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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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building. >> reporter: the alleged gunman shot by police. he shot the 41-year-old steven urkulian sterling auty close range. new york city mayor michael bloomberg saying the wounded may have been struck by cops during the standoff with johnson. >> he killed one person and at least nine other people were shot and some may have been shot accidentally by police officers. >> reporter: he worked as a designer of women's accessories before being laid off last year. urkuliano served as vice president of sales in the the same company. authorities confirming the incident was not terror- related. >> i was crossing the street and as i crossed, people started falling down. one woman fell at my feet. >> reporter: others saying at first they thought the commotion was a celebrity sighting in one of the city's busiest areas and quickly realized, though, they were
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witnessing a crime. >> it was surreal. there was no screaming but slow motion and -- . >> shock. especially that time in the morning. >> reporter: police are looking at johnson's background for signs of past criminal behavior. all nine bystanders wounded are expected to survive. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. here at home, alexandrea police are searching for a shoplifter who took officers on a wild car chase this afternoon. it started at the shopper's food warehouse along route 1 while fleeing the scene. the woman hit an alexandrea police cruiser. the suspect led police down 395 and into southwest d.c. where she hit another car. at this hour, the suspect is on the run. police describe her as a heavy- set black female in her 50s. anyone with information is asked to contact alexandrea
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police. still no arrest in the murder of a prince georges county honor student. the 17-year-old amber stanley was killed in her bedroom late wednesday night in the kettering neighborhood of palmer park. since then, police have been going door-to-door handing out flyers and hoping that someone has information that can help catch amber's killer. >> looked at our victim in this case. what can be more innocent than a 17-year-old high school student with a promising future ahead. someone else's tragic. >> prince georges county police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest. community leaders in ely cot city could reopen main street four days after a train derailment killing two women. howard county police were scheduled to meet with csx officials who are overseeing the cleanup of coal that spilled on to main street. meanwhile, a memorial mass for elizabeth nass is planned for today. rose meyer's funeral will be held tomorrow.
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a boating accident is getting the attention of republican leaders maryland's house. this after a fellow lawmaker admitted to drinking while operating his speed boat in pasadena wednesday. he said his blood alcohol level was 0.2. today, the republican leadership released a statement saying they appreciate dwyer was candid about his drinking, but they're troubled about the . we're following a developing sto in the district where the accused family research council shooting suspect appeared in court this afternoon. bob barnard is there as well and is here to tell us what happened. bob? >> reporter: the accused gunman, floyd lee corkins, stood before a federal judge this afternoon and, when asked, said he was not guilty of the charges but was ordered held in jail until his next court date, now scheduled for october. his attorney said that floyd lee corkins has been found competent to stand trial.
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this was the 28-year-old herndon man as he was being arrested nine days ago. corkins is charged in the shooting at the family research council's chinatown headquarters august 15th. the fbi said that he had a .9- millimeter handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition and 15 chick fillet averages in the fire. the frcs building supervisor, leo johnson, who serves as a security guard, was shot in the arm during a confrontation in much a witness said that corkins allegedly said he doesn't like the christian conservative group's policies. the frc opposes abortion rights and gay marriage. executive his expressed support for the head of the chick filet operation who game under fire for his vocalization of gay marriage. corkins plead not guilty to all three charges against him. interstate transportation of a firearm and ammunition, and
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possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime with violence. we were hoping to learn more about what corkins' intensions were that morning with the gun and the chicken sandwiches, but that will have to wait for another day. he's due back at the federal courthouse on october 1st, the victim is out of the hospital. >> thank you, bob. to the campaign trail now where today mitt romney and paul ryan reunited for a rally. they're on the final stretch toward heading to the big show in tampa and fox's craig bosswell has more. >> reporter: mitt romney arrived in michigan followed by wife and paul ryan, the soon to be republican nominee stepped into a controversy when he talking about returning to his own state. >> i was born in harper hospital. no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know this is the place we were born and raised.
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>> reporter: comments harkening back to president obama's certificate surprised many as romney stood clear of that. today's speech was his first in niche niche since mid-june. >> i need to you go out and find one person who voted for barrack obama and get them to vote for us. >> reporter: a new poll shows where they stand in the race. they're one point up on president obama and vice president joe biden, well within the margin of error. it's the first fox poll to focus on locally voters,no the just registered voters. >> and these national polls are not what i look at. those are the polls that will decide who the next president's going to be. >> reporter: as thousands arrive in tampa, attention shifts from the polls to the stage where romney will accept the nomination. >> and convention's outdated now and what they are is an opportunity to articulate your vision. >> what is unseen is whether a brewing storm named isaac will water down the message. rick santorum released delegates.
