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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we are following two big stories tonight, the republican national convention officially kicking off and is about to shift into high gear. we're live in tampa with what to expect. >> but we begin with the storm that canceled several rnc events and flooded parts of florida. now tropical storm isaac is
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headed right towards new orleans. keep in mind the anniversary of katrina this wednesday. good to have you here tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm shawn yancy. isaac is gaining strength in the gulf of mexico and could become a hurricane tonight. let's get to sue palka tracking the storm for us from the wther center. >> yeah, it is just under hurricane category 1 status with winds 70 miles an hour. you can see it -- we don't have it behind us, but we'll show you that picture a little bit later. the storm hasn't developed an eye, but we do expect it to get a bit more intense. as we go straight to our maps, you'll see it has winds of 70 miles an hour, 230 miles south east of the mouth of the mississippi river moving northwest at 10 minerals. it is expected to intensify before -- 10 miles per hour. it is expected to intensify before making landfall probably on the louisiana coast very late tomorrow or early wednesday. it may have winds up to 100 miles an hour which would make it a category 2 storm and then
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forecasts slow down a little bit. i think we're concerned that this thing may be bringing not only a very large storm surge and you can see the hurricane warnings for louisiana and they stretch over to the extreme western portion of the panhandle of florida. a storm surge would push a lot of water into lake ponchartrain, possibly 6 to 12 feet over sea level and another big concern as we've seen in florida tonight, there is an awful lot of rain expected. they've already picked up 5 to 12 inches on the east coast of florida with palm beach county hit really hard. landfall either late tomorrow or early wednesday the headlines, probably as a category 1 or 2 hurricane. that surge of 6 to 12 feet and that very huge rainfall amount of 6 to 12 inches, we'll talk more about where it goes landfall when i join you a bit later. meantime isaac has not hit hurricane strength yet, but it is taking aim at new orleans almost seven years to the day that hurricane katrina hit the
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region, but isaac's impact is expected to be felt well beyond the city limits. here's the latest from st. bernard parish. >> reporter: isaac continues to grow in strength moving towards the gulf coast threatening heavy rain and winds. forecasters project the storm to be a category 2 when it hits the northern gulf coast early wednesday and there is enormous concern on new orleans as isaac heads straight for the city devastated seven years ago after hurricane katrina. federal emergency management officials say stronger levees around the city can handle storms stronger than isaac, but the effects will be felt well beyond the big easy. >> in many areas there are mandatory evacuations for those targeted areas, again, areas outside the levees, south of the intracoastal and low lying areas that are expected to get hurricane level wind. >> reporter: florida has already effect isaac effects with strong winds and rain leaving tens of thousands of customers without power.
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it has left a small dent in the sunshine state. >> it's a big mess, but we survive. the water didn't come up as high as i was afraid of, so i think we'll be good. >> reporter: forecasters predict the system will have winds up to 95 miles per hour when it makes landfall. new orleans mayor mitch landrieu is not ordering an evacuation of the crescent city, but is urging residents who live outside the levee system to leave. >> and the clarity is that we are going to be facing, unless things change and they always, can of course, a category 1 potentially a 2 storm. >> reporter: meantime storm preparations continue. all day people have been driving up to this center loading up with sandbags trying to do anything they can to protect themselves and their property against isaac. in st. bernard parish casey steigel, fox news. >> isaac caused airline cancellations, more than 200 flights, in fact, today. american airlines scratched almost 150 flights in florida alone.
