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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 23, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> coming up on 7:00 in the morning as we tax a live look outside. the sun peeking through the clouds as we approach friday. thursday, friday. >> we got it. >> good morning. i'm wisdom martin. tony is on vacation. >> i'm allison seymour. that sunrise makes you get up and get around. >> tucker is back with us. >> good-hooking sunrise. beautiful out there. temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. should be a fine looking thursday for you. we'll start with a live shot. sun got up at about 6:30 this morning. there are a few clouds out there to start your day. let me mention the fog out to the north and west. the trend will be more and more sunshine. we should be dry this
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afternoon. 71 in washington. 59degrees in winchester. 55 at dulles. 67 in fredericksburg. the showers and thunderstorms dissipated during the late night hours. you can see a little bit of cloudiness particularly south an east of the city. could be a sprinkle down in ocean city. that is about it as high pressure builds in from the north and west. trend will be more and more sunshine this afternoon. good-looking forecast. 87 in washington. 84 in hagerstown. good-looking forecast as we get into the weekend. a look at tropical storm isaac coming up. coming up. let's do some traffic and lauren demarco is in with the latest. >> we have delays between 4 and 234.
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you can see this is heading eastbound on nix through manassas. further along before route 50 fair oaks, we have some accident activity on the left side of the roadway so watch for delays this morning. northbound 95 as you head past the prince william parkway. watch for delays out of dale city and again heading across the occoquan. 395 from the beltway up towards seminary. ably itself in maryland, outer loop, heavy and slow from 95 heading into silver spring. let's take a look at waze real quick. we are checking out the delays northbound 295 heading up towards suitland parkway. according to the fox 5 wazer, just moderate. do watch for an issue as you you head northbound on new york avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> new this morning, we begin with a developing story. >> a 17-year-old girl found shot to death inside her prince
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george's county home. melanie alnwick has the latest. >> it looks like police are starting to wrap up their investigation here into this murder on chartsy street in kettering. the murder of a 17-year-old honors student. police got the call around 10:30 last night of a shooting inside this home. when they arrived, they found the body of a 17-year-old girl inside the house. we don't have any details on where exactly inside the house the girl was found at this time. neighbors say they didn't hear anything around that time until they started noticing the police cars coming to the neighborhood. we are told that the home is occupied by a woman, her adult daughter in her 30s. that daughter's young son and then this girl, 17-year-old girl, who we now know is identified by neighbors as amber and then apparently, there is also a foster child, another girl who is in 11th grade in a nearby high school. here is what we can tell you
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about amber. neighbors say she is a very quiet girl, describe her as almost a bookworm. very sweet. they say a wonderful child, that she had dreams of becoming a lawyer and going to harvard. they don't know of any conflicts that have been happening in this neighborhood. they can't imagine what could have led to this shooting here. we did see police not too long ago as they all came out of the house. and then some of them started walking up and down the street here in the neighborhood a little bit, maybe checking trash cans, looking in gutters, maybe doing that one last check to see if there is anything perhaps that they have missed. police have not given us any information as far as the suspect or a lookout. we know that they are investigating it as a homicide. that is the late that we have here from kettering. back to you guys. a maryland prison inmate is
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dead. the 25-year-old inmate walked with a fray state correctional facility yesterday afternoon in queen anne county. he then broke into a home in venterville where he stole a gun, ammunition and other items. when deputies caught up with him, the inmate opened fire. they shot back but he got away. they eventually found him at a nearby farm. the inmate would not surrender. and when deputies say he reached into his waistband, an officer shot him dead. >> the vicious beating of a 29- year-old man on north carolina avenue this past weekend is prompting the guardian angels to take action? the group says it will step up patrols in the capitol hill area around eastern market because of this attack. thomas maslin remains in the hospital with serious brain injuries. the guardian angels say they will also step up patrols in the fourth district because of a big spike in robberies there. >> clean-up crews continue to work around the clock in ellicott city to remove toppled
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train cars and coal from tuesday morning's derailment. this comes as a community mourns the loss of two college students. family and friends have set up a memorial of flowers and a facebook page in honor of 19- year-old rose mayr and elizabeth nass. police say the girls were sitting on the edge of the brick by the tracks at the time of the accident. federal investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the deadly wreck. funeral arrangements have been made for both victims. a service for elizabeth nass is planned. rose mayr will be remembered saturday at bethany united methodist church also in ellicott city. a prince george's county police officer killed while in pursuit of a stolen car will be laid to rest. investigators hope new surveillance rid i don't will help them catch the driver. officered aery appear morris
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was killed when the cruiser ran off i-95 in beltsville. an arrest warrant has been issued for kevan neal. >> president barack obama continues to drive home the importance of education while mitt romney tries to focus the debate back on the economy. after days of diversions over medicare and abortion, the republican presidential candidate will promote energy proposals aimed at creating more than three million new jobs. this comes at a time when new deficit numbers spell trouble ahead for the economy. fox's doug lads takes a closer look at this hot butt butt ton issue. >> we are looking at another trillion dollar deficit this year. the finger pointing on the campaign trail is just getting started. the debt clock, how much higher can it go? even the congressional budget office which crunch these numbers isn't sure how much more we can take. >> we don't know much more this can go on for.
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>> this year, that spending imbalance will exceed $1 trillion. that is a tough number for president obama who promised to cut the deficit in half. instead, it has been above a trillion dollars for four years. >> it is bad economics. it is the wrong course for america and i believe it is immoral for to us pass on our burdens on to the next generation. >> reporter: the deficit talk is a natural fit for mitt romney as he pivots back to the economy this week. but the white house is using the same numbers to bash republicans blaming them for blocking efforts in congress to stave off massive tax hikes and tending cuts at the end of the year. it could stall the already slow recovery. the president campaigning in nevada accused romney and republicans in congress of opposing efforts to hire more teachers. >> republicans in congress led -- no, no, no. don't boo. vote. >> reporter: but if we saw it on the present course were the congressional budget office warns that the nation is likely
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to slide back into a recession next year. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. fox news. >> other news now, tropical storm isaac is still a concern for the republican convention in tampa, florida. it is only days away now but already the gop is moving up to monday. the roll call vote that puts mitt romney's name on the nomination. the convention center is in a low-lying area of tampa that will flood if there is a storm surge. in cuba, the u.s. base at guantanamo bay is canceling hearings for five of the 9-11 prisoners. the people in brooke and the virgin islands are boarding up and preparing for the storm. it is a day that many of us won't soon forget. >> one year ago, the ground shook up and down the east coast from an earthquake centered in virginia. holly is take a look back this morning and ahead. >> you know what in that earthquake was felt in 20 states including canada as well. it was a big deal and left
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behind a lot of damage. we are live at the washington monument this morning. on this anniversary, we are not only taking a look at where things stand in term of the recovery efforts but we'll talk about what do we all need to know in case one happens again. wisdom? >> coming i'm little bit later from representing the red, white and blue to walking the red carpet, kevin during apt does it all. we'll check in with him about his latest starring role. that is coming up next. ming up as we head to the break, checking out a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and lauren. that is next. that is next.
