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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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one thing. >> i want to see her get her diploma. >> reporter: but with or without it katelyn's dad is sure of one thing. >> yes, she's going places. >> katelyn earned a full ride to southwestern oklahoma state university. she started classes later this week. the news keeps coming, brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. >> the edge starts off with a news alert from maryland where police are in emergency mode looking for a missing boy taken from district heights. there is an active amber alert for 1-year-old cesar martinez. police believe his biological father julio arriaza took him from the family home on nimitz road. he's believed to be driving a green 2006 chevy equinox suv with maryland tacks 7ag6950. -- tags 7 ag 6950 last seen in the vicinity of nimitz road in districts heights. they were last seen yesterday.
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the amber alert for cesar was issued two hours ago. if you see them, you're urged to call 911. tonight investigators are still on the scene of a train derail. that killed two college students in maryland overnight. elizabeth nass and rose mayr were buried when the train toppled over them in ellicott city. fox 5's will thomas is near the crash scene with the latest. >> reporter: crews are using cranes and bulldozers to move the coal out of here, same story for the railcars. you can see one of them on the back of a flatbed semi about to be hauled out of here. on the other side of me you can see where some of the coal is being piled up along the side of the tracks to be hauled out of here eventually. the ntsb says there were three crew members on board the train and that none of them saw or heard anything before the derail. in fact, they are convinced the emergency brakes automatically deployed, but they don't know
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why. it's a big part of the investigation. also we have learned one of the two girls tweeted a photo you're about to see tonight. their legs dangling off the side of a rail bridge, both women were killed out here. that picture read with the tweet levitating. here's more. into the night a massive clean- up continues. 21 derailed cars, part of an 80 car coltrane carrying tons of coal -- coal train carrying tons of coal. about midnight as the train passed through historic ellicott city over a 20-foot tall rail bridge a derailment. >> i heard a really loud boom. it shook the house. you could feel it and a loud screech and it was the loudest thing i've ever heard. >> reporter: rose mayr, dark hair and elizabeth nass both 19 just happened to be hanging out on the tracks as the train approached. the two friends were tweeting right before the accident. nass tweeted about 9:00 drinking on top of the ellicott
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city sign. they were both killed when the cars toppled. >> we look at every aspect of the railroad. >> reporter: investigators aren't sure what, if any, role the women on the bridge may have played, but they do believe the train's emergency brakes were automatically activated. >> each of these cars have air hoses and air systems on them. when there's a break in the connection or a break in the brake plate either from the derailment forces or whatever it may be, that will cause the trains to go to emergency braking. >> reporter: people living and working in the area can only watch and wait for the clean-up to wrap up. this barista working a few doors down considers himself lucky. he passed under the bridge moments before the derailment. >> it blew my mind like how close that incident occurred to me being right there. >> reporter: the clean-up is expected to take several days out here. weo know the train was heading from west virginia to baltimore just about 12 miles
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shy. you can see the work will continue and continue through the night. ntsb investigators say these crashes happen like that in an instant, but the investigations do not. brian. >> will thomas tonight. in a strange twist the train derailment forced the postponement of a pretrial hearing for khalid sheik mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. the hearing was supposed to be tomorrow at the u.s. navy base in guantanamo bay cuba. when the train derailed fiberoptic lines were knocked down and the lawyers didn't have a computer connection. the hearing will now take place thursday. another local soldier killed in afghanistan of the 24- year-old sergeant david williams from frederick died august 18th. williams was assigned to an army combat team based in washington state. new developments in the deadly crash that took the life of a prince george's county police officer. police made an arrest and charged kenneth much well unauthorized use of a vehicle. mitchell was a passenger in a
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stolen acura when police gave chase on i-95 yesterday. during the pursuit officer adrian morris ran off the road down an embankment, thrown from the car and died. colleagues say he was a special officer. >> it's a huge loss. i mean there's nothing in my career that's going to be able to fill this gap. >> officer michael risser was a pang in the police car and was hurt but -- a passenger in the police car and was hurt but released from the hospital. a sigh of relief for pizza deliverymen in montgomery county. police tell us they've arrested a teenage masked gunman who was stealing cash and some pizzas from drivers he'd lure into montgomery village this summer. fox 5 bob barnard is downstairs with details. >> police say the teen was using fake names and bogus phone numbers ordering pizzas online to vacant apartments near his montgomery village home to feed a late night hunger for money and food.
