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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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have very little to go on. they don't even have a description of the gunman or how he left the area. prince georges police spent all night here looking for anything that would lead them to the killer. bags and boxes were taken from the home before officers went outside and lifted menhole covers. who was inside the home at the time of the killing, neighbors say amber lived here with her sister, a foster child, and her mother. this girl was -- . >> this girl was quiet, quiet girl and focused ---- her school and doing the right thing. when she spoke, she came in and out on the way to school and back. i just can't say enough nice things about her. it's true. >> reporter: people who knew her said she wanted to go to harvard university and become a doctor. >> she was a pretty nice girl
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and -- calm, cool, and honor roll student. >> reporter: she was at work when the mom sent them a text saying her daughter was murdered and marshal said he came by the house to see what he could do. >> the principal said that -- >> students were shaken and fortunately, we had not placed grief counselors here to address the needs of each child. students came up and told stories of amber and how she was an affable child with an infectious smile. >> reporter: brown said he didn't know amber personally, but heard wonderful stories about her. amber's mother returned to the house late this afternoon but left without speaking with reporters. at this hour, prince georges
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county police continue to hold this crime scene. this is not unusual in any kind of a murder case, and especially one like this where police say they don't have much to go on. we have not seen detectives back here at the house this afternoon, but we understand that they might be coming into the neighborhood tonight to, again, look for some more information. we took a look at amber's twitter page a while ago and she appeared to be a very, very happy young girl who was really looking forward to her senior year at flowers. laura? >> and i know it's early in the investigation, but i know police often look at people close to victims. what about a boyfriend? police talked about a boyfriend of the young girl? >> reporter: the sources we spoke with said that they have not done anything that leads them to believe she could have been targeted. could this be mistaken identity? who knows. that could be a possibility. if they're telling us they have
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no suspect or motive, they must be at a loss as to why she was targeted. >> very troubling. thank you, paul wagner. a 15-year-old girl is in the hospital tonight fighting for her life. she was hit by a car on her bike this morning and the accident happened in gaithersburg. police say nicole pollen was crossing against the light when a car, which had the grn light, hit her. she was wearing a helmet and still is seriously hurt. new details in that train derailment. autopsies show the two young women killed were crushed to death by coal from the train. they were sitting on a bridge near the tracks when the rail cars slipped over. the ntsb is still investigating the cause. elizabeth nass and rose mayor were 19 years old. their funerals are set for friday and saturday. the washington redskins will be holding a moment of silence at side's -- saturday's
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game to honor -- in a crash this week. morris lost control and crashed into a ditch on i-95. his partner survived. the redskins play the indianapolis colts at fed ex field on saturday. a moment of silence will be observed before the game begins. funeral arrangements have been announced for officer morris. and service will be held tuesday morning and he will be built in david -- buried in davidsonville. urging people to take part in an earthquake safety drill october 18th and especially people on the east coast, after what many of us failed to do when an earthquake rattled our region one year ago. fox 5s john henrehan has that story. >> reporter: the virginia-based earthquake of 2011 rattled chandeliers and beer supplies at a restaurant in arlington and chased employees and customers into the street. concerned workers at the pentagon evacuated into parking
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lots and, at the top of the washington monument, parts of the ceiling came crashing down. >> and this is the most significant earthquake to ever strike the u.s. east of the rocky mountains. >> reporter: and the ground movement was found widely into new england and canada and a host of state and federal officials marked the one-year anniversary with a remindder to everyone that earthquakes are not predictable. government officials made out a table suggesting some of the items households should have on hands at all times. canned goods for when the power goes out for an extended period of time and a can opener to open them with and rain poncho, e sent jewel, medicine and keep an extra supply on hand at all times and this is that kit for
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your car, note pad and pan. the light stick, flashlight and extra batteries. federal and state emergency managers say it was a mistake for washington area people to leave their buildings, following the 2011 quake. >> the last thing you should do is evacuate the building. more people are injured by fallen debris and glass. >> reporter: the safety officials want to hold a national earthquake preparedness grill drill on october 18th. what should you do during a quake? d.c. fire e.m.s. sergeant demonstrated -- and to get under it and cover your head and neck. stay there until the shaking is over. students and faculty members at louisa county schools are marking the anniversary with an earthquake drill themselves and last year's quake forced nearly 5,000 students out of two schools destroyed in the quake. today, school officials showcased the progress.