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back now on fox 5 morning news. we are sharing more of your
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back to school pictures. check it out. this is akim and corey on their way to kip discovery and heights school. we hope you have the best year ever. looking cute in that picture. >> you take this picture right, we'll get on the news. don't mess this up. >> there it is, we look cute. >> okay. >> exciting. >> back to school already. >> back to school. weather is cooperating. >> tucker is back. >> and i'm back. >> gorgeous shot. some of our viewers, if you are well out to the west, you will be encountering locally dense fog. we have some rain and cool temperatures this morning. otherwise, there you go. that is what you're look agent all day. should be a nice dry afternoon.
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i'll have details on that in a minute. thunderstorm isaac, maximum winds, 40 miles per hour. not an immediate threat to any land areas although it is likely to bring heavy rain to places like puerto rico later today. we have to watch the track of the storm. there is a lot of oceanic heat content. in other words, plenty of energy to feed the storm over the next couple of days. it is forecast to intense identify even though it is fairly weak at this point. across the dominican republic and cuba and be off the western coast of florida by early next week. we'll continue to watch isaac. there is your latest look. maximum winds, 40 miles per hour moving to the west at about 20. >> 70 in washington. 61 in morning in gaithersburg. 72 in quantico. 66degrees in salisbury. a lot of sunshine. a few clouds south and east of the city. those will slip off the coast and as high pressure builds in from the ohio valley, we are looking at a quiet couple of days. check out your five-day forecast. this is pretty nice for the end
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of august. upper 1r0 each day. mid- to upper 80s. lots of sunshine. and quiet overnight. no rain in sight until early next week. >> upper 80s each day. >> a little unusual, we'll take it. >> kids win be comfortable when we go back to school. >> time now to say hello to lauren demarco. >> it means lots of adult swim. >> in gainesville, 29 northbound north of 15, a car fire in merrifield. 29 at cedar lane. we have an accident in tyson's. route 7 at 123. watch for the accident activity there as well. now, 66, we take a look at traffic land. if you travel eastbound, we had an earlier crash in man as between 234 and business 234. that is off on the side of the road. this is just prior to route 50. you can see on the left shoulder, we have accident activity as well. delays from before 7100 to 123. 95 northbound on the prince william parkway still dealing with that accident activity off on the right shoulder. you can see it off in the
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distance there. delays off and on from dale city. 359 slowing off and on from edsall road up past duke street. no problems heading across the 14th street bridge. let's head into maryland. wanted to take a look at the bw parkway for you. no real issues. you can seat cars moving north and southbound. bw parkway at route 32, no problems for you. 95 looking pretty good between plays. play itself outer loop slows from 95 college park into silver spring. if you were in the area, no doubt you remember it. one year ago today, a magnitude 5.8 quake centered in louisa county virginia. >> it was felt in nearly every state on the east coast. so what have we learned since then and maybe more importantly, what have we done to get ready for the next one. >> is there going be a next one? >> well work we don't know
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about that. we want to be ready just in case. holly morris joins us live with the story. >> reporter: good morning to you. the words of the boy scouts, be prepared. >> you got to be ready. >> reporter: it is interesting you were talking about how you would remember where you were when the earthquake hit. we hay couple of people come by asking us why we were here. we say it is the anniversary and they immediately go into where they were and they didn't know what it was and the effects for them. it was so rare for us to have that magnitude of an earthquake in our area. there is a lot to talk about this morning. it is wonderful that we are joined by jim wilkinson. put it in perspective for us. at the time, how rare was it for us to experience something like that? >> well, the area is known as you low probability, high consequence for earthquakes. all along the eastern seaboard, they had a chance of earthquakes. but to know exactly when and where they would occur is next
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to impossible. it is rare and they do occur. >> they do occur because it did. you know, we never think it is going to happen until it does. >> what is the probability of it happening again? >> well, haven't seen any probabilities issued for the -- for this area. in the central u.s., we have more well known faults that the usgs has probabilities on. this is an area that was unknown. they knew there was a risk but not where the risk was. you see a lot more research going into the fault here. probabilities that earthquakes can occur. >> we had that one-two punch. we had the earthquake and we had hurricane irene which compounded it. let's talk about the things in our area that people know were affected. >> the washington monument. still closed. where do we stand on that? >> we are a year out from there and because of the structure, the historical significance of it, the engineering behind it, we probably have another couple of years before we can see the
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thing reopen. >> we'll have an announcement probably describing that situation and where we are. with these historical monuments especially. the national cathedral and others, it is not something we can do immediate repairs to. >> the national cathedral had lots of damage. >> >> a lot of structures weren't built to with stand earthquakes. >> the potential is there. so your mission is to educate people about what to do before, during and after. where do we stand to that? was the word we need to get out? >> there are steps you can take to prepare yourself. we try to enforce building codes, upgrade building codes. so we are he not adding to the problem. we are reducing the threat as we build. >> we'll be conducting an earthquake drill october 1th
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called the great shakeout. in this case, great southeast shakeout. and looking to help folks understand that there are steps they can take to protect themselves when things start shaking. a lot of people believe that the buildings themselves are what kill people. it is not. it is the content and items within the structure that begin falling and hit us and injure us and cause the injuries that we see. we'll talk about that later on this morning. after an event be how do we rebuild in we don't want to rebuild back the way we were. we want on build back better and safer so what are the step we can take. >> that is particularly challenging in our area because of the historic structures that we have. what is spoa priceless is they were built way back when in a way that we can't rebuild them. >> engineers are very smart and they figure out ways to work with historical structures so we can increase the integrity of the structure for a particular hazard. >> september is preparedness month.
7:22 am
how do you really get people to heed the warning? >> you just have to keep pushing if it. you have to get people to understand that their particular area has risks. it may anen earthquake, hurricane floods. you have to identify the risk as gunned getting out there and taking advantage of opportunities in this case. the fact that it is one year after the 5.8 and making people aware that there are quakes on the even seaboard. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll continue to push it. coming up in our next hour, we'll talk more specifically about how you and your family can be prepared whether any type of natural disaster strikes. >> thank you so much. and the washington cathedral is announcing that it is getting a $5 million donation for quake repairs. "washington post" is reporting that the lily endowment in indianapolis is putting up the mondayity. last year's quake caused about $20 million in damages and there are still several events today at the cathedral marking the one-year anniversary of the earthquake.
