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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  August 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a 17-year-old honor student, a promising future. >> this morning, family, friend and police want to know why her life was cut short. the latest on the investigation into a murder that has a community asking so many questions. champion cyclist lance armstrong banned from competition for life, stripped of the titles that made him famous. the planned punishment handed down after the superstar says enough is enough. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. live look outside on this friday, august 24th. it is the end of the week for some people, the end of a very productive and very nice first week of school. we have more coming. we have different start dates across the region. but for now, one week in and getting ready for another one. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons.
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let's say hello to tucker barnes to get the latest on our we are. >> nice conditions out there right now. upper 60s, low 70s. it is going to be a decent day today. we'll have clouds around. kind of a partly sunny day today. it should remain dry for you with highs expected to be in the upper 80s. we'll take t fridays are always good. summertime fridays even better. 74 in washington. 67 in baltimore. win chest are, 63 degrees. and ocean city, 65. not going to be a perfect weekend down at the beaches. i'll have more details of that coming up. there will be some cloud cover and definitely some showers around there this weekend. there is your cloud cover. you can see it. we'll be waking up again with that filtered sunshine but we will see some breaks in the clouds during the course of the day and that allows the temperatures to pop back up into the 80s as mention, probably upper 80s for afternoon highs with not a whole lot of opportunity for rain today. a better chance saturday and sunday. i'm being careful about what i
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say. 88 in washington. 87 in la plata. time to take a look at what is happening on the roads with lauren demarco. >> thank you. do want to mention real quick that rhode island avenue is closed at 13th street in northeast for police activity. we've been deal with the incident on the beltway. it is the outer loop ramp to southbound new hampshire avenue where we have the police and emergency activity, a car off to the side of the road there so they're trying to clear that out of way. last check, you were able to get by the ramp just carefully under police direction there. also, reports of an accident at the beltway at route other in maryland. sky fox was heading over to that area. not seeing anything in our camera angle but we'll continue to follow that. we'll let you know if we do see anything. 95 northbound heading across the occoquan. some volume but everybody is moving. no accidents or incidents reported for you. nice trip up through springfield. bit of volume building here on both the main and express lanes as you head up past duke street. no problems crossing the 14th street bridge. i do want to take a look at
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waze because we had a wazer reporting in that there was a hazard on the road as you travel south -- or west on the southeast-southwest freeway toward the 14th street bridge. unable to pull that up right now but do watch out for that. it was on the on the shoulder near seventh street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. our top story, the murder of and honors student inside her bedroom at her bridge county home. >> family and friends are morning the loss of a 17-year- old high school senior murdered at her home in kettering. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: good morning. police now tell us that the day before amber stanley was murdered, they went to her home for what is being described as a trouble call and sources now say investigators are trying to determine if there is a connection to her murder. officers searched stanley's home yesterday taking away
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boxes of evidence and scouring the neighborhood for clues. police say the gunman went to the home on chartsey street around 10:00 wednesday night, kicked in the door, then went upstairs and shot the 17-year- old honor student multiple times in her bed. she lived in the kettering neighborhood home with her mother, sister and a foster child. police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information in the murder. so far, investigators have no motive. and for those who live in the neighborhood, it is all unnerving. >> somebody is that bold that they are going to kick in somebody's door and then go in somebody's roomable take -- room and take their life. i guess everybody will have a hard time adjusting to that. our kids go up to 17. a lot of them probably goes to the the same high school or they know her from being in the neighborhood. we'll put it up on our web site and see if we get any hits and hopefully somebody will call in that may know something. >> reporter: stanley was and
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hon our student at flowers high school and friends say they dreamed of going to harvard and becoming a doctor. as we mentioned, police were called to that home on tuesday but police are not providing any details about their emergency visit there or whether or not they believe it is connected and could lead to her killer. that is the late here in palmer park. back to you. >> thank you. we continue to follow breaking news in the district. an apartment fire on alabama avenue southeast. crews were called to the scene at 4:45 this morning. we are told the fire is out now. a mother and her two children were transported to an area hospital. we will continue to follow the story throughout the morning hours. hours. in this morning's other top stories, funeral services will be held today for one. two victims of deuce's deadly train derailment in ellicott city. 19-year-old elizabeth nass will be laid to rest today. funeral services for rose mayr will be held tomorrow.