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the roll call vote to officially nominate mitt romney is scheduled for monday, earlier than previous conventions. craig bosswell, fox news. >> and fox 5 will have complete coverage of next week's republican national convention. and we will have live coverage throughout the day and our political analyst will talk to us from the convention throughout the week. >> one thing they have to be concerned about is that weather, for sure. republican delegates were worried the storm could slam into the gop convention in tampa on tuesday as matt motioned. isaac's past seems to have shifted and the convention could be in the clear for the most part and let's go to gary mcgrady for an update on tropical storm isaac right now. gary? >> reporter: thanks, laura. looked like this morning it was
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going make a run for hurricane strength. the winds have gone up a bit and i know you saw the satellite picture there in that big monitor and i want you to look to the left. you see how the cloud looked like fingers coming out? that is some upper level ventilation. this is trying to get stronger and jumping into hurricane stage and hispaniola to the north and haiti, a tropical region and is keeping the storm from getting stronger and to hurricane strength, the going forecast as well and in terms of the specifics, the newest update. the winds have come up a bit. close to hurricane strength, 65 miles an hour and winds out of the northwest at 16 miles an hour and the track shifted a
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little bit, laura, to the east and that is this afternoon. we'll talk about that in big weather and what that means for tampa and florida or the gulf coast in general. >> so you soon, thanks. another big story we're following tonight. a man who had been on the run for days is new locked up. through their grief, prince georges county police track down two men that they say were driving st in a stolen car followed by police. a popular rocky was killed in the crash that followed. and beth parker has more. >> reporter: the chief of police met with officer morris' family. nobody is impacted by the death like they are and there is a development that might bring them relief.
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to turn himself in, he had to walk through a doorway with black bunting. when asked if he should be blamed for the officer's death? >> no. >> authorities had tracked down kenneth mitchell. investigators say that both men were in a stolen acura monday that was being followed by police. and now neil gave himself up, too. >> he had nowhere else to go. >> if you think you're going to terrorize the people of this community, we'll go after you and bring to you justice and that is what this police department -- this police department has done. >> reporter: neil and mitchell were suspects in a series of thefts at gas stations and that is why officer moreis and his partnership were following them. citizens said i-95 monday they were dodging the acura when police had to swerve, the cruiser lost control and slipped. >> and their actions caused the death ofand row morse, in my opinion. >> reporter: right now, they charged only with felony theft. >> we will leave no stone
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unturned. >> reporter: the state's attorney said if there is evidence of gross negligence, she'll push for vehicular manslaughter. >> we have to wait until we receive all of the evidence in the case. but if it points toward that, i can assure you i will file the appropriate charges. if that means vehicular manslaughter, that is a charge we will file. >> reporter: officer morris was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. today, the chief addressed that. >> the seatbelt, wearing it is important and in the heat of battle, sometimes, that is not your first response, is your own safety. it's the safety of others. >> reporter: officer morse was 23 years old and leaves behind his family and fiance. his funeral is next week. matt? >> thank you very much. and coming up tonight, a bank band it struck again. the fbi joins the search for a suspect who is cutting through walls to steal his cash. >> plus, caught on camera. a bus slams into a home as
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passengers hang on for dear life. >> and banned for life, lance armstrong's seven tour de france titles are erased from the record books as he gives up his fight against antidoping agencies. lindsay. >> and where else do redskins of past and present meet? the annual luncheon and who was best dressed. that story is later as the news at 5 continues. 
