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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you see the charcoal colored acura go around and around the parking lot and then it slides up beside a white suv, opens the door a bit and someone runs across the parking lot. it's too late. prince georges county police say the men in that acura are kenneth mitchell, already in police custody. and kevon neal, whose last address was here ja19 lane in port washington. they need the public's help tracking down neil. there is a $25,000 reward. officer morris and his partner were watching the surveillance video when the acura returned. there the officers followed it. out of the gas station and on to i-95 south. >> the suspect vehicle at a high rate of speed, cuts directly across all lanes of traffic. the citizens that are traveling on the beltway, obviously make driving maneuvers breaking,
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changing lanes, to avoid colloiding with the suspect. have. >> reporter: investigators say that swerving to avoid another car made officer morris lose control. the cruiser flipped and morris was killed. prince georges county allows pursuit of the suspect for the most serious of crimes. reporters asked if the officers should have been chasing the acura. >> we joined the police department to become police officers to do two things: help our community and to catch bad guys. that is what they're doing. >> reporter: one other interesting point again, here is the exxon station where that acura tl was first taken. right over here and that is at the bottom of the entrance ramp on i-95 and that is where officer morris' car crashed. the two scenes, the places where this began and ended are eerily close death n. calfverton, maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. an suv plowed into several people in northwest d.c. today,
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injuring several people. that happened in columbia heights as they were standing in line for a good jiff wa -- giveaway -- giveaway. >> reporter: this alley, half a block west of 49th street in northwest d.c. is called columbia court o. wednesdays in this parking lot behind this apartment building is one of the biggest food giveaways in the city. three to 400 people line up here and on this day, the line extended to that and beyond the brick wall at the end of the alley, where an control car apparently ran down part of the line just before noon, a black sport utility vehicle somehow managed to leave the roadway and climb up on a sidewalk on which people were standing for a weekly food giveaway. debra stevenson, who came for the food, was standing in that line. >> and the lady with a black carve went bam and hit the
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elderly lady and that hit several people i was talking to. >> reporter: d.c. fire ems transported four people struck to three different hospital. it appears the worst injury was a broken legs suv was carrying children, an elderly blind lady and two adults. at one point, the metropolitan police officers asked the driver of the suv to take a field sobriety test and apparently passed that test because she was not taken into custody. she appeared to be remorseful about the accident. later, she declined to explain to supporters what happened and a passenger declined an interview. d.c. police confirmed it was four adult women injured and they say as of now, there are no arrests in this case but the incident remains under investigation. that is the latest from columbia court. >> john henrehan tonight.
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a grand jury indicted a man today. floyd corkins the 2 faces intensions of assault with intent to kill. he's accused of shooting the guard at the family research council on g street in northwest last week. the guard was hit in the arm and managed to wrestle the gun away and subdue the suspect. the former uva lacrosse player wants a new trial. george hugely's attorneys said there were several errors before and during the trial. in the death of fellow uva student yeardley love. if the conviction stands, he faces up to 26 years for second degree murder. the big story we're following, a day and a half after 21 freight cars derailed in a historic downtown ellicott city. investigators don't know how it happened. two 19-year-old college students were killed as the train passed a few feet behind him. it was going the speed limit when the cars went off of the tracks. paul wagner joins us now for the newsroom with the story.
