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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 18, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> a night out at the ballpark take as violent turn in the district. tonight, a d.c. father remains in critical condition following a brutal attack on capitol hill. also new cell phone video of a bizarre attack that involved a taxi driver and his passenger in prince georges county. and talk about a long run from california all the way to right
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here in the district. and it was all for a great cause. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us, i'm matt acklin. we begin tonight in the district where a d.c. man remains in a coma after a brutal attack. it happened last night near eastern market. the man wasn't found until this morning on the front porch of a capitol hill home. fox 5's lauren demarco is live in the newsroom with more on this. >> a heartbreaking and frightening story. police are working to figure out a motive as an aggravated assault. an attack that left a d.c. husband and father clinging to life. 29-year-old thomas, who goes by tc, was hanging out with friends at the restaurant along pennsylvania avenue friday night after attending the washington nats game. they say he left to walk a few blocks home to his capitol hill home around 12:45 a.m., but this morning his wife, abby, awoke to found he never returned. she contacted police and around the same time, officers were
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responding to a call for a man lying unconscious on the front porch of a home. turns out that man was t.c. and he had been brutally assaulted. hit in the head with an unknown object. his wife is at his bedside at washington hospital center. he has undergone surgery. doctors removed part of his skull. he has been in a coma since he arrived and remains in extremely critical condition. he works as a senior analyst. he'll celebrate his 30th birthday in a few weeks. he and abby, who is a d.c. schoolteacher have a 21 month old son. we spoke with a friend of the family about how they are all coping. >> it's a very hard sight to take him in. we want to believe the doctors when they say that things are progressing in the right direction whether it's the little thing, but just to see it. it's just unbelievable what
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somebody could do to another person and the ramifications of that. >> police say the investigation is continuing and ask anyone with information to come forward. meantime, friends and neighbors have already come together in support of this family. they set up for a way for people to donate money, which abby can care for her son or medical expenses. it is set up through papal and you can give money. we'll hear more from the people who organized all that coming up at 11:00 tonight. back to you. >> let's hope he gets better. thank you very much. new tonight, new video tonight after a bizarre taxi cab inferno we told you about last night. a witness got this video on his cell phone in bowie yesterday. prince georges county police say the cab passenger hit the driver in the head, doused him with something flammable, and then set him on fire. the driver jumped out, but the passenger did not. the cab was engulfed in flames. firefighters found the
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passenger's body when they put out the blaze. the fire had made it difficult for them to identify the body. the cab driver, though, was burned, but is expected to recover. a deadly hit-and-run crash in virginia over night. state police say the victim was standing next to his vehicle on the side of i-95 northbound in fairfax county. right around midnight. that's when an suv hit the victim and didn't fled the scene. investigators found the suv in prince georges county this morning and arrested 19-year- old carol johnson. she is charged with dui. the victim has not yet been identified. another deadly hit-and-run, killed a 62-year-old man as he tried to cross fairfax boulevard. a driver witnessed it all and followed the suspect's vehicle. that driver gave police the license plate information and a description of the hit-and-run driver. police have talked to someone, but won't say whether it was the driver charges are not yet
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filed in this case. >> police are looking for a missing man tonight. ts is 21-year-old steven rosner. he disappeared last night. he was last seen in the 7600 block of mill wright street. police say he has a mild mental disability and suffers from kidney failure so he does need his medication. if you have seen him, please call prince georges county police. all right, a beautiful, beautiful day today. it seems like things are finally starting to cool off just a bit. let's check in with gwen to see how the rest of the weekend is looking. hey there, gwen. >> you are absolutely right. it was a wonderful day today. we have a few changes in our forecast, but they are not all bad. let's take a look at where we hit our temperatures. 86 degrees at reagan national airport. that's one degree below the seasonal average. 84 at dulles, which was 3 degrees below, and 84 at dwi. just one degree below the seasonal average. we are really in the ballpark of where we should be in terms
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of our highs. it is currently 78 degrees at national airport. humidity at 45%. a very light northeasterly wind. so pretty comfortable out there. we are getting dryer air that invaded us. that's helping us stay a little bit, not quite so humid as it has been. and here's a look at our current temperatures. 76 degrees at d.c. 68 at baltimore. 72 at fredericksburg. we have 70 degrees at culpeper. 70 degrees in hagerstown and 63 degrees at frederick. skies not too bad. a few clouds, but overnight tonight, it will be fairly clear. i'll have more details in your full weekend forecast and that five-day ahead a little later. >> looking forward to t. the president and mitt romney are talking about medicare on the campaign trail. president obama is in new hampshire and mitt romney has sent his new choice for vice president to florida for the first campaign stop in the sunshine state. fox's carl cameron has an interview with congressman ryan.