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the investigation into the cause of tuesday's accident still continues. the two friends were sitting on a bridge next to the railroad tracks when the train derailed. howard county police say autopsies show the two friends were crushed to death by coal from the top of railcars. a maryland lawmaker admits he was drinking when the boat he was driving collided with another boat wednesday evening. 54-year-old delegate don dwyer says he has been told his blood alcohol con at any time was more than twice the legal limit in maryland which is .08. he and several other people including children were hurt in that collision. collision. another big story we are following this morning. it looks like lance armstrong is going to lose his seven tour de france titles and be banned from cycling for life. >> the u.s. antidoping agency is expected to officially make the announcement today. this move comes just hours after the cycling champion came out saying he would longer fight charges of illegal
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doping. also making headline albright missing captive for tw she manages to escape and what police find in the illinois home where she has been hiding macthe case even more disturbing. also ahead, the latest on tropical storm isaac. haiti is in the storm's path as thousands of people are still living in at the present time cities following the 2010 earthquake. fox 5 morning news will be back in just a moment. [ obamama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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the norwegian man who set off a deadly explosion and massacred dozens ever children at a summer camp has been sentenced a a if i have judge panel says anders breivik is sane and will go to prison. ?ens can be extended under norwegian law as an inmate is considered dangerous. breivik says he was on a mission to expel muslims from europe when he went on the ram
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teenage page that claimed 77 lives last summer. >> a disturbing story from illinois of a teenaged girl held captive as a sex slave two two years. she is now 17 years old and escaped from the home where she was being held early early this week. now, she went to police saying she was raped almost every day and got pregnant and had a child. the s.w.a.t. team raided the hospital and arrested the 24-year-old man. teen's 2-year-old child was found inside. the girl had been reported missing back in april of 2010. police thought she may have run away. tropical storm isaac is taking aim at the dominican republic and haiti later today. people there are boarding up and getting readied for the heavy rain. this is video of the prep in the dominican republic yesterday as people got ready pot coming storm. the prime minister is urging people to avoid crossing rivers and to tape up their windows. we are monitoring metro for you this morning. a big change is on the way for ride wrs short trip cards. we'll tell you how it will affect how much money you keep
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your card. >> first, we are checking in with tucker for a look at the forecast. that is when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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and. we are loving all these first day of school pictures you are sharing with us on our facebook fan page on this is diondra on her way to kip school on douglas road in southeast. very nice. >> look like she's saying why are you taking my picture. >> can i get to school, please? if you would like to make your child's photo a part of our first day gallery, you can e- mail pictures to the ad reon the screen. you can also continue to upload them on our facebook fan page. >> let's tax a live look outside before you head out to
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take the little ones to school. traffic seems to be moving at least. that is always good news. temperature, 74 degrees at reagan national. cooler in other areas? >> lots of 60s. should be a dosent day. we'll have clouds around but highs summery, back up to the 80s. >> you have to give a redskins forecast. >> first one at home. >> first one at home with andrew luck and rg iii. >> of a he got a graphic. i'll put it together. if you are going, it will be cloudy with possible showers around. >> okay. >> there you go. >> get the redskins umbrella. >> exactly. >> you won't be able to see anything. >> you watch it from the screen inside underneath the autopsying. >> here is isaac. maximum winds, 45 miles per hour. still not a terribly strong tropical storm. at least as far as the winds go and as far as the barometric
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pressure, about 1,000 millibars. not a terribly strong storm but tropical storms are always very dangerous. this one will drop a lot of rain across the dominican republic, haiti and cuba over the next 24 to 48 hours. it is still forecast to track across cuba and towards the florida keys as we get into the end of the weekend and intensify when it gets into the gulf of mexico. still forecast to become a hurricane over the next several days and likely will make a landfall somewhere in the northern gulf here, alabama, mississippi to looks like by the middle of next week. we'll continue to monitor isaac here for you. let's go local weather and our temperatures right now in washington, not bad. 73degrees. not a bad start at all. 71 at quantico. 60s north and to the west. gaithersburg, good morning. 63degrees for you. 61 this morning in winchester. so if you get outside the beltway, generally temperatures starting your day in the 60s. it will warm up back into the 80s. mid- to upper 1r0.