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. a news alert out of d.c. tonight. twice in the last week, someone tried to rob a bank by cutting a hole in a wall from the next door business. it happened last friday morning and again this morning at an mnt bank on wisconsin avenue in georgetown and that is where we find paul wagner with the latest on is this this story. >> reporter: the fbi is on the scene processing the crime scene. what i want to show you is that there are three vacant buildings adjacent to this mnt bank. at 2:00 this morning and if the traffic cooperates here, we will show you where and there is that doorway. it's pulled off the hinges there and is propped up against the wall. just inside that door, where that man is going right now, there is a large hole in the
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wall. that is where the fbi believes one or two suspects broke through the wall and tried to get into the back part of the bank. where the atms are at this point and that is unclear whether or not they got anything. >> reporter: the fbi released those images of a man in a white hazmat suit wearing a blue baseball cap and using tools to cut through a wall to get to the automatic teller machine. it was about 2:00 a.m. when police got the call. at one point, calling in the fire department to make sure the building was structurally sound and just last friday at the same time, the police found a sum scene n. this video released by the fbi, the man appears to wear the same suit with a mask and glove and a
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hood pulled over the head. at one point, getting access to a fixture on the wall. >> and these are braze know break-ins. we ask for the public's help and helping us solve this. >> reporter: a little over a year ago, on may 24th, someone tried to pull the same caper at the same connecticut avenue bank in the exact same way. and in the video, the man is not wearing a mask gloves or a white hazmat suit. >> we would ask the public for any information, whether they know of people talking about the crimes, whether they have seen suspicious activity the past week and at the bank of america location and mnt bank and -- >> at the bank of america on connecticut, both attempts fail. they opened the wall and couldn't open the atm. and at that bank last year, the fbi said they believe there
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were two suspects involved in the incidents last friday and this friday. it's unclear if there were two people. it -- in the video that we saw, can you only see one suspect. so it's unclear whether or not the same people who were trying to get into that bank last year are the same ones that tried the same caper in georgetown, matt? >> paul wagner, thank you. and an adult and two children were rushed to the hospital. the firefighters say flames broke out in the kitchen of the second story unit and they had to use ladders to rescue several people from the third floor and officials say the victims suffered minor injuries. new video tonight of a ride- on bus crashing into a house on silver spring. this happened monday morning and this is surveillance video here from inside the bus. watch here. can you see the passengers go flying when the bus driver loses control and crashes into
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the front door of the home. two people were inside the house at the time and no one was hurt. we're monitoring metro tonight. due to closures and scheduled track work on the orange and redlines. on the orange, the stations will be closed. buses will replace trains between vienna and the church and on the redlines, the trains are single tracking between grosvenor and medical center and tacoma and forest glen and metro is giving a heads up to the mor project. several downtown d.c. stations will be closed the weekend of september 7th and on through the 9th. stations between dupont circle and noma gallaudet will provide services to other rail lines. buses will replace redline trains throughout the weekend. also, a traffic alert to tell you about tonight. drivers should expect heavy
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delays on two busy virginia highways. and v-dot will close multiple lanes. it's part of the 495 express lane project and drivers can expect about 30 minutes of delays and are advised to take a rout. >> and -- a route. and we might have some bad weather, too. >> and that is in time for the weekend. >> what are we looking out for the evening? >> and some clouds are out there and maybe some showers. not all of them are thunderstorms on radar and they very, very isolated for now and you can see them across the bay in cambridge and easton and in this area. there is one lurking and again,
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just a shower here and into centreville and moving to the east, pardon me, west-northwest and there is another storm of 66, west of haymarket here and these very, very spotty and where they pop up, they drifting to the east and back to you guys. >> thank you very much. we want to go to breaking news and todd akin is holding a press conference. let's listen in. >> and an america that has more freedom and more jobs. and an america with less beaurocracy, big government, and less taxes and a bright hope for the future. the america that claire mccaskill has given us.
5:22 pm
it's america that has less freedom, less jobs, more big government, more taxes, and the same stalled economy that we have observed the last three plus years. thank you very much. >> and -- . >> going to [ question indiscernible ] >> representative todd akin said he would -- and announced he would be here through the november elections and is not going to step down as he's called to do by many of the republican leadership, including the gop candidate, mitt romney and specifically, he caused the fire storm after saying the women's bodies can block a pregnancy results from a legitimate rape and now he's saying he's going to continue on and he will continue to run. he's not going step down and resign. >> seemed like he lashed out at current senator mccaskill. >> exactly. >> saying there is going to be less freedom and less jobs under her. >> uh-huh. >> seems like he's fighting for this and push his way through. >> he's not stopping.
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>> and more on that tonight. coming up next, why authorities in florida say casey anthony is now free to come and go as she pleases. and the details on a man and his fate. next.
