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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  August 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> yes. the u.s. men's soccer team in mexico city for a friendly game with mexico. fast forwood to the 80th minute. say on the left side goes across to the middle of the box, is back heeled to rosco fiscal who buries it in the net for his first international goal. the u.s. wins 1-0. this is the first time team usa ever won in mexico in 25 years. >> that's a lot. plenty ahead, fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning, it is straight up 5:00 on this thursday. taking a look at the washington monument right now and it's going to feel a little bit nicer out there perhaps than it has for you over the last several days and weeks even if that. good morning, i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news, they're feeling great this morning especially if they're in michigan. that's because that's where that lottery ticket -- that
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person won last night. the winning ticket is worth an estimated $337 million officials say. >> on top of that there were also eight tickets that won the $1 million match five prize and one of those tickets was sold in virginia. so we have a local winner out of this. here are the lucky numbers -- that's something to be excited about. we have a virginia winner. >> yes. very much so. >> yeah. >> you guys know money does not buy you happiness right? >> of course it doesn't. >> but it can buy you a lot. it can get you pretty close toyota. what was the sailing? -- to it. what was the saying? >> there's a saying. that you have -- okay. never mind. >> all right. >> we'll have to come up with it and we'll figure it out. >> johnny depp has a saying about it. it can get you on the boat and get you up to the doorstep of it money can do that. >> work on it sarah. >> i bombed that. i'm sorry. >> it's a little early. >> we had that conversation. >> reagan national. i'm going to say it again we're all winning the weather lottery today because it's going to be
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beautiful. hey here are your temperatures currently reagan national 71 and another 45 seconds to come up with it sarah. 69 ocean city and 68 in baltimore. 63 this morning winchester, a very nice day and youer 80s a few of us probably close to 90 but without a lot of humidity and sunshine it's going to feel like one of the nice days. there's your satellite x-ray car a few showers -- and radar a few showers moving through yesterday but look how quiet it got. we are left with very quiet conditions and nice sunrise this morning, bright blue sky for most of the day. highs upper 80s to about 90 and again not much humidity. changes tomorrow storms back in the forecast and the weekend cooldown. he has this -- quote. but this is not the one i'm thinking of. you use your money to buy privacy because most of your life you aren't allowed to be normal. that sounds like a johnny depp statement. let's get to julie wright with
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traffic. >> that's a letdown sarah. >> i know sarah. >> conversation with someone and i thought it was you. oh. >> what do you mean you use your money for what? >> for privacy because most of your life you are not allowed to be normal. >> girl do you want to see my coach bag? that's what i spend my money on. >> i read some guy is online money can't buy you happiness but it brings youa more pleasant form of misery. i like that one. >> my money goes on shoes and i'll tweet you my newest shoes later? >> i have the coach sandals and coach bag. >> very cute. >> i don't have electricity at my house but nonetheless. all right. guys accident activity occurred back between 3:30 and 4:00 this morning. this is southbound 395 here at duke street. and the ramp to exit at duke is closed off and again this is coming from southbound 395 to exit at duke. northbound everything is open at this point according to vdot. we have some activity that's still here and an investigation
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is still underway. southbound 270 different story lanes are open and the pace so far so good. no problems to report leaving 109 headed out to clarksburg. lanes open on the top stretch of the beltway and no problems to report here on the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you julie. our big story this morning the shooting at the headquarters of a lobbying group. a security guard shot in the arm now being hailed as a hero for helping take down the gunman. this happened yesterday morning at the family research council headquarters along g street in northwest. fox 5's melanie alnwick is there now with an update. >> reporter: the suspect was identified as floyd lee corkins ii. he is being held this morning on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. we had been volunteering recently at the d.c. center for the community. in northwest d.c.. police say corkins entered the lobby of the family research council on g street around
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10:45 wednesday morning. got into an argument with the security guard and shot him in the arm. though wounded the guard leo johnson helped others tackle the shooter. he was eventually taken into custody without a fight. law enforcement officials say corkins made negative comments about the center before the shooting started. he had been volunteering at d.c.'s lbgt center for the last six months working the front desk of weekends. he was described as a kind and gentle and unassuming young manage. police also -- man. police also canvassed the neighborhood and interviewed the parents and grandparents. sources say corkins bought the gun just last week that he used in the shooting. if fbi now working to figure out what he intended to do and why it could have been much worse. >> i would say the security guard in this case is a hero as far as i'm concerned. he didn't allow the armed person past the front and he did his job.