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as airports in southern florida are getting back to normal, all flights at louie armstrong new orleans international airport will cancel from late tonight into at least wednesday morning. tropical storm isaac also forcing the gop to make some changes. the republican national convention officially kicked off today in tampa, but it was an abbreviated schedule. fox's carl cameron is on the campaign trail and starts off our coverage. then we're heading live to tampa with analysis. >> reporter: day one of the 2012 republican national convention went accding to con ting jones plans. the chairman opened -- contingency plans. the chairman opened proceedings and led a prayer of first responders dealing with isaac and that was it for the day. if. >> 2012 republican national convention stands in recess subject to the call of the chair. [ applause ] >> reporter: rnc officials down played talk the storm might cause more of the convention to be canceled. the final gallup poll before
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the conventions shows romney up one point, the leader at the gallup poll in past campaigns at this point has won 12 of the past 15 elections. the columbus dispatch poll said romney surged to a dead even tie in high might. in florida it's a virtual tie obama 50-46 in a cnn survey. mitt romney spent much of the day working on his speech in his belmont, new jersey homeworking on his speech and tracking isaac. a meeting with the white house transition team was postponed. romney and ann began the day at their new hampshire lake house with speech preps and the storm in mind. >> our thoughts are with the people in the storm's past and hope they're spared any major destruction. >> reporter: romney's speech is still set for thursday. he gave a vote of confidence to mrs. romney whose speech comes tuesday night as isaac bears down on the gulf coast. >> i like my speech. i really like ann's speech. >> reporter: paul ryan held an
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emotional convention sendoff in his hometown in jamesville, wisconsin. >> wow, look at this. >> reporter: president obama has no campaign events scheduled. vice president joe biden who had planned several campaign days in florida called them off last night. the obama campaign announced it would go forward with rallies tomorrow in iowa and colorado. the republican national convention said it would keep its abbreviated schedule, no changes and talks have begun on relief efforts and how to collect charitable donations for isaac once it passes. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin is in tampa for us. mark, good evening. >> good evening, will. >> as we just heard in carl's report, ann romney is the headliner tomorrow. i would imagine she will likely help tell the story of her husband to show perhaps another side. >> that's absolutely right.
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i talked to the pollster who said we want to show another side and what they want to show is more expressive, a more pope, a person with with -- a more person pall, a person with some humanity and governor romney said it's better to have other people tell the story about him. he's uncomfortable advertising his own assets. so they'll let his wife and olympians from past olympics sing his praises. >> let's make this local, if we can. a few noticeable absentees from the convention, roscoe bartlett and george allen. i know they have tough races at home. does ha perhaps have something to do with it -- that perhaps have something to do with it? >> it has everything to do with. it roscoe bartlett is in a district that is now majority
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democratic because it was redistricted. he has an opponent who has a lot of money and bartlett is really the underdog in that race and i don't think i with the republican label wants to be too attached to what is a partisan effort which is a convention, a political party convention. when it comes to george allen, that's a dead heat against tim kaine and i think george allen thinks it's better to spend time in the commonwealth campaigning raising money and also trying to appeal to people who are not either republicans or democrats but who are independents. >> let me ask you this. perhaps in an effort to change perceptions, the rnc is rolling out a congressional nominee from utah named mia love. what can you tell us about her and the strategy here? >> yeah. she's a speaker tomorrow. she's what you would not call your ordinary sort of political ethnic affiliation. she's an african american
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republican from utah who stands a very goo chance of getting elected because -- good chance of getting elected because she is your republican, but that's not your traditional commonplace political candidate. they feel very sensitive about their gender gap. so you're going to see a lot of women talking about governor romney including suzanna martinez, governor of new mexico, latino who they feel shows that look, don't say that we don't have support amongst african americans or amongst hispanic. they're really getting clobbered with hispanics. so the idea and the democrats will do the same thing, try to appeal to voters in classes and identities and categories that they don't naturally have. >> sort of buck the stereotypes. i have to mention obviously this is because of isaac, for day one of any convention it's certainly quiet in there, but i know you'll get that crowd tomorrow. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, good to see you in
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tampa there. >> thank you, will. >> you can see mark's live analysis from the republican national convention all week right here on fox 5 news at 10:00 as well as the 5:00 news. we're also going to have live reports from tampa during all of our news broadcasts. new details on the shooting that interrupted the first day of classes in a baltimore high school and left a teen critically hurt. the shooting happened this morning at perry hall high school. a 15-year-old student walked into the cafeteria, pulled out a gun, fired a shot at random hitting a 17-year-old student. another shot went off when teachers grabbed the suspect, but no hit by that bullet fortunately. >> i just heard the gunshot and scream. >> we just all ran out. >> she was in the cafeteria whenever the shooting happened and she called me immediately. she ran out of the lunch room as soon as it happened and she said that all the kids just ran out and she called me as soon as she got outside.
