. you walk away fulfilled. you can want more, that's fine. but i don't know if i want to continue on any of those. >> we'll see if the movie fulfills expectations as well. folks will be able to see that here soon. kevin joins us live in the studio with his review of the bourne legacy and the weekend's other new recloses. it was the moment redskins fans had been waiting for. robert griffin iii did not disappoint last night. we have the highlights coming up next to prove it. stay with us. stay with us. 
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robert griffin iii look as advertised in his redskins debut against the bills. he was in for three series. he finished four out of six. he didn't throw any picks, didn't fumble and wasn't
5:31 am
sacked. he talked about his first live action wearing the burgundy and gold. >> same thing. at the end. the day, this is what we do for a living. i played football for a long time. game hasn't changed. just the size of the people and the talent level changed. it was fun to get out there and run around. suit up in the redskin gear for the first time ever officially. something i won't ever forget. >> one preseason game. >> he has a great attitude. >> yeah, he does. >> the true test will be when he gets knocked down, throws an interception and when things are going bad. that is how you can tell. >> great start. >> awesome start. >> needed that. >> all right. you know what we need? cooler and drier air and it is on the way. not so much the case at this moment but as we get into the weekend, things are looking up. we've got showers and thunderstorms even here early and some of the rain showers i would consider to be downpours and some thunder and lightning
5:32 am
here too. we're focused just out to the west of washington as you can see here out towards reston as you work out towards great falls out 66. very heavy rain, middleburg, dulles, getting heavy rain at the moment. this is pushing to the east and to the north. i think we'll see some heavy rain here inside the beltway shortly and points east, prince george's county, anne arundel county to the north. you door getting some rain before long. here is the bigger picture. let's go to the next map and let me show you the rain shower activity spreading across the area. it is generally oriented west of washington at the moment. i think if your morning commute, pretty much a guarantee you will see some rain showers and perhaps some strong thunderstorms too. as we get into the midday period, a bit of a break before some showers and storms redevelop late this afternoon. 80 in washington. that is not very comfortable. 72 at dulles. 77 this morning at bwi marshall. lots of clouds around today.
5:33 am
could be a few peeks of sunshine midday. cooler than yesterday. 87degrees. with the clouds and rain, cooler temperatures, we'll take it. >> and the rain too. >> here comes the rain again. >> let's check in with lauren demarco to get the latest on traffic. i'm sure the rain is maybing it a little difficult out there for folks. >> you know, we are seeing the rain on the traffic cameras and we have already had some dents out to the west anyway so not making things any easier. i do want to mention some fires before we get to that. 29 southbound southbound after 66 right here route 15, we have a commercial building fire. the southbound lanes of lee highway are blocked. in northwest d.c., new hampshire avenue still closed between u and v streets for fire response. there is an apartment fire under way there. let's tech a look at waze. we've been checking this out. --' let's it can a look at waze. -- let's take a look at waze.
5:34 am
traffic only getting by on the shoulder here. definitely heavy and slow. westbound 66 at mile marker 31, we had another wreck. so thanks to everybody for writing in our waze. it is that smart phone app you can download for free and help us with our traffic reports. if you are traveling 66 here heading out of manassas, this is where you will be seeing some of of the rain as well heading into centreville. volume starting to build with effect on the brakes. things look better once you get towards route 50 fair oaks continuing in towards the beltway. we do have reports of an accident 123 southbound after nutley street. southbound lanes are closed. so watch out for that. earlier accident, 95 near dumfries area has cleared out. so you should be in good shape. 395 also look good. no problems to report around the beltway right now. 270 seeing the volume build leaving frederick heading past 109 to 121 clarksburg and much nicer trip in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5
5:35 am
on-time traffic. >> thank you. in our big story, day twofer the special session, maryland governor martin o'malley called lawmakers back to pass a bill he says will raise $200 million in taxes. the measure permits table games and allows for a sixth casino at national harbor. some delegates are opposed. it is not clear if it will pass. also yesterday, a senate panel pass ad bill that would make dog owners liable for any bites their pets cause. it follows a court ruling in april that singled out pit bulls as inherently dangerous. the bill now goes to a full vote in the senate. n the senat new this morning, the attorneys representing james holmes, the alleged colorado movie theater shooter, say their client is mentally ill. he and in court yesterday.