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>> reporter: corkins' car was later found at the east falls church metro station. and towed away so the police could comb that also for other evidence and details in the case. the guard johnson was conscious and breathing here on the scene yesterday and he was taken to the hospital. we expect him to come through this quite well. one other note, both con essentialtive and liberal groups are condemning the violence. >> all right melanie, thank you very much for that report. well, adipateburg man is fating life in prison for killing his 12-year-old stepdaughter. now it took just hours for the jury to convict david hang of killing jessica nguyen in the basement of her home in may of last year. she had been stabbed 43 times with a machete and investigators found a knife case with hang's dna on it next to her body. prosecutors say hang killed jessica over an arranged marriage to help her mother get u.s. citizenship. >> the family would not agree to let him out of the marriage as quickly as he wanted out and
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he threatened basically to do whatever he needed to do and threatened revenge on the family for not letting him out of the sham marriage. >> now prosecutors say they'll seek a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole. david hang will be sentenced in october. in a story first reported on fox 5, verizon is acknowledging there were widespread failures in its 911 emergency backup systems during the june storms. the phone company put out a report on it a couple of days ago and in a meeting last night verizon explained the fairfax and articleton 911 central offices were hard hit and backup batteries drained. eight 911 call centers in northern virginia were affected during the storms, some more than others. we're told the center in alexandria didn't have as severe a probable as fairfax and arlington. a delay in the fort hood shooting trial all over facial hire. we're going to have the details on that coming up next. >> and raging wildfires out west. but a bit of good news for
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crews battling those flames. we're checking more headlines coming up. stay with us. [ female announcer ] can your body wash nourish this deeply?
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[ female announcer ] only 5 calories. new lipton tea & honey. firefighters in washington state are getting a break from the weather as they try to
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contain some raging wildfires. the winds have calmed down and that may help them battle a massive fire east of seattle. the flames broke out on monday and have already destroyed about 70 homes and buildings. in california, clouds of smoke are visible in the skies near san diego. residents in the area have been ordered to evacuate and there unfortunately so far no one has been hurt from the wildfires there. a judge in texas is delaying the trial of the fort hood shooting suspect until there's a ruling on making him shave his beard. now major nidal hasan is accused of killing 13 people in the 2009 shooting rampage. yesterday he got a temporary delay of his trial. he's appeared several times with a beard and the military judge has thrown him out each time saying it's against army regulations. hasan says it's a religious issue. a top aide has voluntarily
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stepped aside following allegations she made sexual allegations to -- comments to associates. bar was paid on leave pending is review. the move comes day after two i. c. e. officials accused bar of making sexual comments and advances meantime a discrimination lawsuit filed earlier this year accused secretary napolitano of female favoritism. coming up a business venture that would make maury povich proud or put him out of business. some local dna paternity tests from an rv. >> what? dell you where it's up -- tell you where it's up and running and what people are saying about it. let's check in with tucker. >> sarah we have cooler weather moving on in and less humidity as well. you're going to love the forecast. i'll have details on that for you and you know who has the traffic report. julie wright. she'll do it right after the break.  [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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5:15 on this thursday. everyone is waking up and getting out there on the roads fright now. wilson bridge starting to pick up just a little bit and we'll check in with julie wright and get the latest her on traffic in just a minute. the weather right now. >> i mean really nice. utiful. wait until you step outside this morning you're going to say to yourself, this is the way it should be in the summertime. >> i know. >> you know a little less humidity. >> right. >> nice and warm today. the julie wrights of the world will be happy but not a lot of humidity and we're going to get a bit of a break here particularly into the weekend too. just in time for the weekend.
