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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  August 17, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. happy friday, everyone. it is august 17th. taking a live look right now over washington, d.c. very quiet right now and i'm sure people will be waking up getting ready to head out for the weekend. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm a wisdom martin. happy friday. it is friday, a great day. time now to talk to tucker barnes about what we have for today as well as the weekend. >> good morning. we are off to a fine start. we have agot some clouds out --
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we've got some clouds out there. a cooldown for the weekend as we've been talking. let's take a look at our morning radar. not expecting any rain shower or thunderstorm activity any time soon. we have a cold front now pushing into northwest ohio still several hours away and that will arrive later this afternoon and tonight and again could spark off a round of thunderstorms around here. i'll have more details in just a minute. we do have high temperatures in the 80s to look forward to this weekend after we should top out in the low 90s later today. it will be hot and steamy today. back to you. >> thank you. our top stories, a judge has ordered the suspect accused in the shooting at the family research council to undergo a mental evaluation. 28-year-old employed lee corkins and in court yesterday and is being held without bond. on wednesday, he allegedly
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opened fire on the security guard. will the people of maryland decide on whether the state should redraw the line that determine how they are represented in congress? the maryland court of appeals could rule as early as today on whether to put a new redistricting map on the ballot. roscoe bartlett's district was changed to include a huge number of democratic leaping voters. for the race for the white house, it comes to virginia once again. republican vice presidential candidate congressman paul ryan will be in glen allen just north of richmond this morning and then in springfield this afternoon. >> the campaign continues to focus on medicare. here is jennifer davis. >> reporter: mitt romney rolls up his sleeves and pols out a white board to sketch out the
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differences he sees between the these's medicare plan and his own. >> there is in change for seniors in medicare. >> their plan makes seniors pay more. >> reporter: ryan propose to transform medicare in his budget plan offering an alternative to the president's proposal. >> is voucherrizes medicare. it shifts costs to seniors. president's plan does none of that. >> he raid i had $716 bill job from made care to pay for obamacare. >> reporter: rome me remains on the offensive. the president is appealing to seniors warning the gop man would eventually cost them an extra $6400 a year. >> there is no doubt there are a lot of conservatives who really want to have and are hungry for this policy debate. >> reporter: on another topic, the white house says despeed some recent gaffes by joe
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biden, he remains the president's vice presidential pick even though john mccain should be replaced. >> i have great admiration for john mccain but one place i would not go for advice on vice presidential candidates would not be john mccain. john mccai >> reporter: jennifer davis, fox news. spike lee will be with us live in our 9:00 hour to talk about his latest film, red hook companier. we'll talk with lee about the project he behind on broadway, the one-man show starring boxer mike tyson. fox 5 morning news at 4: 30 starts now. starts now.
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all right. happy friday, everyone. august17th. we get things started. closing out the week on a high note as we do on all fridays. >> a high note. temperatures hopefully not too hot. >> we don't want the temperatures to be hot. he wanted to be in a great mood, a great state of mind. >> i'm a sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin -- i'm sarah simmons. >> time to talk to tucker barnes now. you got the coat off. what does that mean. >> it means its warm anterior in here. not too badout side. should be a lot of sunshine out there. look out for the possibility of scattered showers and
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thunderstorms late today. if you're thinking dinner outside, you might want to rethink that one. humidity, 64%. winds south and west at five. there is your pressure, 29.89 inches. we do have a cold front off to the north and west and talked about it the last couple of days. a lot of sun to start your day after a little fog in a few spots here this morning. we'll cloud up mid- to late afternoon and the possible of some thunderstorms. this is a cold front that means business. it will cool us down for the weekend with highs both saturday and sunday only expected to be in the low 80s. today will be hot though. about 91 degrees. >> one more day of heat. >> you heard him say it was going to be cool this weekend. >> i did hear that part. i just got to get through today.