5:36 am
this is actual have i l.i.e -- actually video from his first courtroom appearance. news organizations asked a judge to unseal court documents with details about the shooting that left ple dead and 58 others hurt. arlington police say the victim confronted and chaseed a suspect and that is when the situation turns violent. we have a report. >> this is just not the sort of thing that happens in arlington during the daytime a couple blocks from of a metro station. >> reporter: scott didn't see the violent attack go down just outside this restaurant on busy will sop boulevard but he got there right after it happened. >> you could see blood on the wall. you could see blood on the sidewalk next to the restaurant. so it was a brutal stabbing. >> reporter: a 31-year-old man stabbed in the hand, shoulders back and front left bloodied and fighting for his life after arlington police say he
5:37 am
confronted a man he saw trying to break into his car. >> the victim was in his office and he looked out the one owe and he saw a hispanic male allegedly breaking into his car. the victim left his office, went downstairs and confronted the suspect. >> reporter: police say the suspect ran way and the victim chased him. two men ended up here where police say the suspect pulled out a knife and went on the attack. scott broadbeck has been alarmed by the incidents. >> this is unusual. this is a bloody summer for arlington. >> reporter: police say the suspect got away in a white haven't that may have been stolen. victim was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition. police say it could have been much worse. that is why they want anyone witnessing a crime to stay safe so they too don't become a victim. >> we don't recommend that they
5:38 am
confront the suspect because you never know how many suspects there are or if the suspect is armed. >> got to be careful. that is for sure. laying in the road intoxicated and naked. that is the allegation against randy travis. >> up next, we are hearing the first 911 calls from his dui arrest. [ male announcer ] everyone thinks norman's a little weird. he talks to dead people. what? [ male announcer ] but there's nothing like a 300-year-old curse to turn a weirdo... come on! [ male announcer ] ...into a hero. "paranorman." rated pg.
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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we are hearing the first 911 calls from a country music star, randy travis' du. a arrest. particulars say they found him lying in the road naked after he crashed into a construction zone. >> he is just laying there. there is no vehicles around him. >> i don't see a vehicle. there are a couple of cones scattered. i don't know. >> there is a couple of what? >> there are road cop struck cones. >> travis was released on more than $21,000 bond. he was also charged with public intoxication just last february. nasa is releasing new pictures from the planet mars courtesy of curiosity's rover. they are 360-degree images of
5:42 am
the gale crater. it is a vast basin where the rover touched down. nasa officials say the color images are crucial to understanding the martian landscape. the rover's mission also includes analyzing rocks and soil in search of the chemical building blocks of life. >> can't wait to see more pictures. very exciting to see those every morning. >> definitely. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> you may have a stormy start to your friday morning. >> we'll check in with tucker for your forecast and lauren demarco has the latest on traffic. [ harry umlaut ] here we e go.
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seriously? [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. welcome back. live look outside at the wilson bridge and we'll say it again. happy friday. the end of the week. tucker will talk about what we have in store for the weekend coming up. let's talk about cirque du soleil. it is back in town appear the acrobats will soon be performing at the national harbor. workers are busy getting the big top set up. it takes about a week to get this set up and rolling. >> when it is finished, the tent will seat more than 2600 people.
5:46 am
the cirque du soleil totem show will kick off on august 15th and run through the end of september. i don't think i've seen that show. >> i have never seen any cirque du soleil. >> really? >> i had to take the kids a couple of years ago. i was so scared that the lion was going to eat the trainer i was like please don't bite him. >> wisdom was under the seat. if you are going to be out and about this morning, we have some rain showers and thunderstorms moving in. there will be locally heavy downpours. as we speak, moving inside the beltway and inside the district. there is your radar. the yellows and reds indicating some heavy rain and generally in a little band here from roughly reston, sterling and reaching down towards 95 just south of alexandria pushing now up into the district we are
5:47 am
starting to get heavy rain in northeast washington. all of this is pushing through so about an hour ago, it was about 30 miles out to the west. now, it is moving through the immediate metro area and point east. prince george's county, anne arundel county you are next with the heavy rain. so we will have a good period of rain here for the early- morning hours. then we'll get a bit of a break and then perhaps more rain later this afternoon. there is a bigger picture of it. this radar is a little more aggressive. i don't think all of this is touching the ground. there is a pretty good swath of rain out there at the moment. this stretches from the carolinas up into upstate new york. look at that nice big band of rain. out to the west, this is our feature to later this afternoon. we have an area of low pressure right there into southern michigan right near detroit and just kind of spinning around that. so here is your morning rain right here. we'll get a bit of a break midday and probably just cloud