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>> yeah. >> excellent. time to start -- week is always good. you know. >> i know. >> when you have good weather. >> 82 instead of 97. >> the only thing that can make it better is $347 million. >> i take $347 at this point. i don't ask for much. 71 right now in washington. 68 although that would be nice. 68 fredericksburg and at dulles. little less humidity and some cooler temperatures moving in overnight. our frontal system yesterday finally got going and got pushing to the south and east here. and we are definitely on the comfortable side. patuxent naval air station 71. the entire area dew point temperatures now falling back that measures the humidity falling back in the upper 50s and low 60s. so you're going to notice how much drier the air is. in fact, look at that i have a dew point map. didn't even realize it. 62 is the current dew point in washington. 63 leonardtown and upper 50s in places like martinsburg and cumberland.
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the air noticeably more comfortable. it should be a nice day. look how quiet the satellite and radar is. nothing going on and we should have a nice quiet afternoon. just a few fair weather cumulus clouds will pop up here by mid to late afternoon. up to the north and west out to chicago the next cold front that will get in here by late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. so up ahead of ill thunderstorm we're going -- it tomorrow we're going to be hot and steamy and maybe some afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow before we cool down. noticeable cool down for the weekend. in fact some of the coolest temperatures since early june. 89 today and mostly sunny skies and less humid than yesterday. winds north and west 5 to 10. a few clouds comfortable tonight. 71 the overnight low. here's the five day. maybe some scattered showers and thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and they could hang around into early saturday. the front is going to be a slow mover but once it clears a nice saturday afternoon. 81 the daytime high saturday. monday 83 and honestly right into the middle of next week highs only in the mid 80s. a nice break here for the middle of august. these temperatures just about
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perfect. all right, that's a look at weather and let's see some traffic and see if julie wright -- has anything winning out there on the road this morning. julie? >> are we getting back to you owing money? >> i owe you money? >> i think so. >> you feel that way huh? >> i think so yeah. >> well just -- all right. just send me the bill and i'll get it to you. [ laughter ] i'll put you on the list of my creditors. >> there you go. on the roads right now tucker lanes are open reach way at the wilson bridge. early this morning accident occurred between 3:30 and 4:00 here at duke street. this is southbound 395. the right lane and main line remains closed off here at the scene and the exit ramp from southbound 395 to duke street has been closed. this looks like the investigation will be here some time and again southbound 395 the ramp to duke street is closed and the right lane and main line are closed. no problems to shirlington.
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southbound 270 still good shape. naprons to report leaving 109 headedout to the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right, thank you very much. they lined up by the hundreds with documents proving they grew up in the u.s.. the lines were longn langley park, maryland, yesterday was the first day to submit applications for work permits under the obama administration's deferred work program. they can receive a temporary visa valid for two years without the threat of being deported. they are encouraging young people to turn out and get their applications in. >> very excited because we finally can just take the opportunity to go to college or something. and you know to work just to be you know, just to live without any worries. >> now undocumented immigrants must meet certain requirements. they have to be between 15 and 31 and have to come to the u.s. before they were 16. they also must have lifted here
5:20 am
continuously for the last five years and have to be enrolled or have completed high school or have served in a u.s. military. finally, they cannot have committed a serious crime. charges could be on the way farm originners involved in -- for workers involved in an alleged fight club. they discovered about two weeks ago that some counselors at camp brown in southern maryland pushed children to participate in a fight club. they say charges could come in the next week. well, this invokes strong reaction as it cruises the streets of new york. a man is now offering mobile dna tests from his rv. the who's your daddy rv is the creation of jared rosenthal the ce of a bronx based company called health street. he takes a paternity test and then sends it to a lab. there's usually more of a reaction to the rv than there are patients. >> they flag us down sometimes. one time i got pulled over by the cops and they jumped out to
5:21 am
take a picture of the rv. >> oh boy. there have been stories of heartbreak and happiness like a woman reunited with her long lost father actually or the man who a tattoo of his son only the find out the boy was the result of his wife's extramarital affair. that's not good. they cost $350 and that covers cheek swabs for two people. can you imagine how many people have seen that they can actually run? >> no. but wouldn't it be cheaper just go go on maury povich the show? you are not the father, you are not the baby daddy. >> that would believe more embarrassing -- would be more embarrassing. how many the movies? a girl group drying to make it to the top of the movie business. >> reporter: the film also features three men. coming up next actors omari hard wick and luke opens sat down with kevin mccarthy. "i was not a wild, huge supporter
5:22 am
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well, the new drama "sparkle" centers around the struggle of a girl group to climb to the top of the music business back in the 1960s. >> some of the challenges are created by the supporting male cast. >> movie reviewer kevin mccarthy talked with them about the naoma see. >> i love the relentless nature of your character and your character how you are trying to get these girls and you'll do anything you can to do that. i wanted to ask you as actors what was that one role for you