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>> so now that you have been out for a full week, are you experienced enough to step into the oval? >> mr. romney would not have selected me to be his running mate if that was the case. i wouldn't have accepted his invitation if that was not the case. >> he visited the village's retirement case in florida with his 78-year-old mother, betty douglas, where he accused the obama administration for raiding medicare. >> medicare was there for our family, for my grandma when we needed it then and medicare is there for my mom while she needs it now and we have to keep that guaranteed. >> ryan and romney would keep medicare in place for seniors and those soon to retire, who would offer young people a service. president obama during a pair of stops in new hampshire complained that the gop would end up costing seniors more for fewer services. >> my plan saves money in medicare by cracking down on
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fraud and waste and insurance company subsidies. and their plan makes seniors pay more so they can give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. >> he also focused on taxes. >> they have been trying to sell this trickle down snake oil before. it did not work then. it will not work now. it's not a plan to create jobs. it will not reduce the deficit. it will not move the economy forward. it's the wrong direction for america. >> as for mitt romney, he has been off the public campaign trail, campaigning and fund raising behind closed doors. much of it on cape cod and the massachusetts resort island of martha's vineyard. he will be reunited in new hampshire for a town hall meeting where they both plan to take questions from the public. in orlando, carl cameron, fox
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news. still to come are some businesses in d.c. getting a tax break? millions of dollars been lost in tax revenue? plus, you are not the only one keeping an eye on gas prices these days. the white house is, too. that's coming up next when fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. stay with us.  [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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welcome back. it's a story many people have been talking about recently in the district. did the d.c. office of tax and revenue give special breaks to some commercial businesses? it was a story first reported in the washington post. tonight, the district's cfo is responding to claims, fox 5's maurine has the story. >> d.c.'s office of tax and revenue's chief financial officer wants to set the record straight. >> we have aggressive tax
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collectors. nevertheless, aggressive. >> challenging published reports this show an eye popping increase in assessment related settlements in 2012. report shows the number jumped from 11 in 2010 to 532. there are several reasons beginning with the initial assessment of those commercial properties. >> the commercial property assessment is not science. it's judgment. you give identical data, they would come up with two different assessments. >> the assessment is the first layer. if the property owner doesn't agree with the value, they can take it to the property of real property assessments and repeal or to d.c. superior court. by law, if the district loses or settles in court, they must give property owners and pay 6% interest. many agree it is better to settle and that's exactly what the district has done in these cases. according to the published
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reports, district officials knocked $2.6 billion off the taxable value of commercial properties through settlements. resulting in a $48 million reduction if potential revenues this tax year. the numbers have to be put into context. >> that is loading of assessment they are talking about is 7, 8, 9, 10, 1 11, roughly the same amount. to assume that assessment is going to be final, if he had gone through the board or to the court that we would have won every time, again, shows lack of understanding. if you ask experts who know the real property assessment, particularly the commercial real property assessment, then they would agree that what we are doing is exactly the right thing. >> when the numbers from year to year are compared, it shows the city is actually assessing commercial businesses more, adding millions to the city's
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tax base. let's remember one more time, we are going to collect $200 million more in 2012. so this idea we have not collected taxes. that we have given up, to say that is very irresponsible. >> but, concerns remain. and he is hoping in talking about the issue, he shed light on the complicated matter, but show they have done nothing wrong. that the office of tax and revenue is run with honor and integrity. >> i assure you that in revenue, you have an aggressive, honest, tax collector. >> that was maurine reporting. there have been reports that a federal investigation has been launched, but the fbi would not confirm or deny the investigation. the rising gas prices are ric enating the debate whether the government should open the strategic petroleum reserve to boost supply. fox's peter dusey has more on
