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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  August 26, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening to you. welcome to another rousing edition of nissan sports xtra. i'm dave ross. i'll go one-on-one with kevin durant. >> we begin with the nats who seem to be cruising towards a first ever nationally east crown. along the way, there would be bumps in the road. they hit a pot hole in philadelphia. nats try to win it without desmond, sitting out for a third straight game. bottom of the 5th. cliff lee, the pitcher, over
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the head of bryce harper. 1-0. gets worse. next drive, jimmy rollins, taking zimmerman way out. two-run shot. wild play here in the top of the 5th, or 7th, rather. watch adam laroche. this is gone, right? oh, off the top of that fence, and bouncing back into fair play. werth stops at 3rd. laroche is caught in a rundown. we got all kinds of issues here. do you believe this? should have been a homerun, maybe at least a double, and a run scored. instead, nobody scores and out for laroche and nats lose 4-1. >> i mean, this is a game you never take anything for granted. my two veteran players took it for granted the ball was out. i asked laroche, what are you
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thinking? said i was going for three. i said, you weren't going very fast. but, you know, that's kind of a mental mistake. you can always review it. never put yourself in a position with the ball still in the field, you know, and two veteran players messed that up. >> davey johnson's honesty. orioles and bluejays rained out today. will be made up september 24th, double header. o's acquired saunders from the diamondbacks. skins make their first cuts in a matter of hours. they have tough decisions to make, especially wide receiver. we'll delve deeper and deeper after the break. this is the plan for back to school.
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welcome back. tomorrow by 4:00 p.m. the skins will have trimmed their roster down by 15 guys down. there's a log jam at one position in particular. we're talking about wide receiver. while most have been focused on that first team offense, a tight battle for a precious few spots continues. armstrong made his first catch of the preseason for 15 yards. banks continues returning kicks in the second half of yesterday's game. back to briscoe, who scored for the second week in a row, talking about his chances of catching on with the burgandy and gold. >> it's preseason. you don't produce, then usually have a tough time making the team. want to go out there and make sure i put good stuff on film. in case i want to make this
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team, someone else can pick me up. >> i feel better about the receivers. the more playing time we get, the better evaluation we can have. we have very good receivers now. we'll have to make tough decisions. another preseason game to evaluate these guys. >> yesterday the head coach decided to check out somebody other than banks. how about ball? and moss back to returning punts. 24yards with a long of 14. doesn't mind doing this at all. >> when i got here i became to be a fourth down starter. i didn't have to go back there as much. now my role has changed.
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anything to help the team, i'll do it. >> never know when a guy goes down. lost about 15 pounds. want to give him a couple of shots as a punt returner. football between the broncos and 49ers. manning, second drive. will find eric decker. touchdown. first score as a bronco. had 122 yards and two touchdowns. smith going to connect with the guy from dunbar high. he goes, 44 yards for the score. 49ers win 29-24. to golf now, and garcia officially is an enigma. he took a two shot lead in the final of the barclays, so sergio, he's back. not so fast. what about tiger woods?
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he's a mystery as well. final round in red trying to stay in the hunt. things not going his way. par putt on 13 and his reaction says it all. five over for the day. ugly 76 and one over for the tournament. how about sergio? had the two shot lead. gone. struggled all day long. finishes at 6 under. tournament winner will be this guy. picking up a cool $1.4 million in the process. now atop the fed ex cup leaderboard. when we come back, thunder struck opened up around the country this weekend. i'll catch up with the d.c. kid, k.d., after the break. i hate getting less. but i love getting more.
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complimentary drinks. embassy suites. get more. thunder struck opened this week around the country starring d.c.'s kevin durant. >> when they said, we want you to be in a movie, were you like, how is this going to work out? >> that's what i said. i have trouble with commercials. how am i going to do a movie? and i read the script and it
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felt like me, like stuff i was doing. i felt like it was catered to me. i'm glad i did it. i was skeptical at first. a little shy. but i stepped outside my box and had fun. >> winning that olympic gold, fresh often the trip to the olympics in england, can you tell us what that experience was like? >> i really can't describe it in words. unbelievable to have that gold around your neck and u.s.a. across your chest. something that not too many can say thee done. can never take that away. you can break scoring records, have most assists in a game, most rebound, but you can't take away that hardware. and that was the medal for us, and it was an honor to be there and represent our country. >> oklahoma city, i think people might have thought, they're one year ahead of curve. i don't think a lot of people expected you to get by san antonio. that being said, feeling the pain of losing a championship, does it make you come back hungry the next year, i was so close to winning that title, i
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have to get that ring? >> you win, of course, always want to come back and have a chip on your shoulder. in our case, if we had won, we would have wanted to do the same thing again. i'm sure the heat feel the same way. how competitive we are, to be back on that stage, great lesson for us, and i think we learned what it takes to be a top team in this league. we got to continue to keep working at the pace we're going on and hopefully we get there one of these years. >> ever want to come back to d.c., wizards would love to have you? >> man, i've been asked that question so many times. >> we just want to get you back home. >> yeah. i'm a free agent in four years. who knows what will happen in four years. i'm just saying, if that were to happen, of course i would look at coming back home and play. i love oklahoma city. i think i be there for my whole
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career. but if i could pick, d.c. would be one of my top choices, to play in front of my friends and family every night. to live back here as a grown man, it would be pretty cool, so, we'll see. >> three time nba scoring champ, check, olympic gold medalist, check, movie star, check. kevin durant can do it all. my thanks to matt and richard, see everybody back here tomorrow night. have a great rest of your evening and a tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:


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