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luckily i was close by and was able to come and get her. >> police are working with prosecutors to figure out what charges that 15-year-old gunman will face and if he will be charged as an adult. investigators say he is cooperating, but there is no word on a motive. a prince george's county police officer killed in the line of duty is being remembered tonight. 23-year-old adrian morris died last monday when his police cruiser ran off i-95 during a police chase. family and friends attended a viewing today for morris. his funeral will be tomorrow morning. another prince george's county police officer is in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself. it happened in ft. washington earlier tonight. officers were called to clarion road after a woman was bitten by a rabid fox. the animal charged the officers. one opened fire, tripped on some stairs and shot himself in the leg. he is expected to survive. the fox was later killed and the woman is being treated for rabies exposure. a bicyclist severely hurt in what may have been a hit and run, why the victim wants you
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to hear her story. >> also hundreds of people lining the streets in maryland to give a fallen soldier a hero's homecoming, the solemn ceremony as we continue. >> and olympic champion gabby douglas says she was bullied to the breaking point in virginia, how her former gym is responding to the allegations on the news edge at 11:00. 
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an avid bicyclist left with a disfigured face and broken bones stepped before our camera tonight so you could hear her story of what may have been a hit and run. the bethesda woman sat down with fox 5's karen gray houston. >> the way jody grant describes what happened, she's pretty beat up after that encounter on massachusetts avenue. it was last friday morning she said whoever was driving the van that struck her left her bleeding and unconscious in the road. jody grant isn't happy with what she sees in mirror these days. besides that she says she's in a lot of pain.
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>> i have a broken nose, broken neck, broken back, 12 of my teeth are broken. >> reporter: and that's just for starters. she's an active cyclist, often rides the crescent trail all wait downtown to work, does some -- all the way downtown to work, does some amateur racing. her bike has a few scratches now. she wasn't prepared for what happened friday. >> i was slowing down because there was a light. >> reporter: she was going down this hill, massachusetts avenue headed towards downtown. jody said she was hit by a van as she approached this intersection. at cromwell drive. >> there was a car in the left hand lane that was making a turn and the van behind that car made an abrupt move in front of me. >> reporter: and that's when she blacked out. an ambulance came. she says she came to at suburban hospital. as for the accident, police are
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investigating. >> at this time we're continuing to look for the vehicle allegedly involved in this incident. the only description we have came from witnesses. >> reporter: we spent some time at the scene of the accident. cars are traveling fast. many of the cyclists were riding on the sidewalk on the east side of massachusetts avenue or on a service road on the west side. >> the traffic starts there and it's moving 45, 50 miles an hour down here. >> reporter: if you were riding down the hill, you'd be picking up speed, too. >> cyclists go very fast down here. >> reporter: this cyclist has been riding 16 years and says he never prides on a four-lane highway like massachusetts avenue because it's too dangerous. his advice to other bikers, if you, can avoid the main roads. meanwhile jody grant says she feels lucky to be alive. jody says she's telling her story to educate motorists they should share the road with bicyclists. police are looking for a newer model dark blue minivan with
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passenger side damage. >> certainly brave of jody to tell that story. to virginia where a daycare owner in woodbridge is charged with several crimes after reportedly tying a girl's hands behind her back and locking her in a closet. the complaint says this woman, valerie hjort, tied a 4-year- old's arms back and put her in a dark utility closet for 10 minutes. that led to charges of abuse, neglect and abduction. >> the circumstances she was placed in, it prevented her from leaving. you know, tying someone's hands preventing them from leaving, putting them in a room especially unlit, in the event an emergency or something took place, let's say the house fight fire or something like that, it would be extremely difficult for her to get out on her own accord. >> the daycare here is licensed, but it's not clear what will happen now. another big story tonight, hundreds of people line the streets of frederick to honor a fallen soldier. army sergeant david williams was killed in afghanistan.
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fox 5's maureen umeh shows us how his community welcomed him home. >> reporter: a native son welcomed home. >> we just want to show the family that we just love him for the ultimate sacrifice he gave. >> reporter: not the way his attention friends and community in frederick, maryland, had hoped but still nothing less than a hero. >> frederick is a very family oriented community and we all pull together at times like this. >> reporter: 24-year-old sergeant david williams died august 18th while serving in the kandahar province of southern afghanistan. the 2006 graduate of urbana high school just deployed in april for the very first time. >> no greater love than he who lays down his life for his friend. it's scripture and he laid down his life for us and we thank him for being our friend. >> reporter: those who knew williams describe him as a hard working friendly young man. it was his dream to serve in the military the way his father, retired colonel, david
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williams served. it was a dream cut short. >> he was serving everybody whether you're for or against. he was out there serving all of us. >> reporter: monday afternoon hundreds lined the road flags in hand to welcome home sergeant williams to show his family their respect. >> i think it's very important for to us show our patriotism and dedication to the fallen soldiers and to the military. >> it's the first time i've come out here and i really felt compelled i wanted to do this. >> reporter: compelled by the sacrifice, a grateful community coming together to say thank you to native son, to welcome a hero home the last time. sergeant williams is survived by his fiancee, sister and father. his mother passed away from breast cancer in 2006. he's expected to be buried thursday. in frederick, maryland, maureen umeh, fox 5 news. a change of pace as the 10 continues tonight, here at home it was cut day in the nfl and the redskins kicking competition is history. find out which one of the kickers got the boot.