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that. >> the white house is keeping an eye on gas prices, which have risen almost 40 cents in august due to high oil prices and because of problems with refineries in parts of the country and if there's a big enough spike in prices at the pump, there's a chance they'll tap into the strategic petroleum reserve. >> the administration does carefully monitor the global oil market and the price of oil. so it's something that we watch closely because of the economic consequences for changes in that market and changes in the price. it's also one of the reasons that the president has advocated so aggressively for taking steps that will make the united states of america independent of foreign oil. >> motor club says reserve oil should not be released right now because they say there's no emergency supply issued just yet. despite sanctions on oil exporter iran. and republican congressman who is on the committee doesn't think the oil reserves should
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ever be released unless the united states is under attack. >> i fought for my country. i served in desert storm and i believe the strategic oil reserve is there in case we have some catastrophic incident, where we get attacked or the oil supply gets shut down, not just because the president doesn't want to make choices on gas prices. >> those gas prices are still high at the moment. $3.72 on average for a gallon of regular according to aaa. in washington, fox news. >> all right, coming up, how often do you text today? if it's more than you can count on your hand, chances are you're addicted to your phone, but you're alone. coming up after the break, it's a nationwide issue we'll tell you about. stay with us. 
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a california man was stunned to learn that his new ipad was stolen from the home of steve jobs. kenneth says he got the ipad from a friend of his and it
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turned out that the friend allegedly broke into steve jobs home and took the ipad. cann says he would use the ipad during an act as a clown. his friend had given him the ipad in exchange for a payment of cash to pay for a trip. >> i'm sure somebody is going to -- somebody out there is probably going to make a ton of jokes about this, but for me, it's hard to right now because it's a friend. but it was a friend who made a huge mistake. >> the break in happened earlier this month. you'll remember jobs passed away last fall after a long struggle with cancer. from one gadget to another, are you addicted to your smart phone? admit it. i will. a survey by time magazine found 20% of people check their phones at least once every ten minutes. a lot of folks sleep with their phones. fox's teresa has the numbers. >> how often do you check your
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phone? >> every day. >> once a day? >> no. >> twice a day? >> more than that. >> a lot. >> let's face it, for most people, this little device controls our lives. minutes quickly turn to hours wasted web browsing, texting, facebooking. for so many, the trusty cell phone has truly become a crippling addiction. >> check it during dinner. i mean, i check it pretty much, when i shouldn't be checking it. intimate moments, every once in a while. >> time magazine surveyed people about their cell phone use. one in four said they check their phone every 30 minutes while one in five said they check it every ten. that sounds like a lot until you talk to this girl. >> are you addicted? >> i'm addicted. >> how bad? >> once every 30 seconds, i look down. >> here's another number. 85% of those surveyed say they can't go a single day without checking their phone. >> if i leave my phone at home, my day is a disaster.
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>> call it a sign of the times, but time found not having their cell phones made some extremely anxious. and twice as many people would choose their cell phones over eating lunch. >> they are missing life. you're missing life. if your face is in your phone every five minutes. >> that's true. just ahead, a cross country journey comes to an end in the district today. a man runs from the west coast to the nation's capital to raise money for families of fallen soldiers. plus, an nfl preseason game ends in a bang. coming up, shots fired outside the cardinals and raiders game. the news at 10:00 continues in just a few minutes. stay with us. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the news at 10:00 continues with a final chapter of an inspirational journey. a 28-year-old man has been running across america for
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months and this afternoon, he ended his fund raising truck at the u.s. marine corps memorial in arlington. fox 5's john hanrahan was at the finish line. >> is this a good pace? >> to say that al-libi has been alby has been doing a lot of running is an under statement. he has run all the way across the united states to his targeted goal, washington, d.c. >> we'll head up from dana point. >> this is what alby looked like just before the run began in california. now sporting a seven month beard, alby answers the question, what was the hardest part of the cross country run? >> flagstaff, arizona, was close to 7,000 feet. that was difficult. going through western pennsylvania, going up and down 2,000 foot mountains, so that wears on you after a while. >> why take more than half a
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year to run across the country? >> i have been running a lot. clear my head and if i can go across the country with a large purpose, i would find a lot of reward. >> he decided to raise money for the travis manion foundation, named after a u.s. marine killed in 2007 during his second tour in iraq. the $40,000 that he will raise will help support families of the fallen and character and leadership seminars aimed at young people. >> he chose to end his fund raising run at the u.s. marine corps. gathered friends and family started applauding when he jogged into sight. alby walked the last few steps. >> we're done. >> does it hurt to run all the way across the country?