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many classrooms are held in temporary buildings and some specialty classes for louisa county high school. they're being honored at businesses around the community. >> and one of the local ford dealerships -- came along and said, hey, these are -- and to use our lift, if you want. we had some students go to use the kitchen. we have that anymore and just anything. and -- and anything to help, they will. >> everyone pitching in, still a lot of work to do out here. principal smith said that it could take two to three years before the new high school is completed. all eyes on the caribbean tonight. tropical storm isaac south of puerto -- puerto rico, the outer bands bringing rain foot folks there and some flooding is used.
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it's to near haiti. the victims are there because hundreds of thousands are living in tents. the storm could head to florida by monday and that could spell trouble for the republican national convention in tampa. as of right now, hotels are still planning to host thousands of delegates and others, but they say that they're working on how to handle things ifisaac sets its seats -- sites on -- sights on the area. >> that is going to be a big deal and we have to move a lot of people out of the areas. >> it kick in 48 hours before predicted landfall and it's too soon to say where it will hit. sue palka is tracking all scenarios. >> reporter: it's not getting stronger as of today. still only has winds of 40 miles an hour and the hurricane hunters were in it and they said it's gotten multiple centers, and so it's disorganized. another headline, it's farther
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south than it was yesterday and we have a new track and that is shifting it away from the west coast of florida and 180 miles south-southeast of san juan puerto rico and about two to four inches of rain. the big headline is what it's going to do to haiti and the dominican republic as it passes by tomorrow and it may drop eight to 12 inches of rain on them and about 400 people see it. we're not seeing it as of the 5:00 update and strengthening to a hurricane until it's into the gulf of mexico and they may get some tropical storm conditions there on the path and the cone of uncertainty is there and that is starting to look like the west coast of florida in the panhandle is going to watch conditions and
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we have to make changes to it as well. we'll talk about that in a bit. >> and that is still wide and that is a very good observation. >> thank you, sue. >> sure. final preps are underway for the convention. a bulletin from the fbi and department of homeland security suggests demonstrators may block roads, shut down transit systems and what is described as acid-filled eggs. president obama returns to the white house for a couple of days while mitt romney is on the road and preparing to roll out his campaign. >> reporter: mitt romney rolled out more of the plan and
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focusing on the domestic fossil fuel, oil, gas, and coal. >> we're going to add two million barrels per day in offshore drilling. >> reporter: he outlined the policy in new mexico, the sixth largest oil-producing state in the company and -- country. that it would cut red tape and create jobs. >> by 2020, we're able to produce some between 20 to 28 million barrels a day of oil and we won't need to buy oil from anywhere else we don't want to. >> reporter: the white house slammed the republican plan as narrow and dangerous. >> the republican approach is essentially one that is written by or dictated by big oil. >> reporter: the back-and-forth over energy comes four days before the republican convention in tampa where teg is mounting over the -- tension is mounting over the impact of tropical storm isaac and the r&c -- rnc said they in place and mitt romney will be
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nominated. pollsters are protecting which party will get the best bounce from the back-to-back convention. >> in the end, the republicans will get a slightly larger and may be more than larger -- larger bounce than democrats do and they have a lot to learn. >> reporter: the convention begins on monday. the white house said that joe biden will campaign in florida at the same time, the weather permitting and that is the week after the gop gathering in washington, craig bosswell, fox news. and how about this? and make the man take birth control. why we could be closer to a pill for men. and people across four states, why their tattoos are to blame. a young woman suffering from a flesh-eating disease reaches another medical milestone. >> and one of the most colorful redskins in recent memory coming home to announce his retirement. 