5:25 am
that you went after and you did not give up and they kept saying no, no, no, but you kept pursuing it? >> awesome. awesome question. >> i think that's my first -- my first film. that's -- i snuck into the auditions. and -- but and i auditioned like five times for it and yeah so it was my first film. my first audition and my first movie. >> what was that? >> it was called "antoine fisher." >> for you guys? >> he really started out trying to get me the role and i left him a message that was sort of a little threatening. he called back and he said you know i did that on purpose man. he was like no i wish i would have done it on purpose. but me leaving that message it was passionate he gave me the role and it was really cool. >> now for me, like one of the most intense scenes in the film was when you are at the dinner
5:26 am
table with whitney and i couldn't breathe during the scene. it was very intense and very emotional. and i wanted to ask you when a camera shuts off after the scene is over, what is the vibe like in the room? can you go back to being happy? how does that work? >> i think everything understands we work in -- everybody understands we work in a professional environment you know and that we are artists and that -- you know, this is a business. that we in. and it's art. and when the camera shuts off you know, everybody -- everybody knows you know, this is -- usually everybody take they own little space you know walk away. and try to catch they self or try to think of what to do next. you know, nobody thinks that it's personal because we're acting you know. we reading something from a -- from a paper and we just making it come alive. it's all entertainment.
5:27 am
>> and later -- >> it's all entertainment like he said. >> it sure is and later on this morning it's going to be the ladies turn and we talk with the female ladies from or leads from "sparkle" including jordin sparks "american idol" alum. >> also exciting the redskins' quarterback robert griffin iii taking in the time to be a tour guide. >> somebody had to dodge a little danger. >> but next we're going to check all of the top stories, stay with us. [ male announcer ] you paididn to medicare for years.
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money, money, money. >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. thursday, august 16th. some people got to have it. we don't have it. >> no. >> because somebody in michigan won that lottery. >> i know. >> money. >> they're waking up a lot richer this morning after winning last night's powerball. lottery officials say the winning ticket for the estimated $337 million jackpot was sold in michigan. >> man. there were also eight tickets that won the $1 million match five. one of the tickets was sold in our area. in virginia. now here are the winning numbers -- last night's jackpot was the fourth largest in the history of powerball. >> you guys are missing it. everybody's got to have it. that's why everybody is on the roads this morning going to
5:31 am
work at 5:30 this morning. >> none of the people are winners. >> the odds are never very good so -- >> right. but you know -- >> we just dream. >> money can't buy you happiness. >> that's what i've been telling sarah all morning. >> yeah. but as what? our floor director said earlier it can buy you everything else? >> that's pretty much it. >> all right. >> we're going to come up with great quotes like that all morning long. >> right. >> all right, meanwhile we'll do weather forecast and looks finem upper 80s to about 90. low humidity and lots of sunshine. blue sky to start the morning. we have a little fog in a few -- areas here off to the west. so other than that should be a nice looking start. other -- radar nice and quiet. looking at fine conditions here to start the day. and 71 right now in washington and 68 dulles 67 degrees bwi marshall. these are some o of the coolest temperatures so far this month. so you get the idea. hey it will be this warm this afternoon. but, that's -- not bad at all when you consider that we --
5:32 am
you know have been doing a lot of humidity the last couple of weeks, could be a shower or thunderstorm in the mountains but around here nice and quiet. >> all right, quiet and comfortable. >> okay. >> like it. all right, let's get et with julie wright and the latest on traffic. >> well, if you're traveling 395 this morning, we do have some video to show you of the crash scene. southbound 395 the right lane is blocked at duke street as well as the ramp to duke remains closed off at this time. as you can see police are still there on the scene and a team has called there as well. so most likely this will be an investigation ongoing for a while that will have the street have ramp closed until further notice. if you are traveling northbound lanes are open and no problems to report there leaving to beltway to the 14th street bridge. just southbound 395 at duke be the right lane is blocked and the exit remains closed off at this time. back inside and update the ride elsewhere. traveling southbound along 270 volume increasing right now out of hyattstown headed out to
5:33 am
clarksburg. no probables reported along the stretch. everyone rolling at speed out of montgomery county headed out to tysons. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. now to a story you saw first here on fox 5. after the 911 outages during the june storm verizon has a lot of explaining to do. earlier the week the company released findings from its internal investigation into the cause of the 191 outage. in some cases it lasted for days. >> when you pick up the phone to dial 911 you want to be able to get through and you know we regret that there was a time you know -- after the storm for a few hours at least in which people couldn't do that. that's unacceptable to us. >> they have not fixed the problem. almost anywhere. they are working diligently i believe at doing that. >> some people in virginia who needed emergency services were told to call or go to fire stations or ns because they had two way radios to use to summon aid.