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>> plus reaction from coach shanahan, it's all coming your way next. 
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the redskins had their first set of cuts today down from 90 to 75. dave ross is here now with who made it and who didn't make it. >> shawn, here's the thing. just because you made it today doesn't mean you're safe because they have to get down to the league mandated number 53 by friday, so still 22 more cuts to go. here was the big gest cut today, kicker neil rackers didn't make. it gano got the good news this morning he'll be the kicker for the third straight year. his percentage is 73.8 and for the career that's one of the lowest during his league tenure. oddly enough, graham didn't even attempt a preseason field
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goal, but he's won the job again and he's ready to go. >> it feels good. it's definitely what i've been working for. i feel blessed to have this opportunity to be here with this team. i think we have great team. it was a tough competition throughout practices and i think he show he can kick in the games as well. he's had that history. so yeah, i feel blessed again to have this opportunity. i'm excited. >> should be, but just because he made it a lot of guys in talckier room didn't today and it's not easy because -- that locker room didn't today and it's not easy because mike shanahan knows he's ending somebody's professional dreams. >> i think it's the hardest part about the job, both cuts going to 75 and then 53. i don't think it gets any harder than that. people work their whole life from the time they're in high school, college for an opportunity to get into pro football and when it doesn't work out, you're the person that they sit down with and at
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least give them some reasons why and that is the tough part because it's very tough on these players. >> there's one more preseason game wednesday against the buccaneers at fedex field and then again they have 22 more cuts to make friday. kirk cousins will get to start wednesday night. >> i don't envy being in the position to be cut or be the person that says you've been cut. >> when they say bring your playbook, coach wants to see you, that's when you know it's over. i hope i can keep my playbook a while longer. a dramatic crime spike in d.c. over the weekend. we are talking about nearly four dozen robberies in two days, many with a gun. why the police union says the spike is evidence of a problem within the department coming your way next.
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we sent him there to fix it, but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a spike in robberies over the weekend in d.c., tonight the police union says there
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simply aren't enough officers on the street. these crimes are happening all over the city. here's a look at the numbers. from friday to sunday there were 40 since robberies and 20 were carried out with -- 46 robberies and 20 were carried out with a gun. >> reporter: many of the crimes are listed here on the d.c. police twitter page, robberies, carjackings, stabbings all this weekend. one armed carjacking was reported here on v street northeast. one of the many armed robberies, right here at sixth and rhode island northwest. in many of these armed robberies it appears to be not just one person doing this, but a group of young men. for example, here along rhode island over the weekend there was a be on the lookout for four young males after a holdup right here. >> the primary reason i think it's happening is because we're down the number of police officers we're supposed to have in this aching. >> reporter: delroy burton with the d.c. police union says he hears concerns from officers
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all the time. >> there's just not enough people to deal with all the responsibility the agency half. >> reporter: mayor gray spoke about the need for new officers last week after he was asked about the assault of a capitol hill man august 18th. >> one of the commitments i made and we're still in the course of it is that we will bring on board 300 new police officers. >> reporter: but the union says the efforts to hire and retain officers is just not good enough and worried crimes will only continue. >> we don't have enough staff. training is not always adequate and leadership has failed them in my estimation. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> we should say matt ackland reached out to chief lanier. she was not available today. the police union estimates there's about 3,800 officers in d.c. they'd like to see that number at 4,200. two groups will hold meetings in d.c. to talk about parking and traffic camera tickets. council members mary cheh and tommy wells want to find a way to reduce speed and red light camera ticket fines. they're up to 250 bucks in