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. a male birth control pill might be closer to development than ever before. alex villareal find out if men will be willing to take it. >> reporter: scientists have been trying to develop an ora male contraceptive since the birth control pill hit the market for women 50 years ago. now, researchers have a prototype. >> there is a couple of times that some girls told me they were on the pill and they were
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not the next morning. i think it's a great idea. >> i think it's great. i think it would be awesome. >> makes more sense to have the gun without bullets. than to have a bullet proof vest, you know? >> reporter: scientists tested a compound called jq1 in middle school and found it disrupts sperm development. the mice began producing fewer sperm and did produce didn't swim well, rentedderring them infertile. >> and there is vasectomies, and that is all right. >> reporter: normal sperm protection resumed after continuing use. >> and there aren't any options available for them. >> reporter: ivan with planned parenthood said that guys want more of a variety than abstinence and condoms. >> and it gives them more opportunity to go out and to use the pill. >> reporter: 47% of births are
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from unplanned pregnancy. >> $200 in morning after pills and you can't trust other people or yourself and can you know what you do for your own body. >> men and women are usually involved in the process, anyway. women say it's about time for guys to share the burden of paying for contraceptives and to remember to take them. >> it's ridiculous and there is so much trouble because i am not that organized. >> reporter: would you trust on a guy to take a pill at the same timeef day? >> it would depend on the guy. i would be for it and encourage him to take it. i am pretty good. >> reporter: the compound uses a molecular approach like lower libido, mood swings, and depression could be avoided. >> i'm curious to see what the side affects are. >> it's like -- it makes you sick sometimes. it's messing with your hormones and it's ridiculous that it's all the woman's responsibility. >> i would definitely try it if
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it came out and i didn't see anything serious about it. and, you know, if it works, it works. >> i would let it stay on the market for a month or two to see if there are not any side affects. >> reporter: you can't buy them yet. it's not a candidate for human use, but it does offer a blueprint for the development of a drug. a mysterious new disease left scores of people in asia and some in the u.s. with aids- like symptoms, even though they not infected by hiv. what triggers by the illness is unknown, but doctors say the disease doesn't seem to be contagious. the immune systems become damaged leaving them unable to fend off germs, most of the cases were found in thailand and taiwan since 2004. a health alert for those of you considering a tattoo. the cdc said contaminated tattoo ink caused 22 skin infections in four states last year. products from four companies were implicated in the
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investigation but the agency is not identifying them. the government does not directly regulate tattoo ink because it's considered a cosmetic. a major milestone for the georgia woman who survived a flesh-eating bacteria. after more than three months in the hospital&amy copeland is back home tonight and she contracted the rare infection. doctors had to amputate her right leg, right foot, and her hands to keep the disease from spreading. we're talking about isaac. and we have to talk about our weather and there is not much to complain about. >> and not at all. >> and i think it's going to be a nice evening and that is nice to not have any whipping, right? >> and there is no humidity to whine about. >> glorious. >> and that is your first
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indication the humidity is low and to be sure, it's warm and believe it or not, we may have touched 89 briefly and that is to 85 degrees and cools off quickly. a couple of hotspots, frederick, 90 degrees; quanticoco, 89 and into that evening, there are a few to the west and 83 degrees at 7:00. by 9, partly cloudy and 79 and by 11:00, 75 and that is a quick look at radar. wherever they went, it must be raining and that is a good thing. we have a couple of thunderstorms to the west and they start to form there and drifting slowly. i have to tell you something, we're going to make some changes and some significant changes. this is why. all week long, we have had it off of the carolina coast, and
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unfortunately, it's not going to shift much and we think that is going to come into town and that is on isaac. and there is some big changes a cure occurring with that and that is not getting started and the track is changing. >> and as you were saying changes, i thought voice analysis, not good. >> and better for tampa. >> sounds good. see you soon. coming up, supplier scandal. why mcdonald's is suspending purchasessa-from-a meat company in california. >> and michelle obama is making a house call. when can you catch the first the dr. oz show as we continue. 
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. mcdonald's is joining the usda suspending meat purchases from a california slaughter house a courthouse cueed of animal it. this video might be disturbing come of you.
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the move comes after the animal welfare group's undercover video from central valley meat company and shows cows that appear to be sick, being beaten, kicked, shot, and shocked to get them to walk to slaughter. mcdonald's released a statement calling the behavior unacceptable and saying it would not adhere to the standards of our suppliers. >> that is hard to watch. new details of a salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupe. the fda linked the farm tied to the melons. the owner stopped distributing cantaloupes a week ago when the government alerted the farm to a possible health risk. at least two people have died from the outbreak. the fda said chamberlin farms is not necessarily the only source of the outbreak. an investigation continues. first lady michelle obama is making a house call on the doctor oz show. she will tape an appearance on wednesday to talk about her let's move campaign.
