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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the storm made land fall a few hours ago. residents were urged to leave for higher ground. up to 12 feet of storm surge, 24 inches of rain fall could fall. the national hurricane center released an updated forecast moments ago. let's get the latest from sue in the weather center. >> it's amazing brian, it is still maintaining that intensity. it has winds of 80 miles an hour. it is offshore just a little bit, expected to make a land fall in a few hours near grand isle, louisiana. it skimmed across the delta and back in the water. as you can see on radar, an awful lot of water and the storm surge has been dangerous. shell beach has a storm surge of 10.3. so that 6 to 12 prediction has come out on the high end and it will stay high for the next 12 to 24 hours. let's get to that new track that was issued moments ago. still a category one storm. because it's so large, as
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mentioned, a lot of water moving around and moving northwest at 8 miles per hour. that is maintaining very, very slow forward motion. you see where it skims along the coast. 7:00 tomorrow morning, north and west of grand isle between grand isle and patterson. tomorrow evening, it's just getting to baton rouge as a tropical storm, dropping an awful lot of water. inland flooding will continue to be a concern and even 7:00 thursday evening is just crossing the line into arkansas. so it is going to be a real long pull with this thing. hurricane warnings continue. needless to say, as it stases right there stays. will not be surprised to hear 20-inch totals. we have seen 13 inches in florida. >> stay with us, coming up, we'll show you video from all over the southeast as isaac
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packs a punch from south carolina to louisiana. the republican national convention back on track after a one-day delay. thanks to isaac. mitt romney's wife gave her speech tonight. and moments ago, new jersey governor took to the podium to address the delegates. >> the people have no patience for any other way. we need politicians to care more about doing something and less about being something. and believe me, believe me. if we can do this in a blue state like new jersey with a conservative republican governor, washington, d.c. is out of excuses. >> cristie was just one of a long series of supporters and former presidential candidates showing their support for romney tonight. craig boswell joins us live from tampa. greg. >> brian, good evening to you, governor chris cristie just left the stage moments ago as you were playing some of that. you can hear the band now,
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three doors down, entertaining this large crowd tonight and of course before governor chris cristie and romney delivered her remarks to this crowd. very personal remarks. this crowd was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. as she was speaking in terms of their marriage. saying they had a storybook marriage. she didn't read about five kids crying all the time about ms and breast ccer. addressed the first part of her sech to working moms. past years we've had the soccer moms, the hockey moms. it was an appeal to working moms. she asked the audience, basically, to give her husband a chance. so we've had two different back to back speeches that were so different in tone and different in tenor and completely different energies that the crowd reactions so differently. chris cristie came on. he comes on just a little bit more of -- not in your face, but he talks about that.
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he says i may tell you how it is. i'm unvarnished in my terms. he throws throws out the red meat type phrases that conservative crowd, or republican audience would cheer for. particularly when talking about teacher's union, that type of thing. two different speeches, two different tones. but this crowd is very happy. they are very satisfied with what they heard tonight and certainly the first full day of this convention as it wraps up here behind me, republicans would certainly call it a success after the first day had to be basically canceled due to hurricane. now hurricane isaac and of course tomorrow night, we get paul ryan, of course thursday night, mitt romney's acceptance speech. he was nominated as the republican no , ma'am know. >> the republican national convention finally getting down to business. quickly wound up diving into the hot button issues. abortion, gay marriage, medicare reform, republicans in tampa proved a platform, putting them at odds with
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democrats. tonight, virginia's governor at the center of this. tom fit fitzgerald to talk about the evening. >> when you watch all of this, he is a favorite of evangelicals. many were skeptical of mitt romney during his up and down primary campaign to the no nomination. by putting his stamp of approval on romney tonight, the romney campaign is hoping to nail down that right flank of the party by reaching out to the evangelicals and conservatives. speaking to the convention tonight, virginia governor pointed to and held up virginia as an example that has better under republican leadership. earlier this afternoon, he introduced the republican platform that the gop will run on this year and it immediately put the party at odds with democrats on many social issues. the platform will call for a
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ban on all abortions, gay marriages, and reshaping medicare into a voucher-like program as well as rejecting federal spending as a way to heal the nation's ailing job market. in his speech, governor mcdonnell touched on d.c. and virginia as being on total opposite ends of the remark of you didn't build that. >> too many americans are looking for work because this president's policies simply haven't worked. washington today has a surplus of rhetoric and a deficit of leadership and result. >> now you know, these platforms get a lot of attention during the convention week and they are quickly dismissed when we move on to the next thing. but this one might be a little different. the reason is, a new poll out by the research center, which found more people saying that they are interested in the republican platform and what is in it than actually watching