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d.c., but they're only $40 in montgomery county and the department of transportation will meet tomorrow about parking tickets. you can express your thoughts at the meeting at the old council chambers on fourth street northwest starting at 2:00 tomorrow. he was one of the greatest triumphs. his was one of the greatest of the 20th century and now neil armstrong is remembered as a true hero of all manakin. the 82-year-old died from a -- mankind. the 82-year-old died from a heart ailment over the weekend. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: it's one of the most sought after artifacts in the nation's most visited museum. >> what you see in front of you is the actual command module of apollo 11 that came back from the moon. >> reporter: it's the very space capsule that sat atop that saturn 5 rocket bringing neil armstrong, mike collins and buzz aldrin to the moon that summer of '69. >> i remember. we were all gathered around our television and just amazed at
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what was happening. it was like surreal. >> it's one small step for man. >> reporter: few can forget, if old enough to see it, neil armstrong descending upon the moon. here's what it would have looked like, this one of the first lunar modules. >> he was the first man to go on the moon and he died two days ago. >> reporter: jun chang watched the historic journey at a neighbor's house in seoul, south korea. >> at time we didn't have many place with a tv, so you go to the house with a tv and everybody scream. >> reporter: it was something that touched james kony from the african nation of zambia. >> i think he was a very courageous and intelligent man and is one of the most renowned pool in the world. so his passing is a -- people in the world, so his passing is a great loss but hopefully an inspiration to many to try and achieve the impossible. >> reporter: armstrong's last talk was here at the aerospace
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museum three years ago on the history of the apollo 11. >> history is a sequence of random events and unpredictable choices. that's why the future is so difficult to foresee. >> he did take his responsibilities as a spokesman or as a symbol seriously because in some sense that was part of the mission, but he didn't like the celebrity. he didn't like the culture of autographs. he didn't like the culture of memorabilia. >> reporter: before stepping into history astronaut armstrong was a nasa test pilot flying the x-15, a rocket with wings. there's one right above columbia, also inspiring new generations to ask -- >> how do i get to do that? >> how does a rocket ship land? >> yes. >> got to ask neil armstrong. >> reporter: oh, howie wish we still could. -- how we wish we still could. bob barnard, fox 5 news. hundreds of earthquakes in
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24 hours? what is going on in california, why the earth there keeps on shaking coming up next. >> also the national zoo is on panda pregnancy watch and it's not been easy so far. we'll explain still ahead. drivers starting the week with more pain at the pump, gas prices rising over the weekend, now up 25 of the past 30 days. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded at $3.75. shares of hertz and dollar thrifty driving higher on word the rental car companies are teaming up, hertz snapping up dollar thrifty for more than 2 billion bucks in a move to boost its presence overseas. fewer people could be shelling out green for fancy blue boxes because tiffany is cutting its money making outlook the rest of the year. the high end jewelry store is not expecting a big holiday shopping season amid weakness in crucial markets like new york and asia and before the
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nfl kicks off you can get your football fix with a video game. the 13th edition of the popular john maddon game hitting stores on tuesday will cost you 60 bucks. that's business. i'm ashley webster.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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owner of the dog sanctuary on michael vick's former dogfighting compound is now charged with animal cruelty. tamara train said she read about the allegations in the newspaper after returning from her honeymoon but said no one contacted her directly with complaints. an officer says payne has been operating the sanctuary without state approval. michael vick spent 18 months in prison for operating an interstate dogfighting ring out of his home and adjoining land
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in surry county, virginia. we are on panda pregnancy watch at national zoo. mei xiang, the female giant panda is showing high levels of pregnancy hormones, but it's not easy to tell if a panda is actually pregnant. it will take 40 days or so to be sure. officials tried to perform an ultrasound this morning, but mei xiang wouldn't cooperate, something zoo officials actually take as a good sign. >> with pandas you can't tell. it's called a pseudopregnancy and they act exactly like a pregnant panda would and at the end you know because either she's done. she just gets up one morning and rubs her eyes and she's fine or we have a cub. >> mei xiang hasn't given birth since 2005 when her only cub was born. coming up at 11:00 another reason to talk to your teenagers about drugs. a new study shows how marijuana use can change a teenager's brain and why it may be riskier for teenagers than adults. >> a community honors a prince
10:42 pm
george's county police officer killed in the line of duty. stay with us for the news edge at 11:00. president clinton: this election to me is about which...
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candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation.