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he says yes. >> you have to push through because i'm doing this for those that sacrifice a whole lot. >> alby will take a couple days off and add a new leg to his trip. early next week, he will run from d.c. to the delaware coast of the atlantic ocean. in washington, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> congratulations. it is still unknown if this week's shooting at the family research council headquarters will be treated as domestic terrorism. that is a term that is getting a lot of play over the last month here in d.c. and wisconsin and in colorado. fox's katherine herage takes a look. >> reporter: as he is charged with two gun related offenses, the head of the conservative christian advocacy group said the motive is clear. >> to drive people back and make them fearful. well, that, i believe, would describe when they tried to do
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here yesterday at the family research council. by extension, to traditional values, christians across the nation. >> white house press secretary was asked -- was a hate crime or something else. >> made by the fbi. >> fbi is investigating whether wednesday's shooting amounted to domestic terrorism. earlier this month when the military vet opened fire on a temple in wisconsin, the u.s. attorney general was unequivocal. >> that is precisely what happened here. an act of terrorism. >> when a military recruitment center was targeted in 2009, who described himself as an al- qaeda operative. the case was handled in arkansas state court. and when 13 were murdered at fort hood later that year by a gunman who said he got it before opening fire, the defense department said it was handled. >> we can have illegal
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discretion about whether it is a hate crime or act of terrorism. i wish there was consistency and fort hood will be the classic case of what should be clear case of terrorism. >> in some cases, it may be easier to show the suspect is guilty of murder rather than prove a motive. that said one of the survivors of the massacre told fox that calling that shooting workplace violence was an insult to every service member who was killed there. fox news. >> a shooting outside a preseason nfl football game last night. someone shot a man in the face outside the university of phoenix stadium in glendale, arizona. the cardinals were there to play against the l.a. raiders. the man is expected to survive, but he is critically injured. the suspect was arrested. a developing story in canada tonight where several body parts have been found. police continue to search a toronto park. they found two severed hands
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yesterday. a head thursday, and a foot wednesday. they are not sure that all the parts belong to the same person, but it makes sense that they would. >> investigators have not given me any information to suggest there's any features on that hand to draw any similarity to the feet or head from yesterday. again, it is more of a common sense conclusion and solution that based on the circumstances and totality of what's going on, the likelihood of it being the same person is common sense wise, is probably pretty high. >> investigators also want to know if this case is related to a porn star currently charged with a killing and dismembering, he nailed those parts to a canadian government office. that victim's head was found in a park last month. high ranking officials in russia's church today asked that the government show mercy to a punk band that protested
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inside a moscow cathedral. the band danced and sang asking the virgin mary to save russia from its government back in february. yesterday, the rockers were sentenced to two years in prison. several recent laws in russia, after several recent laws were broken russia by protesters. back here in the u.s., we're following a story out of pennsylvania that started back in 2009. black and hispanic kids who say they were kicked out of a swim club because of their race. to now get compensation. fox's anna kuman has the latest. >> it is taking some three years of fighting for what they call a civil rights issue, but it looks like dozens of minority children from a philadelphia based day camp who were asked not to come back to a swim club are being awarded over a million dollars. creative steps use the huntington valley pool in june of 2009. and it paid $1,950 to swim