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the acceptance speech is by mitt romney and paul ryan which will take place thursday. >> president obama on the road in two battleground states. iowa and colorado. trying to counterthe republican show in florida. the residents spending time trying to rev up young voters and turning the obama care attacks back on mitt romney. >> he would sit down and kick 7 million young people off their parents plan by repealing health reform. maybe we should call his plan, romney doesn't care. because i do care. >> a resident associated press poll shows the president has a 16 point lead for voters under the age of 35. police released new surveillance video that may be connected to robbery and assault. severely beaten while walking home from a nats game. police need your help identifying the car in that surveillance video. investigators say the people inside use the victim's credit card right after the assault. police and local officials held
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a community meeting tonight where residents are worried about crime on the hill. >> well, i live on the hill. i have a business on the hill and it is just horrible what happened. you know, how you can -- robbery is one thing, but the violence makes no sense. >> i know my neighborhood isn't so safe. last time i was here, the police commander told me it was safer than it was ten years ago. i said well, it felt safer ten years ago. >> here's another look at that surveillance video. police would like to hear from you tonight. funeral services today for prince georges county police officer, adrian morris. morris was killed last week when his cruiser flipped on i- 95 while he was trying to catch up to a suspicious vehicle. another officer was injured. he was part of today's ceremony. prince georges county police chief promoted officer morris today to police officer first class. morris is 23 years old. we are continuing to track hurricane isaac as it makes
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land fall. plus, passenger hit flight delays across the country. why major airliner is blaming it on their computers, coming up. and check out some of the stories on the rundown. we're back.
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i'm barack obama and i apprprove this message now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts.
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serious problems for united airlines affecting operations. the airline is dealing with what it calls a network outage at its computer servers. it had 200 delayed flights as the system stopped working this afternoon. united has had trouble with computers and merged some systems back in march. a d.c. landmark reopening and a panda has the national zoo on the edge of its seat. >> up first, brian, all eyes on the national zoo. number five, the panda pregnancy watch is underway tonight. zoo vets did their first ultrasound today, but they can't tell if she's pregnant. she has had five pseudo pregnancies since 2007. she gave birth to her only cub back in 2005. number four, energy drinks may guff your heart a healthy boost. researchers gave 35 healthy people 5-ounces of an energy drink containing caffeine. they found the drinks enhanced contractions in both sides of
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the heart. while research is needed to see if the benefits are needed by all ages. a normal weight, but extra fat around your belly. a new study finds fat around abdominal organs is bad for your health. >> number two, the company behind the baby can read program is in serious trouble. the federal trade commission filed false and deceptive advertising charges against its creator for ads claiming to teach infants as young as nine months old to read. the company agreed to settle a judgment. and number one tonight, starting friday, you can enjoy a stroll. the pool is now shallower and it will draw it water from the title basin. and brian, that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5.
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we are continuing to track hurricane isaac as it lashes the louisiana, mississippi coastline. take some live pictures right now from the area. i believe we have lake shore drive there at the lake front. that's lake shore, mississippi, actually. you can see the waves lapping at the shoreline there. looks like it is pretty close to the street itself. pictures showing the high winds that persist at this hour. fox 5 is down in the web center now with the new storm video coming in from across the southeast. >> it's been more than four hours since isaac made land fall. it is packing quite a punch. it's a category one hurricane. not a category 3 like katrina was seven years ago, but we are starting to get pictures that show it's a storm to be reckoned with. look at this video weather camera video. that is the wind that is shaking that video. it shows lake pontchartrain. the wind is pushing water into the lake, which is expected to
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spill over into new orleans. one of the busiest hot spots in america looks like a ghost town tonight. that's bourbon street. residents of low lying areas were told to leave, but most people seem to be staying to ride out the storm. coastal south carolina got hit with heavy tropical rain from isaac. the residents, take a look at those guys. they used a kayak to get down a busy street. the area got up to 3 inches of rain. and in mississippi, the state's 12 gulf coast casinos were ordered closed tonight and the wind gusts is zapping electricity at last word, 100,000 homes and businesses were without power. back up to you, brian and sue. >> thank you for that. we should realize that i spent a lot of years down there and a heavy rain in baton rouge and
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people can take jet skis on the road. there's nowhere for it to go. >> considering the mississippi was low anyway, the fact that they are going to continue to have this flooding shows what hurricane isaac is going to do. >> it's still out in the water. it went back out and it is crawling along and not in any hurry to come back inland. it will eventually do that in a few hours. it can continue to maintain its strength. by comparison, we may actually in fact sample a little bit of isaac's rain. maybe late in our labor day weekend or into monday. we'll have to continue to watch the track. the models shift the remnants of isaac further to the west. so there it is down here spinning and i wanted you to see the rain they have been getting. and south carolina and even into north carolina, jacksonville has had a lot of heavy rain. all of this tropical moisture associated with the hurricane. so we get in tighter.