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not going to be a perfectly sunny day. we'll have partly sunny conditions as we have a change in the forecast. -- mid- to upper 80s. we have a change in the forecast just getting going. yesterday, we thought this would get pushed out to sea and stay far enough east that we would be in for a great looking weekend. unfortunately, looks like this area of low pressure will track just far enough north and west that we'll be on the tbring of t cloud cover will be in the forecast. -- we'll be on the fringe of it. the possibility of some showers around here. if you are going to the redskins game saturday afternoon, you got to be ready for the potential a couple of showers out there. not going to rain all weekend. as you get if you are farther north and west, the forecast will be better and better. 88degrees. you will stop there. lauren demarco, traffic. >> we do have a couple of things going on. sky fox was checking for an accident for us. they have actually moved on but
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they were flying over route 50 headed eastbound just inside the beltway so heading towards the beltway right at 450 and there were several lanes blocked there with an accident. you were able to get by, not much of a delay because it was the eastbound direction of route 50 but do watch out for that. also want to mention rhode island avenue closed at 13th street in northeast for police activity. alabama avenue still closed west of suitland parkway near the congress heights metro for an apartment fire. so be alert and avoid those areas. let's check out traffic land. if you are traveling 66, we've got an accident reported 66 eastbound. the right side of the ramp to the outer loop and you can see things heavy and low there approaching the beltway. in montgomery county, we've been dealing with an accident on one of the ramps as well. that is from the out are loop to get op to southbound new hampshire avenue. the accident activity still crowding the left side of the ramp so stay to the right to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a traffic alert now on one
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busy stretch of the beltway. drivers are urged to avoid nix west at 495 this weekend. starting at 9:00 tonight through 5:00 monday morning, several lanes in that area will be close as crews work on the hot lanes project. fox 5 is monitoring metro this morning. the transit agency wants to give you a heads up about an upcoming project on the red line that could cause major delays. >> starting at 10:00 p.m. september 7th buses will replace all trains at gallaudet. head to and: on web links for more information. the agency's smart trip rebate program and minimum fare requirement goes into effect next weekend. in order to get into the rail system, you will need a minimum of $1.20 on your smart trip card. paper cards already have a minimum fare requirement for
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entry. metro officials will also give you $3 le found for buying a new smart trip card and registering it online. the washington nationals are getting readied for the post season. that is pretty exciting but what is not exciting is the thought of getting stranded after a late game because metro is already closed. it happened this past monday after a 13-minute inning game. the nats have asked the d.c. government to pick up the tab of keeping metro open late should they make it into the playoffs. but the "washington post" reports this morning that d.c. officials plan to say no to that request. >> that will be a pain to get down to the game for a lot of people. >> let's hope they don't go into extra inning. maybe they'll be able to close it out in nine but if they do, it will be a problem. >> more people are just going to end up taking their cars instead. whatever. >> all right. welsh coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york city. the latest on the apple-samsung
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the winner in the the apple- system sung batbe the lawyers. dennis neal is new york today. >> did you get your $350 lebron james shoes. >> i did not get those yet. might have to make a stop this weekend. the narckettes might open a diney bit up after the market had its biggest one-day decline in a month. the markets are in a funk because of the fed. it is this muddled message. yesterday, we thought it looks like the fed will be easing. then stocks went up because of it. but than a hawk on the side said those meeting notes are steal and that rattled people. than another guy on the fed
6:26 am
named evans said actually, no, some new moves would be beneficial. so when it doubt, sell. and that is what they did yesterday. so far, they're not buying a whole lot today according to the futures. >> some people who are making money, the lawyers in this battle between apple and samsung, right? >> yes. this is going to be a legal bill that ones into its the millions upon millions of dollars. lawyers likely billing the two sum up to $100 per hour in another much-smaller case, apple already spent $32 million. very dense, complicated trial. usually. these companies like to settle this stuff out of court. boom this morning, word comes out of south korea that in another pat the case between the same two titans, the court ruled that yes, sam supping, you did violate apple's patents but apple, you violated some of samsung's patent. that has to make you wonder what the two companies are thinking now as the jury in california and that big case on
6:27 am
new product like the ipad and five own as they go into the second day of deliberations. >> thank you for that report. have a great weekend. see you next time. >> take care, wisdom. >> a superstar cyclist maintains he got to the top all on his own. this morning, lance armstrong is facing the real possibility of being stripped of his title and being banned from the sport after giving i'm long fight. >> the investigate continues into the murder of a 17-year- old honors student in prince george's county. family, friend and police asking why anyone would commit the unthinkable on someone with such a promising future. we're back in just a moment. 