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time right now the 7:22. coming up, a growing problem in schools nationwide. kids coming to class hungry. a new survey breaks down the numbers right here in our own region. >> a scary scene on the water in maryland after a boating accident sends several people including children to the hospital. hospit we'll be right back. 
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seven people including four children are recovering this morning after a boating accident in anne arundel county. sky fox is over the scene in pasadena after two boats collided there at the river just before 7:00 last night. all of people involved have noncritical injuries including state delegate dwyer who owns one of the boats. when millions lost power during the summer's derecho storm, d.c. mayor vincent gray said the district needed a g changer and he appointedded a task force to look into putting
7:27 am
power lines underground. he is meeting with city leaders and pepco fills this afternoon at the first meeting of the task force. it is open to the public and starts at 1:00 at city hall. it seems teachs are nationwide are seeing more and more students come to class hungry. 36% of teachers in maryland say hell meantery and middle school aged kids are coming to class without getting enough to eat at home. the national survey also found that students who were hungry have a lower academic performance and suffer from health and behavioral problems. >> that just makes me so sad. >> a long-time redskin calls it quits today.
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that is up next. >> we'll get the latest on weather and traffic from tucker and lauren, coming up next. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt.
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and the braves fifth inning. prado cleared the bases with a double. bottom of the eighth. and morse are a single to left. that's it for offense.
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braves win it. nats take two out of three and led by 6 in the east a trip to philadelphia tomorrow. a redskins great will walk away from the game. clinton port ris will make the announcement today. and he has not played his since season in 2010. kind of an end of an era not very good. >> the team was not good. he had good years. a couple. it was unfortunate they were in confusion. >> i went to the nats game. everyone is into it because this is the year. >> right. >> what a difference being back and bryce harper being back,
7:32 am
not being back. our friend gonzales. >> yes. all right. let me get to the forecast, you know, nice way to start your day, kidding going to school. >> did you have the bus with the jacked up wheels. >> great. >> you did not empty it, did you. >> not today. >> and everyone is back. >> i was excited to see it. >> the forecast is a labor intensive i promise i'll make it. i'm getting taller. 66 in fredricksburg out at dulles. frederick and winchester. not a bad start we'll show you live shots. but generally going to be a beautiful afternoon, less humidity than has been around with highs in the 80s.
7:33 am
maybe a sprinkle and the shore, i don't think you will be in for a rainy day. lock how quiet it is. we'll have a nice one today. wait until you see the forecast. this is isaac. not a strong storm but as is the case, it will be a very impressive rain maker. that will be moving across the dominican republic and haiti over the next couple of days. there is heavy rain. a hurricane warning that's been issued across cuba, moving to the west, it has slowed down noticeably since last night,
7:34 am
lots of warm temperatures here. this will intensify. west of tampa by next week. but even if they are not impressive heavy rains to western shores there and the panhandle. we'll have to see where it tracks. partly cloudy and fog redeveloping. in the mid-to-upper 80s. saturday and sunday. we should be try here a good looking couple of days. let's see things looking good. >> you forgot about werth: he he is doing great. that was the extend of my sports knowledge. >> he is on fire. >> too many to name.
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>> i knew something i wanted to add in, i'm proud. >> i'm surprised you new someone on the nats. >> and let's look at ways. and montgomery county. an accident near forest glen. now confirming two lanes blocked between fires mill and the beltway, watch out for that. and a it is a free smartmen app. let's move on to traffic land, traveling the beltway. heavy and slow college park and we are past new hampshire avenue. and that's typical stretch of delays or incidents just volume at this time. 395 across the bridge, you have volume there toward duke street. we have an accident reported westbound between 11th street bridge and 7th.
7:36 am
two center lanes blocked. this is canal and into george town, not much of an issue for you. 66 heavy. the earlier accident is gone. and 123. let's check in with traffic. >> thank you very much. a study suggests the older dad is the more likely his new born child will develop autism. the study said the risk for random pew stations grows with advancing pa ternal age. some caution it should not keep men from having children later in life. a killer super bug made its way through the national institutes of health. we never knew with it -- about it until now. the infection killed six people last year. this super bug was spreading through the hospital so fast
7:37 am
that the staff built a wall to isolate patients. they gassed rooms and ripped out plumbing. the hospital never alerted the public because it did not trig area mandated report to the cdc. >> scary. a new disease is affecting 200 people in asia and here in the state t causes aids-like symptoms even though they are not infected with hivt is unclear what triggers the disease but it does not seem to be contagious. cantaloupes from indiana are being recalled. and the chamberlain harms was tie to the salmonella t could be the source of a jute break that infected more than 170 people. two have died and 62 have been hospitalized. it was nationally shipped to
7:38 am
mainly midwestern states although further shipments were likely. well, dr. oz coming back to washington, dc. he will give free physicals. and laura evans spoke with him this week about the goal of his initiative and how you can sign up. >> i understand that you are offering the physicals to the first 1000 people eligible to sign up so that very ambitious first of all to offer these to 1000 people. what makes someone eligible? >> anyone can come if they live in washington and get checked out and they have a reason to get themselves looked into. they ought to come by. there 15 minutes. you don't have a lot of excuses. the best part you get numbers that could change the way you think about your health. we educate you about what you can do about the numbers. fur need to, we'll connect you
7:39 am
with with someone. >> what will you look at in the physicals? >> well, there is a finger stick. we get your blood sugar and cholesterol. we get your pressure and look at your waist size and weight. and you mention that 1000 people is ambitious. we picked them. we can go through 1000 people in a day. sometimes there are some emergencies people off to the hospital quickly. a calm service to get people on track. we have a couple more days t will be fun and make it a festive atmosphere. what will do you with the information that you gather, i understand you that will be looking at the results. >> i look at the results, we tabulate it all and give a report card. part of the reason we do the physicals to help the individuals to learn what is going on but to help the city,
7:40 am
towns, communities understand what is going on. they are great leaders who want to make them healthy. they don't have ammof i say people in washington, dc are more hypertensive than in pittsburgh or tampa that means something, we can get to why that is so and make their lives better. >> a physical by dr. oz is an offer not pass up. make your appointment t is at howard university hospital wednesday, september 5th. it sounds like again an offer not to be passed up. thank you for being with us and giving us the information about it. >> you can sign up again for your chance to have a free physical by going to your web site. there is the banner and the top of the home page. a gesture from the white house to the sikh community.
7:41 am
what the first lady is doing in wisconsin. the nations to be is devastating for farmers. how the wine industry is benefiting from the dry conditions. conditions and new from skyfox. take a look. they're flying over south river marina in maryland. two boats burned in a fire last night. we understand it took firefighters an hour to future out. we don't know of any injuries. before we hit the break w a blast. we are giving away tickets to bush gardens. you can win and washington, dc look under contest. you must be 18 or older, a level resident that's dc maryland or virginia.