5:34 am
nearly 22,000 d.c. employees will be getting a bigger paycheck this month. they are getting repaid for the money lost last fiscal year when they had to take four furlough days. now because the city is in longer struggling financially, mayor gray says giving the money back is the right thing to do. now he issued a statement that says in part -- our big story this morning, the shooting inside a conservative lobbying firm on g street northwest. now this morning the suspect is being held on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. >> the security guard was wounded when the gunman opened fire yesterday morning. fox 5's melanie alnwick is following the latest for us good morning. >> reporter: sarah, both
5:35 am
conservative and label real groups are condemning the violence here on g street northwest which many believe was directed at the family research council because of its anti-gay stance. police say 28-year-old floyd lee corkins entered the lobby wednesday morning and got into an argument with the security guard and shot him in the arm. though wounded the guard leo johnson helped others tackle the shooter. officials say corkins made negative comments and they didn't specify about the family research council before the shooting. frc is a con essentialtive group that strongly opposes gay marriage and abortion. corkins had been volunteering at the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual community center in northwest d.c. the last six months working the front desk on weekends. the center's director described him as a kind gentle and unassume ugh young man. police then canvassed hour
5:36 am
corkins' herndon neighborhood. they had never seen the eldest of the couple's three sons neighbors say. >> well, i don't have all the details but what i have heard is very shocked. because it doesn't sound like anybody i know would do something like that. >> what do you know about their son? >> i don't know anything about him. i don't even know him and never met him. >> but you knew they had a son. >> i knew they had a son, yes. >> reporter: sources say corkins bought the gun just last week and the fbi now working to figure out what corkins intended to do and why. the security guard leo johnson was conscious and breathing after the incident and was taken to a hospital for treatment. a former co-worker says johnson was frequently awarded for his loyalty and dedication to his job. in a little bit at 6:00 we're going to talk about whether or not there was a chick-fil-a connection to this shooting. >> all right, melanie. thank you. a jury convicted is gaithersburg man of killing his
5:37 am
12-year-old stepdaughter. jessica nguyen was killed in the basement of her home in may of last year. she had been stabbed 43 times and investigators find a knife case with david hang's dna on it next to the body. the police say hang killed jessica to get out of his marriage to her mother. it just took hours for the jury to find hang guilty of first degree murder. >> even though it couldn't bring back jessica back here with us but at least we know that david hang will stay there for the rest of his life. and then he will not have a chance to hurt community. >> prosecutors say they will seek a finance of life in prison with no chance of parole. hang will be sentenced in october. a wine bar robbery in d.c. caught on camera. surveillance video right here shows a man breaking into the vino tech wine bar and bistro on 11th street northwest. the owner says this is the third time in ten days that his business has been broken into and burglarized. same man broke in twice and the
5:38 am
third time it was a different person. d.c. police want to hear from anyone who recognizes this particular suspect. remember the massive snake we showed you earlier this week? >> yes. >> how can we forget? >> we were doing that. >> we're going to -- get ready for another creature feature. a pet alligator. >> bad idea. i can already tell. we'll tell you why police confiscated it as we check for med lines come -- more headlines coming up next. >> first a check of the markets. wall street remains quiet with little changes wednesday. the dow stranged 7 points and nasdaq was up 14 points. the nikkei gained 168 points. time now is 5:38. 