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. the man responsible for last year's massacre in norway is headed to prison. anders brecics will spend 10 years behind bars. you remember, he killed 77 people last july and many teenagers when he opened fire on a youth camp. he refused to plead guilty and tried to justify the attack by saying it was necessary to stop the islama situation of norway. casey anthony's year probation on a check fraud is over. officials confirm that she is no longer under supervising and
5:27 pm
show has been living in a secret like and is not allowed to leave the state. she was acquitted last year of murder charges in the death of her two-year-old daughter aly. coming up, lance armstrong is banned for life and stripped of his seven tour de france titles. what the -- was the punishment too harsh? viewers will sound off at the bottom of the hour. an alzheimer's drug showing splashes of potential in patients. and a major ruling concerning graphic images on cigarette labels. the details are next. stay with us. [ male announcer ] some e think obamacare is the same as free health care.
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. it's the end of the world for cyclist lance armstrong. the u.s. antidoping agency stripped him of his seven tour de france titles and banned him for life from racing. the decision comes after armstrong decided to no longer challenge doping allegations against him. he released a statement saying, quote, there comes a point in every man's life when he has to say enough is enough.
5:31 pm
for me, that time is now. end quote. the president of the world antidoping agency said armstrong's decision is clearly an admission of guilt. >> if he was innocent, he would have stated as much by rebutting the evident, cross examining the witnesses and that -- opened him, of course. and keeping the evidence to make anything he wishes to make and has done that. >> armstrong will have to give back the bronze medal he won at the 2001 olympics and all of the medal and awards he won since 1998. and doug, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> curious about your reaction to this. if he didn't take the drugs, why give up the fight? >> you have to remember this is not a new argument or a new story. this is something going on for over 15 years and since the
5:32 pm
earliest allegations. this is a veas etof facts or strength of the argument as one being exhausted, as armstrong being contested, someone who is a professional athlete with the highest level of over 20 years, he's taken cumulatively over 500 tests. according to public record what, we have seen up to this point, he's not failed a single one. the argument and the concern for his side is if wada, the world antidopes agency, and the u.s. edition dictates its rules based on passage or failure of drug tests, yet i have never failed a test but you're going to convict me nonetheless. >> why would the president then say it's an admission of guilt he's giving up the fight? >> and this is a theory if you not guilty, you will fight until the end. at what point was i required to
5:33 pm
prove my innocence? why report you required? from an agent standpoint, when i look at the other clients, it's concerning from a precedent standpoint. you have the opportunity to affectively and in a non- judicial setting, convict someone without physical evidence and without, as far as we know again, the alleged drug and some former colleagues and test abnormality and absent the fingerprints on the gun and itself meta foically speaking, there is a concern here among agents and athletes and the precedent it would set going forward. >> and we have seen the yellow armbands. how is this going to affect the fundraising efforts going forward through lystrong which raises money to fight cancer? >> that is a question n. recent years, that is where he gave the bulk of his energy and focus and this is an organization that raised over $500 million some strong bands
5:34 pm
were mentiond -- started in 2 where are 04, and goes to his legacy -- 2004, and in december of '09, i talked to tiger woods and the impact his actions would have on his career and golf and i remember they're saying that tiger is not golf but bigger than golf. no matter what happens with tiger, it's not going to hurt the sport of golf or tiger in so far as fan popularity. you saw some of the sponsors drop off, but the fans never did and when you click on espn, he still leads the ticker and that is where he is. his legacy was not damaged in the context of popularity. when you ask about armstrong and how this is going to impact his cancer foundation, the question goes to his legacy and i have been there, whether it's the adults or my own father going through chemo therapy and radiation when lapse was at the
5:35 pm
beginning of seven dominant consecutive years in a row to the children. i have seen firsthand the impact his actions have had. and so, i guess it's a very long way of saying will there be a bump? presumably, yes. and in the long run, the context, the legacy and the lasting footprint this man leaves, his real legacy will be in the lives he changeed through his cancer foundation and not the bike races he won. >> thank you for being with us tonight. we put the same question out to our facebook fans and see what they think. jennifer wrote i think it's b.s. he's passed other drug tests taken and they're going off another man's word who did get busted for doping. >> aaron said when they have been investigating for two years and have no evidence against him, it's harsh. we know how great of ab athlete he is and emily said i feel badly for him. he earned the titles and passed the doping tests. i wish he had continued to
5:36 pm
fight the allegations. tonight, a possible alzheimer's disease treatment from drug maker eli lilly failed a slow mental decline in two late-stage studies and it showed promise in patients with mild cases of the disease and when data were combined, scientists saw a significant slowdown and there is no cure for the illness that affects a person's memory and their ability to think. a federal appeals court upheld the decision blocking graphic health warnings on cigarette packages. remember, these, the latest ruling found the label requirement violated free speech. some of the largest tobacco companies sued to block the mandate to include warnings showing photos of dead and six smokers on the package. dr. oz coming to d.c. december 5th and that is a great opportunity to get 15- minute physicals for free.