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he's honored she decided to be a guest on his show. the episode will air september 14th. and on that show, they're high- fiving. coming up, there is a new book about the raid that killed osama bin laden. why it's stirring controversy about the release of classified information. plus, isaac is being felt as far away as guantanamo bay. how the tropical storm is delaying justice for those who loved -- who lost loved ones on 9/11. >> reporter: and the royal family furious about prince harry's naked photo fiasco. why his security team is in hot water tonight. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reduce welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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. florida residents are bracing themselves for tropical storm isaac as it gapes strength in the caribbean. it's expected to become a hurricane tonight and tomorrow and could start affecting south
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florida as early as monday. isaac could force a shakeup for the republican national convention in tampa. the florida governor rick scott said as of right now, there is no plan to cancel the convention. tropical storm isaac is delaying justice for the accused 9/11 conspirators. a pretrial hearing for khalid sheik mohammad and fellow defends has been cancelled in gitmo. >> reporter: across the navy base, you can see evidence they're preparing for a major storm. fox news was the only american tv network to talk to the base commander about his recommendation to evacuate the reporters, the 9/11 families, the staff at the office of military commissions. this is the group that oversees the trial and other non- essential personnel. >> it's an easy call when you look at it in terms of human life and we can redo the commissions and other things. i can't redo human life and the longer i wait, the more at risk
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i put more people. >> reporter: it's a long and systematic process. they close the beaches, the bay, they shut down the roads and they will shut down the power. military personnel are being told to make sure they have enough food and water and to get familiar with their assigned shelter. the detainees will be told to shelter in place if a major storm hits. the detention camps are the safest on the island. they can withstand a category 4 storm. for the 9/11 families, this is the second time the pretrial hearings have been delayed. it was clearly a disappointment. the habermans were here for their daughter andrea. at 25, she was killed at the world trade center. it was her first business trip to new york city. >> sorry about the delay, part is man made, the other part is weather made. not much i can do about it. i am confident they will continue. >> actually, here today. here this morning that it was
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camped. i understand why and it was still a heartache. >> reporter: they will be back here in october when the pretrial hearings will resume. we're looking at a series of hearings every two months until the actual trial begins next summer. in cuba, catherine herrage, fox news. the white house tonight is speaking out about a new book, the author who claims to be a member of the u.s. navy seal team who killed bin laden. if that is true, it could be the only firsthand account of the operation and could trigger more questions about the possible public release of classified information. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is following this one tonight. what do we know about the author, tom? >> reporter: the book is titled "no easy day" and will set the record straight about one of the most important missions in u.s. history. the author is use the pen name
5:33 pm
of mark, owen. this evening, fox news and "the associated press" are reporting u.s. military officials are confirming the author's identity as a former u.s. navy seal who lived in virginia beach and retired from the navy last summer. u.s. military officials say they do not believe that the book has been read or cleared by the defense department and which reviews publications by military members to ensure no classified material is revealed. osama bin laden was killed, you remember, during a u.s. special forces raid in pakistan in may of 2011. the dutton publishing company said the author not only took part in that raid, but was there when he died. special operations forces must sign a non-disclosure agreement and are banned from releasing classified information. when asked, press secretary jake carney said the administration is gathering information about this
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publication. >> and we were unaware of the book until yesterday and the press reports about it. i don't know what is in it and would refer you to the defense department since it's apparently supposedly written by someone in the military or retired. >> reporter: a spokesperson for dutton publishing said if the work was vetted by the former special operations attorney provided by the author, he is planning a first run print of the book, 300,000 copies. interestingly, this will go on sale next month on september 11th. >> very interesting and what could happen to this author if classified secrets are spilld? >> it depends, laura, on what is contained in the book. if it sticks to the author's personal thoughts and opinions about the job and mission, he could face no problems at all; however, pentagon officials say the regulations are clear on this and state retired personnel, former employees,
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non-active duty members, the reserves -- they are not allowed to douse dod security processes and they have to submit this information first before publicly releasing any information to make sure it doesn't compromise national security. and if any classified information is revealed, the pentagon said this individual is retired from the military, will refer this to the justice department for any possible investigation or prosecution. >> tom fitzgerald tonight, thank you. first lady michelle obama met with the kikh temple victims today -- sikh temple victims. they take comfort that the shooting helped educate the world about their religion. earlier this month, six people were killed and many hurt when page opened fire in the temple during a sunday prayer service. in colorado, a court
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hearing is underway that could provide prosecutors now information about james holmes. the prosecutorsd can the judge to release his university records. defense lawyers are trying to block the request saying the records are private. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 in a movie theatre last month. and speaking of killers, still ahead tonight, the man who shot and killed john lennon begs a parole board for mercy. and why zimmerman's lawyer is shutting down his client's facebook page. we'll be right back. right bac
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the romney-ryan an will restore medicare funding and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . some explosive testimony today during a drew peterson murder trial. a pastor testified for the prosecution that peterson's fourth wife stacy told him she lived to police when officers questioneddeath of peterson's third wife,
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cathleen savio. drew peterson is on trial for the murder of savio in 2004. stacy spite peterson went missing in 2007 and hasn't been seen since. parole denied for the man who killed john lennon. mark chapman shot him in december of 1980 outside of the apartment building where the former beatle lived. he was sentenced to 20 years and life -- 20 years to life after pleading guilty to second- degree murder. george zimmerman's attorney shut down a facebook page the defense team was using. zimmerman, as you know, charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida last february claimed self-defense. his lawyer said the facebook page was leading to unhelpful discussions, so he took it down. prince harry caught on camera at a pool challenge in vegas. and coming up, a
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charismatic former redskin hangs up his cleats the final time. we'll hear from an emotional clinton portis after the break. and some changes in store for the weekend. sue is back with the forecast. he's made his choice. but what choices wiwill women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform.