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5:41 am
a raging fire at a tire factory in kentucky is making heads lines this morning. it broke out yesterday at king's tire recycling. burning 40,000 ties and destroying all the -- tires and destroying all the processes equipment. it forced some nearby businesses to evacuate with the smoke. according to a public protection cabinet spokesperson, the company had a long history of violations. the energy and environment agency has asked for air quality monitoring because the facility's proximity to residential areas. a pennsylvania judge refused to block the state's controversial new voter id law. that means pennsylvania voters will have to show a photo id
5:42 am
for the upcoming november elections. democrats and civil rights groups con defensive end that it could deny many americans a right to vote or many pennsylvanian asks are vowing to appeal the decision. pennsylvania of course and a crucial battleground state. you never know what you're neighbors are up to and some residents in milwaukee found out that one of their neighbors had a 70-pound 5'0" pet. you're looking at wally the alligator. his owners say they were -- that he kept the alligator in a bedroom for the past three years and he does not believe his pet was a threat to the community. milwaukee police however, confiscated the reptile. if the owner wants him back he may have to take the city to court to get it. >> oh my gosh. and see we always do these stories and these things like get too big or they get out and they get into the wild. >> then there's a problem. there's a reason they're called wild animals. that's all i'm saying. >> right. >> get a regular pet. like a dog.
5:43 am
>> yeah or a cat or something. >> or something. >> let's make it i s. >> yes. coming up he risked his life but he wasn't alone. up next. >> ill felt something on the left side of me and it was a young guy. standing there. and i called him you know -- like i said i called him voice command because i don't know who he is today or tomorrow. never said a word. just reacted. >> all right coming up next a firsthand account of that rescue and an update on that injured officer. >> plus, we are checking your morning commute and your weather for you. stay with us, time now is 5:43.
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we're checking out a few scenes from "ben and kateful" that's a new comedy part of fox's tuesday night lineup this fall. >> you have a chance to see the show and others in an exclusive advance screening in los angeles. you can enter for a chance to win the grand prize trip right now at look under the mornings page and you can be one of 20 additional winners. five first prize winners with each receiving a $50 american express gift card and 15 second prize winners will receive two tickets to an advanced screening right near in
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washington, d.c -- here in washington, d.c.. of course you must be 18 or older and live in the d.c., maryland or virginia area. to enter you can see all the rules and regulations on >> it's the fox 5 version of the lottery. >> yes. >> you can hit it big with us. >> that's right. >> d.c.. >> you're not getting a lot of money but you get to watch the show. >> better too right? there you go. all right let me do the weather forecast. all going to win the weather lottery today with temperatures in the upper 80s. it's going to be warm but without humidity and sunshine it's going to feel great across the region. nice start this morning and temperatures have fallen back into the comfortable range. all right 71 now in washington. 72 in quantico. lots of 60s here to the north and to the west. gaithersburg good morning 63- degrees for you. 60 martinsburg and 61 winchester. and southern maryland 64 in leonardtown. okay temperatures very comfortable out there. look ow quiet it is should be in for a great looking thursday lots of sunshine expected.
5:48 am
high temperatures in the upper 80s to about 90-degrees. you can see we don't have a lot going on right now be we'll see a few fair weather clouds kind of build in later today. to the north and west the next frontal system up to chicago and minnesota and wisconsin. that will move in here overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. will be kind a hot and -- tomorrow will be kind of a hot and steamy day. in fact let me show you forecast. the potential for scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. it will be warm today with highs in the upper 80s to about 90 but not a lot of humidity. here comes the frontal system later this afternoon we're fine but overnight tonight, into the day tomorrow. that front will get closer and bring us some clouds and possibility of some showers around here by late tomorrow afternoon. that front once that clears us by early saturday, we're going to be in for great looking weekend with some much cooler air silt to move in late friday night. 89 today and still warm and mostly sunny but less humid so it won't feel bad.