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it was open season on pizza deliverymen, those working for domino's and papa john's serving montgomery village the primary targets. >> he had a big gun. >> reporter: carlos demorris says drivers for this store were robbed twice including one of his good friends. >> he went there and this guy had a gun put him on his knee, pointed the gun at his head and just took all the money and the food. >> reporter: the teenager arrested in this case lived here on mills choice road in montgomery village. montgomery county police tell us the 17-year-old was ordering pizzas to his neighbor's addresses, they be leaving his home through a bed -- then leaving his home through a bedroom window, hiding behind bushes, then ambushing the unsuspecting drivers. >> most of the robberies happened at night. so it was the end of the shift and we were really scared obviously. >> reporter: police say marcus addison is suspected in at least eight robberies since
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early june. he was arrested late monday night after getting caught in a police sting outside an apartment on smooth stone way. >> it's just another lowdown crime and it's a shame. i'm glad they caught him. >> reporter: carlos says the young man charged was likely using a smart phone with a pizza app to set up the drivers. >> you can track everything, when we leave, when we get there and everything. >> reporter: he was tracking the guy? >> he was tracking us. by the time we get there he knew everything and then he just pulled the gun and take the money. >> police say it turns out that big pistol was a pellet gun. he's being charged as an adult with six counts of armed robbery. an explosion on manhattan's upper east side. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> it was apparently a case of contractors using too much explosives at a construction site for the second avenue subway. it blew out some windows and littered the street with debris
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causing damage to sidewalks and nearby buildings including several windows money out as high as three stories. there were no reported injuries. three delaware daycare employees face serious charges. dover police arrested the female workers from the hands of our future daycare charging them with second degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. cell phone video captured the employees encouraging 3-year- old children to fight. a north carolina man in the hospital after a fall that landed him in dog food. he was doing repairs on the building where dog food is made when he fell down a 40-foot shaft and got trapped inside a silo up to his waist in the dog food. he was dehydrated after several hours and injured his leg after it got cut in a drilling otherw another big story, despite earlier reports the fbi says it is not investigating a congressional trip to israel last year in which one lawmaker went skinny dipping in the sea
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of galilee. arizona congressman ben quayle was among those on the trip, denies he acted inappropriately. fox's merriam garcia reports. >> it's unfortunate some people are trying to make it into what it's not and trying to use it for their political advantage. >> reporter: congressman ben quayle defending a fact finding trip he took to israel last year. he says he never acted inappropriately and he says he never saw any inappropriate behavior. >> we weren't around it. we didn't see it. so that happened after we were already gone. >> reporter: quayle was there with his wife tiffany who was 8 1/2 months pregnant. the quayles say after dinner at a restaurant on the sea of galilee went swimming for 30 seconds in shorts. quayle wanted to grab some water to baptize their daughter after she was born. >> it was something i wanted to experience and it's because that's where jesus walked on water and take that and then we went home. >> reporter: tiffany quayle says the trip was very spiritual for her because her father had just died of cancer. >> it feels like people are
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playing politics with some of my memories and that's a very sad state of affairs. >> reporter: quayle's opponent in the republican primary is congressman david schweigert. he believes there's more to the story. >> it sort of brings back sort of the history of dodgy activity that ben quayle was involved in a couple years ago. >> reporter: schweigert was also on the trip to israel but left right after dinner. we asked if he leaked the story. >> they're going to point at everyone, but ultimately it's a national story. georgetown university student sandra fluke signed on to speak at the democratic national convention next month. fluke was thrown into the spotlight when rush limbaugh called her a shut for supporting contraception insurance coverage. strategists say fluke will try to solidify president obama's support among women. he has a reputation as a party boy and he's at it again, risque photos of prince harry's r rated party in vegas coming