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& back to school, ring the bell, brand-new shoes &&. >> back to school time and avenue been sharing great pictures with us. this is yazia and shania. hope i got your names right. they are cousin and both attend
6:31 am
perry street preparatory public charter school in d.c. look at them, posing, hamming it up. if you would like to make your child appear photo part of our first day gallery, you can e- mail your picture to the e-mail address on your screen. let's do the bus stop forecast. kids headed out to school. >> break out the bus. >> we're breaking out the bus. i think shorts and short sleeved shirt if that is appropriate for school are fine today. we'll be back in the upper 1r0 after a relatively cool start. that is a crowded bus. >> somebody is leaning on the the side over there to the left of the screen. >> we improved on the bus but i not sure this one is street legal. >> the drive lost control. -- we'll be back in the upper 80s. we should be dry this affect so don't need an umbrella. 73 in washington. 64 out at dulles. 65 in ocean city. here is your forecast for today. kind of partly to mostly sunny day. highs in the upper 80s. changes for the weekend, we've
6:32 am
got some showers in the forecast. i know a lot of people are going to the redskins game tomorrowen we'll talk about the weekend forecast and want to mention we have agreat ask the weather guy question. we are phoning a friend. today's question all about ants. >> ants. they are irritating. >> yes, they are. >> effect you wanted to know about ants. >> we'll talk about that in ask the weather guy. >> yes, we are. i don't want to give the question away yet. >> let's check in with lauren demarco. >> ants, i remember the movie. it was like a disney movie. maybe we'll learn about the way they think. they're fascinating. right now, we have a couple of things going on. take a live look from trafficland, heavy and slow in stretches there leaving nutley street heading towards 495. stay to the left if you are approaching outer loop of of
6:33 am
the beltway on that ramp. traveling the beltway in montgomery county, out are loop ramp to southbound new hampshire avenue still dealing with some police emergency equipment out there because of an earlier wreck. you are able to get by but just plan for some delays there as well. 359, heavy and slow from the beltway up towards duke street, not really seeing much of an issue if you are traveling 95 in virginia. the 14th street bridge heading into the district looks good but let's move on to waze. if you are traveling pennsylvania avenue heading inbound across the bridge to get on to the freeway, we do have some reports of heavy traffic from a wazer there. thank you for that. waze is a free smart phone app. you can download it. it helps you when you are driving around and it helps us deliver your traffic report so be sure to get that and join the fox 5 wazers group. over to you. >> we are following breaking news from georgetown right now. d.c. police are on the scene of what appears to be an attempted bank robbery. this happened overnight at the new m & t bank branch in the
6:34 am
1400 block of wisconsin avenue northwest. police tell fox 5 that the suspect was able to get into the bank through the ceiling and the alarm company has been able to watch the whole thing. fab has been called in to help. we continue to follow a developing story out of prince george's county. the police are searching for the killer of a 17-year-old honors student. >> amber stanley was killed in her own bedroom late wednesday night. the police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. amber's friends and neighbors have nothing but good things to say about her. >> she was a quiet girl and she was focused on just her school, focused on doing the right thing. >> you got to thank god every day, a day is not promised. >> amber was a rising senior at
6:35 am