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paul? >> reporter: the national transportation safety board said it's still investigating damaged cars and ripped up tracks in hopes of learning what may have sent the cars tumbling off of the tracks killing rose mayer and elizabeth nass. they were sitting on the edge of a bridge over main street when they were burred by spilling coal. 41 hours into an investigation, the ntsb calls incredibly challenging, investigators don't know what caused them to fall off of the tracks. >> and put them back together and like a puzzle where the pieces belong. >> reporter: investigators already know that a severed line somewhere on the train caused the emergency brakes to automatically engage. the question is did that happen before or after the derailment? >> and we're still turning over every storm and look at signal systems and the operations. i mentioned we'll talk to the crew today and we're looking to track absolutely, we always do
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and that is a part of our investigation. >> reporter: while the train cars are moved and new track put in place, the historic downtown area remains offlimits to cars and pinking the profits. >> this time. year, as soon as school hits, i get slammed. to hear we're going to be another two days and was like -- just a big grow. >> reporter: sally runs the shop kpc coveries, which had -- discoveries, which had some customers today who were willing to walk down the hill to the parking lot. she was delighted to hear cs, and willing to provide -- csx is willing to provide some assistance to main street. >> we're making sure folks are tabulating business losses. >> reporter: at this place offlimits to pedestrians, there were no customers at all. >> and i hate that, but the fact that someone, two people
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lost their lives, you can't compare business for two lives. i feel sorry for their families and everyone. terrible. >> reporter: the two teens, college students at the university of delaware and james madison university, were sitting on the railroad bridge with their legs dangling off the side when they were killed. one of the girls tweeted this picture just before the wreck. the ntsb has not said one way or the other whether investigators believe the girl's presence on the bridge may have played a role at all in the accident. csx said it hopes to begin running trains again the next 12 to 24 hours. laura. >> and paul wagner, thank you. missouri's senate candidate is refusing to drop out of the race, even though mitt romney called on him to quit. a wide cross-section of republicans said he should step aside. congressman todd akin appears to be making plans how to move forward. tom fitzgerald has more. this is not going go away today. >> reporter: you're right,
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brian. not only does it not appear to be going away, but this republican national convention starting just on monday and time is running out for them as they risk to having him quit or risk drawing attention away from the nomination and both romney and paul ryan called for akin to quit the race. he appeared for his first broadcast television interviews -- interviews today on abc's "good morning america" and he allowed the first time the possibility that he could drop out of the missouri senate race and right now, he's continuing the campaign against claire mccaskill, what he called party boss whose want him to quit and akin drew criticism after saying legitimate rape of women's bodies would not be abortion. in his words, women would have a way of preventing their own
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pregnancies. >> and by standing on principle and putting politics aside and talking about the foundations of the country, the people in missouri chose me to be their candidate, and i don't believe it's right for party bosses to decide to override those voters. and i think it's -- i think that really we should allow things to stand -- . >> are you saying -- . >> as the election process unfolds. >> and akin is a six-term congressman who with the senate primary with the support of the tea party and conservatives. the most recent poll by the politics show him leading democratic incumbent mccaskill by 5 percentage points, brian. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. the campaign trail now and president obama crisscrossing the country and talking about education funding while mitt romney targets manufacturing in iowa. craig bosswell has the latest. >> reporter: president obama hit his republican rival on education cuts for a second day in nevada. >> the plan governor room --
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romney put forward would cut america's investment in education by nearly 20%. >> reporter: the president rallied supports at a north las vegas high school after a round table discussion with teach every -- teachers, an area hit hard by the housing chris onis and recession. >> the actions we took the first two years of my administration helped save the jobs of 4,000 educators. >> reporter: they warned the economic policies of the economic-romney ticket. >> no, don't boo, vote! >> reporter: nevada is in the tossup category as election day nears as is iowa. >> that is an iowa welcome. i'm glad to hear it. >> reporter: mitt romney slammed the president's economic record. >> he said he would get people good jobs. instead, we have gone 42 straight months with unemployment over 8%. >> reporter: paul ryan re-