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up. >> sue has an update on a new tropical storm. >> we just got the latest updated track on tropical storm isaac. if you have plans to go to puerto rico or the virgin islands in the next few days, thief just been updated with a tropical storm -- they've just been updated with a tropical storm warning. it's up on the news edge next. don't go away. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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prince harry lab caught on camera hosting a risque -- has been caught on camera hosting a risque party in las vegas. the party reportedly happened last friday. the royal family declined to comment. parents are paying a lot of attention and spending a lot of money on their kids going back to school. >> and a health scare is spreading across the country, laura evans is back with your fox 5 top five. >> the west nile virus outbreak has grown to a natioid problem. no. 5 tonight, four more west nile virus deaths have been reported in texas bringing that state's death total to at least 26. another death reported today in california. the virus is carried by mosquitoes and there is no known cure. the cdc has reported almost 700 cases in 43 states this year. no. 4, fewer babies are being circumstance sized and that could mean billions more in health costs. according to the cdc nearly 63% of baby boys were circumstance
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sized in 1999. that dropped to 55% in 2010. the procedure has been tied to health benefits. no. 3, barnes & noble is doing better than expected thanks in part to the popular fifty shades of grey book trilogy. the book chain lost $41 million last year, not as bad as the previous year when it lost more than $56 million. no. 2, bad news for best buy, the electronics giant is reporting a 90% drop in net income during the second quarter earning just $12 million versus 150 million a year ago. revenue fell, too, as did same store sales. yesterday best buy named a new ceo to try to turn the company around. no. 1, getting back to school is expensive. the national retail federation estimates the average costs for school supplies this year is around 700 bucks per child. with sales around the country pulling in nearly $84 billion. that makes back to school shopping the second largest consumer spending event next to the holiday season.
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that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> let's get into the weather. the nats got a rain delay, second time in a row. >> we couldn't believe we were seeing that again tonight. we may see spotty storms tomorrow afternoon but very isolated. if i had to predict where one might form, might be at the stadium. i'm feeling lucky. hopefully they had a good night. at this hour we have mostly just some clearing skies and any showers around our region really have fallen apart. there's still a line out to our west which we'll talk about in a moment. i thought we'd start with the very newest information on tropical storm isaac. here it is spinning about 400 miles away from guadalupe moving west at about 17 miles an hour. they had a hurricane hunter aircraft in it earlier today and decided this needed to be upgraded from a depression to tropical storm. over the next two days it looks
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like it may become hurricane isaac. you can see it's going to go across martinique and give san juan a scare and maybe interacting with hispanolia into cuba. here is the latest from the national hurricane center, not much change of the intensity, winds 40 miles an hour moving west at 18. it looks like it will potentially become a hurricane the next couple days. it passes the islands mostly as a tropical storm. as we get into friday night possibly a category 1 hurricane near port-au-prince but sunday 8:00 is entipotly a category 1 hurricane coming across cuba. a lot of times if this does happen and this track may still change this many days out, a lot of times that will kind of interrupt the circulation and weak be it, but you can see -- weaken it, but you can see why florida is worried about this especially with the gop convention slated for next
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week. they may have to done a little bit of isaac. we'll continue to watch what happens. it will probably be an increasing threat for florida. tonight as we put satellite and radar in motion, you can see how isolated in nation everything was. this will run one more time. there was that 53 minute rain delay at nats park. that storm is gone. we'll continue to watch this line weakening as it comes out of the west virginia panhandle. you might get more of that in hagerstown to win chester as it moves slowly east. temperature-wise today 86 degrees, right on the money for average temperatures. we still see heat in the middle part of the country, 90 wichita, 89 st. louis, but i call your attention to this heat bubble because it likes that will migrate east later into the weekend. so our temperatures will rise a little bit later this week closer to 90 degrees. 73 degrees now in the district, 64 for gaithersburg, 69 dulles.