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>> thank you, tucker. we begin with breaking news in afghanistan where, for the second time in a week, an afghan security officer has turned his weapon on american troops. nato says a shooting today killed two u.s. service members who were training the afghan officer. it happened in a far western province. the afghan attacker was eventually shot and killed. today's shooting comes on the heels of another tragedy in afghanistan, the downing of a black hawk helicopter. nato says it continues to look into what brought that chopper down yesterday killing seven u.s. soldiers and four afghans. the taliban was quick to claim responsibility saying insurgents shot the chopper down but nato maintains it cannot confirm that. the shooting at the family research council continues
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making headlines. 28-year-old employed flee corkins is being held without bond and must undergo a mental evaluation. he is facing assault and firearms charges. on wednesday, corkins allegedly opened fire on a security guard in the lobby of the christian conservative group's office. the security guard hurt in the shooting is resting comfortably in the hospital. leonardo johnson was shot in the arm and is expected to make a full recovery. people across the country are calling johnson a hero. his mother and firsthand mother say they are proud of him for standing in the way of what could have been a mass shooting. he was not armed at the time of the shooting. a d.c. fire and ems investigation only on fox 5. we are learning that two ambulance crews may have actually discussed an emergency transport among themselves all while a 93-year-old woman with
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a head injury waited for help. sources tell us that switching out the two ambulances caused a 15-minute delay in getting the elderly woman to the hospital. fortunately, she survived and is now recovering at home. >> we are investigating it active hi and we will take appropriate action. -- actively and we will take appropriate action. a maryland man charged in a vicious crime in harford county will not be heading to trial any time soon. prosecutors reviewed a mental evaluation and agreed that he is incompetent to stand trial. he told police he murdered his roommate and then say the some of his body parts in may. he is undergoing treatment at a
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state mental hospital. a fourth big referendum to be added to the ballot in november in maryland. the maryland court after peels could rule as early as today as to whether to put new redistricting maps to a vote. the democratic general assembly redrew districts after the census. that changed roscoe bartlett's district to include a huge number of democratic-leaning voters. the west nile virus is rapidly spreading across the country. >> according to the cdc, so far, nearly 700 cases have been reported schug a few here in our area. fox 5's lauren demarco is live in the newsroom with the latest,. >> reporter: the newest case is in the d.c. metro area but we don't have the exact location. the first case was reported in mid-july in central maryland.
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officials say it is normal to have one or two cases this time of year but we are in the middle of the worst outbreak since it was first detected in 1999. planes took to the skies in dallas spraying insect side. spraying is more common place in other areas but this is the first time in 45 years that dallas county has launched an aerial assault on mosquitos. >> what we can piece together is, at least for this year, we had a very wet month in june. with that, you had an increased mosquito population because of the breeding grounds. >> reporter: after june, the hot, dry weather conditions across the nation's midsection apparently created ideal conditions for some species of mosquito. during a drought, standing water can quickly turn stagnant when it is not washed way.
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the heat speeds up the life cycle which accelerates the virus replication process. doctors say most people infectded with west nile virus won't get sick but about one in 150 people do develop the severe form of the illness. symptoms including headaches, high fever, stiffness ever the neck, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsion, muscle weakness and paralysis. of course, it could be deadly as well. you are urged to dump any standing water near your home. if you are spending any time outdoors, wear insect repellent around dawn and dusk when mosquitos are most active. back up to you. >> thank you. site warning because this next piece of video may be a bit tough to watch. we are talking about a run away horse near new york's central park clearly frightened. >> don't worry. the horse will be okay. we'll show you what set this all off as we check headlines. 
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relatives of some of the shooting victims of virginia tech want the presidential candidates to speak out about gun violence. they want to know what the candidates will do to improve background checks so guns are kept out of the hands of dangerous people. paul ryan will make campaign stops in virginia today. he will attend a rally at deep run high school in glen allen. later in the day, he'll stop at west springfield hoot in springfield, virginia. ryan is expected to speak around 3:00. mitt romney is talking about his taxes saying he has paid no less than 13% of his income taxes but the republican candidate for president is still not releasing any more of his tax records.