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the scene of a big time drug operation. 40 people are facing charges in connection to a meth ring that was run with the help of officers. an indictment says the officers smuggled cell phones and substances into the prison t says two inmates are charged including the ring leader and surfing time for murder and attempted murder. >> the first lady will travel to wisconsin to meet with the families of those injured and child a rampage in oak creek. six people were killed as worshippers prepared for a sunday service this month. the police lieutenant was among the first to respond to the 911 call. ways shot nine times from close range but he survived and released from the hospital yesterday. another victim remains in critical condition. well a young michigan fan in oklahoma city will wear his true colors with pride t is thanks to fans in ann arbor.
7:46 am
and cooper martin turned his shirt inside out. his school has a policy banning apparel not from oklahoma. michigan's athletic director got wind and had a solution if it happens again. >> we'll see a michigan football shirt that we'll send to cooper what i want you to understand about this, when you turn it inside out. >> he will be bare chested. >> all right. >> and the dress code in the schools is under review. >> it is cute hopefully he will not wear it to school. >> we talked about that yesterday, we had a water cooler thing back circumstances that back? >> i know today.
7:47 am
>> and he is. >> you against the lady, not against the lady, so now that you are back. >> he lost some, he won some. >> with the ladies i lose more than i win. i cannot wait. water cool ser back. >> we're not calling it that. we're just walking. we're just talking. >> did you talk about prince harry. >> you miss it all. 70 new in washington. let's see 66 degrees. some 50s still hanging out to the west and the north. winchester and frederick a nice start to the day. this is happening. low pressure bringing clouds. sprinkles to the shore. for us we have a few clouds in the you get out the door. the high pressure will build in and that will give us generally
7:48 am
sunshine and dry conditions for the next several days. if you like the late summer temperatures in the 80s with comfortable overnights you will love the forecast. temperatures in the 80s. lows in the 60s and the 70s. it looks like another chance of rain on tuesday. we'll have to watch the path of isaac it could bring us rain. we'll see where that goes. >> i like how that five day looks. >> thank you. time now to toss things over to lauren, there she is there, there she is there. >> hello. >> isn't it amazing julie has the days off when it is beautiful out there. >> i'm curious. >> well, listen, 66 has been a mess. heavy and slow. we had accidents, it cleared out. the volume has you on the break. and a crash between 234 and 234
7:49 am
business. that's cleared. you will remain slow. then safe again from 470. and other than that 95 looking good. we had a crash and parkway and 395 slows to duke street and across the 14th street bridge. westbound on the freeway. heavy and slow there. westbound on the southeast- southwest freeway, two center lanes blocked with an accident. this is southbound georgia avenue. look that the to the right of the screen approaching. an accident prior to the beltway two right lanes were blocked. this has been showing us the delays. georgia avenue approaching the beltway. you can tell it is slow. 22 miles per hour. all that information coming in from drivers moving out there that have the app, down load
7:50 am
that t can help you out. back to you. >> thank you, lauren. good and bad news from the drought gripping the nation. the good news is that we can expect some good wine produced in the midwest. grapes are smaller. focusing the flavor and sugar which turns to to alcohol. it season's harvest will be smaller, too. all right. from winning a gold to the red carpet, the kevin durant dishes about his role in a movie called "thunder struck" and playing in the olympics. pics. i came to say hello... and time for the friend of the day. hello to elizabeth. she says for her a day without fox 5 is a morning without
7:51 am
sunshine. that's poetic. look that the great picture. she makes me happy. to be a fan of the day go to our facebook page under her smiling picture. we'll be back. 7:50 now. 7:50 now. 
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message  now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts.
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if you don't tell me the problem. and the hoops superstar. and it is thunder struck. sat down and the venture and
7:55 am
incredible year. >> i didn't know how to do a movie, i read the script and it felt like way was doing every day and i it was to me i enjoyed it. i was sceptical at first and i stepped outside of my box. >> and fresh off the trip to the games can be describe it. >> i cannot future in words. and it is something not to me they can get it done, cannot take that away and break records and have assists in the game. you cannot take away the hardware. and it was an honor to be there to represent our country. >> people may have thought they
7:56 am
are one year ahead of the curve, they didn't expect you to get by sahalia ali, feeling the pain, does it make you come back and say i was so disclose winning that title, i have to gate ring? >> losing, of course, you want to come back and have a chip on your shoulder n our case, we were the one to do the same thing again. the heat felt the same way. it is because how competitive we are to be back on the staying. it was a great lesson and what it takes to be a top team. we have to keep working at the pace we're on and we get there one of years. >> he is 23. he is young. >> the thunder has won three straight nba scoring titles. he is the first to do it since the great michael jordan.
7:57 am
>> homegrown greatness a show and tell. what parents need to consider when buying a backpack to prevent issues. eating out is meant to be relaxing, right, if you are trying to count your calories. the medical team is here to help. 7:57. the morning news will continue after the break. [ male announcer ] some think obamacare is the same as free health care.
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8:00 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda macdonald. straight ahead at 8:00, a murder mystery in prince george's county after a 17-year- old girl is found shot to death. we'll have a live report. >> the worst outbreak ever. an update on the fight against west nile virus nationwide. >> and later a lesson learned courtesy of ll cool j. how the rapper/actor stopped a break-in at his home while it was happening. >> good morning to you. >> good for him. >> have you seen his guns by the way? these guns. don't mess with them. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm sarah simmons.