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not a bad evening at all. it was beautiful yesterday morning. this morning rather and it will be once again tonight as temperatures drop to the 60s under clear skies. we're not looking for widespread fog like last night. at 8 a.m. 71 degrees and sunshine, noon mostly sunny, 83, can't rule out a spotty storm at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. maybe they'll start to diminish around 7:30 or 8:00, temperature then 85 degrees. five-day forecast, i talked with temperatures warming up a little bit, very gradual and not that hot. we may be pushing 90 by saturday and sunday 88 degrees. it looks like after our spotty storm chance tomorrow we'll probably be dry the rest of the week. that will be good news for baseball fans, but we're focusing on tonight because lindsay murphy has the lowdown on how the braves/nats game ended up. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> i totally blame the rain delay on you, sue. all season long we have seen
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the nationals rise to the occasion. last night they celebrated their ninth walkoff win. tonight a mid-another rain delay got the job done against -- amidst another rain delay got the job done against the braves. tonight reserve strasburg would make -- stephen strasburg would make his 25th start. this is fry did i freeman. he rips a -- freddie freeman. he rips the liner right back at strasburg. the rain is starting to come down. ian desmond deep to left, his second home run, solo shot no. 19 this year. nats up 1-0, but back to strasburg who returned to pitch after a 51 minute rain delay. he went six innings, allowed one run, struck out 10. he dominated the braves in his fifth double digit strikeout game of the year. bottom 5, jesus flores had not homered since june 2nd against the braves. the catcher helps out his pitch
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we are run support, a three-run -- pitcher with run support, a three-run shot. strasburg earns his 15th win. he said he was determined to return after the rain delay. >> clearly we had an extra inning game the night before. so i wanted to go out and keep pitching. it was huge for us to get a win, but we got to do it again tomorrow. pitching in front of a sellout crowd. the electricity was in the air. kind of reminded me of my debut. orioles in texas against the rangers, top of the 5th tied 1-1. josh hamilton on the run lays out but cannot make the catch. there's a run scored. machado was in with a triple. three batters later it's nate mclouth. he takes scott feldman deep to right field, his first of the season as an early on and the o's defeat the rangers 5 -- as an oriole and the o's defeat
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the rangers 5-3. coming up a big announcement at redskins park next. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i apapprove this message.
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[ male announcer ] you work hard. stretch every penny. but chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him... mitt romney made twenty million dollars in two thousand ten but paid only fourteen percent in taxes... probably less than you now he has a plan that would give millionaires another tax break... and raises taxes on middle class families by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more. brian orakpo went through drills, but don't expect to see him until the season opener. roy helu remains day to day with achille's tendonitis and fullback durell young is not expected to play saturday. anthony armstrong has yet to
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suit up due to a shoulder injury. today in practice armstrong was no longer wearing a yellow no contact jersey. he will play saturday when the reins host the colts and he knows -- redskins host the colts and he knows he need to make ab impression. >> i don't want to say breathing down my neck. i just know they're going to make a tough decision for everybody. being two games behind there's a lot of ground to make up on making plays, but i know i'm capable of doing that. offense is running great now. just got to be able to fit in whenever you get your opportunity. . >> former redskins running back clinton portis will announce his retirement at a thursday press conference at redskins park. he has not played since an injury plagued 2010 season. he's the second leading rusher in team history. finally with c.j. brown out for the year freshman terry hills has been named
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maryland's starting quarterback. the news edge will be right back. good night. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. for back to school. introducing share everything, only from verizon. a shareable pool of data to power up to 10 different devices. add multiple smartphones to your plan, so everyone in your family can enjoy unlimited talk and text. the first plan of its kind. share everything. get your student a samsung galaxy nexus for $99.99.
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police are still looking for a maryland boy at the center of an amber alert. police believe 1-year-old cesar martinez was taken by his father julio arriaza from a home in district heights. he may be driving a green chevy equinox maryland tag 7ag6950.
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if you see them, call i'm barack obama and i i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits."


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