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enforced the message in roanoke, virginia. >> this is president obama's imagine airy recovery. and this is not mere. >> reporter: analysts say a small percentage 8 make the difference in the race but -- . >> only 13% of the uncommitted voters are following the campaign right now. so, there will be changes. we have the conventions coming up, we have the debates coming up. >> reporter: there are a total of four debates, three presidential, one vice presidential. y that all in october following back-to-back conventions beginning next week. in washington, craig bosswell, fox news. all eyes on the tropics tonight and the storm could threaten infla next week. sue palka has the latest on isaac. sue. >> reporter: we just got the latest update from the national hurricane center. yes, isaac is going to be a threat to the convention site. and by the time we get out that far in time, the models are
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divergent and there is a huge cone of uncertainty. and this is the latest. can you see the storm spinning and that is moving through the lee wad islands and not really strong and with some winds of 40 miles per hour and a lot of rain. so, where is the next path that it's going to take? looks like during the day tomorrow with the winds of 45 miles an hour and that is going to pass through the near or south of the virgin islands and maybe just south of puerto rico on thursday. doesn't look like a hurricane for a few days yet and that may get disrupted by the island of hispaniola and cuba and that looks like it's going to come close to tampa and to the west coast of florida. the good news, doesn't appear this is going be a major hurricane with intense winds
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and looks like they're going to have to take it as it gets to florida. i will show where you all of the individual models are taking that center of circulation with our full forecast. we have a few storms of our own, too, in a few minutes. >> see you in a bit. after years of complaints, taxi cabs in the district have gotten a makeover. why some drivers are not happy about the new meters being forced to install. >> what tastes better? water out of a bottle or the tap? find out as folks on the street can tell a difference. when they were put to the test. and he's coming back to d.c. how to sign up for a free 15-minute physical given by dr. oz himself. lindsay. >> and yeah, laura. raindrops are starting to fall. there is a dark cloud overhead and hope the rain holds off so the nationals can sweep the braves and take the eight-game lead in the division. we'll set down and talk with a native and rookie this all-star studded team coming up as the fox 5 news at 5 continues. 
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. after years of complaints from people in d.c., d.c. taxi cabs are getting gps maps, panic buttons and debit credit card machines installed and it's going to take several months to get them equipped and this is one of the first steps in d.c. but not everyone is happy. matt? >> reporter: many drivers are concerned about the changes. they are bees forced to put in the new meters to help the city track the money they collect. also, soon, they will have to paint their cars one color.
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in the fought pure, drivers will be forced to replace aging taxis. mayor gray jumped into the back of a cab to show of the new smart meters. and they will take credit and debit cards and each has a flat screen video monitor with gps technology. and now a passenger can see exactly where they are and where they going. >> it's our intent to have all of the cab's equipped over the next 90-plus days. >> reporter: because of the limited number of installation locations, it could be until november before you see all 6,000 cabs with the smart meters. >> this is a good thing for the city. it will create jobs and put taxi cab drivers in a position, frankly, to be able to make more revenue than now. >> reporter: many don't agree and worry that some might give up the taxis altogether because the new system is tracking too much. >> the real thing, it would be an electronic taxiing medallion
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and would control if we work, when we work and how we work. >> what about the color everyone's talking about? soon all cabs will look the same and that is still a mystery what color is chosen. the mayor said that is coming soon. >> and we'll have dem strait straights on that. >> and it's important to point out the plan, coming in the form of a 50-cent surcharge for each ride, laura. >> and search is going to take a hit. >> a virginia man is convicted of driving under for the 12th time. the 24-year-old of spotsylvania pleaded guilty to felony dui. and faces up to seven years in prison. the court records show he has six previous dui convictions in mississippi, three in alabama and two in virginia.
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very generous donations from a carmaker tonight. hyundai's hope on wheels campaign gave $75,000 to dr. scott meyers at the georgetown lombardi center. and he does research on the long-term needs of young cancer survivors like zoe chen. >> and we have allergies andmed. and some tough procedures and radiation to undergo. also, we have -- scars on our body. one more time, thank you, hyundai, making -- for making our journey easier and less painful than the past. >> kids attended the event to put their handprints on the vehicle. they will give out money to those working with pediatric cancer. and the day started out nice and got hot.
