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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 18, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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take it to the board of real property assessments and appeals or to d.c. superior court. by law if the district loses or settles in court, they must give property owners refunds and pay 6% interests. many property tax experts agree it's better to settle and that's what the district has done in these cases. according to the published reports, district shalls notched $2.6 billion -- officials notched $2.6 billion off the taxable values of properties through settlement resulting in a $48 million reduction in potential tax revenue this year. the numbers have to be put into context. >> that looting of assessment they are talking about is roughly the same amount, but to assume that that assessment is going to be final, that if he had gone to the board or to the court that we would have won every time, again that shows lack of understanding. if you ask experts who know
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their real property assessment, particularly the commercial real property assessment, then they would agree that what we are doing is exactly the right thing. >> reporter: but when the numbers from year to year are compared, it shows the city is actually assessing commercial businesses more adding millions to the city's tax base. >> but let's remember one more time, we are going to collect $200 million more in 2012. so this idea that we have not collected taxes, that we have given up city's tax base, to say that is very irresponsible. >> reporter: but concerns remain and gandhi is hoping in talking about the issue he cannot only shed light on the complicated matter but show his assessors have done nothing wrong, that the office of tax and revenue is run with honor and integrity. >> i guarantee you, i assure you that in the office of tax and revenue you have an aggressive honest tax collector. >> there are reports that the agency's office of integrity
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and oversight and the fbi are investigating. the fbi would not confirm if it is looking into the matter. gandhi says he welcomes the scrutiny. there is now a movement at university of maryland to ban chick-fil-a from the food court in the student union building. the issue? the views of the company's president when it comes to gay marriage. fox 5's john henrehan has more. >> reporter: at the flagship campus of the university of maryland there are nine different eateries in the food court of the adult staff student union. chick-fil-a is one of them, but company president dan cathy's public opposition to same sex marriage and company donations to conservative christian groups sparked an online petition drive among some college park students to ask the university to replace the franchise. e. >> kind of a symbol that, you know, there are places in -- you know, everyone that, you know, indirectly still affect
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decisions that affect lbgt individuals as 2nd class individuals and that still signals to me as something hindering our progress at the university. >> reporter: a quick survey of students eating in the food court found little support in the movement to ban chick-fil- a. >> if the students don't agree with the owner's ideology, then they can just choose not to eat there. >> i just think he's entitled to his own opinion and i mean not necessarily that i like approve of his opinion, but it doesn't really matter what i think. >> reporter: the restaurant should stay? >> yeah, i think the restaurant should stay. >> reporter: the director of the student union says debate and discussion is expected at the university of maryland even over which vendors should be in the food court, but the political views of the company president she says is only one factor. >> it happens to be one of our more financially successful vendors in the food court. it also is one of our more popular venues.
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it was the no. 1 rated food court per purr pe -- perveyor. chick-fil-a sent us a statement saying the policy debate it will leave the political aspects to the government and political arenas. john henrehan, fox 5 news. protests all over the world today after a guilty verdict in russia. a female rock band was sentenced to two years in frizz on for speaking out against -- prison for speaking out against vladimir putin several weeks before his most recent election for president. demonstrations broke out in france, israel and belgium in support of the three band members. the group was arrested in march after an impromptu concert at moscow's main cathedral.
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up next homestand for the nats tonight. >> plus as the skins get ready for the bears the burgundy and gold veterans say this game is anything but meaningless. we'll explain next. 
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we sent him there to fix it,  but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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talk a little baseball, the nats on a roll. >> it's exciting times these times. you can feel the excitement in the air at nats park. they're not faking it either. >> i hope not. >> we're like a legit baseball town all of a sudden. >> and getting some key players back. >> look at maureen doing her homework. the nats are living the good life with the best record in all of baseball and it got even better with the news on the injury front, not the shutdown of stephen strasburg talk but rather the return of shortstop ian desmond back in the lineup after missing 25 games. top of the 1st, no score, daniel murphy of the mets two on, two out, base hit to center, oh oh, scores a couple.