5:48 am
cover, maybe a few peek of sunshine and then late this afternoon and tonight, another chance for showers and thunderstorms. some of those could be on the strong side late this afternoon. bottom line, it will be a rather gloomy, rather cloudy day with on again, off again rain and thunderstorms as we transition into an air mass that is a little more pleasant. less humidity and cooler temperatures on the way. right now, 79 in washington. 80 in annapolis. not a terribly comfortable start. 83 in quantico. 77 in leonardtown. our highs later this afternoon will only be in the mid- to upper 80s so for the first time this month, our temperature does not touch 90. 87 the daytime high. showers and storms likely this morning. slightly cooler overnight. much cooler and drier air doesn't start to filter in here until tomorrow afternoon. i think we'll wake up with cloud cover tomorrow and i few showers or thunderstorms around
5:49 am
and gradually things will improve with a little late day sunshine. back near 90 on tuesday. let's do some traffic and so how that is doing. >> we have some wet weather out west and incident going on along 66. we are taking a look at waze. i was checking out what folks are saying here. we have several reports of accidents and incidents as you travel 66 through the plains, toward haymarket. also reports of heavy traffic due to the incidents. i know that 66 eastbound between 17 and 55 near mile marker 25 is where we had one accident with a tree down. another one reported westbound at mile marker 31. let's move along to trafficland. if you are traveling here, you can see some of the wet weather
5:50 am
through the manassas area heading into centreville. heavy and slow now with the volume and slick pavement so be careful. give yourself extra time, plenty of braking distance. once you get past route 50, things should look better heading in towards the beltway. 270, we have slow traffic approaching 109 getting past clarkburg and continuing down towards germantown. 95, no real issues for you. 395 hooking good in virginia. 95 and the bw parkway running well between blaze. back to you. >> thank you. here is a question for you. how do u.s. airlines measure up when it comes to getting a your luggage to your destination on time. >> shawn yancy has more. >> reporter: missed flights, nothing out of the ordinary. >> reporter: that may be changing accord tog a new report just released by the department of transportation. >> the airlines are reaching
5:51 am
record levels of good service in terms of on-time arrivals, fewest cancellations, lowest number of lost bags. >> reporter: new figures show the airline industry is on track to see its best performance ever when it comes to on-time arrivals and baggage handling. >> i think passengers deserve to be streeted fairly. >> reporter: the d.o.t. report says nearly # 4% of flights arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled time so far this year. the best record since the agency started tracking on-time arrivals. when flights are on time, bags tend to follow. the d.o.t. says less than three bags per 1,000 passengers were reported lost, damaged or delayed. >> we realize that, with this large number of connections in our vast network, getting to our hub on time is vitally important in connecting customers and baggage. >> reporter: the economy and weather take some of the credit but airlines also point to
5:52 am
newer planes and better tracking technology. >> we have developed technology that actually optimizes the route in which they should be delivering the bags to ensure that the flights are that are leaving first get their bags more quickly. >> reporter: some passengers are on the fence about the results. >> i would say that it is maybe 20% or 30% improved but i don't think there is a marked difference. >> reporter: industry watcher agree. >> there is nothing to cheer about when 12 to 15% of your flights are still arriving 15 minutes beyond an airline schedule that was already padded to accommodate the air traffic control system. >> a lot of people affected by that one. a lot of people not happy about the service they get at some of the airports. >> you hear about it all the time. coming up, something that has never happened at the summer olympic before until now. >> details of one teenager's feat in the boxing ring.
5:53 am
plus the washington nationals breaking out the bats and brooms in houston. sports is coming up.  [ male announcer ] in 1996, prpresident clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th,
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the nats got another win last night. they blanked the houston astros 5-0 to complete the sweep. july pitcher of the month jordan zimmerman stayed hot striking out 11 batters. checking the summer
5:56 am
olympics, usain bolt blew away the field in the 200-meter final. jamaica got the sweep place is first, second and third. the last country to sweep the race was the united states in 2004. bolt is now the only person to ever get gold medals in the 100 and 200 in back-to-back olympic games. the u.s. soccer team beat japan. carly lloyd scored both goals. more than 80,000 people watched. clarissa shields is the first u.s. woman to win a boxing medal in the olympics. the 17-year-old won against her 33-year-old opponent from russia. >> 17 years old. i bet nobody messes with her at school or in the neighborhood.
5:57 am
straight ahead at 6:00, why this weekend may be the best time to knock out your back to school shopping list. >> today, we say hello to robert tidwell. robert is a firefighter in prince george's county. he says he has been watching fox 5 since the day he was born and tuning in is a morning tradition at the firehouse. >> what? >> is that all you have to say. >> good morning to you, robert. i hope you're watching. thank you for up wag. >> congratulations. stay with us. we'll be right back. ight back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals.
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