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his comments are sure to keep the issue alive on the campaign trail. meanwhile, president barack obama is defending comments made by vice president joe biden in southern virginia this week. a wild and scary afternoon in new york. a carriage horse got cared and went out of control. the carriage broke apart. the horse got loose and ran off but police officers were eventually able to catch him and get him into a trailer. carriage driver was being treat fayed possible broken leg while one of tourists had minor injuries. >> always wonder about that when i see the cabs and cars. >> i worry about the horses. >> you wonder how they're able to handle that in the first place. we'll talk about a warning from list as kids get ready to head back to school. >> we've got a hot start to your friday. we'll eventually get some
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showers and thunderstorms in here to cool us down for the weekend. i'll have the details on the weather forecast. julie wright has a look at your traffic too. we'll do it right after the break. 
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we're sharing another scene from ben and kate ark new comedy that will be a part of our fox's tuesday night line- up. >> you have a chance to see this in an exclusive screening in los angeles. you can enter for a chance to win this trip on look under the morning page. you could be one of 20 additional winners. five first prize win hes each receiving a $50 american express gift card and 15 second prize winners will receive two tickets to an advance screening here in the d.c. area. you must be 1 or older and live in d.c., maryland or virginia to enter. you can see the complete rules on >> every time you see something like that, somebody running in and interrupting a wedding, saying don't marry him. , would that ever happen in real life. >> i'm sure it's happened. >> would you woo it work? >> i can see it happening.
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>> let's discuss this later. >> we'll talk about that later. -- would it work? >> no, i meant like that would be what would happen. , lets discuss this later. >> oh, okay. >> you guys sort it out. 74 in annapolis. 07 in leonardtown. 60s again here north and west. it is fine this morning. 6 # this morning out at dulles. temperatures later today will be on the hot side. we are back in the low 90s. probably 90, 92, something like that. -- 68 this morning out at dulles. off to the north and west, we've been talking about it the last couple of daysen a cold front now approaching. i know it doesn't look particularly impressive at the moment but the shower and thunderstorm activity will be somewhat enhanced as it moves
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in later today. be ready for the possibility that we get some scattered showers and thunderstorms around here. we are still talking about the cooldown for the weekend. there you go. you can see at 5:00, we have scattered showers and thunderstorms starting to break out across the area as the front moves through. that should generally be out of here by early tomorrow morning. here we are at 3:00a.m. still some cloud cover. we should be in for a decent saturday with partly sunny conditions. highs only expected to be about 08 or so. check out 3:00 saturday afternoon. clouds will linger with likely some showers lingering down at the beaches. if you arehooded to the beaches, lower eastern shore saturday and sunday, you've got a better chance of thicker cloud cover and more in the way of showers and thunderstorms. today, a.m. sun, p.m. clouds. scattered afternoon thunderstorms back. 92degrees. these are the good ones. it will cool us down. mostly cloudy overnight.
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we'll start gradual clearing early saturday morning with high temperatures, look at that, 83 degrees. sunday, i kept a shower in the forecast. there is some suggestion there could be a storm off the delmarva peninsula. honestly, i think it is probably not going to happen. we only rebound into the low to mid-80s by monday and tuesday. that is weather. let's do some traffic. julie wright has your latest. >> on the roads right now, what we're talking about or what we're learning about as we walked in this morning that there was a truck loaded with lumber and it flipped over northbound i-95 as you approach 695 the baltimore beltway. right now, traffic on the northbound side, so coming from d.c. to baltimore is being diverted on to the inner loop of 695. if you are traveling southbound, you will find your lanes are now open. it is northbound i-95 which remains blocked off at this time because of the truck that was loaded with lumber. traveling in from the west on 66, no problems here as you work your way in from fair oaks