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bryce harper, young, 19 and airmails that throw to home, ouch. got talked to by davey johnson after the game. don't miss the cutoff man. top of the 2nd, ross detwiler and look at ryan zimmerman, a heck of a throw and gets the out. everything changes in the bottom of the 4th, still 2 -0. michael morse beast mode, op field, grand salami, yeah, his third of his career, 12th home run of the year, 4-2 nats at this point and then bryce harper will make amends for airmailing that throw with his home run right here. he had been 3 for 32 on the last road trip, not any longer, two-run shot, 11th of the year. nats return home, defeat the mets 6-4 and morse continues to earn the respect of his teammates. >> just trying to make the team, comes out a huge year last year, get hurt, comes back right where he left off. it's been a pretty good story for him so far.
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hopefully we can keep it going. >> sometimes the celebration hurts as you can see there. the o's in detroit against the tigers, bottom 5, johnny perreault arks the grounder. look at manny machado. is he out? he's called out and the tigers go nuts. so here comes jimmy leland, protests the call, says they changed their mind and the orioles lose it. reynolds throws his glove and gets ejected. buck showalter comes out and wants a piece of somebody. it's anarchy. everybody is out of order. prince fielder was out of order. that thing is not coming back. it's still in detroit. j.c. romero is going where did it go. o's fall to the tigers 5-3. now in about 20 hours or so because it's late the redskins are taking that ferrari out for another spin, talking about robert griffin, iii. he'll make his second preseason start, this time in the windy city of chicago, maureen's town, against those bears.
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the biggest difference from this game versus the first one, there will be an increased workload for rg3 and the starters expected to be on the field for 30 to 35 plays, roughly an entire half. last week they only played 14 snaps over three series. it's also important to start creating a winning culture sooner rather than later. >> you want to establish good habits of winning football games. we started out good in buffalo. we're going to try to leave it up to our young guys to try to get a win in chicago. >> it's a game. we're ready to play. we're not going out to goof around and play schoolyard ball. it's a football game and we're going to play to win. >> it's a game. a game tonight in baltimore. look at ray lewis! go ray. that's what he does. ravens hosting the lions. 1st quarter, joe flacco for the touchdown -- oh, dropped it. there was no holding.
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he dropped the ball. this guy doesn't drop anything, talking about calvin johnson. look at that catch, the quarterback matthew stafford from george, a touchdown 18 yards, five catches, 111 yards for johnson. lions defeat the ravens 27-12, but it's fake football, right? >> no. >> it doesn't exactly count. you know what i mean? >> i think we were both kind of asleep before you came up here. i am fully awake. sports is jazzing us all up. >> sports is waking us all up. coming up yet a major city launches an all out aerial assault against mosquitoes as more west nile cases are reported in our area. >> plus what was life like in the white house during jfk's presidency? a local museum is now displaying memories from a man who knew the president well.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a health alert out of maryland tonight where swine flu has been detected in six residents living in queen anne's county. health officials say the victims are five children and one adult. all had direct contact with pigs. so far none of them have become ill. swine flu symptoms are the same as seasonal flu and include fever and respiratory problems such as sore throat and a cough. to virginia where it has been recorded that the first two cases of west nile virus for the year, health officials say one case was in southwest virginia and the other was in the northwestern region. both people infected are adults and they have recovered. experts say most people who contract the mosquito-borne virus won't get sick.
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the rising death toll from the west nile virus is forcing authorities in texas to take extreme measures. they are going to use aerial insecticide spraying, but not all texans approve of the attack. >> reporter: insecticides have not been dropped by airplane over dallas since 1966, but conventional ground spraying has been going on for weeks and has not done much to stop the spread of the dangerous west nile virus. >> the time that we wait can be counted in additional west nile cases and human life. >> reporter: the mosquito- borne illness has claimed at least 17 lives in texas, 10 in dallas county. aerial spraying will likely keep those numbers from growing dramatically considering the success rate for eradicating mosquitoes is high when this method has been used in other parts of the country. >> after an application in kentucky we did after the flooding we had an 88% kill rate. in boston they had something along the lines of 60 some
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percent. >> reporter: some area residents are taking precautions like taping their windows and turning off their air conditioning over fears they could be poisoned by the chemicals. >> i don't want it anywhere near me. >> when you have the science from the cdc, the epa and all -- many cities across the united states that say this is safe, this is the right decision to take. >> reporter: other cities and states could soon face the same tough decisions. 59 cases have already been reported in mississippi, 52 in louisiana, 49 in oklahoma and 32 in south dakota where victims can experience symptoms from fever and headaches to convulsions, coma and paralysis. doctors at the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta believe this year's outbreak is exceptionally bad because we had an unusually warm winter, a hot spring and an extremely hot summer making conditions ripe for these mosquitoes. in dallas casey steigel, fox news.