charles flowers high where she was enrolled in an elite science and technology program. funeral services will be held today for one of the two victims of tuesday's deadly train derailment in ellicott city. 19-year-old elizabeth nass will be laid to rest today. funeral services for rose mayr will be held tomorrow. the investigation into the cause of tuesday's accident continues. the two friends were sitting on a bridge next to the railroad tracks when the train derailed. howard county police say autopsies show the two friends were crushed to death by coal from those toppled railcars. a maryland lawmaker admits he was drinking while operating a speedboat that crashed into another boat in pasadena wednesday night. 54 delegate don dwyer says he has been told his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limb knit maryland. dwyer and several other people including children were hurt in the collision. investigators say they are still trying to determine cause of the crash. famed cyclist lance armstrong has made heft with
6:36 am
his seven during defrance titles but now he could make it for a different reason. later this morning, the u.s. antidoping agency is expected to officially strip the athlete of his seven titles and ban him from the sport for life. this move comes hours after armstrong announced he with would no longer fight charges of illegal doping filed against him by the usada. other than though he is dropping the fight, armstrong still main takens his innocence. a health alert for fans who attended last friday's ravens- lions game in baltimore. maryland department of health says someone sitting in the 500 section of the stadium came into contact with a bat. other people sitting in the area also may have touched it. because the animal flew away, officials were not able to test the bat for rabies. they are asking anyone who may have come into contact with it to call the maryland department of health. coming up next, his break- up with kristin stewart has been grabbing headlines. >> robert pattinson is hoping
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robert paten son back on the big screen and kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan joins us with more on that new reclose and others at the box office. hello. >> good to see you. >> you want it talk about hit and run. this one that opened on wednesday and you kind of liked
6:41 am
this one. >> dax shepherd directed the film. he co-directed it and it was made for under $2 million. >> cheap. >> very cheap. if it -- it makes like $625,000 its opening day. it will make it back this weekend. it is a movie that has a great action balance whaird r-rated comedy. dax shepherd plays a guy who got into some crime, testified against his friends, went into witness protection and now he has this new life, this new girlfriend and wants to drive her to l.a. that breaks the witness protection rules and he he gets himself into trouble obviously and his past come back to haunt him. kristin bell and diamondback shepherd are dating in real life. they are actually engaged. of this a great time. you are engaged in their relationship. it is a hard r-rated movie. so you have a lot of raunchy comedy, lots of violence. it is one of those movies that balances it out. it is sweet but also kind of hard core at the same time. it is very, very r-rated.
6:42 am
do not take your kids to see it. you thought bradley cooper -- look at his dreds. he is so good in this movie. he plays like this villainous character but he has this sweet side to him so you kind of like hope he will come around and for give his friend dax shepherd. i love that balance when you don't know if they are a good or bad guy. i feel like the move jace fun movie, great car chases. -- i feel like the movie is a fun movie, great car chases. it is kind of original and it is a big prayings project for dax shepherd. >> i think you are thinking not to waste your time on cosmopolis. >> oh, god. i would rather sit in 459 traffic for two hours than ever watch this movie ever again. i love david cronenberg. i think eastern promises and the fly are two great movies. i think robert pattinson is a
6:43 am