8:01 am
tony perkins has the week off. we'll get to weather here in just a second. first new this morning, marking one year since the east coast earthquake. the magnitude 5.8 tremor hit in the early afternoon near mineral, virginia. but it could be felt for hundreds of miles. it also caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage. a little later on we'll have a live update on what's changed since last august and the status of two local landmarks hit by the shaking. meantime, we're keeping an eye on another potential natural disaster, folks. tropical storm isaac is growing stronger as it makes its way into the caribbean. forecasters say it could become a hurricane as early as today. right now it's about 270 miles away from puerto rico with winds of 45 miles an hour. >> all right. and we are heading into that season, aren't we, tucker barnes? >> we have a lot going on, not only isaac but a few more storms off to the east and we'll have to see if they develop. isaac's winds are just 40 miles
8:02 am
per hour. forecast to become a hurricane in the next couple of days. keeping a close eye on it. it will be a rainmaker. that will be the big story, rain over the next 24 to 48 hours. all right. let's get to weather. >> what's going on right there? >> we'll do it. temperature at reagan national 70 degrees. forgot where i was for a minute. that's what happens when you're off for a couple of days. looking at our satellite-radar, showers and even a thunderstorm last night. you can see those have dissipated. a couple of leftover clouds south and east of the city towards the beaches a few sprinkles at the moment but we should see a clearing trend and it will be mostly sunny this afternoon with high temperatures right where they want to be, right where they should be mid- to upper 80s and we're expecting dry conditions later today so good one. 87 washington, 84 front royal. >> like it, tucker, thank you
8:03 am
so much. >> reporter: in maryland, 704 north of 202 landover road at hubbard road we have an accident reported also in montgomery county 124 southbound between airpark road and before diamond avenue. watch for the accident there. now, the other issue in montgomery county is georgia avenue as you head southbound. we take a live look from trafficland heavy and slow approaching the beltway an accident blocking the right lanes. now, let's move along. 66 we had delays out of manassas, earlier accident cleared out just volume at this point. once you get past 70/100 things clear up approaching the beltway. 395 northbound express lanes toward the pentagon activity on the right shoulder. southeast-southwest freeway delays from the 11th street
8:04 am
bridge. we have an accident reported from a wayser here. southbound g one slows between spout run and the key bridge. that's a check of your "fox 5 on-time traffic.." the big story we're following this morning a disturbing scene in prince george's county. a 17-year-old girl found shot to death. this happened late last night at a home in the 100 block of chartsy street in kettering. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the story. >> reporter: good morning. we have been able to confirm that the victim's name is amber stanley, 17 years old and she was an honor student in the honors program at charges flowers high school. now, police were called to the home here around 10:23 wednesday evening. when they arrived them to, they found the 17-year-old dead of a gunshot wound. now, neighbors say amber was a quiet studious girl who didn't run around with a lot of friends. that she lived in the home here with her mother and older
8:05 am
sister. her sister's young son and a foster child in the 11th grade, also. they say the mother was not home last night but that the mother was frantically trying to reach friends when she heard there was a problem. she called one and said that her amber was dead, wanted to know what was going on. so someone in the house had sounds like may have called the mother while she was out and she was trying to make it back here to her house to find out what exactly happened in her home. police have not put out any lookout information for a suspect. there was a report that someone entered the home. they didn't say whether that someone was a man or woman. they wouldn't say the person was a suspect in the shootingching they just said someone entered the home and they also didn't say it was a forced entry at this time. they are trying to piece
8:06 am
together the information. detectives have cleared the scene. they did a sweep through the neighborhood. i asked the police if they found a murder weapon yet. they couldn't comment on that. neighbors are heartbroken. they said amber was a wonderful child, she wanted to be a lawyer and was hoping to study at harvard. allison and sarah? thank you, melanie alnwick. a lot of unanswered questions. >> thank you. a scary moment now for boaters in anne arundel county. skyfox was over the scene in pasadena yesterday where four adults and five children were injured after two boats collided in the magothy river. the crash happened just before 7:00. still no word on what caused the accident. everyone hurt will be okay including state delegate don dwyer who owns one of the boats. that freight train that derailed in ellicott city killing two girls has led to a csx safety review and investigators still don't know
8:07 am
the cause, they say coal likely killed elizabeth nass and rose mayr. nass will be buried friday at the church of the resurrection. service for rose mayr will be held saturday at bethany united methist in ellicott city. 23-year-old was the drive of a stolen car being chased by officer adrian morris. police already have the suspect's alleged passenger in custody. morris died during the pursuit when the car ran off the road. he will be buried tuesday in beltsville. before that, the redskins will honor the fallen officer with a moment of silence before saturday's preseason game at fedex field. president barack obama raised $3 million with the help of some nba stars.
8:08 am
it was raised in new york last night. next week the president will be in charlottesville wednesday. the republican mitt romney is talking about how his energy policy will create 3 million new jobs at an event in new mexico this morning. husband running mate paul ryan is holding a defense industry roundtable discussion in fayetteville, north carolina. the first lady will spend the day in wisconsin. she will meet with the relatives of those killed and injured in the temple shooting earlier. this monday. todd akin has asked god and voters for forgiveness about what he called legitimate rape but continues to not drop out of the race for senate. short on cash, he is asking church groups and homeschooling organizations for funds. we continue to follow a developing story nationwide. u.s. health officials say this is one of the worst west nile
8:09 am
virus outbreaks this country has ever seen. so far this year, 1,118 cases have been reported. that's three times the usual number of cases reported this time of year. according to the cdc, 41 people have died from west nile virus. experts believe the mild winter, spring and summer have fossed the breeding of mosquitos. we are learning about a deadly superbug that devastated the national institutes of health last year. the nih says six patients died at its clinical it in bethesda after they became infected with a virus that didn't respond to any antibiotic. health officials have made extensive changes to prevent future outbreaks. still ahead on "fox 5 morning news" on a thursday morning, the new normal. we'll go live to the washington monument where holly will show us what's changed in the one year since the earthquake on
8:10 am
the east coast. but first, good to go now. nasa's mars rover passes its first road test. what's next for "curiosity"? we'll find out. >> and as we head to the break, a salute to some local students heading back to class. 
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
attorneys in colorado will argue today over whether a judge should release the movie massacre suspect's university records to prosecutors. at issue, nonmedical records related to james holmes's doctoral studies at the university of colorado and whether they are covered by student privacy laws. also today, former redskins clinton portis officially will
8:14 am
retire. he will make it official during a ceremony today. two years after getting cut by the team, portis ended his career 77 yards shy of 10,000 making him number 27 on the nfl's list of all-time rushers. he holds onto the washington franchise record for single season rushing yards. >> there are now tire tracks on mars. the "curiosity" rover moved about 15 feet yesterday then turned right and backed up a short distance. this is video from just before the test. nasa managers are thrilled that there were no christians as i'm sure they are very thrilled -- that there were no glitches as i'm sure they are having everything go right. it's a sensitive thing they're doing. >> it's so nerve-wracking. >> i would think so. >> let's calm our nerves a little bit. let's do that with the help of tucker barnes. give us some cuteness. we could use it. >> all right thank you very much.