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fed up with power outages, some resident in montgomery county want to dump pepco and replace it with a county-owned electric provider. the group called public power for montgomery county has started an online petition. the group is asking the county council to do some research on the issue. it's been a rough summer there. hundreds of thousands of pepco customers have lost their electricity, some for over a week. one year after the georgetown waterfront flooded one business is finally getting back on its feet. tony and joe's seafood riverside grill had a soft reopening today. the restaurant was among the hardest hit there. the inside of the restaurant is still under construction, but it's back in full service for the first time since the flood. >> we are so happy because we can put all our people back to work and as you see, the
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restaurant is absolutely beautiful and we're excited about being reopening. >> that's some good news there. tony and joe's will have a grand reopening in september. in addition to the renovations, an ice rink will be installed outside the restaurant in the winter. the st. clement's island museum in maryland has a new exhibit that features a private presidential memorabilia collection from a man who served three presidents. roberto lizama worked for president's kennedy, nixon and johnson. he shared his story with fox 5 photographer nelson jones. >> we're in the st. mary's county, the st. clement's museum. i have my personal collection along with a few articles from my family, pretty much representing the life of my father. he eventually joined the navy. he had the opportunity of meeting kennedy who was an officer during that time, actually prepared a meal for kennedy and after kennedy's
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meal turned to my father and said one day i'm going to go into politics and i'd like to try and get you on my staff. kennedy became president. my father got that letter in the mail. remember me? i want you to come to the white house. i was very young, of course, and i just remember my father with the letter in his hand and he said we're moving to washington d.c. he not only helped prepare dishes, prepared for parties, but he also traveled with kennedy. it's actually signed. it says best wishes. it was very personal to my father. this is a copy of the actual menu for president kennedy's last birthday party. i remember my mother gathering us boys together. i have five brothers. she told us that our father was going to be gone for quite some time, you know. we all knew that the president was assassinated. this is a picture of a christmas party at the
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johnson's ranch. president johnson being a rancher was an early riser and he came downstairs to tell my father what he wanted for breakfast. every time i look at it i get a little emotional thinking about my dad and his travels. so it kind of brings back memories and at the same time it helps me piece together his life. >> nice bit of history there. the home provided free of charge to a deserving local family. we'll tell you who made it possible plus introduce you to a maryland teenager who just opened her own store. we're back in a few minutes. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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and raises taxes on middle class families by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. but t somewhere along the wa, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them.
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worse, allen went to work for them. living the american dream, a retired army colonel has a home he can call his own. jonathan albrecht and his family are getting the chance with the help of operation home front and chase bank. they are providing a mortgage
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free home to albrecht in ft. washington, maryland. albrecht was wounded serving in afghanistan. >> what greater gift can we give them than a home? it's part of that american dream. our servicemen and women in uniform, they fight to protect our freedoms in this country every single day. >> albrecht was injured when he was struck by an improvised explosive device. he still has trouble walking, suffers memory loss and has other medical issues. he and his wife stephanie have two young children and she is eight months pregnant with their third child. >> what a great gift for them. she is anything but your typical teenager. 14-year-old china dorsey loves to make jewelry. she started making her creations when she was 10 and her 5th grade teacher encouraged her to turn her hobby into a business. that's what she did with the help of ble, a small minority owned business in largo, maryland. china's jewelry is now on sale there. >> it's very exciting to see a young entrepreneur launch her business.
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she's very talented and i'm very happy that she's able to launch it here at ble. >> i like that i can be creative and i don't have any limits to what i'm making and it's all my opinion, my work. >> good for you, china. her favorite type of jewelry to make involves wire and she's hoping to grow her business and mass produce several pieces from her jewelry line by the time she graduates high school. >> i'm sure some of us here will be wearing some of that julie. up next gary has your complete weekend forecast. >> plus look at these signs, talk about high power winds. wait until you see what happens next. [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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