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>> yeah. >> and some rain clouds overhead. >> the temperatures into the mid-ittys and 86 was the high and feeling that humidity there, brian and as i heard lindsay saying, day three of that and go to radar and i am seeing a light shower there and this is isolated, very much like yesterday and probably one of the bigger storms is not too far from monasses and this is moving slowly to 66 there and let's get in tighter there and into the district we go and we know we have a lot of nats fans outside. sick of getting rained on and that does not start here and let's hope it doesn't get too
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much bigger than that and what i think we're going to see are the spotty showers. they are going to be very isolated. over to sentinel radar, we'll show you how things are looking the last few hours and they moving out of the interstate 81 corridor and slowly moving to the east. not search seeing them, about 20% of you may get the raindrops, the temperature, 82 degrees and a couple of places in the upper 70s and we're looking at a nice evening, and keeping the storm in the forecast until 9:00, partly cloudy conditions and 76 and some fog later tonight. and we'll have more in a bit. >> sounds good, sue. coming up, west nile virus back with a vengeance. why health experts say this could be the worst outbreak in the nation's history. and a warning for men who become fathers later in life y.
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that can lead to an increased health risk for their offspring.  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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. u.s. health officials release new west nile virus numbers and that it's one of the worst outbreaks. more than 1100 cases are reported this year. three times the usual number, 41 people have died. half of the cases in texas and experts believe the hole hot scummer and early winter fosters breeding mosquitoes. new research shows older fathers passed more genetic mutations to their children than younger fathers. the scientists studied 78 icelandic families whose children were diagnosed with autism or schizophrenia and found the father's age played a bigger role than the mother's. sperm appears to pick up more genetic errors because unlike eggs, they're constantly produced and go through more cell division. a new study shows bariatric surgery appears to be more
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efficient than standard care in the prevention of diabetes in obese people. researchers studied 3400 obese people. half underwent bariatric surgery and it reduces the incidence by 78%. coming up, a blind taste test. find out if people on the street can tell the difference between bottled water and water straight out of the tap. and dr. size coming to d.c. to give 1,000 lucky people a free physical. find out how you can sign up for one. and bo apparently needs to back away from the table. he's on a diet. who is being warned not to tempt him. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . can you taste the difference between bottled water and water from the tap? the folks from d.c. water decided to put people to the
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test today on i-street in northwest. the judged to get people to switch from bottled water back to the tap saying that it saves money and that d.c. water tasteds as good. >> it's more -- tastes as good. >> it was more flatter and more pure. it was not pure in terms of water itself. it's, overall -- tastes better. >> oh, my god, i was wrong. you saw me. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> you got one on me, right? >> reporter: d.c. water will be traveling around the city for a couple of months doing the taste test. we're joined by sarah needer from d.c. water. talk about it. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> what spurred it on. what why did you think the taste test was the way to do it? >> right, this is a way to have a conversation with our customers. we test it every day, we know it's high quality and affordable, a penny a gallon from your tax versus 100 times the cost of bottled water. this is an opportunity to talk
5:31 pm
to people, gauge whether they're getting bolted water at home and give them options affordable. >> are there health benefits to tap water? and in the day, they used to put fluoride in the water. >> and that -- that is he quality and meeting stricter stranders -- standars. -- standards. we monitor the water 34/7, 365 days a year. >> do they put fluoride in the water? >> they do. >> and we did the same tests you do in the street there, sample a and sample b. i laboratory taste tester and you chose, one of those is what? deero park water? >> that's correct. >> and you chose that because it's readily available. >> that's right. >> and one is d.c. tap water. and let me try this. tastes good and some on and try
5:32 pm
that. my guess would be that b isthe d.c. tap water. >> okay, which tastes better? >> they both taste fine. they have a bit of a different taste. i get a little -- i tend to put things in wine term, more earthiness from b than a. >> they good. a is d.c. tap water, b is bottled water. so i got them reversed. >> that's right. >> you did this in ward two today. we saw that on i street. what were the results you're finding so far? >> we had 81 people participate today. more than half thought the tap water tasted better and only half of the amount of people were able to identify the tap water. it shows when people are put to the test, they don't have a preference of bottled versus tap and we can talk about why they don't drink tap water and why they choose bolted water.