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you can see the center of circulation right here spinning along the coast and the hurricane hunters are in there, too. they say it has taken a jog more to the south and west. so we'll see how long it does this before it begins perhaps turning on in. but the coast is getting pounded. this storm surge has been incredibly dangerous and of course once the surge starts to recede, these heavy rains are going to be a big problem. some bands are going to have rotation in them. as you look at this very last loop here. doesn't it look like it is trying to close off again here with radar. so maybe more of that eye still pounding them down there. let's look at the tropical winds. hurricane force winds extend out 60 miles from the center. we have a long way to go with this. where does it get to as we go through the overnight hours? new orleans still has to go through a will the of the hurricane wind and that will continue into the overnight hours. it starts to push out of the
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region tomorrow afternoon. they are still getting tropical storm forced winds at 11:00 tomorrow night. and then there's the rain story. 7 to 14 inches expected down here. could be more and of course it's going to be a wide footprint of rain because high pressure is going to steer the remnants of what will become tropical storm isaac sometime tomorrow and it will come around the edge of that area of high pressure. chicago could get rain out of this tropical system. that's through friday. maybe into the weekend, we start seeing this high pressure slip a little bit to the south and starts pulling into our area. we'll watch it for you. we don't know if that will happen. we have a beautiful day coming tomorrow. average high is 85. we're going to be 84. a sweet day, low humidity. a little warmer for thursday. friday and saturday will feel hot to you. all these days should be dry and then we'll head on into the weekend and see whether we need to track some of isaac's rain. our temperature in the district
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78. we have some 60s out there and probably fall into the low 60s for the suburbs to 70 here in d.c. 84 degrees tomorrow. wednesday looks absolutely wonderful. our temperature 72 with lots of sunshine. by noon we're 80 and by 5:00, 84 degrees. we heat up toward the end of the week to 92 on friday. i'll call that hot. saturday 91 degrees. farewell to august. we bring in september with a little bit of shower activity and maybe some tropical thunderstorms. we'll keep an eye on all of that. it was a tough day at redskins park and a lot of fans felt that pain. here's his report. >> this is the verison 4g sports desk with dave ross. >> so true, sue, so true. two redskins felt cuts. while some may have seen this coming, the other clearly did not. we begin with chris cooley who was the longest tenured redskin
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until today. he found the end zone 33 times. injures forced him to miss games in 2009 and 2011. claiming he was ready to go off offseason knee surgery. but the handwriting was on the wall and today an emotional chris cooley spoke about his future, which no longer includes the burgundy and gold. >> it would be a tough decision for me to put on another jersey. it is something that i really never had to imagine. so for now, i'll take some time and make sure what i do in the future is exactly what i want
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to do. >> not an easy day. cooley's release not only the big news. they also added this guy, billy, number five, who recently released by the ravens. this just a day after he seemingly beat out neil for the job. the 32-year-old kicks to the ravens for the last three years. baltimore fans will remember him for this. his last kick as the ravens. 32 yards, wide left. oh no. cost the ravens a shot of the super bowl appearance. now he is a redskin. >> to have a team come out and say they want my services, they'll make a move, coach shanahan, a lock at your job and that's a pat on the back. a big confidence booster. i had all the confidence in the world after my training camp. it's nice to know if one team doesn't need me, another team will. >> when we come back, the nats ace on the hill in miami trying to end the team's four-game
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skid. we'll be back. president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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welcome back. every time steven pitches, people wonder, is this it for the season? he is getting close to the first inning limit, all the nats wanted him to do was shut down this four-game losing streak. bottom of the first, no score. we have a score. justin takes strasburg out to left for a home run. big night, four for four on the night. top of the 3rd, nats were down by trying to rally with the
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liner to right, but watch carlos stanton, nice name. nice layout catch right there. nats hitless through 4. now down 6-0 against strasburg and donovan base hit to left. here comes stanton. he allows a season high 9 hits, 5 earns. steven, what happened? >> i wanted to go out there and give it everything i had. i struggled for the whole game and you know, it's a big learning experience for me. i think i learned a lot from the night. we have to flush it and we have to get back to playing our style baseball. >> five straight losses for the nats. the o's hosting the white sox. he is coming through with two outs. three runs will score. o's shut out the white sox 6-0. birds with 14 games over .500. tomorrow, lindsey murphy and i will be at the skins final preseason game. brian bolter back in a moment.
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