8:15 am
let's get down to business.of t time for our official "my first 5" photo of the day. >> she is a big caps supporters. >> need a red bow then. >> i'm sure she has one in her wardrobe. >> what a face. send us your child's picture at and click on "mornings." quick look at isaac. an update here. maximum winds 40 miles an hour. it has slowed down. it's moving off to the west at 13 miles per hour will likely move across the dominican republic and bring some problems to haiti with some heavy rain over the next 24
8:16 am
hours so we'll continue to watch isaac as it will intensify into a category 1 hurricane over the next 24 to 48 hours. closer to home, nice start to your day temperatures now in the upper 60s and low 70s. we're 70 in washington at reagan national, 66 this morning in fredericksburg, 67 in ocean city. we're looking fine a little cloud cover to start your day particularly south and east. a couple of sprinkles there towards ocean city and rehobeth. those should push east and with high pressure building in from the north, look how quiet in ohio and michigan. we should have lots of quiet conditions here for the next several days. this is what you call a quiet five-day forecast. mid- to upper 80s each day. upper 60s to about 70 at night. and not a whole lot of humidity. so nice way to end the month of august. all right. that's a look at weather. i'll have an update in just a minute. let's check traffic with lauren demarco. >> montgomery county 124 near diamond avenue watch for the police activity there. also, georgia avenue southbound
8:17 am
leaving wheaton approaching the beltway you're on the brake. let's check trafficland. heavy and slow. you can see that to the right of your screen. folks heading towards 495, we had an accident blocking two lanes the right side of the roadway just prior to the beltway so that's what's got everybody slowing. good news here on the beltway itself, outer loop looking better as you head past new hampshire avenue continuing into silver spring so good news there volume is easing out. 395 northbound the express lanes at the pentagon accident activity there off to the side of the row not causing delays. do want to mention the freeway. let's look at waze. if you are traveling southeast- southwest freeway we had an earlier accident around 6th, orange there shows 20 miles per hour so still slow but look at suitland parkway and 295 very heavy as you travel inbounded. gw parkway northbound between the roosevelt and key bridges watch for the accident. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. as we told you at the top of the show, today is one year
8:18 am
since the east coast earthquake. why am i having a problem saying that, east coast earthquake shook our region. there it is. >> you got it. you're good. >> okay. >> so what do we need to know to be ready if it happens again? fox 5's holly morris is with the experts at the washington monument and has the answer. >> reporter: you know what it's fair to say that when this happened a year ago, we were all taken off guard so we didn't know what to do before it, during it or after it. but we can never use that excuse again because we have experienced a significant quake and seen the resulting damage. so this morning we brought out kim mccall with homeland security security management the director of community engagement division. >> good morning. >> reporter: your whole mission is to make people aware. >> help people become more prepared. raise awareness about what particular hazards are prone to the district of columbia and help provide some resources and information. >> reporter: so we are going to call this the no excuses segment. no longer can you have any excuse because we are going to give you information that you
8:19 am
can use and we'll start out with plan today for what's on the way. >> plan today for what's on the way is the district of columbia's national preparedness month theme and with that we're encouraging people all walks of life in the entire community to prepare disaster plans to prepare essential items which make up a disaster kit and to become aware of the environment and reporting activity to the local authorities. >> when you say come up with a family plan? >> that means sit down, look at your own unique situation and write down what you will need write down your meeting locations, write down emergency contact phone numbers for your relatives, friends and familiar ply and someone outside of the local area so you can be in contact with and make sure they know you're okay. >> become informed about the district's 18 hazards. we have a wonderful website in the district of columbia called and on that website you will learn about the 18 hazards that are prone to the district of
8:20 am
columbia including weather and manmade events from hurricanes, we're still in hurricane season right now as well as preparing for earthquakes which means you would learn to drop cover and hold on. >> and you can sign up for text alerts? >> you can register for d.c. text alerts. >> reporter: and be aware of what's going on around you at all times and the last thing is put together a go kit. so you brought out quite a few things here. >> a disaster supply kit or go kit is something that you assemble and any type of container that you can -- that suits your needs. so if it's something like this a lunchbox style you can start placing your essential items. so plan for yourself. so as an individual, what do you need? most folks we're all alike in certain ways, we'll need food, water in a disaster, a battery- operated flash like and radio. noaa radio for essential items. i brought some of this to display. this would be your weather radio. of course you have extra
8:21 am
batteries for your flashlight and so you assess your own situation and say, this is what i need and you put it in a container. >> you say this is what i need for howling? for at least 72 hours -- for how long? >> for at least 72 hours for at least three days after the disaster if you have to sustain yourself and family this is what you need. if you have pets, prepare for your pets because they will need to be taken care of, too. so we brought gloves in our pet first aid kit, instructions and things like that. the 72 hours gives you enough time to gather your resources, be ready to shelter in place, stay at home, in the office or in your car, or you can also grab and go if you have to with your essential supplies so you assess your own situation. for me personally i have allergies so i have to make sure i have a prescription for my epi-pen. so it's looking at your unique situation. prepare seasonal kits. so if we're heading into fall, season, winter, change out the surprise you had ready for spring and summer. >> reporter: you mentioned this.
8:22 am
you need to be prepared whether it happens when you're at home, at work or in your car. >> absolutely correct. >> reporter: prepare for all those situations. >> we have a wonderful publication if you don't mind called it's a disaster, available to anyone in the region and the city and the district of columbia. it outlines all the steps you need to prepare and the instructions. >> reporter: kim, thank you so much. wonderful information. we appreciate it. is our website. we have a link to theirs for the information. we are going to talk more about being prepared in case we have another earthquake at the top of the 9:00 hour. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. coming up later using a smartphone to earn a second paycheck. like the sound of that. we're going to tell you how you can do it. >> first, mama said knock out, right? the rude surprise a would-be burglar found when he broke in a famous rapper's home when "fox 5 morning news" continues.  [ obamama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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8:26 am
he reportedly broke the suspect's nose and jaw. police were alerted to the trouble when his daughter called 911. the 58-year-old homeless suspect now faces burglary charges. >> do not mess with ll cool j. >> no. photos of prince harry's crown jewels are slashed all over newspapers but not in britain. no newspaper in britain is publishing the nude pictures of the third in line to the throne. buckingham palace told them it would infringe on the prince's privacy. the vegas photos were first reported by the website tmz and have been seen by millions on the internet already so they're out there. the 27-year-old is no stranger to scandal. he has been photographed wearing a nazi outfit to a costume party and stumble out of london clubs among other things. are those -- >> blue suede shoes on. >> jazzing it up. >> in more ways than one. diving is never easy, right? but it can be even harder when you have to eat out. still ahead in our next half hour some ways to watch your weight without taking any of the fun out of your dining
8:27 am
experience. >> first, though, a little too close for comfort but not for me. it's a whale of a tale and we're bringing it to you next. you're watching "fox 5 morning news." inuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that caleater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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making headlines around the world, shelling south of the syrian capital reportedly kill up to 100 people. britain's prime minister is joining president obama says if they use chemical weapons it will force them to rethink their approach. the british prime minister spoke with the president of france also. the vicious beating of a 29- year-old man on north carolina avenue this past weekend is prompting the guardian angels to take action. the group says it will step up patrols on capitol hill around eastern market because of the attack. thomas maslin is in the
8:31 am
hospital with serious brain injuries. finally a close call in the waters off central california. a mother and daughter in separate kayaks nearly got taken out by a surfacing humpback whale. the mother was shooting video when the whale broke the surface. no one was hurt but the force of the wave knocked a couple in the water that were in a twin kayak. >> wow. i mean, it's neat to watch but you would be so scared. >> i would just be -- would i be scared? i think i would be in awe and i don't think i would breathe until it went back down but i think it would be so cool. >> it would be amazing. >> close to shore though, too. there are more pictures of what i assume, chris, that -- chris is our producer -- that incident where you can see people sort of like wake boarding and they are right there and there's a ship and they are's just in awe of this whole -- and they're just in awe of this whole thing. >> 25 years ago, you would have gone home and told people that
8:32 am
story. >> not anymore. get out the camera phone. >> we saw some dolphins in south carolina. does that count? >> did you? >> not the same thing. >> i love dolphins. >> all right. let me do the weather real quick. >> go ahead. now you have 20 bucks. [ laughter ] >> 71 in washington, 72 leonardtown, good morning. 69 fredericksburg and warming up very comfortable overnight with fog out to the west places like winchester 63 degrees. should be mid- to upper 80s today, a nice one. looking at a lot of sunshine. a lot of clouds hanging tough. a couple of light showers and sprinkles. but that should push off to the south and east as high pressure builds in. it's going to be a nice weather pattern through the weekend. high pressure will build in and temperatures-not too hot or cool, just right with highs in the upper 80s and overnight lows in the 60s the next couple of days and dry conditions.