very good actor. i think he does a good job in the twilight films. here is the plot line. it's billionaire asset manager who decides that i want a hair cut. so he gets in his limo and on this day, he is losing billions of dollars an entire film is his trip from his office to getting a hair cut. and all things that happen in between. he is married. he is meeting one other women. it is a very, ver like many david cronenberg films but it is one of the most excruciatingly painfully boring films i have ever even in my entire life. >> two and and a half hours on the way for a hair cut. >> it is so painful, robert pattinson, it was like he was at a table reading reading the dialogue for the first time. they needed like a ryan gosling
6:44 am
in this role. it is so boring. >> let's get this over with. i don't i was notten gauged at all in the character. i'm going zero out of five. >> is that a first here on the movie segment? >> it is so bad. skip it. it is only playing in one theater at the landmark e street. i did not like it. zero out of five. >> let's move on to another one. you just saw premium rush. please tell me it is better. >> i think joseph gordon left its is one of the most amazing actors in hollywood. he is really good at his own stunt work. this time around, he's play a bike messenger, a security courier who has to deliver a message this. particular message gets the attention of a dirty cop played
6:45 am
by michael shannon. new york is the hard of the place to ride a bike. >> it is very tense, fun, energetic, fast-paced. you are having so much fun with the movie at the same time. i think it is a film that feels original. it feels unique. you are having a great time while you are watching it. i think joseph gordon levitt actually got hurt during the filming. he had 31 stitches because he flew into the back of a windshield of a taxi. the guy is insane. it is over the top. if you can appreciate a good over the top action style movie with really quirky and fun editing, i think you could enjoy this movie. i gave it a three and a half out of five. by the way, if you go to nerd or follow mow on twitter, you asked dax shepherd and kristin bell what would be a cooler aspect of their lives if it was in slow motion. can you check out the answer on
6:46 am
my twitter feed at bdk reviews. >> you have such good unique questions. >> thank you. >> this weekend, i'm go to see cosmopolis. >> i want to see it. >> i want to know what the weather is going to be like because i want to get a hair cut too. >> perfect for going to the movies. >> any time he says zero, i got to go. that is as good as a five as far as i'm concerned. so bad it's good. a good weekend for the movies. we'll have clouds around both saturday and sunday. it looks more and more like i had we'll get light showers around here too by tomorrow morning. we are fine today. right now, 73 in washington. 63 this morning in gaithersburg. 64 in manassas. nice, pleasant start to your day. we are looking at highs in the mid- to upper 80s just like yesterday. should be a decent amount of sunshine. it won't be all sunshine as we
6:47 am
have cloud cover starting to stream in from the south and the south and east. this is our problem for the weekend. area of low pressure developing down here. we thought it would be pushed out to sea but now it is looking more and more likely that it will drift just far must north that it will bring us cloud cover both saturday sunday -- and sunday. here is another look at t we'll do the surface features real quick. there is your area of low pressure that will be developing this weekend. just kind of delabian rice- thurstoning to the north. unfortunately, our area of high pressure that will give us a decent one today. clouds and showers around here both saturday and for part of sunday. not going to rain all day. our chances are only maybe 30, 40% here in washington we'll
6:48 am
see some showers around. the temperature will be cooler for the weekend. 88degrees. clouds saturday and sunday. for monday, we bounce back to the upper 80s and sunshine. timing is not great but you guess we need the rain. always nice to go to the beach, no matter what weekend. >> or to the movies. >> or to the movies. >> are to get a hair cut. >> tass weird. >> a zero. i got to see it. >> now, i'm he like how bad could it be. it is a big day. this is the very last edition of ask the weather guys! that's sad. >> we're in the going to lose the segment. we are just renaming it.