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one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . clinton portis was a redskin for seven years and ran his way into the record books and fans' hearts. he officially hung up his clots as one of the best skins ever and lindsay murphy has more. >> reporter: the clinton portis we're used to is silly and to name a few. he was a hustler, becoming the second all-time leading hustler in franchise history and all heart. known for his blocking as touchdown celebration. today, clinton portis retired a redskin during an emotional press conference at redskins park. >> did you expect to have all
5:45 pm
of those emotions coming into this? >> i did. honestly, i thought it was easy, get up, speak my peace, you know, my appropriation for the fans and for the organization. for my career. reflect on it. you know, the emotions came out. truth came out. >> reporter: you said in 2010, you knew that you were not going play football. you didn't want it to play for anyone but the redskins. can you talk about the feelings you had when you visited other time error considers how it's not the fit? >> the feeling was not there and that is more nervousness. more will they accept me and understand me, you know, it kind of always felt like judgement, i think, when i left here, it was so much determination approved that i could still play in. i think once i got to the point where i proved to myself that i could still do it when i recovered and i got healthy and
5:46 pm
i can still move. and my body changed and that i still could play and was content walking away from the game. i didn't think i had to prove it to anyone but myself. >> what do you want people to remember and take away from clinton portis as a redskin? >> i gave you everything i had. i left my heart at fed ex field and anyone else looking for it or if anyone else will find it, i'm right there with you and i will follow the redskins fan, i feel like i gave you everything i had and i wanted people to realize that, you know, when i left here, i left it all here. so, that is what i want to you remember. >> and portis was much more composed during my one-on-one and could barely spoke. he said the next slanter in life is to live life. he's got four kids and has become a soccer dad. ands to enjoy that for right now.
5:47 pm
laura? >> good for him. he deserves it. >> absolutely, thanks. >> lock her down, huh? >> it's interesting to see the warriors on the fold. you don't have the sensitive moments like you did. >> it's wonderful. >> and they're human. how about that? >> and we're not going to forget him. >> absolutely. >> unforgettable. and today's weather was unforgettable. >> yeah. >> not bad. warm and humid. >> yeah. >> and nice to start the day. >> with that warning. the mornings are phenomenal, aren't they? >> absolutely are. >> and that is a live look outside in northwest there. >> and some blue sky, no thunderstorms and a few to the mountains and i'm not thinking we're going to get much. and that might change over the weekend. we have had to put rain into the forecast for the weekend. i will show you why this is changing in just a moment and start with a look at temperatures. ninety at frederick and down from what that high was, 89 degrees and without the humidity and that can get nice and toasty. sentinel radar showing you not
5:48 pm
much showing up here and a couple of storms are slow- movers along the interstate 81 corridor and i would be surprised if they were able to hold together and drift in closer to the metro area and all week long, we have had an area of disturbed weather to the south. we knew it was there and this is part of the reason we had some impulses and thunderstorms earlier this week and some disturbances coming on through. it looks like it's developing into a weak coastal low on saturday and that may drift north. maybe into the chesapeake bay. if it does that, that is going to bring an east wind in here, dropping our temperature, maybe only to 79 or 80 degrees on saturday, and it will also bring waves of showers into the area, too and a little bit of weakness and that is giving the ground and for that low to sneak into the forecast. it's been nice today and that
5:49 pm
is going to continue to be nice over the next 24 hours. i think, friday is looking terrific, too and we'll watch the area of low pressure and that is going to sneak in and bring us rain. we roll through most of friday, dry, and tomorrow afternoon is one of the days where we can pop some isolated showers and thunderstorms. and i want you to see we have clouds showing up and to our south. we watch the coastal system into the beaches on saturday morning and we have the clouds. as the day goes o some of that gets in here and that is wet and cool. the temperatures forecast around 79 degrees and hanging around for part of sunday and good news, bad news, good news, we're eight inches below rain
5:50 pm
and this will help out and some fog possible here and there. a warm day and not too humid and expect, perhaps, a thunderstorm here and there and in through the day tomorrow. it won't be 88 degrees in the morning but closer to 78 degrees and some big changes for the weekend. clouds and show or saturday and with that in off the atlantic. mostly clouds and some showers around and that is a different forecast and we're going have much more on our tropical storm isaac coming up the beginning of the news edge. i wanted you to see not only is this moving through the caribbean with winds of 40 miles an hour, it's about 180 miles south-southwest of san juan and there is another system out there if you hear about joyce. this is the tropical storm that formed behind it, a depression