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>> nice. >> and that is happening at howard university g. to to register and the link is at the top of the home page. >> and what a great experience. >> exactly. >> and -- that is no. coming up, a subway passenger jumps into action after a mother carrying her son falls on to the tracks. and this is no ordinary high-speed chase. why the woman said she could not stop.  [ obamama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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. have you seen this video yet? a massachusetts woman walked off a train platform while carrying her four-year-old son. it happened at a stop in cambridge on monday evening. the mom and child landed on the tracks and two other passengers
5:41 pm
jumped down to help out. no one was hit by a train or chock shocked by the third rail. >> were you concerned about the third rail? >> i i was scared. i would still do it if it was a baby, yeah. >> if i fell, i hope someone would help me out. >> she said she could not see where she was going and thought the train stopped on the other side of the tracks was at her platform. caught on camera, a high- speed chase crossing two states. the driver was not running from police. her gas pedal got stuck and called the cops for help. when they caught up with her, she was going 110 miles an hour and made it to iowa before the suv finally stopped. she hopped out of the car and the officer jumped in and was able to shut it off. a suspect led police on a high-speed chase in miami. the driver was weaving in and out of traffic. at one point, the driver made his way into a residential area
5:42 pm
and in an effort to lose police. the suspect finally crashed into a fence along the highway and was taken into custody. >> seems like they get the police chases in miami. >> or l.a. >> you're right. coming up, a teenager who said she was held as a sex slave and manages to escape from her capture. why neighbors say they had no clue what was going on. >> and we have seen big high school stadiums before but who shelled out millions for their team. >> and big changes are in store this weekend. stay with us. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at . the redskins celebrating the 80 athanniversary, full of rich tradition and respect on and off of the fold and that is
5:46 pm
evidenced today in downtown d.c. >> reporter: for 1 years, the redskins held a welcome home error error luncheon and celebrated the current players and former ones who support the organization and that is a big event. there is auctions, video, lunch, and story telling and there is some fun involved. when it comes to tradition, there is no organization like the redskins. they celebrated the kickoff of the new season with the staff. players old and now, and the burgundy and gold. >> and to so all sorts of people and fans and this is fun. like a homecoming for the team and training camp and for the guys all over and they don't get a chance. >> reporter: they take center stage and for the players dressed to the 9 es, including robert griffin 3. and over the years, this event is a contest to see who is best dressed and,
5:47 pm
believe me, no one was acting shy. >> and -- i don't know. if anyone knows me, they know i hate dressing up and putting on suits and i know this guy, ralph lauren. he would never let me down. >> who else is best dressed today? >> and that is the guy who has the blazers and is outs on, you know, and d. hall is also one -- all one of them. >> he was in the league and -- . >> how do you pull it off every year where you're voted best dressed? >> i didn't know i was. >> i don't know. >> you have to give me more than that. >> and -- . >> reporter: the day wrapped up with iraqho, davis, young, and alexander receiving team awards and the best part was the fan experience. >> who signed your shirt?