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there. the camp director said when campers got to the club, some took their children out of the pool. some of the campers said they heard racial slurs coming from members. a few days later, they canceled the contract. club officials said it was because there weren't enough life guards for the 65 campers, many of whom could not swim. >> it is not something you expect a child to grow up. am i going to be accepted? >> what are they doing here? and i'm assuming that it means african americans, because they pulled their children out of the pool. >> club filed for bankruptcy after the allegations and sold for $1.46 million. according to the u.s. department of justice, the minority children who experienced racial dediscrimination will share the proceeds that the agreement is approved by a pennsylvania bankruptcy court. after court costs are paid, campers will get a portion of
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the money. when it's all said and done, 73 people will be sharing up to $1.1 million. in new york, anna, fox news. these are some of the hundreds of dogs rescued from a home in ohio. now they are here at the washington animal rescue league. investigators say they found almost 300 dogs in cages in central ohio. they say the owner originally bred the dogs for dog shows. the couple had even been convicted of animal cruelty in new jersey. one owner recently died and the other is bedridden. >> it's not a deliberate situation. people who become hoards in my view, they don't want anything to happen to their little dogs. >> many of the dogs have infections and flees, but the shelter is treating them and hoping to find them new homes. sports is up next when the news at 10:00 continues. coming up, the nats fall short
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against the mets. lindsey murphy has the highlights after the break. hey gwen. >> a beautiful day we it today, a couple changes. we have a frontal system north, another one to the south. they'll become key players in our forecast. i'll have the details later on. we'll be back right after the break. [ male announcer ] do you support work for welfare? barack obama has a long history of opposing work for welfare. "i was not a wild, huge supporter of the federal plan that was signed in 1996." [ male announcer ] on july 12th obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. you wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. mitt romney strongly believes work must be part of welfare. the romney plan for a stronger middle class: it'll put work back in welfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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a great night for baseball, but the nats didn't do so well. >> they would be winning so much, that they would lose. >> how exciting it is. you can feel it in the air when you're at one of these games. >> today was the second highest attendance ever. it goes to show, it is a division game. they are playing the mets, there is a reason to go to these games, but people want to see good baseball. they are seeing it right now in d.c. the nationals are eight wins away from securing their season. those wins important as ever right now in division play. now tonight versus the mets, bryce harper got the day off.
10:40 pm
and the nats have taken 11 of 14 against the mets. edwin jackson, he was on the hill tonight for the mets and this game was a defensive affair. top of the 7th, scoreless game until ike davis takes jackson deep to left. that's his 22nd home run of the year and the mets have a 2-0 lead. that was the one mistake who strikes out andres torres. he finishes with 11 strikeouts in seven innings of work. bottom of the 8th, bryce harper comes in as a pinch hitter. and then a last chance for the nats in the 9th inning. adam laroche. he would chop it to first and the nats are shut out for the first time since july 31. 2-0 was the final, but they have a four-game lead over atlanta in the nl east because atlanta lost. here is davey johnson on his pitcher, edwin jackson. >> he had a good slider. he had a good curve ball. he had, best pitch was moving fastball. it was throwing hard and it
10:41 pm
was, i mean, it was better sinker than i've seen. i mean, the good left-handed hitters were swinging right over it. >> the orioles in detroit taking on the tigers. we'll start in the bottom of the 1st. zach gets johnny to ground into the 6-4-3 double play. just like the nats game, this was a defensive battle. another double play turn by hardy. and the o's still scoreless in the 6th. so we go to the top of the 7th. this is chris davis up. two on, and he gets something going. he goes yard to left, that is a three-run blast and the orioles would hold on to win 3-2. and coming up, an update from chicago, dave ross is out there with the redskins. it is not been a pretty night. they are losing right now 30- 10. it's been a good learning experience because he wasn't challenged a whole lot in that
10:42 pm
first game. he has had to scramble, he got sacked a couple times. he had to make plays and get hit for the first time in the nfl. it's been a rough game, but a learning experience. >> all right lindsey, thanks so much. coming up, dry conditions aren't just killing farmers. they are draining the mississippi river. what that means for your wallet. that's all when the fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. stay with us. 