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>> it's fun test and i am glad i was able to test it. you got me. >> a lot of people on the street, and you're going to be do this the next few months. >> that's correct. >> we'll number every ward the next eight weeks. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> enjoy the taste test. and dr. oz coming back to d.c., teaming up with fox 5 and howard university hospital to give free 15-minute physicals to 1,000 people. i talked to them earlier about the goal of his initiative and how can you seen up. >> so, i -- sign up. >> i understand you're offering the physicals to the first 1,000 people that are eligible to sign up. that is ambitious, first of all, to offer them 1,000. what makes them eligible? >> they live in washington, they want to get checked out and have a good reason to get themselves or their family looked into. they ought to come by. they're free and 15 minutes, not a lot of excuses not to git it done. we sit down with you and help
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educate you about what you can do about the numbers. if you need to, we'll have help you with someone taking care of the problem into the future. >> what will you be physically look at? jot finger stick. we get a drop of blood and that gives us your blood sugar and cholesterol. we get your blood pressure and look at your waste size and weight. and they help predict most of the major things driving ageing and you mentioned 1,000 people were ambitious. we can go through 1,000 people in the day and doing it with great success. sometimes, unfortunately, some emergencies and some folks to the hospital quickly. usually, that is a calm, thoughtful conversation and have some more day iss before we get there and that is going to be fun. >> what will do you with the information you gather? >> we tabulate -- and give the city a report card.
5:35 pm
part of the reason we do the physicals, is not to help them come by and to learn about their bodies, understand what is going on. oftentimes, they're wonderful people who are leaders in the town and who want to make the cities healthier. if i tell you they're more hypertensive than pittsburgh or tampa, that means something and that can -- and to make their lives better. >> a physical sounds like a good offer not to be past stuff. can you make your appointment now at and that event is at howard university hospital on wednesday, september 5th. sounds like, again, an offer not to be passed up. thank you very much for being with us and giving us information about this. wednesday, september 5th. >> and thank you. >> thank you. first lady michelle obama is known for healthy eating but bo has been indulging too much.
5:36 pm
president obama said that bo is on a diet. they were attending the luncheon and the president joked they should not throw scraps on the food because he's on a diet. >> he's not eating out of the family garden. and we heard about extensive tennis shoes but those are ridiculous. the nike new territory -- entering with a $300 sneaker and why the company said it's worth every penny, though. >> and a woman who was supposed to be on the court finds herself charged with murder. details are next. ils are next.
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a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts. . it witness in the drew peterson murder trial told the jury that peterson offered him $25,000 to find someone to kill his third wife. he used to work with peterson
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at a cable company and it happened months before cathleen savio was found dead in 2004. hened up killing her him. >> a professional tennis river see under arrest charged with murdering her husband. she was arrested on the way to the u.s. open in new york. she said she was not there when have fallen down the stairs and the l.a. county coroner's office believe that she bludgeoned him to death with a coffee mug. a star player collapses in the courtroom when he learns he won't be stepping foot on a basketball court soon. and what happens in vegas stays in vegas, unless it ends up on tmz. that is prince heir. find out what the royal family has to say about his stripped billiards game in his v.i.p. suite coming up. and an extended look at the forecast. stay with us, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years. every paycheck.
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. so far so good for the nationals, who won the first two games of the pivotal series against the second-place braves. tonight, a chance to complete the three-game sweep. it's been a dream rookie season for one of the players from our area. >> what has it been like to play for your hometown team? >> it's been awesome and to grow up in this area, grew up an orioles fan at first. to be able to play here and have my family and friends come to the games is awesome. >> could you have imagined a better rookie season. you're doing well bat ago .284 and how cool is that for you? >> and that is unbelievable. we're in first place and playing so well and that is exciting. and we felt good out of spring training and to keep playing well and keep it going down the stretch, hopefully.