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that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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what in the world is going on in 1 part of southern california -- one part of southern california? the area has experienced hundreds of minor earthquakes since sunday. fox's william lajeunesse has the latest. >> reporter: this swarm of earthquakes hit brawley, a farming area east of san diego just north of the mexican border. what's interesting here was not the magnitude but the duration. brawley saw 30 earthquakes in a four hour period and over 100 sunday. elsewhere quakes knocked 20 mobile homes off their foundations. tvs fell over. gas and water lines broke. this man was taping when one earthquake hit. >> oh, [ bleep ]. go, go, go. >> no one injured, although the hospital had to evacuate some patients. what does it mean for southern
10:46 pm
california? not a whole lot. these swarms are not unprecedented. brawley sits at the judge between the san andrea and -- at the junction between the san andreas and the fault. they've never seen a brawley swarm followed by a big earthquake elsewhere. >> we've seen these types of swarms many times in the past century and never seen it followed by activity on the san andrea. -- san andreas. >> the san andreas is the large fault near california. experts say this event is unrelated to the big one that someday will impact california along the san andreas. william lajeunesse, fox news. >> is it me or does it just seem like we've had a really crazy year so far weatherwise? >> i couldn't think it's you.
10:47 pm
>> and in this newscast from earthquakes to tropical storms and at last check isaac was just shy of a cat 1. >> it only needs to strengthen to 74 miles an hour and it's at 70. we can see it starting to spiral a little bit. the water in the gulf of mexico is not as warm as it was when katrina came seven years ago, but still it has time to strengthen and it looks like it's going to do. that meanwhile we've got a couple showers that might push through here in the next few hours and maybe around in the morning for the commute. nothing like yesterday's gully washers that dropped 2 and 4 inches of rain in some spots. i think easton, maryland, might have had closer to 7 or 8 inches of rain. we start out with a look at sentinel radar because clouds will increase. here comes kind of a ragged line of showers coming across the mountains, some lighter sprinkles pushing closer to hagerstown ahead of a front. that front will be around tomorrow in the early morning and it slips south of town in the afternoon.
10:48 pm
so the afternoon is going to look better, but all those teachers who are hoping for out be okay. it should be just light stuff. today a big story. the huge amount of rain right here on florida's east coast, 200 miles away from the center of our circulating tropical storm isaac, very impressive rain totals here, a lot of flash flooding, especially around the palm beach county area where i saw rainfall totals up to 13 inches today, that far away from the center. now you can see some of the outer bands are getting into south carolina and georgia, the first of the rain beginning to hit new orleans. we'll continue to see rain being a very big story. i wanted to show you some of the estimates from sentinel radar for what happened in florida including from ft. pierce all the way down to ft. lauderdale really heavy numbers including 10 inches in the middle of north of west palm beach, 4.9 not too far from fort pierce, so a lot of very heavy rain. that should be out of there
10:49 pm
tomorrow. what we're noticing tonight as we watch or swirling drops, look here in the last little while -- tropical storm, look here in the last little while. it looks like it's trying to get maybe the beginning of an eye going. we've had a lot of dry air north of the system, so it hasn't been able to get terribly organized, which is a good thing. rain will be a big deal, wanted you to see out over the next several days the amount of rain we're expecting in the yellow here, 6 to 12 inches or more. it could be 18 inches in some spots and that very heavy rain will extend probably across portions of alabama and mississippi into louisiana. then we'll see it going to our north. for us it's just clouds overnight and a couple showers around sunrise. tomorrow morning showers, maybe a thunderstorm, but a drier arch and you know how humid it is -- afternoon and you know how humid it is? the humidity will drop in the
10:50 pm
afternoon. a lingering shower at noon and drier and sunnier the end of the day as our frontal boundary moves through. this front may have a lot to do with steering what is our tropical storm isaac and by the way a new track will come out on isaac in a few minutes. we'll bring it to you first on the news edge at 11:00. last thing we'll show you here is our futurecast. there's our couple scattered showers, about it, but all eyes will shift south as we watch our tropical storm probably hurricane isaac making landfall late tomorrow night or early wednesday on the seventh anniversary of katrina down in new orleans. meanwhile we're looking at a beautiful run of days here. after we get through a little shower activity tomorrow morning we meet up. it might be closer to 91 degrees friday, but we'll spend the last weekend of summer unofficial labor day weekend off with a bang. if isaac affects us, it might be in the sunday, monday time frame, but we're not sure. we're going to keep it cry for
10:51 pm