8:33 am
it will be cool enough again tonight that we're likely to see some fog redevelop but otherwise i think we'll be looking at a fine pattern here for the foreseeable future particularly this weekend. 87 today, 88 tomorrow, dry weekend and seasonal with highs in the 80s. next best chance for rain tuesday with a cold front and then we'll have to watch the track of isaac, too, could bring us some rain middle to end of next week. back to you. >> we are following some breaking news right now out of montgomery county. skyfox so far the scene where a 15-year-old girl was hit while riding her bike this morning at route 124 and airpark road in gaithersburg around 8:00 this morning. that's 30 minutes ago or so. we're told that she has serious possibly life-threatening injuries. we'll bring updates as we get them. "american idol" winner jordin sparks is one of the
8:34 am
stars in the new movie "sparkle" but she has another reason to be proud. fox medical team's deena zen fanny joins us live from detroit with the details. good morning, deena. >> reporter: good morning, sarra . you know, "sparkle" was filmed in detroit. i do to the spend a little time with jordan and you see her on screen. she is beautiful, but when you get to meet her in person, she is really effervescent. i wanted to ask her how she lost 50 pounds. at the age of 17 in 2007 jordin sparks becomes the youngest "american idol" winner. now look at her five years later and 50 pounds lighter. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: looking pretty perfect in her blue bikini, jordan lands the august cover of "shape" magazine. >> you really lost 50? >> i reallydid.
8:35 am
>> reporter: it was a sudden illness that proved to be the wake-up call for the young singing star. >> i had walking pneumonia and i was about to turn 21 and i was like i can't take my health for granted anymore and this is going to change right here right now. >> reporter: now, two words can describe her diet simple and sensible. >> i eat a lot of mixed green salads and grilled chicken instead of fried, raw oatmeal. i just discovered that and i'm obsessed with it. it's so good. it's raw oatmeal instead of cooked and it's associated in cashew milk with coconut flakes on it. really yummy. >> reporter: even as she is pulled in many directions now promoting her new movie "sparkle," jordin tells me she drinks water like it's her job and when she eats it's for the right reasons. >> before i was eating it because i loved food. i love the taste of it and so for me, i really had to step back and think, am i just eating this because it's good
8:36 am
or because i'm actually hungry? >> reporter: exercise has also turned into a priority. wherever she is jordin tries to have 30 minutes of circuit training and admits while always feeling beautiful this new body has given jordin new confidence. >> i feel better. i walk with my back a little straighter. it's nicer. >> wow. she looks fabulous. eating out is supposed to be relaxing and fun a lot of us like to do it but for anyone trying to count calories it takes a little bit of strategy. >> you know, it sure does. you want to say i'm not worried about the dishes, let's go out to dinner. you can't do that anymore, it's too many calories so we thought this was good prevention magazine came up with dining out on a diet or sensibly so i just want to blow through a couple of these for you real quick.
8:37 am
even before you go to lunch you can do this. go online and look up your restaurant and at least look at how many calories you're going to be eating. most restaurants have their menus posted online. all the nutrition qualities from sodium, fat, calories, all that. so you add it up before you get to the restaurant. when you get to the restaurant, you have to be the first one to order because when other people start ordering all those decadent dishes, all the stuff you're trying avoid it's easy to be swayed and say i'm not going to get a salad. pasta alfredo. also, you can also go for an appetizer as your meal as long as it's the right appetizeer like shrimp secures or some kind of steamed or grilled item nothing like, you know, mozzarella sticks or potato skins but a reasonable appetizer. you order that as your meal. and finally you watch the booze because that is so many empty calories and once you start drinking you lose your will power a little bit. so we're saying, you know, one drink is okay. this is appropriate.
8:38 am
this is about 5 ounces of wine. about 150 calories. one light beer. then you're good. >> it's amazing when you think about 150 calories in the glass and, you know, you have two there's 300. >> a jog to bring that off. >> thank you, deena centofanti. >> reporter: thank you. >> over to you. >> thank you. well, you have the chance to get a check-up from one of america's most famous doctors. dr. oz will be coming to the district next month to give 1,000 free physicals on wednesday, september 5 at howard university hospital. dr. oz and his team will take a sample of your blood to analyze your sugar and cholesterol, take your blood pressure and look at your waist size and weight. you have to sign up on there is a banner to click on right near the top of the
8:39 am
homepage. the first 1,000 eligible people to sign up will be seen. later here in the 8:00 hour, a different kind of back- to-school pressure. we'll talk with a local doctor about the proper way to wear a backpack. but first, the countdown to the shutdown. how many starts stephen strasburg has left and a look back at last night's matchup with the second place braves. second place braves! did the nats break out the brooms? time now 8:39. we'll be right back. 
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it's gone! >> it went something like that. the braves look to avoid the sweep in d.c. prada's two-run double in the 5th inning broke a scoreless tie and was the game winner. atlanta won 5-1 but the nats took two out of three games and still lead the national league east by 6 games. the nats kick off the series against the phillies in philadelphia tomorrow night. >> steve strasburg shutdown is still the talker. he may miss two to three starts to prolong his season. the nats brass has been vocal about shutting him down between 160 and 180 innings as part of his rehab from arm surgery even
8:43 am
if they make it to the play- offs strasburg is currently at just over 145 innings. that means the team's ace could be done around september 12th or 19th. coming up next, how to make sure you are not overloading your student's backpack. >> but first, making money with your smartphone, lauren. >> that's right. one thing that's not bad to overload is your wallet with cash. we are going to have more on how you can earn some money with a smartphone app that's coming up after the break. he's made his choice.
8:44 am
but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours.