5:49 am
winds out of the north and west here at about 5 to 10. later tonight just a couple of clouds out there. 71 the overnight low. here's the five day forecast. immerged the showers and thunderstorms for you -- i mentioned the showers and thunderstorms for you tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. ten degrees cool every on that on saturday. highs only around 81 degrees and we'll be in the 70s saturday afternoon. monday and sunday 83. hard to believe it's the middle of august with these numbers. now let's do traffic with titillates from jury -- the latest from julie. i think max september us video of southbound 95 as you guys come out the duke street. the right laid of the roadway is blocked at this time because of accident investigation and clean-up. you'll also find the exit ramp from 395 to duke street is closed until further notice. the crash occurred this morning and it is an ongoing investigation and a reconstruction team has been called to the scene and again the ramp and closed and the right lane from southbound 395
5:50 am
to exit at duke street is closed until further notice. more trouble unfortunately northbound along i-95 you guys traveling north from 17 that's warrenton road headed up to stafford approaching the 139- mile marker, that's before courthouse road. accident active here occurred around 4:30 this morning involving the overturned truck. one lane is getting by but definitely heavy and slow traveling northbound headed up to the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right, is fairfax county police officer remains in the hospital after he was involved in a deadly accident this week. car crashed into the officer head-on. monday morning. trapping him inside the car. >> matt ackland spoke with a man who risk id it all to help -- risked it all. >> reporter: richard taylor shows us the scorched pavement where two cars collided head-on monday. one car exploded on impact
5:51 am
killing the driver, the other was a police cruiser badly damaged. >> i see the next car sticking out. was a cruiser. i said oh my god. cruiser wasn't on fire. but it was close. >> reporter: taylor ran toward the cruiser to help the officer trapped inside. >> unbutton my shirt and took my shirt off to open the door. before i could open the door and i heard the officer. he said get away. >> reporter: but taylor refused to follow that police command and pulled open the cruiser door. the officer then told him his leg was pinned. >> i put my arm up under him to pull him out. and i felt something on the left side of me and it was a young guy. standing there. and i called him you know -- like i said i called him voice command because i don't know who he is today or tomorrow. he never said a word just react. hell came right away -- he came right away and we pulled the guy out. >> reporter: taylor said the other young hero likely a
5:52 am
teenager was gone. he says that young man deserves even more credit than he does. >> i feel great about thiguy. more than anything. because this is a young guy that made a conscious thought right away. and i don't know if i could have done that back at my age. i mien at his age. and that's what made me more proud of anything. >> that was haded auckland reporting -- matt ackland reporting. another win for stephen strasburg and the nats, that's next if sports. >> plus lookout above. robert griffin iii, we'll show you his slight brush with danger while serving as a d.c. tour guide. stay with us. [ male announcer ] do you support work for welfare?
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all right, in sports the nats wrapped up their road trip in san francisco with stephen strasburg on the mound. top of the 3rd, tied at 2. danny espinosa launches a home run to right center to take a two run lead. strasburg pitched weld again to earn his 14th victory. the nats win 6-4 and face the mets at home tomorrow night. hydra in? seattle. fee -- drama in seattle. felix hernandez is just one strike away from history and with strike three the mariners' ace became the 23rd player to pitch a perfect game. this breaks several words. safe cofield is the first one in team history and the third perfect game in baseball this season. >> so exciting to see that. >> yes. all right, the redskins -- the new franchise quarterback took some time out from the
5:56 am
field to play tour guide for a bit yesterday. >> all right, but it's safe to say he has a little brushing up to do when it comes to d.c. landmarks. >> left turn as you can see on your right there's trees. and on your left there's construction. [ laughter ] i know what that monument is -- lincoln memorial. >> like he was asking a lot of questions for a tour guide. all right. >> yes, he was. now a new video shows griffin taking a ride and almost losing his head. all right? one of the double decker buses. you can't stand up. get some exercise when he had to quickly duck under the tree. hopefully he won't have to duck like that when he's on the football field. >> yeah. right. >> hopefully. >> will he was playing the party and had a little headset on and everything. >> he looked the part and had no clue what he was talking about. >> he'll learn about that i'm sure.
5:57 am
i'm sure more worried about him learning the plays. >> how to score a touchdown. we have all seen it people on the cell phones at restaurants. straight ahead at 6:00 what one restaurant is doing to convince customers it's okay to leave the phones behind. >> but first the facebook fan of the day and today we say hello to dave carter. dave has been a loyal viewer since moving to the region six years ago. and looks forward to julie wright's jokes e morning during her -- every morning during her traffic updates. you know what? that's like the third person that's talked about julie wright. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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