5:45 pm
>> i know you diminished a bit and how have you handled that? you were on a tear, right, when you came back. >> and i have been blessed to get the opportunity to get to play a bunch, and you know, obviously, you want everyone healthy and back and that is great. and when you play, you don't want to come oust lineup and i'm here to help the team win. >> and that is difficult. the last two gains, you come off of the bench and have singles. i know it's tough when you're not in a game to come out. >> and that definitely helped me out. i pink hit a bit of about i played and i told myself to play and to not put extra pressure on yourself. >> and is that how you're able to stay sharp? >> i like coming out and getting ground balls early and
5:46 pm
letting starters -- >> so far, this swing here couldn't have gone any better for you guys. you try to keep it even keel? >> definitely. we look at one game at a time. obviously coming into the series, you know, this is a big series for us and we want to take the last one. >> reporter: if they take the win, they're eight games over the braves in the nl east and it's pouring down rain here and started about 15, 20 minutes ago and that had to be cut short. hopefully it won't delay the game too much. deitweilev on the hill today and we'll talk about this game and straussburg and his outing last night at 6:00. >> and i want you to take us on a tour. i mean, you're hanging out and have some flat screens in, there masseuse. >> reporter: not a lot is going and all the reporters are going on -- hanging on in here and i
5:47 pm
will have don pan out to the fold and the heavens opened up. the players are probably back in the clubhouse playing cards and eating and getting ready for the game and that is starting at 7:05. >> a cool view. >> kind of fun in here. >> and more fun with the baseball players, for sure. >> thank you, lindsay. and we want to met you know if you're -- let you know, if you're trying to sign up through our website for one of the free dr. oz physicals happening at howard university, we understand that you are having troubles and we're trying to get the problem fixed. stay with us, we'll get the problem fixed so can you seen up through for a free physical with dr. oz. nike rolling out the most expensive sneaker ever. take a look at the lebron x nike plus hit set to hit stores this fall and they not giving them away, $315 and they have
5:48 pm
an electronic sensor to tell you how high can you jump. the president of the national urban league wants them to be -- them to pull them from the market saying it's incensative during a time when parents are having's tough time buying school supplies and clothes. >> and you turn it over, it would say no. >> try again. >> can not register. >> and that is fun. the rain, obviously. >> yes. >> and how long? >> a third day in a row and they moving slowly. >> okay. >> and another 30 minutes and there is no saying where their own be another one but they go away after 8:00. >> okay. >> and why is it we're getting three nights in a row? it was the storm before that and that and they tend to put down the weak boundary. like a mini cold front and that
5:49 pm
is the focus the next day when anything developments. it's -- anything develops. hey, i like this spot and i am forming something here and some clouds are in the distance. again, i want to emphasize, few places are getting wet at this hour and start with a look at the radar picture. we have had the isolated spotty storms every afternoon. do you remember at 11:00 ied if i had to predict where one would perform, i would say nats park. can you see them here and there, to alexandrea, leesburg and reston and into the district for those of you trying to get out there to so the fans and we'll take you into sentinel radar and getting in closer and to 295 here and blows up in place and finding that boundary and from yesterday. we have to watch this one, too and they're kind of drifting slowly to the northeast at 5 miles per hour and hopefully
5:50 pm
nothing forms behind that and stick with us here over the next 45 minutes or so. we'll keep an eye on that and lit know what we're going to deal w. as we watched the showers and storms, again, heavy downpours, they're moving slowly and yesterday's storm dropped -- 2/3 of an inch at national and the ballpark and there might be some small hail and we want to talk about the tropical storm isaac and that is still a tropical storm and not expected to be a hurricane for 48 hours or so and that is looks like it's in the cards and doesn't appear like this would be a major hurricane, above a category 3 and so far, at least it's not monster-type from what we're seeing, florida, yeah, they have to be concerned about this. and they might be affected on monday and it can still take a different path, though, folks and that is because the five- day track is uncertain. you'll see it go close to