8:45 am
i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
8:46 am
today we say hello to elizabeth rector, a day for her without fox 5 is like a morning without sunshine. for your chance to be the facebook fan of the day, log on to our facebook page an leave a comment under elizabeth's picture. allison, over to you. >> thank you. well, as they head back to school your kids may feel like they have the weight of the world literally on their backs. quite literally. they may be carrying just way too much weight on their
8:47 am
shoulders in their backpacks. joining us now is board certified doctor of chiropractor ray solano on how to pick the right backpack and how to use it correctly. good morning. >> good to see. >> i have dealt with this. it seems like back in the day we held our books in our hands and walked to school. now it's everything and it's right on their backs and they like to be cool wearing it on one shoulder. i have to think this is doing some damage. >> it does and it continues to create damage. it's created a sense of urgency amongst parents because last year alone 7,000 emergency room visits were a result of a backpack injury. >> really. so now how do we know when it's not just okay i'm tired and stressed out so i have this pain in my back or if your backpack is hurting you? >> there are signs. achy back, muscle weakness, tingling in the arms. and even in severe indicated stooped posture which can be
8:48 am
not just temporary but in some cases even permanent. so it is good to catch it early. >> can this lead to other injuries? like carpal tunnel syndrome with wristbands and braces and all that. but are there injuries this can lead to over a long period of time? >> it's considered a repetitive type of injury. so the longer you have these types of injuries, the more permanent your symptoms become. and unfortunately, as you get older, harder -- much harder to treat. >> really? all right. so you brought some examples here of the common backpacks. there's such a wide range of price points here. you don't really know if you spend $40 on a backpack does that mean it's going to be a great backpack or what. >> excellent point. >> but what did you bring and what do you want to demonstrate? >> excellent point. in the backpack world you definitely get what you pay for. a good backpack will probably run you upwards of $50 or $60.
8:49 am
you want to look for a backpack with two straps. and not only with two straps, but you want a backpack with padded straps. so the straps you want to be padded on the inside. in addition you want padding on the back part because it eases the stress on the nerves and muscles that are very delicate in the neck and shoulders. >> as far as putting all those 100 books that the kids have to have if the big thick binders, my fifth grade her a -- she called herself missy five bindsers. we had to go for a big backpack. where you put your notebooks is that important? >> very important. when you load it, you want to load the backpack with the heaviest items closest to your body. so when you look for a backpack for that reason you want a backpack that has compartments. so when you're loading your heavy items load them closest
8:50 am
to the body and what you also want to do is make sure you have a backpack that has several come part elementary school. that's fantastic for distribution. when you're carrying heavy items, you want to distribute them evenly in the backpack in the little zippers and pockets and holders to prevent that kind of side-to-side shift because that can really set up injuries. >> the kids are wearing, too, those sort of we call them messenger bags and you put them across your body and they are sort of a big satchel bag. does that help? where the bag is? >> not so much. the best thing you want to do is the 10% rule. you don't want to carry more than 10% of your body weight on your back in the backpack. that's what the american chiropractic association recommends. with the single strap that doesn't distribute the weight eveningly. you want it on both shoulders and you want to carry it evenly approximately 2" below the shoulder no more than 4" below
8:51 am
the waist. the left image shows the classic stooped posture way off the shoulders. you want it much higher no more than 2" below the shoulders and no more than 4" below the waist. so the second image is ideal posture. >> will you come back and visit us? >> absolutely. >> dr. ray solano is the board certified doctor of chiropractic. wear the right backpack, everybody. >> thank you. how does you can use your smartphone to earn cash. lauren demarco. >> there were 150,000 people using the app. it's free. i talked to the founder and
8:52 am
also with a guy using it here in our area. so take a look at this. >> okay. >> the iphone and ultimately android suck a lot of money out of your wallet and what if we flip that around. >> reporter: the founder of the gig walk smartphone app a free app that makes you cash. >> super easy. download the app, who you are, what your experience is. >> then apply for gigs. >> there are a number available in the d.c. region at any time. josh casey was struggling working several jobs to make ends meet. one day he searched the internet for apps that can make you money. gig walk was among the results and he said it's made all the difference. today's mission? the one i'm doing today for you guys is take photos of georgetown university. two pictures of four different buildings so eight pictures altogether. usually i try to get one from the front, from the left-hand side, right-hand side, so
8:53 am
always take more than two. make sure i'm in the right place. >> reporter: the gigs could be posted by an organization or company trying to check out their competition or by a business that wants to make sure its products are being placed properly in the store. i did a few jobs for a company where you walk in where they have the seamless stickers. i did 100 of those. >> reporter: there are also gigs that involve going out to eat. >> and actually purchase the meal and give a review about it and you get reimbursed for the cost of the meal plus $25. >> reporter: or interviewing consumers at a given business or store. >> i have a lot of fun. i get to meet people and talk to people. i don't have to answer to nobody. >> reporter: josh said he made anywhere from $5 to $100 per gig a total of $700 since march. the payments come through paypal and takes 2 to 5 days. if you are interested, now is
8:54 am
the time to check it out. >> look towards the end of the month back to school september time frame early september of time frame. there's going to be new exciting gigs on the marketplace. >> reporter: gigwalk is only available for the iphone. it's been work on an android version that should be out by the end of the year. so pretty cool. you can make some cash. businesses can go to the website and post what you have for jobs. >> how much money can you make? >> anywhere from $5 for a gig to up to $100. >> wow. >> high-tech mystery shopper. >> exactly. >> there are other apps. we reward. you can look for that.
8:55 am
there is one caldfield agent called field agent and go spot- check. making money. >> thanks, lauren. well, we are staying on top of breaking news right now. a teenaged girl hit on her bicycle this morning in gaithersburg. we'll have the latest just ahead at 9:00. >> plus, back to school time can bring on some pretty heavy issues. teen dating safety and bullying. we are going to talk about ways students and parents can handle it. >> plus, an '80s tribute band is here to perform and because i love the '80s so much we're hoping we can sort of sing a little backup. don't miss it. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] since e 1996 welfare recipiens were required to work.
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your . good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. tony has the week off on vacation. >> i'm allison seymour. right now, at 9:00, searching
8:59 am
for answers at 17-year-old girl is dead found shot to death at a home in prince george's county. melanie alnwick is live with the latest. >> holly morris is live this morning on the one-year anniversary of the big east coast quake. >> reporter: the earthquake was felt in 20 states and canada. the washington monument still closed because of the damage during the quake. the questions this morning are, can it happen again and would you know what to do if it did? we'll take a look at those answers. >> backpacks, check. pens an paper, check of your back-to-school list is complete but did you talk to your child about safety? coming up at 9:15 montgomery county's state's attorney is here with tips to keep your child safe and happy this school year. >> coming up later the '80s are back. the reagan years live in the studio this morning playing hits from the decade and throughout the show and we'll chat live with them later on


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