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a group of people who believe there's too much regulation in what we drink took their point to capitol hill today. the group sold lemonade and milk. that is not pasteurized. it is actually illegal in d.c. to sell either of those things without a permit, but no one was arrested at this event. >> and the fact that they are doing this to children across the nation, trying to make a
10:46 pm
few bucks, it doesn't work for us, because that's not freedom. this is america. we're supposed to have that. >> last year at the same event, she and two others were arrested and interrogated by terrorism investigators. she says she's not against police. she's just against what she calls bad laws. despite some recent rain fall, several key farming states are still dry and the effects are spreading to our nation's major shipping routes. the mississippi river is approaching record low water levels and that means prices for many things are not just going up for food, but all over. fox's mike tobin explains why. >> reporter: $50 to $60 billion of cargo moves up the mississippi every year. the giant barges are at risk of running aground. >> the coast guard is working
10:47 pm
with industry to ensure that the impact is minimal. we have some safety advisers in place. >> here's where the river level ultimately gets to your pocketbook. in normal time, a tug boat can push 616 miles for one gallon of diesel fuel. simply put, it costs more to get things down the river. >> that river is an artery for everything from corn to fuel. >> there's so much more expenses. it's going to be passed on. i heard the other day where they are expecting food prices to go up. this will be part of that increase. >> so many barges have been parked that tug operator, george lavel is running out of space to store them. the river is now only a foot and a half higher than the record lows of 1988. as we go into the low months of august and september. the only consolation is that the army corps of engineers has been hard at work since the last drought. >> it's a different river now. a lot of improvements have been made. >> because of the changes the
10:48 pm
corps made to the river shutdowns of the mississippi have been only temporary in this drought. they deal with tricky, nighttime navigation and in the common event, that a float of barges runs aground. in memphis, tennessee, mike tobin, fox news. >> we haven't had a whole lot of trouble with drought in this area. we've had some rain, but not as bad as other places across the country. we've been lucking. >> we could use a little more and if we get it, people are going to be happy. i know midsection of the country have been suffering a lot in terms of not having sufficient rain fall. we had plenty of sunshine out there today. wasn't it great? >> i'm loving it. feels like it's cooling just a little bit. >> you're absolutely right. we got a break in that humidity. beautiful shot outside at the national monument. skies are clear, so you can really see for miles ahead. and actually tonight, the skies are going to continue to be clear across the area as well. we're going to have bright skies and no clouds to worry about tonight at all.
10:49 pm
a few changes coming up in the five-day forecast. comfortable for the lows tonight. a break in the humidity. sunday, we could see some showers in the afternoon hours and by sunday night, not too humid as i mentioned, and also the week is going to start a little bit unsettled. we have a couple things to talk about to tell you how that will fall into place. highs, close to where they should be. 1 to 3 degrees below the seasonal average. 86 at reagan national airport. 84 at dulles. and 84 degrees at dwi. it is still mild outside right now. 72 at manassas. 80 degrees at quantico. we have 63 degrees at frederick. 70 at hagerstown. 68 at baltimore and 70 degrees at culpeper. and let's take a welcome at that dew point, because that's where we're getting a break right now as the humidity not being quite as uncomfortable as it has been. humidity values into the 50s and low 60s everywhere. 64 in annapolis. 63 at quantico. so finally, some dryer air has
10:50 pm
been able to filter its way through to give us that comfort level. now the jet stream, a little bit of a change, is going to be to the south of us into the course of tomorrow. we'll see influx of cooler air. a light northeasterly breeze or so. that will keep us into the 80s into the course of the day and not much change in those values as we move into the course of the beginning of the week. satellite radar composite showing you not a lot happening. a few clouds starting to skirt their way out. we are talking clear skies into the course of tonight for you. and to the north, watching the precipitation here and a little bit to the south because both of these areas are associated with frontal systems. one front that moved its way to the south over the course of today, staled over to the south of us and the next one, which is just building its way across areas of the upper great lakes, moving into this upper valley is going to move its way towards us. we're going to be sandwiched between this front and the one to the south. chance of seeing showers into the afternoon hours of sunday and sunday night is very
10:51 pm
possible. we're going to see the front to the south become stationary and move its way to the north as a warm front and as we move into monday, that will set us up for wet weather as well. in the meantime, not bad for us. tonight, tomorrow, the afternoon, chance of seeing a passing shower. i don't expect it to be anything heavy. we will see more as we head into sunday night into monday. tropical depression, not much happening with it. expected to dispate in the next 24 hours and become a remnant low. other than that, not really any threat to anywhere in the u.s. that we have to be concerned about. it is really just going to die its way out. in the meantime, for tomorrow, by maid day, we're going to see temperatures creeping into the 80s. we are talking about a high tomothe low 80s, around 83 degrees and once again, a chance of showers in the afternoon. could see -- i see a slight chance by the afternoon. mostly it will be on sunday night into monday. >> it looks like monday, we're going to see rain, take the
10:52 pm
umbrella to work. >> all right gwen. we'll see you later. striking it rich from your kitchen table. coming up, we'll introduce you to two booming businesses that started with just the click of a mouse. and coming up on the news edge at 11:00. a man is in critical condition, following a violent assault on capitol hill. we'll have the latest on that story and more coming up on the news edge. stay with us. i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts.