now. >> let's hope not, no ragged shower storms on labor day weekend. >> unlike yesterday's torrential downpours, new track at 11:00. the reflecting pool on the national mall is finally a reflecting pool again. it's been refilled after a 20 month long renovation. now the pool will be fed by water from the tidal basin which will be cleaned and recirculated. the water used to come from city reservoirs. there's still a chain link fence for now. it won't open to the public until the end of the month. coming up next it's something parents should look for as their kids head back to school, why new technology is causing problems for students. >> and coming up next at 11:00 the popular bike share program is expanding, where you'll soon be able to catch a ride next on the news edge. >> but first another edition of that's my take. d.c. schools opened today and many don't have a library. tonight is the real issue being
10:52 pm
addressed? >> and now that's my take with wttg vice president and general manager duffy dyer. >> the 2012/2013 school year in the district will feature 58 schools all with populations under 300 students opening their doors without the complement of a school library and librarian. we're talking about schools that serve around 17,000 students. this isn't about a disagreement over the value that an asset such as a school library will bring to the ongoing efforts to raise reading proficiency. no. this is about money. it is reported funding these 58 libraries would cost around $5 million. that would be out of an $800 million budget or just .6%. cutting libraries at a time when dcps is pushing towards a goal of having at least 70% of its students proficient in reading by the 2016 school year makes no sense. but neither does cooping public schools open that serve -- keeping public schools open that serve less than 300 students. back in may i went on record
10:53 pm
saying we have too many schools with low enrollments. almost 37% of d.c. public schools have less than 300 students. that makes for a terribly inefficient system. in order to afford the new technologies that we have must bring into the classroom as well as the necessities such as school libraries, librarians and teaching assistants the footprint of the d.c. public school system has to shrink. as far as the libraries go, it's not too late to compromise for the 2012 school year by reassigning recently eliminated librarians that are still on the payroll because they were rated effective. a proposal chancellor henderson says she will look into, but the bigger issue of closing underattended schools has to be the prime focus moving forward. the time has come for chancellor henderson to lay out specific plans for right sizing the d.c. public school's footprint ensuring the wasteful spending to keep open large schools with small enrollments will stop. that's my take. let me know what you think.
10:54 pm
go to and click on that's my take or send me an e-mail at 
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summer is over and kids in d.c. and maryland are heading back to school. here's where the bell rang this morning, allegheny and charles county, the district, frederick county, most of howard county, loudoun county and montgomery county and a lot of those school districts now have more students. d.c. chancellor kaya henderson says some of the city's renovated schools have higher enrollments, but numbers aren't available yet and the superintendent for fairfax county says that that district has about 15,000 more students than five years ago. it is a similar story in montgomery county. officials there say enrollment has gone up about 2,500
10:58 pm
students a year including this year. in fact, more than 149,000 students enrolled today. speaking of school, many classrooms have gone hi-tech, but in some cases that new technology means more trips to the nurse's office. fox's dr. manny alvarez explains why tonight. >> when 13-year-old casey connolly comes home from school, she complains her eyes feel tired. >> i've been working them all day nonstop taking tests and just looking at the paper and looking at smart boards. we use computers a lot for typing and we are getting ipads in 8th grade and that will hold our textbooks. so we'll be doing a lot of work on those. >> while technology is revolutionizing the classroom, dr. andrea thorp of the american op cal association says computers, smart boards -- optical association says computers, smart boards and
10:59 pm
fablets could send students to the nurse. >> eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, loss of focus, loss of attention, neck pain, double vision. >> reporter: the doctor says looking at a computer screen tricks our eyes which causes strain and fatigue. >> when we look at a computer strain, it presents a unique visual demand on the eyes because they're looking at something up close and it's not in 3d. it's flat and glowing. so it sort of tricks the eyes into thinking something is closer than it really is and often sets up an imbalance between the eye coordination and focusing. >> there are a few easy steps to prevent computer vision syndrome. >> every 20 minutes take a 20 second rest break by looking at something at least 20 feet away. don't forget to blink. blinking is really important to restore the tear film. make sure your computer screen is 4 to 5 inches below eye level, the center of the screen. so you're looking down into the screen. another good way is to make sure the top of the monitor is at


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