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of. overnight construction being cleared off of the beltway between annandale and merrifield. lanes are open leaving northeast to northwest. no problems reported on kept ill worth avenue headed south from other to pep pen avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. -- south from 50 to pennsylvania avenue. police in prince george's county want to remind drivers to slow down near school zones. classes resume next week. during the last school year, the cameras generated nearly 350,000 tickets. aaa advises drivers to watch out for bicyclists and to eliminate distracted driving. the group also recommends that drivers watch out for children when they put their cars in reverse. chances are many of you will be eating at a fast-food restaurant this weekend. >> very good chance. >> up next, many fast food menus are offering healthier choices these days, or are they? we have a warning from health experts coming up. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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facebook investors will probably not be hitting the like button when they hear this news. the stock has hit an all-time low after more than 270 million shares were unlocked as the market opened yesterday. end of this lockout period means the social networking executives i'm afew top executives are now free to sell their stocks. facebook shares have plummeted more than 44% from their ipo price of $38. a health alert from the cdc for all baby boomers. health officials say everyone in the group should be tested for hepatitis c. recent studies suggest more than two million americans born between 1945 and 1965 may be infected with the liver destroying virus. it is believed they were infected decades ago before routine screening of donated blood and organs or awareness from the risk of sharing
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needles. fast food restaurants are trying to offer some better choices to health conscious consumers but experts warn you still have to watch what you eat even if it is on the healthy menu. >> when you think fast food, burgers and fries come to mind. for those who are health conscious, mcdonald's and other fast food chains say they are having such success with selling healthier options that they are expanding those choices. this summer, mcdonald's announced a nationwide launch of a new favorite under 400 calories menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, snacks and beverages all easier on the waistline. >> with favorites under 400 calories, we are helping customers be their own champions of choice. >> reporter: even happy meals are evolving. >> we took the meals and we brought down the portion size and we added automatically
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apple slices. >> other chains are following suit. burger kip has introduced garden fresh salads, veggie burgers and real fruit smoothies. both burger king and mcdonalds have switched to nontrans-fat items. >> reporter: it is hard to swallow for some experts. >> a healthier oil is a step in the right direction but we're really kidding ourselves if we think he with eat very much fried food. category critics say calorie counting isn't america's strongest suit and most consumers don't know whether to stop making the obesity rate among the highest in the world. >> the halo effect is what they're buying with this favorites for under 400. it rides this wave of everybody thinking they are making healthful decision oh, yes, still a milk shake or burger or fries or soda but if it is under 400 calories, it gets a
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halo. >> reporter: mcdonald's head chef says the solution isn't the menu. it is up to you and me to eat smart. >> a matter of perm choice and knowing what your body can take. >> -- a matter of personal choice and knowing what your body can take. >> if restaurants are emphasizing this, it is because it makes good business sense. >> i appreciate that but now all i want is an egg mcmuffin. the redskins are getting ready for preseason game number two against the chicago bears. that is tomorrow. up next, rookie quarterback robert griffin iii is off to a good start so far. >> at least one member of the redskins says he want to see more. sports breakfast is coming up. all this talk about breakfast.
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time now to serve up aing sports breakfast. we begin with the redskins. >> interest turns to chicago tomorrow night as the skins take on the bears in preseason game number twosm the starters will reportedly suit up for 30 to 35 plays or half the game. -- in preseason game number two. griffin's teammates are eager to see what the next chapter brings in chicago. >> we all want to see more from him. he kind of came in there. we ran the ball a little bit. we were on the sideline waiting for him to flow the ball, throw the ball. he got to throw it a little bit. we're just waiting for the playbook to get opened up a little bit more. i'm always out there waiting for him to drop back so he can make something happen. >> to baseball now and the washington nationals are back home. they open a three-game series with the mets and nats. the mets at the nats park
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tonight. the nats remain four games ahead of the braves in the nl east. >> most nats had the day off yesterday but not bryce harper. he hosted his first baseball pro camp, a free sent for more than 200 kids in the d.c. area. it took place at fairfax high school and while there, harper also made a donation tots greater washington urban league. the 19-year-old all star talked about how exciting it is to be there now. >> i think having the team that we have and the organization that we have, we have a team that can produce hopefully for the next couple of years. it is going into every day, trying to win every single ball game, having the pitching staff that we do and having everybody that we do, it allows us to be great. >> how exciting for those kids out there. >> i know. every time i see him, i think about one. his greatest quotes. when


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