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it's becoming a growing trend across the country. an idea that starts at home and then grows into a successful business. fox's elizabeth pran has that story. >> what started with just two laptops and a few ideas at a kitchen table has blossomed into a successful business for dave and mary morris. a few years ago, they launched,
10:56 pm
a website where you can find building materials to give your porch a makeover. >> sometimes when you go to the bigger stores, it depends on what salesperson you ask, what opinion you get. with this website, there were so many different ideas, very detailed, very easy to understand, that it wasn't jour overwelming to us. >> at first, they got 30 visitors a day. today, that grown to more than 9,000. thanks to growing advertising revenue, they quit their day job. >> during the daytime, i had a corporate job downtown working for the state of tennessee. but in the evening when i came home, dave and i would sit at the kitchen table and work on our business for actually burning the midnight oil quite a bit. >> corporate world wasn't a good fit for tanya and kim either. the duo started a website using vintage and
10:57 pm
used clothing. as their customer base grew, so did their inventory. finally, they transformed into a real shop east of downtown nashville. >> we didn't want to take out any loans. we didn't want to ask for money from people. we found people that would help us with handyman jobs to fix our store. you know, we would trade website work for goods. >> growing a home based website into a business takes a little motivation and a will lot of drive. >> i wouldn't have gone through the poor emotional experience that i went through with working in a job that i really did not enjoy, i probably wouldn't have been motivated to be, you know, an entrepreneur. >> in nashville, tennessee, elizabeth pran, fox news. >> good for them. she is anything but your typical teenager. 14-year-old china loves to make jewelry. she started making her own creations when she was 10 and her fifth grade teacher
10:58 pm
encouraged her to turn her hobby into a business. now she is doing just that with a help of ble, a small minority owned business in maryland. china's jewelry is on sale there right now. >> it is very exciting to see a young entrepreneur launch her business. she is very talented and i'm happy that she was able to launch it here at ble. >> i like that i can be creative. i don't have any limits to what i'm making. my opinion, my everything. >> china says her favorite type of jewelry to make involves wire and she is hoping to grow her business and mass produce several pieces from her line by the time she graduates high school. well, it's the time of year for back to school shopping. these days there's a lot more than just pens and pencils and notebooks on the list. a new school year also means new gadgets for your students. fox's brenda butner has more in
10:59 pm
this week's shopper's market. >> going back to school used to mean choosing pens, pencils, and a lunchbox. now it's a multiple choice quiz for diseasing the best technology to help your students succeed. jennifer is the editor. she says this year is all about the hewlett-packard ultra book. you can get one for $830, and jolly says they are great for older students. >> this is the hp nv4. they are super sleek. support an awesome battery life. >> for younger students, jolly likes the kindle. you can get one for $79, and jolly says it's a perfect alternative for students who really don't need an ipad. >> i get asked all the time, does my child need an ipad? no. this little kindle is $79. amazon's kindle. you can have an entire library's worth of loaner books in the pal


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