5:48 pm
>> bob banks, cousins,commie -- cooly, um, gosh. >> did you get rg3? >> no, the line is too long. i'm going to get him before i leave here. that is my mission in life. >> reporter: and that is a good day, a good event and selecting the 80 greatest redskins and including arrington, johnson, samuels and the late sean taylor. >> what a group. >> quite a day. thank you very much. and thousands of people flock to the texas stadium and it's the biggest in the state, by the way, and they come big in texas. and that is a structure jerry jones would be proud of. the students and fans got their first glimpse at a stadium and that they needed a larger
5:49 pm
stadium to accommodate all 4,000 students. >> and we wanted a positive impact on our area and that is outside of our normal game. >> they can host private events and concerts. >> that is one way to do that. >> and that is a huge stadium. >> football was big in texas. what was that show? >> friday night lights. >> oh, yeah. >> and that is a good show. >> great weather today and this weekend, not so great, huh in. >> and going downhill. >> stay indoors and stay ready for school. >> and that is not a complete rainout, it's not going to be and what we get could be some moderate rain and we'll show you that on future cast. speaking of rain, we have a little bit, very spotty and as we look at the live doppler
5:50 pm
radar and that is some tower county and that is moving to the west-southwest. nothing for the district now and this is the spot of rain we were looking at earlier in fairfax county, around burke and centreville and that is basically weakening as it moves slowly to the west and that is some spotty showers and some rain for a period of time. and temperatures have cooled off and 88 degrees and with that 81 for gaithersburg, dulles, 84 and a couple of spotty showers and storm at 7:00, 82 and mostly cloudy through the evening hours. i'm not going to rule out the possibility that later on this evening we could not get a shower here and there and
5:51 pm
coming up in the south- southeast and look at what is going on and this rain is coming on up. this overdo does the rain a bit. what you're seeing here, a bit of a fall coming up and most of the jane here in virginia. persistent plume of moisture here and that is looks like, as we're into the weekend, and that is going to come on across and that is in with clouds and by lunchtime, this is that rain moving on in and you have yellows, oranges and red, and that is descent rainfall there and the heaviest should stay south and east of i-95. back out, this is sunday morning. a little drier at 8:00 and future cast is trying to show some early morning sunshine on sunday and we may have a few
5:52 pm
showers and sunday will be drier. have a little more sunshine coming up on sunday. not a lot, but more and sunday, at this point, looking like the better day and this is tropical storm isaac here center and south of the dominican republic there. hispaniola haiti's right there and that movement is to the northwest at 16 miles an hour and getting closer to hurricane strength, 65-miles-an-hour maximum sustained winds and this is the track and that has not moved a lot and they inched the track back farther to the east and this is going to monday and into the straits of florida there and we'll find warmer weather and become a hurricane monday or so and that forecast is for the publichandle of florida and overnight possible, and some showers tomorrow morning and
5:53 pm
showers around at noon. showers late in the day and for the next five days, again, that is kind of dreary tomorrow with the rain and that is bet or sunday and a chance of showers there and some dry conditions on monday and tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, gary. >> appreciate it. another police encounter for randy travis. the singer has been cited for a simple assault after getting involved in a couple's fight. you're looking at a mug shot of travis a few weeks ago. on august 7th, he was arrested for dui and he was charged with allegedly threatening officers at the time. 56-year-old jonathan kirby, a homeless man, can is charged with burglary of breaking into ll cool j's home. he remains in the hospital with a broken nose, jaw, and ribs
5:54 pm
after the actor/rapper subdued him during the crime. police say ll held kirby until police arrived and was not injured. new on the news edge, dramatic video out of a mother driving from her car jacked vehicle and with her baby as show tried to escape to safety. tonight, there is a guilty plea in the one-year-old case. and then, a new breast- feeding policy. local hospitals want to adopt. we'll tell but that and embattleed republican todd akin makes a stern announcement about his campaign for u.s. senate. [ male announcer ] some think obamacare is the same as free health care.
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and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . a 19-year-old woman is accused of kidnapping a three- day-old baby from a pittsburgh hospital yesterday. she pretended to be a nurse and snuck the newborn baby out and in a handbag. they were found hours later
5:58 pm
after her family contacted police. she was telling them she was pregnant but they were suspicious. moore is being held tonight on $250,000 bond and has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. the baby, fortunately, was not hurt. and. a missing -- missing missouri teenager is safe after skipping a home -- being held captive at a home, she was reported missing two yearsing on. police say she met her alleged captor through a friend and they formed a relationship and she went to his house. when she tried to leave, he would not let her and she told police she was being beaten and sexually assaulted almost every day for the last two years. >> and i used to see her from time to time. i didn't know any strange activity was going on like that. you would never think that is going to be next door to your house. >> the victim gave birth to a baby boy while missing and he's
5:59 pm
now two. the police plan to do a dna test to see if the 25-year-old suspect is, in fact, the father and investigators believe the man's mother also helped in holding the victim can't i've and they're both under arrest and have not been charged. and thanks for joining us tonight at 5. and the news edge at 6 starts right now. >> we heard shots. it sounded like firecrackers. about six of them, approximately. and the girl standing next to me, a young lady in her 20s, got shot in the head and fell down. it was mayhem. >> out of new york, the witnesses describing a chaotic scene as two people are skilled- - killed and nine are wounded and this happened this morning amid a crowd of tourists at


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