5:51 pm
yesterday and we're not expecting this to make an impact. that looks like it will turn and start heading in a different direction and the last thing to show you is a shift of our guidance. that is coming across the dominican republic, worried about haiti and most of the models are keeping it in the gulf of mexico. perhaps the western panhandle is going have to be concerned about what tropical storm isaac, which could be a hurricane in the warm golf waters, decides to do and some more on isaac in a few minutes. the wetter weekend and back to sunshine on monday. >> right. when you go back to work. 87 degrees, tuesday about the same. >> i hate how that works out sometimes. >> sometimes the timing is bad. >> thank you, sue. the olympics might be over but that didn't stop britain's prince hayey from challenging olympic swimmer ryan lochte to a race. it went down about 3 in the morning at a pool party during the prince's visit to las
5:52 pm
vegas. harry reportedly stripped down to his jeans and jumped into the water. no surprise here, gold medal winner lochte won that race. what was he thinking in. >> and, of course, the race was not prince harry's only photo moment in vegas. that is the talk of the town, the nude photos and i understand the royal family is not happy about the security team who is there when those photos were taken, right? >> reporter: correct. yes, the real family is upset with harry and with his security team because they allod this to happen and they were. there the security team there was and they were standing back and allowing people in and the fact that they didn't compensate phones on the way in and when people take their clothes off, they allow the clothes to be there and the pictures to be taken. as a security team, their job
5:53 pm
is to make sure the prince stays out of trouble. if he's doing something, he doesn't get busted and that should have taken every phone that came through the door. >> that is a balance. they want to give him broom to be prince harry or harry the guy and at the same time, well is have his back n. this case, didn't work and let me talk about another olympic athlete, not lochte. he gives now meanings to -- meaning to a boar run and what can you tell us about him? >> this is impressive. and he's an olympic winner and decided to take the challenge and he did it in 5 minutes and 9 seconds. you chug four beers -- bees and run a mile. he -- run four beers and run a mile. he was off the world record and the fact that he could run a mile in five minutes, without stopping and chugging four beers is impressive. >> chugging four boars? >> he's going to train and -- four beers? >> he's going to train.
5:54 pm
i couldn't get around the last one in five minutes. >> right. >> and with some four beers down. >> yes. thank you for joining us. good to have you here. new tonight on the news edge. bury the power lines? that is the call we've heard over and over after recent major outages and the june derrec -- derecchio. d.c. looking at putting them underground. a maryland lawmaker makes a startling admission after being involved in a boating accident that injured five children. and west nile worries what, local health officials are doing to prevent the virus from spreading in our area. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
the autopsy reports show that king had alcohol and numerous drugs in his body, including pcp, cocaine, and marijuana. king made national headlines in the early 1990s after he was severely beaten by los angeles police officers. an arkansas man who died from a gunshot wound while handcuffed in the back of a police car apparently called his girlfriend from the car and said he had a gun. police say carter committed suicide. an autopsy report supports that claim. carter's girlfriend told police he called her and said he loved her and that he was scared. a detroit baby sitter is behind bars after taking police on a wild chase with a baby at his side. dash cam video shows the officer trying to stop the car and that is when the suspect valerie reed tried to flee the speed at -- scene at speeds of up to 70 miles an hour. the chase lastd about a mile when she stops the car and -- reid stops the car and takes
5:59 pm
off with the baby in his arms. at some point during the getaway, he passed the baby off to a random woman, running through her yard apparently. the police caught up to reid and he's being held on $25,000 bond. the baby, good news here s back with his mother tonight. and i'm winded reading the story. that is a wrap of the 5:00 news tonight. the news edge at 6 with laura evans starts right now. and we begin the news edge at 6 in the district tonight. where city leaders are trying to fix a problem that caused so many people so much stress. this was the scene after the june derecchio rind through our area, like so many places in the region. d.c. residents face massive power outages following major storms and there may be one solution but it's an


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