6:49 am
>> it probably won't be too different from what you see. >> that's true too. nothing is really going to change. it will be the same pictures i'm sure too. we'll debut the new name with some new artwork. today's question comes from peggy urban. it is a gate question that i don't know the answer to. it requires an expert. i wonder why -- what i love about our questions is they are so random yet so important. i wonder why ants never get into the sugar bowl on the table. >> my guess the ants are at other maces in the house or is she experimenting? >> everybody likes sugar including ants. good question. >> i have done research on this. some ants do like sugar. >> joining us now on the phone is the within and only jim
6:50 am
fredericks. we talked to him before. the director of services. thank you for joining us. is it true that apts are not attracted to sugar or is this particular viewer just getting lucky. >> i'm going to say they eat anything. >> they eat all kind of things. it turned out that different apts have all kind of different food preferences. there are about a thousand different arnts that are found in the u.s., a thousand different species. of those, about 50 or commonly found in homes as pests and some like sugars. some like things like proteins in the form of other insects and some even are vegetarians. they are feeding on seeds and other sources of vegetable matter. >> i did not know the vegetarian part. >> tell us more about the pico
6:51 am
rivera rainss -- the preferences of the ants that might like sugar. >> the best thing can you do is clean up spills, whether it be bread crumbs or spilled sugar around the coffee pot. it might be that the ants at this particular viewer's homes are not feeding on sugar at this time of year. it turns out in the beginning of the summer, ant colonies are often focused on protein foods the. reason is because they are building their colonies up. they are growing lots of new larva and growing new ants. in order to do that, they need protein foods. as the populations get large and they are trying to maintain that population, they need high energy food and that is when they start to make the switch to sugar. so this particular view are may actually start to see more and more ants around the sugar
6:52 am
bowl. >> that is fascinating. >> i'm not an ant expert. what happens to the ants in the fall and wintertime? do they hibernate. >> many will go into i hibernation state. they will find a place undering into the a rock outside or in some cases, some ants live inside structures year round. there is one called the pharaoh ant. this is one that actually prefers proteins and fats. in our part of world, they are only found inside the structure. >> we love talking to you. thank you so much for joining us early this morning and i'm sure we'll get back to you soon. >> thank you for having me. have a great weekend. >> i love jim's voice too. >> i do too. >> wouldn't it be great to know so much about something like that. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on weather. be sure to tune in monday for
6:53 am
the new name in the most popular segment in local television. >> at 6:45 in the morning. >> tucker is selling himself short. you know all about the weather, tuck. >> he does. >> we have been following an accident along 66. sky fox over the scene now. if you are approaching the beltway, you will find delays leaving nutley street. the accident on the right side of the ramp to the outer loop. here is a look at some of those delays again. off and on slow traffic from nutley street to the beltway. once you get on the ramp to the outer loop, stay to the left. leaving manassas, heading toward centreville, not much of an issue. we had the accident on the beltway. thises with on the ramp from the out are loop to southbound new hampshire avenue. watch for police activity there but you are able to access the ramp. other than that, we should be in pretty good shape. no problems to report on 270.
6:54 am
watch for brief delays heading past 109. inbound new york avenue slows approaching blood pesburg and again before florida avenue and from first street to the third street tunnel. >> planning to hit the road for labor day perhaps. you will have a lot of company. aaa says 2 million people are expected to travel over the holiday. that is a nearly 3% jump from last year. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, you can have them mashed, in hash or french friday form. >> this morning, holly is really digging her job. she is live in beaumont, virginia helping out with the potato harvest. >> we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: good morning,
6:58 am
everybody. happy friday to you. how does potatoes, pancakes, trucks and tractors sound, as you head into the weekend? well, if it sounds like a lot of fun, then you need to find out about the big dig. it's going on next weekend at great country farms where we are live this morning in bluemont, virginia. i'm actually standing in a potato field. there are potatoes in the ground. we're going to learn how to dig up potatoes old school style. we're going to dig in the dirt with our hands. we're also going to talk about harvesting potatoes 2012 style, maybe rip a few rows with a tractor. we're going to learn how to preserve potatoes. believe it or not, the potatoes you find in the grocery market today are probably last year's harvest. it's not every day you can get fresh potatoes, but you can here at great country farms. we're going to give you all the information you need to know to
6:59 am
come out and be a part of the big dig yourself. sarah, this morning you can say i am out standing in my field. >> yes, you are. >> reporter: get it? >> very funny. very clever. >> reporter: thank you. and we've only just begun. >> i know. thanks. time for our facebook fan of the day. ashley elizabeth. ashley says she's been watching the morning show since high school, and our team makes waking up at 6:00 a.m. fun. we appreciate it, ashley. thanks for watching. for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, log onto our facebook page and leave a comment under ashley's hour. over to allison and wisdom. good morning. >> good friday morning, sarah. coming up on fox 5 morning news now, two stories breaking overnight. both in the district. attempted bank robbery in georgetown where the suspect came in through the roof and a fe


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