5:51 pm
florida, they going to the west or east. the storm is moving through the leeward island and that is coming close to san juan and through the virgin islands as a tropical storm and our official track with the winds of up to 45 miles an hour and that is going due west and looks like a bit of a weakness in the huge area of high pressure that is steering it and that may allow it to come up close to fort myers and that is on monday at 2:00 with 80 miles an hour winds and this is the cone of uncertainty and that is huge when we get five days out and some models are far to the south and this is the last thing i want to show you here and notice they're tightly clustered and this is disruptive going across hispaniola and that is why that
5:52 pm
is not expected to be major. and into the five-day period, and this is the redline and there is several to the west and north of it and there is a lot to be decided with our tropical storm isaac. i know the the gop is keeping an eye on it. around here, we have a run of nice days and i think friday and saturday might be an isolated shower or storm in the afternoon and a mid- and upper 80s, a stretch of fairly quiet weather and we spy a bit of a challenge from next week. >> okay. >> and that is feeling like september. >> that does. >> thank you. and what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas and prince harry is finding that out the hard way. after someone posted pictures of the royal partying in the nude, a lot of women not sorry about this one. harvey levin is joining us live
5:53 pm
from l.a. and tell us about the pics? >> and he had a wild weekend in vegas and to tohis hotel suite, with a billiards table and they ended up deciding what a great idea to play strip pool. the guys were there and harry is a bad pool player. he ended up taking all of his clothes off and there are pictures of him, you know, basically cupping the family jewels and geez straddling a woman -- he's straddling a woman also naked. we went back to england. the queen is tick off, we are told, but put a poll on the website. over 400,000 people voted and 65%, we gave them a choice of disgraceful or awesome? 65% say awesome. >> exactly. >> he's never going to be a king and they think that it's
5:54 pm
cool. you know what? and they're interviewing people in england about it and all the commoners are saying the same thing. >> i'm not surprised and i am not surprised the queen is just -- beside herself over this and they'll teach him how to play cool better or how to keep his clothes on. >> yeah, right. [ laughter ] >> and that is funny. >> rapper and actor l.l. cool j. taking down an intruder in his house. what do you know about that? >> and we broke a story this morning on the website and that -- this guy, he heard sounds on the first floor and came down stairs and saw a guy stealing. l.l. cool j. engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a guy. a very big guy and musicular. he took care of business, broke the guy's jaw and nose. the police came and held him until the cops came and the guy was taken to the hospital and
5:55 pm
he was booked on burglary charges and, you know, you don't mess with l.l. cool j. >> go l.l. >> thank you very much, 6:30, tmz on tv on fox 5. thank you, harvey. new on the news edge, virginia senate race heats up. who tim kaine is courting this time around. and robberies are on the rise in the district. and it's considered the most tech-savvy generation. why are millennials working lower paying jobs? next. next. he's made his choice.
5:56 pm
but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare.
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[ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . courtroom drama in ohio after one of the nation's top basketball recruits learns his fate. tony farmer faces charges of stealing. he was hit with a three-year
5:59 pm
prison sentence on tuesday and, as the judge announced the sentence, he collapsed. he would have been a senior this fall and was named one of the top 100 basketball players in the country. thank you for joining us the 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. and starting off the news edge in d.c. a group of pedestrians was struck after a car jumped on to a sidewalk. this happened this afternoon in columbia heights. four women were knocked down while they were waiting for food in a food giveaway line. >> reporter: and this was a serious accident. four different women were rushed by ambulances to three different hospitals. so far, there is no explanation as to why a car jumped up on the sidewalk in front of that
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